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21 Jul

Posted by Andrews McMeel Universal in Comics | July 21, 2016 | 134 Comments

Apk file size: 7.0 MB

Want funny? Love comics? We've got your fix. The GoComics app, from Universal Uclick, is the mobile comics portal for many of the most popular comic strips worldwide. From iconic favorites like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, Doonesbury, Dilbert and Marmaduke to modern favorites like FoxTrot, The Boondocks, Big Nate, Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy, we offer the most diverse set of comic strips and panels in one single app for FREE.

The content within this GoComics mobile application updates daily, bringing you the latest work from critically acclaimed creators, Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonists and the hottest up-and-coming talents.

Within the app, you have the ability to:

- Bookmark your favorite comics.
- Share comics via social media, e-mail and text/SMS (charges may apply).
- Access over 20 years of back issues of comic strips. Read the first-ever Calvin and Hobbes strips! Rediscover Charlie Brown and the Little Red-Headed Girl! Share FoxTrot with a younger generation! See Huey and Riley before The Boondocks became a cult classic!
- Leer en español. GoComics tiene más de 30 cómics que están disponibles para nuestros Españoles fans de habla.
- Read our liberal, moderate and conservative editorial/political cartoonists represent that all sides. Collectively, they have won more than 20 Pulitzer Prizes for editorial cartooning.
- Gain insight into the comics industry with our blog that's updated multiple times a week.
- Check out burgeoning cartoonists before they break out in our Comics Sherpa section.

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Whats new

    Updated Google Play services SDK.

Andrews McMeel Universal part of our Comics and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 21, 2016. Google play rating is 78.3671. Current verison is 1.3.0. Actual size 7.0 MB.

Download gocomics.apk 7.0 MB


Matthew Krafft

Don't download 1 nothing but timed out error message....2 problems with one are rarely fix.....3 gocomics tech people never answer your emails at all

Scott Porter

Eats data! *Revised* In one day used 100mb of my plan before noticed the background traffic. Seems to be a data hog! Edit: Problem fixed, though I still checked "Restrict background data to make sure".

Dan F.

Very Buggy The app has potential, but many of its features are ruined by bugs. For example, selecting dates to view comics often switches to an entirely different comic, and for a different date. Also, the app lacks a single place to view all the comics for one day. It would be nice to have a virtual newspaper curated for each user based on the comics they select and maybe what is reccommended for them. As it stands, the app is just a buggy viewer and you're probably better off just looking on each comic's website...

Kirk DonDiego

Used to work well but not any more This was an excellent app for daily comics, but the last 2 weeks it either hangs up and gives an error for loading, or it takes several minutes to load the next comic. I will raise the rating once this is fixed. Using galaxy s5.

Us Crowley-Beck

Was good, now broken Using Samsung galaxy 4, Android4.2-4.4. I loved this app. It got me thru many boring meetings. The occasional ad was ok. But a few months ago the ads took over. If I refresh the page over and over and over, back out, re-enter, and waste minutes dancing around, it might show me another 4-5 comics, but probably not. I've given up, using the site on a pc works better.

Ben Thompson

Perfect This is the first app I look at every day. I love having all my favorite comic strips at my fingertips. I've even discovered a few new strips I never would have seen without this app. Sometimes I have to force stop the app before it will work, but overall, I am very pleased.

Dean Martineau

Needs some work I like the app, but the controls really need some work. Often when trying to go to the next comic it keeps going back a day on the current one or says you can't select future days. All I want is to go down to the next comic.

Chris Curtis

Play Store Push The 'ads' now actually directly push you to the Play Store whether you click on it or not. This is borderline malware behavior.

Lizette Ohlund

Very cool and all of the comics are so good The only thing that I would like to see is baby Blues

Samuel Timothy

Please fix it. I loved this app when i was using Tab. But now on Samsung Note it's not showing a clear comics like if its in negative picture. Doesn't happen to all. But most..

Eric Sanborn

Used to be better At least once a use it launches an ad by itself. If there was any other alternative I could find I would use it.

Richard Cloud

Good app...when it works An enjoyable app until 19 November 2014, when all of the comics suddenly showed up as "Comic not available for selected date." Using LG Optimus G running Android 4.1.2.

April Pruitt

Horrible support, extortionists I used to love this service, but recently they started showing mostly naked women in their ad choices which is not something I want to see when I am reading Garfield. When I complained they were rude and said I needed to pay if I didn't want to see it. I don't mind the ads just the women strapped in leather. Since I complained now that is THE only ad it shows me. Disgusting.

Melissa Baatz

Potential This app is good. Only thing I find wrong is that on my iPad it shows the comic breaking car news but on my galaxy s5 it doesn't show up. Fix that

Kevin Dominick

Broken Nice when it works. But comics dissappear and I suddenly jump to random comics. Theres no way to go back except manually scrolling since the search option is broken.

Viss Bowen

Great Once I saw Chan Lowes cartoons I downloaded the app immediately. He's my all-time favorite.

Gavish George

Very much on the slower side - takes forever to load a strip ! Doesn't cache comic strips either. Good in content tho.

Hugo Brand

Can't save your place. When reading older comics it isn't possible to save your place or to skip to the "first" comic. Do fix! - A loving pro member.

Ben H.

Sorry for my old review, but there's still problems Alright, first of all, I'm very sorry about the rant review I posted when I was several years younger. I did not really elaborate on the 9 to 5 bug, which I had a lot of trouble with before. The issue was, when I jumped to a strip, sometimes it would link me to a completely different comic(usually 9 to 5.) I'm pretty sure that was fixed, but if it's not, then maybe you could look into that. I also was using a different device, a Nexus 7, so maybe that had something to do with that. Calendar still sucks, btw

Valerie Earl

Almost perfect I would rate both the app & the website 5 stars if they had more of the classic cartoons, such as: Family Circle, Beetle Bailey, Hi & Lois, etc. Have to go online to another site to read these.

Phill Brown

Good but... While there are some classic comics, it's missing some true classics luke andy capp, and the far side!!! Any chance you could include these?...

andy wen

Cant complain about free comics Love calvin and hobbes. Best place to get all the comic strips dating back to day one. Love the site and glad they have an app

Stan Strauss

It works I have used this for a couple of years. Now I am on samsung and it is still entertaining. I check it everymorning.

Clair Marie

APP no longer works Was working great. For the last month it won't load comics..

B. W. Behling

Error: Connection Timed Out That's all I get from this app, no matter if I'm using 4G, 3G, or WiFi. Uninstalling.

Mike Weeks

Like the comics, but not the data hogging App uses more bandwidth than next 3 apps combined, including DropBox moving my pics to my PC. Need to figure out some sort of compression or smaller dimensions for viewing on devices.

William Coleman

Sometimes slow Some comics slow or fail to load at peak times. Must attempt to load multiple times or wait until off-peak time. Otherwise great app. Part of my daily routine.

Deepa P

Doesn't let me log in Either with my old id, that I had created in 2011 or with a new one. Throws error, that the username already exists, but zip, zilch, can't login and favorite comics?!!!??

Make Name Acceptable Go

Works ok Gets a bit glitchy in landscape since last update. Other than that it works ok, little slow maybe.

Mike R

Steaming pile 1 star. Written by either an evil genius or an inept code monkey; I'm betting on the latter. Blocks 38% of the display in landscape orientation with title and tool bars. Please just fix whatever you've done to the mobile version of the GoComics website that keeps it from displaying properly 99% of the time and scrap this (cr)app. The mobile web version used to work great, what happened to it? Has anyone at GoComics even tried to use it lately?

Jeremy Despain

The only thing I think this app has been missing for a very long time is a way to save my position in the comic strip. I hate having to find the date everything I reopen the app.

Todd Williams

C & H daily fix! Nothing makes my day better faster than read the brilliant Calvin & Hobbes!

josh baerwald

Great but missing some things You should be able to save where you left off. Some of these comics have been around for decades and i hate to keep searching for where i stopped last time

Glen G

Much faster now I am sort of addicted to this app to get my daily comic strip fix. It seemed like it was just getting slower and slower, to a point where I was thinking about looking around for a different app. But I emailed the developer and all of a sudden the next morning it was blazing fast. I'm glad I stuck with it!

Dharmesh S Baghel

Your daily dose of comic strip For a real animation and comic strip fan like myself, gocomics is lifesaver. All comic strips under one roof. Just login once a day and see your all favorite comics. These ppl do real hard work updating the comics even those which are out of publication with accurate timestamps.

Thomas Kechagias

Search not working Searching by date within a comic is not working. Keeps returning following message "Comic not available for selected date" even when putting the day before. Please fix this cause it's an otherwise excellent app.

Darian Araujo

Good app This app is good up until today, every comic i choose does not let me swipe to the next one there is no error message or loading screen either it just stays on the same image

Bryan Riddick

Used to be better I enjoy having my comics at my fingertips, but I wish I could rearrange them through the app. This can only be done through the website at present. Also have noticed recently, since the last update, that ads will now open themselves, bringing up web pages and Google play store. Not happy about that at all.

Arka Deb Banerjee

Unstable It's almost impossible to get comics more than a few months old as the app will inevitably say that these don't exist. Also crashes frequently.

Daniel Hill

Offer Payed Version The ads ruin this app for me. I'd be happy to pay for it, but it doesn't seem like that's an option.

Alexander Tundakov

Finally, finally, GoComics, I can have a daily fix of Luann on my mobile. Thanks!

Shanitha Key

Go comic go Sometimes i can't go back to earlier years and when i can't the message says not able to go to date requested when i might have been on that particular date previously. Other than that problem it's Ok

Ken Burns

Has become useless I used to enjoy this app until I started getting "connection timed out" errors. It used to be only occasionally. It has steadily gotten worse and now I almost never can get access at all even though all my other data dependent apps work fine. Looks like it is time for me to leave childish things behind and uninstall.

kristin horack

Update ruined it This was 1 of my all time favorite apps, loved it! After the update it doesn't get past the opening page where it freezes and/or says that there is a connection problem. I've tried turning it on & off, tried taking the batteries out, it's just not working!

No Name

It works...sort of. If all you want to do is read today's comics or know a specific date of a comic you want to read, then this app will be perfect for you. However, if you want to read a comic from a specific place or start where you left off reading, which I'd what I want to do, you'll be greatly disappointed. This app needs better options. Also if you want to go to a comics first comic date, you have to guess it's first pub. date because there is no ability to start at the beginning.

Daniel McIntyre

Still Needs Work It is an okay app, but it definitely needs improvement. A way to bookmark your place if you aren't reading your comics daily, fixing the "search by date" feature to not say the comic doesn't exist all the time even if you were just on that comic. A way to go to the start of an archive for people that might like reading a comic from its start. If it had those features, and they all worked, it would definitely be five stars. Still, it does work if you want to start from today and just read backwards.

Darik Horn

Missing features Like background downloading and automatic bookmarking. I still prefer my RSS reader.

Just Me

Gets Worse every day Very tired of "signing in" 10 - 15 times to read 20 comics! And Yes, I've un-installed & re-install countless times!

Bill Peckham

Recent release works better on high-res displays Zoom seems to be working better now on high-res displays. Could really use on-screen buttons rather than non-intuitive swipe gestures.

A Google User

The website is better So I'm scrolling in reverse because the comic isn't released every day, so I can't search the first one, and it lags a little and rather than timing out it sends me back to the beginning making me scroll through 93736365 strips to get back to where I was.

Beth McCamish

Okay This works if you want to read one comic, but if you are trying to swipe through multiple comics it's really irritating. It doesn't recognize which way you are swiping very well. It would be a fine app if this were fixed.

Fernando Deutsch

Good app, thanks. Couple of issues/suggestions Looking for a comic from a particular date does not work if the phone date format is configured different to the YYYY-MM-DD format. The internal format sent to the server should be independent of the phone setting. This needs to be fixed. Would be nice to keep track of the latest date used to search for a specific comic strip, so next time you open that comic there would be a quick way to go back to that last comic date.

Nichole Holst

No Internet connection Upon opening app, I get a message that I need Internet service. Even when I use my data instead of wifi. Please fix. Otherwise, app is good.

Peter Helt

Love it If you want to read comic strips this is the app. I have a list of my favorites and it deliver them every day.

Martin Auer

This stupid app is still trying to open the browser for spam messages, but all it manages to do is to open "chrome://version". Unfortunately it has good content so I am still using it.

Izzy G

The Glitch When I swipe to the next comic the colors will all turn black and I've redownloaded this app multiple times and the issue hasn't been fixed. Please get this fixed!

Volit Art Love

Wow? I was go redy to see it nd mke co ices but i hve to sigh up i tryed and it said you have sigh up. Wtf

Piyush Joshi

Not working Everything was great till y'day but the app stopped working today suddenly. I tried updating it later but even that hasn't fixed the problem. Gives a notification that app require internet connection and stops. Help guys !

Rich Bezotte

Used to be great Most of the comics don't come in anymore. Please fix and get 5 stars.

Greg Thorpe

No way of protecting young eyes. My wife and I liked some of the comics, but as we explored, we noticed some were more adult themed and there is no option to block content. How do we protect our kids?

E.S. Blackwell

Can't login to app Changed password on website, now can't login to app anymore.


Problem Too often cannot find a comic for a date, even though you have already seen it

Kenneth hewett

What? "Sign in" OK. "error". ugh. Also no zits?

Harrison Davis

Ok Wished there were others like Zits, Beetle Bailey, Wumo, and Rhymes with Orange. Still got a lot though.

Will Boswinkel

Really good Solid experience but could use beetle bailey

Isaac Douglas

Good but no full screen Great app but should be able to go full screen. It would make it the leading comic app of all time if that was the case.

Dylan Clements

Good app It is a good app, but I would like to be able to read and post comments like on the desktop website.

Teneysia Perry

Im always able to get to my favs fast!

Kristopher Ivey

It's easy to use and it keeps me up to date with comics, but I miss being able to see the comments section like on pc.

That Random Guyーさん

Rough, but good As others have mentioned, the navigation is still buggy and the overall design (and functionality) of the app itself when viewing contest needs some revisions, but otherwise, it's basically what I get when using the browser. So, Thank-you. Keep at it!

Yoel Knopf

It's OK Great for viewing new and current comics of the day. But won't let me log in and save my favourite comics.

Joshua Pearce

Truly Amazing!!!! I love comics like Big Nate Invisible Bread and Peanuts So Awesome

Rodney Johnson

Not working Not work correctly with my new Samsung Galaxy s6.

Whit Ford

Great Easier to use than browser-based favorites viewer.

Vineeth Kamisetty

Material design update?? I really hope you guys are working on a design update

Len Ladd

Won't let me sign in to my account. B.S.

john francis

Fix this Won't open after last update, says need internet connection in which I do, was great until last update

Giovanni Martinez

GoComics Just what every guy needs after a hard day of life

Sarah Rembiesa

Piece of crap app that can't reset passwords nor use online sign it like it says it can. Total waste of time.

Lukas Seifu Schmeing

Love it So good to just read my favorite comics for free

Mike Shirley

Comics Funny stuff to change my attitude

ace power

Its good but... Its extremely irritating to control. Whenever I'm trying to continue reading a comic it will transfer me to an entirely different one. Can you please fix this.

Durthquake -

Not working anymore After update, says I need internet access (which I have)

Sandra Arreola

Love it, swipe is broken This is one of my favorite apps...I use it to keep up with political cartoons and read some other daily funnies (and their archives! ). Recently, though, swipe up/ down to get to the next/ previous comic, and swipe left/ right to move dates is not working.

Rich Bezotte

Used to be great Most of the comics don't come in anymore. Please fix and get 5 stars.... Thanks for fixing it!

Reno Davenport

Stopped working Was my goto for my morning comics. Just stopped working. Says no data connection, but everything else has no problem. Unloaded and reloaded several times to get it started again. Buggy.

ole olsen

Awfull navigation. Comic navigation is awfull. You cant click to start at first issue and if you track back and accidentally swipe up or down you go from the beginning of the comic to latest issue with NO way to jump back again. Incredibly stupid and Not user friendly at all.

Alexander Kovalchuk

actually a fan but the update stopped it from working and now I can't get my fix :(

E. Marie

Used to be awesome... Now it will not open... AT ALL!!! It has a message saying that I have no Internet connection... but I do. I have tried rebooting my device, but got the same outcome. Now I see that it is not my tablet because others are having the same issue.

J Clifton Meek

Frozen. Has been a really good, if not well-designed app. Now, suddenly, nothing but frozen startup screen. Developer has a great start, just needs to focus on basics.

Ed Rust

Update stopped loading, but corrected Enjoyed previously but now will not load. Says needs Internet access when Internet is functioning properly. Has now been corrected. THANKS.

Joseph Kyle

Connection problem Suddenly stopped connecting to the Internet. No way to open it now. When the app works this is a great app.

Curran Copeland

Works Worked well for about three years. Now will not open on any of my devices. I will now uninstall very sadly.

Gary Richardson

Won't work over wifi Used to love this, quit working over wifi and is unstable over mobile data

Mark Douglas

No Internet Access ? Worked fine yesterday, and now today it won't work! Used to be good app. Please fix. After reading others, i know it's not on our end.

Shajia qamar

Nice app Nice app but you should really also make an app that gives you free books to read with Internet of course but this app is great.

Michael Charette

Very disappointed as much as I hated my previous daily reader it's head and shoulders above this one can't navigate properly to much work to just get to my daily comics one good thing was customer service response time huge comic fan but this app just doesn't work for me guess I'll keep looking for an app that better suits my needs

Andy Jacobs

4 stars for the great and free content. But the app can be a little annoying to use, which is why I'm only giving 4 stars instead of 5. Some things that would make this a better app: App knows my favorites (i.e., My Comics Page). It would be nice to sync these (e.g., at night) when on WiFi (up to a configured number of days), which would allow me to view them faster, and when out of network range. Or, at least try to download more when the app launches or the My Comics Page is first accessed, to avoid download delays. App could remember which comics and days I've read already (of My Comics Page), and make it easier for me to see new material or skip already seen material. Comic could initially appear larger (when it is smaller than the full screen), to use more of the screen (without needing me to enlarge it manually). When already at the bottom of an enlarged comic, have additional scrolling down (perhaps a couple times) move to the next comic, rather than having to first shrink the comic. App could have an option to automatically start in the My Comics Page list. Shrinking the comic often also tries to scroll to another comic or day (in a direction I didn't intend).

Robert Noble

Low signal to noise ratio First, they use too much space at rhe top for headers; hard to read the comic with so much of the screen wasted. Second, it's hard to read the comic with ads constantly flashing, rolling, changing at the bottom of the screen. This is not a pleasant experience. The website is much nicer than the app, and it has arrows so you can instantly view the next or previous day's comic. All in all, this app is a very poor. Uninstalling NOW.

Donna Myrdal

Doesn't seem to work properly If this app just did what it purports to do it would get 5 stars from me and I'd pay for it. As it is, my list of comics only contains 3 or 4 of those requested but includes 5 or 6 I didn't want. It's pretty worthless as it is.

Don Weston

Sign in ruins experience Used to be able to go to my favorites and read my comics, but since the last update now have to sign in. If I ever find it I don't remember my username or password time to get rid of this app.

Kat B

Daily Newspaper Comics! On the whole it's a great app. Missing 3 or 4 of my favorites but the majority is here plus a lot I didn't know about. If you've been stiffed out of the Yahoo comics section because of their stupidity of discontinuing said comics, this app will soothe your savage beast. Enjoy!

Kimberly Howland

Great, but can you add "the pajama diaries" to the collection? I have yet to find it

ignatz laripu

Can be improved. Here are suggestions for improvement, using cookies: 1. On "My Comics" page allow user-defined move-up/move-down sort, and/or alphabetic sort by title. 2. For each comic, have a "start at beginning" option to go to earliest comic you store. 3. For each comic, allow user to go to next historical, i.e. one after last historical read.

Justin Magers

Great with an issue I like the selection though I wish there were more big names like family circus and zits but my biggest concern are the advertisements. Most aren't bad but lately many have been flashing back and forth between 2 different colors trying to give me an epileptic episode and make me puke on my phone.

Natalie Croumbley

Very good For all the haters shame on u this is an awesome app

jl sc

update scewed up swipe Cant move from comic to comic anymoore since update. Now you have to leave and reenter for each one. Please fix

ignatz laripu

Can be improved. Lately, the app can't make a connection. It shows a 'wait' circle, then times out. Every time. Annoying. Can't use the app anymore. Previously, I wrote: Here are suggestions for improvement, using cookies: 1. On "My Comics" page allow user-defined move-up/move-down sort, and/or alphabetic sort by title. 2. For each comic, have a "start at beginning" option to go to earliest comic you store. 3. For each comic, allow user to go to next historical, i.e. one after last historical read.

Chris W

Nice interface, by issues When trying "binge read" it will randomly lose my place and bring up Garfield despite reading a different comic. It needs to not have that as default error correction. Also, you can't flip if zoomed in which is annoying when reading larger Sunday strips.

Jimmy Walter

Works sometimes Works sometimes, if I try to load past comics so I can pick up where I left off, the app freezes, and won't work until I force close it and re open. Would also be nice For the option of loading the last strip read so I can read them in order, instead of just loading todays

Chris Lane

useless Download locks up and freezes app constantly. Funny how only the ads reliably show.

C Dixon

Freezes, can't create account Would be great to be able to bookmark where you are binge reading older panels of comics. I use a tablet and get an error message when trying to create an account.

Afsar Shaikh

Unable to read the comics from Beginning. The app shows current comics but what if I want to read the comics from the beginning itself. Will give a 5 star if this feature is introduced.

Ryan Jenkins

Additional pages? As a Pro Member you can create additional pages via the website, but the app only shows one. Makes it useless!

Make Name Acceptable Go

Works ok Update: Interface has gotten glitchy in general. Old:Gets a bit glitchy in landscape since last update. Other than that it works ok, little slow maybe.

Giovanni Watson

Awesome I love reading Andy Capp and Garfield but can you add Beetle Bailey and Snuffy Smith? Thanks

Sami El-Masri

Awesome App Has never failed me. One of the few apps i enjoy. I wish there was a paid version so i can eliminate ads.

BJ Wood

Great app. Nice interface. Love this app. It has all your favorite comics and you can look at any comic from any date you want. If you want to go back to the comics beginning and read it from the start you can. If you like comics you'll love this app.

Jonathan A

Zits should be here. Zits should be added. I read Calvin and Hobbes. : )

Whit Ford

Works now It's how I start my day. Almost all of my favorite comics!

Daniel Anderson

This application is not working properly. Don't download it.

Frederick Rothe III

Love Calvin and Hobbes. One of the better ones out there.


Great I can read all my favorite comics for free

Gloria Boykin

Gocomics Nice app, clear but at times it will close

Ray Fischer

Doesn't work for me I like to read my comics for a given date, and then read the next day's comics, and so on, like a newspaper. This app doesn't do that. Anytime you set the date it will revert to today's date for the next comic. That gets old fast.

Mick Topping

I was a big fan. GoComics was one of my most commonly used apps on my old tablet. But I got a new Amazon Fire 7. Of course the Fire does not access the Google Play store. But I found a tweak on the RootJunky site, now my Fire can access most everything on Google Play, as well as the Amazon apps, but GoComics claims "incompatible". Maybe an update?

Bill Kehoe

Could you possibly further ruin a decent site if you even tried? What was a functioning site is now impossible to use. Is there one enterprising person out there that can publish what these dunderheads have screwed up? Go Comics? More like Went Comics! Seriously???

Nathan Vasek

Worked yesterday, today no dice Has been working just fine for a long time then something changed and it will not load. I tried to uninstall, then re-install and that didn't help. Keeps telling me it has no internet access. I didn't change anything and everything else on my phone has access. Something wrong with the app.

TimAndMisti Maggio

Please fix I love this app! Been using it for about a year. Recently tho, about a week now, it hasn't been letting me see my comics or favorites and I can't add new comics to my comics. Please fix and I will gladly rate 5 stars!!

Boris Yakimov

Lots of bugs and glitches When I searched for a specific date it would say the comic is unavailable, but when I scroll back to that day, I can see that it is. There are others that I can't remember right now, but this is one of the big ones.

Riles McGiles

Always reverts to most recent comic I like reading comics from years ago. But when I go back the dates stop appearing as I scroll through each entry one by one. If I look at a different strip it loses my place and reverts me back to most recent entry, making it difficult to go back to where I was since the dates don't appear. So it shows comics but isn't very user friendly


Problems All things on these comments bou't this application apecuetically and when i see ya all reputations and reacts,can knows this app's quality incluiding system,credit,sps its really low fit so i give to them as 2point of five as .

Safiya Zaheer

Please include tiger comics also

Owen Heart Mabanta

This app was a big help to me. Love this

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