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29 Sep
Gate of Time Live Wallpaper

Posted by Abusive Studios in Personalization | Sept. 29, 2014 | 81 Comments

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The Gate of Time as inspired by a popular company's popular game that Google is forcing me to censor! My homage to one of the most memorable, timeless, and influential series of video games.

To set the wallpaper: Go to your home screen and long-click the background, choose Wallpapers->Live wallpapers->Gate of Time

Screenshots don't do it justice at all. The effect is entirely in the motion.

NO Airpush. NO Admob. NO ads of any kind. I don't want any of that garbage on my phone, and I won't subject users of my apps to it either just so I can make a few pennies per day from some sleazy ad company. Instead, to 'monetize' my work, I'll leave it up to my users: if you feel that I deserve compensation, grab my Tip Jar and use it to buy me a soda. :)

This wallpaper does, however have a SECRET FEATURE. No, it doesn't steal your personal data. And no, it doesn't track you using GPS. It's the kind of secret feature you *want* to have! I ask that if you find how to activate the secret, PLEASE don't post how it's done in the comments. Leave it a mystery for others to find! One TINY hint to find the secret: you *must* have sound on; it won't trigger if your phone is on vibrate or silent. Oh, and I guess I also forgot to mention: there are 2 ways to trigger the secret. The methods are *very* different. If you *think* you've found them both, you probably haven't. You'll know when you've found them both.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any issues such as excessive battery use or poor performance, and I'll see what I can do to fix them.

Let me reiterate: if you have an issue, EMAIL ME. A poor review and "Force Closes" doesn't help me one bit in tracking down your issue. I have no way of contacting you or determining what the cause is.

If anyone is willing to do translations into other languages for the settings screen and messages, please get in touch with me! I'd love to have everything in as many languages as possible, since this popular game that Google won't let me mention is internationally recognized.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A TESTER FOR NEW VERSIONS: send me an email or post something at this Google+ page for the app:


Thanks To
Everyone who has left fun/encouraging feedback; it's very motivating to see others enjoying my work
JAS - for the textures
Michael, Mason, Shashwat - testing with Galaxy S2-class hardware and finding crashes before I publish
Shannon - For being a perfectionist
Cristopher Ortega Sánchez - For the Spanish translation
Adriado - For the Portuguese translation
Andrew Current - For the French translation
David Dessi - For the Italian translation
Steven Burdack - For the German translation
Kris Yadao - video walkthrough; check his HighOnDefinition Youtube channel at
Yasuyo Nishioka - SuperDry color picker (and Taha Hawa for finding and suggesting it)
Jeff deRienzo - Bonk Live Wallpaper example
Mark Guerra - glWallpaperService library

Whats new

    - Small bugfixes
    - Can choose a background image (requires read SDCard permission)
    - Screen scrolling for some Samsung devices
    - Save user color presets
    - View bobs up/down/left/right/in/out (optional, configurable)
    - Integrated tip jar
    - Fixed a couple of rare crashes

Abusive Studios part of our Personalization and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 29, 2014. Google play rating is 90.9679. Current verison is Actual size 526.0 KB.

Download gate-of-time-live-wallpaper.apk 526.0 KB


Krinstin White

Amazing!! Huge Zelda fan here and I found out the secret ^-^ little hint..its a lot easier to find out if you played the ocarina of time on the Nintendo 64 that's all I'm saying haha great app tho can't wait too see more from ya :)

Star Pace

Amazing I luv this app, it works great just plz, fix the settings part! It shows my wallpaper and I can't change anything, but its an awesome wallpaper already anyways?

Ilissa Piljay

Gate of Time I absolutely love this app. It's too cool. Also I was FINALLY able to figure out the two ways to reveal the secret. It's too cool. Both very different ways. :) Happy hunting!

Link Rinku

Epic This wallpaper is the best one I've seen on the Play Store! You should definetely get this app! Great job Abusive Studios, you guys did a great job on this!

Maria Bellomy

Lovely I love this wallpaper so much<3! This is the one and only app that I am legitimatly 100% satisfied with. No errors or bugs or disappointment at all whatsoever! ? △

Nocturnal Link

WOW! Yeah, I'm a Zelda fan, but that doesn't mean that this feature rich live wallpaper isn't any less awesome. There's stuff being done in this app that I've never seen done by massive companies, let alone one guy.

Julie Cavazos

Slight Issue I love this wallpaper but after I updated it, only part of the bottom half of the small details (glyphs) of the big gear are lit. The way it looks is like the light of the details was turned off and now there is a pulse-like blinking going on. I had uninstalled then reinstalled it but still doing the same thing. Other then that it still looks great. I would have given it 5 stars.

Isabel Carbajal

I LOVE IT MUST GET Its sooooo cool and if u tap the walpaper a couple of times it makes a sound of getting a item

Trysten Glad

Can finally rate I've been trying to figure out what its a secret to everyone setting did b4 I rated and all I'll say is awesome easteregg

Martie Franzen

Love! This is super cute and the secret is easy to find. Super fun

Nate Bentley

Awesome wallpaper, had it for a while now This is the only live wallpaper I can find that's cool and suits my interests. I've found one way to activate the secret, but it seems the second way has found me. At random times when I lock my phone and put it in my pocket, the secret activates, but I can't figure out why. I'd like to know what it is just so I can put the mystery to rest, or I'd like an option to turn off each method separately. I love it, I just don't want to do it on accident at random times. Thats the only reason I can give it 4 stars.

John Huggins

Really love it I love this wallpaper super big zelda fan but when i do the secret it doesnt play the sound just changes colors. Maybe you could fix it? Your wallpapers are so legit.

Dillon Cummins

Amazing I was able to fool my friends, but I still need to figure out what the secret tool is. But I am determined to find out!

Versotchi Byproxy

Amazing! Out of respect of the Illuminati I'm keeping the surprise and wraps! I thought it was gonna take longer than 10minutes!

Ryan Tram

must have omg. I'm really loving this. easter egg made me smile after finding it. the secret doesn't load every time though. please fix.

Beril Arguner

Colors? can anyone pls tell how to get the colors to say I know how to finally find the hidden secret but the colors do not stay or maybe I just found one secret small hints would be nice pls.

Jacob Bingham

Love it I'm a big fan of legend of Zelda games I remember this from the most recent game I've played skyward sword

Jordan Robson

I found the hidden effect I wont reveal it but ill say 2 words the 1st is "Brace" The 2nd Is "Yourself". Also do i need 2 b 18+ 2 test new versions?

Xxx_ Swergy_xxX

Spoilers! ##########################################################################dont get spoiled by the spoiler monster. Great wallpaper but is the easter egg tapping the time gate wicked fast because somthing happened, but it wasnt too cool. EDIT: do this and turn on your touch feedback and system and you should hear the epic thing. Thats swag but i just didnt have that on. Sorry, i went and spoiled?onefinalthingisthatiwouldbuyouandurfriendadinnerbutimtooyoung

Fernando Fernandez

Great app Thanks for the app but im have a question how did im chanche only the color of the triforce?

Ethan Worl

if u turn on ???????? its a secret to every body then double tap two diffrent sides of the screen quickly the glyphs change colors

awesome dude

Awesome! One of the ways for the secret feature brings up my fps which is a problem but really cool I love this wallpaper and a couple of my friends have it too. Good job on the wallpaper!

Trevor Velarde

If you are a zelda fan or not. This gate of time is so cool. It's originally from the wii game skyward sword If you can donate for this you should.


awesome wallpaper very cool and it doesn't drain your battery. the secret is awesome, but sometimes the sound doesn't work.

A Google User

Gears Awesome app here, my favorite one I've found :) keep making awesome apps! Only issue I'm having since the update us the gears are peaking through the background. If I could take a screenshot to show you I would. It also only happens when the gate is open. It's a small brother that I thought you should know.

Emily Rocha

Love it love it! Although I did have a problem having a background photo on my galaxy S3. Had to reinstall twice. But the gate itself is beautiful and I love the color and behavior customizations.

Miranda Curwood

Please help!!!??? Installed and went to upload it onto my screen but would not work!!!??? Please help!

Jocelyn Gómez Silguero

It's the best wallpaper EVER! I LOVE the Legend of Zelda, the fact that this wallpaper exists makes me love the series even more. I found the secret, and all I can say about it is that it will make you feel like you opened the best treasure chest of secrets. *hint hint nudge nudge*

Samuel Moyers

Too awesome. Working very well in my Galaxy S4 Mini.

Johnny Herrera

Fantastic Great app found the secret but wish that it was a permanent option. Regardless it's amazing and I'd recommend it to any one with a soft spot for the legend of Zelda!

Barbra Breen

Lock Screen option? I absolutely love this. Perfect for the new Majoras Mask 3D upcoming. The only thing I would ask to improve it would be a Lock Screen option. And perhaps unlocking the secret would open the phone?

Josh Graham

Great app Always a fan of the I can change my master sword background to this...thx again and keep up the great work

Robert Mack

Its wunderbar I love it. I accidentally found the secret one time. No idea what I did. I'm stupid. Help! Lg volt


The Easter egg is cool BUT... I have only heard it play the sound once. It's silent 99% of the time. :c

Derek Arsineau

I love the app but the secret sounds arnt working. My volume is all the way up and im doing the correct taps but no noise. Am i doing something wrong or?

Mark Poetschlag

Must have!! Works great! Give more stars if I could!

Jonathan Duran

Glitch with new update I love this app. But with the new update when I swipe the screen it blacks out the wallpaper. Please fix.

chad mcnair

Awesome!!!! At first I had trouble getting it to work because I have andriod and kudos to Miamoto (zelda maker) and puplisher to this app;)

Rave Twilight

Found out something cool On my phone I held my finger down on the middle of the main gear and dragged it up and down; after letting go the gears moved around my screen!! Neat little trick if Anyone wants to try it

Charles Mangan

The greatest wallpaper. No more words necessary.


Probably one of the best live wallpaper of this franchise Love it, it's basically what I've been looking for a live wallpaper. I'm also a huge fan of this game and you knock it out of the park. I'm still looking for the secret.

Antonio Salce

Fantastic! It's the best live wallpaper app out there! The secrets are cool (I think I found one) and it's gorgeous! Please, make a twilight princess one too! The twilight gate would be awesome! ***I've read some less than encouraging reviews on here, these are fantastic apps! Don't let the others get you down!! Keep up the great work! Have a burger on me!***

Quest Major

Adorable This is from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess :) Google please dont erase this comment.

Zero Synth

EPIC Literally spent five minutes staring at this live wallpaper in absolute awe :'3 so good I came here to write a review that isn't about complaints XD

Sean Yeats

Great wallpaper I've actually used this for years now and I love it. If I were to wish for one thing for it though it would be cleaner/higher resolution textures but I suppose that would take more computing power. Fantastic and highly customizable.

Spencer Smith

Cool app Only problem is when using knock-code on my g4, it closes the screen when I'm just trying to get the secret. Maybe there should be another way to get the secret...

A Google User

Just download it! Such a cool wallpaper. Smooth animation. So good! I made the bg image a screenshot of the inside of the Temple of Time from OoT. Great work, dev ?

Joni Hutchison

Game of Time Live Wallpaper I get a kick out of it. Reminds me of M. C. Escher and monks that make temporary mandalas of coloured chalk.

Kayla Ritz

Love this game, and the wallpaper! Unfortunately, I don't have triangles in my symbols category. I can't do the triforce symbol

Rampage RiotXD

Wicked A Perfect Zelda wallpaper I'm a big fan of it even the new Zelda game for wii u

matt savoy

Doesn't work It doesn't work at all on lg g3 vs985. I can set all the options I want, it force closes the instant I try to set it as a wallpaper. I really wanted it too.

Beril Arguner

Colors? can anyone pls tell how to get the colors to stay I know how to finally find the hidden secret but the colors do not stay or maybe I just found one secret small hints would be nice pls.

Gabriel Perez

I LOVE THIS This is amazing,one of the best wallpapers I have seen, try to make more lwp for other video games ??

Jackson Powell

the BEST bacround I have but i cant change the colour plz fix will rate 5

Levi Rendon

Really neat! Would love an "always open" option so if I close my phone with it open it doesnt auto close the gateway when I turn the phone back on, or maybe have the portal close when the screen turns off instead of when it turns back on.

Mason Leonard

AWESOME Best Zelda wallpaper you'll come across on the Play Store. Very accurate to the game and even seriously customizable!

Marina Norcross

Feature scares me The secret feature if scary because it catches you at the worst time like when I was alone in my house at night without the lights on???

Jeremy Wolf

Amazing Wallpaper! I'm a huge fan of the LoZ series and even though the plot lacked a bit, the items/gameplay was amazing, im so happy that a wallpaper has been made for this, I only have a few things I wish it would have: I wish it would only animate when your on the homescreen so it doesn't kill your battery, and I wish it would have a customizable amount of fps (currectly it has a selection of 10/20/30/60fps) because i think about 45-50 would be smooth enough for me but 30 just seems to choppy to me. Amazing App!

A Google User

Just download it! Such a cool wallpaper. Smooth animation. So good! I made the bg image a screenshot of the inside of the Temple of Time from OoT. Great work, dev ?

Jason Henderson

Absolutely loved it I had just the regular legend of Zelda game cover as my wall paper. But this is way better. :-)

Jonah Berry

I love this wallpaper but i want to use the mirror of twilight one to see how it looks and i can't uninstall

Rachel Bearce

Love it Got this on my "old" phone, now I have it on my newer phone. The only hitch I've encountered is on my newer phone it sticks a little when it completes going around. Still looks cool and I will always love it.

Jose Garcia

ADD ONE MORE GEAR!! Add one more gear for a full screen gate so when you set the camera to medium distance the three small gears in the three Conner's with the gate. Thank would be nice for the medium cam distance but the wallpaper over all EPIC! just like in skyward sword. :)

CUBEz Force

Love this app so much and the secret is amazing I found out the secret after looking at the last pic in the apps info page and man when i found out and it worked i smiled. I would give this 10 stars if i could

Mason Leonard

AWESOME Best Zelda wallpaper you'll come across on the Play Store. Very accurate to the game and seriously customizable!

Ethan Linder

By far the best wall paper I've ever had This wallpaper has a nice look to it and is great for legend of Zelda fans like myself. Another nice thing about it is unlike other live wallpapers, this one doesn't have a bunch of adds. Although I haven't found out the secret yet, I'm still enjoying it a lot.

A Google User

Whenever I do it starts to vibrate, I did everything I could to improve performance but it still shakes. apart from that it is really good. For those who didnt figure out the secret remember what order the triforce was in the game (what was on top, what was on the bottom right and what was on the bottom left).

Kyle Hall

Love the wallpaper Really liked the way the gate of time looked in the game, so it's cool to have it on my phone. Also, I've found out what the secret is...just not how to activate went off this morning after locking my phone and putting it in my pocket...

OwningMallard02 Kodie

Best secret ever I just rapidly tried different things to find the secret. I shook, I rotated it I blew on buy then I ****** it and the bam. I would say what the secret is but nah. All I know... it's something that you would recognize. This wallpaper makes me want to play ***** right now. Man I wish I had ***** right now.

Tannis McNeill

Love the wall paper BUT! I love this wallpaper I never want to take it off. Theres just one thing I found the hidden feature except when I'm at work hearing it go off in a silent room is a bit annoying. Could there be a way to turn the feature off?

Maria Bellomy

Lovely I love this wallpaper so much<3! This is the one and only app that I am legitimatly 100% satisfied with. No errors or bugs or disappointment at all whatsoever! ? △

diverted paths

Amazing I luv this app, it works great just plz, fix the settings part! It shows my wallpaper and I can't change anything, but its an awesome wallpaper already anyways?

Michael Lee

Awesome app 5 stars I like how I can customize the clock gears very nice touch to it and well worth the tip my guy! Still haven't found the secret though. :p

Trey faded Facade

Its good No 5 star becus now its hard to select my apps cuz im waching my wallpaper but i love it so if you decreas the qalaty it stays the same but increas qalaty still 4 stars gest wall papers in my eyes cant get it perfict inless lower qalaty by 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

Mark Tynan

Best wallpaper in living history. I love the fact that if you click the gate it opens up, thats amazing :D still omg love it love it love it! GET IT RIGHT NOWWW

Seth Jansson

I love it but Can you add some sound effects like it does in the game. If so then I would be glad to give you a 5th star. :)

Jocelyn Venette

Always a hit This background is amazing! It's always a hit whenever someone sees it. It adds the perfect amount of intrigue to my phone without being too garish and I love it!

Adrian Szyszko

I love it! Does any one know if I can get a notification sound where it plays the tune you hear when you obtain an item in the games? I want it for my galaxy tab 4


Great Great Wallpaper! Found the secret *hint* It occurs on screen displaying the wallpaper, not on the app, and is easy to accidently set off ;) Good luck hunting!

A Google User

INEXPLICABLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Favorite colors are red gate, black glyphs and vice-versa. And NO ADS!!!!! Ha! I Finally Figured It Out

Number Name

Animated Background Item Setting this download onto the device background looks stunning as the user can manipulate the color scheme to match their phone. The about section says theres a secret function... what is it? Of my opinion... { Black } { Gold } and just a little { Blue }, looks fairly classy. The options are very nice. I use multiple live wallpapers from time to time. This one has its' own charm. I'm glad that once I create my color scheme, it can be saved along with some of the other offered presets.

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