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8 Jun
Galnet News Feed

Posted by Giulio Campobassi in Role Playing | June 8, 2015 | 75 Comments

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Follow the in game story for Elite Dangerous via Galnet's RSS feed.

* This app is for non-commercial purposes and is not endorsed by Frontier Development plc and uses publicly available content via RSS format

Whats new

    Version 2.1
    - Fixed RSS update source in response to Frontier's changes to its source URL from.
    - New Feature :You can now toggle the font size for easier reading.
    - Complete History and offline access!
    Version 2.0.2
    - UI Fix: Make article text scrolling more intuitive as per user feedback

Giulio Campobassi part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 8, 2015. Google play rating is 85.8291. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 385.0 KB.

Download galnet-news-feed.apk 385.0 KB


Richard Burkhart

Scrolling is an issue This is a great app except for the scrolling functionality. It could be a lot smoother, and once you scroll down, you can't scroll back to the very top. It won't let you. You have to reload the article to read the top again.

Conrad Larsen

Hard to scroll through text

Pye Lot

Read news item. Colour contrast not strong enough Need another colour for read news items. Poor eyesight or bright light/sunlight make thread tweets to hard to see a difference. Add option toggle to hide read tweets. Choice of font size and background colours are wanted. Good 'useful' program for me Thanks. My stars rating will increase..later

Brian Mathieu

Great App! Very easy way to keep up with the galactic news while not in my pilot's chair. Nice colouring and font too. One minor improvement would be to show the proper year in the feed...for some reason it gives dates of stories in the year 2015.

Michael Holmes

Useful app Useful app for when you're exploring. Unfortunately, I now keep getting a 'server not responding' error. Not sure if this is a problem with the app or the RSS feed.

Gary Drum

Love it! Great way to keeping up with news while away from home. Only problem I have is my phone got updated to Android 5.0 and the app fails to launch or fails to load RSS feed.

Lawrence Tan

Getting there Great App. Spoilt slightly by the readability issues caused by single love scrolling.

Christopher Thompson

Good stuff. Very nice fir keeping up while Alf in rl. Think the scrolling through txt could be easier, and maybe some trading/war zone spots/ flashes would be awesome

Duncan Jauncey

Great start, but let down by single-line-scrolling in the article view.

X Wolfpawn

Simply essential Love the app. Does everything that is expected. It is essential to keep track of what is going on in the game without actually logging in.

Truls Kristiansen

I realy love this app, only improvment i would want, is a better scrolling function. Other then that love the ED style over the app!! Thanks for the work

Russell Sancto

Great stuff Useful for keeping up to date while out exploring.

John Ray

Unable to reach server.. Tried reinstalling and nothing changes, can't connect so the app is useless.. Not sure why it's failing but as nothing else seems to have issues I'm guessing there is a bug somewhere..

Suhaib Sufi

Nice App Great start to this App and helpful developer!

Tome Petkovski

Very good idea

Fabio Fantuzzi

Nice App for ED Nerd Nice job man now I can finally take a look to the galnet while flying :) Bravo Giulio comolimenti per la app utile facile e funzionale thumb up ;)

Jeff Tubby

Nice app Loads of news to look through while out exploring. Keeps you up to date with life in the core systems.

Nic Hing

Good little app Helps me keep up to date with news from home while out in the big black void

Andy Paton

Great app, now can read it on my way to work and back

Brandon Krause

Nice Fun stuff. Scrolling sucks. Fix it for 5*'s

J. Patrick Smith

Excellent! Very good for tracking the Galnet feed and keeping an "in-game" feel while waiting on Frontier to release the mobile app for Android. Will this eventually support notifications? That would be kind of cool and keep this relevant for after the official app release. Excellent work Commander!

Paul Bentley

Nearly perfect Looks great and pretty well does everything required. Just wish I could see all the news items since release.

Dean Hallgarth

Cheers Just what I need when I don't make stationfall

Magnus Pedersen

Sweet! Just about right! Thanks CMDR!

Keith Southern

Sweet Does exactly whwt on says on the tin.

Rob Skene

Love it Better than the other version (no parse errors ;-))

Rob Richter

Great for keeping up to date with all the latest Galnet News.

Bit Refresh

Finnaly Love now i can see whats going on before jumping in and itll be like having it in my ship! One suggestion have the font for everything but the headers be same as in game maybe? Its a clutter for me and moderatly a pain to look at.

Dennis Christian Dominguez

Great! Keeps me updated. Awesome job

Evgeniy Slipchik

Good. Its nice that it works again. Thx to you, CMDR. Fly safe :3

Steve Cunningham

Great but could use some UI improvements Nice app, live being able to keep up on galactic news when not in the pilots chair or at a station. However, it'd be nice if the UI got an upgrade to match the nice graphics that came out with powerplay. Or maybe just a icon/banner to match each power.

Dean Eaketts

Excellent Hope there's interesting news ib the days to come from all parts of the galaxy.

Anthony Jacko

Great! Just a couple of niggles that keep it from being 5 stars: 1) When you back out of an article (with the back button), it places you somewhere (randomly?) down the list, not back where you were. If you use the in-app back button, it works correctly. 2) It would be great to have a 'mark all as read' setting. 3) It would be great to have a 'show unread only' setting.

Justin Farley

Great but issues Galnet hasnt been updating perhaps the info for the news feed changed

Duncan Jauncey

Great start, but let down by single-line-scrolling in the article view. Edit: Now fixed, thanks!

Michael Holmes

Useful app Useful app for when you're exploring. The text now scrolls nicely giving a much more satisfying experience. Unfortunately it hasn't updated since May 31st.

Brian Paone

Great app! Do not read around a space station though.

Ian Vickers

Huge improvement Finally touch scrolling! Works excellently now!

Matthew Cox

Seems to have stopped working after the Elite: Dangerous 1.3 update, new RSS feeds perhaps?

Karl Bennett

Is it usefull! Yes, it is usefull.

mirg z

Simple but lacking flare and current This app provides you the current news in E:D's galnet news and while this is great and all. the app is the lacking flare the in game news provides you. It also is prone to be outdate by a day at most too.

Demetrius Michael

Superb app! works flawlessly. One feature I'd like to see is the stardate at the top (I promise it won't eat any screen real-estate). I just saw a news item that included a date and wondered what the current stardate was...

Dan Argyle

Excellent app Brilliant little app that let's you view Galnet while having a bit of downtime / R&R away from your ship. Style wise it's inkeeping with Elites art direction which helps for immersion if you care for that sort of thing. Fly safe Commanders

Phillip Tunstall

Brilliant. Makes for fine reading while docked in the comfort of your own hanger or away from your magnificent starship. Do not use while flying. Distracted pilots die.

Zak Pauls

Unable to Use Edit: Tried the app yesterday and was able to view everything no problem! Thank you for the reply tho! Still four out of five only due to there being a better app for same use. The other is updated more frequently as I can see posts from today on it. For some reason I am unable to view anything, my feed comes up completely empty and refreshing and re-downloading have not helped. I'm using the Sony Xperia Z3 and have used other game companion apps without trouble. Any suggestions?

Dan Reagan

Dates are wrong Every time I refresh it, the dates reflect current GMT. So today the 15 or 20 most recent articles are dated Feb 12, and the rest inexplicably change to Jan 21. If the dates were right this would be more useful, but the UI is pretty unimaginative. It is easier to just bookmark galnet in my browser on my phone. If the UX were to allow sorting, searching, and perhaps swiping from article to article this would be more useful than the site.

Carvell Fenton

Excellent! One improvement... Great app for keeping up with the news of Elite:Dangerous. One request would be to make the android back button go the same place as the back button inside the app itself. On my Nexus 5 the internal app back button goes right back to the last article I clicked on. However the Android back button goes to some unexpected place in the articles list. Small issue, otherwise great app! And no ads!! Love it.

Jake Dwyer

Must have for Busy Commanders! This will come in handy so i can check powerplay and any Community Goals that may occur. I'd be able to check on my commute home! Galnet: Your Galaxy in Focus!

Optus MyApp

Cool app! Convenient and easy to use. Two thumbs up!

Kelson Blount

Awesome with one recommendation Add a "Mark all as read" button. As I have just installed this app I don't need to read from August and before. Otherwise pretty awesome.

tris clark

Great little companion to elite dangerous. Works flawlessly. As others have mentioned a few UI changes/tweaks would be nice but not essential. Thanks for the effort thats been put into this great app!

Kurt Ikada

Brilliant for keeping up with the vast world of E:D I only have 2 problems: The dates are centred around our time, not the game, so the years are wrong; and when you exit an article, the main feed has scrolled down quite a bit

Paul furth

Does what it's supposed to do This app is great now I can read the Galnet feed on something other than my PC. The screen resolution on the PC is so high the fonts are not readable. Now I don't need to even load the game to look. Many thanks.

Ruchir Pawar

Not working It shows me only blank screen on my galaxy s3

Jim Husak

Great app! One problem either the app or Frontier will not give me feeds past Aug 31

Jeremy Sills

Xbox Does this app relate to the Xbox one version as well as pc or is this exclusively for pc?

Robert Matthews

Doesn't update Hasn't updated since 14 aug

Kelvin Shirley

TTS? Any chance of test to speech? :D

James T

Feed doesn't load Will rate again when and if this actually works...

Yossi Preminger

Better than RL news

gnusmas gnusmas

Nice and clean

Graeme Carter

Great, convenient app Great app, loving checking this news along with the 'normal' headlines every morning. One small bug - if there's a queue of, say, 10 unread stories, and I read one then press the back button, the display shows older stories from perhaps a week before. I have to scroll back up to the new stories again. Same happens for every unread story, each time. But really, it's not too bad, would just be perfect 5 stars were that to be fixed :-)

Mitchell Archer

Would love TTS There is supposedly a way using the accessibility settings.....but without further knowhow it's really hard to do.

WhyyYT Whyy

Decent E:D News reader Liked the app. Disliked having to go back to the listing all the time. Suggestion: Add a Next button and/or a previous.

Scott Brooks

Excellent & easy to use! I like that this app is simplistic & not over the top with visual effects and features, plus the orange on black is very fitting! **I am however slightly annoyed that the list of articles always scrolls down a page or so, every time I close one of the full articles & go back to the list. This causes me to constantly lose my place. I also wish there was a way to "mark all as read" as opposed to "unread". Nevertheless, this is the ONLY Galnet app I'll use! Thank you for the app, your time, & your efforts!

Brian Hillard

Great Brilliantly well done. A notification feature would be fantastic. If you could set notifications based on key words, then that would be amazing :)

Ed Upton

Brilliant for when I'm out A excellent app for when I am out and about the only thing I want is a "Mark all as read" option as the unread one was accidentally clicked and there isn't a quick way to reverse it.

Phil Buonomo

Nice but one failing After reading the top story the app doesn't rest the list back to the top. You have to scroll back up every time.

Joshua Froud

Great little app I really like this app. However I would love to see a mark all as read option for when I get behind and stand no chance of catching up but don't want them to look unread.

Tony Rodriguez

Great way to stay in the loop! Love being able to catch up with the galaxy news while I'm out and about.

Josky Stein

Wow I check this app at least twice a day. A must have for a serious CMDR.


Great app! Works great..but how about a read all option?

jacob smith

Keeps me in the loop.

ufo mesh

Nice app! I have some requests if it's possible: to have an option "mark 'read all'", to have other localized news(change language), to have same font style as header's in the article. And, yes, mispositioning after pressing 'back' really annoying :(

Ken Leroy

Galnet news on your phone Great little app that allows you to follow galnet news on your phone.

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