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27 Jul
Georgia's Own Mobile Banking

Posted by Georgia's Own Credit Union in Finance | July 27, 2016 | 105 Comments

Apk file size: 3.8 MB

The Georgia's Own Credit Union Mobile Banking app provides you the ability to view your Georgia’s Own accounts quickly and securely, whenever and wherever you are.

Features include:
- Check Account Balances
- View Transaction History
- View Pending Transactions
- Make Quick Transfers
- Branch and Surcharge-Free ATM Locator
- 128-bit Security Encryption
- Now Including Mobile Deposit!
- UPDATE: Now including an option to get to bill pay. Please note: this is an interim solution until the fully integrated mobile bill pay is complete.

Whats new

    Misc bug fixes and performance improvements

Georgia's Own Credit Union part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 27, 2016. Google play rating is 68.4264. Current verison is 2016.04.708. Actual size 3.8 MB.

Download georgias-own-mobile-banking.apk 3.8 MB


Monte Dixon

Issues with mobile deposit Ive been trying for several months now to get the mobile deposit app to work. Not sure why, but it just doesn't work! Quite frustrating!

Jonah Aberle

Bugs Dear Developers, Please provide an email so you can be contacted directly. The current email does not exist. On the main screen of the app, the account balances are showing both available balance and ledger balance at the same time. When these numbers are different it makes it impossible to read your balance. Simple fix. Please remove account balance from the main screen account summaries and leave ledger balance like before.

Abel Cain

No longer shows all pending transactions! No longer shows all pending transactions, very misleading when you're about to make a purchase, almost over drafted because of it. If that were fixed, than it would deserve a better rating.

Terry McLarty

Cannot deposit after last update The program keeps crashing when I try to take a picture of the check. Reported but never received a response. It worked until the last app update. Tried removing app and reinstalling.

Robert Ridgeway

Getting there At first was very glitchy, especially at login. Much better now, although it no longer shows pending transactions... Weird.

Cliff Smithson

Long-press keyboard issues Using HTC Incredible 4G LTE from Verizon the password entry is hampered. Using long-press for alternate characters, ex: r for the digit 4 or s for the @ symbol, enters 2 characters in the password field.

Franklin Broesche

Stopped working Yep! That worked! Thanks a lot! And thanks for the ultra fast response!

Kay Morrison

Yes. Mobile checking Was so excited to finally find out the we had the mobile check option . But i tried to deposit a 40$ check and it said i exceeded my limits. Im no where near 10,000$ .took the pictures over and signed in and out. Sad its not working . UPDATED . THE APP WORKS NOW . THANK YOU .

Kaila Cooper

Upcoming Update? Obviously the camera focus is a known issue. I have read through the reviews, and any comments concerning the camera focusing on the endorsement were answered with the promise of an "upcoming update." When exactly is the update coming out? This has been an issue for a while now. When is this going to be resolved specifically? Thanks in advance.

Peter White

Works better now Let's you log-in and check your balances and make mobile deposits, and locate the nearest branches. A few little irritants (doesn't auto highlight input fields like username/pass) but is improving with each update.

Andrea Smith

Problems with check deposit I really like the app itself. Easy to transfer funds and love that I can put a memo on the transfer. I can't get the deposit function to work anymore. I can easily take a picture of The front of the check but can't get the app to recognize the endorsement on the back. App thinks for a long time then says it has an error.

Ramona S

Only problem I have is depositing a bigger check. It can never get a clear picture of the endorsement.

nitris official

Good app, missing credit card account Does what I need it to do most which is deposit by camera with check.... I would give 5 stars if I could also see my credit card info through app

Coff Zo

Can't login I get to the password field and is locked in caps. Can't do lower case. Logged into website fine.

Megan Turpin

Like it, but.. I was very excited when the mobile deposit became available, and it worked really well for a while, but it doesn't at all now. Every time I take the first picture of the check it logs me out and asks for username and password again. It's done this for several weeks.

Chucky Quintana

Deposit check Part of the reason I got this app was to easily deposit checks. My HTC one m8 takes very clear pictures but when I try to take a picture in the app it is always blurry no matter how much light I have or the angle I try and I didn't see a way I can access the picture from my photo gallery.

Greg Cuyler

Mobile deposit I really wish the mobile deposit worked for my Galaxy 4, but it doesn't, that's a bummer.

Vaughn Hawk

Mobile deposit photos do not focus App is better than it used to be but the app never focuses properly for mobile deposit check photos. Using an HTC M8 One. My camera app works fine, the Georgia's Own app never focuses, completely blurry and unreadable even under bright lights.

L Dowdy Wilson

Issues with opening the app and mobile deposit Seems like everytime I click the app it says it has encountered a problem and then closes. I have to reopen the app to use it. Also I tried to do a mobile deposit it takes both images everything is clear but the deposit button at the bottom will not highlight so I can continue my deposit. Am I missing something?

Holly Yarbrough

Missing Credit Card/Loan Options Does not have ability to pay credit card account. Can view check, saving, certificate, but cannot make payments to Georgia's Own credit card account. Very disappointing.

Katy Foster

Doesn't work I was excited about saving travel time to the bank, but I've just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get my clear and bright picture of my check through. It continues to respond, "unclear," or "cannot read." Unfortunately, I'm heading to the bank. App not recommended.

Dwanita Oglesby

Uninstalling too many problems After reinstalling the app it still gave me the error message and freezes my phone.

Matt Brooks

Save Login Credentials! You have to re-login every time you want to access the app. This is beyond inconvenient for anyone who uses a password manager. Edit: "Are you referring specifically to the username or both username and password" - I'm actually referring to both username and password. My username is a random grouping of digits and my password is far more complex. If I am going to go through the complexity of having to enter both of these in I'd rather use the desktop site. "There are definitely some security concerns around allowing the ability to save all your credentials. For example, if you were to lose your device your financial security would be at risk." - Don't store the username and password on the phone then, use access keys instead. If you have to store the password and username on the phone, encrypt them. Either way your credentials would be safe if your phone was stolen. Having access to the app itself doesn't look dangerous unless I'm concerned about a crook depositing a check for me into my account. Also, you can just secure the app by allowing a pin to be set in order to access it. If you don't think that's a good idea check out Google Wallet.

Andrew Mattie

Feature packed but... This app is lacking in ascetics. I recommend adding a tablet UI and having your Developers checkout the Android material design guidelines for a better looking UI.

Sheala Johnson

It works Gets the job done, but definitely behind and not as aesthetically pleasing compared to other mobile banking apps. Having a "remember username" feature would be nice.

Shemika Mann

Retry App was working. However, now it just tells me to RETRY and I can't use it at all...even after uninstalling then installing again. I've cleared the data for app also . The app needs to have the balances in "real time" automatically changing even based on pending transactions. Using the credit union is far more inconvenient than the "other big bank". I guess the wait period for deposits to post seems ancient in 2014. If I deposit with "the big bank" by 8 pm the funds are avail the next day.

Tionna Shivers

Keeps closing The app keeps closing no matter how much I "kill" the app in the task manager. It worked perfectly prior to the update smh.

Le Fish

Still Awful After taking photos of the check more times than I can count, and every time being told by the app that the dollar amount entered doesn't match that shown on the check (it did), I finally gave up. Also, transfers from app tend to duplicate, so if you make a transfer you better check to see that it only did it once! Finally, exiting the app requires hitting the back button so many times you will feel like you are playing the world's most hated video game.

akiscia washington

Deposit check function The camera is not working properly... It is blurry, I've been using it fine for the past few months. However every time I take a the picture now of a check to deposit, it's blurry. If I take pictures in any other app or just with the regular camera on my phone my pictures come out fine. But when taking pictures of checks for deposit in your app, they are blurry and unreadable.

Darrell Warren

Worst banking app ever I have been waiting for Ga. Own to come up with a decent app for over two years. I am done. Just opened a BOA and it works great. Closing my GA. Own account first thing tomorrow.

kris daye

No mobile app bill pay I am regretting opening up my checking account because you do not have mobile bill pay for the app please tell me that this is in the works and it will be up and running soon if not I will cancel my checking account and go back to my old bank

Marlyn Perez

Remember my ID! It is so frustrating that I have to type in my user ID every time I want to check my account. Why isn't there a remember option like all the other bank apps?

Maria Martin

Deposit check feature still wont work for me..using galaxy 4

Veronica Cochran

Update - Thank You! Finally! Remote check capture! Thank you Georgia's Own...this app is now truly useful :D

Dmitri Powe

Needs some serious work... Wish this app worked as well as other banking apps. Needs a higher level of professional development (hint).

Will Junkin

Will I am trying to setup online banking... So what did I do I downloaded app. Tried to sign in but cant! I have to register first. Ok no problem I go to the web site and to the mobile on my phone and tablet and try to register. Fill in my info and click continue. Then I look at a blue screen w/a picture of a tree n green grass in the middle of it for 15 minutes. Went on pc to register and would not do anything but say timed out. Sure hope I dont need go get my $ out and this an example of how its going to be!

Melissa Raburn

Horrible mobile deposit! This app is ok to check my balance but that's it! It took forever for Georgia's to get mobile deposit and now that it does it doesn't work! I've been trying for 3 hours with multiple checks and it never works! When it takes a clear picture of the front it freezes when taking the endorsement side! Or if by some miracle they both take when I go to deposit it I'm either told that the amount on the check doesn't match what I entered (which it very clearly does) or that the perfectly clear check isn't readable!

Matthew Thomas

Blurry photos of checks When taking photos of checks to deposit they are always too blurry to read. HTC One M8 with Android 4.4.4 I had to use an old phone to take the pictures of checks. The HTC One M8 doesn't autofocus before the picture is taken.

Robert Donar

Not working Every time I click on the app it comes up with a black screen with a white line through it. VERY ANNOYING!

Anthony Mom

It's good for quick balance and transfers, but it doesn't give a balance for each transaction made. You have to go onto the actual mobile website to get a full view of your account unlike my other institution (the app is just like online banking view).

Le Fish

Worse than terrible- Uninstalled Problems with deposits not going through, problems with transfers duplicating, problems exiting app, and best of all, selecting "Payments" results in the app locking up so that restarting phone is the only fix. This isn't a banking app, it's some fourth grader's idea of a practical joke.

Channary Houle

Limited I don't like using this mobile app because I can only see transactions but not balances like you can through the web. If you can fix that I think it would be an improvement.

Franchaun Wright

Love this app no complaints from me.

L J Singleton

Time is money, and GOCU's timing is bad It takes entirely too long for a mobile deposit to become available - particularly when made after 2pm. (Many commercial banks have a much later cut-off.) And being notified about the two business day delay for post-2pm deposits from the onset - versus after a mobile deposit has been finalized - would go a long way in helping customers make informed decisions (i.e., cashing a check at the payor's bank instead of waiting two business days for it to clear at GOCU.)

Barbara Kelly

Good app Have no problems, works great.

Ashley Reid

First Time User How can I see my stuff on the app, if I don't have an option to create a username?

Steinar Pdersen

Love it. Alows me to bank all around the country. Easy-to-use.

ernest linen

Great App Very clean and precise

Jessie Punke

Doesn't work any more It says it cannot find the enter net but all my other apps work just fine already tried to delete and redown load YES

Latricia Jackson

Not useful Doesn't even show transactions pending nor approved ...therefore not that's useful. Update: NOT ALLOWED TO SCREENSHOT anything. Update: I can access the info online via my phone but not via the app. And if that's the case the app is useless right? Still willing to try to get it to work though.

Jr Gaza

App error When I've tried to log in for the past two days it won't let me. It just keeps saying "there's been a error" I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it's still giving me the same message. Can you guys please help?

Terrence Myles

I am glad that we resolved the issue as well... After a walkthrough, I now have access to my account online and through the app. :D

Rodgers Gesaka

Trouble connecting This app been acting weird lately. Cannot allow me to log in and transact citing trouble connecting, ensure internet connection for a whole week!!!. My other banks' apps are running smooth. Considering to uninstall.

Marcos Castellon

Whatever you guys did with the update, sucks! None of my downloaded apps have issues. This is the only one that says "can't connect to the internet". I was happy with it previously, about a week or two ago b4 this started happening. Please fix this issue...

Kelly Behr

Doesnt work I just downloaded this so I could mobile deposit my check and it says it cant connect to the internet. I restarted my phone an uninstalled/reinstalled the app and it still doesnt work

John Gebhart

Transfer to credit card doesn't work anymore When I try to transfer money from checking to credit card, the "Apply Payment Option" button never becomes enabled no matter what radio button I choose.

DaMiale Johnson

It worked OK before it was updated. I read previous comments and did a system upgrade on my Android phone (Samsung Note 2). I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. It does not work at all anymore!

S Kendall

Don't Upgrade My app was working fine until I upgraded. I am getting an error message about internet connection issues. This is strange. I am able to connect using my other apps.

Robert Johnson

Robert Sorry, you have not fixed the problem. .. I am currently downloading the app.

Doug Weaver

Can not get through sec queztion Ask me sec questions I hit GO and nothing happens. HELP

RJ Clarke

Key features not working Neither mobile transfer or deposit work. I get a suggestion to have a steady hand and keep all four corners in the picture. My pictures are clear and all corners are visible. Very disappointing.

yvette Joseph

Connection problems Can't connect to mobile banking for a few days now. All my other apps are working. Please fix. Reinstalled three times same issue.

L Dowdy Wilson

Not Opening I recently upgraded my phone from an HTC One to a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, before I could open the app now when I click on the app I get the Georgia's Own logo and then the screen goes black and never loads? I have 2 other banking apps and they open just fine?!

Dillon Coppock

They fixed it.. There was a bug with the app where I couldn't take a picture and deposit a check that way. I believe the app is server driven so if you have an issue with the app, its most likely going to be fixed the next day. Anyway the bug I was experiencing is fixed and I am still loving Georgia's Own. Makes depositing a check so easy.

vassel Bailey

Helps my banking system away from the bank

Felecia B.

It doesn't want to load. It's constantly loading and I can't check my account.

Walt Edwards

Won't let me transfer anything The transfer button will not change to allow transfers to or from any of my accounts

kristy kelsey

At one point it worked. Now it doesn't. I report it several times. I uninStall the program. Tried to reinstall it because once upon a time it was very convenient. Now ihave a cloud with error message.which is not allowing me to login. Have to uninstall again

Latrice Taylor

It's ok. It does still freezes a lot.

Kristie Thompson

For what I use the app for (check balance, make transfers) it is generally ok. However, the mobile deposit function has from the beginning been unstable and it would take several attempts to get the app to accept the deposit. Now I can not get the app to accept a deposit at all. I no longer live near a GOCU branch and if the app is not going to provide what I need to compensate for this I will change financial organizations.

Kimberly Barnett

Accurate and Easy-to-use Pending transactions show quickly and the transfer options are very simple to use!

Ben Tanner

New look I like the new look. Works well on my Samsung Galaxy

Jaathiyah Muhammad

Sad Since the recent app update, I'm not able to see the transaction detail when I click on the charge

Janine Hella

SLOW SINCE LATEST UPDATE Was fine until recent update; now it's slower than molasses going uphill in the winter time on my Note 5.

Jane Macbeth

The app needs improvement The app needs an update. Just nor convenient to use. You have to either have the username stored in your head or around you before you can access your account. It doesn't give you option of saving it for quicker access.

Jasmine Nicholson

Easy App is easy to use. Always works. And I like it

Jamaurice Holt

Not able to see transaction history

david shreckengaust

Update Update not working

David Cantrell

Perfect. Funny to remember what the old app was like. The newer one does everything I could want to do and does so perfectly (including check deposits!!!). Love it!

Lyndsey Mccrossin

Samsung pay Make it to where it supports Samsung pay

Stan Dulk

Again... 6/23... still not fixed. What's going on?? Uninstalled, reinstalled. Won't open. Now incurred a $6 transfer fee because I can't monitor my accounts. HELP! 6/13... Won't open in recent update. Do the people who design these changes ever test them...or use the website?? Unbelievable

michael dyer

Works for me My only issue so far is that the back button doesn't exit you out of the app. It just bringing up the home screen.

James Jacobson

Stopped working Stopped working since last update. Logs in, shows all accounts, then says that there is a connection error.

Nicole Hines

Nice icon but... Georgias Own Mobile app won't open at all since last Android update...but the app icon is cute

Cruzana deAtlantean

Uninstalling The check images for remote deposit are blurred. I didn't have a problem with this before.

No longer works When I first loaded app several months ago it worked fine. A few weeks ago I started getting a message right after login that says 'unexpected error occurred. Please try later.' Have cleared cache, uninstalled/installed app with same results. App does not work on an Asus Memo Pad HD7.

Stan Dulk

Again... 7/28... can this app get any worse? Just updated, although it now opens quicker than 2-minutes, new payment process absolutely absurd. Instead of all info on one page, have to go through page, after page, after page after page to make a simple payment, with no data history available. Seriously, who designs this app? I think I may need a new bank :(

Shadoo doo

The app is good when it works. You never know when the app will work after updates. Sometimes it works great other times like this last updated it doesn't work. Hopefully they can get it fixed right and leave it alone.

Andrew Akker

App is good but needs fingerprint support App basically does everything it says it will, check deposits are kind of slow. Needs fingerprint support though. Don't play favorites to iOS!

La'Isla Emeruem

App sucks now, error message after login I get an error message as soon as i login and side menu doesnt appear, will not allow transfers or mobile deposits bc menu options do not appear.. was workin fine until last 2 updates . Please fix this issue. I do not have a branch nearby and i heavily depend on the mobile deposit feature.

Toyia H

After upate crashes Getting the unexpected error, have a quick login option/feature that you cannot use. No menu options


My updated version The previous version was way better.After updating to The latest version, I am unable to logout, make deposit,transfers and not to mention it does take for ever to login.I am getting a error msg most of time.please fix asap or bring the old version back.

Jenny Khim

ugh! it was working just fine...but I've had to change my pw over the past few days bc my acct keeps getting locked!!! I'm running out of my pws, and then it keeps unlinking my acct to another money saving app that I'm using!

Quenya Bogle

Pretty worthless I was expecting to get the browser features if I got the app and since I get direct deposit check feature is no use to me. Uninstalling because I get the same features if I use mobile browser and use the space for other things

Daisy Armon

No longer works Immediately gets an error message indicating app has stopped after logging in. I'm able to see my balance though.

Michael W. Bilbo

Not able to open the app Please fix ASAP. I haven't been able to open the app for last 3 days, August 9,2016

michael dyer

Works for me My only issue so far is that the back button doesn't exit you out of the app. It just brings up the home screen.

LaToya Hardwick

Mobile Deposit... or lack of... When doing a mobile deposit the camera won't adjust for clarity.. I've had this app for a year and have made several mobile deposits up until now. This feature sucks..

Tim Browning

Worked DOA Worked great for awhile but now it crashes right after I login. Reinstalled it, but still DOA. Help?

Nusaybah Sophia Smith

Suits my puropose Not amazing, and take too long to function sometimes, but overall it does what it needs to

Ron Payne

I can screenshot from within the app. This was blocked in previous versions. Please tell us why this isn't blocked anymore. I tested it on two different devices and can screenshot on both.

Alicia Hayes

Where's the logout? Menu and logout button missing since update

Pamela Prescott

Georgias own Has stopped working

Worked fine before now it wont. Like in the title I didnt have any problems until recently. Now the app will crash when I log in and cant get it to work again.

Ed Batey Jr.

Perfect & Flawless!!! Not only I can check my balance and make transfers, but I can also deposit checks with my phone anytime!!!

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