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13 Jul
Full Steam Ahead

Posted by ss Great Britain Trust in Puzzle | July 13, 2016 | 124 Comments

Apk file size: 32.0 MB

Brunel’s ss Great Britain, the Science Museum and Aardman Animations have joined forces to make this addictive ship building puzzle game.

Let Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself be your guide as you create ships to solve the same challenges which the great engineer faced when designing the ss Great Britain. Build a ship to cut through rough seas, carry as much cargo as possible, go the furthest distance and destroy opponents in tug-o-war battles.

Choose your ship’s hull material (wood or iron), engine, fuel and propulsion mechanism to overcome the challenges posed by Brunel. The better you do, the more investor confidence, and so cash, you’ll earn; giving you more funds to design bigger and better ships!

Become a great problem solver just like Brunel, and take inspirations from his determination, resilience, perseverence and his ability to learn from his mistakes.

• Eight ship building challenges posed by your guide, Brunel.
• Discover the capabilities of iron versus wood in the construction of your ship.
• Explore the difference between paddles and the screw propeller.
• Earn investor confidence for bigger and more complex ships.
• Learn about the design and construction of the ss Great Britain.
• Find out about the history of the ss Great Britain and her working life.
• Can you build a ship to rival the ss Great Britain?

Visit Brunel’s ss Great Britain to get special unlock codes for the game!

Plan your visit to Brunel’s ss Great Britain:

Developed by Aardman Animations for Brunel’s ss Great Britain and the Science Museum as part of the Museums and Schools Project; supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Find out more about the Museums and Schools project:

Whats new

    Update to include enhancement and improvements to game play. New features for Tug o' War and Push the Boat Out and new SS. Great Britain facts!

ss Great Britain Trust part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 13, 2016. Google play rating is 81.1822. Current verison is 2.0.12. Actual size 32.0 MB.

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Jamie Bainbridge

Really good, very short. Fun little game, I finished it in an afternoon but have kept playing and broke my own records several times over. Wish there was more content, but pretty good for a little educational contract game.

Dominic Sosa

Great game Its informative, humble, and quite fun for the creative! A few pieces of advice: for a while, you think you're designing the cross section of a ship, but it turns out to be the side view. A tip or tutorial box explaining this early on in the game would really help clear things up, please! Lastly, the game is quite difficult to read and play on a mobile phone. Please reformat to make it easier to manipulate designs and read on a mobile!

danny ellis

Alright Its almost straight 4ward but the only thing I struggled reading was the writing it usnway to small and even when I put ma glasses on still had troubs reading the instructions given

Nicholas Tysh

Lacks in depth user interfaces. Message me for details. Please add pinch zoom! Also smoother menu usage transitions. Google play?

Brett Mitchell

Brilliant and short This game is top shelf and afaik completely unique on android market. I very rarely pay for apps but if this were a demo version I would pay 5 bucks for full game with say 3-5x the content. On that basis I urge you to revisit it's design ;-)

Steven Jones

Awesome game! This game is amazing, there are a FEW times that it becomes slow, but most of the time it's amazing! There need to be more games like this

Lukedra Alexander

to difficult to use everything was so small and i could not figure out how to zoom in. I would need a full tablet to use it.

colin price

V enjoyable engineering game More levels please, better indicators for wind speed / direction & an online leaderboard would be good also.

gamerJesus 101

More parts This is an extrodenary game but it need more engine, propeller, fuel, and a larger boat designing space

Berlyn Olson

Fun!...more I love this game! But I beat it in about 4 hours...I was wondering if this game could be expanded with more levels or missions. I feel like it would further the games future.

Edward Elhordoy

Hey guys edthegamer here enjoyed this game and honastly as a youtuber u should install this game

Pierre Ferreira

Awesome As is I give it 5 stars... Just wish there were more stages/challenges. Thank you for this awesome little game...

Ian Frauen

Awesome but too short Add more challenges or more stars per challenge its a super fun game just too short

Alex Voak

Was great but I didn't know how to get codes. Also it was a bit awkward to play

Layden Scheidel

Loved it. I loved it. I would recommend it to other people. Can you guys put more levels on pls

Douglas Keith

Great! Would love some more levels.

Marton Balazs

My favourite One of the very best and original game out there. Everyone who likes building or ships (or both) should try it.

Nabeel Anwar

More levels please. This is a great game needs more levels though.

Szymon Mitrega

Everything too small.can't read writing or anything. Uninstaling.

Joe Gainey

Awesome Very short, but I loved it. Wish there were more games like it.

Сергей Скворцов

Nice little game Very interesting game. Looks like game itself is an add. But it does not mess it. Would be nice to get more challenges and possibility to build bigger ships. Would be nice to have decks.

Adam Carter

Awesome! Only Brunel could make such an amazing game 150+ years after his death.

Todd Turner

Dandy little app. "It appears you have some talent. A few years study may make an app designer out of you."

Stuart Taylor

Very short..... But very good fun while it lasted. More levels would be good as there is very little to hold your attention for more that 30 minutes. Download for your commute one morning and you will be satisfied.....

Rory Brooks

Love it!!! Good thinking designing, game, physics to!!! Need more like this!!!

Zois Bekios

Amazin game I loved it

Ricky Simpkiss

Love it Wish. I could play more. Mission. New hulls better engine's. Update would be very nice would even pay for a whole new version

Josh Baldwin

Nice Good stuff. Need to be able to zoom in and out during construction.

Serh B

Update I love the game. Fun to play. Can you add in a engine that is twice as powerful as the first engine. Then I will rate 5 stats

Zach Toburen

Good Good and very fun but please add more building room for your ship


To easy It's way to easy. I beat it in about two hours.

Daniel Day

Stumbledupon Found this on stumble upon and got it for that reason and that reason alone

Emil Salvador

Fantastic game Love the game...but the levels are to short

krister narbekov

Super!!! I love it i thing thers ntohig wrong with it


Awesome Very intreasting and a good game to play.

Levi Henderson

I like it I gets boring but fun to play know and then

Mischele Ricks

Great game I love that's it free, no apps ,just a all around great game I'll never get tired of it ,I've y'all build another game like this I'd buy it.

Jamie Bainbridge

I love this game! I've finished this several times over. It's so much fun to make completely ridiculous boats which achieve the goals in silly ways. For example, make it to Australia in under 13 days and you'll crash into the pier and sink but still win, complete the tug-o-war in under 9 seconds and you'll rip the other boat apart. Lots of emergent gameplay fun.

Logan Gordon

This is the best sailing game I have played!, I want to see more games like this,Oh and maybe some new levels! :) (Plus some new items!)

Gage Stepek

This is a really great game! I wish I found it sooner! It's a renewed take on a bridge construction sim! But with boats! It's quite unique! It's kind of short, but at the same time it leaves with one open ended challenge to use the budget you've built up from previous Challenges, and build whatever ship you can think up! You slowly unlock new parts to build with from paddles, to propellers, to sails to engines! Cool physics and graphics! Check it out!

Niccolò Scaringella

Funny game! It is a funny, entertaining, and immersive game! Very well designed! As it would have done a British Naval Engineer B-)

Caleb Tyink

This was great game... it made me design my own ships!

Drew West

methodical but rewarding. it takes several redesigns but when you get a perfect design, it's satisfying

mikey drhye

Awesome Need more parts and its fun, I finished in two days.

Jerry Street

Great game Please add more options, engine's etc :)

Matthew Randolph

This game ia awesome! I love the historical aspect of the game along with the clever design and great challenges!(: only had trouble once with the game, and i was able to fix it be closing the game and opening it again.

Pat G

A fun little game but fairly easy to "beat"

James Tingler Jr.

Awesome Wish that you had a bit of different things

Chris Jo.Carroll

How do I get the unlock code What is the unlock code

Sam Seim

A very solid game design with no bugs, however it could use more content. I really enjoyed it, but I finished the game in just a few hours.

Arnab Ghosh

Love it but would be happy if got few more levels

Russell Walker

Not funy. Words to small

James Watt

Great game Wish there was more like it in store

Kyle Miller

Can't get enough. I love this game, more details and specs on how engines and parts influence eachother would be awesome!!! Oh and more challenges too.


Fun Really fun, wish it was a smaller scale so you could make bigger ships. Would also be nice to have upper decks. Other then that, really fun.

Kamal Deep

Good but I give it 4.5 stars because there are only 8 levels in it. Otherwise it is very good and so entertaining. Loved it but please get more levels

Greg A.

EXCELLENT!!! (sorry was a setting I had on me phone) excellent game, should add more options or ways to build different style ships, i mean you can in this one but is limited from size of blueprint area.. but great game.. bravo!!!


Surprising a lot of fun :) Despite the simplicity of the game, it's actually quite challenging. Great work.

Ryan Braz

Great game no adds and free i never stop playing it

Daniel McCarthy

Great I'm not into ships but this game is awesome, shame there isn't enough of it.

Simon Davies

Great game I loved this game, something a little different. A few more levels and maybe more ship types?

Hayden Swanner

Loved it Awesome and challenging game. Great for challenging and also puzzling you brain to come up with ideas to make your ship not only float, but also make your ship move.

Calisto Cleaver

Great game! So I've got 4 stars in everything, now. What more is there to do?

Stephen Rose

Good but Text is so small I can't read the instructions on my moto g

Jeff Cocherell

Awesome! this is a terrific game! It's fun and makes you think. Very creative! Wish it had more levels.

John Rafael Dee

My eyes hurts Because the letters is so small and theres no zoom tool when you build ships i will rate 5 stars if it gets better

brian laura

Great game just not enough levels Please add more levels this is a great short term game but please add more challenges and more equipment that you can use to build the ship

Mark Lee

good game but.. how can a design game not have a save option? Unless I'm blind and can't find it it is dumb. There's also room for some more contents. Keep up the good work.

Tim 1999

MORE MISSIONS I finished it in like 1 day please more mission great game if you can make like a multiplayer so you can race against other people

Chase Slone

More!!!! Add more components, maybe different fuel types, different hull types, levels. And multiplayer like racing and tug-o-war and stuff like that. Please add more this is the only ship builder game on app store and its awesome

Alistair Chapman

Excellent Fantastic little game - would definitely pay for more challenges. As is, I'm still keeping myself amused making little tweaks to try and get that extra 0.1 knots or 10 miles! Good work.

Rinjani II First of all; this game, altho simplistic was pretty enticing. The overall presentation is well executed making it intriguing to play. Buuuut, at the very end, its a very mediocre experience tbh, but combined with the said well execution of the game ill give it 4 stars. The other one star is kinda personal tbh; merely because the game is free yet there were no ads bothering you (at least on my playthrough, idk about others) . So yeah, a complete thumbs up from me to you devs! P.S ; Needs more levels?

Rodney Robinson

Wish there was more. It's a great game! only thing I don't like is there are not many challenges.

Al Falls

Great Builder Fun physics builder, if you liked "Fantastic Contraption" its definetly worth a try. My 1 critique: Please add more content!!

Ruben Dragawn

Amazing game Ships are awfully slow and the game is kinda short, could really use more kinds of challenges, give us some reason to use reverse, pick up cargo or something, the game doesn't lend itself much to more kinds of challenges but cmon, hopefully something can be worked out. Finished the game with 4 stars on all in 3h.

Todd Tevlin

Text too small on phones Although it looks great stylistically, I cant read a single word in this game on my phone. Text too small and no zoom. :(

Matt Hughes

Great but short Entertaining game but needs more challenges. Good for a day's worth of play.

Henry Weese

Quality Game I 4 starred all the levels in one night, I couldn't put it down. Worth it, and there should definitely be more levels.

Joseph Payne Grenier

I wish you would add more missions! I loved the game but i ran out of missions too quick. Add some new ones!

Zachary Burke-Smith

Great Good fun, took me a few hours to finish but I really enjoyed it. Pleasant graphics (pinch to zoom would be handy) and good challenges. I wish there were more levels but it's free and I'm very grateful for that.

J. D. O.

Problem in design phase Won't let me distinguish between hull and regular covering. Otherwise the game would be great.

Stephen van Gordon

Short, fun, historical A nice blend of history and puzzle solving. Dinging it a point because it would have been nice to have a more detailed description of the mechanics in game -- but that the mechanics even seen that complex is a big plus

Charlie Todd

Just needs more levels Enjoyed it, but finished it in a few hours. Needs more levels.

blaise andrews

This game is Awesome! This game is actually fun. Sure it has(minor)flaws but in the end it's still awesome. You guys should try and games about other ships too(eg.HMS sovereign)

Linus Levitt

GREAT game On the whole: 5 star, only 2 issues, 1) there isn't enough of it (which is a compliment really), and 2) could do with a few other things... like ballast tanks? Or oil fuel? that would also make it easier to make more content by having more variations. I do understand that this game is on the educational side, so i don't expect to see more content although what was there was great.

Bobbert Canuck

I think I saw a kraken! Fantastic game. Tonnes of fun. The tug-o-war mission was allways my favorite and now it's better! But anyway, I swear, in the mission about going as far as possibe, at around 9000 miles, I saw a really big squid thing the watter. I think it was a kraken.

John Hemminger

Killer game, yesterday hated how you can't save your designs; but then I thought of something. Yesterday, I hated the fact that you can't save your designs. Because I can kinda remember them all, but I can't remember what they were for. But this could make the game too easy, because then every one has a carrier group. So on the next one, let us save only our best one. That way, when you come up with one that is better, you really have to think if you want to replace it. This would be be cool though: have it come up like a blueprint in the build stage so you have to build it again.

Chase Slone

More!!!! Add more components, maybe different fuel types, different hull types, levels. And multiplayer like racing and tug-o-war and stuff like that. Please add more this is the only ship builder game on app store and its awesome. Maybe a multiplayer mode where you own ports and sail ships and can save designs and sell ships, of course that might be for a different game cuz it may cause lag.

Unkle Pervert

Game needs work It logjam fun and interesting. But as some other people have said you can't place objects very well because your finger covers the object. Maybe a select, unselect with finger movement anywhere would solve it. But as of now it's borderline unplayable.

Walter Murray

Could be great Way to hard to move things around. When you drag parts around the turn green if they can be placed in a location. Problem is that my finger covers the part so i can not tell if it can be placed.

Acidius AcidicMind

SLOW The game is so boring waiting to test new designs. Plus the controls are terrible. You can't see where you put anything with your finger in the way. No offset control at all. Fix the control and add a x2, x3 speed option to make this more enjoyable.

Jordan Wieb

Very slow... I could see this being a very fun game, but its just so incredibly slow that I lose interest quick. I honestly wasn't sure if I was just messing up the paddles or something because it was just going at a snails pace. A quick tip shown while loading (no other explanation) confirmed I was doing it right and it was indeed that slow.

Alloy Mendoza

A good simulator A bit on the retro side but it's a good one nonetheless. I just wish there was an option to speed up the time. It can get too slow to the point of being boring. Anyway, the real problem in the end is the lack of more missions. At the moment, I'm being left with no choice but to uninstall since There's nothing left for me to do with it.

Jasiel Inman

Pretty awesome Great game, but I do have to say that things are kind of hard to move around. I think the buttons are too small for some things. Anyway, love it, but also I finished it in one day, and I really want more challenges or something.

Muhammad Nurazrin

Awesome I keep on experimenting with new designs n never get bored. Plz add more levels. And perhaps a game where i can create a ship/vessel with more upgrades like rockets, weapons? Or perhaps game like this with space theme? Juz a suggestion :) anyway great game dev

Joshua Miao

Great Game Its a great game you just gotta have a little patience. Could you add more components like fuel,crew or weather. P.s. it kinda gets boring later on

Joel Atkinson

Terrible The ships aren't big enough to do anything with an engine. The paddles can't be placed where a paddle would do anything and everything is so slow.


Very big room for improvement It has so many flaws but its possible to resolve them.

Shawn Terreault

Fun game, but.... This game needs a zoom option for building a ship if I make something smaller it won't recognize I'm grabbing it and is super frustrating, also once again fun game

Alain Xalabarde

Nice little game with fitting and great looking graphic style. Mechanics are interesting and fun for a while although the trial and error without feedback can get tedious at times. It's a nice sandbox for those who like to experiment.

Robert Ebner

Great game! Needs more levels! Love the spin on the building/architect games! Great game. Plus I'd even go see the real thing! Except it's across the "pond."

Rares Lisovschi

Great Testing Simulator If you can add, after unlocking all the challenges, a free builder to play on an economical simulator of some sorts, I'm all in about buying the game.

Dan Krouse

Looks pretty, but boring... Choose pre-defined hulls and engines, then float them in slow, very slow, tests. Better yet, get a different game.

bapang yokai

More please? Can you add cruise mode or career ? Where you can have jobs to earn money ? Jobs like passengers transportation or package delivery. Fishing , or rescue? Pls and make some pirate ships and components for the ship to defend itself to pirates. Add more components for the vessel. ? This game has potentials. Like it

Russell Pollock

Brilliant and original I didn't think I'd enjoy this, but I bloody well do

Michael Rice

Fun but slow Awesome game, but without a fast forward feature, it can begin to feel like watching grass grow after a few levels.

Tristan de Guzman

Fun game but missing something. The game is fun but I just wish I can zoom in on design mode. Playing on a small locally made phone is difficult.

Drew ski

Awesome I stumbled upon this app and haven't been able to put it down for a couple days. Very fun and interesting, and free!

Austin Summers

Amazingly fun and addictive Just like bridge builder only with boats;) needs a fast forward pause and rewind button when ur testing ships or even a skip button with a basic dino at the end speed distance etc also sand box mode with unlimited money plz great game keep it up

Mark van Til

Fun but too short. Great game, but way too short, and apprentice mode is actually harder to do well in than than master mode, because it locks you to premade hulls of medium size at best.

Andrew Swift

Fun with History! A great little historical game, rich with facts and some really polished gameplay.

Luís Neto

Zoom Please add zoom to the editor, trying to change small parts around as you are covering it with your finger is impossible, if I could zoom in it would help.

Orion Torres

I love it I don't really have any complaints, but I find it really funny that on my fastest ship, for the speed mission, I break my ship with the acceleration, and see the propellers fly ahead of the engine, it's amazing!

steve hill

Awful Takes forever to do anything and thats assuming you can make it work. Worst game ever

ps kaladhar

Brunel will be happy about this.... Lovely game ..... Thank u for such an awesome designing game....please create such games related to aeroplanes and automobile... Kindly provide undo & redo options in designing & also zooming option for the coordinate system.

Gorazd Rajar

Feedback Waaay too much time spent on testing the design (gets really boring, some fast forward needed), fonts too small on phones, parts should pop above your finger (hard to be precise because finger is obscuring the part), ship moving too slow when testing (feels like I designed a very bad ship).

yohann co

Very realistic This game is a good time killer and the master edition is so challenging. This has so much fun levels and realistic physics unlike other games, keep up the good work!

8u5y 633k

Amazing physic game Can play hours with this fantastic game. It could be nice to have a fast forward option and add a more realistic water simulation. The texture are nice but can be improved.

Carlos Reed

It won't let me make my own boat Why can't I build my own boat

Oliver Ames

It's good but I want for levels to do things in do it then 5 star =D Liked it

Josh Hilton

Absolutely Brilliant The game is overall amazing but the issue is there's not enough but that's not really a major issue hopefully we might see more content soon :)

Andrew Cardona

... Please tell me how I unlock all the other parts? For the life of me I don't understand.

Jian Wei

Nice designs but it's getting boring, you can't simply zoom in just to place your ships stuffs, my finger are kinda large, if you're having s-pen or stylus this is the game for you

C Ward

Great idea but the ridiculusly slow acceleration of ships is like drowning in treacle

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