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12 Mar

Posted by Apporio in Photography | March 12, 2014 | 84 Comments

Apk file size: 1.3 MB

Glitchr is a brand new app exclusive to Android that lets you give your photos a cool retro look! You can pick between the four gorgeous and original effects to give your photos a unique vibe. As of right now, Glitchr includes Gameboy, Gameboy Camera, VHS (old TV effect), NES, old-style 3D Anaglyph, ASCII Art, and Glitch Art effects for you to play with! Once you're done, you can save the picture or share it to your favorite social network!

Glitchr's features include:
VHS Effect
Glitch Art Effect
JPEG/Datamosh Effect
3D Anaglyph Effect
Triangulation Effect
Original Gameboy Effect
Gameboy Camera Effect
NES Effect
ASCII Art Effect
ZX Spectrum Effect
Retro-inspired UI
The ability to share photos to any app
No in-app purchases
No ads

tags: image filter, effects, Instagram, retro, glitch art, crt, 90s, vintage

Whats new

    * NEW: Triangulation filter!
    * New: Added more color effects to Glitch Art
    * Added setting for random VHS font size
    * Fix for crashes upon opening image or using 3D/VHS
    * Zoom is now maintained across effects!
    * More bug fixes.
    * More kittens.
    * Less sleep.
    Thanks for all of the downloads and the reviews! Please, if there are any issues, email me and I'll look into it immediately! One star reviews help no one; especially the single dev who wants you to love the app! :)

Apporio part of our Photography and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 12, 2014. Google play rating is 81.5759. Current verison is 2.2.2. Actual size 1.3 MB.

Download glitchr.apk 1.3 MB


Jeb Eldridge

It really glitches! The app makes some awesome effects... Until it force closes on me when trying to save or share or click any other possible link in the app, and developer support via email is basically nonexistent.

Jonathan Chu

Seriously I don't have the patience to spam one of the randomizers all day. I finally got a good result after 5 minutes then I push it again.

Joe Dissolvo

Works perfectly! All the filters work great, and makes for some awesome pics. Best anaglyph filter Ive found on android. Only thing id add is a depth of view slider for the anaglyph, since its kind of unpredictable.

Вукашин Вуказић

Great effects. Too bad it force closes every time I try to save a photo. Frustrating....

Zhi Chung Ng

Cool app but latest update is buggy Love the effects, but after the update I'm unable to load a photo- a blank white space just shows where the photo should be.

James Walker

Very good! Its occasionally force closed, but that's fine as its great in every other aspect! I would like to see a Ceefax/teletext effect in the future, but the app is still great!

Ash Cee

Very amazing. Lightweight, excellent design! Super retro and easy to use, perfect filters for the demands of popular trends in design nowadays, even the app itself pays respects to these designs! Snappy and responsive! I love it and can't wait to see more filters added!

Balázs Zoltán Sótanyi

Great effects Fantastic app, would be nice to see even more oldschool effects.

Zulfa Noor

Fab Love it but VHS filter always take minutes to load then the app crashes. It only like that to photos with HQ. Please fix it so I can change it to 5 star! X

Ryan Rodriguez

Super rad app! But crashes /: Awesome! I love the effects. I really dig this whole "glitch art movement" lol. And the app worked perfectly the first few times I used it but the next day I tried to use the VHS effect and it crashes every time /: that's my favorite effect. Please fix! Otherwise, this is super rad and I support it 100%!

Chami Per

eee I came here from acacia and I am SO pleasantly surprised with how good this app is! Its amazing, thanks for making it!

Zaidi Othman

4 stars its always crashes everytime i want to edit something and its kind of irritiating so pls fix it so i'll give you 5 stars

keilah q

Would like to give this a 4 star If only it doesn't crash. I love this app already the first time I used it.. it crashes while I'm editing the second photo. :/

Oskar Sjostrom

Yaas This app is amazing! I use this to edit my instagram photos and people are always asking what apps i use

Eli Weeks

Awesom Love the app but saving the pictures makes them go to Google Photos, which is an odd default location. Why can't they go to the gallery like everything else?

Alex Isalguez

SUPER COOL!! Runs AMAZING on my GS4 and its an awesome app full of cool hipsterish filters!! A must have in my opinion and love the exclusive for android love!!

Jordan Griffiths

Great app. And what makes it better is a then I went into the shop and they boy behind the counter who was clearly similar to me was like "you're not from up here are you?" So I was chatting to him about how different it is a developer who works with the community of users to make the experience even better! New update is great the triangle effect is pretty awesome!

Nicole Sung

Nice app... but not a lot of filters to choose from. Hope you continue adding more in the future! It also force closes often.

sinan tanju

Too Messy Most of the effects just destroy everything in the photo and it simply doesnt look good

Harry Larry

Cool app This app is pretty cool. I just have one suggestion. Could you PLEASE make it an option in the VHS settings to set your own date?! That would make this app 10x better and all worth while.

Blaze Call

Glitch art is too much First off, this is a very great app. But the glitch art has too many colors. I wish there was another effect that did exactly what glitch art does, without the colors.

Sydney Rusiecki

Good I really love the way it edits the pictures. The only thing that I don't love is how there's a different style of an effect and it takes forever to go through them. Also, the app keeps crashing whenever I try to save/share the photo

jamal carter

Great Can you guys add like a retro /Polaroid kind of filter to this app?

Natalie Santos

Love it but... Overall the app is awesome but when you add the vhs effect its doesn't come out that powerful. You can slightly see it but not really. But other than that its great!

Jose Reyes

Wow So Retro It is awesome, but can you add more retro effects, it's so cool, but there's only a few options. Add some like GBA or 8-bit. It deserves 5 stars anyway :)

mercedes martinez

Less options Yeah I only liked the 3D effect only... There's not many to choose from either so that sux

talin aivazian

Unbelievable!! I am in love with this app. This is a go-to app for all my pictures. I LOVE that you can have multiple styles with one effect. The glitches and all the different designs definitely add to my photo and take it to the next level. I'm so happy I stumbled on this app, I have nothing bad to say about it. thank you!!!!

Meagan Murphy

Love it! I think this is a really good app for glitch effects! But, I don't really like the actual glitch effect ): I think the colors and the way it glitches could be done a bit better. Besides that, I love it! My favorites are the 3D and VHS ?


Looking good Love your app :), is there a way to increase resolution of the saved pictures? It's saving very low res/quality pics (less than 200kb). I'd like to import and export original size if possible. Thanks

Khalik Knox

Nice app Would be better if you can put whatever date you want with the vhs effect

Sofia Garza Gomez

didn't know what to expect when I searched 'vhs effects' HAPPILY surprised. great app!

Julean Awayan

the best ? finally found the app I have been looking forrr ♡ simple, quick and unique! 100/10

April Travis

Samsung Galaxy S4 Good, definitely going in a good direction. :) keep up the work, I'd love to see more, and maybe like a paint brush feature.

Gavin Quinain

Vhs Its a great app. Whenever I use the VHS effect, it turns out fine in my gallery however when I try to post it on Instagram, all of the scan lines just suddenly dissapear and I don't know why. It'll have the scan lines when you're cropping the photos, but when you try tag someone in it, or post the photo, they all just dissapear. Please fix, its been happening for a long time.

Adwitya Rafi Aqilla

Best Glitch Effect Application I just downloaded this app but I have to say, I really love it. From the VHS effect (with real time descriptions) and to my favorite, ASCII effect (like whoa). 5/5 this app is amazing. Great job, Apporio and creator of this app ?

Julissa B.

It's ok The VHS effect doesn't show the scanlines

Donnell Harris

I just downloaded the app and it crashes it won't even let me edit my picture it just force closes

Shane Smiskol

Umm... Says could not install do to error, well duh, it's called Glitchr. But seriously, please fix this.

woggle D

The app always closes after I choose an effect.

Will Stull

great effects this app is awesome and it has quality effects. I would like this app even better if you could change the date on the vhs effect and also be able to just show the random vhs info without the date

Alex Clark

Awesome app with some suggestions I really love this app. All the filters look great and I really like the VHS filter. Some suggestions would be to put your own date on the VHS filter and also even add a video mode. Thanks for the amazing app!!

Saint Jimmy Urine

LOVE IT The effects on this app are great! And if you don't like how a certain effect turned out you can randomize the same effect, literally my favorite app.

Shelby Fisher

Neat All filters work except the VHS one. When I try to use it, the app crashes. Otherwise neat effects though!


In love I freakin love this app itz just what i needed ? even though it keeps crashing but not like every 20 sec so itz still AWESOME

Ken Anidhya Ika Pratiwi

pretty cool app cool but maybe ill get bored of it soon but its cool so ye

razenjoy alison

Cool This is very amazing. Good for twitter icons and instagram posts. Keep it up! ❤????


Retro camera app ftw Love the Gameboy and ascii filter. Though is there a way to change the intensity of the filter instead of taping on the filter button over and over again?

Kate H

I don't like it. I don't like that I can't browse through the glitches I would like but I have to wait for one to randomly load. I don't even like the way the set the whole app up.

naomi Pabalay

App Good app PLEASE DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT IT! PLEASE!!! all the apps i get change so much and turn bad. This is an amazing app, but it does need more filters. (:

Ahmed Hatem

Just brilliant Great idea awesome job Team ? keep it up ? Must download for weirdos ?

Lauren Rutherford

Its a good app but….. It keeps closing every time I try to edit my pics ? Fix It!!!

eureka lashell

In love with this app Its really small doesn't take up as much space as some photo editors do and it just edits your photo In a few ways but its all like old school electronics like a old can recorder and broken film and other cool stuff such a good app I love it 10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Uriah H

Nicee It makes the pictures look really cool, and I like that it's random everytime you click one of the options.

Falco Lombardi

A E S T H E T I C Amazing app, gotta use all the time.

Anjar Purba

FORCE CLOSE Plis plis fix it. I love this app so much.. Plis fix it and i'll give you five

Joaquin G

Amazing, but.... OK, this app is awesome and all, but can you guys add more glitch thing's... Please add more and I'll put 5 stars

NeoN Atary

Wow I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH !!! ITS PERFECT TO ME . I just wish there were more wierd filters but I love it .

Terrell Richardson

Buggy I'm not sure if this is just me but when I use the filters on glitchr my photo suddenly shrinks and the quality lowers. Is there a fix? Because I really love this app

Xero Reboot

Best edits! I love this app! It let's me import pictures in a gallery and it has many different glitches to choose from. I recommend this app. :3

iisi ø

No old Mac filters From the icon and interface, I expected one or more of the 1-bit dithering algorithms from old Macs. I didn't have any crashes, but didn't try to save.

Anna Hollmann

A delight. Beautiful interface, beautiful filters, lightning-quick edits - this app is perfect. Thank you.

Hemma Garcia-Olivares

Good but.. Really good app, cool effects but its started shrinking the photos.. please fix it!! Its my favorite glitching app :(


Nice UI, Nice effects This app is a quick graphic experiment rather than controlling the exact amount of effects. Push a button and your desired filter will be applied in a random fashion. The filters are great and I only wish it would properly show images that have a bigger height (it automatically landscapes them).

Beatriz Ramirez

IT ACTUALLY GLITCHES! The app lets me do any effect but the VHS one! It literally closes the app after a few seconds of loading the VHS effect on a picture. I NEED HELPT PLEASE.


Really nice I like all the effect it generates and is fun but i recommend adding a slider to adjust the effect intensity, for the glitch one, either add a generating method or a random generator.

That Guy

Really glitches It produces ghost pics. I save my edited pictures and then I can't find them anywhere in my album gallery. I can see they are there through other apps like messenger but they are not. I even tried to upload them to Imgur but it got stuck. App is on my OnePlus One.

Tisha Beedle

Glitch Art This app may not seem like much at first, but then it happens...I found the Glitch Art button!! LOL!! I've created some very awesome art and I wanted to thank the development team for this sudden inspiration! I've always been an artist, but "Glitch Art" is new and fresh to me. I've been artistically awakened!! Thanks!! ???

Mitch Punk

Awesome I'm always excited for this app when I see updates cause you always keep making it better and better. The effort you put into it really shows up. I can not say anything other than keep it up cause you're doing an amazing job and this totally deserves 5 stars! I'm excited for the new stuff coming.

Nancy Levonian

great concept but could use work One of my favorite apps but I think what would make it perfect is if you could have more control rather than randomization. Like for the VHS part, pick where you can put tears and how large, etc.

Justin Duijn

This is awesome I'd pay for a 'pro' option if it comes with adjustabilty. E.g.: Tears on VHS, seed for glitch, complexity, amount of bars, tears, etc. The Glitch isn't complex enough for my taste and a lot of times not what I'm looking for.

Gabby Beteag

Works perfectly on Galaxy S5! I love this app! The effects are awesome and I've never had an issue with the app crashing or taking too long to load effects. The only slight inconvenience is the messaging app doesn't recognize the file type of the pictures, so I usually just screen shot.

junalyn casco

Really glitches But i wouldnt uninstall it I just hope it would be fix coz it crashes upon pressing some effects like vhs. Please fix it asap. Really like not love the app:) id rate 5★'s if it would be fixed:)

xXxXVoca GirlXxXx

Love it! I love this app! It's a great time-waster for when you have nothing else to do. But I really wish you could combine multiple effects together, but overall it's great!

Kelvin Santos

Really glitching The app does exactly what the name says.. Whenever I open it, starts glitching the whole screen, tapping everything until it force closes

Adwitya Rafi Aqilla

Best Glitch Effect Application I just downloaded this app but I have to say, I really love it. From the VHS effect (with real time descriptions) and to my favorite, ASCII effect (like whoa). 5/5 this app is amazing. Great job, Apporio and creator of this app ?

Kendyll Archer

Sick! Really cool app! Never experienced the app force closing on me... Sorry suckas! Been searching for a 3D effect forever so I'm stoked. The VCR filter is unreal cool!

Groovy Steven

Great App I love the effects on this app. It's very nice barely have problems. The only problem that seems to happen on the app is the vhs effect. Every time I try to edit a pic it force closes. Only happens with the vhs

Meagan Murphy

Love it! I think this is a really good app for glitch effects! But, I don't really like the actual glitch effect ): I think the colors and the way it glitches could be done a bit better. Besides that, I love it! My favorites are the 3D and VHS ?

Carl Kittler

Uninstall problem This app world fine but when you try to uninstall it from the home screen, like a normal person, a big icon of the glitchr logo comes up and there's nowhere to press OK so you can delete it.

Michael Lindback

Great app Works well for me. Cool effects. My only complaint is that you can't overlap effects unless you save your work and open the new picture. But that's not much of a problem for me.

Kady Jennings

I hate it Every time I find a pic and I edit it its fine but when I click save it says its not working every single time it does that

Vulgaris Magistralis

Works great but can't save photos App crashes when you try to save a photo. Last update was 2014.

Erika Bocca Fischer

I have the latest version and still... The app crashes immediately when I choose the VHS setting. Aside from that, the app is fun. I wish it had more effects, though!

alexis davis

i like the update it works better than ever but i hate the glitches.. it takes forever to find a good one.

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