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10 Sep
Geeking - Geek Chat & Roleplay

Posted by Affinity Networks in Social | Sept. 10, 2016 | 262 Comments

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Geeking is the #1 mobile app for Roleplay & Chat. From Anime to Vampire. Cosplay to Comics. Whatever your passion is, you can find people that like what you like on Geeking.

People on this app are making new friends, sharing experiences, telling stories, role-playing, asking questions, flirting, finding love and just being themselves. Join us!

## Roleplay on thousands of topics. Create a bio, choose an adventure and jump into an imaginative world with great friends! Try it, even if you never have!

All forms of roleplay - Lit, Semi-Lit, Advanced Lit
Create characters & bios - Be original and join a story
Collect geek badges - Individualize your profile

Wikipedia gracefully explains the term Geek was originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people, with different connotations ranging from an expert or enthusiast to a person heavily interested in a hobby, generally a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual.

But the meaning has evolved to represent “someone who is interested in a particular subject for its own sake. That's what you'll find on Geeking for iPhone.

Geeking is a community for everyone that ever strayed off the beaten path. If you’ve got a passion for the unique, the cool, the wild, the weird, this is the place. From movies to games and comics to cosplay – both guys and gals are meeting, chatting and conspiring to have a blast.

And literally, thousands more; join a group or create your own. Meet geeks or invite your friends.

Join the growing community where like-minded people come together to geek out and have fun on hundreds of topics like super heroes, board games, , fashion, hairstyles, pictures, videos, entertainment news, Hollywood stories and much more.

1000’s of people join every day. Whether you’re just looking for some casual convo, full-on role-play, storytelling or anything else – Geeking is the place to get your daily does of whatever your digging lately. Join the geek revolution where people who are just like you are chatting away 24/7.

- Vampire roleplay idea?
- Going to Comic-Con?
- Love DnD?
- Want to Talk Summer Movies?
- Need to Vent?
- Hate Your Job?
- Or just want to chat with people that understand and won’t judge you?

This is the place, download now and join us.

Whats new

    -Profile UI\UX updates
    -Small chat UI updates
    Thanks for your reviews and feedback!
    Geeking Android Dev team

Affinity Networks part of our Social and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 67.0269. Current verison is 0.5.5. Actual size 13.0 MB.

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Juan Alfaro

Interesting But why aren't there a kick button from a discussion you've made, there was one person I really hated and I wanted him out of out.

Emma Styles

I love it... when it works... Android users, this app is a hell hole for you. Right now, I am unable to get on the app because it crashes when I log in. Why did you log out, Emma? BECAUSE IT KEPT CRASHING SO I REINSTALLED. When it works (20% of the time on Android) it is great! When it doesn't, you want to make it explode. Have fun.

Jon Zilla

Great App! This app is great! For people complaining about the crashes and stuff, that's your own fault, I'm am android user and I have NO PROBLEMS *gasp* how?! If it doesn't work for YOU, just don't bother. I love the app myself, great time killer for when I got nothing to do :)

william rabenold

Bugs fix please I liked it at first but now it won't let me log in at all and every time I try it says it stopped working

Purple-Smoke-Bomb -

... i loved it at first but now it wont let me login like wtf!

maria hernandez

Love the app but, It keeps closing on me as soon as I try to log in my old account. Fix please!

Casey Jones

Sucks for Samsung I have the S4 and this app is truly letting me down. I used to be on it constantly on my old iPhone, but now I'm rarely ever on at all. I can't change my pictures, and I can't see responses in the RPs. Might as well leave.


It's ok. It works fine and everything but it won't let me change my profile photo

Bretten True

I love the app but i have to load it like 39times for it to start working. It likes to freeze and wont let me load it.The messages and notifactions wont load and after the new update it got harder to log on. Please fix.

Zach Savage

Bug fixes plz It wont let me log in. Everytime i try, it says "unfortunately geeking has stopped working"

Jean Lizano

What happened I logged off then I can't get back in and for android things have been going down hill lately would be five stars but problems prevent me from putting even two stars

batwing's channel

I love the app But please help fix the bugs when I try to make a new account or sign into a old one it crashes please please fix it

Menuri Bry

Wtf I have reported it multiple times.. It has booted me out and won't let me log back in.. Seriously..

Branden Alexander

Love the app... But it won't let me log in. Fix it please guys.

Judith Phantomhive

Bugs..... It won't even let me log in.... I'll give 5 stars when I'm able to log in....

Impact Detonator

Unable to register for google cloud messaging? The app is fairly decent, has some good moments when you find detailed + literate people and some bad moments also, but I had to reset my phone. Now, I've re-installed it and this error keeps appearing about google cloud messaging?? Please fix this for 5 stars. Thank you.

Austin McFarland

Love it Please... I love it and no app could replace it, I don't care about small bugs like photo problems and text placement and wrong times. But please I can not log in since the new update If you can respond and help. I know the account info it just closes automatically after putting in account info and hitting sign in


Good Omg!! I can't log in to the app after updating it ?? plz fix it asap!!

Michael Burke

Great, but... I loved this app and have been a user for six months but o have just recently gotten android and noticed it's very buggy still so if you are to use this app I would suggest using an Apple product or any other form of IOS but if you are to use android I have learned it's less buggy with newer android phones. But still all in all I love the app and most of the people are amazing, I have met some of my closest friends on it so I do highly suggest it but mainly for IOS users. Sjncerely, @Diarmuid

The Creator

The Feather Has Flown Away I believe the once was a greater time for this app. Back when it was only for iOS and when it ran smoothly. Now you've made one for Android and you don't know what to do with it. It crashed seemingly infinitely and you can't log in in any clean way, you can post on some phones and some phones won't run in correctly. Its a mess.

Allison King

I practically live on it! I love the app when it's not crashing and if you have problems signing in, enter your password first then username. ^ω^


Ehh I really love this app but now that I had to switch to an android phone I can't even log in . Pls fix it ! I want to roleplay! ;-;

paul stoner

Force close It will force close as soon as you log in and the company has not even tried to fix it so definitely steer clear of this app

Daniel Molloy

Good App....... But Generally like Geeking but the App isn't as good as it is on the iPhone, I know it hasn't been out on Android for very long but I think I speak for everyone that has left Reviews.... The android version needs a big update to improve it

Estefania Mendoza

Its okay Love the app. Its fun. But hate when my messages don't send or I don't get my messages. And sometimes it crashes on me. Other than that its a good app.

Alix Hawke

*Sigh* Never got it to work... For a second it does then it crashes or never loads... Good consept, bad desighn...

Jeffrey Bramlett

Please fix this app I try to log in this app but when i do the app messes up. Please help.

Jon Miller

It's fun but it crashes It won't let me log in and or make new account please fix for 5 stars

Michelle Myers

Awesome! The community is great and very welcoming. Couldn't ask for better.

Daniel O'Donnell

Wow Can't even login on my S5. I was logged in yesterday. Open the app today to find it logged out and crashes on login. You stupid weebs need better android support.


>////< derp....hi hi umm the app keeps craching on me TTATT -sifw- can u plez fix this problem and thank u so vawy much

Tracey Lanie

Eh When I try to log in, it closes.

Cassidy Wishman

Ehh Well when I try to log in it closes so.......

Taylor Hagen


samuel dalton

I'm sorry Please unsilence me.

Sensei Mikado

It wouldn't let me long in The app was crashing so I reinstall it but when I try to long in it crash, so fix and you will get 5 stars cause this is my social life we talking about

Tala Fire Wolf Cat

If creators could fix itd be perfect!! When i get messages and notifications there is no noise or ring tone its silent if this could get fixed itd be awesome!!

Neko Yuki -Jordan Hobbs

Geeking I really like this app, just some bugs but I love what you created stay cool✌

Jessica Vega

Ugh...... Every time I try opening it... it closes right away and it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! VERY ANNOYING! !!!!

Akulah Mei

love it , add more badges please :v

Britt Sharpie

Where's my discussion pics? When I use Explore and click on a chat I can see the discussion picture. I like this feature because then I can view how many people have koined the discussion, but once I'm in a discussion I can't go back and see the picture. I am not happy about this.

Mackenzie Sisk

How do i unsuspend my account? For some reason mt account got suspended for no reason, how do i unsuspend it? Its a good app that i enjoy and would like to unsuspend my account so i can use it again.

Eric Lowe

To Silenced people Stop complaining of either being kicked, silenced, or blocked from your account. You obviously did something wrong one too many times and have been dealt with. If you can't figure that out, then you don't need to be on this app because they'll keep doing it. It's annoying to see people continuously complaining about it.

In Rage

Fix Just do it, As long as it works. When ever I leave a chat, It blackscreens, I don't get Private messages Or notifications Im a 3 month member Pleeease I love this app But its reeeally bad on android.

noegames powernoes

Like it It's good

Breseis Vargas

Profile page When I go onto my profile page it keeps loading and it won't stop then I have to re-download the app which sucks because then I have to make a new account but if I don't do that it is an awesome app please fix.

S. Mtz

Good app, horrible bugs Fix The Bugs. Won't let me get in half the time. Glitches like crazy. Kicks me out of my account. Otherwise, its a great app

Baka Babe

Crashing I'm really happy itsout for android and happy it doesn't crash for me anymore!! Now to wait for the update &gt;.&gt;

Alvaro Bailon

Looks good... Well, it looks good but I can't sign up or anything, it keeps on saying, "unable to register with Google cloud messaging" any solutions?

Julia Bonilla

Glitching I'm trying to make a new discussion and its glitching please fix this or i'm going to delelte it

Courtney Crawford

The transition So I switched phones recently and when I logged into my account I had over 2,000 notifications and when I got there the clear all button was gone so I don't know what to do about that because I'm not going through that tedious task so I would be very thankful if you could fix that

Austin Mesec

..... Well the new update fixed nothing....none of my chats, DMs, or notifications won't load at all....

Ashley Reynolds

Very Good. I like it although the notification your supposed to get doesnt work on a android phone.

Kassandra Swiftney

More Badges Please? I would really like An Alois Trancy and Claude from Black Butler :3 thanks

Michael Ashford

Pretty good Had a few issues bet they solved themselves, looking forward to more updates with new features

Jean Lizano

Got suspended for no reason I got suspended for no reason at all and I would like to know how to fix this and quick

Dream Warrior

Chats, Groups and so on Nothing to really say since people already explained. Please FIX it and SOON. Don't freaking dilly dally.

Forrest Rogerson

Fix the bugs. Ok it deleted my notifications and convorsations. Fix it.

Jigzy-chan Aka Jessica

Cool app, but... WAY too many bugs! PLEASE fix them as soon as possible!

Brianna Hall

Pretty good I can't seem to put a profile picture up but other than that it's fine.

mekayla harlan

Good but it has it's flaws Well, for instance my phone is now broken.This app is giltchy and buggy.That doesn't work with my anger issues...Just asking you to please fix this!!

Ben Pahti

Decent I feel like I'm being forced to like this app. I really want to. I just can't. Its a unique idea, and super fun to use to meet new people... But it's just absolutely littered with bugs that seem to multiply with every patch. Talk chain should get some half-decent devs who don't break the things that they try to fix.

shay dray

It doesnt give me enough options

Random Band Weirdo

It's okay I like it but the notifications are laggy. The things I want to get notified about -stuff like people messaging me and commenting in my post- I don't get notified on but I get notified when someone post in a conversation I've never even posted in. Please sort this out! ?

Kirstie Fristoe

This is rediculous Android users get the short end of the stick we can't block people we don't have half the things apple users have and it's crap you need to make it fair across the board


I love the interface an layout...But. I can't send any pictures or post my profile pic. It just closes the app and won't let me do it. Kind of annoying.

Jaylon Eaves

Needs more work I love this app but however you guys have to try harder on this app please? Make it work a s good as the IOS version, its so laggy in android. I realllllly love this app but it really needs better improvements!

Rhea Nea

This. Droid doesn't have all the same options as iPhone users?? Is this because it hasn't been updated yet or...?

Rayden Bramlett

Update Alot of problems were fixed, but there are still some here and there

Charlotte Petty

New update has messed it up The app was fine until the new update. Now if I try to open it, I just get a message saying that its stopped working and then the app closes. Please sort this out soon &gt;.&lt;

Travis Stralow

It's good but needs some fixes. I really like this app but I hate the lag thing. I always have to go out of the app and back in to get a new message in a discussion. Please fix this A.S.A.P.

lapis luzli

Alright I'm sick&tired of , kids being suicidal in rps, it doesn't bring good memories

Jay Harding

Ugh This app is broken in so many ways... you guys really need to fix this and when you do fix it, don't fix what isn't broke like you did over on the iPhone side of things


Lots of fun but buggy I'd like to join a private chat but it won't let me... it's lots of fun otherwise but this inhibits me from joining a lot of great chats.

Bethany mccauley

It won't let me make a description I have asked a friend how they sent a screenshot for the top right corner but when I click it nothing is there

logan otis

We need to talk about badges. You need to put an option to take off your badge, cause i can only see half of my picture and i hate it, im not the only one who feel this way. But overall great app.

lyrbobo the prey

Everyone is mean Everyone is hating on me for joining SO I DELETED MY ACCOUNT

Hellgirl Tralalala

You cannot delete discussions? Where is the option to delete items?

Jax Vlogs and Games

Um its good but It keeps saying I can't sign In and that my password is wrong even though is not. And when I try to make a new account it doesn't work. I only downloaded it yesterday and it just randomly stopped working a little while ago. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it many times but it doesn't work but I see I'm not the only one having this issue.

Terrence Anstee

alright it works alright but it comes down to having to uninstall and reinstall anywhere between 3-5 days as well as there is trouble with sending messages even with full wifi signal please fix because us role-players would really enjoy this sight

Jasmine LeBrun

Crashing and a lot more Love the app. But sick of it crashing all the time or not letting me send stuff. Like right now, it crashed and i cant get back on it. Plz fix this

Jessi Terry

I works......kinda I really like this app, but the newest update is a piece of crap, it won't let me send any messages and most of the things I wanna get in won't load, I wish it would work right

Nova Skiller

Hey i like the app but Every time i open it and go to messages people send me it freezes and crashes you need to Fix this (p.s. im sorry I usually dont complain but every time on every update there is something wrong)

Gabriel Rodriguez

Frustrating The app has the same problems every update. The weird thing is that it's usually only after updates that the app has constant problems. To the developers: let it be for a while. New updates that cause problems outweigh how useful or cosmetic they are. Also, notifications for chats just straight up don't work anymore.

Tenchi Hiroshimi

Crash, lags, and loading issues. It's fine when it works, but sometimes, it will randomly crash itself. Then it will take me forever to get back on. And then sometimes it won't even load my chats. Android version is worse than iPhone for sure.

R Carter

Still crashing UPDATE2: Still freezing and crashing to the point my Note5 wants me to uninstall it. Wish the android version got the attention the iphone veraion does. Horrible. Wont send msgs and then freezes and crashes. This update is better but still not letting me stay in a chat room without crashing.

max kyan

Come on... Geeking is a pretty big community and seriously the android version is wak, and has been for far too bloody long. Come on, get it flipping fixed already. A great alternative is Virtual Space Amino.

manolis lidakakis

Cant make account. I typed in even completely RANDOM usernames and it says they are all taken.I tried ti uninstall and reinstall but its the same!

lucy jenkiins

Really needs fixed. I've never seen the app this bad. And I've been here sense 2012. The android version needs fixing the most but you guys mainly focus on ios. And that's not fair to everyone who uses Android.

Usagi Strife

Nice app but needs serious reboot After a few hours chats won't load, and a few days none of the contents will work so I have to reinstall. You're lucky I like the community ಠ_ಠ

Chase Larson

Help. I have an android and it won't let me get to someone's profile and that's really irritating. Maybe if you fix that I'll make it 5 star

Louise Ditmore

WHERE IS IT!?? I have been asking people and looking everywhere but I just can't find the button to switch the chat I created to private and I even uninstalled this app and installed it again and still can't find it and I even showed my friends a snap shot and they have no idea what to do. But I really do love this app its just I can't do somethings on it and I'm not sure if its just my phone cuz my phone is a Nexus and I tested geeking on my mom's Samsung and it didn't have it and then I tried it on my brothers it didn't

Jaymee Rodriguez

The new update! The new update has its down sides and its good sides. It has a continued pattern to not send my messages now, and notifies me for notifications that I don't have, and can't get rid of. Although, it now loads faster, and allows us to see when the other person is typing. It doesn't crash anymore which is great.

Spirit Edge

CRASHING when i tried to report a rude troll , it crashed. When i try to hide a chat from my feed, it crashes. & is there a chat to Report chats in to admins or no??

Juan Alfaro

Bug problem Keeps saying Java null since the update so it's broken plus my dm can't interact with them but only discussions so thanks for breaking geeking for me because I have no clue who's sending me messages

Allison Blalock

it wont let me make an account! i keep on trying to make an account it wont let me make a username and every user i choose is taken i even entered alot of random numbers and letters but its taken and i uninstalled this app and installing it again to see if it worked but it didnt :(

Chris Coyle

Great app Well I've had to Uninstall and then reinstall twice in order to get the apps to work now plz work on it. I still believe thus is a great idea though

Kierra Whorton

.... Don't like the new update it won't let me load up certain conversations, then bugs out when I try to open the convo. Fix please

Harrison Ponsart

Direct messages The new update that fixed the Direct Messages worked for about a day then stopped letting me see them , please fix this as soon. As possible

Kao-Chan Figueroa

Geeking is Glitching It keeps having to reload and won't show me as ages and when I can send message it only let's me send one before having to reload please fix it

Doctor Fazbear

It needs a log out feature I love this app, but the only way to log out is to uninstall it

Tyrel Ivens

Try fixing instead of adding and rearranging You update it and it causes more issues please try fixing things before you rearrange things I pretty much can never use this app cause you keep bugging it more by adding and changing please please just try to only fix things once That's all said and done then add or rearrange just focus on fixing things I love this app but please just try to fix before you add or change.

Zacobia Height

I would've given you five stars but if you download this on android then you cannot manage your groups in the slightest. And the discussion codes dot work. Please fix this asap.

Dark Edits

I've had a few issues occasionally Rarely, it'll crash, messages won't send or it'll completely shut down for a bit

Elicia Blankenship

Server Error New update is smoother and nicer but I keep getting these server error messages that make the app shut down.

Emma Keenan

It's just full of people arguing with each other so unless that's what you enjoy your shouldn't join it. Also wish there was an actual age restriction that happened as it's mainly 13-14 year olds using it and they just message you saying dirty rp which is in no way enjoyable as they are too many thirsty people on this...

John Bloom

Not as many bugs but still has a few though Thos app is a great way to meet people who share common interests and the app doesn't freeze as much with the new updates.

Julia Guthridge

It's not loading Please fix the issue.. I'm in a very good RP and its saying the server has stopped. I hope I'm not the only one having this problem.


Not user friendly and basically trying to be twitter with groups Its not easy to use and its basically just like a twitter except its like you are following everybody and see what they all post. The roleplay function feels more like a side thing more then the main focus. If the app was more user friendly and focused on just groups for roleplay and dropped the idea of the posts, I would have voted it more if not 5 stars.

Kito -Senpai

Its really cool! Theres alot of nice and cool people up on heya! And its called geeking so it makes you feel like your not the only weird one :D


fix it pleaseee When I try to talk to someone over DM, I get the error message saying Geeking has crashed. Every. 1-2. Damn. Minutes.

Kaylynn Mcfarland

I love this app, but... Right now, when I open the app, it says, "the server returned an invalid or incomplete response." I don't know what this means, but I'm unable to do anything on the app at this point. This is the first time this has happened. Please fix it! :)

The Geeky Guy

Super buggy and crashes It has a bad tendancy of not loading content (notifications and chats). It constantly stops responding. It either shows that they don't exist or can't load them. Sometimes it doesn't respond when starting up.

I Prefer To Be Anonymous

One problem My messages seem to disappear when I post them. It has been happening frequently and is bugging me.

Rochelle Lumsden

Lost my account?! Just had to update this app and now I can't sign back in? I would increase my rating if this is fixed, I love this app

Kyle Friedman

Pain in the neck. I do like the app, I'd give it 5 stars if it worked. For the first week or so everything was good, but now when I load into the app, it won't load any of my discussions, dms, and notifications. I'm going to delete and reinstall it to see if that helps, but the fact I gotta do that is like the title suggests, a pain in the neck.

Ashley DeCann

Love it RP with really fun people. Sometimes the app crashes but only if you're on it for so many hours... Which I am!

Jessica Rabbit

It freezes up on me and I can't DM my friends when I want too

nick h

It doesn't crash that often anymore. It still freezes and now if it can't send a message it will keep trying. I don't know why this app is so glitchy. I can load videos and play MMOs from Google play but this app has trouble working? I preferred when it crashed at least then I could message people. And it would be great if notifications came with a time to let you know that someone's messaging you or that someone is calling for you in an rp instead if just a notification that can be easily missed. Don't get me wrong. I love this app and its worth checking out. They just need to get it together because I'm getting tired of the constant problems with this app. The messages that refuse to stop sending prevent me from posting anything in the chat that i ts happening in. FIX IT

Kirika Kaname

Annoying. This is the most annoying thing ever. Last update was better, wish i never updated. It sucks, it wont let me in, and it keeps marking my chats unread. A ban from chat button in the app would be just as helpful as having a Block from all Chats button. i wish it would also quit spamming me to update when they have an update, Because sonetimes I'd much rather NOT update.A little notification is ok but it sucks seeing it every time i open the app.

Kirikise Sato

Major Glitch So as of last week, I noticed that my posts would not deliver to chat. Nothing I did would fix this except for uninstalling and reinstalling. I've had to reinstall at least 9 times in the last two days, just to deliver one or two posts before having to do it again. Please fix this. (P.S. I use an LG G Stylo)

Christian Foster

Good Concept - Missing Ideas I am a very big fan of this app and I've only had it for a short while but the one big issue I have with this is that when you make your own discussions you can't ban or kick people from them. The ability to do so would be a tremendous improvement because it will allow for RP chats to be moderated by the one who is directing the RP and it would allow for the "riff raff" to be isolated. Please consider this idea it would really help a lot of us out

Forever Katie

I liked it but I Love this app its just its having trouble sending messages when im using wifi only. I Would appreaciate it very much if you fix that please.

Karkat Vantas

I like it but.. It needs a log out section and need to fix the messages.It doesn't send even if you're under wifi,well good quality on wifi.

SirSp00kyMaster kid

No profile button I have a galaxy note II and there is no profile button on the top right. Help?

Jessica Romero

Chats I don't receive notifications whenever someone posts in the group and it's really frustrating. Also, whenever I send a picture, it doesn't show up like it used to before.

Kaylynn Mcfarland

It worked better before the update Sending things in my discussions is slower than it was before. I still am never notified when someone posts something in one of my discussions. Pictures in discussions will not show up or will disappear like they were never sent and it will just be a blank post. Please fix this! I really enjoy the app with the exception of the things listed!

Corban Simms

Messages never get sent. I just joined Geeking and there's already a problem. My conversation messages never seem to be sent

Darren Ludwig

"Fixed [issue]" The updates and fixes don't seem to actually help the app and its users. There is definitely more work and consideration put forward for Apple devices compared to Android and such, which just leaves the users with the other devices a lesser and even buggier chat app to use. Many of the updates aren't really even helping the app as much as hindering it. New interface and alleged bug fixes doesn't mean that the app is fixed. There definitely needs to be change in order for the users to be happy.

Latrone TreVon

EXCELLENT Its really fun and easy to use. I love it because I can express my inner geek

Gail Ramsey

Do more. This app only has 3 stars because it's the only one I've found that will let me role play ANYTHING I want. BUT this app needs to have more detail. You guys should put in some character creating software and make the profiles more personal. Make it like I can REALLY be someone else for a while you know? I want everyone to see my character. Also for us role players could you make the discussion descriptions longer? Also having trouble Private Messaging people. Thank you.

Raya Abdallah

Better The app is better now, except all the group chats I haven't answered are highlighted in my notification box no matter how many times I click on it to go away

Trainer Blue

NEW UPDATE RUINED GEEKING with the new update, geeking bugs out so much..cant evem stay on the app anymore...test your app next time before you upload your smart, smart..

Harrison Ponsart

Much better The app works much more smoothly.

Anna Lockley

NOT LOADING Notifications are not loading


WTF I have at home BT fibre internet and at 2 Bars its still fast but this app doesn't seem to keep up. Plus, i can't even send a message without restarting the app and resending it cos it failed. This is just ridiculous.

Matthew Mason

Buggy The "no reception" Warning! needs to be fixed. I literally can't get past it at this point, despite uninstalling, and reinstalling multiple times. I had a lot of fun with this app, but unfortunately I can not continue on like this. Hopefully some updates will come out to make it a little better.


Fix the loading bugs then I'll give it a higher rating! I've been using this app for about 2-3 months straight and had a few minor issues but nothing I couldn't handle... But since the latest update I've been having more and more problems and now it's giving a bad reception error whenever I try to load the app. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it, tried loading it on and off wi-fi, and restarted my phone. I would hate to lose use of this app completely because other than afew art thieves, I have met some nice people that I would love to continue talking to.

Usagi Strife

Nice app but needs serious reboot After a few hours chats won't load, and a few days none of the contents will work so I have to reinstall. You're lucky I like the community ಠ_ಠ. EDIT: constantly have to reinstall for it to work.

William Rabenold

Not working It won't work. It keeps giving me a no reception error even though I'm hooked up to my Wi-Fi with excellent connection. I even reinstalled it to see if that might fix it but it didn't.


Do better. Mostly the endless, Slow group chat menus, Overall I keep re-installing this app, Just to load my group chats, I do like this app, But it's shity loading time is irritating...

Bleach Otaku

Sucks Well ya know its pretty awesome for the only few minutes I can actually get it to load. After about 3 minutes on the app it kicks me off then won't load up again for hours.

Sebastian Michaelis

Keeps crashing I can't even make an account, it keeps crashing! Please fix~

Celex Lavinski

So many problems It's really cool, but there's still some bugs. The time stamps in DMs mix up a lot, for one. Not to mention that sometimes DMs say they aren't sending and then they've actually been sent to the other party like three times. It also crashes pretty consistently when I'm going through the popular chats.

Darren Ludwig

Crashing upon crashing upon.... This app is so broken. It continues to crash, so hard, when I attempt to •log in •join groups •view chat details •slide to the DM screen •open DM •try and use the "post" function And more!

Ron Dooley

Ugh This app actually really sucks but I use it way too much. Crashes every 20 mins, messages won't send, push notifications don't go away after I check them, preferences and filters reset everytime I re open the app... the list goes on

Polar - Gamez

Ehh... It's got a great lively community and i love it but oml it is horribly optimised, this app crashes more than a blind rally car driver. Developers definitely need to work on this and fast.

Jay Spiller

Please. I love this app. Usually i wouldn't care for an app as much as i do for Geeking, but i can't get over it. It's truly amazing, but it keeps crashing. I can honestly say this app is perfect if you are a roleplayer, literate or not. But unless you can fix this crashing situation then I'll have to find another app to place my loyalty to.

Trainer Blue

STILL UNUSABLE PLEASE UNDO YOUR UPDATE!! Ever since the new update, I cant get into a chat anymore without it really should fix existing problems instead of adding new things...its glitches like this that are the reason no ones installing it..or why people are leaving geeking

jenifer agbuggo

Still keeps crushing I still can't join group chats ;-; Everything is fine and I love the new update for android but everytime I join group chats, geeking keeps on crashing on me. I wanna join group chats and group rp's so badly but geeking just won't let me. Please fix it, I love geeking so much but it annoys me how I can't join group chats now.

Xiest 78

Great community, bad app This app keeps crashing to the point I'll need to keep closing off and reopening it any from 1 to 2 times in around 10, it almost always crashes leaving a black screen whenever I try to open a chat or a rp, I would give a higher rating if these crashes are fixed

Jessica Davis

Issues I love this app and I am completely loyal to it through thick and thin, but this app constantly freezes. I'll click on a chat and none of the words will appear, so naturally I'll go to click out of the chat. Here is where one problem comes in... my phone will understand I touched the screen because the buttons light up, but then it freezes. Next time I touch the screens the button won't respond. After my phone is frozen for a solid minute, which is not an exaggeration. Other than that, I still love the app!

Darcel Johnson

Fix the crashing and freezing Fix the app man. People wanna enjoy it but we can't if it keeps crashing.

Rayna Lannon

BEST APP EVER This is legit my favorite app ever. You can RP and make friends.

Mikaela Hyakuya

Meh I love it but a lot of the time my messages won't sent even though I have connection


BY FAR MY FAVORITE APP! Just sucks it crashes every 30 second.

Deal With it

Please help! I can't enter chats I keep crashing please help. I'm missing some functions I had before an I don't know what to do. I love the app but I can't use it anymore because it just crashes

Kelly Spear

30 crashes in 1 week! The update made it worse! What the living hell? I only have this app because of the people on it now, It crashes every two minutes, interferes with my wifi connection, messages almost NEVER send. If I click on a chat/roleplay I can sometimes send a message but then I exit that chat and click another and it CRASHES! Not happy at all!

Amy Robertson

The app doesn't even open The damned app just stays on the loading screen before i recieve a message saying my request for this is invalid. Fix please! I love the app and will only change my rating once it is fixed. It's highly annoying since i use the app almost everyday

Ripped Wrists

Amazing Fun, great way to make new friends, met so many great people!

We Are Sad Robots

It always crashes every 3 minutes and then I have to re-open it.... I have to re-install it on a daily basis just to make sure it keeps working..

Javier Chavarria

Its good but... For some reason some people are using it as an actual dating app

Lauren Rumba

Please fix !! When I first installed it was amazing and a lot of fun! ...till my messages wouldn't send. It started to get annoying so I thought I'd just reinstall the app, but now it won't even open without crashing! I'm very disappointed and I hope it gets fixed immediately, I'd really like to continue using the app..

Mason Miller

Dms still suck. No matter what the update is dms still won't send so I have to send them again. Please fix the lagging DMs!!!

Samantha Winder

It's okay. Its a really great app when it works, but there are a lot of bugs. Like, currently, I can't even get past the loading screen bc it keeps crashing, my messages don't send, it crashes a lot, etc. Please fix ASAP.

Bobby Williams

Love it but the privacy setting is stupid I accidentally made one of my chat rooms private and I can't change it back please fix that

Copper Rezul

Why The app kicks me out every time i want to change my picture

Elicia Blankenship

Getting better slowly... Was working just fine until a few days ago- it continuously freezes and makes the app unusable. I've been holding on for a year, I'm hoping things will continue to get better.

Amely Acuña Castro

I did not like this app at all I had just installed it when I was looking for a pic for my account when it went back I restarted it and I put my email it said my email was taken even though I have never used this app

Daanyal J

Great job *sarcasm* It was good before the update but now its rubbish. Cant even get into a chat without it crashing!

Admiral ButterCrust

FIX IT It's amazing, I love using this app, but the developers I guess don't care about Android because mine just stopped connecting, it jsut broke down, so if the devs could actually do something about that that's be great thanks.

Jade Sam

Lame Service isn't good. It's 10 times harder to find someone to role play with, (Someone literate).

laughing nightmare

No You need to undo this update it keeps crashing on me and only let's me send one private message before I have to turn it off again. I can't even use it in the morning before school to reply to mere message please, stop adding stuff and fix the problem with the bugs.


Still don't receive push notifications from groups. I would love to do rps on this if only I received notifications.

Winter Wolf

Its good but keeps on crashing This app is really cool but sometimes it crashes and doesn't work and i have to reset like three times to make it work. Plz fix this

Zeke Webbe

Needs Work Okay Geeking. Personally, its sad. This app would be popular, no...this app could redeem itself if u guys actually listened to reviews. First, u have a notification, but no sound ❎ Next, the lag. You really are telling me that even when a made a new rp with only three ppl and it still lags, come on guys ❎❎ You can put in a better reward system of the badges or make like mini games to stay on the app or better yet, a character bonus. Ppl can rate oc (original characters) based on how they act in any rp ❎❎❎

Brittany Taylor

Crashes. Geeking crashes everytime I attempt to join a discussion. I preciously had an iPhone and I never had this problem. It's extremely aggravating and I really wished it was fixed. Thank you.

Kaii Mclaren

Intentions are good Love the app and the community but JESUS HAVE MERCY IT CRASHES TOO MUCH

Andrew Duke

I can't even join a group It crashes Everytime i try to select a group to join before i can join it. PLZ FIX!!! It's worked before. Now it crashes

Dakota Pascucci

Messy and missing The chats are all over the place and it's ungodly buggy... Please fix this soon. Also the new update sucks. The "newly created" section doesn't even load now. Not cool.


Great app, keep up the good work! I don't understand why everyone keeps saying it doesn't work properly. I use a Galaxy Core Prime and this app runs smoothly, messeges always send, and in the entire month that I've had it it's only crashed once. The only setback I find is that it takes a bit of time for profile pictures to update when you change them.

Cap Kia

CRASHINNG I like the app, until it starts crashing. Now it won't even let me open the app. A lot of other people have this problem too and you've gotta fix it please

Kyle Thomas

Keeps crashing still. I absolutely love the app and have made so many friends. However, it keeps crashing and freezing.

White Rabbit83

It was better before the update The update made it really slow, its starting to freeze up and crash, its even messing with my phone, like making it hard to play other games or log in

Luke Waite

Still buggy on Android. There's still a lot of bugs still to be ironed out (slow, WiFi/4G issues with sending, etc), however, moderation and chat detail functions were added, so I've bumped my review up a star. Fix the constant crashing and need to clear data every two hours, and you've got yourself five stars.

Raccoon Mortem

Crashes I really enjoy this app, however I go into a chat sometimes and it will freeze then crash, or just not start up at all. Other times I get black screened and my phone freezes entirely and I have to pull out the battery, please fix this issue. Also lots of issues with sending.

keely yancey

The new update sucks. I'm sorry, but what you have done was bit too far. Stop with the whole "6minutes before another post" bullshit. Please and thank you.

Darren Ludwig

Eh. Well, it's safe to say my app is crashing a bunch more now, thanks to the removal of the post timer. Things are also a lot slower. Too bad you can't really cater to everyone since everyone has different tastes and will go to extreme lengths to defend why their flavor is the best flavor. I really liked the timer on posting. It made the app run smoother, but now it crashes again. About once every twenty minutes.

Brandon Do

Ive been on this app for over a year now with lots of activity and there were those moments where geeking has gone down hill so many times. Now comes a time when geeking finally rises and goes back up that hill. I cant thank you enough with all these amazing updates. My experience on this app has certainly been improved with way less bugs and crashes. Although, I still find the post function quite annoying and useless. It just ruins the purpose of chatting on geeking. Thank gawd for the timer on shitposting

Abby Hardy

so far, so good. I'm enjoying the app and the design is nice. The only issue is that there should be more options to choose from. For example, make one for Supernatural (the TV show since there is the rest of Superwholock) or maybe a section for YouTube since it plays such a big part in society. Anyways, I hope you take the time to read this.

Allie Custer

Meh I really like this app except for the following things: the stupid timer, I can't get a notification vibrate or tone for messages, and there is no "Ignored list" or something that shows the people you've ignored because I've accidentally ignored quite a bit of people. So these three things have taken a star each because of how much I SERIOUSLY disliked them. Fix this stuff and I'm willing to go 5 stars.

Pixie Alexa

Slow and crashes constantly. It was fine for the first few days. Loved it, became addicted but after that it began to freeze, crash and even cause my phone to stop working for small amounts of time. By this point, it became annoying. I had to disable the app completely to make it stop freezing up my phone. Potential of four-five stars, but executed poorly.

jennifer winslow

Pretty good with a few bugs Occasionally has a error message when opening the app, direct message chats with be highlighted purple despite it being already read and without there even being a new message. Besides that pretty good and not buggy or glitchy

Jay Johnson

I can't even use it Everytime I go into the app, it says user/device not found. I don't know if I have to wait a while or if it's the app, but this is a slight problem.

Dillon Mccumbee

Whoops. You broke the app. Now I can't see user chats. Everything else is fine though. I really wanted to do a great rp today. But now I can't :(

Cody Miller

It's keep kicking me out. Like every time I get a dm and I go check it. It's freezes on me and kicks me out of the app like I have to force stop to read the message or check on the group

Noof Al Su

I love it but Since the new updates it's been less glitchy so THANK YOU! my only problem is that the new profile picture don't change unless I uninstall and reinstall. Also some chats just sort of.. double? And notifications don't always work.

Samuel Christian

BUGGY AF It's starting to crash again, notifications are mildly better, overall still some room for improvement but getting better, keep up the good work!

Peter Pan Take Me To Neverland

Doesn't properly notify you (Please Fix) It'll put notifications on the top of my notification bar, but it doesn't vibrate or make a noise. I am always minutes late from my messages or group posts. I found nothing. I went on there website, into my settings on the apps info, sound setting, and my notification setting. I love everything else about this app. Can be frustrating, but that notification issue is the worst when it comes to being on this app. New thing to add, can't delete your app and you can't properly log out without deleting the app.

chris jones

Chriz_da_fur I loved the app a year and a half ago but now it sucks.always looking for rp you need more badges

the puppet

Love geeking but I had to make a new account cause of it was defriending one of my friends and wouldnt let me dm him please update it

Oscar Man

Alright Needs better notifications, give options for discrete and actual vibrating and sound notifications instead of these ones that appear silently

dora lopez

Awesome but... I like it but it doesn't make a notification sounds and its slow to send your messages.

Tristin Martin

Love it but some bugs At firsf it worked great but then the next day when i clicked on a chat group it would freeze and not show the other peoples profiles andetc it was completly blank

Kiki Sutton

Really needs sound for notifications I hate having to check my phone all the time. Would love for a simple notification tone of even just it vibrating.

Tyrese Thomas-Davis

Meh Overall I enjoy the app, but I can do without the notifications of feed posts. I turned off the notifications and they stayed on.


Awesome Keeps glitching out and I can't see the chat it needs an update really bad a lot of people are complaining so please can you get right on it bumped my rating down a star but if u fix it I will certainly give a good review and 5 stars

Hunter Parker-Simpson

You really need to add a log-out function. I had an account but forgot the password and email, but recently remembered them, yet there is no way for me to retrieve the account again because of this.

Natalie Dozier

Log Out I wish there was a log out option so every time I wanted to take a break without notifications I wouldn't have to uninstall the app.

Usagi_the_bunny _Chan

? I can not see the whole profile bio of those I view the profile of and would really like to and my notifications never sound for this app...which sucks because i can not tell when people text me

CharizardSlayer 15

Decent but laggy I haven't been able to any chats for the past week, the only things I can do is post and use direct message, please fix this.

Samantha Myers

Chats won't update Still didn't fix the chat problem. I would like the feature back of when the chats automatically updated and scroll to the latest post. Fix that and the post timer, and you'll have my five stars

William Coble

It's ok but.. When you read a message and refresh it marks as unread again. On group messages sometimes you have to exit out of the chat and get back on because new messages won't appear unless you exit the chat. Sometimes it posts my messages twice and won't send my messages at all. Everything else is good though. Thank you, if fixed I'll give 5 stars along with a lot of other people.


Bruh It's a good app, but I accidentally uninstalled it but when I reinstalled it, the profile pictures on my friends on feed disappeared.

Keagan Ryder

It crashes.. A LOT. It crashed over 30 times in one week. Please change the privacy settings. It would be nice to change a group back to public.

megan dorans

Would be great if you know..i could play it?! Never even got past making an account, tried the guest account instantly crashes, dont even know what the app is about


Great job! You've honestly earned them. If I could give ten stars I certainly would! It's working like clockwork man! I can't find a thing wrong with it so congrats! Anyways a logout tool would be great but it's not gonna change my five stars! Thanks again. ^~^

Midori Pumphrey

Eh I've gotten used to the dumb things. Like me having to delete the app because none of my messages send. It's eh.

Tom -

Review I love this app. However I simply cannot rate it high, as much as I would like to. Opening groups constantly causes crashes, and the only way to fix it is to force stop it and reboot it. Several features need improvement. You will get push notifications that will not go away after reading them. Some groups can have descriptions while others cannot. There is no way to find out specifically when you get direct messages without looking in the direct messages menu. Great potential but needs improvement.

Olivia Leap

Private to Public I accidentally made my group private and now I can't get it back? Help please!

wildwild wes

⚠⚠⚠⚠!!!!AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTS!!!!⚠⚠⚠⚠ This app is super glitchy and the people on here do nothing but whine about life and suicide and are always thirsty its stupid doesn't work on older androids and most androids for that matter of fact. AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Wolf Gamez

Crashes but fun It crashes frequently but still a fun

Brianna Bloom

Again!! I was planning on giving this app more stars, but once again I find myself LOCKED OUT. I know my username and password. That's not the problem. This app however will not let me in. I'm logged on, Yes. But every time I try to open the app it shuts down or gives me an error. Because of this happening yet again, I'm afraid my review must stay at one star.

Harding Hopper

Why? Nothing works correctly anymore and is more infuriating than it normally was. Messages still don't send but this time it's on a constant rate of where I have to save what I said just in case it fails which it will do. Loading just doesn't work, it's like it's having to pull a 2 ton truck just to load up a chat or DM. I tolerated it on the older versions but it has gotten out of hand. Update it and actually fix things this time, don't make it worse.

Brea Nielsen

So pissed I HAVE TRIED LOGGING IN LIKE 100 times but it says it can't find my email or it can't log me in... and then I go to the part were it says I forgot my password then is says oh your email isn't in our system.. yes it bloody is have I have been on here off and on for years .

Cosmic Kitten

A good concept that was executed badly. I've been on this app for just two days, and in that time I've seen NUMEROUS amounts of petty drama, posts filled with enough hate to make me feel sick, and dirty role plays. This app needs better moderation. On top of that, it's laggy, and the user profiles desperately need improvement (I can't even view posts). I can't even fit all of the problems in this review. I was really hopeful about this app and I feel I've been let down. 3 stars, though, because it's not ALL bad, and I'm still somewhat hopeful..

Haruka Sato

Seriously! Ok! So I've been a big fan of this app for a long time, I've been on it for almost three years now. I lost my first account and now I've been trying to log into my second account and it WILL NOT work! I'm not losing it! Another thing. I'm extremely sick of all the dirty and hateful posts! The moderators don't care anymore!

Meh Don't get me wrong, this is a good app. It just doesn't let me on sometimes. It says error and it just doesn't work. I need to reply to my friends but I can't because it won't load. A good app though, it's improved my confidence and allowed me to make alot of great friends.

Katelyn Geddis

5 stars, but still annoyed -.-" I love the app, don't get me wrong... but could you please notify the users before shutting down the servers? I've been trying to get on the app for the past two hours and it's seriously annoying... I wanna talk to my freinds! And since most of them live across the world... I HAVE NO WAY OF TALKING TO THEM!

Jess Rose

You wound me I've been on this app for a long time and absolutely adore it, so when the app sudden crashed about three hours ago I didn't worry too much since it happens a fair bit, but now it's been three hours and I still can't get past the purple Geeking page. Then I saw there was a new update so I hoped that would fix it, but updating the app did nothing whatsoever to help. 5 stars because it's usually amazing, but please fix this soon as I have people I can only talk to on here.

isabella zekalo

Okay... I have the update, but now it won't let me sigh in at all. I know it isn't my WiFi, since I have been with and without WiFi while using it. This didn't just start happening today either. I don't know why but the good part about the update only lasted so long. I think the older update seemed better now since I can't get on at all now. I haven't been blocked or kicked out of any chats within geeking so I am confused.

PuteriNurin Syazwani

I CAN'T LOG IN! I just started playing for two days. I recently tried logging in. IT DOES NOT WORK. If it is lagging, please inform me. Quickly fix this problem, please. As soon as possible would be nice. I made some great friends in this app and would hate to be separated just because the app malfunctioned. I await your reply.

Maura Werre

WHY CAN'T I LOG IN?!!!! I am glad bug fixes occurred making it work better, but now after this update geeking was working fine for me yesterday, but now it won't work today!! I turned my Wi-Fi off to try it and it failed. I restarted my phone and that failed. And I just did a delete and reinstall and now it won't even sign me in even though I used the correct email address and password!!!!! I already sent an email about it, but please please please get this fixed!!!

Vendori Okami

Always down Both me and my friends use this app and we both get upset when its down because we cannot conntact our international friends. I wish that this app would be more stable in when its up! Please let it be up again soon

andrew gilley

Geeking wont work The title says it all the app tells me to check my internet and it still wont work even though my internet is fine i talked to someone else and they said you wont fix it till thursday or friday yet every single android user is now locked out of geeking

Spark Games

App problem? Everything was well and I could look past the messages not sending but now I can't get IN the app! It just gives the bad internet popup but my internet is fine!

The_Groggy_Zombie bleh

something always wrong with the server Whenever the app stops working, and that happens a lot, it always tells me to try again over and over for about an hour until I'm able to get back into the app. the app itself is great, but the server problem and the endless load times


WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS??!! It doesn't even start. It worked a while ago but now won't start. They said they updated it but it still won't start!!

It won't start but I love the app. Please make it start again. It says 'were unable to process your request right now please check you Internet Connection and try again ' but my Internet is fine

Maddy Chans Sketches

I dont understand This app used to be perfectly fine, but then all of a sudden out of the blue it wouldn't even let me sign in. What happened? I dont understand.

Kory Payne

This app will not let me log in. The update was great till the app stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I cannot log in. Fix the issues and I'll fix my rating.

Eric Lowe

Androids Overall it is much better. Loading is a little screwed up, long loading or nothing. After all this time, still no Log-Out option.

Katt Moore

Why won't the app open? Everytime time I try to open the app it tells me that I need to check my internet and try again. My internet is working just fine so why can't I get in?

Sin C. Ingram

It's frozen Just when 5stars was about to come your way my app freezes on full WiFi and I tried to open my app I get the main screen for long periods of time and nothing else to do fix it please

Alexa Chance

What just happened?? I swear, I was having the best time of my life talking with my new friends last night and now whenever I try to log in it keeps on telling me "error blah blah blah plz check your internet connection" BUT I'M THE ONLY ONE USING THE WIFI AND I'VE BEEN RESTARTING THE ROUTER FOR LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES ALREADY!! PLEASE FIX THIS I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS APP. For the mean time, I'll give you 3 stars.. 5 when you fix it back p.s. the last updated was awesome

Yko Nicolas

5 stars It's a great app but please notify us beforehand if you're going to have a server maintenance to avoid misunderstandings among the users. Hoping to get back on Geeking soon. Good luck and more power.

Josh Seabaugh

Good app, terrible login I love the app but I can't login or even get on. Please fix this. I hate to miss out

Okami life

The app wont load and I can't sign to my account t Since the latest update I have not been able to load the application nor sign in. Can someone please help me


i love this app but... I cant log in. Ive tried Many times. Please do fix this problem. I have friends I wamma talk to on there?

Copper Rezul

He'll yah I've been through so many roleplay but,geeking is my favorite.It might glitch here and there but,it is clearly the king of king,the game or my words "the underdog"

Charlilly H

What is happening As soon as I get on nothing wants to work properly and then all of the sudden it kicked me out! And now it is saying "Were unable to sign in please try again!"

keely yancey

Well, it would be nice if the app would open! It keeps saying that it can't process. My data is working just fine. Fix it!

Eragnal Teporia

Awesome I love this app, I stay up late role playing with my friends. though it would be cool if there was a dice roll thing so you could play something like dungeons&dragons

Darian Badger

Sooo Soo i used this app alot and i havent signed out. But now i cant even get into the app. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling and its still not letting me get into it, i keep getting an error message, then nothing. Really like this app, please fix this problem.

Invisable Person

Problems with log in I can not sign into my account at all. No matter what i try i can't log into my account can you please fix it. Ive tried to make a third account but it won't let me make it at all. It doesn't let me do anything. All it says is something went wrong.

Honor Harrison

Geek community I really enjoy using this app, I've had my account for nearly 3 years now and though I don't always agree with the feature updates it serves a great purpose for letting people meet others with similar interests. It's glitchy but if you can man up and get over its bugs you'll have a good time


WHAAAT It was working fine yesterday now I can't log in at all I know my username and password but when I press sign in it just doesn't sign me in it says that "we're unable to sign in. Please try again" and u try and try again nothing works.

Anime dino

The game is good but the new update. The new update fixed a few things but it gets annoying to always get the things people post make overall the game is really amazing.

angela bramlett

Horrible! This app, I swear it's not even letting me sign into my accounts! Fix this or I'm done with the app!

Kara Griffiths

Can't Log In Won't let me log in anymore! I love this app (literally on for hours everyday) and I would like to get back to roleplaying but it won't let me log into my account... Please help!

Liam Wheeler

Get it working I was on the app till around 9am thats when it kicked me out and wont let me log back in ?? Can you try get it working again soon ??

Alicia Kheir

What Why wont my app work, it just wont open. And its because of an rp im in. This needs to be fixed.

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