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23 Jan
Gem Miner

Posted by Psym Mobile in Adventure | Jan. 23, 2012 | 72 Comments

Apk file size: 1.4 MB

Dig a mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune!

Sell your discoveries to buy upgrades from your profits and dig even deeper down a huge mine. Be careful not to get stuck down the mine, fall down chasms or be crushed by rockfalls!

- randomly generated mines (every game is different!)
- buy lifts, improved mining gear, supports, ladders, torches and much more
- challenge levels give you specific aims and reward you with medals

Whats new

    - null sprite fc bug fix
    - Gem Miner 2 promo

Psym Mobile part of our Adventure and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Jan. 23, 2012. Google play rating is 81.6951. Current verison is 1.3.1. Actual size 1.4 MB.

Download gem-miner.apk 1.4 MB


A Google User

Poor Doesnt let you save ur progress so dont waste ur time on something that wont let you save. Its fun but needs more upgrades!!!!

Nick Filbrandt

One of the best I NEVER write reviews. But this game was worth it, no stupid energy, and no ads telling you to buy stuff. Very fun game.

A Google User

Love it But I hate it when I use a health pack I lose everything I had n have to start ova...what a waste tho.

heidi anderson

Awesome 'n Fun App W/O repittion yet massive variation If I had money I would definitely purchase this App & access more than just the Easy Level 'n Challenge Levels! But be warned this game becomes **Super Fun** & **Super Addictive** if ones not careful. ;)

Kirby Caputa

Best game Ever!!! It never has and never should have an update! It doesn't have ads, low mbs, u can mine. It is almost like minecraft!! If there 105775 stars, i would put 105775 stars!! It makes me sad when people hate this game. FYI... U save the game by going to the tent and hitting the arrow that points at the opened door botton like you do with the shop for all u people who don't read the totoral!! I could type all day about how great this game is, but it is 11:09 P.M. And I need sleep, and enjoy it

Sue Wycoff

Spam scare ads I have enjoyed Gem Miner for a few years now. Lately the ads flash that my phone is slow or infected and to 'click here to fix'. These type ads are scare ads and ultimately can take control of the device. I'm sad to see my favorite game lower their standards to allow these type ads.

A Google User

Cool game!! Was up until 3am, could not stop playing! Highly recommend this neat, & simple game!

Seth Callahan

(Allow me to rave for just a moment) My expectations were blown away! This is a very cool game. It's fun and kinda realistic. I've yet to become bored with it. It changes at every turn, it's fast paced, and simple enough to play, yet hard enough to be a challenge. Really great.

Rose Vargas

Great game! No adds while you play, no lagging, not a lot of data it's great. 5! stars The only thing I would recommend is that,you should be able to collect the ladders that you no longer use.

A Google User

Gem miner rocks I like how you can dig and get up grades i also like how every thing is cheep and not to much money gem miner rocks

A Google User

Pretty fun game It's a fun game but for some reason the map comes up as a blank screen most times. Sometimes the map is visible for a second or two before it disappears. Pretty sure it has to do with the lantern. When I first started playing, the map flashed on the screen on and off, I thought it was intentional, but when I upgraded the lantern it got worse. When I'm out of the mine the map works fine, no flashing no black screen. I'd give it 5 stars if this were fixed but not being able to use the map in the mine is very annoying. And there's not much use for it out of the mine.

David Turner

Old news This is the remanint of an old browser game. Terraria is a few dollars more, and has far more content.

A Google User

Good game This game is very similar to terraria and minecraft but I think you should be able to jump one block up because I got stuck with no ladders many times.

Jimmy Welsh

PROBLEM Is there a jump button because I hate having to buy ladders all the time If there's not jump button fix it please ASAP

Tyler Ondrovich

It is a lot of fun but the stamina goes down so fast If they would make it to where the stamina goes down slower that would be great ?

A Google User

Satisfied customer I'm very happy with this, and will buy either the full version or the sequel come payday. It's not a very complicated game, but it's satisfying to explore and bring back treasure. The only criticism I have is that the caverns could do with more hazards, but given that only easy mode is unlocked (I'm not sure, but I think this is as far as the free version goes), this is understandable. Edit: Coming back to add an extra star to this, because my boyfriend enjoyed it too. The only problem I've noticed so far is that I couldn't find a way to lower the app volume separate from the device volume, i.e. if you're listening to the radio, you're also listening to the game's sound effects (which are nice in general).

schein bee

multiplication miner? Hi! I Love Gem miner, and as a teacher, I'm always looking for something my students can enjoy that is educational. Hence my suggestion: Multiplication miner. It would play the same as Gem Miner, but would require students to solve a multiplication problem in order to get the coal/fossils etc. Please consider!

A Google User

Cheats you Only will give me first objective mine 20 coal. Fix the issue and stars can be given. I paid for a game to play not for it to take my money.

A Google User

fun but needs work Tplayed this game years ago,and it was awesome. But, now when I close the game and reopen it and it Starts over from the beginning. asks if I want to run the tutorial. kinda pointless if I restart from the beginning every time

Wyatt DeAnda

perfect no ads no problems and none stop diging this game is the best! I do have one problem I wish they would lower the drill to get the drill you need 50000 CONIS it's kinda unfair but it's worth being 50000 coins because you can use that as a drill as you play the game!

Rachael Sare

Was fun but.... I really enjoyed it until i clicked save, left, and found my progress to be lost. I even mined all of the ore in the map and then lost it. So that makes it a lot less enjoyable.

Titan Green

Pretty good A little repetitive, but it could be fun. You can save your game.

A Google User

Boring This game is so stupid!!!!!!!! The original game is better than this! Robo Miner is better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Google User

Good Good but kinda does something with the screen. Does a glitching and freezing thing. Otherwise a good game

A Google User

Cool game! It's fun but the worlds are too small and it needs an auto save feature. I'm probably gonna bye the 2nd one.

A Google User

Black screen!!!!! I just bought the full version after loving the demo! But I played for half an hour, gptow stamina in the mine, and then my screen when black! I can still hear the sound for low stamina but I can't see anything. I exit the app and go back in, still hear the sound but still a black screen! This is not what I paid for....

Joe Schultz

Sgs2 I actually only uninstalled because the game was TOO addictive. Good job developers. Android users, you've been warned.

A Google User

It's a nice game, but keeps feezing up from time to time. I then lose all my collected stuff. If that can be fixed, thanks.

A Google User

Great. But... Stop giving the game 5 stars if you say its stupid. Gosh.

A Google User

Needs IPad App :-) I LOVE this game - just wish I could play it on my iPad!! No problems or glitches - droid x.

Hunter Nesvold

Needs more It needs a bigger level to mine. I got to the bottom and could not go any were else. Make it bigger in next update. That would really help me. And please make a demo for gem miner 2. That would be really fun.

A Google User

Awsome game Love this game, only makes me sad that I can't use some items in the free demo. I plan to get the full version tho. An I'm sure ill love it.

A Google User

Wost game EVER This game is horrible sucky gameplay diffacult contol DONT GET THIS MESSED UP GAME!!

Dale Ezzell

Needs more/better gameplay The game is OK, but far too short and limited for me to make a decision to buy. 5-10 mins of play... Uninstalling.

A Google User

Exellent! It is as addicting as minecraft for all those who dont know what it is download it and make an account

Donald Skipper

Pass the time Well done. One can put a lot of time into this, even the free version

Hansen Chu

Wacky controls This game used to be so addicting, but now, not as much. For those of you who complain about not being able to save, just go in front of the tent and press the button over your head. Also, the controls are kind of annoying, because I keep breaking blocks and moving even though I don't want to.

A Google User

Gggrrr I payed for the full game changed phones and have to buy it again! Im very up set at this it would have been a 5 but i will not pay again for something thst was mine already.

Saffron Georgallis

Superb What a delight. Simple yet complex absorbing and fun.

A Google User

Doesn't work for galaxy nexus The screen is about 1 fourth of an inch wide on the left side of my screen.

Karen Ledder

Still fun & relaxing Been enjoying this delightful game for a long time. Lots of fun and strategy.

aditya shridhar

Nice game but I hope you guys make the whole version free and also gem miner 2 should also have a free play version.

Dark Majiks

AMAZING! So simple yet so addictive. So many poor reviews from people who have no clue what they are talking about. There is a save button which is clear as day! I played another game like this for about 5 years and finally found this one. Better graphics, bigger map, more items to use, more resources to mine. Just a great game all around. With so many ad filled games out there, or ones with ridiculous permissions, it is refreshing to find an ap like this. TY!! I will happily purchase the full version! =)

A Google User

Cause it's awesome The update is awesome cause the gem miner is cool all games is lame because it will not download...the games are all f##

Joss Johnson

Ok Make it to were he doesnt run out of energy so fast and lower the cost of the items in the shop than I'll rate 5 stars

A Google User

I love this game I only play it on coolmath like ever lol updated-That was so far away since I put this message

Atticus Denzil

Backpack full super fast. Stamina gone super fast. Sucky game.

MLG Master

My favorite 2D game I lost both my iPods... Had the game. I now have a 1.27 GB phone so the little space =my bff thank you Psym Mobile your the best I love you even this demo is worth money but don't charge me pls I'm a huge fan of this game if nobody could tell (100% chance everyone got the message?)

Gregory Peterson

Such a cheap ripoff.. This is an exact replica of "robo miner" but with less features, bad audio, and annoying functions..

David O

It is awesome it is fun but then I got stuck between 2 stone rocks and I couldn't get out until my sister told me to just click the rescue bitten or whatever

A Google User

Unlisted permission Has "Read Phone State" permission, but omits it from Playstore permissions list. No thanks, I'll skip the robo-calls from Fly-by-night Enterprises. lol.

Jay Leung

surprisingly a really fun game! It takes a bit of planning to decide how to build your mine, and prioritize your upgrades and every generated map is different. There aren't any ads while you play, and no nag screens pressuring you to buy coin packs or whatever other types of in-app purchases. I'll likely pick up the paid version too. For the people who are saying there is no save option, you probably didn't go through the tutorial. At your tent/camp, you can click the green button to save your progress.

Rahul Talreja

Simply Brilliant Really the benchmark for what an android game should be. It strike just the right sweet spot between difficulty and coins.. You are always craving for more and you just want to keep going.. I suggest you take a couple of days off work before you dive into this mine..

Shar Y

GEM MINER I would rate it higher, but I find it frustrating Just started it but cannot find a way to go back to a save, how to restart, how to sell rocks. At the start there was 3 slots for 3 games. Can't figure out how to access those! No page to look for FAQs. NEED WORK but has potential.

Hannah Sarver

This game is really fun but I'm really tired of being 1 ladder short. I think there should be emergency ladders but for a more expensive price, like 30c per emergency ladder.

A Google User

Keeps closing Fun when I can play but frequently closes abruptly when the miner is active in mine. Then when its reloaded, he's back at the top and all the gems loaded in his bag are gone. Unless this gets fixed don't bother downloading. Too annoying.

Lauryn Bowater

Love It I absolutley love this game!!! I got right to the bittim twice. However Gem Miner Dig Deeper is better, obviously as it isnt free, but I had it on my phone, and its definatley worth the money xxx

A Google User

Bad app. I played this app a good year ago without any problem. Sadly, now it was slow, freezes up tries to crash HTC legend. Uninstalled it, won't come back.

Stephani Rowlett

I cant cut down my ladders so i have to keep buying then. God forbid i run out of ladders. Cant even get anything else from all the ladders i have to buy.

sarah yannetta

Great game But no matter how good it is its pointless to play if it stops saving your progress after a little while

Tim Williams

Is this why Thatcher closed the pits? Ever wondered what it must be like to see life squinting down a toilet roll? In poor light? Well wonder no more. Jeez.

Amanda Crawford

Great game, but... Why can't I save??? Not worth my time if my progress gets lost. CHANGE IT, PLEASE!

A Google User

Fun, but... Ladders should be recyclable, and maybe supports as well. But ladders are my only complaint. What's the point if I can't move them when needed?

A Google User

Not bad. It gets annoying to open your inventory every time you wanna set a leader or a beam. Robominer shows how to do it right!

Wenjun Liu

AWESOME Got some time to kill, Then get this app now! BEST mining app (other than minecraft and terraria) bc its free and no energy is needed to mine.

Bailey U

Absolutely awesome! I used to play this game alot a few years back when it first came out! It is still as fun as I remember! I would suggest purchasing the new version though.

A Google User

Needs more gems! Good game, but needs more gems. Also, if you were able to remove ladders if you misplaced them, that would help. But apart from that, it's a great game!

A Google User

Has potential, frequent crashes Fun game, and I would buy it if it didn't crash every few minutes. Disappointing...

A Google User

Well... I like it, but the controls are very... Uneven, when I do the same thing, sometimes I mine, sometimes I move, its all very confusing...

A Google User

Excellent Game, good graphics, size. Useless button for GemMiner 2! Does get a bit boring, though! 8-)

Delner Tommy

Good Game How to save your mine. It`s easy go to the green tent and enter to save your device. And if you always loose staminia, go to the GENERAL STORE and buy something there. Just look out for very highly and a deep under. If your staminia is nearly 10% go back to your home and sale your money. You have a bagpack only 10pcs of gold can only insert. If you want 100% gold, dig some gold and buy a (packbag). I am Jerry and tell me when you need help.

A Google User

Ok, but demo restrictive A great game, but it's not free! Without bridges (not in demo) it's impossible to reach half of the map.

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