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5 Sep
Giraffe Evolution - Clicker

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Casual | Sept. 5, 2016 | 166 Comments

Apk file size: 30.0 MB

Long neck, camel-like shape, leopard-like coloring and horn-like ossicones don’t come out of nowhere: giraffes are naturally bizarre. What would happen if mutations started happening to them? Combine giraffes to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and bizarre forms!

Just when you thought we had enough with Cow, Platypus and Goat Evolution, comes the sequel that takes the Evolution series to incredible new heights (tum dum tss). Giraffe Evolution!

All the cool stuff from the last games plus new features you can’t miss!
Hats? Aliens? Achievements? Leaderboards? It’s all here!

• Drag and drop similar giraffes to combine them and create new mysterious creatures
• Use giraffe poop coins to buy new creatures and make even more money
• Alternatively, fiercely tap the giraffes to make coins pop from pooping

• Many stages and giraffe species to discover
• The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution, 2048 and incremental clicker games
• Doodle-like illustrations
• Many possible endings: find your own destiny
• Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades…! More than ever!
• No giraffes were harmed in the making of this game, only developers (again)

Download Giraffe Evolution now! You know you want it.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Whats new

    - PLUTO UPDATE! Discover new giraffes
    - Crossover Hats! Get free exclusive funny hats
    - Boost your tractor earnings by watching short videos
    - The Special Food upgrade has been changed to the Rainbow upgrade -- that can last maaany hours!
    - Fixed bugs and improved performance
    Love Giraffe Evolution? Try Platypus, Octopus and Cow Evolution too!

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l Zerxzyz l

Mabey add more upgrades... Great game but very little upgrades that don't cost real money, add more and I would say 5 star by far

Lori Brehme

This game is absolutely stupid but addicting I can't seem to put it down. The drop rate for diamonds is also impressive which really help with advancing with the game. Only problem I spent diamonds so boxes would drop faster and the drop rate didn't change.

Heather Misko

Ridiculously addicting Fun game, addicting! I don't like that the mars world doesn't accumulate rubies while you're not playing though. Seems like it takes forever to get anywhere, unlike with the cows version.

Teffany Bond

Cuteness I am reluctant to admit how addicting this game is, but I think I like it too much already. I appreciate that they don't hound you for real money constantly. Alot of things in the market are accessible through the poo you get from the giraffes. Thanks for the great game :)

Lexus Gustafson

Love it Hey the giraffes are so ugly there is so many and when your bored just click click and click anywhere and more will appear in this stupid clicker game. Lol ?

Amber Dubois

So stupid, you have to love it! Fun game, not much to it. Good time waster.

Morgan Prescott

Love it! The only thing I would change about it is the fact that a lot of the stuff costs money with no way to get it without spending real dollars. That's not uncommon though. Great Game! Love it so much!

Danielle Speranzo

So stupid I love it This game is so simple and yet just so much fun. I thought I could beat it in a hour and then they threw in the aliens and I know I'm hooked now.

Nicole Whyte

Ugh I love it but its so simple and pretty stupid.... yet so addicting.... i think i love giraffes

A Google User

5 stars! Five stars for how amazing this app is and all the fun mutations you can make with the giraffes! Although there is one thing, the A.B.S giraffe, shouldn't it be A.C.S? I mean it's obviously Caitlyn and not Bruce.

James S

Awesome sauce! My girlfriend showed me this game and now I'm addicted. If you get the chance download the others, just as fun!

Hannah Guttu

Giraffe Evolution Very addictive and very fun!!! If you get bored play on and there is a big surprise!! They let you take pictures of the mutated giraffes, crop them and they make a good lock screen

Bearinger Stephenson

Awesome This game is very repetitive and it wants to make the player keep playing! Also everything isnt a rip off like in most games! You guys should do Shark Evolution

lupe blair

AWESOME!!!!! Soooooo addicting it's so awesome I can't stop playing it it really helps pass the time best game ever

Ila Barmola

It's Cool Nice game actually I DIDN'T think that it would be such a nice game !

Luong Truong Tran Quan

Great This is a good game, I cannot get my fingers out of it man, :) thank you for creating it. Hope to see your update as soon as possible

Olivia Leander

Stupid good This game is ridiculous. It manages to be totally stupid, while also being completely addictive and awesome to play. I'm seeing giraffes in my dreams.

Tim Vaughn

Cool... Kinda laggy when you hit the 50 million a second part. But only for a few min. Maybe change how often you make the ads pop up. But over all good. Definitely install

Paola G Bonilla Hernandez

Needs to be improved.. Its lacks a lot when compared to goat evolution. It needs more cost friendly upgrades, animals should give more coin bonus like in goat evolution, the coin frenzy bonus should be like in goat evolutiom where coins are doubled because the bird bonus doesnt fit at all... Upgrades will definately make it much better.

Mariah Rivera

Stupidly Delightful You wouldn't think such a game to be addictive but it is. Fun, simple, and exciting: This game will keep you entertained for hours as you mutate your giraffes and collect coins from their poo!

Andrew Bryant

Fun time waster. Like others, I found the asking for a rate to be annoying. Overall, it's a pretty fun game though. It's simple to play, and so far I haven't hit the wall where I have to purchase credits with real money. The gems in the game can be picked up easily enough.

Sarah Baginsky

So simple, I can't put it down! This game is pretty mindless, which is great if you're waiting in line, on a train, or before you fall asleep. Its also got adorable giraphics (I had to make a pun, its the game's fault!) so its really easy to fall in love with.

Mochi :3

Addiction Level: GIRAFFE This's just the greatest. I've played cow evolution...but it doesn't even compare to the cuteness of these darn giraffes! It's a wonderful, time consuming game. If you enjoyed the other evolution games, give this one a go! More adorable hats to customize them with alongside everything else it has to offer (some good stoof by the way). Enjoy~

Jasmin Mora

Rating This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever played but it's super cute and addicting.

Bramble 107

Awesome!!!! Favourite out of them all it's very cute , sweet and adorable. I love dressing them up. You should install, this is my favourite game on my phone! Please make a zebra , cat , dog and rabbit one!!! You guys are very good game makers I also like your derp game.

Jady Chen

ALIENSSSSSS Omg I got addicted to Goat evolution,and I was really excited when GIRAFFE EVOLUTION CAME OUT!!! BTW spoiler alert: my title..... Hi dd. TAPPS I LOVE YOUR EVOLUTION GAMES! If the creator is reading this, I'm a big fan! You really hit it off with cow evolution, and some people got annoyed by the fact that you made other evolution games, but I think that it is fine, because the games never lose my interest!! Thanks! (and this took more then a minute lol)

Savannah Macpherson

Awesome Great game.. lags and crashes sometimes though.. or tractor won't collect coins sometimes

Caleb Timmers

Best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love giraffes and this is just wow

lindsay evans

Even better than cow evolution! I can't stop playing this game!

Grace Larkin

It feels slower than the cow one, and I'm pretty sure upgrades cost more. The ads are definitely more annoying because they're full screen instead of pop ups (like in the cow one).

Jacqueline DiGenio

Don't you hate When a game asks you to rate it every five minutes?

Jason Scarpinato

Incredibility repetitive, so why the h*ll is it so addictive??? Not a very complicated game. Your goal is to create weirdo giraffes. As dry & simple the game is.... Incredibly it's really fun! Can't put it down bc I'm too interested in what the next giraffe will look like. ?

Adriana Morales

love it but the ruby I love it all and one thing I feel like the alien trade is too little

Diego Anderson

Addictive and fun This game uses a simple mechanic that makes it easy to learn. It also has fun, colorful animation that makes it pleasing to continue playing. I thoroughly enjoyed it

Danielle Cote

Great at killing time. Super fun, easy to play, easy to get sucked in. The animations are very cute.

Natalia Vanegas

Some flaws but over all great The game is amazingly easy to get hooked on and fun to play

Arina Khaharuddin

ADVETISMENT. I used to be addicted to this game. But since the advertisement, I can't even enter to Mars or the shopping for girrafes. I tried many ways to enter but it ends up with an ad and if I go back or click x, it will stop and go back to the place where the boxes will be added. Pls fix this. I dun wan to go buy for removing ad. (>_<)

Graciee SanChezz

Addicting This game has almost no point but I can't seem to put it down. GIRRAFFE EVOLUTION IS LIFE

Cassidy Rix

It's fun I like it, it's wird, it's cute, it's funny, it's addicting. But not fun, like let's say figure skating ( I love skating) see my point?

Samantha LaPointe

Love it Its stupid but fun and addicting. I play in my free time and I love it. Its relaxing and enjoyable. My brother loves it too. Thank you for making a game like this.

Gary GameZz

Awesome ! I love this game I'm on it 24 ' 7 but there is 1 glich I found sometimes when I drag the giraffes they bounce off the corner and go flying across the screen for like 10 seconds please fix that but apart from that its a great game !

Hannah SS

LOVE IT!!!!! Its really cool because its exciting to find out all of the different kinds of giraffes and worlds that there are! And it never glitches. The only thing that I would say to improve is that practically wherever I click it pops up with an add,but other than that its great!

Bryant Banks

DELETE THE UFO I HATE THE UFO IT ANNOYED ME SO MUCH although I like this game. Remove it and I will give dis 5 stars and can you add trades


Best game ever I loved it but it's annoying that you can't take away the url alien deal if you don't want to give it that girrafe and I wish it was easier to get rubies. (Was the dwarf hat from yogscast)

Kate Powell

Easy and a tad addictive A lovely insane way to pass time. I like the goals in collecting money but with no time limit.

Nicole Moore

Cute game and pretty addicting although I wish there was more things you could buy beyond just the tractor and outfits for each level of mutation. Not a huge deal though, it makes for a good time killer as it is.

Gretchen Schaller

Like it but... As with all these games I like it but hate the fact that it does not save your games and progress if you have to redownload the game for one reason or another. I have started this game (and all of the other evolution games) 3 times now.

Aliya Pradith

Liked it I wished that the cows will spawn in more faster because it's boring waiting for a cow. Even know you can pay money to increase the cows or makes it faster for the cows to spawn but it cost a lot of money.

Chris ten Den

The game is bizarrely addictive. I've recreated the world about 50 times now. There are some bugs i've noticed. 1. Occasionally merges do not actually create a new giraffe. This is problematic at the higher level giraffes because it gets expensive to have to buy 24 vs 16 to get to the next level. 2. Ads for free giraffes and free food only seems to work about %30 of the time for me. A blank screen comes up with and I have to close and restart the app. 3. I've accumulated ALL the hats but the hat achievement never hits 100%. Checked several times. 4. For some reason this app is unfortunately a battery hog when running in the foreground. It can drain my battery faster than any other app i've seen. 5. The date/time check is really annoying for someone who crosses timezones frequently. I say let people hack it if they want to. If they want to ruin their experience let them. Plus its a serious pain to actually do that.

Rachel Byrne

Cool U can discover new giraffes that are cool and the app is cool and it is cool and the giraffes are cool and the alien spaceships are cool and the different levels are cool and the coins are made out of poop which is cool and the giraffes poop which is also cool but I think I have just told you everything about this cool app so that is also cool.

Sip Johnson

Keeps begging me to vote and there is no way to say no. So here you go. Here is my vote. Annoying the user to do something is a horrible idea. The close button on the ads is too small and very hard to click. It's designed to get you to click the ad by mistake. Basically just an annoying pointless mess. Uninstalling.

kayla white

Pretty fun Addictive. At first its slow, and adds pop up when u click stuff. But worth it because Girraffes and its a good time waster

Arianna Hale

Super Funny I first got cow evolution, but that crashed, so I found this! It's awesome! I love it!

Alyssa Myers

Addicting I downloaded this game like 2 hours ago and have been playing it ever since. It's a great game and there are soo many different types of giraffes.

Olivia Vokins

I COMPLETED THE GAME! I merged 2 Dragon-Giraffes on the world interface and made an Ultimate Being and I dont really know what to do now. Please help if you know how to help. Thank you very much. ;-)

Winnie Veatch

It gave me the first ult. being again After I recreated the universe I got the first being again. I was under the impression that I would get a different one after recreating the universe. After I did it I ended up with the green Asian giraffe-Dragon being again. The landscape for the giraffes was a different color than the first time so I thought it was a "different universe". Do I have to keep upgrading the first one to get to the next one? Please fix.

Loki Laufeyson

Its a....veerrry strange game, but very addictive. Its made me think about Giraffes and what really goes on when were not looking :-[

Isabelle Hernandez

Amazing I just love it I think it is amazing and entertaining

Gwenny Good

Pretty Good PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you add pluto? Cow evolution has it. Also, there are a lot of ads, and they always ask if you want to rate the app. Seriosly, it happens like every 5 minutes. Another thing to add, would be berries, because most evolution games have them. PLEASE add titans!!!!!!!!! I want them SOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is just missing a few things, but is overall very good. GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!

Munawarah Fahim

Okay OK it is bad but still liked it if some say to you it is bad do'nt even think about it think that it nice I am telling you

Rex Downey, Jr.

Addictive, for a bit... Very fun and addictive until you get deep into the game. Then it just becomes monotonous. Fun time waster, though!

Lena M

Sony Xperia Z3 Love the game but I can't exit the game after the new update. Fix please

deana jones

Best game ever made!!!!!!! Couldn't get over how fun this is!!!! If you don't know if you should download this game or not, then let me help you out......BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

Amélie Awesome

Love it but It is too anting if you don't have the right giraffe ????

Gwendolyn Sevegney

Great game Unoriginal but other than that it's a great game. I am only taking off a star because of the alien. It only have me 3000 rubies for a piper one time if you could fix the alien I will up the rating to 5 stars.

Ginger Snaps

Awesome So simple yet fun and addictive. Thoroughly enjoyed

Victoria Howarth

Bit addictive Wen u start playing it's hard to stop

Ariel Cox

Fun pointless game Sure is weird yet I can't help but play it ha-ha

Jayden Portillo

Best game ever You can put stuff on your popping giraffe take photos too

Jessica Powell

one of my favorite games but.. I don't get why it still costs 5 diamonds for 2 hours of double coins when it used to be 5? maybe change it to 2 diamonds for 2 hours? would give 5 stars otherwise

Andrea C

So addictive It's really hard to stop playing for some reason, but decently fun, especially to kill time.

Imogen Claydon

Love this gsme series but i seam to have a bug were im not receiving creates while im away

Tyler Simmons

Giraffe Awesome! Such weird creatures and they're so freaking stoopid. Loved it. Make a tiger evolution please.

bobbilyn Gordon

Awesome This game is so good I love it and if you hate this game I hate you

Scott Beasley

EVOLUTION IS AWESOME! If I were you, I would get this game right away... CAU'SE ITS ABOUT EVOLUTION!!!!!

Kristy Valentine

Not Fully Added We are always called to buy giraffes and also me , a kind of people who not love anything . Sorry , if I say these words

Mia Burns

AHH This is the funniest best game ever...please everyone download it xx

Aiden Helman

Can't believe I lovvvvee thhiisss ggggaaammmee. Keep up the good work.

Chimo Flight

Giraffe So many giraffes, so little time! Love It!

Natalie Goh

Creative This game us creative n weird at the same time but im weird so i love it

Chelsea Boesiger

Super addicting Difficult to stop. I like that you don't have to think too much.

Matilda McClelland

Love it. It is AMAZE BALLS and I can't get off it. I would really recommend it to all age groups. Not to be rude but I would be insane not to get it honestly.?

Mike Tucker

No saved game? I recently had 5 star but brought it to 2, I completed all of earth giraffe and slowly working on mars. I had to factory reset my phone. Google is connected to my account but it won't load my game!!!!!

Milena Ljumovic

AMAZING GAME!! You collect giraffe poop for money to get more giraffes and mutate awesome giraffes. (:

Jordan Allard

Addictive I really like this game I get so sucked into it I can't help but play it all day

Trisha Davies

Best. Game. EVER! Giraffes are my favourite animal so I emidietly got hooked. I play a chicken one exactly like this and they both took over my life. Totally worth downloading!

Harry Coll

Best ever When you get your first girrafes on Mars an alien will come to study your giraffes then he gives you rubies!

Alexa Grace

I love this game. It's so cute and addicting, but the thing is.. It's really time consuming. Don't get me wrong, I love it to death, but hey. I can't just be playing with virtual, mergeable giraffes all day long, am I right? Lol. Amazing game altogether. Great job with it, and is definitely worth downloading.

Bobia R

Very Awesome And Funny :-) LOVED IT, It was AWESOME cool and really funny :-) .TapTap you did good did good

Khong Peng Thao

New This game is so popular you just pit 2 of the same thing that is all

Robert Brown

SILLYEST GAME OUT THERE Keep up the good work. These ? are the best thing in the world.??????????????

Irene Graham

Epic I'm using a family members Samsung and all I have done is played this great job on this app I'm downloading all of the evaluation games created by you guys ?

Justin Juany

Lost all of my data I played this a few months ago and I was really good and it said that it was saved on google play. WILL give 5 stars if you can retrieve the old account I had. Not going to bother playing until restoration of acccount.

Genesis Camarena

Amazing This app takes my mind and I focus on it I can find new giraffes in this app.I like it.

Lorelee Patterson

GIRAFFES ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL I loved giraffes ever since my that giraffe plushie I got when I was 3. Thank u Tapps Games for making this. ?????????

Morgan Prescott

Love it! The only thing I would change about it is the fact that a lot of the stuff costs money with no way to get it without spending real dollars. That's not uncommon though. Great Game! Love it so much!

Irish Paries

Best game ever This game is completely pointless and the stupidest game I've ever seen but I can't seem to put it down this is one of the best games I have played since Kung Fu pets awesome sauce game would totally recommend it to a friend

i Game Alot

Fun and time consuming This game is a another great addition to the evolution games.I would love to see more of these games in the future. These games are so great and tbh I hate clickers. This game had the combination element that almost made me forget it was a clicker. Love it keep up the good work

Eden Wells

OMG AWSOME SO GOOD GET THIS GAME PLZ Love this game sooooo adictive fun and cool I'd love to see another game like this the giraffes are also so cute!!!!no Internet connection for this game!!!!

Alexis Whitty

Awesome I love it because it goes quickly. It lets you waste time easily. I could play this game forever. Another reason way I love it is because it is one of the best games I have ever played. The last reason way I love it is because it has good qualities. I just love it so very much. ?

Ruby Tan

Cool It's cool I have played chicken evolution last time but this is better because you can upgrade the 10× space per island

EmJay Cee

Strangely compelling I usually go for puzzles but decided to give this a try. I am hooked! Not as mindless as it first appears - I like the way inflation hits as you progress. Good one!

Jeff Harling

Awesome This game looks boring but I'm hooked! The one problem is that it has wayyyyy to many adds

Laura McMinn

Love it! I love this game!! It's super addictive and fun. The poop noises make me laugh lol

wickedkittycat123 gaming

I really love it It is really a nice game anni hope there will be other evolutions

Matthew Bryza

Great Game I have been working on it for a couple of days and it's really fun

Adrian Groza

Very intresting Its very interesting cause it has different animal and stuff

Abby Carter

Awesome Its really fun if not addicting. The baby giraffes are so cute!!! Love it

Register Green

HA HA IT'S A GIRAFFE! This game is pretty gr8 m8

EU Xab

Simply awesome! You should make an achievements for all your games.

She Amoy

Love this app This game is very addicting bcs u will always try to know the newest type of the giraffe

RoseTDM The Diamond Minecart

Love it sooooooo much It's all wired I like it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Erika Zicha

I love this game Please make more games like this please.

Jennifer kauw

Lots of pooop Pooop and pooop so wierd but I do love the girrafe when there still a baby yay

bryan valentino

Nice You know i wanna see lion evolution can you make it?

Delinna Joslin

Cute It's funny because u get different types of giraffes

Text Gamer Itim Shadow freddy

Yeah Hand warmer! This game is better than The titan game!

Lily Lankford

A awesome game You have to get it it's free and no AD's

Jai Curtis

Giraffe A fun game that will have you hooked and you'll always want to play with it and you can almost never find games like this for free!!!

Maytag_Man_I_Am _

So much fun! It is a great time killer and it is so fun and addictive!I love it!

Park Min

Downloading it again! I really love this game, all the evolutions omg!!! I missed playing them all.

Gaming bros 2

EPIC This the coolest game I've ever played before

Kyle londors

Fun to play This game is fun to play. The ads get annoying but can be removed for a small fee. The only problem I've found with the his game is you can not port a save to another device or back it up

Sarah Hiscocks

You did it again I thought it would be boring but no, it fun exsiting and I would have bought more of ur games but I ran out of room? So If ur reading this I personly advise to get the game❗❗❗?

Julia Morrison

Loved it It was so fun,no adds and you can combind them and make new"s so wonderful you don"t even know how many or what kin are there :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-[:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)$$$$$$********

K. Pitman

It's Fun It's a great time killer, although it has a bit of lag.

Edward Lemus

Too good This game is really adictive and you should download it!!!!

Logan Ewing

???❤❤ love it ???? This is amazing I love it it's so much fun it's my fav out of all evaluation games I highly recommend it download NOW

Dr. Sukai

Creepy The mutations are kinda creepy but fun to play

Steven Quinones

Best This is one of my favorite games it's so good!

juan hernandez

This Game is sooo addicting. I love this game

princess de Chavez

AMAZING It is soooooooooooooooo addictive fun an-and...I CAN'T DISCRIBE IT IT'S SO GOOD!!!!! This has to be my favorite app of all the other apps I installed in my phone

Julianna Helene

Fun... But it can get boring and fast. But I still love it

Fornia He

Good game, but ad-watching bug For some reason, i cant watch ads for free stuff like giraffes and diamonds and special food. When i try to, the game just flashes a black loading screen or tells me "warning: you mist watch the video until the end to receive your reward" or something like that

Bri&maia amazing-awesome

Addictive! Get it and you won't stop till you can't play any longer!! Like me I've been playing for about 4 hours strait! I've dropped my phone 4 times about to fall asleep but I keep playing. YOU MUST HAVE THIS APP!!!

The best game ever skin doesn't have too many ads and you basically don't even have to do any AD it's like the best thing ever like awesome game this was a game that I would pick this should be the thing that would pick play doesn't get any better than this this would be the only game that I would pick to play if I could play a game

Jesse Dean

Amazing game! Sooo addictive, I love this game and the update is awesome. I reinstalled this game on my new phone and already so far through because I cant stop playing!! 5 stars for sure!


Funforever Ive been playing this game for a while now and i have ti say i live that you dont have to come back at certain times... you can just go back when ever. Super fun and kinda adicting

Register Green

HA HA IT'S A GIRAFFE! This game is still pretty gr8 m8 and the new upd8 is super gr8!!


Yasmina Al Jamal

Good game Very addictive awesome has no problems but suddenly the game starts to get very messy

Kyla Harleaux

Simple and fun It's a really weird game but I am absolutely addicted. Love it!!!

Donna Jackson

The best I had this game on my tablet but when it broke I got a phone and downloaded it its the best game ever I love it so much

Super fun!!! Cute and addictive, you won't regret a second spent in this game (and believe me, you'll spend WAY more than mere seconds in it).

Selina Gu

Love it <3 I love these from cats to giraffes they're all good...luv them <3

Leah Darby

Giraffe evolution The game runs kinda slow but relly fun I can't stop playing SO Acting

Paige V

Giraffes! I love this game. My reasons: Lots of Giraffes, Lots of Giraffes, Lots of Giraffes, oh yeah and it's fun. Did I mention the giraffes!

Clay Pitcock

The only thing that is good I just want to have all of them

Piotr Kozyra

DISLIKED IT The game is ok

I Like Cookies

So cute This app is so cute! There are so many cool girrafes to fuse together. This game is really fun, I suggest downloadng it!!!

TheXDGamer Mel

Best clicker game I ever played Keep up with the good work

Elsie Holden

I only did it so it wouldn't bug me

Chante Booysen

Okay.... Honestly I am addicted to it, I can't stop playing I love this game. Actually ALL the Revolutions!!!!

Shayla Jensen

Love it This is my favorite animal. So happy they created Giraffe Evolution!

figgypiggy love all bacon

OML I love giraffes and its a great time killer . WARNING ⚠ its very addicting

Shannon Thompson

This game is just too cute

Kris Mogford

Game Giraffe game and stuff

Amada Avila Torralbas

Cute ? I think it's adorable just like cat evolution ?

Amazing I love this game its so fun

HumbleMal Havok

Mutant Long Necks Better then Madden

This is awesome!!

Kamden Caroen

Awwww Cute funny great game it's the best!!!!

Desiree Benoit

Sjtyfkhkdgcmhfk It is the best game of all

Luis Machare

Cool It is really enterntanedive

Socially Awkward Trash

It's fun It's addictive

Chloe Franks

Fun Giraffes are cutr

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