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17 Nov
Girls Voice Changer

Posted by App Basic in Entertainment | Nov. 17, 2016 | 103 Comments

Apk file size: 5.9 MB

Girls voice changer lets you hear your voice in various kinds of girls tone.

A greate app to have fun while you are with a group of friends or in a party.

Just record your voice using Girls Voice Changer and listen for yourself how you sound in a girls voice.

All the Recorded sounds are available to easily check on later.

Various Types of voices featured are :

• Young Lady
• Small Baby
• 3 years Baby
• 10 Years girl
• 16 Years girl
• 21 Years girl
• 35 Years Lady
• Old Women
• High Pitch Toned girl
• Low Pitch Toned Girl

Girls Voice Changer is Absolutely free.

App Basic part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 69.6277. Current verison is 1.0.9. Actual size 5.9 MB.

Download girls-voice-changer-1.apk 5.9 MB


Stephen Hernandez

Hated game. All the voices pretty much sound the same. This is my first time i got it and already, i hate it. Dont waste space on this junk. Im 10 uears old, and im not lyin

Ameleigha Mayes

Um really So it is so stupid it make a high performance and the choices are just werid

Tristia Thpmpson

They all sound like a baby! They all sound the same but high pitched girl sounds like nails on a chalkboard And at oldlady it sounded like me and im not an old lady

robert serros

I tried it and like everybody else This is my dads account but like everybody else I hate it it slows your voice or makes it fast this is a horrible app

Kenzey Birks

I dont like this I dont reemend it. It all sounds the same and I really do not recemend this dont install this unless u want is all to sound the same

Lolli Stark

Disliked it All the voices were just high. They didn't sound real. Not a good game!

Manek Ranjan

Fake voice It doesn't sound like a girl voice..such a shame

Bethany Sweeney

BORING!!:-( :'( Liked it but it was soooooo BORING!! Could you improve the WHOLE GAME plz????

hameed Sulaiman

Really bad ! This voice all of your voice bull shit crap

aaliyah joseph

Stupid Dumb they did so bad

Sabina Last

I Dont like it Everything is the same...

Iliana DeMattei

Stupid They all sound the same don't waste the space on ur phone for this crap

Andrea Montalvo

I it's okay not accept most of the voices sound the same. and also I really wouldn't waste some of your space for it

Jacqui Stokes

Why All of the voices sound the same. 20 year old girls don't sound like 3 year old kids.Why did I even bother getting the game

RuRu Uzumaki

HAVING THE SAME VOICE They pretty much have the same voice!!

Mukesh Khandelwal

Its horrible! Most of d voices are same! And they r bad enough to waste ur time and space in mobile! -_-

Stefani Dubont

Horrible I deleted this game that is the best game ever and ive gone sooo far on it just so I could get this app ans its horrible a lady dont sound sqeaky

Laniya Poe Jackson

Worse app ever When u choose old lady u sound the same and all the other ages u still sound like a baby

Tamia Cunningham

Making fun of girls All the same and girls don't sound like that

Sabina Villegas

This app doesn't work

Sheather Ayitevie

Love it I addicted to this I mean I adore those voices they are just sooo amazing!!!

Alyssa Smera

Hate it They all sound the same and the 5th time I used it stopped working

Kayley Stevens

:-* Do not like it because the voices all sound the same and when I clicked on the 10 year old voice I am 10 and that's not what my voice sounds like and then I pressed the old woman and I sounded the same I'm not old women I'm 10

Kaitlyn Hand

Terrible thing is that actually going to be any good to anyone

John Kontos

3 seconds Wow!!! Took literally 30 seconds to download sounds awesome!!!

Paige Sandefer

Fix it and I will give you five stars

Zyaire Carver

Stupid They all sound the same it does not work

Tisha Bell

REALLY They all sound the same I hate it ...needs different tones dislike it on sorry don't download this app unless u wanna download It for a 5 yr old???


VERY VERY BAD.FACK DON'T INSTALL IT DEAR. This is a fack app.that voice all same.

Parva Nasirai

Bad The voices was just like a child. :-(

selva mani

DONT INSTALL Fully same voice and not naturally

Saniyah Whitley

Girls voice changer IT'S boring it's a bore to other players:()

Zahri Ziyan

So love it is, I mad fun with my friend, all of them where laughing

A Google User

Not that great This app is not that great yoi shouldn't waste your time getting it

Kj Nichelle

Hated it more like the worst app ever This app is......................i got nothing.its just horrible horrible,and you cant do half a star well thats what this app needs

Dorcas Jones

Same as you stephen The only one that was diffrent was old lady so for your good dont buy it

Michelle Mary Grace

Bad It's was a waste of voice was way to high didn't even sound normal it's a stupid app!

Savannah White

Their voices are all high pitched And the old women soundls like who you are don't download

Rahul Aggarwal

Worst App Its very worst. Dont install it. Waste of time.

K.J. E


baljeet rawal

Worst ever app Its d worst app ever. Stupid voices... So fake

Jenny Ross

It's ok It barely sounds like a girl.Don't waste your time.

Elisha Bagwell

Amazing Its awesome there were in problems soyeah if ours

Allison Mooney

totaly stupid Ok i went on and thought ok this will be a cool app turns out you can still tell who it is me my 3 year old sister liked it did i mention shes THREE

Gamer Revelation 2

Complete trash It doesn't even work! Either it sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks or a low pitched version of my voice.? You can clearly see that there's a lot of negative feedback in the comments below, so DON'T DOWNLOAD!!! 6\100?

Madison Sharpe

WHAT! Okay so it makes me sound like im 1 and I click 16 yr old... Dont download super stupid I wish I could rate this -10000000000

Jana Wael

#the worse app Guys never install that thing it is all the same voices shut !

Freya Williams

DONT GET THIS I pressed 35 and it sounded like the 16 year old. It wastes my store space up . Just don't get it

Jayati Kanyal

Nice appp I liked this app changes your voice really nice and sweet app love it ?when you play it once but playing again and again makes it boring?

Jazmyne Salgado

Sucks bad Do NOT download this game it sounds the same, and you still sound like you are 3 years old

Kiing Iron

The grand ma sounds like a man the babby sounds like a five year old and the ten year old sounds like a child . This is a horible thing p.s all voices are the same

Esme Andrew

A cat turd could have done a better job with this app and it would be 10 ×'s better! :(

rick prowell

It will not download and from other comments I have seen that this app sucks so do not download ?


WHAT THE HECK Okay i clicked 35 years and it sounds like a three year old -_- dont download this crappy game

Darko Maksimović

Nod too bad If you try to imitate a girl's voice and then add this app's effect too then it's fun enough. The downside is you can't save recording.

Emman Perez

Fake To many ads and doesn't change your voice. Kill yourself whoever made this

Emily Richard

Chipmunk All voices are not relistetic. Terrible, sounds hurts my ears

Ryanna Pinkowski

This app sucks compared to these I sound like a boy

miriam escudero

Wtf? ...that sounds nothing like any of those ages! And an old lady sounds like a 10yr old!

Sumangala Konnur

Its stupid Doesn't change the voice... All voices are same.... :(

Kayla Garner

Hate This game sucks all it is is one person saying what you say. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Rachel Smith

Boring not really a. Changer just using the. Chipmunk speed up junk unrealistic and WayToo Many Ads Boring not really a. Changer just using the. Chipmunk speed up junk unrealistic and WayToo Many Ads

Mocha R. Senjaya

1.5 I think 1 point for your effort making this app .. And 0.5 for the animation .. But unfortunately 0 for the voice ... It's not different to Tom .. Sorry

Takaylor Jones

Hate it It's the worst all the voices are the same it's terrible what ever you do don't download this app

Leah Uriarte

Heck no This is totally not accurate at all! I am 10 but when I here the 10 years old girl it sounds like I inhaled helium!


Not all that great... basic stuff.

Jada Martin

Hated When your a old women you sound like a 35 year old . When your 10 you sound like a 2 year old

Nur Faizah

Not bad There's not much of a difference when I alter it.

Augusta Bennett

HATE IT There is np in it but i don't likw the sound and the look

Bianca Gauthier

I always rate 3 I always rate 3 stars even if I really don't like the game or I really like the game...

Jordan Donnelly

Blugh It made me throw up...or maybe it was toast with soda milk and ? ?

Levi Hinkle

Not to good It sounds like your real voice on the old lady the one's above are the same

Anderson Rodriguez

Awesome app It was awesome and cool l love it so much and it is very funny too also fun to play with and thanks 100 times to the person who made this app

cute emoji101

Don't downlowd This app sucks so do not download

Ashley Roth

hate it it makes you sound like a kid I'm deleting it

abdul khader

Third class Please don't download this app. Its not changing voice

Ankit Kuar

Pls not download Nothing happen its boy sounds only

Aaron Kelley

Terribly trash Boi a 16 year old girl doesn't sound like a 2 year old and a 0ld women doesn't sound like a man

Isaiah Linzy

No i do not like this game its for babys Its a Stupid game

jasprit singh

Very low voice please improve sound quality

Abgail Coelho

Totally DuMb You can say whatEVER you want and its still going to sound like you. My 2 year old cousin likes this app.

Pooja Dubey

Trash This app is trash I download it then I tapped 16year it's sound like my four year old sister

Hope Pixley

Awesome at first I thought Lame but after a while I started using it for my pranks like I would walk up to my mom's bedroom door and I would sound like Alvin and chipmunks it's pretty cool you guys

Jik Jikopi

I hate it It is same when I touch 3 years old it sounds like small baby

Elphie Black

OMG!!!HORRIBLE!!!sucks worse than yo least fave food!!!!!! Omg I'm 10 and I sounded like a chipmunk doing the 10 year old. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! If you do you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooo stupid. The old woman sounds like your normal voice. - googol ( one hundred zeros behind one)

Yolanda Hirt

Afencive OK so I am 10 yrs old and it made me sound like a baybe

Rebecca Rose

Garbage Clicked 21 sounded like a chipmunk be like ._. It sucked. The voices are way off and just... UGH the cringe....

cire priv

Sounds like a minion From the old movie Spy Kids. And way too many ads you can't close for 5 seconds

John Rodgers

Girls Voice Changer UTTERLY THE STUPIDEST APP EVER. This app does not make you sound like a girl but rather more like Alvin The Chipmunk. I do not recommend this app.


Complete trash It doesn't even work! Either it sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks or a low pitched version of my voice.? You can clearly see that there's a lot of negative feedback in the comments below, so DON'T DOWNLOAD!!! 6\100?

Blessid Edwards

Terrible x1000 Okay... I read all of the reviews and thought that maybe it was just them. Well... that was the worst mistake ever because this app sucks. The low pitch girl sounds deeper than the 35 yr old woman. I mean its so bad. Just don't get it

The worst Don't get this app you will regret it ,its not good at all so move on

Dahlia Morton

Hate So it should predict it does not it makes yuor voice squekyer. I am 9 and 10 is sqeaker then my own voice


Great app!! Simple app. Very easy to use. Does exactly what the developer says. I'm giving it straight 5 for starters. My rating could change if app starts misbehaving.

Think DIY

Is there any option for 0 stars Uhh.. Hated it . It only load and give adds i say dont waste your time installing it

Raynee The Redstone Gurl

Are you kidding me? This is the worst app ever it makes my voice sound way higher than it is even when I do the tone.

Singh Khushmeet

What rubbish This app is just a rubbish. I cant imagine a 16 year girl qith chimpak's voice. The old lady is slow motion of chimpak.

jana haitham

Okay The one that only worked is the old women the othars were like a baby

rick prowell

It will not download and from other comments I have seen that this app sucks so do not download ?

Better to some Exrend Just use the app for fun cat voice not girl. Thanks

Nikki hi

Seriously So I read all the comments and all of them said the app was terrible but I installed it anyway. But the game suck s it's so bad they all sound like Alvin and thimpmucks voices and you could so tell who's voice it was the old lady one just sounds like a low voice come on?. It is so obnoxious don't be stupid like me and download this app anyway it's a waste of time.????????????

Brian King

The stupidest game in the world This is the stupidest game in the world it doesn't even let you do anything you have to do a file name 4 if you want to listen to like if you're 16 years old or like 10 or 2 or any other age it has

Aphmeow miceforce


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