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12 Sep
Gems of War

Posted by 505 Games Srl in Puzzle | Sept. 12, 2016 | 204 Comments

Apk file size: 47.0 MB

Welcome to Gems of War, the newest Puzzle-RPG hybrid from the creators of Puzzle Quest, the original Match 3 RPG!


• COLLECT and STRATEGIZE – Equip your hero with weapons and armor and lead a team of fantastical monsters into battle. Think strategically, upgrading your units and utilizing their unique abilities to defeat powerful bosses.

• TEAM UP – Join a guild, chat with friends, and work together to unlock powerful buffs.

• COMPETE – Participate in weekly events and PvP tournaments to win exclusive prizes.

• JOURNEY – Fight your way through a vast array of quests, each with a distinctive story and game-changing rewards.

• PLAY ANYWHERE – Link your account and play across devices and platforms.

Whats new

    This update brings massive enhancements to Guilds to make them more cooperative and rewarding than ever!
    • Spend Gold to upgrade your Guild Statue and unlock permanent buffs
    • Earn Guild Seals through normal play
    • Every Guild Seal earned by members contributes to an upgradeable Guild Chest
    • Spend your Guild Seals on the new Guild Chest for the exclusive Guardian troops
    • Guardians become incredibly powerful when Ascended

505 Games Srl part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 83.8967. Current verison is 2.1.005. Actual size 47.0 MB.

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Jovanny Marquez

Must Read!!! I am a puzzle quest fan love that game but this games is a combination of hearthstone and puzzle quest I am a little disappointed because puzzle quest was unique(you destroy color gems and you gain the mana color and then with your fantastic looking character you cast spells if mage, or skills if warrior ect) in this game you get a line of 4 gems you get a extra turn....for what? If you don't get mana unless it's the one and only color YOUR WEAPON?!?!'s is pointless why waste be continued!

Jim Hamilton

Just downloaded I hope I don't reach a point where I have to pay to continue, like Candy Crush and so on. Right now the issue is the game won't sign into Google Games. It just hangs. If the functionality doesn't work right, leave it out until it does. Frustrating.

Big Marks

It's ok but.... But i prefer to play puzzle battle games in portrait mode,it just seems natural & you can spot color matches faster in portrait mode but when it's spread out in landscape mode it's a little delay, but kudos for no energy system but no FB or any other form of cloud backup means i can't invest my time or money in this.

Elias Aoun

Color glitches I give this game a 4 out of 5. It's an amazing game. Quite interesting. I'm using a galaxy s6 and I have noticed some color glitches on some loading screens or animation screen example mastery page when you level up. I'll defs be giving you guys a 5 as soon as the color stuff is resolved. Great work guys.

Kenny Lopez

Good game!! I love the game itself what I hate is the facts that it's crashes like all the time and needs Internet for everything I don't belive this game should require Internet all the time its still a great puzzle game.

Shane Yasika

Seems like a decent enough game. Keeps crashing when I complete each mission though.

Pierre-Michel Denis

Great game but.... There seems to be a graphics issue when returning to the game from the lockscreen or another app. Not all images come up.

Brad Maurer

Enjoy This Game So far I find this to be the most enjoyable, innovative, and user friendly match 3 game I've played to date. There are a few minor lag issues, but still most rewarding. Love the fighting and rewards. Guilds are satisfying. Give it a try! I'm staying.

Dave Grubwieser

Epic Been playing this on iPhone for a while but happy to have it on my android now! Join deathwatch guild for lots of bonuses! +10 all masteries, lots of free gems and keys.

Regina Basey

Good I am a puzzle quest fan. Love the new concept. Will rate five stars if you fix the performance. The game lags a little and if the phone goes to sleep reloading can be a problem. Other than that it is a beautiful game. Keep up the good work.

Missy Tina

After playing and enjoying Puzzle Quest on DS, I played and loved Gunspell. Now I have found this one and already it has become a favourite. Good fun!

Brendan McNulty

Polished, but weak gameplay Looks nice, but the gameplay model is bad. Having to take turns against the computer means you can never play more than a single move in advance. Needs deeper, faster gameplay.

Mige Kaufman

... got so excited when i found this game but i cant even play it. it crashed 3 times during the tutorial and now i cant continue because when it wants me to name my character the keyboard wont open !! please fix those bugs guys

Jeff Salas

Gems of War A good base game and I loved it when I started playing it. But, as time went on, I started feeling like you do when you gamble in Vegas. The house seems to have a major upperhand. Too many times have the gems fallen with 4,5 or 6 to be easily matched, for the game itself, even when I match only 3.

Terry Boxer

5 star rating in my opinion! Yes I also believe the game speed should be faster. Graphics is brilliant but gem matching speed is too relaxed.

Patrick McMahan

Puzzle quest like Always loved pq, and this is very similar :) the weapons and allies seem interesting so far

Anthony McGundam

this game deserves 5 stars But sadly i can not get past the tutorial, once i have to input a name, the game crashes. i really like this game as a casual game and hope it´s the same as the PC version, which is why i got excited when i saw it on the play store, yet sadly, due to this bug so very early in the game, i am barred form playing it on the go as i had hoped. hopefully this issue will be resolved as some point, at which i will gladly give my 5 stars.

Shawne McDermott

It kicks me out when I enter my name. It wont allow me to confirm my name or move on to actual game play. Please fix

Samuel Moghaddam

Waited 2 months I've been waiting for this game to come out on android for a while now, i am so excited!!

Smith Lara

Crashes when i am supposed to name my character. Unplayable...its a pity ,seemed promising

J Gaston

First time player to the genre I enjoyed it more than I thought I wish you could switch gems diagonally.. Maybe that should be like a perk to a character or level obtained in game ...

bradly steward

Wow Yet another game that does not work. Downloads and starts up just to tell me I need to delete and reinstall

Justin Alan

Doesnt work Get past the tutorial and tells me to name my character, after i hit enter or whatever it closes the game even after uninstalling and reinstalling

Greg Golding

Interesting and fun gem matching story game Love this game its alot like some of the games I played in the past, well worth it. Thank you for making it.

Kevin Ostrom

Freezes Freezes on loading screen so can't play. Galaxy tab S 10.5. Love the game on PC

Jeff Coleburn

Puzzle Quest done right Surprisingly light on the need for IAPs, lots of depth.

Koizumi Do-oma

Error Initializing downloader 2? I don't know how to resolve this error and I couldn't play the game ever since.

ObliviOni aka Oni

The originals return. These guys designed match puzzle rpg.. it's as addicting as the original puzzle quest on the ds and I'm loving it. Pleasssse~ add a new"give up" option in the middle of battle. It's highly annoying trying to help the enemy kill me so I can restart because I'm left with zero attack and no attack skills.. obviously I can't win but I have to wait forever to die. --- you guys rating this bad need to go play your horrible commercial games you give 5* to? This is a console quality company, you tools.

Rebecca Clements

Aver time I go to put in my name it kicks me out of the game

Sue Fordham

Love this I wish there were more battle gem games like this

Aj Armer

Fantastic fun Just when i thought you couldn't put something new into the puzzle quest style match 3 games along comes this. Simple fun, great music and art. The sorta combination of hearthstone and puzzle quest works very well. Play it now!

Nick Joe

Trying to transfer my account but I don't remember the password I was given when I did it on my other phone. All I have is my email so is there a way to do it from just that because I made it to a high level n don't want to start over.

peter pring

Good idea Got fed up dead quick. Too slow to upgrade army. Too quick to upgrade enemies. Bye bye

Sheran Mcmurchie

Froze I was started to like this game and was excited to play. But when it loaded to choose my character it keep freezing. Please fix

Charles Blackshear

Amazing I played the original puzzle quest religiously. This game is like a breath of fresh air to the genre. So many different unit combinations keep me coming back.

Sharon Heikes

Gem wars Super addictive lots of great fun. Wish that more people want to play this game

Woon Tse Yuan

Superb and addicting! My title says it all! Goodjob Dev team!

Alexander Kapitan

Great so far. Just like the original puzzle quest

Selene Roldan

Went on it once Went on it once and now it won't let me back in it'll load then kick me out

Cayleigh Lindsay

=_= Crashes when trying to create character. Really looks great. Will re-rate when problems fixed.

Chris Burpitt

Addictive Have played this across two phones starting new characters each time, great fun, good bit of strategy to a green match game. Issue on Nexus 5x - graphics are corrupt and make some of the detail hard to make out.

Robbie Sexton

Only one way to get VIP points Friend of mine and me started a guild on Xbox one version and got far enough without the dumb VIP point system i will give 5 star after they either take it out of the game or make it so that free to play people can get free VIP points without having to buy gems.


The AI luck is unfair, frustrating at times... I calculated the free skull drops the AI gets to be around 5-6 each game, I can try to deny the best I can, but each time free skull just drops from the sky for them so frequently.

Ethan Shames

Fun and engaging, but with a couple issues Good gem match game. Was a can of the original Puzzle Quest, and enjoy this one though it does lack some of the depth and variety of the original in strictly campaign mode. There is an annoying bug where the game hangs and needs a force close every time in PvP when try to Revenge twice in a row. Returning to the main screen before going back into Revenge usually avoids this. I'd give this a 4-star review but for that annoying bug. I have tried the usual uninstall-reinstall, clear cache tricks but no joy.

Full Moon Beaver

Love it Been playing this on Xbox One and totally addicted. Invested 84 hours, and have reached level 74. Gla its on Android, so I can play it when kids are awake. It's got some differences to console version, but I'm happy enough with the way it works. Time to sink more hours into it now.

Hector Vargas

Learn your math How the hell having 27/6 stones and using it for one upgrade equals 1/6. You tell me. Now everything makes sense since I had like 30/6 stones and up doing only one upgrade and telling me I don't have enough for another. Total bs

Erik Sundstrom

Ptw Theres actually a good game here, but it's painfully obvious pay to win. And the prices! Buying the celestial armour is 500 diamonds which is ~50€. Thats mega transactions. I can buy Fallout 4 instead. I cannot support such cynical cash grabbing.

joseph dye

Game is unfair This game would be so fun if everything wasn't favored towards A.I it's so unfair how can they get two turns with out connecting four or more why play a game where everything is against you says puzzle game on challenge game if they would fix the AI on this's me a lot better

Eric Martin

Can't Even Play Got it for my Note 5. I made it past the tutorial and then the game wouldn't do anything else. I went into the character tab to change my appearance and suddenly touching the buttons did nothing. I restarted and it did the same thing on the map. Restarted several times and got the same results. I can't even give the gameplay a rating when the game won't even let me play. Also annoying graphic bugs going on the entire time.

Kamran Ayub

Puzzle Quest 1 fans rejoice Puzzle Quest was one of my favorite games. Not PQ2, just the original. This game is a spiritual sequel to the original, except they've introduced Hearthstone mechanics to replace classes and spells. I think it's a great fit for Match 3 and I've been playing this quite a bit. So far I've been able to play when I want without running into a paywall. Loving it! I tossed them $5 to support. There's not a ton of mobile games that feel like a chore or that are essentially money extractors.

Kevin Reckner

The ai isnt unfair. Turn the difficulty down and use common sense. Watch what color gems the enemy team is going to use and counter play accordingly. Great game for any fan of puzzle questgames. I love it !!!

M Pit

Lost Souls Took away disenchant all doubles. While doing the titus work to do 1 by 1 It thought I said Mass upgrade a troop 1 time. Then spent almost 500 souls on a lowest level card. Didn't make sure I wanted go spend all of those souls. Now have to start all over to get those souls waste of time

Steven Aldus

Graphics Glitches Still Not Fixed There appears graphics glitches on Elephone P8000. These are the same glitches as mentioned on nexus devices. My Nexus 7 has these issues too! Please fix! I'm enjoying playing this on the PS4 but need my fix on the go.

Tee Jay

Crashes and disconnects I am constantly getting revenge battles that will not connect. What point is there if I cannont revenge this? I am enjoying the game but those revenge battle crasges need to be fixed.

Mike Kula

Reprovisioned aka lowered rating Their algorithms byte. A truly awesome deck is garbage and a garbage deck is truly awesome. The lack of true randomness in gem drops makes the game not enjoyable. If 3000+ people hadn't already found a better game they'd take the time to lower their 5 star to 2 star also.

Rannell Guese

Scratches the Puzzle Quest itch in a way that the original sequel never did. Love the treasure map game. There are graphic artifacts on the Nexus 5x that are annoying but not game breaking, but still dropped a star until fixed. Otherwise, this is a hit

Wayne Snyman

Another unethical game producer The AI conveniently gets a lot of luck, accompanied by the difficulty level increasing ridiculously, very quickly. The PVP is also a mess! I'm Lvl 50 but keep getting matched with Lvl 100+, Lvl 150+, and even Lvl 180+ players. How stupid... But it is done to let you spend money on gems so you can buy better troops.

Stephanie Jason Sommers

Good game I LOVE this game. It still freezes but not nearly as much. I love the new chest layout and I love that you can get bonuses on top of leveling up. My character hasn't had any stats go up since like 10 levels ago. That isn't the greatest but I like that I can accend troops. That is brilliant!

Ben Murray

People complain too much. This is a fun game. The algorithm for gem drops rewards intelligent plays and punishes poor moves. Definitely a pay to win game, but a good strategy can trump a $50 in-game purchase.

Linds Walters

Addiction overload!! Fantastic r awesome n so much to do. Ive been playing 2 weeks n im so addicted. Ive even gave up hayday,soda crush n monster busters as i spend anytime i got on this. Fantastic job guys.hope u make another part of this game. Ten stars if i could :) ** update. . Still playing 15/12/15 level 146. Still loving this game. No faults at all. Every update is fab. **17/12/15.. this update is frigging awesome.. no faults. Just getting more awesome

Mij Bril

1.08 upgrade Colours don't always render properly properly & game goes into the an endless colour wheel spin when finishing the arena requiring a restart. The same now applies to Revenge battles, it's getting buggier with each release, crashes mid-battle are increasingly frequent. Otherwise it's a case of the bigger wallet wins more often than not now. So what was once a pleasant waste of time is now just a complete waste of time. Plus "Agile Dragons"? WTF?

Mark Moniz

Used to be great. Constantly having to reconnect to servers after every puzzle resulting in +0 gold and no experience. Way to force microtransactions to keep up. And the new enemy boosts? Really? Ruined a perfectly good game.

Terry Hunt

A good game ruined by over-complication This is a perfect example of how to ruin a good game. The basic game is good but most of the other features sre stupidly complicated compared to how they were in earlier versions. Oh and why add a useless "quest progress" guage and stick it right over the top of text? I forgot to mention the fact it fails to connect to the servers 80% of the time. The only good thing is it doesn't crash ever 5 minutes like the PS4 version does!

Maert Mac

Probably the most unfairly configured tips in any game, best to switch them off as they are set to work against you.

-Hamilton -

Rigged Console version is far better. Due to loyalty and gem chests only way to get good cards pay to win and gem drops heavily in there favor every match it's glaringly obvious this makes it a lot harder to win, matches are stacked against you pointless to play this but console version is very good a lot of fun and more fair. Skip this game in until they learn better.

Jonathan Nodelyk

Terrible ptw, just fancy garbage When you pvp a lower level opponent and they have two epic and two legendary troops that do 3x the damage you do you quickly realize there is no balance to this game. There is no benefit to be had grinding, the only benefit is luck in opening chests, especially glory chests you get from guild rewards. The original Puzzle Quest was so awesome and deep I am still playing it, but this is a blatant money grab, hoping for a few whales to jump on and spend spend spend. Boooooo. Absolutely awful balance.

Ian Barkley-Yeung

Really fun - when it works. A really fun game. I don't usually like Free-to-play, but this one is pretty good even if you don't spend money. But, it crashes pretty regularly on my Nexus 9 - I think the input thread dies. It's always the same; the sound hitches for a second then the graphics keep animating and music keeps playing, but the game refuses to accept input. On my Nexus 5X, it barely works at all (graphics corrupt). But on my Galaxy S4, it works just fine...

Casandra Park

Best Game of Ever I'm not really into video games but I am obsessed with this game! It truly is the best game ever!

Wayne Holloway

So does this mobile app link to people who have it on xbox wanted to join my cousins guild I can't search for him also there's alot of graphic glitches please help

Josh Wilburn

Greedy devs Played this game for a few months, game was awesome enough to toss them some cash, about as much as a good console game... But now they nerfed my stuff and buffed the AI, it is ridiculous "Pay to keep up/win". Going to stop playing AND PAYING. The new patch is bs and they can gfts's.

Sean Stephens

Fun but glitchy For some reason on my Nexus 6p the graphics slowly degrade into an 8bit artifact filled quilt of garbage. It's still playable, but ugly as sin.

Ithna Ashari

Had to follow all the other immoral game designs and change your logo. Change it back and ill increase my rating.

Bryce Ekins

Great game but... Great game but there are major graphic issues (I've talked to the developers and they've been great and understanding about it, they say they're working on it). There is also not a way to play with friends. It will sometimes force close & it automatically counts as a loss when it closes. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. After they fix these I'll gladly give it 5 stars.

William Ward

Fun with flaws Gameplay is great. Freezing has become more common. Unable to perform consecutive defenses unless you exit menu and go back. Graphics are still corrupted looking. Both mobile and console versions are in need of major updates and patches.

Rapsodia Europe

Finally I was losing hope about finding a decent puzzle game with rpg elements, but here we are. No mandatory purchases nor invasive begging for money. Fun mechanics with minigames that differ for a twist from the main game. You can invade to steal gold but, if you get invaded and get your gold stolen, most of the time you gain more than the loss. There is a lot of garbage out there that doesn't deserve all the popularity it has, try this game if you can.

Maurice Jacobs

Awesome game Just paid $20 for pack. Used my blue keys to open 15 chests. And the game froze. Lost my keys and did not get anything. Will increase my rating if can be fixed or replaced. UPDATE- FIXED issue and things are back in order. Great game have recommended it to multiple of my friends and they love it too. One of the best ones I've played in a long time. Very addictive lol

Bret Padgett

love the game but cant play says i must update its on auto update fools afraid to uninstall to lose progress and money spent ive installed on other devices and wouldnt retrieve saves or money get it right and rating comes up otherwise its just another gimicky money pit with poor programming

Todd Nathan

Loved it Here is an idea for you developers, since people are so crazy for star wars, could you make a gems of war version of starwars? Instead of kingdoms, there would be planets but the setup would still be the same, except with star wars characters. Please let me know what you think about the idea.

Evilwhisper R

No real time pvp There is no real time pvp thats need to change and this game doesnt hold a candle to puzzle quest revenge of the plague lord...also the gem chest says 4x chance for legendary i brought the 450 which is 50 chest twice and didnt get a single one 100 chest 4x chance of legendary and i didnt get one ripoff

Brian B

Great game Anyone have issues rendering the pictures on a Samsung S2 tab. Love the game 5 stars if we can fix rendering and give guilds more flexibility to communicate

Anthony H.

There is no strategy. I have a great team. Good offensive with Valkyrie for soul returns. But all of that means squat if you don't get good drops. I can easily take out 4 Mythic troops if the gems fall in my favor. Or I can lose to a couple of commons if they don't. You can make any team you want, but if you don't get the right cascade of matches it doesn't even matter. If I could play the same team over and over, I'm sure it would average out to a 50/50 win ratio. The RNG is the only determining factor in this game.

Mij Bril

1.08 upgrade Colours don't always render properly properly & game goes into the an endless colour wheel spin when finishing the arena or sequential Revenge battles requiring a restart. Crashes mid-battle are increasingly frequent. So what was once a pleasant waste of time is now just a complete waste of time. Plus "Agile Dragons"? WTF? The Trait system is so far out of balance as to be a joke.

Wayne Snyman

Another unethical game producer The PVP is a mess! I'm Lvl 50 but keep getting matched with Lvl 100+, Lvl 150+, and even Lvl 180+ players. But it is done to let you spend money on gems so you can buy better troops. The name should also be changed to "Goblins of War" as every 2nd person has a group of Goblins, as proportionality the benefits outweigh any other grouping (10 Life + Increase in Atks etc.)

Jeff Mangus

Great game Fun to play. Graphics corruption on Nexus 5X. Trying to revenge twice in a row on Nexus 5X often hangs game as though it loses its network connection... Though that rarely happens on PC.

Tommy Kula

FOUND EASY WAY 2 GET SOULS! Ok easiest way to LEVEL AND GET SOULS! Just play "challanges" Also if you new it's located on every world just tap the world and the 3rd tab says "challanges" This is the easiest way I have found to LVL & get alot of SOULS! You're Welcome guys. I hope this works out well for u ?

eric cross

Addicted I love this game, I honestly think this is one of the best mobile games around, I even play this on ps4. I'm currently trying to complete the new sorcerer quest from Ferit, but it's very hard.

Mark P.

Good game I like the gameplay, which is saying something because I tend to not go for match-3 games, but I have to say that the loading times are REALLY annoying. Sometimes I'm sitting there for a couple minutes waiting for the spinner to go away, and thats through my home cable WiFi.

Triguna Mutuguppe Sripathi

Graphics is not nice in 5.5 inch screen Looks like graphics in this game needs a lot of improvement. I can see a lot of blur images while playing and sometimes its impossible to identify gems.. You need to test your apps in a 5.5 inch screen to start exploring this side of the company... I love the game but graphics making it start disliking it. Fix it and i will give you a 5 star. Who knows i might buy some packs as well if i like the graphics. ☺

Ryan Lowe

Display problems Worked great on my htc one (m7), had a slight glitch with the position of some icons on the right of the screen. Since I changed to an Honor 7 the display seems to have a lot of problems, textures and animations don't display properly. I have screenshots if the devs want to get an idea what I mean.

A Google User

Not anymore This was a nice fun game, but now just feels like you need to grind your life away to get anywhere. Just not worth the time for any normal person.

Allen Walker

Gems of War I rate four because the gameplay is good. The animation in this one is well done. Its running smooth in my phone. But the tutorial is sooooo long even though its just a simple game.

Matt Clark

Xbox one version Amazing job on the update for the xbox one. I truly love this game. Google needs to fix the 5 star rating system. When you give 5 stars it says "Loved it". Which is past-tense. I love this game. Which is right now. Keep up the Excellent work on the app and consoles team.

Anthony H.

New update only benefits power players. So hard mode used to be fairly average for me. Enemies had 20-30 Armor+Life, average around 10-12 Attack. Not too difficult to get to Champion in PVP. Now with the Hero Classes and Traits, I'm getting enemies with well over 40-50 Armor+Life and Attack up towards 20. So basically, like all other decent Android games, this is evolving into an Elite-only game for players willing to spend $$$ to upgrade their heroes and troops. With every update this game gets less and less fun and more into a tedious grind.

Andrew Johnson

Fun! Has it's issues. I have put a lot of time into this game however it still needs some improvements. The loading times are very long and on my phone there are a large about of graphical artifacts. However my biggest issue lately has been the disconnections to the server that hinder my gameplay. The devs give out huge rewards on especially bad days but there are still intermittent issues on good days making it kind of a pain sometimes. All in all however this game is really worth playing!

Doug Laing

Barely worth the free price The game is about as stable as a two legged stool. An incoming call, the lock screen, even playing too long, and the game locks up. PvP matchmaking is a joke. Oh, you're new to the game? Let's pair you up with someone 3x your level with all max skilled legendaries. Dumb enough to try again? How about the same broken goblin build that half the world is using? Now you can be bored waiting for your turn. Oh look, the screen locked from inactivity. And now the game is hung. Just enjoy single player.

joseph dye

This game is crap This is possibly the worst game I've ever played the A.I is completely unfair the systems is with the A.I consistently spitting out extra turns for them then the help just helps the A.I I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone if I could give a zero I would

Jaime Santos

I like the game but it soooo unfair! AI always gem more gems of skull and always giving an extra turn as always they get all they need bias as it is...even though i i defeated three of his characters at the end he gets the wins by giving AI all the gems he needs always extra turn in his part unfair!

Kelsey Thompson

Update I love this game I play every day. The update has caused it to lag and treasure maps were a lot better before. Please just fix the lag. This pregnant woman needs her gems of war!! Please fix the crashes

Davor Marin

Great but really laggy Really fun game, the lack of required energy to do missions is refreshing, however the game lags terribly. There is significant input lag which really kills the vibe.. until that's fixed gonna have to give it a mediocre review..

Sam Lee

Display not optimized I enjoyed this game a lot in ipad, and i paid hundreds in this game too. But i cannot enjoy this game in phone due to display blurring and graphic pixelated glitches. I am using Samsung Galaxy S6

Rob Arnifix Birnie

Great but flawed I love this game. When it works it is a wonderful combination of devilishly simple depth and mind-soothing satisfaction. But it is plagued by a number of bugs. Colours frequently do not render correctly on my phone, resulting in strange textures on the screen. Only one pvp revenge battle can occur before the game bugs and locks if you try and start another. Without these issues, this game would be five stars. With them, it just feels a bit shoddy, considering they've existed for years at this point.

Marek Skowroński

Excellent game, horrible performance The game itself is near perfect. Gameplay easily compensates mediocre artwork and low quality music. Performance, however, is awful. After few matches I get frequent frame drops - with such simple graphics, it's unacceptable. Also, there's loading screen after pretty much every action, even after coming back from lock screen. Stability also could be better.

Norman Connors

Best of its kind! Very very good! Lots to do, upgrade cool looking heroes. Loved the 1st puzzle quest game. This one is better! I will keep playing of course. :) Fantastic stories! Well done.

Ricc Veal

You guys screws up the arena. Please fix the arena I shouldn't get a loss every time the game freeze. Make a refresh button instead of giving me kisses.I keep getting the same weak random characters to use against much powerful stronger enemies. Please expand your random selections and make them stronger.

Vitaly Klebansky

5 star game Spectacular game. Absolutely ruined by the the company that runs it. Graphical glitches constantly (galaxy s6). THE WORST SERVERS OF ANY GAME! Games has to connect to servers constantly and those servers are SLOW!!!

William Ward

Great game play, minor display issue. Really fun game to play. Have had display issues since day one. Bad rendering i guess,not sure. It has improved since update. Update really helped and added some great features.

Hsoolien Sgarm

Power hungry, but crazy fun This game is a lot of fun, I don't like March three games but I do like this one, there are three reasons I don't give it five stars, non-portable progress (unless I missed a setting), super touchy about the quality of your network, and the most power hungry app I have. I get an average of twelve hours to a charge when I don't play this game (typical work day drain), and about three when I play this game, it murders my battery for no graphic or game logic apparent reason, no other app uses remotely close.

Lilly Blue

Love it but can't play.. Game just glitches after playing a cpl matches. I literally have to leave game if I try to type in chat, or switch characters, or basically do anything that isn't on the main screen. The AI takes turns when it's clearly my turn, n takes double turns while only matching a 3 but not holding a 2nd turn card. AI always gets blessed with several 4-5+matches in a row while I can barely scrape +3 together. The gifts are practically non existent when it finally DOES let you win, making advancement near- impossible.

Arnold D

Unbelievably good. No timers, just fun!

Sarah Dickson

Would give 5 as love playing it but for 2 days saying problem with servers and can not get on to play game ?

Kyle Plumb

Game is awesome Server maintenence takes way too long. Been on server maintenance since 11 last night and now it is 8 am.WAY TOO LONG

Josh Monks

Well done match 3 that doesn't require paid content to play. I really like Gems of War. The game is a well produced match 3. All the other parts of the game are fun too. I liked the leveling system, I liked how they lead the story of the game, the PvP is pretty fun, and they did a great job with paid content. I never once felt the obligation to buy content to continue playing. This game shows exactly how to make noninvasive freemium content. No gated content, no energy requirements that you need to buy to continue playing.

Patrick Fischer

Nerdy Gem-matching! Your standard colored-gem matching game with a wonderfully nerdy twist! It's like playing a strategy TCG without having to leave my bathroom!

Charles Henley

Sorry I didn't rate this5stars b4 last update... It used to b a5star game but taking the warlord3(100%souls\battle)difficulty option away away after I built to80th lvl w\it makes this game a total grind...I speak from experience cause I've(finally)made it to109th&I can't go on...I should have [email protected] already&u just turned this into a pay to not hafta grind all the way thru for new players...too bad they'll never get to know how much fun this game used to b...I really am sorry I never took the time to rate this the5star game it used to b...

Rachel Monzon

Daily entertained I started this game 3 months ago and haven't missed a single day.

Scott Little

Awesome! I also have this on xbox one, but this us geared more towards android/iOS.


Bought packages not recieved I bought the 3 a day treasure map package 3 days ago buy haven't recieved them for the last 2 days. This the 3rd time this has happened. No maps and no mailbox to collect them from. Getting annoyed by this now.....WHERE ARE MY MAPS?

Chris Jaskie

Great Fun Very addictive, great artwork, has a little RPG vibe and will require some strategy. Overall this game is well done.

Angela Kay

Great Support Addicted. Puzzle Quest fan from DS days, excellent support. Game devs got back to me same day with fix. Thank you so much!

Clive Nesbitt

NOT BALANCED 5* to a 1* shows how much this game is a problem, it's a good game and can become addictive but it's more balance on the AI compare to the customer, 1 - mana surge for AI automatic extra turn 2 - mana surge for us players gets nothing unless we match 4 or more 3 - so many times the AI gets an extra turn and skulls against us, even when gems drop it's on the AI terms and not ours 4 - colour gems always benefits the AI as it always favour the AI 5 - Pvp is beyond stupid and very unbalanced L 11 vs L 30? 2/10

Heath Waters

Great game I thought it was only on ps4 but glad to see it's on mobile too. I play iybon my ps4 all the time

Dirk Arnold

Treasure map "buff" Developer has a strange understanding of the word "buff" if they use it to describe "cutting your starting turns in half"

Tommy Kula

Tasks Why does ps4 and that stuff have tasks? Why not android. It's nearly impossible to get diamonds. There is only 2 ways 1. From guild 2. From maps which you don't get more than 4-5. Plz add tasks.

Kat Myers

A+ game...BUT..... I love this game. Play it all the time. Started out on the ps4 and found it for my phone. I HATE that I can't fuse or combine the two and play on either system. Chose my phone because it's portable. I'm having issues now. I'm getting script errors as well as others since the latest update. Hope y'all get it fixed! P.S. would have given a 5 * if I could use either system to play the same game.

Kimmy B

Excellent game and customer service Excellent game. Very addictive can feel like a grind at times but it's still amazing. Customer service is great. They got back to me in a timely matter and fixed all my issues. Very satisfied.

Jeremy Blake

Good game concept but ruined by the clear bias in gem drops to the Ai. I thought it was just perception bias but the Ai is getting 6 or 8 goes per turn when I'm lucky to get a free turn 1 in 3 times.

Mij Bril

Distinctly Flawed System issues get fixed but balance issues remain. The Great Maw consumes all......, a truly dumb overpowered monster (& I have one!!!!) although I don't believe the system "cheats" as many suspect, just the cascade breaker algorithm is broken. Otherwise, if you want to succeed consistently then pay to play, if not then accept that you're going to get slaughtered sometimes & that the Top 1000 is out of your reach.

Lisa Dycer

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! i loved this game until yesterday!!! Ive lost my account!!! google play has saved all my achievements but still cannot login or access my account. Keeps asking for passwords/emails and tells me its incorrect then starts a new account from scratch... feel like ive wasted sooooo much time not to mention money on this game!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!

John Montreuil

Update I have had so many problems since the update that I had to uninstall and reinstall again and now it won't let me get to my game that I spent real money on.

Djemila Macklin

Update erased my account That I've spent tons of time and $$ on. What did you do to us? It said a file didn't download correctly or a file is corrupted. Reinstall. I have lost everything! Help!

lynn chandler

Changing my rating because connections seem to better, not freat bit better. This is a fun game and the humor in the scripts are good. Response from customer service pretty quick. Just don't trust the game hints on your moves. It benifts the computer opponents more than you. Overall highly recommend even with the occasional server issues and overpowered opponents.

Jean-Pierre Maree

Update sucks What have you done to the game. I have played 4 games that have all said either the game is finished or another has started, returning to the World Map, WTF?


Amazing Game!! I f*cking love this game its amazing great work on!!! keep up the great work!!!

Anthony H.

New update has its Pros and Cons Somewhat liking the new PVP system. You can pick-and-choose your opponent, but sometimes you're forced to either pay a Gem to reroll or just attack the team with the lowest point loss and hope for the best. And forget about ranking in the overall top 1,000, which is where the rewards start. Even after working my way to Rank 3, I still only placed 20-something THOUSANDTH!

alexa sasha

5 stars afer fix I love this game but won't open after last update. Can anyone from the game inform us why this is happening and for how long the game will be down? Thank you!

Jarred Brown

Huge RNG Problems Great game but after multiple patches and still no fix to the horrible RNG against the player, I will no longer be playing. Not to mention it will lag and sometimes stop your turn even before you play.


Update ruined the game Worked perfectly until the update today, now I can't even log in, all I get is it ran into an unrecoverable error...

Evilwhisper R

Thank you Althought i still think some issues need to be addressed i love the team of gems of war as they help me recover my account which i invested my time and money into so i love you guys /girls for that but please do something about the arean to make it more interesting. triats arent in the arena no more and nethier are my class bonus or city bonus wat was the point in lvling them if u just going to change the mechanics of the game

Wayne Holloway

Huge waste of time Hard to get enough cards for acension and stones for traits but i love the game.... so the game just forced me to reinstall and NOW MY OLD ACCOUNT IS GONE WTF!!!!!!!

Lisa Mcdonald

Love it Love the game later update needs a lot of bugs working out. Crashes or runs slow quite often.

Abs Delfuego

Most awesome game ever I was looking for something like the original puzzle quest, this game kills it. Devs are awesome and obviously passionate about what they do. Thanks guys, keep up the great work

JJ Owsley

Great game but..... Every pvp match ends with this game has already ended or another one has started.?.? Please fix ASAP

Misty Dickinson

Very good game This game is one of the best games I have found online that I enjoy playing, it reminds me of a game I used to play on my Playstation. They are quick about helping out with any situation also.

Anita O'Reilly

Best game ever Love it, lag has become an issue recently but still cant get enough

Vicki Jobidon

Update I really love this game. But the last update has cost me nothing but trouble and ive lost a ton of diamonds and finishing pvp games and not have them count.

Ross Peppler

New patch, new lag Ever since the new patch the connection to the server is non existent at worst, and quite laggy at best

Jacque Britton

Awesome game. A MUST have This game is an awesome F2P version of Puzzle Quest. I love the rank system, pvp, and variety of troops to use. Download this game! Use my invite code for a reward: JAGGERJAX

Bunny Lord

System is distinctly flawed WoW ... have not seen this much BS randomization outside of the Lottery or a Casino. The House wins Every Time! The drop cascade is skewed so heavily in the AI's favour that it makes it nearly impossible to advance. The drop ratio for prizes or token crap is abismally low and repeats in the direction of useless materials. I am almost ashamed that I spent a few $ on this game. I see that a patch went through recently. all I can say is ... Fix this Crap or I will stop playing. Please redesign the randomizer.

Evan Starr

Support seems to be lacking Decided to stop playing after a few days because there were graphical bugs and glitches with a lot of the assets and was starting to look pretty jarring.

Da Greek

Many bugs and extreme lag This game is highly addictive and has potential, but it has way too may bugs and extremely poor optimization. I don't think I've encountered a game that lagged so much as this, and it's only 2D graphics. I've played 3D intensive games that run more fluidly than this one. They did fix the graphical issues after 6 months though, hope they fix the lag sooner


Update killer update Update made my game unplayable for the time being apparently. I spend money on game hope you cats can fix soon please to get back to 5* ***********problem solved thanks for quick fix

Sean McCarthy

I was loving the game until I paid for the starter pack. The game then went from working fine to a complete mess of errors and timeouts.

Dana Beard

Gems of war This is the best game for match 3 I have found. I can't stop playing love it

laurie o'mahony

Help! I love this game so much but got a new phone and thought it would be fine downloaded the game logged in :/ and now it's all glitchy

Jake Nuess

Wtff Wiped my account and forced me to start a new game saying my previous save was unrecoverable. This has happened to many people after your most recent update who have spent much time, effort, and real money on your game. This is inexcusable..

Juan Carrillo

If it aint broke... Game was working fine, then just gets worse after updates. were not upgrading just downgrading

Patrick Menefee

Awesome game Loved it on Xbox One, loved it even more on mobile since it has much more content than the console version. Better than most other F2P games out there.

Mike Longnecker

Excellent Game This game helped me uninstall every other waste of time game I was hooked on.

Cyndy Colley

Last update caused the game to be slow and very glitchy. Fix it!

Chee Yoong Wong

Great game but having graphic issue This is by far the best match 3 game I played. However I'm facing graphic issues on my Sony Xperia Z5. 5 star if this issue is solved!

Leonard Maciuca

Great Good game and great technical support.

James Ralph

Loading times and lag kinda throw me off a bit.

maryann cavenaugh

What da heck Can't even get past the logging in page.....

Darth xBootyx

Wish it had tasks for more rewards like the ps4 version. I would be more inclined to play it more.

Ian Schodde

Great Game Suggest if looking for something different.

Mij Bril

Game has serious balance issues that get worse with each release that makes you want to give the game 1 star only, but their technical support is first class. The game doesn't cheat as others say but if getting slaughtered by a P2P player is going to annoy you, then go play something else

joseph giles

It's good but non responsive Could be the best game I've ever played but I keep getting the game not responding error message and have to close. I will persevere but it's a pain in the ass, especially as I've paid real money in this game... Grrr

K. David Wright

More good than bad. A little pay to win but once you get some decent cards you can get going. Good thing there is no true PVP. Top ranked players are never getting caught.

Dennis Chouquette

Total BS Thought I would like this game. While it has potential it is an absolute Pay To Win game. Don't waste your time or money on it. The random generator is not random at all. It is designed to suck you dry. Better to spend your money on something that at least gives you a resemblance of winning.

David Gonzalez

The game is great but.... The update screwed the game up . Can not access anything. When you click on icons on screen it begins to freeze and glitch.

Terrell thomas

Good game Been a fan since the first puzzle quest came out. But why are the stats for your cards on the phone on some characters, different on the console base one?

Cassie chekowski

Since update So I will change my review once the bugs are fixed there was an update yesterday I tried to buy a starter pack on my iPhone and the whole thing froze on me I had gems and I have screen shots to prove it I thought I would delete the app and redownload it and I went to rebout it and my game is no where to be found. I messaged support and have yet to receive an email back so I started up a new game and am happy except for the fact that I try to go buy maps and it says that the store is down which is frustratin

Telayna Cleveland

Yes!!! I was almost heartbroken, thinking I'd lost my account. But your heroes saved the day! Yussss! I love this game!

Evesh Rajman

Best match 3 out there If you liked puzzle quest then you should definitely give this a look. Game developers keep adding and fixing which is amazing. I've played this game every day for 6 months now. Best android game I've ever played

Trixee Pixeldisco

Awesome game Loving this, only problem is on my LG G4 the game is a bit laggy and the graphics break up. Updates seem to make the game slower.

Wtf Game doesn't even load. I was playing it a few hours ago and now nothing. Doesn't go past the main screen and then turns my screen black! Disappointing.

Best puzzle app ever I really enjoy kicking back and relaxing after work with my favorite game. Loved it so much I put it on my PS4

Tatyani Mcleod

Super addicting This game is super addicting and their support team really helps you if you need it I ended up losing my game account and they help me get back on my account really fast

Zvi mur

Discrimination? Am I paranoid or does the game deny me an extra move at Manna Surge while allowing it to AI?

Christina Broom

Since update Game keeps crashing

Vitaliy Solovey

Perfect time killer Nice and addictive. Probably will eat all your free time and ask for more.

Rod The Champ

Game of the year Free to play game that's fair and fun.

Cody Stephens

Great Fun Very addictive has depth and progression.

Barrie Preston

very addictive defo 5 stars well done .

Isla Matheson

Reminds me of Puzzle Quest 2...which I loved.

Justin Miesner

Good times had by all

John Bastian

Fun game Currently not working on my ZTE citrine won't load past the first screen where it attempts to login but does nothing. but my older lg it works fine the lg is Android 4.04 the ZTE is Android 5.0.1 I believe. So my question is the bug Android specific because in every way the ZTE hardware is better including the processor which is quad core and have 1 gig of ram which two and half times as much as the lg.

Zack Jackson

I really like the game Its just im having graphic issues. I don't know if its a phone issue or what. The colors look like 16 bit. This is the only game that does it. Now, let me clarify its not like that through out the whole time. Its like certain orbs will be pixelated then it will be fine when I load it back up the menu screen looks perfect. I would have to say its random spots every now and then. No gameplay issues just that.

Wesley Odom

Love it!! I found this game on my xbox one. i loved it... then... i found it on my phone and i love it even more. I play this damn game so much i dream about moving gems. that kinda sucks but im just gonna tell u. this match 3 is awesome.... rpg, card collecting, strategy, fantasy, magic, gold, puzzles, this has it all. put a little time into it and i guarantee youre gonna love it too. good job guys!


Frustrated (5* for game being improved) Game was working properly. Played pvp and it wouldn't update after the win, forced to hard quit. Game wouldn't load said to uninstall then reinstall (corrupt file). Did that and lost my character. Only the start tutorial available. changed from s2 without my account being an issue. Please help done too much to start again... rating is temp feel it's 4/5 normally.. good game

Ray Keasler

Lost my 292 level game After update, followed instructions, uninstall and reinstall, game started over at level 1, have lost my purchases and advancements, not good. I've contacted support as of this morning, let's see what they do. Today's date is 7-20-2016, I want to report that the support team worked diligently and restored my account, THANK YOU! Outstanding support, I'm happy again.

Jeremiah Berreth

I love this game but... I'm sick and tired of this game backing out of battles and if I spend more than 1 minute in the game it usually shuts down. I'm done untill this is fixed...uninstalled! Will change review if developers respond to this and help and fix the problem...

Brittany Walker

Fun game, but... I really enjoy playing this game, my husband and I have a great time, but for some reason it keeps saying telling my husband my account is deactivated although I'm connected and playing as he gets this message. I am unable to join any guilds and no one is able to join mine. All this headache kinda took most of the fun out of this game.

Adam Fryberger

Good Fun, easy to learn game but slightly unfair. The gem drops ALWAYS favor the AI(BLATANT-extra turns, skulls and quick skill fill-ups). A "random" skill for player is random, but means 9 of 10 times the AI character with that "random" skill will attack (and devastate) your strongest team member. Fix these supposed "random" features and I'd DEFINITELY change this to a five star game rating!

katherine Hedrick

Lost my account Awesome customer service! Every issue resolved right away, including earlier issue. Best devs too. Previous issue: Very upset, was over lvl 110, my account is gone. Had corrupt file on update, this is when it was lost. Would like it back, I did enjoy very much

Nesto Px

What happen. I log on today and all my progress is lost. I was at a high level I believe in the 50s. Now it made me go thru tutorials and still I'm at a loss of progress. I go to achievements in the game app it shows my achievements and I'm logged into my Google account but now all is lost. I put money into this game time from time. Let's get this fixed pls one of my favorite games is now crap. Help.

Robert Brown

Crashed Game files were corrupted and had to reload. Tried retrieving my character but did not work. Was fun but is it worth this much headache? UPDATE: still no help from tech support and now I having problems signing in another character. Just dropped rating.

Dave Pherrill

Really frustrating! Since the update, it lags, stalls and freezes, it even froze twice during pvp and gave me the lose. I enjoy the game, but lately it has really sucked!

Matt Holida

Was 4/5 now 3/5 This game is still epic but I have to take away two stars... I have entirely given up on treasure maps I will not use them they are a waste of guild acquires them so fast I can't use them I do not have the time to use them..... Unless I can use multiples at once I do not have the time of day to use single treasure maps only groups of them.... I have 90 I will not use them unless I can use 10 at a time!!!!! Disappointed!!!!!

Anthony H.

Tried and true Over the years, many games have come and gone on my phone. But this one is always there. Free. No ads. No limited-play "lives" (think Candy Crush). No real downside. The only drawback is that there is a lot of strategy needed--so if you're not prepared to analyze your card/troop abilities and put the right teams together to use them to your advantage, you won't accomplish much.

autumn gard

Love it on ps4 but.... Great game but it crashed my phone. I got the black screen of death and had to do a factory reset from safe mode. Lost all my other games and pics. Luckily I backed up my contacts. Thought I killed my phone. And I don't have $500 to replace. Great game but what the heck. ?

Jeremy Crumley

Great game and great support! Love this game and recently an update cause my account to be erased. I posted all this on here and within hours had a response back and the next day my account was recovered by google. Cant ask for much more here, thank you

Dave Crossland

Account access lost I loved this game but have had my account wiped, and had to start again, my hero is still there on my guild but it just forces me to create a new character. This sucks when I've spent money and put in hours to get where I was. I have contacted support over a month ago but still had no response.

Devin Skaggs

AI is very cheap. It's a little suspicious that certain moves set you up for the enemy to crush you. I am used to it because I play Puzzle Quest 2 but that does not mean that this is a game mechanic that is necessary. I enjoy the game but sometimes this game literally seems like it's cheating. And don't mistake me I am very good at this game so don't think it's my inexperience , but even in Puzzle Quest 2 they gave you a bit of a break. It seems like the more you progress the more cheap tactics the AI employs.

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