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23 Jul

Posted by Corbin Champion in Tools | July 23, 2015 | 62 Comments

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GNURoot provides a method for you to install and use GNU/Linux distributions and their associated applications/packages alongside Android.

This does NOT require root.
A regular uninstall fully cleans up after this application.
This is expandable and you will be able to install your own applciations/packages.

Inside GNURoot, you can create a root file system), launch into it, or delete it.

Read the description of the GNURoot Wheezy, Gentoo, Fedora or Aboriginal apps in the Play Store to get some hints on how to get started using them.

The moto is: "This ain't done, until everything* will run"
*everything == all linux, user space applications, without having to root your device. Some things (a small number of things), that actually require root will not work (like inserting a kernel module).

Key goals:
Choice or GNU/Linux rootfs to start with:
Currently two choices, many more to come.
All applications that don't absolutely require root should function as normal:
apt-get now working.
Following step is to get a graphical interface for the desktop, terminal and applications. Currently, only launches an Android Terminal Emulator. Proof of concept done. Refinement left.
Make this work nicely alongside Android:
Already works like a "normal" application.
Next step is to provide useful intents for users and applications (with permissions) to use.
Provide proper support and bug fixes:
Release a pay-what-you-want model, so more time can be put into this. Now in place. Decide whether it should be mandatory.
Improve performance:
Minimize the performance effect of the tricks used to make this all work. Quite good now.
Reduce Footprint:
Move as much as possible to the sdcard.
Only install what is necessary and let the user grow it from there.
Support multiple architectures:
Only arm supported. No reason why MIPS and x86 cannot be supported too.

The roots mostly contain GPL code, but for this launcher I am the copyright holder and it is not under the GPL, but instead the Apache v2. It contains a modified version of the Android Terminal Emulator, which is also under the Apache v2.

Please: file bugs, feature requests of view code here:

Whats new

    Direct people to new version of GNURoot (called GNURoot Debian com.gnuroot.debian), which will take the place of GNURoot wheezy very soon and wheezyX shortly afterwards.

Corbin Champion part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 23, 2015. Google play rating is 84.1039. Current verison is 0.1.5. Actual size 534.0 KB.

Download gnuroot.apk 534.0 KB


James Carter

Missing a few commands A nice root free exposure to command line Linux distros but there seems to be alot of Linux script commands missing (>_<);

Alex Fogal

Amazing, although, why is the rootfs installing in my (very limited (xperia play 350mb)) internal storage as apposed to my sdcard with 4 free gigabytes?

Sophia Shapira

Does not work on Galaxy Note S-10 World great on my Nexus 7 - but the environment refuse to initialize properly on my Galaxy Note S-10. In response to my initial review, the developer explained to me how to use "apt-get install " if a command I need isn't provided in one of the available RootFS packages. Fox the problem on the Galaxy Note and the 5th start will be restored.

Pem Ningshen

By mistake I press the delete button and you know what everything gone. There must be a warning option whether you want to delete it or not. ******* i love this app********

steve paesani

needs docs, not secure, consider kbox2 The app needs some minimal documentation to explain the basic techniques /methods used to get it working since potential security issues have to be worked out in the dark which leaves people rather vulnerable especially since they may install and use something like openssl thinking their private keys are safe in /etc. (which they are not if written to the obb on the sdcard (as opposed to the app's own data directory) whereby we're better off with kevin boone's kbox).

Vasil Zlatanov

Amazing It's hard do believe that this actually gives you the power of GNU/Linux on your android device, but it does. This solution is brilliant, and it doesn't require root!

Nika TV

Champion The Wonder Horse This is all the Linux stuff missing from the Android shell.

Kevin Chadwick

Very Cool but not quite what I'm after by default An option to run a command from a widget/icon (one click) would be very cool. Can a proot be run manually from Jack's terminal? An alpine Linux root would be cool.

Fikri R.

Space button strange behavior, although I am unfamiliar with Linux or Debian Umm... is it just my phone, my keyboard (I am using ASUS keyboard), or is there a way to use space without space button? I am able to install R by copy pasting the code from the website. but I am stumped because the space button behavior does add the space before the text and not after, so the text goes on without space. Thanks.

Uros Djurdjevic

It doesn't want to create the thing I click create and it loads and when it finishes it didn't do anything

Ashwin Devaraj

Specifically made for Linux junkies. If you're a Linux addict and can't stand being unable to run Debian packages on your phone, this is your redemption. Best part is, you don't need root.

Stefan Dunca

Broken on N5 after 5.1 update Just want to rise the attention.

knight coder

Amazing I love this app i installed node from src had some issues npm trying to figure that out. Btw can the developer tell me, how can i ssh into the phone from my desktop

Robert Macasieb

Nagware is not free. I think having 1,000 options for people to donate so that you can't find fedora rootfs in software by developer should be sufficient. It is not. You have to "maybe later" every time you go to spin up the distro. No thanks, I'll use one of the 5 more complicated, but less annoying options.... Nagware.

Simon Harms

I love having Debian on my phone. It is really fast. I am having no issues.

Russell Pierce

Works as described ... debian versions are a bit on the crusty side... but this is still an amazing option

Ryan Estep

I have been using app for about ten minutes. I like what I see. I have been looking for some time for an app that will allow me to study, practice scripting and to sharpen my skills whenever I have the opportunity. This is perfect. Kudos. I have an LG G2 and, so far, it is working as advertised. After a week or two of use, I will come back and give it five stars.

sumit rajdev

I can not start xserver

Johan Euphrosine

Very useful to hack without root, would be nice to have an option to select the user when launching a rootfs. Also tmux and screen don't seems to work.

Orsoni Piero

Works. Easy. Easy to install and use classic Linux environment.

Martin James Davidson

GNU Root I had Red-Hat Fedora 17 working, but now I've starting over [again].

PJ Brunet

Works fairly well on Nexus 7 but not on Galaxy Tab 4, I get PRIV_END error :-/ It's probably Samsung's fault but really disappointing!

Hashan Gayasri

Awesome concept!

Shuja Rafi

Magnificent what about x server

vvn nation

Great app However I get the following error when I do any "apt-get install" command, and I thought this was supposed to install as a new root file system to work on non rooted devices: /usr/bin/mandb: can't set effective uid: Permission denied Can not write log, openpty() failed (/dev/pts not mounted?) Thanks and keep up the great work!

Feng Chen

Fantastic app I can finally have linux on my phone, without having to root!

A Google User

I love it. I use Slackware on my PC but I'll definitely settle for Gentoo on my phone lol

Ryan Keegan

Note to self- don't run dangerous commands in this app I thought the VM was in a protected enviorment when I ran rm -rf /. Well, I was wrong and I am now restoring my phone. That was my fault although it would be nice if there was some boxing of the Virtual Machine as well as Gentoo portage and emerge support. Overall nice app though.

Ryel Moreno

Poor force close when i tap launch rootfs :(

Chris Hanson

works well this app does what it says and allows you to use Linux tools from your phone or tab

sutheesh sukumaran

Its getting crashed for me

Adam West

Testing App. So far I am waiting to use the app basically if this does what he says then it's genius! Thanks developers for your free software!

James Harland

Amazingly useful I used this together with the GNUroot Wheezy package and now have a fully functioning headless Debian system on my unrooted Samsung Core phone and Asus Memo Pad HD7. Great to be able to use apt-get!

Richard Reavis

Good, could use some improvement Overall functions pretty well. Would be nice to be able to move to SD card.

Michael Chan

Why can't I ping??? If ping was working, I would give it a full mark!

Tony Costanzo

Great. So far, so good. Fully functional Linux distribution. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to paste code though. I'm sure I'm missing something..

Anthony Martin

Closes wheezy instantly

David Frydman

Work very well (note 3)

Jeff Kirk

Nice Got to fedora bash shell in about 1 minute. This app has already achieved far more than I anticipated, whatever shortcomings I may encounter. Update. The novel use of ptrace is nothing short of amazing. I have a live distribution of Fedora which I've been maintaining in moving forward for years. It appears I'll be able to get to all of the command-line utility of that system without any issues

Vytas Soderholm

Can't create rootfs I am trying to create a wheezy rootfs on my Nexus 6P but the dialog box saying "unpacking a rootfs" just closes and nothing else happens.

Jacob Brown

Great I'm an avid Linux fan. I have built a similar app for my galaxy, but I had to many issues with it, but yours works like a dream. Thanks

Abhinay Sharma

This is best app I ever have This app is crazy running linux on android device without rooting it I like this app very much............ but can you make kali linux same as gnuroot wheezy which we can't have to root device

Alok Sharma

100% sword fight Started with android just now and was lucky to see Gnu root while searching for a terminal app :} Will take 2 more days to get my hands wet further. Am starting with docs next, any help will be great.

Jay Belanger

(Edit: I just want to keep my current setup, but now there's an unremovable dialog.) This is wonderful. I can now use some (currently text-only) applications which haven't been ported to Android.

Ryan Chakra

I am shocked this is excellent! The app is excellent and easy to setup. I never thought something like this could be done in user-mode. Proot really is a powerful tool. Although I do recommend you rename the app to something that better signifies that it does not require root. Like GNoRoot. :P

Ratchaphon Manosuthi

Love it This app is awesome, but can you make an aarch64 version for distros please? armv4 Gentoo is ancient!

Thomas Naser

Unable to install on Samsung Galaxy Tab A I use Gentoo as my primary OS om my vcomputer and would like to install it (the easy way) on my Galaxy Tab, but unfortunately can not. It does however work very well on my phone.

John Doe

Yessss Work like a charm ao I have no risk of messing up my phone

Scott Browder

GNU Root Amazing. Easiest GNU setup I've used by far.

Sooraj K

Very useful Amazing for non root users .... thanks ...

William Karlsson

Missing the option to run as root Pointless without root

Pranav Bhandari

Can I fake root my phone with this

Mars Kiffer

Tools finally!


Awesome, but I need help I launched oldschool runescape using a guide and I need to allocate more ram by changing a prm file that was downloaded but I just can't find where that directory is with a file manager anywhere

Arlet Põder

STOPS!! After pressing Launch rootfs with fake root it stops! Toast message shows "window 1" Android version is 4.4.4 Xperia M2

shaun smiley

Can't get past create new rootfs It spins a while then goes away. However, it still says I have no rootfs available.... This seems to be a problem with wheezy only . tried wheezyx and it works.

Trieu Tran Quoc

Problem Can't install and run openssh server, please check

Davien Strong

Wont create wheezy root Wont properly unpack the wheezy for rootfs launcher. Please help? Will 5 star if i can get my rs classic running

Vitaliy Daniliuk

How do I paste from clipboard? How do I paste commands from clipboard??

Nate Yannayon

Is it compitable? I have an S7 edge with marshmellow 6.0.1 on it. Will using wheezy still work with it? It's not bringing up any dialog when I try to install the rootfts thing

Hardipinder Singh

Good app...doesn't support apt get I wanted to install aircrack on it

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