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9 Dec
Geometry Pad

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Geometry Pad is a dynamic geometry application for Android tablets with universal appeal. Teachers can use it in a geometry class for better students engagement and deeper understanding of geometric concepts. Students would benefit from using Geometry Pad while working on geometry assignments at home as well. Easily create complex geometric sketches, measure everything you have in your document, experiment with shapes and transformations.

Use following tools to sketch your geometry constructions (*):
- Move and scale. Scroll the workbook by your finger. Pinch and zoom the content of your workbook. Move and modify geometric shapes.
- Compass to create arcs.
- Point. Plot a point on the workbook. Customize point name and color.
- Line. Create a line. Customize line style, color and start/end points. Calculate line length (distance between points).
- Midpoint for lines. Show/hide midpoint for lines and polygon sides. Snap to midpoints.
- Parallel, perpendicular and tangent lines. The lines can be created as easily as regular lines. Just create and move the line until it automatically snaps to parallel, perpendicular or tangent.
- Angle. Create an angle with up to 1 degree precision. Customize angle line style and color.
- Triangle. Create a triangle of one of the predefined types: regular, right triangle, isosceles, equilateral. Customize sides style and color. Calculate triangle perimeter and area. Calculate inner angles of the triangle and length of its sides.
- Triangle lines. Create altitude, bisector and median lines in a triangle. Calculate length of triangle lines. Customize lines style and color.
- Quadrilateral. Create a quadrilateral of one of the predefined types: regular, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus. Customize sides style and color. Calculate quadrilateral perimeter and area. Calculate inner angles of the quadrilateral and length of its sides.
- Circle. Create a circle. Calculate circle perimeter and area. Easily create circles inscribed into a triangle by placing circle's center close enough to the incenter of a triangle.
- Circle radius and chord. Create radius and chord lines for a circle. Customize lines style and color. Calculate the length of the lines.
- Polygons and regular polygons.
- Arcs and circular sectors.
- Ellipses.
- Text annotations. Create floating and pinned single and multiple lines text annotations. Customize text/background color and transparency.
- Measurements tool. Measure shape properties in single touch. Measure intersection points (line & line, line & circle). Use multitouch to measure distance between points and angle between lines.
- Transformation tools: rotation, reflection, enlargement and translation.
- Manual input of coordinates, lengths and angles. Use manual input to precisely locate points, setup custom length for a line or a polygon side, and change angle value.
- Built-in calculator: basic arithmetic functions, square root, sin, cos, tan.

Manage multiple documents with your geometric sketches at the same time using Save and Load features. In addition, you can share documents through e-mail or Dropbox.

Some of the tasks you can solve with Geometry Pad:
- Create geometric shapes and measure all its possible metrics like length, angle, area, perimeter, intersections, distance between points, angles between lines.
- Move/resize geometric shapes and watch how its metrics are changing in real time.
- Demonstrate circle theorems by creating and changing inscribed and center angles.
- Demonstrate theorems about incircles and excircles locations.
- Create and annotate complex geometric figures. Share them through export to image and e-mail features.

* Geometry Pad is a commercial product and some of its features are unavailable in the free version. A paid in-app unlock is required to get access to the premium features (Premium Features Pack).

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    Stability improvements

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Haila Hudson

Nice app This is a nicely done app. I appreciate the ability to create line types, get object properties, and edit created objects. It is not an artsy sketch app; it is for math or engineering minds. I use it for diagraming and analysis.

chris cook

Had promise Not polished. Could use outside QA and support. Buggy. Needs help docs and tutorials. No one like to make tutorials for their complex apps.

lijo jose

Amazing App I was trying to calculate the exact area of a plot I own. It was a quadrilateral and I know only lengths of the 4 sides. The metrics mode of this app helped me to enter my lengths to the accuracy I needed (It allows you to select the accuracy in terms of number of decimal points !!) . Then the measurements button gave me the area of it. Thanks a lot for this nice App.

Dev User

Big Problems via GalaxyNote3-Lollipop App keeps crashing with no error notification, deleting all work done in a moment with no option to save or recover. Moreover, the huge unhidable "Go Premium" button is simply annoying. Good idea, bad implementation.

Bennet Powers

This app seemed good however as soon as I finished entering text it was deleted

David West

Love this app interface but crashes Crashes when I tap on a circle to edit properties. Samsung Galaxy S4. Would purchase otherwise. Hopefully someone sees this and fixes. Happens every time.

Kenneth Kaletta

Good Start Couldn't use the measurements it piped up too big for the screen and wouldn't move.

Jonathan Zullo

Kept crashing Everytime I use more than 3 polygons, my app crashes.

Ace Driver

Okay, let's construct an angle bisect.. oh. $5.99 for a compass? I don't think so. Sorry, no deal.

Alex White

Crashes. Very impressive and comprehensive tool. Would buy if it didn't crash so often.

Tyee Cambrón

T Arr the controls are off to my likings, but good start. I think I'll make my own custom app. I'll still take a purchase on this app for helping me with my simple blueprint project

Tim Jones

Good I like it, best I've tried so far. I like that it snaps to point, I don't. Like that when I add a polygon or shape that an adjustment of sides stays on screen blocking view of what I am creating.

Erez Vaxman

Freestyle geo makes this app singular Hope they continue to add features

Narahari Margam

Good app to teach geometry and linear equations

Chapi Chapz

Has alot of potential but not being able to simply insert the equation of a conic or function makes it completely useless

Mitchell Meehan

I purchased full version but now it's saying I need to pay


I love this app...

anjana sharma

Loved it its awesome ??

Vibhor Lidiya

Useful Useful forstudents apearing for Mathematics :Mechanical Engineering:-)

Niels Knudsen

A bit tricky to start with

Rishabh Jain

It like It like

A Google User

Excellent Geometry Solver Construct a geometric diagram accurately and make measurements on it. This app excels at that activity. Like GeoGebra, transformations can be made. Rotations, reflections and translations. Files can be shared, as well as photos of the diagrams. The 04/19/14 update greatly improves the capabilities. Introducing equations greatly increases its utility in solving analytic geometry problems. A creative app. Fun to use. Great to have all the conics! Fun to import maps and pictures.

Tudor Munteanu

Superb app One of the best math apps on Google Play. Responsive developer, steadily keeps adding features.

Luke Thomas


Bo Brymer

Geometry Rated f Five Stars

Jake Silver

Best on Android. Still not Enough Title says it. There is simply nothing out there that comes close to what Geometer's Sketchpad can do on the pc. But this is the best thing I could find for an android device.

T'mone Kleindl

Very few issues 1) Sometimes crashes unexpectedly 2) Sometimes auto save doesn't work after a crash 3) Need to purchase full version Overall it's the best app for this on the Android market. It could be better, but it also could be way worse. A little tricky to get used to but easy to learn.

Scott Lincoln

Crashes every 10 seconds or so On my Nexus 7, this app won't stay open long enough to do anything besides draw one or possibly two shapes before crashing. It looks great but unusable as is.

Anton Stepanov

Good Please add more paper themes. When I make arc I can't change radius lines width, without changing arc line width. I want make them thinner than arc lines. Thanks for this app

E. Tyson Ewing III

One tweak Drawing an arc should be done by tapping three points (first point, direction, and endpoint). I teach geometry and use the app to demonstrate cleanly how to perform constructions on my Galaxy Note 8.0, which means that I is a lot of arcs (or I'd like to). Unfortunately, I struggle with the current two dot arc approach. With the current approach, the app always gives me the major arc, when I need the minor. But with a three point approach, it'd be much more fun, efficient, and effective,

David Aviles

Great app It takes me FOREVER to make a drawing I need because I have to take the circles off the ends manually after every line, square, ect. If that gets fixed in the options menu for styles ill be very happy

Lyndon Fan

Better, but... Thank you for fixing the bug. It's a pleasure to have it back. However, some of the features originally in the free version is now only accessible in the paid version...

Woong Hu

Keeps on crashing It crashes on me every time

Olly Singh

Not Saving file I have premium version and when ever I measure area of polygon and save that file, it save that document but after opening that file it shows blank document. All progress lost. Please help

Brandon Allen

Go premium button is very in the way, lack of grid size customization.

Pajo Patak

Vrlo dobar (4) I hope it'll become as sophisticated as geometer's sketchpad. I had to work with complex numbers, but couldn't... Nice beginning (lots of work, but still just a beginning, I hope) - develop it please.

Kaiti McLane

Would be great app if it didn't shut off I really enjoy this app.....that is, until it freezes or randomly closes out after I've spent a lot of time working on complex(difficult to recreate) projects. I paid a good bit of money for this app and am disappointed by this persistent flaw. PLEASE FIX!!!!

A Google User

Can't save work Nice tool I thought. Alas, once you "Save As" you cannot find the file in your gallery app or file explorer. One feature needed Eben in a freebie version of the app as if this cannot be trusted to work, why would I want to pay for an unreliable full version???

kn tlt

Could be Great still rough aroud the edges App is potentially a great concept. As an architect I need this app to study geometric relationships. Here are some possible examples. move the lock feature with the metrics dialog window, because locked is not a visual category it is simply a condition. Provide more zoom with more input accurcy and/or more controlled input. Make user hints with a close box button to give user enough time to read. Provide some help instruction. If you begin to write a help file you will learn more bout your own interface's pros and cons. Good luck.

Omur Faruque Apu

Amazing app Can't believe the rating is below 4. If you can correctly use it, then it has almost everything in this category.

Apalak Banerjee

Worst app Can't even let me use the protector....and wants me to pay for it .

Chris H

The program keeps crashing when i try to open the settings not sure what the issue is seems pretty simple. app it self is nice just judging off memory haven't used in six months though.

Jeffery Breisch

Perfect Finally a grid-based drawing tool with snapping and a reasonable ui/ux. Already bought premium for the added tools and to support the dev:)


Transfer geometry graph to PC How to transfer the geometry graph that have drawn to PC .

bbrao basina

You cannot subdivide a polygon into many polygons & get area of each sub-polygon.

Elissar Hannah

Have to buy the premium to load a photo

Francine Gomez

The best for math lovers like me The arithmetics are nice and it does have the correct equations and points so 5 stars

Dmitry K

Quite useful, but crashes sometime.

Dennis Jackson

Very cool Will have a lot of uses for school work and seeing a better understanding geometry figures

John Hunt

Geometry pad Great perfect for newbies

duan nguyen

Great app Very easy to draw

Anthony Thorpe

Crap Another crappy app you can't do anything without paying money. If your looking for an app that you can make your own floor plans or anything else run away from this app.

lui lan

Needs improvement Hard to work with. Tools could be better like geoalgebra. Zoom does not reach far enough. Sharing as pic does not share the same pic you see on display. But there is also a lot of potential, hope it keeps improving.

Richard Beers

Instructions So how does it work? How about an instruction manual.

Gabriel Francia

Very limited


Crashes on launch

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