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9 Dec

Posted by bitfire web engineering in Tools | Dec. 9, 2015 | 82 Comments

Apk file size: 1.0 MB

GfxTablet allows you to use your Android powered Tablet to act almost like real graphics tablet! Connect your device via WiFi and start painting in any image editing program on your Desktop PC. This is best used when you have a Stylus Pen on your device, because the app supports pressure sensitivity!

Attention: Currently works only under Linux, because we don't know anyone that can develop a driver for Windows or Mac. If you want to see what the app does, try to boot with a LiveCD or install VirtualBox to run a Linux in your host system.

For help and discussion, please visit our forums:

It was a lot of work to create this app! So If you want to support this open source project please consider a donation on PayPal (see details here:


* Draw and Paint in all of your Desktop applications (i.e. GIMP!)
* 10.000 pressure sensitivity levels!
* Navigate the DesktopPC display by hovering it with your Stylus Pen
* Switch to StylusPen only painting (no interruption by your touching the device with your hand)
* Display mapping (your device' screen will be scaled to map your Desktop PC resolution
* Native full-screen drawing mode
* Enhanced grid on your canvas to help with positioning
* Load an image template to your canvas to learn drawing!
* Wireless connection via WiFi
* Low network traffic (3 kB/s)
* Realtime painting!
* native Android 4+ app

How to use:

* Install the app
* Download the uinput binary file and run it (download here: Leave it open as long as you want your PC to receive input events from your Android device.
* Enable WiFi on the device, connect it to your LAN.
* Open the app, go to Settings and enter the IP address of your Desktop machine.
* Open i.e. GIMP, go to Preferences / Input devices. Choose "NetworkTablet" and set its mode to "Screen".
* Happy painting ;)

Whats new

    GfxTablet 1.4:
    Improvements by @akdor1154, thanks!
    * updated protocol version and documentation
    * make networktablet act as a Tablet, not a Touchscreen
    * Android clients sends stylus-in-range events if required

bitfire web engineering part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 9, 2015. Google play rating is 65.4836. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 1.0 MB.

Download gfxtablet.apk 1.0 MB


Reza Falevi

Such Masterpiece, have any plan to stepping your foot onto other OS?? i think i was wrong when i search about changing my android into a drawing tab and nothing is showing like i was expected, IT IS NOT. thanks to you mate, great job.

Human Being

Suggestion for Windows I made an app like this one for phones only. Not very popular :). But what I wanted to say is you don't need a driver to draw through the tablet. It's just a matter of sending mouse/key input to the window and adding the capability to define key combinations and keystrokes to suit different windows applications. Just don't use UDP.

Stan Mihai

Not for windows It's not for windows, 1 star. When it will be out for windows i'll re-rate this. EDIT: I didn't blackmail you, just wrote a review for your application, and the review system is made by Google to let us review your application. I'm a windows user and this application didn't satisfy me at all as it doesn't connect to my OS, so i'm rating it how i should rate it.

Cem Kalyoncu

Have 5 There are still improvements that can be done. Even I may consider helping (as in additional developer). Just for the record, or if you wish to implement, here is a short list: * White screen is eating up battery, fixed black one would be much better * I can understand why UDP is used but a connection feedback might help to understand what is going on * Right click support * Shortcuts, this is not extremely important, but still might help * I am not even sure this can be done, for multi-monitor, fixing tablet to a single one. Thanks for your time, it really helped me.

Justin Mangum

Awesome overall The instructions for terminal were clear, so no issues there. I was able to connect my Note2 (with s-pen) and start drawing. The only issue I had was an intermittent lag problem where detection rate would drop and it would get jumpy. I'd still love to see this on windows as well (and would be glad to help work on it)

Ron Laws

Good app but... The instructions to get this working on Ubuntu are lacking some user friendly steps, or software, compiling source and running in terminal is ok for advanced users, but devs need to move away from this Dickensian approach for linux, also could do with a trey icon for the pc daemon. The app its self also needs an optional pen down button on screen for users with a simple captive stylus, as this app is otherwise impractical to use for the computer because of the inability to move the cursor without drawing.

Adam Morris

Very good... but not easy to get working Getting this to work took me two attempts and several hours of googling. Once I did get it working however, it works superbly. Even better than my wacom intuos in fact. For other people struggling; I did the following to get it working on Xubuntu. 1. Run a terminal window from the folder named 'driver-uinput' then type 'make' and hit enter to compile the binary. 2. In the same terminal window type 'sudo ./networktablet' and hit enter. Confirm any password and the gfxTablet client should begin running. 3. To find your network host ID for the android app, open another terminal, type '/sbin/ifconfig eth0' and hit enter. Your network host ID is the one called 'inet addr'. Enter this in the app settings. In response to the developers snarky comments about 1 star reviews. Instead of being so defensive, perhaps taking heed of the reasons people are leaving those reviews and doing something about it might make people more inclined to donate to or pay you for your work e.g. making the install instructions a little more accessible to the average user.

Michael Jordan

Needs better instructions for install In response to ignorant Windows user... Get educated before you bash someone's hard work... Only good Graphic Design programs on Windows and mac? Ever hear of InkScape or Gimp? InkScape is an incredible vector illustration program. Also... I own Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator and I run them both right from Ubuntu... You obviously havnt heard of Wine... You my friend are an idiot... Not because you didn't know... But because you were rude and gave 1 star and were wrong on several levels...

ResorenOnce - Connor

Totally awesome and useful idea. Love it. I dont understand when people complain about it only being on Linux, because in reality they should just stop being peasants and either start using Linux or make your own fork/branch of it with windows drivers. I also don't get it when people complain about the instructions, if you don't know how to use a terminal or be willing to google a little, then you might as well throw your Linux based phone in the trash and sell out to Apple. Thank you for this wonderful tool and keep up the good work.

A Google User

Excellent. Works nicely for Galaxy Note 8. This app saved me the trouble of having to go out and buy an expensive Wacom tablet. Basically, it's worth the download. I've only had it for a day, but I made a few observations. First of all, the cursor gets glitchy when moving the cursor near the screen's edges. However, this is a very minor detail, since most of the movements are done in the center of the screen anyways. I'm just nitpicking at this point. The fact that it only works with Linux bothered me at first, but eventually I just decided to do some research and set my computer (Windows 7) up to multi-boot with Linux. Learning how to set up the app in the terminal was a bit confusing, but I got it eventually. The only thing keeping this app from having five stars is the fact that the majority of people want something they can download and use right away - partitioning, multi-booting, compiling, etc. can seem daunting to the inexperienced user, like me. Overall, four stars for making me spend a whole day's worth of research just to install this app :p though it was a very rewarding experience. I'm glad I found this.

Nathan Levin

easier install are there any easy instructions to get this to work - great idea but not all are master of the terminal. also On your PC, either download one of these binaries (don't forget to chmod a+x it): sounds like gobledygook to some people - make it easy to install, how about a linux script, or really easy step by step instructions for noobs tp the terminal, i know there are instruction but I cannot get it to work. Great idea tho

A Google User

Excellent! The app is simple, easy to use, and functions perfectly! The uinput driver runs fine on Arch Linux, and gave me no issues what so ever. Once connected, the app inputs to programs, such as gimp, excellently. It recognizes multiple finger inputs, and pressures. All in all, a very good system, and well done to have it run on Linux!

Prakash Desai

Freakin Awesome I dont really use linux. But i did install Linux just to test this out. And it actually works really well. There was lag while drawing with this app but for all i know it could just be my computer. I am liking this a lot though. I will be sticking with my windows 8.1 because i already own a Intuos Pro. But i will definitely let my friends who Love using Linux know about this. One of the coolest apps ive ever seen. Thanks for the hard work. Really appreciated.

Kit Kat

Question Ok, so I'm not saying it's bad it looks really cool, but I can't figure out how to use it, I'm probably just over looking something like always, but some help would be nice to figure out how to use it... overall it looks awesome and has great reviews, I know you guys put a lot of effort into making this, High 5 and great job!

Benjamin Sheppard

Awesome 5/5 I REALLY love this app. and the fact that it comes with source code (Both app and server) just makes it all that much better. Well done. This is the best thing I've seen on "Play" so far. Keep up the good work.

Olise Wakwe

Oh linux Can't get internet on my ubuntu. I really hate Linux. Would be nice if the developer provided the companion pc app in deb format for offline install. Making me clone a repo is just impossible in my case

Rozan W

Windows support ! Please Add Windows Support. Lot of people would give you 5 star if you add windows support. Why Don't you add windows support from beginning by the way ?

Tyler Spencer

No windows support? Sure it is free and open source. Too bad any professional or worthwhile programs to make good use with this app are Mac and windows. Yes, I know the app is free. Realize however people would gladly pay for this. If you don't want the market so be it. Lost potential. And running windows on a Linux VM with say wine is counter productive.

Ekerette Ekpo

I need help! I've downloaded the app and gotten the input driver. I'm finding it herculean a task to run the binary. Used chmod a+x networktablet-x86_64 at the level of the directory in the terminal. What next, please? The documentation on the website isn't helping. I really want to see this app in action. Can't wait, actually

Luca a. Marinosci

Uao Quite easy to install and works very well. Could become a Cintiq if able to export a second monitor!

Colourful Bubbles

Calling all nerds! Great app, a much cheaper alternative to buying an expensive graphics tablet. One problem, as you probably would already have heard from the other reviews: no Windows support. Seeing as the reply to most pleas for Windows support was 'no', and this app is open-source, I am asking anyone who is good at this kind of thing and has a bit of time to kill to try and give the app Windows support! It'll help the developers and us out a lot.

Christopher Upapong

Works awesome for games too! (SC, our! ) I love this app! This is software Samsung/Wacom should have bundled with every Note! I'm not sure how to do this, but could you add functionality for the button to work as a right click input? I also have a stylus that has an eraser on top that works with the S Note app and maybe some other apps, it would be cool if the eraser worked in GIMP and Xournal. Would the code have to be added to the Android side, Linux client, or both?

Caleb Stewart

Works great and simple! This is exactly what I was looking for, and I was dreading doing the research and writing the driver myself... I love how simple the desktop server is! Great job!

Austin Fay

Works great! After I got it all configured, it not only works with gimp, but with the entire system! It is definately worth the work that was put into it.

Karim Ali

Dude.. A free app that turns my droid into a cintic like tablet, awesome.


Windows PC Support? I would give 5 star if you will add Windows OS support for the driver.

Benjamin Heath

It works on Debian Linux. It'd be nice if I could rotate the drawing surface in the app. As it is, it seems stuck on a "landscape" layout which doesn't give you much room to draw, say, a comic page, or anything taller than it is long.

Real Name

Not finished Only works on Linux, so missing about 90% of potential users. It's a great idea but I think a little lazily executed. If you don't know anyone who can develop drivers for OS X or Windows then just go on forums and find someone. Use a kickstarter if you have to, there's not really any reason not to develop this app. I would happily donate or pay for this app, but not for Linux.

Mihai X

Awesome It worked right away with no issues. I was surprised when I saw input in the terminal.

Terrani Gamer

Very good app but... No windows support. I know that it's opensource but you should make windows version. Windows has photoshop and etc...

Felix Gabe

Great I use this on ubuntu, and app work as advertised but i am not able to confirm the exact pressure sensitivity but work great on gimp, havent had chance to try this on windows app using wine. If you somehow able to release this app on windows and put price tag on it, i would gladly buy it. :) ,serious

nathan matthews

Love the idea Need to put some sort of video tutorial on how to install manually and terminal as I've messed it up hugely and can't get it to work :(

Lars Wallin

Awesome! Works like a charm! I had to compile it to make it run on Ubuntu 13.10 though, but its just one little file so :) So awesome not having to carry along my Bamboo everywhere!

Hercules Cruz Bermil

It's good But I'm a bit confused about the installation.I'm a graphic designer and I really needed an app like this

Eun Ah Lee

Can you give a video that can help me for connect to pc? I was so frustated ?

Robert Kaurin

A bit misleading You shouldve probably put in the title that its linux only, after already installing it and going half way through the description i realized it,

Lewis Tham

Sweet Looks real nice, too bad I'm not a Linux user anymore, please add windows support, thanks!

Dalal Chan

I beg to make a window driver I was searching for an app like that so long , and finally found it , since a lot of people liked it, am sure if u made driver for window ur downloads will increase and more support and IF U PROMISE US TO MAKE A WINDOWS / MAC DRIVER WE WELL SUPPORT MORE AND DONATE MORE !!!!!

Arief Putera

How to use Hai,, can u make a tutorial to connect with pc, i dont know how to connect this

Steven Tan

No windows support The worst graphics tablet app ever. Seemed like it is not very professional because it doesn't have support for a very common pc OS.

SergioPoverony Gennadevich

Good Please make for WINDOWS platform. Great work on my Ubuntu 14, need for Win8

Денис Железняк

It lags a little. I downloaded a binary from github and installed an app. Everything is configured and even works, but sometimes cursor freezes when i try to draw sth or just hovering stylus over the screen. When lag happen console output of networktablet-x86_64 shows coords changes even when stylus is not hovering near screen. System: ubuntu 14.04x64. Phone: Note 2 with latest updates. Fix this pls. UPD: Nevermind, lags disappeared after getting both PC and phone closer to wifi spot.

Eugene Fo

Draw finger on PC - i like it Is cool, is very coooool! But I would like resize drawing area on tablet. And visible drawing on tablet, ok? My sweet dreams...

n3hta3H H3ath3n

Good app. Could use some updating(ie:customizable onscreen shortcuts and tablet background color choices like black or white to conserve battery life). On another note, not sure what everyone is talking about but the app works fine in conjucntion with my Windows 7 pc.

Jeremy Silliman

People just don't understand This program does exactly what it says it does. It doesn't work on Mac and Windows? Serves them right for using inferior operating systems. I love this app. Works flawless on GIMP. I will see if it works on SAI via WINE tonight.

Mohammed Sayanvala

Can't get to use the app. I'm on Ubuntu 15.04. I've seen the installation instructions which are gibberish to someone like me who doesn't know how to compile things in Ubuntu. The description should be more accurate and say that it is only for Linux geeks, not the common PC user.

ayush pandey

Great! Support will lift it up... I wish someone develop software to get it working in windows. If windows os cannot use such useful apps, then windows is not a perfect OS. However, this app is heading toward perfection.

Romano Giannetti

This is a great app. It would be even better if there were a button on the tablet screen to toggle the status of "clicked" or "not clicked" --- I know you're supposed to do it hovering the pen, but if you are working with your finger, it's a bit of a problem. Nevertheless, great work!

marcus ubina

It works but: Not idiot friendly Hard to get estimate how the android screen correlates to screen size. Good job dev.

Cray Way

What is a host? I tried connecting the tablet to a "host" but, I don't know where to find it.

Kanin Soloist

It's seem to be a cool app. But I can not compile source code on ubuntu to run it. Anybody have tried before, pls suggest me.

William Dunham

Does everything it needs to It's an amazing app and it really makes working with art programs easy

Benjamin Räder

I seldomly rate apps but this one deserves 5 stars. Functionality seems good. And finally an app that properly supports Linux. Thumbs up for making it OSS too.

Rifki Halim

Suckz not for windows Give it up if you are regular user

Sim Intel

Have only one thing to say ... (Y) thumbs up: FB user.

K Mattis

Great app BUT... Great app & open source, but there is no Windows support & that doesn't appear to be in the works judging by the developer's responses. That brings me to the major issue. The developer is unable to handle criticism of the application & low ratings due to the lack of Windows support, & more so feels the need to respond rudely to these reviews. I recommend appreciating the good reviews & working on or, at least ignoring the bad, instead of destroying your current & future reputation with off putting remarks.

Kara Dawson

Props for keeping whining free users in their place for complaining that you're not windows affiliated. This is nice practice drawing on a screen before my sister loans me her digital game design stuff so I can make games which will also not be supported by windows,doubt anyone who complains about that will be allowed to use my games further if they don't like it over something stupid. Meanwhile thanks for a nice program that helps me warm up to digital art, I'm used to paper usually.

Charles J.

Linux sucks! I hate linux its too outdated but Ill give 5 stars cause its creative, TELLS YOU UP FRONT ITS ON LINUX you idiot cry babies who cannot read!!!! If you whine cause not on windows then maybe you need to take your butt back to school and learn to read before you install something. Geez are there really that many retards that use "smart" phones and tablets? Rather than cry how about you help develop windows drivers for this FREE app... there are other apps like this to use on pc so its possible dev.

Andre Bonnet

Great App Thank you! I am so happy there are good developers willing to do cool projects like this. It is more so exciting Linux users have something reliable and easy to work with.

Alicia Mogg

Very impressed Finally! An Open Source Linux OS and Android based phone/tablet solution designed to leverage existing Android hardware for graphic tablet input under a Linux based desktop that just works! Bam! I've tried many OTS graphic tablets designed for Windows and OSX. Some were quite admirable, but most could not be fully utilized under Linux or failed/degraded after a version upgrade. This brilliant coding represents a very user friendly and eminently elegant solution to a real problem. Nicely done!

luismi va

Awesome app Maybe it needs a CURRENTLY NOT FOR WINDOWS message for people who don't appreciate the good work you made, It works better than I expected, it don't even have publicity, it is definitely an awesome app.

Shashwat Black

Does what it says. works very nicely. I kinda wish that there was modes for drawing and moving mouse.. A drag with stylus would just move the mouse, but quick tap then drag would click-drag. Just like how touchpads work on laptops.

Daniel Phelps

Works. Takes a bit of setup, but it works great on my Samsung Note 4 with pressure sensitivity. I use it for digital painting in gimp. Windows users need not apply.

Evam ɐɯɹɐɥS

Works great! I wrote this review because I thought it would be cool (and probably not that hard) to emulate a steering wheel in the same manner, so you could use your phone as a game controller. (i.e. tilt phone to steer). There's not a solution for a wireless steering wheel for linux on the Play Store right now, so if you could implement that, it would fill a niche. Great app!

Vivian Wu

Nice But i hope yo make one for windows that we can also draw on samsung tablet using the paint tool sai please i wanted that this work on paint tool sai for windows

Oana-Sabina Chiriches

Just gonna keep it here so I will get update when the windows version is out ^-^ The idea is excelent and I am looking forward to the new things you add

Liang Siong

get your windows driver on github, someone has developed one that works like a charm! (tested on win 7+10)

Josh Jones

It does what it states it does in the description. It is lacking a few features that would make this a five star app, for example, running as a daemon without the command line would be useful, it can be done manually, but it's not something a "non-poweruser" would figure out easily. Edit: I actually found out how to bind to a specific monitor (removed comment about that)

Nic Q

Very Accurate I was very surprised how well this worked, and how simple it was to get setup. Took roughly 4 minutes to get it completely setup, and most of that was downloading the driver. Using Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop.

Brandon Burress

Great app I may not personally be able to use it since I'm on windows, but it is a wonderful app and I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Thank you for your hard work

sarah jean opamin

I love it! This app is really cool! I use this app everyday! Omg its so cool!

Ray Gannon

Great program And congrats on having this as open source

k mclean

it's not working well i got it and don't work for me (i have win 8)

Zooty The Duck

Works great. Most of the 1 star reviews are from people with an inability to read and therefore read something like "hur dur suport windowz plz!!".

Jennifer K

Awesome, works perfectly Set up and running in seconds on Kubuntu 15.10. Thank you sooooo much.

Animus Seeds

Hate it, didn't work at all.

A Google User

Love it I prefer unix/linux based systems works perfect for me

Adrian Cybulski

Good to see something for Linux.

Tyler Poe

not for windows PC

Sam Brown

Sadly I have Windows...? I think this is a sweet idea! And I've been waiting for someone to come up with an app like this. Lol! I just read the comments and the description and didn't realize you said it doesn't work on Windows...?. ? so sad but it's OK! Cuz I know it's an awesome app! ?So thanks for coming up with something like this! And maybe in the future you'll get a developer for Windows!??

Lorenz Cyril Kong

Is this only for linux? Im using MS Windows 10

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