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11 Dec
Gin Rummy Jogatina

Posted by in Card | Dec. 11, 2014 | 97 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

The best Free Gin Rummy application for Android!

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- Play UNLIMITED! Here, you play as many times as you want.
- 3 difficulty levels.
- Statistics: Track your performance in the game.
- Simple and INTUITIVE interface.
- DYNAMIC gameplay.

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Install Gin Rummy on your Android now! It's FREE!

Two players competing for 100 points. Whoever reaches the goal first is the winner. Face the challenge!

Play now! part of our Card and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 11, 2014. Google play rating is 88.31. Current verison is 1.0.2. Actual size 18.0 MB.

Download gin-rummy-jogatina.apk 18.0 MB


Shep Bostin

Excellent game - plays well, especially in "Hard" mode Best gin game I've played on my phone. Only thing that could improve it is a few more rule options such as setting the "knock" based on the first discard, and support for other scoring options such as "Oklahoma".

Brian H

Remove ads button doesn't work Wtf is it with all these apps that won't take money to dump ads. Lower your rating and there goes your ad revenue. Allow ads to be bought ff screen and option to meld our cards manually and 5 stars. I will revise rating.

Sandra Manuel

I don't like lt because u can't see the spread when the other person play. Then the computer say knock which stand for hit but don't know what you are hitting.

yvonne cruz

Ok but ads sieze phone and kill app Pop up ads causing phone to freeze. App will stop itself. Uninstalling.

Kathy Lessard

Gin Rummy Jogatina Good game except the bot picks up a card saves it for 2 or 3 turns then lays it back down.

Morgan Ackerman

Jin rummy This app doesn't give you the freedom to make your own choices. Once you have a run or three of a kind when you draw a card that gives you options it desires for you whether you want your cards changed or not. It has limited strategy & if you want to try something diff to see if it will work, it won't let you choose.

simone shankland

Rummy Pretty good game a great time waster and got 3 levels of difficulties.

Becky Conetto

Pretty addicting. However, I do not like how you can not control what run to play


GIN RUMMY. JOGATINA I really like this game. It is what I was looking for. . The different levels are great. Just started to play on hard level.

A. Tournear

Gin Gin Gin It's not do bad but the game picks how you cards are played not you

Felecia Willis

Gin Rummy Loving This Form Of The Game. ...

Toni contreras

Love Keeps me so busy, and passes the time

John Bergin

Johnny13 Too many pop up ads ....

Marsha Sisson

Easy/Fun Easy and fun but I would like to pick the way my cards are played.

Cindy Garcia

Gin Rummy Love this game. Very addicting!

Bernadette McMillion

Great entertainment; easy to play. Even better when you win.

A Jimenez

Best 1 on here. I've downloaded many and this is the best. Simple and fun.

Kendall Waples

Ken Needs more options setting. Good game.

Carmen Doss

Gin Rummy Love this game can play for hours!!!

vanessa ostergaard

Ok game A little confusing at first but easy enough to catch on

Caroline Leaks

I'm really enjoying this game. Keeps me entertained and it's very easy and fun.

Randy Harris

Ayed to many cards. The bot wins to many games

Leslie Brunetti

Gin rummy I like to play the challenge.''

Truitt Bartels

Gin A good relaxing game and fun

Margaret VanDelden

Like rummy but the cards are not random.

Mary Reynolds

This is the best gin rummy app. I like the way it moves the sets to the left away from the play so you can easily see what cards are left to play.

Laura Bryce

A bit to controling but easy to play

cynthia roberts-andrea

Gin rummy jogatina Good to pass time

Luz Rivera

Very good Pass my time away

Jim Sumrell

Great game and very well done. Fun to play. Thanks

Laura Kaiser

Best Gin Rummy game yet.

Jes Sallean

Gin Rummy Jogatina I love this game, different levels are really good!

Barb Delance

Love this game App works well, no freezing. A lot of fun. Would definitely recommend it.

Twyla Brown

Gin Rummy Love the game. Dislike auto arrangement of cards on some plays. Great game

Debbie Wenitsky

Too many ads popping in

Karen Echols

Great way to pass the time!

Judith Degele

Gin It is a lot of fun,

Susan Luis

Gin Rummy Enjoy the game.

David Ruddick

Hate it This will be the second time I've deleted it -- I'll be up 99 to 14 and lose on immediate Gin or Dbl Gin!

Doretta Hutchens

The computer always let's the other guy win

Chelsea Moore

Yes! Finally a game that has different skill levels! Other games are hard and become frustrating, This one is the best. I've searched everywhere for this game. Love it

Jacqui Geo

Fantastic Game- Very very addictive, I have trouble putting it down.....Love it

Heather Wild

Game needs an update I absolutely love gin rummy but hate the pop up ad's and would happily pay for the advertiser's free version but nothing happens upon clicking that option. Also I'm not happy that you are unable to make the melds of your choosing. Fix these things and my stars will go to 5

JA Greene

Untitled I like it so far. It seems to be honest, which is more than I can say for the other "random" dealing games I've tried so far. One thing - when will you let us buy our way out of these ads? (Sorry, but four stars is as high as I go. Nothing's perfect.)


like but problem was doing great then started not letting me Finnish my moves and other person goes out. Crazy

Rick De Herrera

Cheater This is a good game, but it cheats. If you don't like the ads, turn your data off while playing the game.

laurie boyles

Gin rummy By far this best I've played. The play seems much more even sided. No favoring the AI. Multiple skill levels are great too.

Leslie Gilley can play as fast as U want or as slow as I need to...Very entertaining!!!!

Linda Gilbreath

Gin Rummy I don't know still yet if your game is on the up & up. Too many wth's have happened. Too many close calls to your favor.

Dee Hall

Changed.... First few games were good, after that doesn't allow very many wins

Rudy Diblik

Good Deal The cards that are dealt seem to be in a random, well-dealt order. One glitch that needs to be worked on is that the screen sometimes freezes and you have to back out of the game and come back in again.

Tamara Aselin

TAM When bot wins I would like the final discard to be visible on the screen for more then a few seconds.

Pamela Pritchard

Easy Very easy to see and play. No extras, just straight gin.

terry jones

Terry Fantastic! Great job. Better than all the other gin gamed period !

jovonne bolar

It's OK I think the computer seems to be always the winner. I will play 5 straight games and never win. The computer knocks on 2 to 3 hands. I will just play with people. Uninstalling.

Patricia Wagner

Best Gin Rummy I have played Fast moving, easy to learn, challenging but fun.

Tewania Anderson

Everyone! This game is great but the game has bugs, it freeze wen I'm playing.

Lori Underwood

New game Good but would love option to play against other players

June Crain

I would also like to be able to choose the cards ? I put as sets not have the computer do it for you. Also would be nice if aces could be either high or low, not just low, other then that, love ❤ the game.

Julie Ann Garcia

Challenges thebest Fun for hours, my new choice of games.

Sharon Rice

Keeps me busy This is a fun game, a lot of ads but fun to play during down time. ;-)

John Roark

Best time killer Play whenever I'm waiting for something

Sharon Linard

Good fun and practice I hadn't played Gin in years and downloaded this app to refresh my memory of how to play so I could teach my kids. We are now playing Gin with real cards, and using this app for fun and practice when there is no opponents. Adds are very minimal.

Julie Nolting

Business owner My business is a slow go. This is a fun challenge.

Richard Clark

Rummy Very good game. Whiles any time while waiting for services.

brad asdel

Take back? Needs an undo button, or maybe I missed it. Sometimes fingers hit the wrong button....

Rick Kuhs

Great app, but don't see much difference in the levels

Anthony Holland

Addictive Most addicting game Ive played in a long time. I got it on my phone and tablet.

Rendalynn Semans

So easy to play Only one irritation...if I don't hit tap card properly, the game calls me on it. That's a pain.

David Gigauri

Serially Listen at last make the stupid add video sound off stupid add unstalling the app and don't take me wrong is a very nice app but to idiot to kill it cus of some idiot add unstalling it you worth 0

Keith Monson

Love Gin (the game) This is great, colorful and fast paced! Easy to see for my old eyes!

Cathy Shaffner

I love this game. But need to get different levels with points to earn different prizes...

Justin Vrbas

Logistics Great gameplay but like to lay against humans. Thay would. Be awe

Debbie Hayden

Gin Rummy Fun and exciting. I like that it has different levels.

Steve James

Great game Only complaint can't see your opponent spreads.

Boris Badenoff

Seems like it always has the card I need... ...and discards it only when it knocks. Seems like it always has just the right cards to lay off when I knock to undercut me. Truly random odds? I don't think so!

Nam Nume

AI bot on HARD level still have some strategy lacks: it should NEVER pass its turn when the opening card is an Ace, and most of the time pick the opening card if its a two. That is the optimal strategy in Gin. ----- The bot passed the opening ace both times when they popped up as the opening card out of 19 games played. Otherwise the AI plays strong in game. ------ SO PLEASE update the strategy on HARD level. (And eventually add Oklahoma Gin variant and add online play and you will have the BEST GIN application on the Google Play.)

Lenya Hall

Too many ads It's a fun game but last night an ad popped up after nearly every round. Makes it hard to enjoy sometimes.

Betsy Adams

Love Rummy So many gin rummy games are just so-so, this game is wonderful! Try it!

Elsa Hethorn

Gin Rummy Card game of gin. The only problem is you do not control your own hand, the device does. All you do is touch on a card to pick up or discard, as if you're the robot.

Di M

Revised comment It's my phone I don't think it's the game but I'm addicted to it!! I have a Galaxy J3 if I'm playing and I interrupted by accepting a message it won't come back on but if I close it and wait a few minutes it will come back on but I have learned that other applications at the same way that never did before so I now know it's the phone

Donna Carlson

Okay game I tried several Gin Rummy apps before deciding. Yup, flashing ads, but I don't see them anymore. Robot wins too often, but at lead it is GIN Rummy, not Rummy. Scoring a bit wierd. But good game over all.

Boris Badenoff

Seems like it always has the card I need... ...and discards it only when it knocks. Seems like it always has just the right cards to lay off when I knock to undercut me. Truly random odds? I don't think so! And an ad after every turn? It gets old very soon.

Magick Red

Computer gets more points. Easy and smooth game play. Three levels of Bot available. Easy interface and scoring. Turn timer adjustable too. Problems: computer mostly wins on all levels and gets more points with moves I've done before in previous games.

Seleta Ryan

Great game! ? You can play for hours in front of TV. The only thing I don't like is all the ads that are popping up....some go full screen. I opted out of ads on Google settings and ads still are popping. But if you put phone in Airplane mode can play for HOURS!! ? This game is the BOMB! ?

Holly Neely

My Favorite Game This Is a cool game. It has a bug or 2 like freezing up but it's worth dealing with.

June Crain

I would also like to be able to choose the cards ? I put as sets not have the computer do it for you. Also would be nice if aces could be either high or low, not just low, other then that, love ❤ the game.

Kym Harris

Good game! Just so many ads..spend half my time backing out of links because they move so fast. But its probably just operator error. Love the game!

Connie Rinck

Can't stop playing! This is a great game to get your mind off of anything. Love it!! I am still a little confused about how the process of the score is configured?? But happy with the game!????

courtney josten

Deal breaker. Ads interrupt during the game. I don't mind them at the end but can't recommend due to too frequent interruptions during.

Isabell Rogers

I like card games never played Gin before I learned quickly. Cool game only hate when I think I won and it tells me I undercut.

David Gigauri

Serially Mfg what wrong with you this stupid sound add god and so loud Uninstalle it seriously. Make add fine but wtf so loud sound

Leneigh Purtell

Lost in the game I loose track of time playing this game. I get so involved ♡

Monda Sol

It's the worst version I've ever played! Not being able to control how you group your cards is the enemy of this game,who would design that!?

False Christian

This a great game. Simply the best but... I would like to have up to 4 players (3 computers plus me) and I would like to make the winning score a lot more than 100 as the game ends to early and quick. How about up to 10000?

Alison Martin

Not bad... Hate all the ads though

Mia Dancer

Your game is totally robot biased. Hand after hand all I can pull are face cards an my cards are always small. Game is rigged and you should be ashamed to beg for reviews.

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