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21 Sep
Goat Evolution - Clicker Game

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Casual | Sept. 21, 2016 | 171 Comments

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They yell like humans, climb trees and even mountains. Yes, goats are crazy creatures for sure. What would happen if mutations started happening to them? Combine goats to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and bizarre forms!

From the guys that couldn’t resist releasing yet another nonsensical sequel to Cow Evolution and Platypus Evolution, comes… guess what… Goat Evolution! Come on, goats are rad.

Plus, more mutations, upgrades and all-new game features never seen in the land of mutant cows and platypi.

“Seriously? Here we goat again.”
“Now we’re talking, things just goat serious.”

• Drag and drop similar goats to combine them and create new mysterious creatures
• Use goat poop coins to buy new creatures and make even more money
• Alternatively, fiercely tap the goats to make coins pop from pooping

• 5 stages and over 30 goat species to discover: bucks, does, billies, nannies, alpaca goats, robot goats, alien goats and much more
• The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution, 2048 and incremental clicker games
• Doodle-like illustrations
• Many possible endings: find your own destiny
• Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades…! More than ever!
• No goats were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

Watch the process of evolution in a very peculiar way. You think you goat this? Then think no more, download Goat Evolution now start playing the very baaaa-st game of this year.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Knight Christian

Very funny and fun! This game is soooooo funny with pooping and its like the farmer finds coins in the different types of poop!!! LOL! Funny!! And this game is so fun!!!! Can you do a sheep, chicken or a pig game clicker. And one pig is an angry birds pig. But yeah, this game is so funny and fun and thank you!

Brooklyn Burnett

Awesome game This game is addicting plus its fun I enjoy playing all the eveloutions like platypus and cow I also play toilet time even though it is so gross I hope you keep on making eveloutions. Ps what about a hippo or a riono eveloutions

Robert Banks

Good time Can't say it's the best game I played, but it's fun, it has addicting qualities, it's simple, and I'm content. Don't Bahhhhlieve me? Goat to Hell :]

Renee Leighton

Awesome game! No time to talk gotta get back to evolving more goats. ???. Update: still love the game. I have recreated the universe, new top goat for each level, can't wait to see the new supreme being. I only wish there was an option to have the boxes break on impact. GREAT GAME!

Ava Carroll

Loves it One of the best games ever I can't stop playing it. So many goats and so many goats pooping :-D

Bridget Vail

So fun! So freaking fun, addicting, and hilarious. Love red berries turn my goat into a poop cannon. Just creative and fun. Also like tractor so I can make money while doing school. Highly recomend.


Pretty fun Fun, addicting and well thought out yet on older phones it lags which makes it nearly impossible to play this could easily be 5 stars sadly some people with older models cant even play it.

Danny T-G

Goat evolution is AWESOME you just gotta love it U will definitely be addicted to this s game,you should make more cos I've got every goat/platypus/cow and I've litterally beaten the game(s)

Zach Evans

Fun but ads crash the app I enjoy the game a lot but about half the time the ads force the game to restart. This can be combatted by turning off wifi and data, but getting goats by watching ads is no longer available.

Michael Stier

GOATS GLORY GOATS GLORY he said well its really cool when you take funny things weird things and coolness and put them together! Its berry addicting and what the goat am I saying!

Aliana Hernandez

Addictive Omg so muck fun and you never get bored of it because u want to find out the next goat

Brandon Robinson

Addicting It's a great game when u went to burn time. Also if u download this game u WILL get addicted.

Alex Morton

Love this game So fun can't stop playing my fingers hurt so much from tapping because I play it for so long AWESOME GAME!!!!!

Daniel Mead

GLITCHED I was loving it until it lost my goat progress but kept the upgrades progress so now I am stuck half way through the tutorial with no way to remove it and no progress after I had ranked up

richard evo

Cant resist the urge to play Its very fun, just constantly being able to do something is fun for me instead of just sit there and watch the game, cant really find a problem with it except maybe the income being so slow, still fun though


Really Good This game is really good the only setback is that you can't stop playing it this game had no issue to download or play.

Zach Oren

Goat Evolution! I Love you Tapps! Keep making more Evolution games like this because their awesome and how did you come up with this idea? Anyway I love Cow and Plaitpus Evolution so I know I will love Goat Evolution too! I wish the buttons were in the same layout as Cow Evolution so please switch it back to that but other than that perfect game!

Faith Wells

AWESOMENESS I don't need to write a description to say how amazing this game is its the best game ever I rate it totally five stars Download it

Johan Hsu

No coins I went on and I opened up the crates like every other morning. I notice the goats aren't making any money. I close the app and take it out of my history. It still was making no money.I restart my phone and STILL no money. Please fix.

luke pye

Amazing game so addictive!!! Amazing game but could introduce costumes like on cow evolution. sad I couldn't add some style to my goats!

Francisco Calderon

Totally Addicting! My friend was playing this on the bus one day and all my friends thought this game was stupid. But once he got them all to play for like 1 minute they just couldn't stop!


Super cute! Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a little goat-obsessed, and the goats in this are soooo cute and interesting! I'm addicted to finding out what the next goat evolution will be! My only complaint is that it's EXTREMELY easy to accidentally spend diamonds you didn't want to spend as there is no confirmation and the buttons are very tiny. Thank you for such a cute game!

Nick Vazquez

Amazing!!!!! This game is very addictive and I love how ridiculous the evolutions are also how do goats get this big!!!

Aaron Church

So addictive Day 9 without sleeping or eating because of this game so good

Lucien Lachance

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Itay Reshef

Fine but can be improved Game is incredible but demolishing my battery + add inconing crates slowdown. I can't buy any first section goats

Petra Christensen

Ridiculous and super fun! Addictive and fun, humorous and silly. Fun game. Can't quit it.

Alan Cespedes

Loved it! This here my friends, lays the answer for cancer within this very game. It made me realize how important goats are nowadays for society to function properly. Without goats we would have no androids or iPhones. Their evolution is drastically important in our times of struggle. No wonder why terrorists like to have sexual Intercourses with this magical beings from another planet. If Monkeys gave us AIDS, what will goats give us? God, terrorists are geniuses. We need more research on goats. To be continue

Jain Post

Fun Game is cute and enjoyable. Full screen ads and "rate me" pop ups are unnecessarily frequent.

Christian Koenig

Great game, but.. First off, being forced to rate the game every 5 minutes is annoying so I docked 1 star. Then having ads every time I open the store is annoying too so I docked another. 4 star game with a -2 annoyance.

Jordan Rout

Strangely addictive I criticised the Tapps evolution games when I saw friends playing them... I got them for the sake of trying and got hooked, can't explain it but they are so addictive and fun to play, easy and convenient too for out and about.

Mark Sessions

Terrible It randomly restarts all of your progress once you start getting good. don't waste your time.

Kevia Bennett

So many goats So many goats. So cute! My mom got a new phone so all my data was lost. >:( I was soooo close!!!

Peggy Oliver

Goat evolution I'm with everybody else this game is soooo much fun you just can't stop playing no probs runs good. Changed phones had to start over again but that's OK still love the game.

Madolyn Griffith

becomes a chore :( I liked it at first, but, honestly? There's nothing to do except open crates. I regret every "upgrade" because it's taken away the fun. I can't enjoy my goats because they merge so quickly. Uninstalling this, sticking with the Cow version.

Vanessa Silva

Great time killer Gives me something to do while I wait for things in life.

Devon Flood

Great Game I used to see my friends playing this and I was like, "ugh this looks stupid", but now I love it!

Marissa Ralph ralph

Addicting The berries are just laxatives,to those who are wondering. I would recomend to get it if you haven't yet

Robert Ritchey

Great and fun when im bored No words amazing and weird but mostly amazing

Annabelle Novotny

It's amazing I love it! This cute little addictive game just keeps on getting better


I love the game! My only issue is that it continuously asks me to rate it, even though I've rated it a few times already.

Owen Gilreath

Love the update! I'm glad we can now turn the magnet off and on because when I get berries (the red one for example) I want to try and give the biggest one it but before I can its already been merged with another and gone... But not anymore!

Nikko Franchi

Crack These games are made with love and...crack lots of it cause that is the only way it's this addictive

gary kirchhofer

Love it Fells like I've been waiting forever for a magnet on/off switch sometimes with the berries and magnets it was so annoying but now I love the game

Vanessa Pedroza

Love it It has no point but its really fun

Samuel Doshna

Goat evolution Awesome game

Juan Pablo Berdejo

Thanks For the magnet switch

Jay Dubz

Fun The crates should have an upgrde or just do it automatically off the hop instead of having to click them..kinda annoying : / an the constant ads when buyin stuff drives us all crazy dam. EVERYTIME???? other then that pretty fun iunno y though lol but its great

Shane Taylor

I dig it Games a bit scruffy at times, always wanting me to rate it. But it's a goat time so I'm givin it 2 goatwins/5. (Basically this game has taken over my life)

Jesse Ansell

Cow Evolution is better. Not sure which came first, but this game is not as well thought out as Cow Evolution and not as fun to play. The rating nanny is annoying. I am not even gonna finish this one.

Susan H

Goat evolution It's the best of the 3; cow, goat and platypus evolution . The greedy alien isn't in the goat game, yay. The berries and magnet are what makes this one the best. I wish I knew how high the levels go the ultimate being levels go on forever? It needs to have an ending.

Kelby Sutton

LOVE IT!! This game is SOOOO addicting!! i love it so much!! its funny seeing all the strange animals of that type!! but i dont only love this one all of these by tapps make me want to say ADDICTED!! IF YOU LOVE THIS I REQUEST ALL OF THESE BY TAPPS!!!!

Denny Lo

LOVE IT Super addicting and is very fun. It is the best game I have ever downloaded for my kid. She plays it every time she can get a hold of my phone!

Jaime Smith

Awsome It has cool goats,my upgrades are to max, ADDICTING. Just one thing i would like to suggest, can you please add mars like the other evolution games? If your reading,please look at my suggestion. Thanks.

Melina Cruz

So awsome Its amazing its kinda anoying cause it keeps sayin to rate it but it has goats me and my friend matt love goats

Snoopy117 Snophen

Pretty decent game Pretty good game lots of fun.. but when I powered off my phone and restarted it all of my progress was gone.. this also happened on cow evolution. All my prices where the Same as when I was playing before.. Same goes for the berries I bought and the time it took for the supplies to drop.. the things that reset where my goats the totourial and my money. Kinda bugged me for this to happen to me twice.

Tan Sheena

Stupid, but for some reason I cannot stop. Oh my gosh yu know just pulling goats together and watch them evolve is more than boring... it is super boring!!! Yet the game attracts me like a magnet. Weird.

Sophie W

Not bad but not my thing Requires no skill whatsoever. Immensely repetitive, but still oddly addictive. It works well, design is cute, but it does seem to drain battery quite fast.

Ayden Cookson

Awesome Only reason i didn't put 5 star is because you spam the pop up for me to rate. So in hopes pix or stopping because i rated, it's a very fun, iNteresting, addicting

James S

Awesome sauce! My girlfriend showed me this game and now I'm addicted. If you get the chance download the others, just as fun!

Levi Kessler

Amazingly awsome I thought this game was another boring clicker but it's not it's really it's a addicting game of fusing and discovering new goats now play it allready

Jordan Lehto

Really fun It is really fun trying to discover new evolutions. Only thing I think would be a good idea is maybe an automatic crate opener.

Dunia Cartwright

Awesome! I Really Loved It ,Laggy a Little But Still Great

Johnathan Johnathan

ADDICTING ???? OK I can not stop playing this game my title says it all. It is like non stop playing for me and you guys so WARNING this game is SOOOOOO fun and addicting you will hate it because it is so addicting PS. You will not stop PLAYING it is pure madness stay strong Johnathan???????? and they poop freaken mony yes I said money so hey daddy going to be getting some sweet sweet doe :-$ :-$

Andrew Ray

Time travel For some reason, it thought i used a time glitch, but I didn't, please remove the anti-time glitch part because also, what if you fly and have you change timezones, your tractor won't work and you won't get goats while you are gone. Please remove that part.

Melody Glover

AWESOME This is an awesome game you get to see different types of goats and get fake money while doing it and you get to buy them stuff I would so reccomend this game ????????????☺☺☺?????????????????????

Summer Rogers

Candy1318 I love this game it is fun and exciting but there is 1 problem there is no way you can't have fun so I think more people should play this game =^ ; ) :3

Katie Harrison

Can I ever stop playing this? ? I love Goat Evolution soooooo much! There is nothing to improve upon and I don't want it to change. It's the best ?? I only have this one but I'm soon going to get another very soon

The DEMLOLZ Turtle

The hats When ever I put hats on the goats the next time I get in the game the hats go away and I the hat say they're equipped and u can't remove them cuz they don't pop up

Tom Upah

OMG???? This is awesome I mean the goats poop money! I recommend this to anyone who likes farts


Didn't know I needed this.. It's funny as hell, but I love it! Best idle game I've played. Gene splicing, goats, mutations and money. What's better? ^_^

C Gillaspie

Fun, addictive, and time killing. I have beaten the game 2 times. Working on my last play through to achieve all of goatpedia. I will continue to play. But wish there was an auto opener for the crates you can buy.

Jodie Dougherty

How I've downloaded nearly all these games im mega addicted to these games guys you are awesome and I love these games even shed out a few quid towards your games keep up the good work

Mandy Cheung

So addictive but it hurts my eyes :( I love this game but when the goats flash pink it really hurts my eyes... It's there any way you can make a setting to stop the flashing??

Megan Hoffman

This would have gotten 5 stars but when I finished the goatpedia the game didn't recognize that I did and I got mad so I took away a star. Still, it'd a really fun, addicting game. I'm just sad I don't have the closure of that final green check mark

eveev and the crew

AWSOME!!!!! Warning: be for downloading make sure you have snacks a blanket and stuff you need for about a few hours so you can play and tap the goat's for money that is poo XD

Rosie Abrahams

Dangerously Addictive! OMG such a weird and wacky game that is SUPER Addictive! I would recommend the evolution games to Anyone that has time to kill. Great for car trips too because it doesn't require WiFi to run. Defiantly an app worth getting!

andrew graham

Wonderful Fun game, well presented in its own quirky way and not too pushy with ads or IAP. Excellent.

Beautiful Brandon

Seems I'm not the only one having the disappearing hat problem. Unless that's a feature that was purposely added to get people who are far in the game to continually spend their money, in which case, it's a crappy feature and should be tweaked so that I can keep the hats I buy. C'mon guys, this is the highest rated Tapps game, someone should be paying more attention to the comments it gets and making sure it's optimized as best as it could be. Last update was a month ago, hopefully this problem is fixed next update.

Alex Toner

Good Its good but it is a bit too glichtey and it uses the same puns as cow evolution. Cow Evolution is better. And it gets boring.

Emi _

Cool Love all the goats and I especially love all the mutant goats it creates AMAZING AND LOVE IT

Blaine Reid

Amusing time waster It's not like you have anything better to do. You didn't need that job anyway. What day is it? Keeping track of time is for nerds.

Faizel Media

Sooo fun! Getting better goats and upgrading my stuff, its time consuming, I love it!

jordan singhaus

Mars glitch Hey Tapps games I just wanted to let you know there is a combining glitch on Mars. You buy an egg you HOLD it and let go and keep tapping. It will eventually combine then combine until it reaches the other area.

Amber Trudgen

Awesome Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

janae graber

Fun and addicting Great, cute, funny, and mindless fun game. You dont have to use any money ever unless you want to go faster but it goes fast anyway. Only negative is it drains your battery fast if played a lot.

Nyancaat Taacnayn

ADDICTING Warning: Before you download this app make sure your dog has a full food bowl, because you are going to be in "the zone". Gameplay is great, ads dont bother me, Your phone/tablet is incomplete without this game. GET IT NOW!

BubaEr Deljan

Game is great for kids much poo around,like its rat tap ?

Wolfie Fire

Cute/Awesome/Weird Lol, poop coins?! Also, the blue berry is weird cuz I thought my goat was going to die lol! But the goats are very cute! ? Oh and the game itself is AWESOME yes that's right AWESOME! Let me spell it for u, A-W-E-S-O-M-E = AWESOME!

Emma christie

Fun goats It is an awesome game for kids and teens the only thing that I do not like is how long it takes to breed the goats and how long it takes get money to buy things but so fat I have had so much fun with the game and I can't take my eyes off of it that is how much fun it is.

Mfelm 0629

Addicting This game is really fun and I play it all the time but I have a few suggestions. First when the alien comes to get one of your goats it should just take the goat and leave instead of u having to stop what your doing and give it the goat. Second when u get the double coin thing for two hours it should also work on mars because it would the rubies a lot easier to get. But besides those things this game is all around fun!???


Love it Good, a little glitchy, but fun though for me I can't get the max all earth upgrades even though all upgrades are maxed

Taggart Maher

I love this. So addiction I love to turn this on to satisfy my boredom. I can't believe it's free!

Alanna Evans

Great game It's a lot of fun to throw goats together. And I love the feeling when you finnaly get that evolution you worked so hard for.

Leanne Fenn

Fun little game Idea for those few minutes waiting for trains buses or the kids getting out of school

Weston Smith

Fun This game is simple, fun, and time consuming

Amanda Rexrode

Fun and easy It's a fun and easy game, perfect for when you have a minute or two to kill.

Madeline Red

Addictive! Adorable! So cute! You can dress up the goats, which makes it all better. Most games like this are a ripoff, just a trap to get money from you. This IS NOT. I do not understand why it is rated T, but oh well. Honestly one of the most addictive and amazing games ive ever played.

Ethan Shihadeh

MUST READ WARNING YOU WILL GET ADDICTED! I don't know why, but the formula of making games like this is amazing. Been playing for 2 hours straight already! Also tip of advice, when buying goats, don't press the goat that you want repeatedly. It fails and only gives you some of the goats and you just lost 1mil.

Holly Tickle

Its goat to be 5 stars This game is awesome! I've been addicted to it for days now. Its quite strange but fun at the same time. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants a laugh. Great game! ❤❤❤

beatmaster j.

Great Love this anyone who's not sure , should definitely get it ,glitches sometime so fix this and I'll give 5 stars

Alexis Greene

Kind of ..... It was good really but if u want a game u n play straight up all the time than this ain't it bc if u play so often it is pretty addictive but it's also kind of borring whene u play it so much I recommend to add mini games to keep things interesting and please reply thanks.

Jai Gelina

ANGRY I downloaded it and it worked fine for about 2 weeks and i unlocked mars and had billions of coins per second and i turned it on one day and it had started me all over to the beginning and no coins good game just fix it

Kitty0503 :3

Fun! The variety of goats is great! I love the self reward when you get to make a new goat. The news reports are fun to look at too. It is one of those games though that you get really far in quickly, so I assume it will be off my phone within a month.

shelly m

It's a good time killer and kind of fun but there seems to be a glitch the in-game accessories disappeared from the goats but still show as bought which is kind of annoying...

Random Pickle101

Love it but... I watched a video on it and it seemed to be cool. I got it and it wasnt what i expected. Im having trouble with what the berries do for starters. I still dont know what the yellow one does and why the red one makes them poo like mad. The blue ones understandable. The poo out diamonds. Secondly, how does the tractor work? When you exit the game and re log it gives me like, say, 1 million dollars. Im not complaining about that but id call it bug. Overall, amazing game. Keep it up!

Ty Cobalt

Fulfilled to the Greatest Degree I remember when I used to love goats. Goats were the only thing that got me up in the morning and put me to sleep at night. At one point I thought "If goats are awesome on their own, then they'll be twice as great together!" So I pulled out a roll of duct tape and tapped every goat to another. I stood there atop the barn admiring my work. Deep down I knew it was wrong, but my love of goats kept me going. I eventually started taping three goats together. After that, I discovered science...

Sofia Basher

Awsome I downloaded it 1 hour ago and I have not stopped playing it! Don't worry about bad reviews because they are wrong. All of the evolution games are awesome so don't worry about one being more fun than the other. People say it's pointless and their right it's so pointless and fun to show your friends all your characters, like u have one called a "flatbutt"!


Good fun This is one of the best clicker game I have ever played. by breaking the mold and not doing much clicking in a clicker game the creators have made on of the best passive gaming experiences I have ever had. Good work

MR. Derp

Really cool This game is weird and cool at the same time there are a lot of really sick, bazarr, crazy, and weird goats.(⌒▽⌒)

Maija Ellis

Amazing game. I just Love it. Couldn't be a better game. Its very addictive.


Really addictive Amazing. I got hooked when I started playing and it's really fun

Scott Melvin

Pooplovintastic Love goats? Love poop? Love using evil insane tactics to take over the world? Then mutate! Mutate! Mutate!?

Brooke Burns

Cool I like it and it is just a time consuming game so it's awesome also I recomend Cow Evalution?

emily cooper

So fun This game is super fun and easy you move forward in it very quickly. I highly recommend it !

Vivian Shih

Better then the Cow one I played the Cow Evolution a while back. I liked it a lot and finished it. This one definitely has more stuff and is less frustrating to play.

Walter Hooker

Not bad very addictive Would be better but I think after the last update, it wont allow me to warch ads for my free, food gems and goats.

Adi Dixon

OMG Soooooo fun and aditting ,the baby goats are soooooo cute ,the other goats are soooooo creative and the goatapeida has really fun description of the Goats???????????????,????????sorry from any spelling errors.

Mysticwillow Fallow

This game is awesome I love this game so much it is the best game in the whole wide world that I've ever played I love taking care of these notes they are awesome and I love how they morph into a bigger and smaller goats it's so cool and they can eat berries and they eat the newspapers when you get your mail it is just an awesome game and a bunch of different levels and a bunch of different goats playing with these coats is awesome like it's so cool I've never played a phone again I don't care about what any of you mean people

Steven Gunawan

Data Corrupt Suddenly my game history is cleared. I already log in to my facebook, but the data is still missing. What's the point of logging in if I can't restore the data from my ID? Please enable the user to upload and download their data onlinely, after that I'll give 5*

isabella Nivongsa

LOVE IT !!!!!!!! I just have one problem it's to amazing and awesome love the person who made this ♡♡♡♡

Lena Roberts

Love it The goats are really hilarious and it's a great time killer plus you can make new types of goats but its hard and thats what make it fun and time killing

Chanel Harrison

Da best game ever (2nd) I love the game but plz can you remove the ads so you dunt hav 2 spend £/$/€ (○o○) ×D :) :p

Macad00`s D00er`s

Really fun I can't stop playing it all I want to do is play it before I go to bed when I wake up its crazy no other game has done this to me I downloaded it cause my brother wanted me to and it's funny it's like a train because my brothers friend told him to get it and my brother told me to get it and now I'm telling you the person who is reading this to get it lol

Kruti Doshi

Very Addictive! Can't stop playing and discover new mutants


I LOVE it the mutations r rlly funny my favorite part is when u r done reading the news paper the goats eat it XD

Liam Whetzal

Fun game This game is so fun and thr outfits are awsome the goats are cool

Connor Godsey

Amazing Time waster and super additive I just don't know how fun goats pooping is but it's just fun.

Brenden Nelson

so cool I love this game its time consuming and addictive and most importantly fun! ?

Harold Patton

Good as always with these animal evolution games! "Goat Evolution" is a very addictive game just as all the animal evolution games that are made by this company! 5 STARS!!! ?

Leah Willis

Best game I love this game, it can't be better then it all ready is, it is amazing, cool and weird, i love it.☺☺☺

Susan Abbott

Great pass-time game! Adorable and silly, I love this game. It's a great way to pass time, and is actually quite fun!

Nicole Littles

Time consuming It beats time I'll be on it for 5 min but it passed like 30-40 mins. #Best game EVER

Brandon Jensen

The baby goat The noises make it so much better and there right it is the cutest goat I've ever seen

Полина Федорова

Horrible All my hats are lost each time I open the app. Even logged in my Facebook account :c

George Friscioni

Its fun It never gets old because their is always another new goat to make.

Roby LaFond

Bugs Every time I close the app it takes my hats away but doesn't give my diamonds. DONT BUY HATS WITH DIAMONDS UNTIL FIXED.

Olivia Ponath

Amazing!! I love this game so much!! It's so much fun to put the goats together, and finding new goats, and dressing them up!!?

Justin Flach

Great time killer I am going on in your life and death of his life and death and the other is a good time to time and money to pay for the first one of the day of the day of work and I didnt see u tomorrow after I get the most important thing is that the bye fwlica

heather woodall

Wow It is awesome and Im not regreting the game. I am having so much fun

Mosi O'Farrill

It's So Fun It is a really cute game, and it is super fun! Also a good time passer.???

Thorn Drumheller

Fun and addictive I really enjoy this cute yet fun and addictive game.

Rusyaidi_is_Perfect 21

Its addicted I loved it!it is the perfect game for me!

Ellie Nugent

Awesome! Loved it ! Brilliant and really funny I also like how there's an extra stage before the World level. Keep it up!

Abyan Khan

Awsome game but... The alien goats give you rubies , which you cannot do anything with. This means your kinda giving your goats to the alien for nothing. Apart from this, the game is fun and addicting!

Gamer Squirrel

Cute and poopful, The mutated goats are cute. You breed goats to get more poop coins. I am a millionaire right now. )=

Wolf Moonrunner

Soo good. I've seen others play it and now I've got it. Why it's so adictive i don't know but it's wonderful8

Roger Phipps

Amazing Love the way you can get money from poo?

Christopher Sanders

Ads I would have given it five stars but I hate the two birds holding an add every ten seconds. Get rid of it and I will give it five stars.

Vatsal Dalsania

Superb Extremely addictive, and really simple 2 play. Loved it.

Dominator Dom

Great but one thing... When you can watch an ad for a free goat or special food, It never works. It just says you need to watch the video to the end. Other than that, this game is awesome.

G Me

I liked playing this game. It's a cool idea. Addictive, creative and funny. Unfortunately it quit working on my galaxy grand prime. I haven't reinstalled it. Nor have I used it on any of my other Android devices.

David Morton

Ads Playing for a while now and I like it. Optional ads are fine. Force showing an ad every time I switch to a new 'alien' view is a horrible experience.


Best game ever It changed my life. I started to worship the God Goat. It is amazig and thrilling, you find joy every time you discover a new goat or the aliens come for one

Tyler Yates

The game kept spamming so I'm rating Like I said I'm rating cause the game is constantly spamming me but it's a hilarious game and so much fun!

Rian Crosley

Incredible This is adicting and fun I've already almost beat it amd I have all the other games too my cousin hase platypus evaluation too.wait that was all one sentence. Never mind.


Fun but keeps asking me to rate the game... I love this gave but like every 5 minutes it ask me to rate the game and I'm just like omg stop asking me to rate this game it's so annoying...

So weird but I like it :) This game is so weird that it cracks me up. You're game is amazing. You're good at making games ;)

Michaela Champion

Love it It is so addictive and once you have made a new animal then you want to make more to make another to create a new one you have never seen I LOVE IT?


Great Very addicting! The only thing I wish it had was a way for the game to pop crates every now and again.

manoori _17

From a goat to a goat It's the best game and it have more than one type of an animal like cow evaluation and more and you ulock new kind of goat they are not weird but nice and don't forget the clothes??????

MicTiq Madison

??? I thought this was a stupid game but I figured out it was one of the tapps games that were so good and addictive ? ? keep up the good work

Zack Morris

Great time passer I played 3 houses and I didn't even realize it until my dad told me.??

bazookaman 1234

Goat evolution better than cow evolution This one has funnier evolutions and more addicting because of the fruit it is really funny when a goat ways the fruit overall it is a lot of fun and good game to pass the time

Ruhanna Ich

Damn I'm sooo addicted to this game! I also have some other evolution games and they are all really cool!

Random Twisler

Nice only one problem! The game is super fun and I love It! Only problem are the ads, but other than that it's Awesome!

KittenChaos Forever!

Wow .3. One of the best games i've ever downloaded thank you guys so much for making a time killer actually fun!❤?

Matthew Mayer

EPIC GAME You will be addictive by the game by making goat mutants merge together and some of them have funny names and descriptions and that's all I have to say.oh and I loved it i gave it a five stars!!!!*

Jeamy Monroy

Love it I luv this game its so interesting and entertaining its offline as well u should really download all the apps get most of the apps i also love that they have diffrent versions download all there so cool

Brodie Brasher

Awesome game. 360% coin multiplier, all hats and upgrades purchased and still just as addictive as the day I first installed it. Highly recommended


This one is great too?? I want all of them, but my phone will run out of space!!! D:

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