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4 Jun

Posted by ADAM VS THE MAN in Books & Reference | June 4, 2014 | 69 Comments

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The wisdom within these pages has the power to unlock our potential as a species and establish an enduring civilization based on peace, self-ownership, and nonviolence.

You, as a free, beautiful, independent human being with inalienable rights, own yourself! You can do what you want with your own body and the product of your labor. All human interactions should be free of force and coercion, and we are free to exercise our rights, limited only by respect for the rights of others. Governments rely on force, and force is a poor substitute for persuasion. When you learned "don't hit," "don't steal," and “don’t kill,” it wasn't, "unless you work for the government." Governments frighten us into thinking we need them, but we are moving past the statist paradigm and rendering them obsolete.

This book will empower YOU to be more happy, free, and prosperous, while putting you in a position to help shape our destiny.

by Adam Kokesh

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Zach Papadopoulos

Liberty is the only way to go Thanks so much Adam! You have contributed so much to spreading the word of freedom. 2020!

K Wuckert

Kokesh is an inspiration In a world of repeated, washed up political books, Adam Kokesh's FREEDOM! Is a much needed answer to today's problems.

A Google User

Adam Kokesh's FREEDOM! is a must I'm so glad that it's not in an app format. I found this when looking to send the eBook to a friend... FREEDOM! Is an essential part in understanding the society we live in, and what we must do to further our world.

William Davis

Adam is the best representative of liberty. Thanks brother, for all your work.

Mike Cruse

Thank you so much Adam! Kokesh for president 2020! Looking foward to voting for once in my life!

Robert Cholette

Great book Only thing I would recommend would be the ability to search.

Stix Henon

Must read It's a great read to share with fellow libertarian/anarchists our with any one who is undecided when it comes to political ideology... ...Our even if you know of people who want to know more about the principles of self ownership. You can tell them, "It's less then a hundred pages. It won't kill you."

Greg Bedsaul

Great book and app works fine to me, I don't understand the people having problems with zooming in to read horizontally.

Rebecca Albaitis

Freedom I love this book. The Truth. What they don't want you to know.

Thomas Jefferson

Adam is as close a modern hero liberty has The reviews speak for themselves. The equal number of 5 star and 1 star. Near nothing between no real readers and reviewers and thats the proof. All haters, all casting a 1 star BECAUSE THE MESSAGE WILL DECIMATE THEIR STATIST REGIME. so any logical person can conclude all the one stars should be added to the 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ nd you should read this book. Its free for chrisss sakes.

Owen Grey

Absolutely amazing. Every person in the World should own a copy

Joseph Storrud

Voluntaryism... Adam is a great man, and I appreciate all of his efforts here. Y'all want knowledge and understanding? Then read this.

Dave Cochrane

Good book, rubbish reading app I would recommend to grab this book in an alternative format. This app is not good: there is no way to make the page fit the screen in landscape without other rubbish on the screen above and below. Panning down a zoomed page is jerky. It's just an unpleasant app.

John Cannon

Awesome! This is probably the best book that I have ever read. I highly recommend everyone to read it. Plus it's free.

david cook

IM a regular to Adam vs the man This is the written truth

CadenC Pachuta

Nothing How do you work it to get on games I need more coins and gems on pixel gun 3d

Dave BC

Mr. Gak A must read for sheep people

Adeeb Shuaib

When Karl Marx read this he died

Martin Packard

FREEDOM!! Thank you Adam, looking forward to the full release!

Whisky Alpha

As good as I expected. Logically true.

Austin Blais

Freedom Great book Adam thanks

Young Min Ko

Thanks for your FREEDOM Thanks for your help and giving me a free card

josh horton

Required reading for all Americans A must read for anyone learning about liberty and how to get away from government indoctrination

Jacob Bishop

Good Lots of reading my eyes hurt but nice app

jkent barretto

Hated I hqte it very much.!

Leeza Lovem

FREEDOM Love all xx thank u adam ;) ****

Bruno Rivera

Adam Kokesh IS the Man!!!

Randy Lambert

Read it! Read it, reference it, live it..... Freedom!

Dan Espina

No good This is just reading sucks

Fox Mulder

Read it! Ya won't regret it! Great job Adam! What a great primer on voluntaryism for anyone seeking to 'un-school'/Red-Pill their children, family, and friends...and even strangers! .cD

Aminawan Ahmed

Very good application I want forever free internet's

Dido Osama

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Noha Khatib

THANK you so so so much adam kokesh it is wonderful and amazing


True Libertarian Adam Kokesh does a great job in the book! If you love liberty then you'll love this book thoughts and concepts were amazing but the best thing is its the truth and that's what's most powerful about this book!

J. Howard

Awesome book! Government is fundamentally immoral because it is based on violating the rights of individuals.

Aaron White

Freedom... is freedom Adam has clearly explained exactly what freedom is, and how it is achievable.

Jessica Sentman

Freedom! is Amazeballs!!!! Fantastic app so I can reread this fabulous piece of consciousness-expanding lit anytime.

Billy Pearse

Freedom! Amazing book. Absolute must read. Thanks so much for writing this book and sharing the message Adam!!

Hunter Hull

3,000 1 star ratings? Everyone needs to note that all the 1 star ratings are from kids who thought this was a video game modding app. Lol I don't know why it bothers me so much that Adam's app gets a bad rating all because some kids confused this app with another, but it does! Anyways, this is an incredible book! Complete, concise and simple. A must for people discovering freedom! If you have friend or family who are just getting into true liberty, this is a must! It is free and simply put!

Wes Short

Wonderful pamphlet! Quick and easy read. I enjoyed it very much and was amazed at the quality of writing. Would recommend it to anyone! Thanks Adam!

Alissa Katherine Gilbert

Adam Kokesh's FREEDOM! is a must I'm so glad that it's not in an app format. I found this when looking to send the eBook to a friend... FREEDOM! Is an essential part in understanding the society we live in, and what we must do to further our world.

Alan Y

The modern primer on freedom Adam Kokesh brings to the modern era what could be considered, "The Law" for our times. In a concise and easy to understand manner the dynamics of government and the individual are laid before the in a way not seen since the 1700s.

Tomile Cure

Tomile got Kokeshed and liked it! Met Adam in Asheville, North Carolina. Have my signed copy and finally downloaded the digital format. The Freedom Line is my tool to winning the hearts and minds because a hammer wouldn't work as well.

trevor taylor

Freedom is popular! I love Adam Kokesh because he's willing to sacrifice so much for the fight against tyranny. Read it!

Conor Jackson

Loved it This isn't a hacking device, it's a book. Stop giving one stars for the wrong reasons

colby saunders

Great book It taught me life is full of reasons to keep going and fighting for what you believed in, I got to page two and I could've written a whole paged essay lol

Begench Aydogdiyev

What? This is confusing! I thought this was a hacking app like cmon i need gold and money for dino hunter and deer hunter and i need points for head soccer!!!!!!!!!!

Azdi Zabha

How to use I don't know how to use

Ted Sommer

Love it Can't wait to finish this, and tell all my friends about it

Michael Murdock

Can't dispute what's in this, unless you're a complete moron.

Creative Reyna

Im not going to be rude but weres the fighting cause of love rights or not ?

J.D. Dalton

Freedom! Keep up the good work Adam!

lanky Austin

Amazing Start to finish what government does, no matter the intentions

Anthony Rice

Freeeeeeeeedooooooooommmmm! A book way ahead of its time. Or, right on time! Either way, freedom is inevitable!

Juris Johan

Damn Non sense book not even a hack size was even big

James Paul


aaron griffin

THIS ШΔS Δ CΩΩL ΔPP Who ever gave this a 1 star rating is kids that thought this can hack u thought wrong this book is awsome my teacher thinks it was cool and my other class mates said the same thing there like the same people like yay it was cool

Lee Novem Neiz

How to i use this to get 1000 coins in pixel gun 3d Pls teach me how to use this and is say freedom s stop

Bryan Dickerson

Whole family reading My family and I have read it and everyone should make people aware of this book to read.


Adam Kokesh is a hero I've loved his YouTube channel for years now and am so happy for all the success he's had! Share the message of freedom so we can end this tyrannical globalist cabal!

Joe Mamma

AMAZING book! Adam is insightful and dead right as usual! The problem is government that's it! Not a hacking app, stop giving false 1 star

Dallas Allred

It's a book for all of you who can't understand this simple concept. Great book although app wise if there is a way to annotate I can't figure it out.

Sahil Ingole

Helpfull This gave me 100000000 coins in subway surfer

Scott A

Great guy, great book! A must read if you think there is a better and more peaceful way to live your life. Be free of the MSM lies and emotional control. Embrace FREEDOM!

Eric Partelo

He really surprised me with this. Adam Kokesh truly changed my outlook with this book.

Jersey Sink

So stuiped I thought it was cheats and hacks but its just a book

Chris Kelly

Stars for content. Eh... The content is good! The app could be better. This is fine if you have a big screen, otherwise you'll be panning around.

Adam Barreto

Nougat Doesn't work on my Nexus 6p with Nougat

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