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11 Sep
Free Mp3 Downloads

Posted by Programitas, MB in Music & Audio | Sept. 11, 2016 | 220 Comments

Apk file size: 2.8 MB

Free Mp3 Downloads allows you to search, download and listen songs that are licenced as "free to use". Usage is simple - in "Download" tab enter your search query, hit "search" button, wait for results to load and then click on the song that you want to download. In "Listen" tab you can listen to all songs downloaded using this app.

Songs are downloaded to your devices SD cards folder "music-freeMp3Downloads" and can be reached directly from there, from application's embedded music player or from your phone music players library.

Application is available in English, German, Russian, Indonesian, Brazilian portuguese and Lithuanian languages. In order to change application language - change the standart language of your device.

Note: music is provided by "". All songs, available through this application, are intended only for your personal non-commercial use.

Since the music is from authors who give their music for free, you won't find any commercial music here. Please don't give negative ratings just because you don't find what you want.

Programitas, MB part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 50000000 to 100000000. Last Update Sept. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 56.5427. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 2.8 MB.

Download free-mp3-downloads.apk 2.8 MB


matt ciolfi

Sadly cant give 0 stars Absolutely sucks do not download this app!!!

Pricila Soto

Bad DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP its a wast of time and there is too much ads and you can't find the songs you are looking for its only old songs

Caitlin Boerema

Bad if you're looking for themes If you're looking for just regular music I'm sure its fine, but I was looking for themes from animes to download and all it did was take me to a link and it didn't even give me a link to the song I wanted.

Niyokee Brunner

Sucky And don't get the app you can't fine any songs you want because its doesn't seen to have conventional music. waste of time

Makayla mandel

I hate it It has no popular artist at all u search one song and get some like dog boy and I'm just like wt heck is going on its useless

Jose Ramirez

Not so good This app aint that good. if i put i want to hear drake it gives me some other guy that cant sing

dhang berou

Full of S***!!! This app SUCKSS!! cant even find the song i wanted....

Bradley McGrath

Sucks! ! ! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! ! ! ! I wasn't paying attention to the reviews when I downloaded. This is terrible.

Goorlay Salvs

I can't find what i want to search. ?

dina mendoza

sucks!! I tried searching for taylor swift songs and i searched for nothing!!??

Jamie De Plancke

Do not install. Worst music downloader by far.

Eloy Olvera

Whoever made this, I hate you

Fazal Wahsb

Best Thats good for only english songs. There are no any urdu ghazals or songs in search.

Praveen Raj

Didn't find popular songs

Ramon Dairo

Waste of time This app is full crap

chris eleccion

Great! It's good!

jonathan fisher

Awsome Ig may be harder to find a song with lyrics but still amazing

Craig Thomson

Waste of time

Emmanuel Washington

Totally crap

Dubem Ndozi

Hate it It is the worst think that I ever download ed

Juliana Dolby

Worst ever Took forever to download and results for a song i wanted was totaly different and old peoples music appeared later like from the 40's not worth time

kimberly senick

Doesn't have artists I typed in an artist and none of their songs came up. Sick and tired of downloading these apps and they don't have artists

Frank Lovos

It's Not Worth the time. You'll never find the Artist or song that your looking for , and when you do look for a song name it'll give you a completely different genre .

Aliya Tharwani

Worst It is the worst worst worst app ever don't waste ur time its very precious and don't download it

Jay Jackson

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME Had app for 1 min. and deleted tried to search for artist but gave me random people no one even close to who I was looking for.

Amilia Monk

I don't like it at all.. it doesint show the songs I want when I search them up and it shows me some wierd stuff that Isint even close to what I typed.. plus when I try again it sends me to a Internet website:(

Baby Boo

No good at all That app suck don't waste your time download that app

Pationcey Joseph

Not good enough Poor searching engine...tried to search the name beyonce...and the results were totally irrerevant...i dnt recommend this

Wallace Aroita

Worst App Pointless waste of time... It just plays adds faster than it would search and download. Shut it down

Jasmine Crabtree

Songs ?? OK so the app actually worked and u could start it ? but then ALL the songs were old. They Literally had no songs that I wanted ??would hv been cool but plz find better songs!

bailey windsor

:( this app doesn't work it comes up with results that have nothing to do with the word's you typed. Im sick and tired of theese dumb apps i just want one that works.

Tsakani Mkansi

AWFUL I would give this app no stars if I could. It doesnt give you what you are looking for, I searched a couple of songs and gives you something total DIFFERENT!

Dylan Cusick

Sucks If it had a zero star i would hit it cuz i searched wiz kahlifa. And only git one result and all other songs didnt have NONE! I Hate This App

Aleah Brooks

Why make it if its not going to work I typed in at least 10 different artist and no one popped up. ?????????

Jonathan Ramirez

It sucks Sorry guys but don't wast your time on this thing it was nothing good anyways

Ashley Williams

Worst Music App Ever The app doesn't pull up songs from any of the artists you search it just pulls up songs no one has ever heard of.

Debbie Buffe

Hate this app Downloading this app is a waste of time.. Developer of this app.. Hope you can do better app next time.. Thanks!!

Bridgit Mwende

Its hell old.. boring it sucks... damn poor... dont even waste your charge dowloading... nkt! Hated it.. it doesnt evn dserv a star

Jamiriah Washungton

Don't look up the right music I am looking for I looked up my favorite song and it gave me someother stuff that app suck I will never get it again I am deleting it right kbow

Shane Floyd

Its me y'all Like it, its fast , easy, on complaint can't find a few songs without knowing exact wording..

fefe mo

Zero if possible Do do it do not press that install button or Ull be dumb just like me??

Diane Dodson

No one reads the description People are giving bad reviews because there is no music they like. But if you read the description it clearly states this is music from artist that give there music for free. You will not find any commercial artist.

Lordess Signil

Doesn't even deserve a star SUCKSSSSSS! Do not download this crap

Gabby Glaze

Hated it terrible It was always showing me the oppisite of what i wanted this app sucked

Zareia Williams

? I hated it because it doesn't even search up the artist your looking for. It gives you these off the wall artist that i never heard of

Shel Layle

Don't bother Tried searching for some songs but nothing I was looking for came up. uninstalled the app after zero results for even popular artists

shedache tayco

Don't make people FOOL This app won't help you. I should have listen to others comment sometimes. That 10 million downloads ?? ??

celeste Sparks

Fail Yea...dont know what the heck its searching....typed in mariah beyonce etc and it comes up with weird results in another language not even relating to my search

Joseph Johannes

This is a fraud It gives a couple songs in English and ALL the rest in foriegn language. I tried 20 different songs and not one was found. NOT ONE.

Assassinwolfmg 7

Lots of ads and no good music Ads interupt me every 30 seconds and this has no good music. What ever I search isn't there.

Kristina Hanrahan

No... just no.... Ok so I like soundtracks. I can't get them here. Lets face it, like everything else Ive tried, this thing apparently doesnt know the meaning of "danny elfman jacks lament" . So no. For your own good, please listen to me, dont try this, forget you even saw it, youll either thank me or wish you had listened.

Wes Cooper

Don't waste your time every artist I search I get back results I've never seem or heard of before. I searched Michael Jackson and there were all kinds of other stuff. I do not recommend this app.


this is HORRIBLE! I downloaded this and searched a random band and the search didn't bring up anything even remotely close! uninstalling...

O'Dwyer bawn

Time Wasted.. Don't waste your time on this frustrating time wasting app..should be banned...

Zalak Shah

Worst app Tried to search so many ways but results are completely irrelevant. Uninstalling the app right now.

Suria Denkema

I seriously just want an app where you can type in the name of the song and download. I don't get this app!! DON'T DOWNLOAD

Moasanen Longchar

This is one of the worst app i've ever downloaded since i've ever used phone. Why wasting time creating such app? Worst than Hopeless...

Kaitlyn Luthi

Free mo3 down loads I love it because I've been looking for something like this almost all day

Lucas Mattes

Zero if possible The worst mp3 down loader I've seen so far. I searched Eminem and I found zero Eminem songs.

Anna Larrabide

RUBBISH!! It's a really bad layout and whenever I tried to search songs I was confused and kinda just gave up

A Roman

Ugh....don't bother..... Searched for Beyonce, Beatles, and a few other worldwide artist. No results for them came up. Yet 8 selections for MoOt(??). Really??!?!?!!!? Couldn't uninstall fast enough. Would've given a minus rating if possible....

Oscar Chavez

Read this Not much to say, Doesn't work. Ads are uncommon, Or at least throughout my experience, but I wasn't able to download anything but the app and the data used searching through the random links it gave me.

Rian Gephart

This sucks not working properly Type in Eminem and not one single song appears from Eminem. Imagine dragons, nope no songs of theirs either. I can't even take my 1 star back to give it less

Autumn King

It sucks!! Searched multiple artists and none of their music came up. Don't waste your time with this app. It doesn't even deserve 1 star. But can't give 0 stars so it gets 1

Melissa Baker

Can't search by artist name This is super's taking me all over the web when I search for an artist...most of the songs are in a foreign language and I can't change the setting..

crystalcove 1234

Not a good choice I tried to look for a song that is pretty old by 21 pilots nothing came up...... not a good selection of songs

James Petersen

Don't waste your time Theres NO real songs on here. Dont even bother. It doesnt deserve the two stars it has.

Marijane N

Wtf I have search for alot of songs using the songs name then the artist and the song wit the artist an evey time every thing that comes up ive never hurd of an non of them r the song that im looking for not even remotely close

becka roberts

This app sucks. Don't waste your time. Couldn't find any music I liked on this app. Doesn't even deserve one star

Jessilea Gordon

HATE IT I want artists I know and listen to on the radio when you type in a artists name it gives you people and songs I've never heard back. This app really sucks

Matthew robledo

COMPLETE CRAP!!! The songs I type in don't even pop up. It's the same list of songs that keep popping up even when I search different songs. UNINSTALLED!!!

Juan Giron

nice concept but it doesn't work for me I tried to find Spanish and English music and nothing show up I couldn't even find a michael jackson song. lol

Lachlan Pollock

Rubbish Not even close to anything I wanted. All that's needed is a search bar for songs, titles, albums and artists and a download button

s,a, bearden

Total crap don't dwnld this b.s. Search turn up shyt that wasnt even remotely close to the right input by me.

Roaa Hatem

Can't find songs I literally found 1 song out of 10 but other than that its good and does download and when I found one it wasn't the right song yuck

Jeffrey Daniel

Sucks so bad too many unskippable ads and never finds what i look for type in one thing and get something totally unrelated wtf

carrissa wimmer

Putting two famous bands and did not have one song then tried a song I couldn't find that this app stinks

Cecily Salas

Don't read this!!!! I'm a classic rock kind of girl and I also listen to bands and they had none of that and there's too many as everything from pop up to little toolbars to even even some suggestions of the Google Play ringtones

Angel Clark

not useful this app gives you random music that you were not looking for and its slow

Devin roberts

Ads But Ok The only reason I'm rating four stars is because it is the only one that will actually give u the real song and let u download it.

Sarah Gill

DONT WASTE UR TIME Don't waste ur time with it it makes me go in to Google and type in my phone number ( which I didn't do)

Stephanie Cray

It doesn't give correct listing. When you type in Adele, or T. I it has strange listings.. doesn't even have either one of those artists names listed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

Jude Yamoah

Sucks....very deceiving app Sucks....Doesn't provide results for searched words. Serched for a few artist and there was no results of their music. No1 shld bother to download

Luke Bremner

Load of crap it gives you any other tune apart from the one you are looking for do not waste your time

michael hill

Horrible This is a waste of your time it finds the artist I'm searching for and song but WILL NOT LET ME LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD IT TAKES ME TO A STUPID REDIRECT PAGE

Oussale t.simon

Over 15minutes I have been searching for a song but nothing sow, this is the most bad downloader I don't like it at all

Jonny Blaze

Crap It's cluttered up with way too much s*** you cannot even look up a single song or hundreds of crap songs pop up that are not even of that artist, all that crap and it even has a bunch of ads. Don't waste your time downloading this application.

Makayla Ann

You type in a song and the song you typed in won't pop up like it's some other type of like jazz crap this app sucks. Please fix. People should be able to look up something and be able to listen to what they searched up

Tracy Kyser

Idiots This is crap. I type in an artist and it gives me a list of a bunch of people I've never even heard of. Waste of time!

James Graef

Str8 Bullsh1t It's only the songs you never heard of... This app is a joke and the developer needs to be lynched!

Kenzo Taliman

Trash . This is a trash this music downloader is a trash this is a garbage. . . . Programitas,MB . . . This is no music donloader this is a garbage and a trash and a bullshit

Tonescia Muzzie

Wtf Wtf where is the free music download these apps are lame! I look for techn9ne and theres none! Bullshit apps cant find any free download but just these weak apps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont download trust me!

Ramona Bohanan

No It's good downloading but wat are these songs???doesn't even show the songs I searched for!!!

Kylee Hartley

Bad. I turn it on and an add pops up, plus the song i was looking for didn't show up at all. Super disappointed.

Pieta Venter

It has nothing on it thats new iam a dj from south African and thiss appp just suck it even don't have dj aronbri music on it so sorry

Red StainedLife

No music too many ads I clicked on it and the first thing up was an ad. I tried to search a song and it's not there. I tried searching more songs and I still couldn't find anything. It was like every second another ad...

Jo C.

Lousy If I could give no stars I would, prefer the old mp3 search engines Google used to have, this app sucks.

Callum Yarker

Can't find the songs i want! I'm pretty much trying to find a song and it comes up with songs totally different and it can't even download. It's terrible


Sucks Balls This app Sucks Balls DO NOT DOWNLOAD WASTE OF TIME smfh I type in ( Drake ) and I did NOT get one song from Drake I get another guy named Ben Drake WTF lol I type in another artist and got something totally different WTF again. Uninstalled Useless

Gary Martin

No songs Not one search result was even close to mainstream songs. All were obscure trance titles or orchestrated symphonies. Don't waste your time. The days of free mp3 downloads are over for Android.

Robert Millett

Crap Don't waist your time. Typed in an artists name and got nothing. Just a bunch of songs and artists I have never heard of. What happened to the my mp3 downloader that first came out. It was great! Had all the artists and songs I like. THIS IS GARBAGE! PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD MY MP3 DOWNLOADER!!!!

Danielle Avon

Doesn't work Ive used this app a long time ago and wasnt happy with it. Tried again thinking after years there would be improvements, now no matter what song i search, i only get ads and not one of them has anything to do with even the most popular songs.

joseph grobler

Hahaha it's like a scam that tricks 50 million people... Well the music searches spit out artists that you have never heard of... Oh and there's another irritating pop up ad about some popsicle game... What can I say, where can I find a music downloading app that's easy to use and not full of ads...? It's like the app wonder of the world!


Bulls*** This app is a waste of time. I searched for Korn, it comes up with bs that has nothing to do with what I searched for. I searched for Kanye West (just a test) and it comes up with random bulls**t songs. F*** this app and the ppl who made it! I wish there was an option for zero stars!

Emma Busath

Ugh don't waste your time It doesn't have ANY popular bands at all.

Ryan Moore

Could give it a zero if I were able to. Every time I type in the song I want,it just puts up songs I've never heard of in my entire life. Then lots of ads pop up and makes the app crash. What ever happened to the non-crappy music downloader apps?

mason mcwilliams

It is crappy This app does not have fettywap drake big Sean Lil wane or kevin gates it sucks❤❤❤❤❤ no yellow heart means it sucks......?.............?..............?..........?..? I don't see one.

Aaron Duarte

No good music They have none of the artists I like to listen to. You should really consider in adding more music, because the music on this app sucks.

Kathleen Medrano

I don't know If I use it make sure it will work I'll download carinosa song if ever work I will rate 5 star

Will Smith

No good songs. I search paradise by Coldplay and get nothing close. And it won't even let u preview your songs before u download them

Tessa Smith

It doesnt have the songs i love like one direction this is stupid i tried it its stupid if i could ill give it a zero dont get it and so much ads you guys are stupid to make ghis you should die in a hole this is really really bad i cant get songs i love Ugh this is fuclong stupid

Emmanuel Mamabolo

Awful that's what it should be called It is useless, I tried to search for various mp3 but nothing, it is really useless and people will do themselves a favour by Not downloading, too many ADS irritating

Abril Gutierrez

Sucks! I searched for some of the most popular songs, and it gave me random stuff that had nothing to do with what I searched!!?

tiani thompson

Listen The review of it being bad is so accurate. Waste of time down loading

Michael Byrd

DELETE THIS FAST Whatever you type in they give you results not even close to what your looking for.the only reason it got one star is because its the lowest one you can pick.i deleted it IMMEDIATELY

Ejit-ogute Nrionoijana

Thanks for the app. But I want you to know that the searches are not accurate, when you search for A is giving you B, I'm still encouraging you pls try and fix your search, when you're through and being accurate inform all users or they will say goodbye to you.


Wow, never expected.. I search by a very familiar song name, it just gives random results without any relation to the key words. Thumb down!

Jessica Heitz

Too many ads no good music There's ads every 2 seconds and when I search music pops up that's not even close to what I searched!


DONT DOWNLOAD! Does not even search for what you search for. Tried many different searches, not one single song came up. And some were top songs.

Lamont Gaines

Doesn't give you what you want, whatever it is. Uninstall

nicole lively

No real songs Nothing that you search for matches the search results even with really popular artists

Katie Donohue

Terrible Doesn't even come close to finding basic popular bands

Gerard Basa

Dont even deserve a one star! Waste of time. Waste of time

Christopher Sample

Sucks Not worth the download.. not worth a review.

Mikayla Lusty

Doesn't do anything unistall it trust me

Charles Darwin

Suxks Suvks sucks has no music

Montana Boatwright

Terrible It is a terrible app and it doesn't even bring up the song I search for don't download it cause its not worth it???

Aiana Young

POS This doesnt even deserve a full 1 star

Darcy Taylor-Roberts

Doesn't even work It's crap

Glenniece Lawrence

Not good Couldn't find any song I wanted

Kenneth Myers

Really bad Just don't bother

Boyd Pruitt

This thing couldn't even find "Don't forget about me" by Simple Minds

Lukman Hamdun

Suck Dumpshit artist. No one famous artist

sandhya raghavan

Bad selection of songs

Levi Culver

Total crap Finds no popular artists. Don't waste your time dl'ing

Shelby williams

WORST APP EVER I only put 5 stars for the hopes that anybody downloading this app will read this. This has no good music, nor does it have any normal music. This thing barely has any johnny cash. Ive looked up 42 different songs and none of which are on here.

Pablo Mendez

Nothing but pakistani terrorist music man. It couldnt find one song from red hot chilli peppers. No matter what name you put in the results are all in hindu bullshit

Corrie Smeaton

Crap Every search i made, it showed me completely irrelevant music, don't waste your time

Matt Mlenar

No country There is nothing i type in for country. It dont even know who george strait is i mean come on!?!?! Wtf

the bagdoc Bagdoc

What kind of music are you going to give us All of your musics are sucks what kind of heck app is this is bullshit!!!!

Sam W

Worst Downloading App ever!!! I was like "WTF!" Their music library total sucks; there's nothing to download. I couldn't find any songs by huge artist like Usher or R. Kelly. Such a waste.

willie holmes

Sucks What the hell no matter what song or artist I search it never shows up. What kind of app is this. Don't download...

Dee Diana Marie Abbott

Fix your app please I would like to download very old songs in Spanish that are called los Freddys, los moonlights, los pasteles Verdes, los yonics, los babys, Beatriz Adriana chelo Silva Yolanda Del Rio Jose Jose Freddy fender Maricela all the oldies from years behind fixer app and I will give you a higher star

Jacob Garcia

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Didn't find any of the songs I was looking for there were a lot of songs at least I think they were songs wouldn't recommend to download...

Jocelin Uvalle

Worst s#!+ ever All the songs are like dj's and unknown people.

Daisey Moreno

Zero stars! Doesn't find any song im looking for! ? dont waste your time

Jazmine Gulley

What is this I didn't understand anything that I searched. A simple search for Chris Brown leads me to not one Chris Brown song. I didn't know anything that came up on my searches

Shelby Conroy

Sucks. Searched two popular artists and nothing but BS came up for results.

cody atkinson

Terrable When I go to look up the music it gives me the wrong ones.. it doesnt work

Seow Heisoku

EXCELLENT............. 30/04/2016. Free Mp3 Downloads........... Thank you for all the Hard Work.

Travis Pauw

Didn't even bring up the artists I typed in.. stupid

Alex Jones

Sucks Nothing I searched for would even show up. Crappy app

Eunice Trangia

angry I search dont let me down it doesn't work I try the chainsmokers it doesn't work again I hate this I almost throw my phone okay dont install this!!!!!

Dylan Evan Koekemoer

DESERVES 0 stars Rubbish! Subscribe R7 a day! What?! Noooooo... oo! It sucks! Do not download!

Jada Button

>:o( I hate this app so much! It has none of my favorite band's on it.

Ruth Nduta

I don't like this OK help fun at all. U neva get what u seach.. Uninstalling it

Daniel Unknown

NOTHING I tried searching for popular artists and nothing comes up. It has singers I have never heard off.


Can't find the right songs When I type in a band name and the song in, it doesn't show up. I don't think that this app has a lot of songs.

Reece Richardson

Take this app down I searched a song word from word so it doesn't search random songs and it did it. This sucks I don't even know how this app is still up

Qveen Eiffel

Awful?? Like who the hell knows these songs and artists like tf?!?

Monet De'louve

Wtf happened I've been using this app for over a year. Now suddenly it's not working?? I can't search artists or songs, and when the search feature does work, it gives me who the hell knows.

Nisha Singh

Stupid app Do not ever download this app it us furious I hate this app.its a request pls make this app proper.????

Kamren Carlineo

Terrible Another rip off, waste if time music app that's ineffective

akhil kumar

Waste o f time You can't even find the famous songs on it. It's like a mp3 downloader for underground songs

wesley montileaux

Really? I typed in Little Big Town and got nothing even close. Crap!

Keletso Motshedi

You guys must learn how make better song downloading apps What kind of a app is this I can't even download the song that I wanted needs more work

Thirdcraig 123

Does not work This app does not work will not find any song i search for.. not even once.

TravisGamer YT

Sucks This app sucks cuz i can't find me favorite songs

Pablo Delgado

Honestly 100% a waist of time What happen to searching what you want?this app always pulls up mozart stuff which im searching for R Kelly- _ -

Juana Jenkins

I really have no stars at all When I look up a song it brings up every other sing than the song I'm looking for don't get this app

Val Steeves

Really bad app If I search for an artist, please don't list every unknown artist in the world except for the one I want. Don't have the time. NO STARS FOR YOU!!!! I really don't want to hear Joe blow's second cousin twice removed sing a bad cover of the song I want.

Autumne Burns

Worst app ever I couldnt find any songs that i knew, they were all songs in korean??

Oka Loopsy

F*CK I want to search nightcore songs or vocaloid songs, you just jerks, ADD VOCALOID SONGS OR NIGHTCORE SONGS NOW!

gamer_ girl171

It sucks I tried to download some songs but it didn't get the songs I wanted

Camela Zen Villaruel Villaruel

I hated it It doest have waltzz my goshhh ughhh just a waste of time waiting it to be downloadd ughhhh im super angryyyy ????

Christopher Vitiello

SUCKS Not 1 song on here I like..this has got to be The Worst app..Ever!!!

Lilmama Taurus

WTF? WTF typed in Chris Brown, Beyonce ,Mariah Carey and nothing!!!!!!?kept bringing up unknown people I have no clue how this has 10 million downloads. uninstalling!!!!?

Sandy Pascal

Searching.....searching... Searching.....*30 minutes later*...searching.....searching.... didn't know Beyonce was so rare:s just ONCE can there be a legit decent SIMPLE music downloader. Just this ONCE.

Kerry Chung

angry!!!!! this apps really make me mp3 downloader but when i try to search my favourite song all the song not the artis i looking for...DAMN!!!

Sunny Dunne

Music to my ears Oh my gosh I have just seen this app and you should check it out!!!!!! LOOOVVIN IIITT!!!!!!!!! BRUH Oh and those guys under me are boring

Percy Chibi

Music I cant find any known artist

KJ Entertainment

Worst app ever! Doesn't let me search, download or do anything

Nick Currin

BULL$#IT Why TF does google allow these a$$holes to continue to put out trash like this???

Dimitar Cavdarov

I don't know I don't know how to download the music's. Help me!!!

Katelyn Lopez

This app does not work

christine a

No It don't work!

Stephanie Blakely

Sucks Didn't pull up one song i wanted

Josh B

It's awful Doesn't remotely pull up the search results you enter

Kenneth Sam

Availability by Singer,s name would be useful for download selection

Jada Muggleton

Time waster This is the worst music downloader dont even think about making another downloader cause it waste people's time so please we need a good downloader so come on playstore give us a good music mp3

chris stanton

Trash Wish I could gove -5 stars. Brings up random things when searching for a song.

This app is 100% useless Try searching for "Tool"..... absolutely nothing related to tool ever comes up. This is the same for every artist i tried to search. App is junk.

Kristina Davis Davis

I hate it I tried searching up a drake song and it gave me a bunch of different people

Jessica Alderman

Horrible No songs or artists found. Brings up totally unrelated artists and songs for what you are searching. Crap!

Jade Rose

Aweful No music for linkin park, bob marley, papa roach. Useless app! Dont waist your time

Meannie Finnie

Sucks, no songs in match Don't waste your time and your Internet because this is so rubbish

Steve Griffith

Junk When you search it comes up with songs that have nothing to do with your search. I'm uninstalling.

Michael Prince

The ratings don't lie! Typed in "Two Short - The Ghetto". Simple right. Got everything on planet earth except "Two Short - The Ghetto". I'm uninstalling after posting this.

Chinmay Kulkarni

Worst app I hope Google allowed us to give ratings in negative integers. This app would be -infinite

sharra valiente

Junk just junk Not responding ...coudn't even click the search keypad...

Marijke Brits

Pathetic It doesn't even give you any related name of the song you are looking for.

Hannah Tyler

No Selection I tried to find music and I couldnt even find one artist I know

dean hinton

Not good Couldnt find any good songs... crap

Ominous Omi

Waste of time. None of the artist I searched for are on this.

Abisai phasgold Sebogodi

Useless app Useless app you can even search anything

Yasmin McDowell

Blah It doesn't download the music I want ?


No music I searched drake and fetty wap, not one of their tracks were on here

Caleb Balnius

Sucks Doesn't matter what you type it doesn't bring up what you type in to find.

Searched up 6 songs didn't have them

jeanette hodge

Sucks! Put in name of artist and it can't find

Didn't pull up any songs that i was looking for.

Lim Yun Qi

Cant find any song that i want

julian vasquez

Gay af ? theres no kodak. Black

I dont use it often

Mom Vijay

Useless Waste of time

Butchi babu Podila

This is waste app

Seth Castro

Gay!!!!!!!!! They don't have normal they don't have normal music

Jaime Schoch

No titles Searched for billboard top 20 songs and found NOTHING

If I could give this no stars I would

idin yusuf

Excellent.!!! Loved it... TQ

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