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2 Apr
Galaxy Siege 2

Posted by MyPlayYard in Arcade | April 2, 2016 | 119 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

Build your spaceship and go out to one of the greatest adventures.
Galaxy Siege 2 is a fun action game full with upgrades.
You have to build your spaceship and go out to different missions in space.
Earn money and upgrade your spaceship abilitis.

New version - 1.0.6 - Bugs fixed

Whats new

    OpenSSL updated.

MyPlayYard part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 2, 2016. Google play rating is 86.4679. Current verison is v1.2.16. Actual size 21.0 MB.

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Update ruined my game My ship core, rockets, shields and everything that wouldn't fit in the inventory window has disappeared after the update.

ethan baker

Don't update The last update deleted all my stuff leaving only the tuppence I have as money, it even deleted the ships core making my game unrecoverable

C Max Pine

My money!!!!!! Its so stupid I logged on and everything was gone except the stuff I didn't have on my ship my gun, my collector, and my feuel parts that t bought with money we're missing I want my $2.97 back

Captain America

That last Update Latest update is completly game breaking. Completely.

justine macaranas

No more hard mode and hell mode I give you 5 star if there is hard mode and hell mode coase I already finish it

Jaxom Renard

Update broke everything Last update deleted all my stuff, broke leaderboards, general fubar of game!

Koby Jay Penrose

It's a really cool game that you need to most of the time need to rethink your strategy really good

Jr Rivera

Addicting!!! It's a really fun game!

shivam Mittal

How game is It is so good as smile

Justice Barlow

Love the game, the lag sucks though

Andrew Sabado

Short but great Really fun game, I probably only spent a week on it but entertaining till the end. More upgrades and weapons or different kinds would be great on the next. But I didn't have to spend any money to beat it which was the best part. Amazing!!

Omega Starzzz

Really great concept love it challenging and cool would be better if it had a reset button but good job

Jay Bush

Great Little Game Short and sweet, this is like a hybrid of shmup and TD genres. Designing your ship and seeing how it fares against assorted enemies in vast waves is very compelling. The micro-transaction items are unnecessary, but fun and the game is more than worth the full cost.

Daniel Hadinata

Nice.. The enemy is well balanced, end stage bosses provide good amount of challange. Could be better though. The weapon variation is a bit low, maybe some weapons with special effect, like chain lightning or freeze orb.

justin hogan

Fun but has bugs This game is very fun and enjoyable but i gave 4 stars because i put about a hour into this game and i closed the and came back to it and almost half of my progress was deleted

Martin Wright

Good Game, Ends Abruptly The game was fun and made no demands for money or adverts but as it was getting good it just sort of stopped. The infinite level at the end is the only one you would need the paid upgrades for which sort of makes trying to beat people on the leaderboard redundant. Those who buy the guns and reactor will win. Provides a couple hours of fun though before that.

Amber Walters

One of the best TDs I've played If you could add a lot more it might be a Greater game. Do you take advice from your down loaders on what should be added? Because I've got a few ideas on what to add. You should make a tank game like this with awesome tank parts and daily rewards and a PvP place and a level counter where each time u level up u can by more parts. I think that might be great.

Rodney Wroot

Really cool well designed game At first I was unsure... played with open mind as not normally my thing, but a great game that's addictive, pretty and all round fun to play

Blaine DeYoung

Awesome crazy little game It's like a turret defense game but on a ship so they move.

Corey Lapka

Excellent game. I had to buy the BFG to finish the game, but for 99 cents, that's OK. No demands for money. No ads.

Ashok Shimoji-Krishnan

Pretty Terrible Poor controls, poor concept execution and no explanation of how to play before you try to get going. That you get destroyed numerous times on the first level does not make this a game one would want to play.

Ryan fuller

Fun game Really need to know if guidence units stack. As it is now it doesnt seem like they do. Fun game, excited for the 3rd. But the game is linear, you cant really build what you want to win. Lasers and rockets and use the alien guns in place of cannons.

Ryan Kwon

GREAT I LOVE this game. There is a verity of projectiles and upgrades that I can choose. There are some bugs like the claws "grabbing things" when there's nothing to get. But all an all it is a great indie game.

Richard Holiday

KNOWN EXTORTIONIST Was theives tried repairing got nothing, now extortion: had to make an addtional purchase then repair. Overall okay game, payment system requires you to make another purchase of any kind in order for you to get any of purchases back from the repair. Odd how after so many purchases crashing stops. No update given.

McKay Goodman

Hard as ever Great game, but extremely HARD!

Lars CMB

Fun game But so so short to complete.. :'(

Black Eye Fat Lip

Too easy! It is too short, and you should add a fast forward button

Lacy Clagg

Love it It is a grate game just add more weapons plz.

chuck hannok

The most epic galactic shoot em up on Android Title says it all.

Thomas Grierson

Pretty good A game of killing a load of space aliens

Cedric Brandenburg

problems LOVE it but it always resets every thing.

Koh Thong Guan

Great game!! Could be longer, but it's really fun!

Juan Alvarado

Not too shabby Fun use of time, I suggest it

Jensen Stephens

Great game Great little game for the whole family, young or old.

Daniel Stoecker

Can we get more worlds to conqur I finished it but no more to do but its a great game

Eric Biederer

Great game Love it more than i could love a smart phone game

Nicholas Borko

Too short Great game play, but it needs more scenarios.

James Edward Orendain

Great gamee A great way to pass the time

Johnny Chang

Update broke the game. HTC one m8 Game data lost and not able to start over

Pratik Patel

Great game Short game but full of action. U need to keep on upgrading your ship to progress to next step.

Dan Howard

I love this game

Andy Burrows

Very addictive

Kenji Tagawa

Why cant I buy anything? Its a nice game but i cant buy any stuff... plz fix it

Matthew Goff

Fun game, responsive dev Fun little game, not super hard but still some challenge. Had an error with a purchase; emailed the dev and they resolved the issue immediately! Top notch customer service!

Mike Hantke

Can I get my data back? So when I originally downloaded this game I got rather far. Beat up to the 5 boss and had most of my parts unlocked. (this was only about a day or two ago) during this time I had the game connected through my Google account. Then I uninstalled the game yesterday to make room for another app. Now I downloaded it again when I made more room on my device and then connected it to the same google account but all of my data is gone. Is there a way to get my old game back? I'll give fun and unique game 5 stars

Vlad Matejka

Fun After beating I can say this game is really good. Few ads and challenging. Challenge in this game does not = grind and pay to win, it = strategize and learn from losses. Good job devs.

Kim and Mark Miller

Luv it, Awesome game Luv the game play, its different and its own unique game play. I enjoy playing new creative games, I played so many games and its hard to find one that's new and unique. I had no problems playing so far and spent no money yet. Game is very addictive and none stop playing. Hope the fun continues...we'll see. Great job Devs, 5 true stars!!

Jeff Proulx

Great little game! Barely any ads, simple yet incredibly addicting fun. Doesn't get boring too quick because you can constantly change your tactics and tweak your ship. I dont know why I had not heard of this game sooner!

Grimes Family


Ryan Richardson

Awesome It's so awesome to build and fly your own ship across the galaxy and kill monsters but please fix the bug where the pieces glitch on each other

Ryan K

Best game on play store This game let's you make your own ultimate spaceship using dozens of different guns with well balanced strategic gameplay. Love the graphic style. Didn't even mind spending a couple $ on reasonably priced IAP. However really wish there was a new game plus for extra replayability. Don't bother with Galaxy Siege 3, this is much better.

Kevin Bowles

Great game a must play Loving it so far might look into the micro transaction. Will update later rating with more info on possible fixes and/or suggestions for improvement.

Raivinth Chaibawonwiwath

Really fun and easy Easy to understand and fun to play!

Angel Fluff

Not at all pay to win Having had this game once before and buying nothing premium, I enjoyed it alot more than buying the in-game gear but.....Having said that,it did add a new replayability and I was more than willing to pay 57p for a bit of extra fun. Good job guys! Gonna go check if there is a Third now!

Alexander Beers

Tutorial please It was confusing at first, by once I found out what everything did, I had a lot of fun.

Ken Neff

Fun game! Great new game, not a clone of other well known games out there. Kudos to the developer for his creativity!

Jim Barton

Great until stuck on final level Got through early levels by planning and upgrading strategically. No matter what I choose to foot of my spaceship, I cannot see a way to win the final level without IAP. The items available for real money are SO significantly better than anything you can earn in - game.

Abdullah Dia

Fun but slow progress Fun game, however progress is sort of slow considering stars are so limited. Makes you think about what kind of ship you're going for.

eli Watkins

Something different Always nice to grab something new & not want to put it down

Belinda Lee-Johnson

Where is my purchase? Purchased gems, stars and plasma gun. Tried clicking restore purchases. But still no gems/stars!

Andreas Demetriou

Fun game! Its a fun game but you have to grind so much! Not Tap Titans grind but enough :p

Greg Jones

Pretty cool! build spaceship and fight game

Christopher Oulton

Awsome great game but I wish you could replay levels

Robert H

A lot of fun Good time-waster, fun to play with different ship design strategies.

Davis Ingram

Great game. Not too many ads, great design, a great simple little game.

SJ Stanaitis

Great game Build, upgrade, attack, repeat. It's fun.

Ayrenz Chang

Interesting game Couldn't put it down the moment I got it

Bill McFerren

Relieving fun No pay to win elements, fun design, great development, overall a great relief to find a genuinely fun game on the play store for a change. Greatly looking forward to a sequel with a notch up on complexity and scale. Fabulous start to a good idea.

Fook Wai Tham

Manic Arcade Easy to handle, easy to win. Nice graphics. Out of this world tune. Simply great. Waiting for next version!

Matt Linthicum

Eh You'll do fine until you reach korriban. The giant red crabs slap your ship apart, and there's nothing you can do about it. The upgrade shop waits until you reach the boss to allow you to buy what you need to win, but by then you'll have wasted stars on crap upgrades.

troy f

Broken purchase Good game but when I went to buy the 0.99 plasma gun the game froze after my purchase and it did not give me the gun

Randy Toye

Fun But boring quickly. Worth playing though.

Liam Hodgson

Wicked! Took a few minutes to figure it out but now I'm blasting away through the levels, great game, definitely a keeper.

Kristian Ng

awesome but can't buy purchase ! please fix it !

Tug Lamphire daddy

Check out gs3 really good (3rd version of this)


Loved it! This game is a little short but still worth 5 stars! Well done dev!

Christopher Cowan

Great This game is great for casual play and the mechanics of it are alot of fun

Lue Thow

AWESOME love this game, easy to get use to.

Mike Lloyd

A lot of fun This game is tons of fun. I kind of wish there were a few more weapon types, but it's still worth playing.

Neonet Neonetqr

Cool I played this game on my pc and it is very fun you should download it

Robert Crick

Awesome Great time killer love it 2 death

Joseph Thang

Fun but... Why aren't the missiles aoe instead of single target? This makes the game 100 times harder. Please make the missiles have area of effect damage in the next update. Thanks!

the motion gamer

Great game lots of effort, but..... Every time I beat the first level it glichs and I can't touch anything so I restarted the game, beat the first level again but the same thing happened! Please help!

scott miller

Awesome game... no adds and you don't need to spend money to progress. A must have !!

Andrew Moore

Good game Good little time sink, doesn't pester you for money at every opportunity.

Ekedo Fhang

Fun but slow to start Very fun but slow to start and limited upgrades

Александр Бенкендорф

Very fun space tower defence Spent 5 hours to win the game. Lots of fun. A pity too little content and gameplay length

Patrick Lam

Good game, too short, wish there were more levels

Alex Wilkins

Great little game lots of fun!

Drew Love

Hard thing It was really hard to defeat the Bossas

Fernando Alvares

Excellent Great game, so well designed. Sadly it is too short and there are too few upgrades. Make the screen vertical instead of horizontal, more area to see. I have so many ideas I could suggest for this game. ? Love it.

John Boss

Awesome This is an excellent little game. Very addictive. It could do with the ability to travelback to previously won areas to make a little easier.

Brandon Frazier

Too Short Like everyone else said even casual player will blast to the end in just a matter of a couple hours of gameplay I think you should update with a difficulty setting and add some actual google play trophies. I only took away one star due to the lack of any story at all and the crap ending infinite level and the inability to replay past levels. I played the entire game in one sitting and it left me wanting more but had none to offer I guess I drop more money on third installment in the series.

Gregory O'Connor

Not as good as the first A fun game but the first was a lot better. But I do like it being an app. My computer is too laggy

Javier Galvan

Great Great game good time waster

Mark Clay

Pretty ok An excellent way to burn some time

Antonio Toledo

fun and challenging. more games like this please.

rod kelly

Money grabber Game is difficult from start they just want your money game average

Tr A

Very good idea. Need more levels and slower game progression Really good

foxy gaming

This game is awsome This game is so addicting.

khanh vanbao

Nice game Nice game good graphic defintely need to try

Patricia Wiley

It's awesome I love this game so much thanks for making it.

David Becker

Pretty neat game

Justin Drennan

This game is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon G

Great game, classy developer. This is a great little strategy game that is totally playable for free. There's no pressure to buy items and the items that are available to buy are priced very reasonably. This developer found a real fan in me.

Jonathan Andrews

Fun Game ..but lol Awesome game, doesn't progress too slow. The word "harvesting" is spelled with a W for the in app harvesting power up :) Keep it up!

Shahzadmirza Mirza

Thing I can save on galaxy Sega 3 so I lost everything I was on level 500

Frazer Grant

Too short Great game just too short. Needs an update. Good fun to play

Te Kimmeng

The leval is unbit The level is so hard the 5 i think is so hard

Rex Pereira-Leite

Good job on this one! A very well put together game. Looking forward for the next one.

Robert Required Field

Balanced Great balance of gameplay elements. Strategy, ship design, upgrade choices. Very enjoyable.

Ken Riley

Fun game. Best advice take your time on levels slowly build your strength

Pie Sack

More levels mate ✌ Please more levels

Ernesto Gutierrez

Fun Just a good fun game that you can enjoy while playing.

Melissa Hernandez

Make a nuthere one plz Make a nuthere one plz

Nathaniel Hoffman

So much fun!!!!!! I can't find any flaws so much fun and basic.

This is a good game because so modern and cool

bartolomejas kristoforis

Fuuun Awesome game for 2 days :))

Josh Heck

Amazballs Perfection at its finest

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