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21 Oct
Genius Quiz

Posted by André Birnfeld in Trivia | Oct. 21, 2015 | 117 Comments

Apk file size: 17.0 MB

Challenge your friend to see who is faster and smarter in this 100 questions game. Use your brain to get as far as you can in this game. Your reasoning ability is measured in every situation. There will be no instruction, every decision will be part of the Challenge Module. A mistake can be a big time waste in the advanced levels.

-100 unique questions
-3 Lives to help you
-Dynamic Sound Track (by José Sousa)
-Leaderboard (best times to finish all 100 questions);

Whats new

    -50 new questions
    -Facebook Share Button
    -Lives added
    -Sound track (by José Sousa)
    -New graphics design

André Birnfeld part of our Trivia and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 21, 2015. Google play rating is 86.6826. Current verison is 3.0.5. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download genius-quiz.apk 17.0 MB


ell dave

Wellllll..... Really hard, makes you think and no checkpoints. Didn't take long to download and doesn't take up much space. Overall, its ok but an update soon, please.


It's ok It's ok but on the 24th one I have no clue on how to do it. However all round its a great game.

Habiba Kamal

I love it!!! I love this game but I gave it 3 stars cuz there are no check points and it's really annoying that every time you fail you have to start again from level1!

Abandon Skies

Not bad Its actually pretty easy and for 24 choose the top left bomb then you can go on its on 34 that's confusing...nice game though

Angelle Whavers

Ehh Its cute... That's it. Not great but not bad. Its a good time waster.

Daniel Miller

Boring Who wants to start over again and again and again and again especially when you get to the higher levels. The questions and problems are decent just annoying when you get muscle memory going through the first 20 questions or so.

revel pangkerego

It's fun... But.. This game must have a checkpoints atleast every 10 lvl.I'm stuck in lvl 34 I hope someone can help me.otherwise it's good

Michael Grover

Quite fun but repetitive More variety in the answers and their positions would make it a little tougher. A few grammar errors, sure, but well presented otherwise. A decent challenge - still yet to beat it. Q34 made me think the most, good fun :)

Stella Herbert

Cheat This is the worst possible game anyone can make its cheating and stupid, I hate it I hate it I hate it . The stupid game is to cheat.?. At one level I had to start all over because I picked the wrong one and every time I picked one and had to start over ,all that I've chosen are wrong its a waste of my time.

Daniel TSankov

It needs checkpoints I give it 4 stars, the game is great but it need checkpoints in every 30 40 or even 50 level. Can smb tell me the answer on level 70?

Ana-Maria Tudorache

I would give it 3 but... It's pretty annoying but for the past 30+ times that I played, I couldn't get past sliding the white ball to the green one even though I previously did it a few times

Amber Montano

I like it. However, i dont like that you have to start over every time you fail. It needs to have more clues. I am stuck on number 30 and cant seem to figure it how they want it done.

Crystal Nickols

I know I'm correct on these answers. And they say I'm wrong get the corrected. And it would be a great brain teaser. Fix bug in here and ill give it a five star plus

Irena Simonyan

Very bad Its very bad. I didnt like it ITS VERY VERY STUPID!!!!!! I DONT RECOMMEND TO PLAY THIS IDIOTISM

santhiya rayan

Not so good It is a nice app , it gives fun exercise for our brain , but still if I don't no the ans , if I put a wrong ans for three times my lives goes , and if I get out I want to know the answer but it is not showing the ans . It is also asking the same question if play a regame also .Other than that it's ok

Maggie Margo

Passive aggressive little messages when you get things wrong. Only play this game if you're all right with being patronized by bubbles in a game.

Niyoshi Vadhel

It's good Lacks hints & once u fail , u have to start from the beginning & solve the same questions again :(

Mar DidIt

A bit entertaining After having to start over nearly 56 times, due to muscle memory you're nearly able to fly through it with your eyes closed. Quite frustrating to start over after 3 or so wrong answers but at least the answers will always be in the same place.

Micah King

I'm mad? I kept on getting it wrong and I tried all but it says I failed this is a waste of my mother loving time unless you like going over and over to problem one I advise you not to get this app

Matt George

Fun Starting over when you get to higher levels does stink. There should be check points where you only need to go back 10 levels max if you screw up. Can someone please tell me how to stop the car on level 42? Please I've been stuck here for a week and have to start from the beginning every time.! Help

Amanda Stern

Thank you... for reminding me that i am not a genius. Btw, what annoys me most is that we still have to start from the beginning after failing a level.

Sophie Travers

Poor Couldn't even do the second question I had the right answer but it wouldn't let me tap it then I ran out of time. Very bad

Daniel Cook

Stupid. Nothing to do with intelligence. This game is designed to make thick people feel clever. It's a game, not a quiz.

Robert Ford

I love it I am on level 34 and how much levels do you have ????? it takes time and is this game for a 10 year Old?

Daif preshini

More thinking less acrobat ! I'm trying most quiz games, in this one they took their time choosing the puzzles, more thinking less acrobat (flipping or shaking the phone) The fact that it has no check points make it more challenging so you really think before taping anything Nice work

Catalia Jarrett

It's a great game! Cannot pass level 34 tho :-) but otherwise great game!

Chloe Weaver

Fun! This is a fun game I would recommend it to anyone who loves solving problems .??

Skyler Confino

Kinda Stupid Not too much fun, bad English, questions aren't too exciting, gets boring quickly

Mae Lilanie Timkang


Wendy Feng

Juvenile and pointless Lord knows how this game has over 4 stars when the majority of reviews are negative. It's not a quiz, it has nothing to do with logic or intelligence, and it's basically a collection of trick questions thought up by a creative 10 year old. Play through this if you want a series of lame jokes disguised as a quiz. Or just go and play "the impossible quiz" which had the exact same concept about 10 years earlier.

Alex Pastel

Ain't nobody got time for this I don't have time for these b.s. trick questions. I'm especially not about to start over from the beginning every time I lose and answer the same questions again. Most of these test your reflexes and ability to click. I wouldn't call it a "genius" test, more of a time waster thing. Extra star for effort and because I didn't encounter any bugs.

Hetz Ikitogia

Needs check points It is good but kind of hard but when you start and lose you go all the way back to the beginning

serita bonhomme

Good game At first I didn't like the fact that you had to start all over if you lose all their lives but then it kind of help with my memory so i give it a thumbs up

Kimora Fagbewesa

Galaxy s4 I like thus game because its afun game too play player when your bored but wtw they giving us these easy things for

Kathy Sanders

Awww Man..... No matter how far you get..they always start you at the beginning if you miss one..but it does help you to remember. Still...THAT SUCKS!!!!

Sara Robinson

Checkpoints, yes! I agree with another user that it needs check points after every 30/40 or so. I love the think outside the box aspect of this game but after you get up there in questions it's very annoying to go all the way back to the beginning and answer the same questions over & over.... & over. Would be 5 stars otherwise!

Sasha Carter

Awesome Loved it it is a great game but I am stuck on number 47.

Lara Etches

Exellent On 23 it does not give you a ok button when you put them in tone order so what are you suposed to do ?

Daniel Behlin

Great game For 5 stars. Leader board needs to be more accurate. Very unrealistic. Zero seconds impossible. Don't know if under 2 minutes is possible. Also needs more levels. Maybe a checkpoint after 100 if more levels get added. Checkpoint should have option to start at checkpoint or at beginning. Maybe make leader higher at least 500-1000. Fix incoming calls messes current game. Would play more often with Other than that it's a great game.

Mackenzie Smith

Stuck I really like this game, but there are no checkpoints which is pretty annoying. Also I am stuck at number 30, and I dont know what to do. Help please! Maybe a slight hint would help, or instructions for each level.

Samantha Oakes

Retarded This game cheats, there's no winning it. Ill press the correct answer and it'll tell me im wrong, the correct answer changes, even though the order of the questions never changes. Ridiculous!

Arani Whaitiri

Cooool Cool az awesome thinking game!!! Best game I have. DB therez no checkpoointz though. And I dont get the "second game" part

christina owens

Needs improvement... There no stopping points. There are no hints. Gets kinda old after restarting like a million times...are we able to earn extra lives?

Logan Howard

Horrible grammar Not a bad test, but some of the questions are poorly written (or translated) and don't make sense.

Heather Manary

If I could give 0 stars I would There's really no point to the game. Once you memorize the level it'll help you get further and it's not an IQ test by any means. Some of the answers have nothing to do with a question... you just have to click somewhere randomly on the screen.

Bill Kee

Genius quiz The questions are fun and for the most part and not too challenging but having to start over every time you miss leaves you solving problems repeatedly that you have already solved. Makes the game repetitious and boring. If you could move on it would be fun but as it is it gets old fast. I am uninstalling the game.

Meghann Diggs

This is my favorite of all the IQ/brain teaser games I've played (and I play ALOT of them) but w/ so many levels, there should b check points. Even if its 1 every 15-20 questions. It's hope crushing when ur on level 82, die and have 2 start from 1 again. Makes a person not wanna play the rest of the day.

Ashlee Nauta

Needs negative stars This app is useless and ridiculous. Which Logo color is correct? Maybe if you were Starbucks people would know. But a loser app with 4 shades f pink? Who knows and who cares !!! Can't wait to uninstall . Sure wish I could get back the 2 minutes of my life I just wasted. Don't bother people! !!

Seth Fountain

Grammar mistakes and offensive question. Currently made it to question 73. Personally, I don't appreciate question 68 that says "Greatest invention of men?" with the options "Electricity," "Internet," "God," and "Cars." It's obvious the implication is that God is an invention of men. If you want to imply that no intelligent person can or should believe in God, do that on your own time. Don't sneak it into an app like this targeted for everyone. That's just low.

Ashwin Upadhyay

Love It... So challenging Not only I played it I also shared with many friends and they loved it too. A little frustrating sometimes. Needs a lot of determination to complete it.

Dan Smith

Some answers are not even correct Like the so called 6 rats that is clearly 5. Just a dumb thing moving at the top. Take a screenshot, they don't lie. The game does though. It's actually a quiz to make you dumb.

Issywizzbizz Webster

Its annoying how ya need 3 passes to get past lvl 50 but i can do it so no problem. Im on questtion 55. I think its addictive and brain boggiling game

Dave Callum

Good game! Got to level 51 with three lives, won't let me continue unless I buy premium version!

Fahrurrozi Rahman

I can't pass the 3rd level. The question was which number is closer "than" pi. The options are: 2, 3.8, 4 and 5. Of course I choose 3.8, but the answer is 3. Where can I find this 3? I failed and had to start from the beginning. And obviously, history repeats.

Dylan Hall

Mind numbing Very good logical test.

sahil moosa

Awesome game Amazing game. Currently stuck in lvl 69

rokkam srikanth

Good app but There will b nice thing with checkpoints I hope u will make it. Because it is tooo booring to play same puzzle.hints also not there....!!

Irishcrisell Garcia

Boring Its so boring it is not a genius game even if a grade 1play this game all of the levels are correct

Larrisa Bear

It's fun and very easy but some are difficult to understand. Currently stuck on level 34, someone help me.

Innes Barrett

It's ok Fun at first but gets boring and rubbish after about 10 minutes

Fotini Fot

Every time from the start?thats pity because some questions are clever.

Rachel Nussbaum

I can't figure out what it is saying because it's in a different language. I can't figure out how to change it to English language. :-\

blank plank

Quite fun It's quite funny with silly music. I enjoyed it.


Bullshit If you fail you gotta start EACH time from the beginning and half of these don't make sense

Yvette Rodriguez

It's stupid and it won't let me change the language does enybody know how

Shereicka Nelson

Not all that Not a bad game it gets annoying after a while same questions when u lose and start over again not a challenge some questions don't make any sense rubbish

Noburu Chan

I guess it's good for like the first 10 minutes

Arthur Butler

So annoying! Get one wrong and start from scratch! How tedious can you make it?

mohammad forozan

Not amusing Every times it's the same questions. Not good enough.

Derp The Unicorn

Awesome game I love this game!!! So addictive already!!!

Roshanak Amini

Garbage.... Wasting time I don't like it .

lizeth figueroa

Ohhhhhhhh my GOOOOOSH I love it and the reason why it starts all over is because its like exersising your memory its awesome and so entertaining ??

Jessica Andrde

If I could rate it 0 I would!!

Sean Culver

Awwwwwsome game This game is so fun and awsome so DOWNLODE IT NOW

Taylor Taufa

Boring?? Do not download it is horrible and dumb and boring!!

Zoe Mingo

This is really fun Its a really fun game and the music is good and its just awesome

Jennifer Gibson

It's the best game ever.Yes when you get to know it its not to fun.

olskool freewheela

Genius Quiz Test your knowledge!

Mohammad Basil

Suggestion The questions are good but I suggest all the versions of "The impossible test" you should also try it!

Emad Nasser Ranjbar

Perfect & intelligent So smart quiz. I have not seen like that!

Anarika Ali

I was clicking on the right answer but it said it was wrong

Sepehr Behroozi

It sucks There is no point

Peyton Keimer

Ok It's fun but the ads are SO ANNOYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savannah Burns

Horrible On one of the questions it said to pick the true answer and I did. Is 4 squared 16?

Gaby Fernandez

Addictive Love this app. Makes me think..some questions are just too frustrating but love it none the less.

Zeyad Walid

LOVE IT SO MUCH LOVE It very difficult game and funny

Manpreet Narula

Every time we have to go to the starting..useless game


The english is horrible, the questions are pointless and the entire thing is not going to determine how intelligent you are, rather how much bull you can put up with and how much time you have to restart because an answer wasnt in the 4 options

Lungile Mtshali

Tests your skills This game I awesome you don't have to think twice before downloading it. TRY IT

Cw Davis

WTF Are these guys for real? I mean seriously, considering the level of trickery why does it have be repetitious? I wonder how Sheldon would rate it.

ali safdari

It's fun It's a very useful game but when you get stuck on one level, you never wanna play it again..recommend

Blake Balderson

AWSOME, It is so awesome I hope everyone is able to play. Some questions are a little bit hard but they are really fun. If you are stuck on a question try taping on the number of the question it is. HINT,HINT.

Miguel Reyes

Pretty nice quiz Compared to a lot of different quiz's this is very diffent

saad Jakhim

Nice But the fourth question I don't know it's answer

Thomas Brooks

Boring Visual tricks, not trivia.

Angela Novaceva

Challenging ★ It's very challesnging and i think it's great ❣

Maureen Clement

Horrible. It has awful grammar, questions that make no sense, and it's awfully put together. The developer sent probably 1 minute on the game, by the looks of it. Question number 30 makes no sense and it's impossible. The music sounds like it was written by an 8 year old, and the score makes no sense. All in all, this is a fantastically grotesque abomination of a game. Do not play it.

roger wright jr

Lame My main issue is that improper English is used multiple times. Is it really a genius quiz if they cant form the questions properly?

Grady Williamson

Good game. Notice that I didn't say great game? Don't get me wrong, it's challenging, fun, and gets your brain exercising, but a lot of typos and when you're trying to get the white ball to the green one, you don't even have to touch the walls to FAIL. Correct the typos and sensitivity of those white ball/green ball levels for 5 stars.

Avery Atkinson

I don't get it! The app is really good but on the question "this was not my idea" it gets ridiculously hard! YOU Don't EVEN SAY WHAT WERE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!!!!

lindsay rosario

Love it Such a good game so much fun too. But I wish you could put check points so you don't restart every time, other than that it's a really fun game.

Kas Medrano

Can't get out at level 34 I like it but I can't get out at level 34 have any idea what the answer is ?

Bhob Orlina

Repetitive, No Checkpoints, Grammar, Instructions Fix that 4 problems then I'll give you a five stars

Dennys Armendariz

Love it?? It makes ur brain concentrate...Get The App

Caoimhe Ní Bheaglaoich

I really like this game but... I really really like this game but just a couple of questions don't make sense. I mean what the heck is number 34??? It doesn't make sense at all! Like "This one was not my idea"! I mean seriously! Please answer me! I'm desperate! I'm stuck on it for like a week! Please Genius Quiz, answer me!

Shahista Ratnani

Wen i reach 37 i hav all 3 lives bt still with 1 mistake only game over... wats.the point of having 3 lives thn

Duan N De

pass every question. remember no law to get the answer. even number of question itself are the answer. think outside of the box. you will get it.


For the people that are complaining This is a rage/trolling game not a usual quiz, it's supposed to be random. The game is Brazilian, the creator don't care about making the right translation, calm down and play something

John Baumgardner

This just spamware crap. Ads every quiz and you can't trust answers. Second question is how many rats are rotating in a circle. There are five and it says I failed. There are five so I am deleting since I don't need to be dumbed down by intelligent fools. It also needs access to wifi and photos for no good reason. Stay away!!!

Léo Hans

Galaxy S4 I9506 Poor choice of answers to these simple questions and in some questions the answer it's not logical, it's just tap and find it out. Math, and logical knowledge aren't needed to play this. Developers could thought better to make this better or improve it now.

Genius Quiz Only lets me do 2, which I absolytely know were correct. Way too easy! Then says "you failed" and start over. Very poor!

just TiAda

Not English Maybe something was lost in translation? The wording makes no sense. Impossible to answer questions if the genius wording is wrong. And the math questions are completely off. Twice half of 2... Answer 0,2. Ok...

Nathan Conrey

Craptastic Questions are written in broken English making some impossible to answer. Other "questions" are just absurd and like "which is the correct color of the logo?"

Ali Callahan

Stupid app Don't buy this app stupid point of game

Tommy Harkins

Geeeez How silly is this game? I mean really! Using the word "genius" is a tad much


Awesome Wish It would not clear my progress after reaching higher levels ,otherwise it is very challenging and interesting game . Love the game!!!

Cedric Adedje

It's hard believe Next time, I won't install this just some easy quiz that's all I could remember and do.

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