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18 Dec
G. Girls – Cards game

Posted by Feerik Games in Card | Dec. 18, 2014 | 90 Comments

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Hire your G.Girls, who are as beautiful as dangerous and take part in the famous TV game show sponsored by every galaxy trademark: Battle.GG.
Your G.Girls team is gonna make the show! Your job is to lead them and make them fight against the adversary G.Girls team! Beware, your opponent wants the love of the public and the support of sponsors for his fatal warriors as much as you do...

All your G.GIRLS have special fighting tricks. Activate them with your Dice!

Discover the different galaxy Sponsors that provide G.Girls special services, like:
* The staff of the Win-House casino
* The Roller-derby team
* The bar dancers
* The airplane crew

You can play a couple of minutes or keep on playing for hours, it’s your call, there is no limit!

Godfather Code: 4DDA9A

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Connexion Internet required, additional fee can be applied.

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    bug fixed

Feerik Games part of our Card and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 18, 2014. Google play rating is 84.6701. Current verison is 1.3.0. Actual size 35.0 MB.

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Mike G

Good start; several issues I've been playing this game for a couple of months. I've got 90% of the cards unlocked and leveled to max. I win the vast majority of games, even when I switch up my team build... like, I've only lost 2 or 3 of my last 40 or so games; yet, my ranking/points has not changed. Also, unlike their other game,there is little to no explanation of what the attacks do and you STILL cannot play with friends. Cool game, but you guys need to address these issues, yo.

Timothy Langley

Great game simple issues Ok love the game by the way! All I wish to see changed is when I click on the card to get skill description similar to eredan it is blank shows nothing, doesnt show my level either when i level up it takes away the button to get chest. Please fix and would love to see league play in this

Garrett Pruitt

Quick and competitive, dead now. Easy to pick up, fast and fun. Gorgeous art. Unfortunately the game is quite glitchy, and support and updates for the game stopped months ago...

Randy Lattimer

ZTE Magesty Cool game. Lil like Mutant Gladiators but artwork and Battle system is far superior. Would like to see evolves actually evolve (not just change color, etc). Would like to see some sort of skill selection on level-up (nothing major). Would like to see some sort of skill progression purchase with points, gold, feez, etc. Really cool game tho. DON'T give up on it!

Josh Maroon

Awesome I absolutely love your card games. I try to play both of them everyday. I only have one request. Can you add some more evil looking G.Girls please?


Abilities past the starting cards are not well described, if at all. The game crashes fairly often on a huawei y300. The gameplay is interesting, though it lacks longevity. Good game, but not great. keeps switching to French. Card ability explanations and rankings are no longer visible.

Timothy Curtis

Eredan PvP but glitchy Excellent gameplay, but it's buggy. My xp bar doesn't show increases unless I log out and back in. If I when a fight and level up I can't exit the win screen w/o quitting so I can't spend a loot key. If these get fixed its a 4 star game.

Chris Shepherd

Connection I have to uninstall once a week to login. I get timed out in matches, wasted energy, wasted ranking. Game Play is fun but the amount of forfeit I've had to do becuase of connection issues is only worth 1 star.

Nathan Sajdera

Good but no updates Love the game but would be great to have updates and new cards. Artwork is awesome. But again nothing new in a long time

Mikey Metz

Love battle gg I love the battle sequence it has been a while since I got lost in a game and you make it easy to win all the cards

Filip Ivanov

It's a start... The game is alright, but the release seems rushed, as it lacks the polish of its predecessor, Eredan Arena. The artwork is great, but evolutions are more often mirror images or simple color swaps instead of actual changes in the portrait. Some missed translations and no detailed skills info. Also, increasing the number of chests from 6 to 8 is a step back in my opinion. I do like the fact that you introduced the possibility of purchasing a 35 gem level-up pack, but until the rest is fixed, that's minor.

mohamad montaser

sgs2 I have a shitload of mony and all my girls are unlocked i cant get all my sp and ex girls can you update pls

Kenneth Hildreth

No response I've played this off and on for awhile over 3 phones. I'm using a galaxy S5. I get the message no response from server when I open the app and have to log in manually every time.

Kirisu Guroundosu

Excellent game, buuuuut... This is a great game, and I'm kicking butt at it, but every time a won match levels me up, I never get any chests to choose from. I have to exit the game just to get back to the main screen.

john stirling

I love this game but had reinstall and can not play because I forgot password and there is no password recovery,really shame and I don't want to start from scratch .

Jay J

Needs story plot Great game really fun to play but would be alot better is there was a story!!!!!

jeremy dickman

Needs more action when you attack like simple gameboy pokemon type stuff would work look good and be easy cheap graphics.

harits abdussalam

Too Bad Exp bar dont increase, glitch pn level up, no description on skills. Please fix this. Thanks

Charles Mayes

One of the few CCGs that have rules good enough for physical play. This game is far superior to Eredan in terms of strategy and art.

Quamari Inge-Phillips

Could be better It is confusing I don't know how to play ?

Ashley Banis

Droid 4 Amazing works really well. The connect with Facebook didn't want to work. But so far my favorite game.

Mathieu Bourgault

look dead game is cool, fun to play, but lack of update and event didn't saw anything new for at least 8 month plus you alwais fight the same people must be but stop playing for a year and still fight the same 5 ppls approx.... look dead to me

Ren Mizuki

Entertaining I could be playing this game for hours!! Like it!! (y)

Anthony Hills

Awsome Its a gd game need more sluty girls tho.

Chad Quillin

My opinion Nice game but not worth 5 stars

Debra Sullivan

The game is okay just wont level up their is a glitch please fix it soon

Jeff Crump

Not bad, could be better. The fact you only have 5 energy is silly and they take forever to regen. Although you can still play with no energy, you can't pick a reward. The exp counter only raises once you log off and then return to game. And it seems as if i literally battle the same people over and over. I'd swear they were bots... The artwork is pretty rad though.

DeNico Morrow

Nominal The gameplay is decent enough and the character design for the cards is interesting and vibrant for most.

Alfonso Cardenas Jr

Samsung Galaxy S5 Game is Awesome! Keep up the good work. Add some animation to the charters after they win. That would be awesome!

Nawang Dechen

Awesome but... I wish there was 25 energy

Samantha Haartje

Love the game to death...BUT where are the updates? I love this game, it is beautiful in every aspect, from the art to the play style:) the only issue is that it would seem to be a "dead" game now....I hope that they revive this game, worth every second^^

A Google User

Good game Best card and dice game I have found so far.

Justin Pauley

Nice. Better than their other card game. But less support and player base. Go figure.

The Crowned One Israel

I really like it but..... It needs more fighters and better instructions. It took me a few seconds to understand the game. And sometimes I don't get a chest when I win.

azrog doomhammer

Amazing I really really love this game, hope they carry it on!

Daniel Bean

Card games rock I love card games and this ones fun. Wouldn't mind more ways to earn gold or ways to be free play WITH new sets.

delta bd

no story you can play in one mode the play button

Ethan West

No connection Can't connect on startup on my m8

marc udell

Good game Need either more energy or drop the time limit a bit. Other then that its a good game. Dont need to pay to play and every card counts in this.

Chris Tyler

Can't find anybody who posted a referral code

Рауф Мамаев

I beseech we love this game, but please see the update, and we will love and you ^ _ ^

Magda Santisteban

Its alright...... Game is good if your patient you can get all the cards and max for free. You can pay a little to get specail event ones already maxed. It just needs more friend activities and maybe a story behind the cards. Theyre pretty but I don't understand what it is......

Josh Alexander

Great This amazing girl game has nailed it and I love how it's based on girls! I love It! ?????

William Jordan

:-) I love this game so much I don't have any words to describe it

Marek Lubonski

Pretty cool Fun game, but not much in-depth really...

Alfonso Cardenas Jr

Samsung Galaxy S6 Awesome game play! would be nice to have the option to upgrade EX cards. currently have all cards. please add some new ones. fun game.

Mr Fwee

Fun, but Lots of bugs. Whenever I lvl up, I don't get to open a chest. Also, I wanna play with my friends. Plz make an option to play with friends


It's dead now :( This game was cool at first but its been dead and left behind for sometime now i wish they would support it again. This game has potential and its getting wasted cause of the other good game Feerik has ....

Kyle Mepham

Eh I have a rule if a game glitces in 5 minutes from playing I give it a bad review I won a match and there was nothing to do afterword to proceed this isn't my first match I know to to proceed yet in this matc there was no way no rewards nithinhgbjust a stop screen

Rudy L

Its good. I like it but would like to see only a few changes. 1. Due to lack of players give a solo play option. 2. Explain the skills a bit. I learned by trial and error (really sucked). And finally 3. Make the fighters be able to rank up after some time as a fighter all the way to retirement (should make #3 an option ppl might not like to see their fav fighter rank up) only downside is you might need to make more fighters. Other than that. I love the game

Abisadj Kee Zing Yi

Loved it I love it, i love it, i love it love it love it this game can show me how to become the world boxing girl champion! Wish me luck!

Kyle Claymore

Fun, simple card game with an element of chance thrown in. I have just started and I am enjoying so far. It lost one star because it does crash occasionally but you don't lose anything

Joey anderson

Awesome A improved version of eredan PvP which I also loved, but don't like how it doesn't show you how much xp you get or show description for abilities and not so important but a lot of stuff isn't in English. Feerik I love you guys your games are good but do have flaws. Keep it up guys.

Titan Fire

Great game It takes intelligence to play this game in this game you can just press buttons and expect to win you need to look at your cards perks and use them to your advantage.

Nico Jansen van Rensburg

Enjoyed It Worth trying out. Has a slow built up but it gets interesting after awhile.

harsha ag

To the devs Are you hibernating... Eredan gets updates n new cards almost every time. What's with this game, it feels like it's been left behind.

Louis Roy

Awsome Easy to learn with unique battle style, killer artwork, well done.

Derek Burns

Game was really fun It was a simple and fun dice/card type game but it stopped being supported. No more chances to win new girls. And some bugs like several times the game messed up after winning matches and i want and to claim a reward. Too bad. i had more fun playing this than their other game which is basically the same as this.

Maria Shrieves

My favorite game ever! The card art is so cheese cake, which I love. I finally got the Cat girl, I'm after the busty Bunny now. The game play is very interesting. That song when fighting is amazing. Can you send me a CD of it please?The whole thing reminds me of one of my fav movies The Running Man. Which as a child I used to play with my Sibs and Cuzzies. The feeling is very nostalgic as I play this game. Get this game its awesome! :-) XXXX

James Thomas Hill

Great game The combo arrangements are nice in the dice feels like real board game

Nicholas Scott

This game rocks! Is what I said before I realized the developers dropped the game. No updates no live players no answers to any questions. [email protected]# this game

Călin Lupiţu

Cool Simple and entertaining. Pretty addictive.

Micah Bristol

Simple game, great to pass time... half of the game is in another language (maybe french) can't understand options...

Ricca Monuit

Why the glitches? The bugs are annoying. My experience doesn't increase and it's getting easy to gain battle girl cards. A game I used to like a lot. I stopped playing because I got lazy, honestly. Now...came's just a pile of....nada.

Brian a

Fun but way too buggy to play. Everytime I go to open a chest or buy a character with gold the game locks up and I have to pull the battery on my phone.

Tollas Malkavianos

PLZ fix it Its a really good game, I even like it more than eredan, but it has tons of bugs.


Late to the show I prefer this over Eredan graphic wise. Gameplay is the same so I have both but let's make a part 2 please. Playing Eredan cause you have to continue this dead game now sadly ...

Adrian Plaatjies

Not bad at all TOTS.!!! COOL GAME more people should play these kind of games or should make more games like this one


The Best Card phone Game I used to have this one on the apple store, and I just found it on the G Play store. My all-time favorite card game on phones, so glad I found it again. I wish they were still adding new cards, but it's still awesome. Always liked the art and presentation better than Eredan, their other game with the same gameplay. Both great fun on a phone, though. I miss being able to win EX cards when they came out. You guys should cycle the ones you have until you start developing this one again. Hoping for a sequel.

Dan Moran

The creators of Eredan Arena made an almost exact clone of their game. This nonetheless is very refreshing, since it is starting from square one again and doesn't have overpowered cards! :)

GandeI Subaz

Terrible artwork for card upgrades/evolutions How come Eredan Arena has more balls than this developer when it comes to making female artwork for their cards?! It's a CARD GAME it's SUPPOSED to be EYE CANDY duh. Not sure why this game can't prove itself, but maybe that's because they don't have anything impressive enough to spend currency on. Don't let this die.

Víctor Patiño

Original game Good and original one, sadly it seems left out. With more characters or features it'd be better. However cannot advance anymore, when I click for combine or sell a card it just freezes disabling the button and you get no card or coins, frozen....


Moderately entertaining Has a bug since yesterday where I can't collect rewards, no matter what source. No cards, no consolation coins, no sale coins, no cards bought with coins. Option to collect button sticks, you have to use back button to get off the page and you loose your item.

Taylor Acott

Major bug in a great game I've noticed a major bug on my device, Samsung Galaxy s6. When I click on a card I don't get a detailed description of its abilities, it's just a blank image. This would likely be my favorite card game if this is fixed, but with this bug, the game loses a major feature.

Orlando Padilla

Fun Cool game, but theres no story no end state. Theres no way to win gems. Its just an online card game. All cards can be unlocked with time. The battle system is all chance no real skill involved. This is a time killer game. Thats it.

Video Gaming

Be warned the rating here is fake. This game has a lot of downs. No dev team. No reply yo emails. Nothing free. No events. No new cards. Payments fail. After match you get no rewards sometimes. Even with enery you shuffle the box to get a blank screen

Gunwoo Sa

Nice concept with several minor flaws Sometimes the app stays active and causes the battery to drain even when the app hasnt been used in hours and makes the device get hot, which is rather a huge issue and most likely the reason why i will be uninstalling the app for now. Its too bad because i enjoy the concept of the game. Some of the other flaws include frequent freezing up (always after winning a match therefore granting no reward whatsoever.) and obviously the whole freemium problem.

Kevin Guillaume

What is happening to this game? I became very addicted to this game at one point. Lately, it has been robbing me of my wins(even losses) After a battle I would have the chance to gain money or a new card. After I accept what is given to me(By pressing the green bar)... It stops/pause...So I get no new cards or money. Please fix this huge bug...Other than that the game is Boss!

Chu Yin Xiong

It's okay Not to many cards to differ from and I barely get any battles or PvP. I barely get a few battles in a day for a few hours 2-3 at most if combine for 3 days. Needs a lot of improvement, and could be better.


Amazing gameplay Works amazing. You dont need to pay to play at all. Energy only stops you from obtaining chests rewards at the end but you can play endlessly. Been missing games that let you play as much as you want

Nelson Howard

Really entertaining Simple system but complex strategy. Ad watching and survey allow free players all options, not a pay to win game which is nice.

Lydia Hagar

It glitches Sooo much Also I wish there were more new cards more frequently

L Nooo

Almost perfect... If i only didn't lose an energy point after victory. I hate to wait!

Justin Wong

I really enjoyed Eredan PvP and I'm really enjoying BGG. My only issue is when I click on the cards to look at the description of each ability it comes up blank. I have been able to figure out some abilities just on how they reduce your Power or whatever, but it would be nice if I could just read what they do instead.

warren vincent

Games glitchy but good So I've been playing for a bit and I run into the same issue over and over where you win a match and then it just forgets to load the reward button on recap... but gamrplays okay it's like eredan witch is pretty cool evolves should have different pictures not just reverse pictures... but it's a good start hope they didn't forget this game so after a little investigation doesn't look like they're paying attention last update was 2014 so probably gonna unistall... don't waste your time on a dead game.

David Slemmons

The game is fun but I win most of the time 30 wins and 3 loss this game is about luck and I wish it was about like you know girls fighting

Dalia Gonzalez

Great game, I'm sad it's abandoned I just downloaded this game and am addicted, but certain things need better explanation or do not work at all and after some poking around I realized the devs haven't updated this in two years. This looked like it had potential. I'll keep playing for kicks but with no reason to advance it will sure get stale.

Waqar Alvi

Great game but... A shame it is left behind by the devs

Rodney Thomas

It's ok. I like the game because it's just like the orginal but the designs on the cards barely change when leveled up. Other than that, it's a fun game!

Mark Didier

Bugged. Kinda fun as a time waster but I also got the bug where I can't collect any cards or combine them. Pointless if I can't progress at all.

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