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15 Nov
Friendly Interactive Gadget

Posted by OptiLaunch in Casual | Nov. 15, 2012 | 76 Comments

Apk file size: 4.6 MB

FIG, aka Friendly Interactive Gadget, is the most dynamic widget to be released on Google Play. FIG plays darts, he watches TV, he surfs the internet, and much more! At this point, FIG is just a beta, and we are in the process of integrating artificial intelligence as well as allowing the user to customize FIGs apartment. Please give as much feedback as you can, as we are still in the process of making changes and fixing bugs. Enjoy!

Bug Fix: White Box is now gone!
Note: If after installation the widget does not appear in your applications, please restart phone to finish installation.

Copyright (C) OptiLaunch 2012

Whats new

    fixed bug:FIG walks into wall.
    fixed bug: crashing.
    fixed bug: sticky note appear when fig is at home.

OptiLaunch part of our Casual and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 15, 2012. Google play rating is 63.1149. Current verison is 1.1.7. Actual size 4.6 MB.

Download friendly-interactive-gadget.apk 4.6 MB


Anushka Kumar

Not loading I am really excited to use this widget but it is taking lot of time to load and then It says That It has stopped working. Please solve the issue. I am using micromax A110. can't wait for an update.

Donald Chapman

Not what I expected His name is FIG Friendly Interactive Gadget but I have seen nothing interactive about him it is a cute app and I am going to keep it but like many others I would like to actually see him be as you say INTERACTIVE and the whitr box has got to go

Kristina Gayler

:( I really wanted to see this work... it never showed up in my apps menu even after rebooting... it also didnt appear in my widgets menu... :(

Alec Risser

Cute, pointless but entertaining it's a nice well made little app

kieran vandalen

Good! Fig tends to not fit his words in his speech bubbles. Also he's glitchy and doesn't talk. Just does an awkward commentary of everything he does

Trevor brock

Good It is fun to watch him but is there anyway to interact with him? The share is really annoying. I would give 5 stars if you could do more with him but pretty good overall

Russell Parson

Amazing Im a man of neatness u no games here music here social networks here so when I seen this widget I knew itd look perfect on my game page and it does. Its not as good as I want it to be but I think its worth five stars.

Roshan Parker-Mian

Why its a 4 star For some reason theres a white box around the fig and I dont know why plz help im using a samsung galaxy tab 2

Matt Lansdowne

Cool Please remove the white box around fig and it would be really cool to interact with him. It would also be cool to talk to him and have him respond

Frensen Loh

Cool He is really fun to watch and he entertaints me. But could u add him making mistakes like accidentaly trip while walking or maybe add a few more actions. If u can make the apartment bigger i would gif this 10* if i could. Looking forward to the next update.

Evan Radford

Pls fix I have a nexus 4 and whenever I download the widget it never appears even after restarting, I notice I'm not the only one pls fix for 5 stars I would love to use it

Pollа Krasteva

Its not very interesting It would be cool if when we move the phone it just falls around trying to keep itself up or some other stuff, its not very interesting, it doesnt communicate with us, it would be really nice if it told us about missed calls or messages.

J Claflin

THE WHITE BOX! The white box is still there! I wanna see where the guy is going. Please fix it for real this time and I will rate five stars. And a way to make it cooler: make it so we can have a conversation with him

Paul Alejo

Goods I think this is neat but they should let you drag him around & play with him then it would be epic in my opinion other than that its pretty cool besides the share it gets annoying oh and it would be awesome if you could tell him something and he will answer back or give him commands and if he cold remember your name by typing it in maybe even having a pet any kind you wanted & what kind of personality you would like him to have

Charlie Rodrigrise

The BEST widget I ever got! I want to thank you guys for this amazing widget. I watch my FIG all day and it continues to amaze me! I love that he has his own personality and lives his own life. A few things I'd love to see in the full version are that we could customize his personality based on our own. I wish FIG's world was based on the local temperature. I wish we could interact with our FIG, like maybe drop items for him to mess around with. I don't know. Over all, it's a great widget, and I'm looking forward to the full verison!

Cecille Borja

Great game. Nice widget! I really love how much he gets frustrated when meditating and just ironing his clothes. The animations are a little bit too rough, it should transition well. the INTERACTIVE word doesn't fit in if you can't interact with him. You should add a feature where we can drag him around and make him roll around if we tilt the device.

Kian Martin

Help! Very frustrated! It says its installed but isn't anywhere I can see. Uninstalled & tried again - no luck. Even turned phone off & on-house still nothing.... I was really looking forward to this....

Skyler Heet

Cool idea White box surrounding him at all times which covers up part of the background. Also, THIS IS A WIDGET, NOT AN APP. IT DOESNT SHOW IN YOUR APPS BECAUSE ITS A WIDGET. DERP

joseph cavelry

Pretty good Nice app, fun to watch FIG do his thing but being abke to interact with him would make this 5 star worthy

Ashley Gunn

Great idea I love the idea but at he moment is still a bit clunky but what for free it is awesome I love it its great

Estevan Durgin

Just plain bad I have this thing downloaded figuring it might be cool after checking out the video but I figured it was a waste of space and memory. The graphics are bad and he really doesnt do much besides almost the same exact routine. If this was interactive then we should be able to do things with him like toss him against the wall or beat him with a bat for a good laugh. And another thing... dont say you fix the white box issue when you really didnt, theres a little something called false advertising so you get sued.

Ozair Khan

Awesome I have seen this widget in action when it first came out. Oh my God. This app is awesome now! The animations are allot better, it lags a lot less, they gave him more personality. Now FIG is awesome!

isaiah adrien

Great I love the app but I really would like to interact with fig. Type him stuff like good morning And get a response back. just talk to him, costumize his petsonality, give him a roommate, let us pick his outfits, give him a pet, maybe give him friends. This is what lots of people are saying, how bout you take our ideas and add them to the app.

samantha thompson

Sad I've installed like a billion times but it does not show up

Muppy Mupperson

Uh question... Well first of all I don't know how this necessarily works. Its seems as though I can't open the actual app. And I'm a little do I even open it up?

Tori Barrera

Doesn't show up I've installed this app 4 times, each time I let it fully install, and when it's not there I restart my phone but never shows up on my phone, it says I have it downloaded but I don't see it anywhere. Please fix >.<

Akmal Faris

White Box? There's a white box when the Fig is walking and do some activites on Galaxy Grand. Plz Fix It. It would be more fun to watch Fig without the white boxes..

Brooke DePietro

Cute app I really think this is a cute idea but would Love to interact with him like if I tap on my phone or shake it things like that.. I think it would become a new fad to have him on everyone's phone!! FIG would be a household name! Haha keep up the awesome work great job!!!!

Megan Winberg

I love watching fig, but whenever he does stuff except climb the rope and play on the computer, a white box appears around him. Its annoying please fix and it gets five stars.

Aaron madridLOL

Pretty good This widget is pretty entertaining and just what I was looking for. My only complaint: there's a white box around the stickman and what ever he is doing.

Matthew Thomas

Good but....... it's too choppy it needs more fps , frames per second and and more things to interact with such as a pet so basically I'm trying to say is just don't make it too choppy and make more things interact with will rate 5 a when that happens thanks bye

Brandon Call

Not bad I also have the white box surrounding the guy, also would be cool if he was more interactive. Other than that not bad

Dee xyz

Funny little guy I enjoy watching this guy doing his thing, I understand he's in his beta stage and can't wait for you to add artificial intelligence...Wow! He'll will be something...

juliet eyers

White Box Love it, but there's a white box around him. Get that fixed? Please and thank you!

A Google User

D- I downloaded FIG nearly a year ago and there are still no changes. Nothing about this dude is interactive. I think Google either abandoned this app or they're using the app to spy on us. Uninstalling.... again.?

Kayla Perez

Where is it?its on widgets☺ Just hold on the home screen and it will say widgets and then click on widgets and look through it and u will find it and there you go ?

Levi Rivers

A window into stickman flat.. Cool looking but no options other than Share SHARE!! As soon as i ran the app-window my stick dude crawled up the rope & went to sleep. He plays darts & leaves home too.

Oliver Whitehouse

How to find fig. If you go to the box with little boxes in it(apps), the top of it would say widgets so press that and scroll through until you find fig then drag it to your home screen.

keenen maurangi

Freaken. Awesome that it no work It doesnt show just keep sayin loading or something ?

Atu Jmr

Cool Pretty cool app, although i'd love to customize it's apartments and stuffs. Would definitely be cooler if we could interact with the small guy

A Google User

D- I downloaded FIG nearly a year ago and there are still no changes. Nothing about this dude is interactive. I think Google either abandoned this app or they're using the app to spy on us. Uninstalling.... again.?

Julie Clifford

Horrible First of all I couldn't find it bc its not an app and when I first clicked widgets I couldn't find it and it took absolutely forever to load, when it finally loaded it was horrible quality and all it did was lay in bed

Cher Tian Goh

Interactive I thought we could talk to the stickman or sth? Like actually poke it then do sth o.o but its jus playing on itself on the home screen? How is this interactive? Im disappointed

A Google User

D- I downloaded FIG nearly a year ago and there are still no changes. Nothing about this dude is interactive. I think Google either abandoned this app or they're using the app to spy on us. Uninstalling.... again.?

Misty Meyers

Does not work Ive downloaded this app before and it was fun. Now it dont work at all even after i restarted my phone like they suggested. Please fix!

yeo jiaxin

I can't use it I download it and I can't find the app that opens fig. I tried installing it many times until I was fed up, tell me how to set up fig widget

Duduzile Malande

Makes you EXITED FOR NOTHING Hate it and I usually love apps but this is a piece of rubbish ????

Tyler Janetzki

Oh yeah I love him soon much and I like stickmen so yeah but my is not working it is still loading the animations

Mykiyah Cotton

It is still on the loading screen I know how to get it on my screen but it just is loading it takes forever and when when it does come up it just freezes and all it says is "I wish I had on demand"

A Google User

D- I downloaded FIG nearly a year ago and there are still no changes. Nothing about this dude is interactive. I think Google either abandoned this app or they're using the app to spy on us. Uninstalling.... again.?

Tyler Janetzki

Oh yeah I love him soon much and I like stickmen so yeah but my is not working it is still loading the animations

Trevor Wilkinson

Could use more interactions Like being able to click on what he does, or for him to go outside, go to "work". And have more than one character, like two or three. That's my feedback

Sakura Haruno

Wtf!?? I am really mad!!!I downloaded this game waiting so lonv (for bad wifi)and then I saw that it got downloaded I felt so happy and then went to home to open but the app wasn't there I went to play store again but it said it was downloaded I'm deleting this right now????

Myra Zeno Saiyan

Neat It is a little boring. gadget thoug. I'd like to be able to interact with the apartment as well as change it around. It would be cool if there was a pet too that the stickman might blame things on. XD

hiroson yakanomie

Very Enjoyable The app is a great time killer. However, I noticed a few idiots gave it 1 star because they couldn't find it. Now, if they could read, it is clearly said you need to restart your phone/tablet to finish installing. Than is will show up under WIDGETS. I hope people will see this review to know what to do.


Great app, some suggestions First I want to praise you for making this great app. I've noticed very few issues with this, really only 1. That would be the white box around him when he does stuff. I think a good way to fix that would be to put him in a video editor and use the remove color feature, like you would for a green screen. Hope I was a help!

Amber Edwards

Awesome! I love having this little guy on my homescreen! Whenever I get bored I go see what he's up to. Oddly, I actually love the fact that I cant interact with him, he just does whatever he wants. The only thing I would add is the ability to customize his home a little bit, and of course always add more activities for him to do.

K Alnory

Downloaded but nowhere to be seen Rebooted phone no luck said on app store uninstall so assumed it installed but went to app manager wasn't even in the app manager! Just hope not nefarious.... Tried on 2 different device's... Seems cute but didn't work for me and I see no responses to people who complain of same or would ↑ rating

Breanna Galloway

Soo cute Love this.wish the new versions u can talk to him and interact with him and play pranks on him. And he goes to bed when u do like if phone isn't being messed with after so long then he goes to bed. And wake up when touches the phone or when our alarms go off on phone.

Deedra Bourne

Good, but... Could like the little guy have a pet or friends over. And get under the covers when he sleeps? And I want to see him cook and eat. Maybe see him sleep walk. Have a dance party with a disco ball. Any of those things.

Jordan Baronette

Fun but not "Interactive" I honestly think that if you put a little more effort to this the it would be 5 star worthy. Make him actually interactive. I jave high hopes for this little dude. I'm going to keep him, I'm hoping for an update soon for him though! :-)

Chris Mccomas

Its really cool This is a really good app but I have a few suggestions. Maybe you could make it where if people want, they can set it to actually have him talk and make noises. Also maybe if you turn your phone sideways he'll start falling over or have to grab something so he won't. You guys should also make it to where you can actually talk back and forth with fig. Like type a sentence and he'll respond to it.

megan stokes

It doesn't even show it up on my apps! Wen I downloaded it, I went to play it but I couldn't even find it on my apps! It looked really good as well! Please fix this problem! I'm very disappointed, I was looking forward to playing it!?

Sara Zike

Its ok I guess It has a white box around him when he moves. Except when he climbs. I think I would also like it better if I could interact with him. Like....touch the tv and he goes and watches it. Lol I dunno. Just staring at it seems weird and creepy. Like in spying on someone.

Ariana Xiomyra

I really like it but, I really love this app, ive downloaded it before and now ive downloaded it again. The only problem is that there's a white box around him all the time, which was never there before. It stays around him until he plays ball or climbs the rope, smetimes it makes the whole backround white

Jeffrey Kennedy

Works but sorta lame.. It's working on my Samsung, it just sorta walks and says the same things over you can't play around or make him do things if you could I would have rated 5 stars. Good concept I would just like to see more added and better graphics should also be a necessary add.

hung vu

It won't show up Whenever its done loading I tap on it and it does nothing if I'm doing something wrong tell me

Marco Villagran

Awesome for a beta version I feel mere pity for people who's phones have issues loading and processing this widget T.T It works smoothly on my Note 2 and I have yet to experience any issues after about a month. Looking forward to the Alpha. Keep up the good work!!

kool kat

I loved it...but I have some ideas about this game like :stickman can have friends over. And we can talk to stickman and someone lives with him and you can move his furniture and youshould give him a bathroom and let him have a closet and let him change clothes and the person he lives with can do it too and he can have a kitchen also give him a dining room table. And he can have a long couch so many people can sit and watch tv and he can have a pet dog or cat. The problem is it stops workin until then 4 stars

Jamie Stevens

Good idea, but... He doesn't do much beside sleep and freeze up. The white box around him is annoying and if yu can touch him or things in his 'home' than he's not really "interactive."

Daquan Williams

Entertaining Fun to watch if Ur running errands or on a long car trip. Just needs more things to do for him

Godwin Madrona

I can't open it I tried opening it but keeps giving me errors, I waited it for like an hour, I keep reebooting it but its nothing... Pls help me.. I really want to play it cause it looks cool tnx

Izzy A.

Cool but... This app is great although there is a white box that shows up when ever FIG dances, walks, and other stuff but it does not show up when FIG climbs ropes. Please fix it and it will get the 5 stars it will soon deserve. ;)

Zach Moreland

Love it although It is awesome other than the fact that when FIG moves there is a white box around him. But in my past time I always watch him do his things

Robert Healey

Only judging from the ad I like it, but again, that's what I saw in the ad. I work third shift, so it's sleeping when I'm awake. It should react to the screen so he's doing what I'm doing, not what everyone else is doing. I'm pretty much just watching one of my neighbors sleep, only he's a stick.

Kristena Luna

Boring I like watching fig but I wish I could interact with him more. All you do is watch him move around and do stuff. It gets really old really fast.

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