Download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions apk 1.0.0 free for Android smartphone

20 Nov
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Posted by Activision Publishing, Inc. in Arcade | Nov. 20, 2015 | 101 Comments

Apk file size: 88.0 MB

Now includes full controller support enhanced for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved includes all of the great content & features from Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and more:
• Over 100 total levels
• Classic arcade levels inspired by franchise heritage
• 15 3D grids and 12 battle modes including Pacifism, King, Claustrophobia
• 6 unique companion drones including Attack, Collect, Ram, Snipe, Defend, and Sweep
• 5 devastating super abilities including Homing, Black Hole, Turret, and Detonator
• “Hardcore” mode for Geometry Wars purists with no drones or supers and a separate leader board
• Compete with friends and other players on global leaderboards for every level in the game
• Dual and single-stick touch control configurations
• Bluetooth controller support

Whats new

    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved includes all of the great content & features from Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and more:
    40 all-new levels, 5 all-new grids
    Classic game modes in stunning HD
    4 all-new battle modes
    All-new Sweep drone
    New “Hardcore” mode

Activision Publishing, Inc. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Nov. 20, 2015. Google play rating is 91.5606. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 88.0 MB.

Download geometry-wars-3-dimensions.apk 88.0 MB


John Kastner

Wonderful Game I never got to play geometry wars on the Xbox but I've really enjoyed this game on a tablet. Even though it says designed for phones it still works great on a tablet. Also the game controls better than I would have thought for virtual thumbsticks. Great game would recommend.

Carl Searles

Please bring to vita This game is amazing. It plays perfectly and looks incredible. I almost didn't buy it because I've been waiting forever for the ps vita version, and I hate touch controls. I'm loving it so much that I'm getting a Bluetooth controller just for this game! I will still buy the vita version day 1 though. Thanks for making this incredible game!

Maxwell Chen

This is what mobile games should be Fantastic game. If you're on the fence, just buy it now. No in app purchases, excellent modes and a huge variety, fun twist on the geometry wars formula. Mobile arcade gaming at its best.

A.D. Cole

Having too much fun I can't get enough of this game, its definitely better than anything on Android right now. Gameplay is 60fps on my nvidia shield. Feels similar to geometry wars galaxies but with much more embellishment. 4 star because although great I kinda like your older title galaxies better, it was more slow pace and more fun.

steve velasquez

LG G4 Runs great. Destroys your phone battery though so pay attention to it. Even with 3k battery it'll last under an hour from fully charged and runs the phone at 102 temp.

Michael Milligan

Great game I am a long time fan of geometry wars, I played the heck out of it when it was a minigame on Project Gotham(?). It retains its charm and revamps it very well. The controls aren't nearly as responsive as a 360 controller, but they are great seeing that this is a phone game. Easily worth the $5 with only the hour or so I put in so far. No crashes as of yet on my LG Optimus F60. No 5 stars, because of some sound design choices being oddly poor, the music is great, the bullets get too loud though.

Fernando Andrade

Amazing This game runs fantastically smooth which for some reason is hard to achieve on my device since it appears no one optimizes their apps for this phone. Music and gameplay is great too with the exception that the on-screen buttons wont hide.

Mark Payne

Would be 5 stars. But.....yet another game that bows down to Facebook, I downloaded this from Google play, so I want to use my Google account to access the high scores, if I downloaded this from Facebook, would I need a Google account?

Jason Alexander

Finally a game I will play on my phone! Totally awesome. Love it. Loved playing it on the 360 and love this just as much. Thank you.

Jeremy McGill

Awesome port, just like the PC/console versions! I actually prefer using the touchscreen with this game versus a gamepad

Dustin Bailey

Amazing addition I've played all the geometry wars so far and this is yet another awesome game. They just keep getting better and better!

matthew scarpitti

JUST TOO SICK Deleted every other shooter on my phone now that I have this pretty puppy portable. Hopefully this gets updated with the ultimate & hardcore modes like the console version... Plz eliminate the Facebook garbage too & implement a Google play leaderboard. Sony Xperia Z3

Bagus Bharata

Screen to small There is no option to zoom the game.. Overall ,the game is great.. Maybe if i install in 10 inch tablet its okey, but in 5 inch phone? Too small.. Please fix..

Timothy Paugh

Tested it out on my JXD 7800b Thank you devs for this amazing game. Its so smooth, not to mention the jaw dropping eye candy. Must not forget the beats that really drive gameplay full tilt.all being said. Sound shutters or becomes not in sync for a couple seconds here and there

Troy Lauffer

Been playing since Project Gotham Racing I never get tired of shooting these things. Easily worth 5 bucks. Now make it for 3DS.

Tagg Crossroad

Good mobile version of a great game! Runs smoothly and controls well. Looks great too! Just wish is supported KitKat/lollipop's immersive mode. Maybe in an update?

DJ Socrates

This is how you make Android games! Smooth gameplay, clean graphics and minimal loading time!

Zhehai Zhang

This game is well thought out It has amazing graphics, and the power ups in the game are great. Keep making more games like this for Android.

Needs More Salt

This game is AWESOME! :D wish there were more levels after level 50 :P

Nathan Lowe

YES!!!! Certainly not for the first time, I've jealously wondered why certain games only go to APPLE (even though I already know the reason). This was one of them and ohhhhhh happy day, because somebody out there must have heard my Android prayers...

Cyrisus Leaorem

Music is glitchy The music sounds like it's glitching out and jittering! Otherwise it's a great game and loads of fun.


I played retro evolved 2 a ton on my xbox before I went to college, back when mostly everyone still had flip phones. Being able to play this on what people today call a phone is crazy, man. I love technology.

Mikko Savinainen

Great game but I wish i could change the graphical settings on my own. This game is smooth on my old phone but so slow on my more capable tablet because it thinks it knows what settings to use.

Stephen Enzor

Add multiplayer! Great work All its missing now is the console multiplayer modes. Please add them in, I'd even pay an extra couples bucks for it. Also, the app icon is a bit ugly. Great work, thank you for this game.

Peter Silverside

Wow This is a quality game..more please. .quite a trip with good headphones??

Pete F

Sick Game Much better than I anticipated. Beautiful and fun.

John Etter

Amazing!! This is the example that other games should follow! Top notch music, graphics, and an abundance of levels and unlockables. It also runs flawlessly on my Note 4 and supports MOGA controllers which I recommend using. This game could easily warrant a pricetag higher then the asking price of $4.99.

Ruben Kan

Awesome Been a fan of GW ever since Retro Evolved. The first time it came out on mobile, I had to have it. Granted I did own Galaxies on NDS. The production value on GW3 is top notch. Very sweet console port with console level graphics and animation. Please add Play Games Leaderboards and perhaps local multiplayer over Wi-Fi. No one I know on Facebook plays this. FIX: need immersive mode. Sync progress between devices using Play Games.

Cole Sandberg

Really cool game, unfortunately it doesn't use immersive mode in game and there is no Android TV support. Other than that, a really well polished and enjoyable game.

Peter Corr

Outstanding Played the first 2 a few times and enjoyed them, but never as much as I did Stardust and Resogun so didn't buy this one. Thought I'd give it a bash on mobile as it's cheap, and wow, blown away. Fully addicted. Great controls. Brilliant graphics and sound. Probably the closest thing to 'console gaming' I've played on mobile, and my fav mobile game to date. If you're reading, just buy it, worth every penny.

Johnson Ta

Classic Evolved on mobile Great game, played retro evolved growing up so seeing it on mobile made me so happy. They just need to add immersive mode and less Facebook and more google play games features and this is a must-buy.

James McDonald

Only with controller Game is an excellent port of console and pc and not scaled down or anything like that but the controls take a hit on android. Touch screen just isn't as precise and it takes a bit longer to change direction. Big problem too. Sometimes analogue stick function will glitch out and cause you to move when you used the shoot stick or vice versa. If you haven't got a controller don't expect to 3 star everything with imprecise controls that are prone to breaking.

Aaron Hafitz

Instabuy! Not even gonna deduct a star for no cloud save ...great work dev

Anthony Roundtree

doesnt work on tablet doesnt work on asus transformer. crashes on open.

jose oros

Can't listen to google play music Kind of sucks you can't listen to are own music while we play the game please fix

wookie one

Great game But in the next update can you make it full screen as I still have the black home bar that would be great but the game is a 5 star game.

Jon Roberts

Best arcade game on Android by far Simple gameplay beautifully illustrated. Touch controls are good and with a physical controller like mine (which it detected and worked first time) it is just perfect. Thank you

Jeffrey Wal

The performance and gameplay is amazing. It seems to run smoother than the desktop version and the touch controls work really well. Now I can play this great game on the go. Thanks!

Teddy Toggweiler

No Android TV support I've been a geometry wars fan since the beginning. Please add support for Android TV!!

Steven Nelson

Great game Really enjoying this on my nvidia shield tablet with it's controller. However, although the description says it supports Android tv, when signing in to Google play services it crashes on my nvidia shield tv. Even though description says the game has been updated it still shows version 1.0.0?

Teddy Toggweiler

No Android TV support GW3 on Android TV is amazing. Classic geometry wars fun with lots of new twists. P.s. The game crashes if you have a logitech wireless dongle plugged into the shield TV in the current version.

Jason Rowe

Great sequel to a great game Works on my Nvidia Shield Android TV and on my tablet/phone. I have noticed the cloud save works between the phone and tablet but the TV save is separate.

Sean Curtin

Had Galaxies on the Wii and was thrilled to see an Android port. Great game but really needs a controller for the true experience, which is why i was disappointed that it wasn't compatible with my Nexus Player. But this latest version IS and it's nearly everything I hoped. I say nearly because the Smart Bomb buttons don't work on my USB controller, but that's probably just my controller.

Ilkka Koho

Chcked this out on my NVIDIA SHIELD TV and it's an absolutely fantastic game and experience! Did not expect it, but got totally hooked and now need to chase those upgrades to get past level 49. Definitely worth every penny!

Fan Yang

Now it supports shield TV, but I get force close every time... will be 5 stars if dev could fix

Jaypeg W

BROKEN/WON'T LAUNCH on Nvidia Shield TV BROKEN/WON'T LAUNCH on Nvidia Shield TV - please fix! Tried clearing all data and reinstalling, still crashes to home screen seconds after opening it

Bill Rehbock

It's so cool having a console-quality game for Android that work on my Nexus 6 AND scales to and is even a better experience on my SHIELD Android TV. It's the real-deal and a must-have Android game. Activision, give us Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure with the original Scott Martin Gershin soundtrack!

Vince Bell

I'm sure it's a great game Can't even play on shield tv ?

Andres Davila

Bought for the Shield TV which does not work properly with the controller even though advertised as optimized and works with the Shield TV. Others have reported having issues when they have a keyboard connected or some other device but I have nothing connected. Unfortunately for me I'm already out of the refund window but I will try to get one anyway


Thank you user name Teddy Toggweller for informing me that my logitech wireless dongle is what crashes this game. I'll keep that in mind for other games going forward. Besides that which troubled me for over a month now, its a great game with great visuals. Please make a fix for the Logitech wireless dongle to be left in and not crash the game!!!!!

Un Lo

Crashes Every time. Haven't played the game once. nVidia Shield TV fully updated.

Sim W.

Games crashes on Nvidia Shield TV if you have a Logitech Unifying receiver plugged in. Remove the receiver and it works fine. This needs to be fixed.

Rodney Whitfield

Thanks for the update. Great game I've been playing this series since it was a hidden game in PGR on the Xbox, I have played this version of this game on my shield portable before any real support from the devs. Thank you for making this game shield TV compatible. One more thing I can't access my cloud save from the mobile version.

Michael Herauf

This game is AWESOME! The perfect game for SHIELD Android TV. It's so addicting, I can't stop playing it! I have to force myself to stop, otherwise I just keep playing and playing.

Anthony Gale

Now with support on my Shield TV this game is awesome! Weird bug, if installing from my Shield TV it said it wasn't compatible but installing it from the web version of the play store worked. Since then I've really been enjoying it.

Milan Čejić

Game crashes as soon as I start it. No easy way to contact support, no Geometry Wars to select under Android on Support page, hopefully someone will reply via Facebook message.

George Kowalski

Really fun Love all the fields. It's OJ on a phone, but really shines on the nvidia Android tv

Nik Blumish

Originally game it 4 stars for lack of Android TV support, now giving it 2 because it force closes every time on my Shield TV.

John R

Awesome! Game is fun!

Kevin Furlow

Crashes on startup Nvidia SHIELD Android TV. Worthless

Jay J

Help me Google please I bought the game uninstalled it reinstalled it it wont play or star it has a thing at the topof my phone saying looking for resources to download i really want this game help asap

Mark Honsbeek

Great game, no complaints so far. Looks good. The auto aim is great, you'll need it because touchscreens are the worst. Almost no fps drops, sometimes it does but a lot of stuff is happening at once.

Deep Blue

Facebook required for leaderboards ? Not only that every time I finish a level I feel like I'm being prompted to log into Facebook with its dirty big logo filling half my screen. Why anyone thought that was a good idea is beyond me...I can play the exact same game on steam using steam leaderboards.

Luis Christopher Ramos

Perfect mobile game. So intense, it'll make any trip to the bathroom or visit with grandma go that much quicker when you're going trough these levels. It almost seems like this series is was erected for mobile platforming to begin with. Fast and quick to pick up. Totally worth the $2 price tag.

Tom Frounfelker

great game. but it loses two stars because its not compatible with android tv/ nvidia shield console. once i can play it on my shield console, it will get 5 stars...


Full screen on tablet fixed but... The models do not show up its just a invisible player model and enemy models

Stephen Enzor

Everyone leave reviews and send emails asking fot coop! Facebook sign in error; Add multiplayer! Great work This is missing is the console multiplayer modes. Please add them in, I'd even pay an extra couples bucks for it. Great work, thank you for this game and for the updates improving it.

Matt Lee

Great game The appeal in this game is bright, flashy, neon colors and the satisfaction of blowing up a bunch of stuff with little effort. Luckily I like that kind of thing lol

Utkarsh Mishra

I can't feel my legs anymore. An absolute must game for your new powerhouse tablet or phone. Worth the price, always consistent fps and the brilliant modes ensure you spend your life away on the toilet.. Your legs will rot, your eyes will stay stuck and your pizza night get cold.. So beware. Would love in game support for using stored music while playing.

Saori Andrea

BEST GAME EVER. Been an avid fan of Geo Wars for years and have checked every few months with fingers crossed for a port one day... and that day has come! Seriously, great game, endless hours of pew pew

James Crabtree

Outstanding for mobile Have been a big fan since the first and was leary about it a bit. Read some reviews and jumped in. Felt pretty natural even using touchscreen and the 3rd installment has a lot to offer including keeping the original modes. I do miss the colorful blackholes from geo 2 though and there are a couple cosmetic choices like colors on drone firepower bars that could use some tweaking. Play with a controller for a more authentic feel. One of only a few games that's actually worth paying for. Noice!

Joshua West

Phenomenal Game My thumbs hurt so bad from squeezing my phone, i love it. This is the first game that has pulled me away from Clash of Clans. Thanks! Oh and auto aim is a good idea but i learn to use both thumbs. Itll be better in the long run.

Juan PdL

Still Missing that iconic soundtrack The song from the original retro evolved was too good.... You should bring it back. Please I'm begging . at least give us a choice on the songs .

Jason Alexander

Finally a game I will play on my phone! Totally awesome. Love it. Loved playing it on the 360 and love this just as much. Thank you.

Adrian Cherry

Duplicate cloud save error Love the game, the addition of 3D surfaces is great. But after 2 days of playing there is now a persistent error message: "a duplicate cloud save has been found. The one with the most progress will be loaded." It occurs after every death & every level complete, followed by a loading screen. It is quite annoying, particularly on difficult levels, spoils the fun of the game. Uninstalled & reinstalled, it still occurs, though all progress was lost. If the error is fixed, rating will go up. Galaxy s4 :: 4.4.2

julian lewis

Not moga friendly. Let me start by saying that this is a really fun and exciting game. But I did buy this under the pretense of using my moga controller. I was disappointed to find out that the game will not detect my remote. So that was disappointing to say the least. Also it would be nice for the compatible remotes to be listen in the description instead of the inaccurate statement of "Bluetooth controller". So I hope that that will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Sebastian Wargny

Won't get past the loading screen. I've reported it, restarted my tablet, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and everything- never loaded. Fix this and I will re-evaluate

Cooper Lyle

Crashing on my galaxy note 5 Won't even play. Played on my s6. :( I really miss this game

David Jones

This game is Da Shiznit! So addicted to this amazing gameplay on all games available! Love the variety as I climb up the mission chart. Love how there is a boss at the end of a run us missions too.

Frank Melo

Great game have it for Nvidia shield tv great graphics no problems what so ever got high speed Internet ?

Jaypeg W

Logitech Dongle makes it crash Crashes when Logitech wireless USB dongle is attached on Nvidia Shield TV - please fix! Other than that it's a great game

Tanner Burford

Keeps crashing on samsung tab s2 App immediately force closes and searches for resources to download. It hasn't worked since the last update and kinda sucks cuz its my favorite game. HALP

Vince Bell

It's a great game I can play!!!?? Thanks to the guy who said to detach the Logitech receiver??

Joseph Lewis

It's ok... I'm looking for an update... Things I'm looking for are: Ship upgrades, something of a storyline... And most of all... ONLINE MULTI-PLAYER... Activision, I paid you $10, can you give me something?

Eddie Reynolds

Worst geometry wars game ever If this was someone's first impression of a geometry wars game they would probably never play any of these games ever again no mater what. Knock offs are 3000 Times better. Worst controls of any game I've ever played. Not recommended to anyone ever

R3K4CE 7227

Keeps saying it has duplicate cloud save. The game is amazing. I love it. The only thing is that it advises that there is a duplicate cloud save. It is quite annoying as it happens pretty much every time i start or end a level. Spoils the fun of the game by a long shot. Please fix this, this game is awesome. Will change rating once this is fixed, makes the game almost unplayable.

Skyler B

Sound is garbled on both note 3 and lg v10 The game itself is very fun but there is a audio glitch which makes the sound intolerable. I'm not sure if this it's because of me using Bluetooth or what would love it if it was fixed.

Neil Nustad

Crashes if there are any other HID (e.g., a Logitech K830 illuminated living-room keyboard) paired with the SHIELD TV. As soon as that is not Connected/Unpaired, it will play normally. A pretty silly critical error to have, so I hope you guys can get on that quickly and patch it. Will update my rating once this issue has been sorted. The game is good fun, but forcing me to Unpair my keyboard every time I want to play is just frustrating.

Terry Blosser

I feel compelled to leave a review on this game, seeing how it has to be one of the best I have played on Android to date. This coming from someone that owned quite a few Android devices dating back to the Eris 5+ years ago. This game is VERY polished, fun and well made. I was worried about redundant gameplay, but it has exceeded my expectations for arcade shooter by far. This game is worth every single penny and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone. It is the single most fun, well made game I have played thus far for a mobile device. Yes, I realize that is saying a lot... but, it is the truth. The game is absolutely stellar and a complete blast to play.

Mark Sander Schmidt

Best game I have played So great to be back in geometry wars. Nostalgic, intense and fun. Great adventure mode, and lots of variety. Worth every penny. But would have been even better with online competition and coop. And why can't I see leader board on the level screen? But really that's nit picking. Touch control works just fine, and even though the frame rate dropped a little on my mid range asus tablet it was still fine to play

Ruben Kan

Awesome Been a fan of GW ever since Retro Evolved. The first time it came out on mobile, I had to have it. Granted I did own Galaxies on NDS. The production value on GW3 is top notch. Very sweet console port with console level graphics and animation. Please consider adding local multiplayer over Wi-Fi. No one I know on Facebook plays this.

Matthew C

Amazing game by an amazing dev What more needs to be said? I already owned the PC version so the price was a little off putting but how could I not support this developer? The game is easily worth the asking price and is an incredible fit for the mobile platform. Don't let the price keep you away, there are no in app purchases which means you get way more value than any of those "free" games.

Colin Sanders

Wow Such a great game! First off I agree with fellow reviews about the Facebook only leader boards is a huge drawback, but; this game is worth every penny. The music is enjoyable game play is fun, challenging, and exciting. Just synced my ps3 controller and went straight to blasting!! Just awesome! Edit: lastest update just made this game even better!!

king naps

Samsung Galaxy Note 4... This game has all the bells and whistles you want or are looking for... it's not hard to play, simple and fun and very very addictive... with all the colors of the rainbow all the crazy graphics, intense music... love it... this is something really special and it really brings out the phones colors and sweet graphics and makes you feel like you finally have something worth playing for, on you're 800 plus phone...!!!

Babbi Rios

Duuuude!!!! Worth every penny! The update made it even better [email protected] sick! Love it... [email protected] love it!!! From the nostalgic sensation that reminds you of Galaga and Asteroids, to the colorful lightshow of graphics, the game instantly grabs you by your brain and plucks away at every string of nerves on your body! It's nonstop edge of your seat action. The game surpasses its predecessors in an obvious way with the plethora of game modes and an impressive adventure mode that takes every level of arena variation to its limits. Play it buzzed to have a laugh or... Play it high on weed to have the time of your life!

Nick Connors

Literally unplayable. It was a great game, well designed and with an intuitive interface. I would say that it was the best iteration of Geometry Wars, until it began telling me that there was a new cloud save available. It would give this message, then return to the intro screen. I did this so frequently that I did not have time to navigate the game's menus in order to start a level, making it unplayable. Good going, Activision.

Jacob Spell

Everything I could ever want... The price felt a bit steep... I've had a smartphone for years and have gamed extensively. This is truly the best game you'll ever pay for on the app store. If you're thinking about getting it, try it out for a few minutes. If you don't like it, get the refund. It's definitely worth a try, you owe it to yourself.

Wolfie C

Loyal to the end This game is a true gift in the world of mobile games. I've been loyal to the series since the first instalment hidden amongst another game. I happen to be a very large fan and sit in the top 50 leader board in more than 4 formats of this game. Huge fan. This will get a 5 star review as soon as they fix the cloud sync bug that keeps reseting the game back to the main menu. ^-^

ᴀ.ᴅ. ᴄᴏʟᴇ

The best available No arcade game can match this game on mobile, its simply the best available. The game never gets boring and its very enjoyable. Since I came from playing geometry wars galaxies on Wii the game was pretty easy for me to get into and easy to get good scores. I like it all but one thing, the drones are not what they used to be and I miss the old, more powerful versions. Plus the upgrade system feels a bit too rushed.

Stephen Patheal

Control's I have the S6 edge. Game runs great except for the controls.. They work great for 10-15 sec into the game then the right stick just stops, then it just going off an auto fire mode and fires at random enemies vs what's closest. Please fix... Unplayable.

Blake Wolford

Fantastic other than one slightly major flaw Geometry wars 3 is an excellent game and I personally love it. I would give it five stars, but leaderboards are limited to Facebook users only and in the freeplay modes you can only play the flat map. I would love to see these changed, but don't get me wrong. The game is really fun to play and is great quality with no noticeable bugs or flaws other than the two I mentioned. It is very worth getting.

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