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12 Nov
Ghost Detector Spectrum

Posted by Atlantida Apps in Entertainment | Nov. 12, 2015 | 101 Comments

Apk file size: 2.4 MB

Ghost Detector is an application that uses your mobile device sensors to detect sources of variable magnetic emissions. Which could indicate us the presence of some kind of paranormal activity.
Ghost Detector is the only app that shows the distance between the paranormal activity and you. Also shows the magnetic field variations.
It will not show magnetic fields at constant frequencies such as those generated by electronics, for example: TV, routers, computers, chargers, mobile phones, etc.
The application will show a green dot on the radar in case there is nearby a source of magnetic emission.
The detection range varies between 0 and 30 feet approximately, depending on the mobile device used.

Whats new

    Tablets support
    Install on SD CARD support!!!

Atlantida Apps part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 12, 2015. Google play rating is 75.8108. Current verison is 1.0.14. Actual size 2.4 MB.

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Swit Kristin Aubrey Antolin

†††Bug This App††† Not again -.- Looks like the 'ghost' detector found 13 ghosts. WOW! Then, looks like it fail, the other 'ghost(s)' turning U like the other 'Ghost' detectors. Stupid and Dumb! You better fix it like for 'realistic(ly)' app AND i got i most problem of this app. Why do u made this app in PlayStore Games? I'm confused… well then its ok, and im sorry for the rude comment or rating or reasons e.e #ThugDeLyfe! ★♪♥♦♣♠†Π‡¿¡∅

Lizzy Feezor

Not good When you try it you can't hear anything I turn up the volume all of the way and you still can't hear me

Bob Bhasa

Iwata big electric fan I don't know but it's starting to pointing at the electric fan but nothing happens but hard to say. Lol

Kyle Mahadeo

This this is so FU***NG dumb all of you think its real?????????????????????????????????? It's fu**in* fake alright its just an app you dumb people!???so MEH!!!maybe all you people who downloaded this app just uninstall it because someone might die of nightmares???its fake!!!

Manasvi Sinha

This is real when I got a ghost it is raining it is coming to me I think it is TV but when I go to TV it is not this it is really ghost so scary!!!!


For now 5 stars We have something in our home&it is making me sick. I played with apps&digital recorder. We got about 15 evps. 12 of them are on a 4 minute recording. Doing this stuff makes it worse so I promised to stop interacting with it. However I'm not well so I tend to install apps being my mind is always on it. I got this app&another similar one from different developer&tested them against each other to prove they're fake. However both are producing similar results with location of entity pretty much the same.

Mohammed Faisal Zaveri

No fear Fake it's. Noplm

Lexington Cooper

Delete Delete do not download things got worser since download

Julian Navarette

REAL!! I was using my phone and it vibrated and I checked my notifications and no one texted me or anything I'm really scared!!!

Isaac Krowech

OMG I tested 2 applications against each other, and they both had the same results

Gavin Hutcheson

Were fake They are fake because when I turned it didn't move

sarah adams

It sucks duck It doesn't do **** ffhdjsfack this

Bevan Bintang

Wow,It scares me very much,seriously

Jacob Chancellor

OMG SOMETHING was 5ft away : 0

Rency Ann Perma

The gost. Was near. Me

jennifer cepeda

Confused Where are you supposed to find out where they are cause all I see is a blank screen and I can barely hear anything.

Leonard Mosca

I like the way it works actually

Adithya MeenaSelvam

When it comes near me I was really scared

Bryan Buatis

Disappointed Its fake when I move the dot there still stay in DAT area

Ryan Bigelow

2 stars for creativity I love how it you intrtgrated the compass source codes in your app!

Camron Mcguire

Ok A little confusing but ok

Foxy The Pirate Fox

Scary! There was one and he/she was 1ft away from me and I was outside and the wind went crazy and I ran inside and the wind audimadicly stopped!

Stephan Bekker

Scary That was scary I freaked out I asked it to go away I went but it came back and closed it that was SCARY!!!!!! :(---)

Danielle M

This can not be real????

Joe Stewart

It never showed the raidar

pramith grey

OMG Its horrible its very terror it gave results that its is 0ft 38cm away from me_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheEpicGamer 100

THANK U Thanks for the apk now I can just say this to the ghost I say go far away and he's off my radar thank you creator!!!!!!!?

Elena Mealing

Crap It's sooo boring! It's just like every other ghost radar. It doesn't even turn when I turn. It's crap.

Thomas Jordan

I'm kinda freaked out I don't have the volume up but it was 2ft away and it was blue

Thomas Mower

Its awesome So far I have only found one but it keeps vanishing then showing back up

adam kane

Helppp Very weird they was just one so i said haha your a loner and then about 10 more dots appear and all start closing in on me so closed the app straight away ?

Prof. Sur James C Westbrook

Worked perfectly My ghost was shy. I said; come a little closer!! ; it moved closer

Inocencio Ferrer

GHOST DETECTOR SPECTRUM Very weird. I detected an an orb around 7 ft. behind me and when I told it to come closer it did.

Cameron Wang

Scary When I downloaded this I had another one but I liked this one better because it showed distance anyway I used the app and there was one coming toward me and in a matter of seconds it said 0ft

Kids Hurt

Could be real I was in my living room and the red dot showed up. I thought it was my mom, but when I went to my mom the dot was 20 feet away.

Skyler Hamilton

It looks like The symbol for this app looks like the call of duty ghost symbol

Slash Veno

Totally ridiculous You don't even know whether ghost exists or not

Ipg rain

Oh yah this is real you guys are stupid thinking this is real

Ortwin Cyrus

Its scary Whooooo


It's an ok app I'm not sure if it works or not...

Lillian Schuler

Is it real and if it is it works petty good

Arturo Martinez

artarmtz wow seems to works....i like it

Civil war Nerd

Awesome Its really creepy, I was playing on it and the music on my phone started playing when it showed a ghost. So creepy

Maddie Stover

Too slow It would never load and took forever. Only worked once

Nathan G

I don't know I have no idea if it works not even the sound works

Emerald Gaming

Creepy Wow, so creepy, I knew my bathroom was surprisingly dark...get the ghostbusters :) who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! ??

Anthony Braccini

It's awsome

Sheda Rashid

hmmm is this real??

Pamela Wood

Wow the first time I used this app there was a ghost less than four feet from me. A ghost bed! Thank goodness I got this app.

Stephen Beatty

It's a good app it work for real I'm a paranormal hunter and this work like my eqicment does and it free

Connor Kenway

Best app ever! I was browsing and I found logan and Hesh in front of my house!!

stephen canoy

Sensitvty ph I cant try apps to where ghosh and aura .

Kendra Menges

Stupid ads An add keeps coming up n wont let the app work right

masih farokhi

Scared Guys Im with my brother but his in the room and I was at the living room I saw a ghost in another room 5 ft away from me and I'm horrored and I always thought that we don't have a ghost thank you ghost detector

Arnoud van Lieshout

Works like other high rated apps but in this u see exactly how far spirit is

Tamara Sovik

Cute idea but could be more realistic... When moving through the house the "entity" basically stayed right to my right side at exactly the same distance

Humpy Toes

:( Worked once then blank screen second time

Perri Landry

It's ok needs sound I keep expecting words but really is cool. I like to scare the girls at work.

Gordon Sinclair

Works well! Especially like the voices. They even know your name!

A Google User

Psh. Its not working

Zay Tsel

Not work It's not work..

jesse bessette

Oh really I really don't believe in ghost they are not real I don't know y ppl believe in it it's in there head that's it

Jessica Lin

Sounds There is no sound at all. Not sure is this really works

A Google User

Amazing! It really works! Ghosts are in front of me and they know my name!

Kevinswag gaming

I cant hear the sound It lookes cool

derek Sage

Awesome lol

malikai poma

I'll trust you I don't know if it is real or not but this house is supposed to be haunted or something so the app is cool to have around especially if I see something

Aiden Garcia

Supp Isn't this great!!

griff daz

Sound I see no feedback but i will ask anyhow.People are talking about hearing stuff. How?I get no sound at all. regarding the presence of ghosts something strange happened to me when i was in bed.I suddenly felt very thirsty so i decided to make a coffee(even though i stay away from Caffeine at night for obvious reasons).I done the usual,spoonful of coffee and touch of milk As i was filling the kettle my mate called around 2c me.what's the chances of that.he never usually visits after 9pm.spooky or what folks?

Teresa Sturgeon

Great Worked in fact there was three spirits in the same!e spot

Patti Shattuck

Love it got to get:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)..... It found a real ghost in my house so I called goes doctors

Richard Dempsey

I little scary but is it real Now every body knows ghost's are not real but it says paranormal activity is it real or not?

Moshtaba Kavian

It works. You can't see ghost but whenever there is lot of them know that you might done or doing something. sometime some ghosts are good.

Crystal Benavidez

It's OK but no sound?

Luke Johnson

It works and it was coming right towards me

Tina Houx

Can't hear Their is no sound

Maharshi Joshi

True It giving true information

yogendra verma

Not working no voice is coming

Camoflage kitten

It works It's so cool

Angel Morales

It says nothing I can't hear anything

Reagan Lavallee

Junk I can't find them and I hear nothing

Jeremiah Petoia

How do you work the sound on this thing?

Debra Scott

ehh The thing I can't stand, is when you've got an App open and it stays to close instead of staying open like other apps,this one allows my screen to shut off. Other Apps don't do that. This one does and it ticks me off cause when ur trying to look at something and pay attention I gotta keep tapping my screen so it don't shut off. Nah this ain't for me! I love my spud pickles ghost radar!

Tuxedo Tornado

I know how to see if its real! Hey guys if you see anything that seems paranormal turn this app on and looks to see if it detects something around where you saw the paranormal activity.also if its not real then it might know your real name by looking through your android or IOS device for information on you

John Dusbabek

I love this app. Its true!!! I have always been fond of ghosts. This app is one of the most real ghost radar I Have had. When I got it, I explored around in my downstairs and went into my lightless hallway and a ghost appeared at 6ft. I stood and waited. It was still and then the radar said at 5ft then 4ft then it was in front of me. I started feel cold and light headed. As it was over me. This is as legitimate as they get!

Josh Market

Holy cheeze it it actually works Ok right now im being haunted by a succubus which i don't mind but i wanted to see if this app works and it did holy shiz

A_rieyz sweet channel

Scary Something went wrong with my phone after the ghost picture revealed.. Is this usual..because the picture is very scary and my phone keep shut down itself when its near...more scary,this app install itself after I uninstall it..this isn't a joke guys.. I'm very scared right now cause my phone keep ringing and its ring like someone voice

FirstName LastName

Always ghost come towards Has anyone seen the dot going away from you? This app shows always the dot comming towards the center.. Is it default functionality of app.. ? Please comment if anyone has seen ghost moving away from you.

Dayanne Ayala

Omg It actually works. There's a house in front of mine were two little kids were murdered a long time ago..... the radar showed 2 dots moving around and following each other

Rahul Sah

This aap is very good when i check this aap at night 12:34pm and followed the red point i hear some crying sound and air will blow faster and sound is becaming big and near to my hear . This apps can save my life.

ShermanSheep! Gaming & Moar!

Creepy Wow, so creepy, I knew my bathroom was surprisingly dark...get the ghostbusters :) who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! ??

Very not real Fake dont play thee game iyou can't so where the ghost are

wee wong

Utter b.s Doesn't work....board of it within 5 mins?

A Google User

First ghosts I got a ghost my in less then a second.


Jason the awesome OMG it really works it just pissed me

Ashrafunnesa Chowdhuri

Omg it's real It can also be used to scare someone

Animation Harvey

The devil is a liar!? Get out of my friends body.

The ghost came near then dissapeared then appeared again and again


Omg this could be the moment of truth I may get to be next to my great grandfather....thank you...

Catherine O Mahony

Ok I didn't hear sound nd it tells me how far away it is but still. It's OK.

Makai Dean

I'm scared My house is haunted

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