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13 Sep
Free Beer and Hot Wings Show

Posted by AirKast, Inc. in Music & Audio | Sept. 13, 2016 | 124 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

Free Beer and Hot Wings is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app. Listen to us at work, home or on the road.

Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features and more!

- New design and interface

- Stream the show live, 24/7!

- Get notifications and single click access to any station promotions or contests

- View station’s YouTube channel without searching or leaving the app (when available)

- Wake up to your favorite podcast shows with our alarm clock. Record a personal reminder to play before waking to the station

- Fall asleep while listening to your favorite shows

- Access station's weekly show schedules so you don’t miss a thing

- Real time weather for where you are

- Share our app via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail

- Car Mode provides simple audio controls so you can listen while on the road

Whats new

    New visual audio controls
    New menu system
    New settings options
    Performance improvements
    Bug fixes

AirKast, Inc. part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 67.6522. Current verison is Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download free-beer-and-hot-wings-show.apk 11.0 MB


Jim Corrado

Almost there The ap randomly stops playing. The ap still us running, playback just stops, requiring going into it and pressing play. This also happens when opening up chrome, FB, play store. Please fix.

M Warren

Zane is homosexual and I hope the guys are ok with that

Brian Gastin

Worked for 11 seconds. Love the show.

Shawn Hansen

Stops playing Love the show but every few minutes it stops playing for no reason. You have to get back into it and hit play again. Few minutes later you have to do it again.

erik martens

Potential Keeps crashing, does have a lot of potential

Jeremiah Morton

New Content Android. Newest OS. Always says there is new content and you can't swipe the update away. Ok with an ad before content but I don't need the permanent new content bar spamming my phone. Still an issue.

Andrew Fonck

Great app, easy to use and navigate

Kris Oleksiak

Awesome IDK why everyone complains about the app. It is free and you get to listen to an awesome show. Besides I have used the app everyday since the first day and only ad I hear is start up. Big deal. Great app guys and even better show.

Nate Jones

Awesome! The app is amazing. Only a few ads and music plays while in commercial. If you missed anything from the show early in the morning the show plays back with very little interruptions after they are off air! Great app for a great show. Must download!

Derek Klein

Love the show, not the app A couple of issues: needs a VIP login to skip the ads, and an option to not have to listen to the terrible music between breaks would be great. Still love the show, but the app needs work.

Diego Alvarado

Nope. I'll stick to the mobile site, seeing that if I wanna login to VIP it takes me to the mobile page as well as when I wanna listen to the past show. Ads aren't that big of a deal but the app cluttered with stuff...I'll keep it on my phone hoping they'll update it but I won't use it till then

Andy Bitely

Great show, mediocre app I was excited when I heard about this app, and I really don't want to be overly critical because I'm sure the guys spent a bunch of money with great intensions in mind, however, this app misses the mark. It's clunky, has no vip login to skip ads, and doesn't provide any better access to their website or webcams. It essentially just runs an in-app Internet browser to acess their website for the webcam. Just poor design. Overall I recommend downloading the app "radio pup" and searching for 97.9 wgrd to listen

jesse douglas

Great start It's nice to finally have an app. It has a few nice features the mobile site doesn't. Just needs a VIP version with a streaming video player built in and podcast player then it will be perfect.

Tyler Christy

So many ads. So many ads placed in real bad spots and the layout is organized terribly. Most of the pictures need to be shrunk with an option to zoom as everything is bulky and takes up space unnecessarily. There should be a section for VIP members in which ads are disabled. And having the stream automatically pop up and take up half the screen is a bit of a pain. Hope some optimization and organization happens because I'd love to us this.

Ramiz Hajratalli

Bad App. Do better. This would've been a "good start" if it wasn't 2015 and apps were a new thing but it's not and they're not. The layout is terrible it looks like it OS from an awful windows phone. And why the hell am I seeing ads when I paid for premium content? I love the show and I know you have to "sell it" but you all need to do better with this app. I blame Steve he should know better.

Tobias Franz

Horribly Designed and Coded. Very Disappointed. Really disappointed with this app, and think FBHW chose the wrong company to outsource their app design to. First, it asks for root access. There is literally zero reason to do this. No radio/streaming service has any legitimate reason for this. Second, the app has plenty of outdated design elements that date back to Android2.3, like the deprecated menu button and gingerbread popups. Lastly, it looks and behaves awfully. Why hide my status bar? Why low-res textures? Why ugly buttons? Just not good design.

Joe Horetzki

Vip version needed All good, but useless for me unless it has access to vip content.

Vikki Taggart

Overall good It's a decent little app. My one criticism is that the app doesn't recognize phone orientation for videos so all of the videos require a scroll bar. I should be able to turn the phone and view the video in landscape.

Eric Altpeter

I was a daily listener until the station that carried it was bagged. I now listen online but can only do that when at my computer. With this app that problem is now gone! Works great so far.

Gregory Lerch

Ok Nice to see a new app for the show, has some cool features. Would like to see a VIP section for downloading previous shows, and be able to pause/stop playback from outside the app.

Dan Oboyle

Good start Basic functions to begin with. Please have a paid add free version or free with vip. Also be able to download podcast and play them in app would great too.

Jasen Green

Needs work Every 10-15 minutes it just stops playing and closes. I go to recent apps, click on it and it's like the app has reset and restarted. Also in the notifications my phone says the Free beer and hot wings app is using a significant amount of battery and recommends closing the app. I hope this can be improved as I'd like to use it. I'm using it on a LG G3 on 5.0.1.

Jason F

Love the show, app needs overhaul It would be nice if the app followed Android's app design guidelines. It would make for a much more enjoyable user experience.

Mike Mokris

LOVE the show but this app doesn't work 5 stars for the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show but the app is awful. As a VIP I would use the app to listen to podcasted shows and clips, but those features don't work. It crashes every time I use it and needs access to too many things on my phone. Now that the old version is unavailable there's no way to listen. Please fix, Airkast

dan stevenson

app needs work pauses every time a notification comes in or when opening any other apps like facebook or internet browser -on galaxy note 4

Greg Miller

Audio works but ads are obnoxious Being a VIP member I didn't expect to see adds in the app or on launch.... But there they are. It is a good first step but could definitely use some polish.

Bryan Wigginton

Awesome I usually miss an hour or two a day. Now I can hear the entire show.

Aaron Burns

Crap app Won't even start! I've re loaded it twice.

Erich Thomas

Ehhhhh The show is great but this app, not so much. First yes the app plays when you are on you phone but if you get a text or notification it shuts off. And the music when the show is on a break is absolutely terrible, like garbage. I'll go back to my radio.

gabriel castillo

Ads are annoying but bearable. Although the audio quality is better than radio pup, I'll take the fbhws commercials on pup over the crappy random music on this app.

Jacob G

Love it! I work on the east coast and generally can't listen to the radio til 10, so this lets me hear the whole show. This app is perfect and I love it and you guys!

Tom Tom Vierling

VIP with ads? I'm paying for video feed, full podcast downloads and VIP videos, but most of that I can't access in the app. Sure it's "New" but the outsourced company did a "Zane killing a hampster (guinea pig?)" quality job of making an app. The guys can't be blamed for all of it, but just be wary of things before slapping your logo onto it. I download full podcasts so this app has almost no use personally.

Adam Austin

Crashes a lot. I was never asked for root access like some other users, but it crashes pretty consistently as soon as I put it in the background.

Theresa Billman

Fantastic All things Free Beer and Hotwings right on my phone! What more could a gal ask for. Convenient access to vip content, and user friendly layout. Very well done!

Aaron Ferguson

I want to like it, but Good God. The auto scrolling is annoying as hell. The layout is awful. Android has an awesome Material Design it tells a developer how to do. Why on earth does it want SU permissions on my rooted device? For what? Going to change system files? I dont think a radio show needs their app to have SU access on my phone. Also ads. Full page size ads... That is a guaranteed uninstall right there. This app needs a ton of work.

Jeff Green

I love the app! This app is great I love the freebeerandhotwings show and I can't always listen in the morning. The fact that the show loops after the end of the live broadcast means I can listen on my way home from work and not miss any of the fun. I even got to hear dumber than Zane trivia at 430 pm. I also like the fact that my screen dose not have to be on to listen in. I don't mind the adds because it is a free app. My only complaint is that the pause button just stops the show. When you hit play it is further on.

Eric Austin

Love it Much better than the alternative of listening to a random station on Tune In Radio, which works about 50% of the time now. Add some games and it would be perfect.

Vaporawth Leonard

All free beer and got wings all the time... finally an app that is exactly what i wanted


So much better than the previous app All the people crying about the design and functionality should install the old app. Then they will have something to really complain about.

Bobby Breazeale

Meh Im giving it 5 stars cause its ok but im afraid you guys are one bad review from having to actually work for linex of knoxville for minimum wage.

Derek Klein

Love the show Some recent updates have really improved performance. Very happy to have the show on the go.

Julie B

Better, but.... I never thought I would be happy to hear commercials but they're so much better than the crappy music that used to play during them. Also, thanks for removing the 30 second commercial when app first opens. Major flaw I notice is that the app often locks up my phone. Can't swipe the screen to unlock. Have to restart phone and exit app.

dan stevenson

just use radio pup app is useless if you use it during commute. struggles to maintain cell signal and locks up my phone while trying to play as i move between cell towers. fine if you are stationary, other just use radiopup

Mike Mokris

LOVE the show but this app doesn't work 5 stars for the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show but the app is awful. As a VIP I would use the app to listen to podcasted shows and clips, but those features don't work. It crashes every time I use it and needs access to too many things on my phone. Now that the old version is unavailable there's no way to listen. Any other VIPS with an android get full shows to play?

Meg O'Callaghan

Norwegians Are free to do everything under the sun. Cruise like a Norwegian.

Stephen Tuomala

New application is great Love the new app! long time listener of the show keep up the great work guys! Updated app and now have nothing but errors any way to fix it.. I keep having to uninstall it and reinstall it for the app to work

Todd Holliday

Crashes After the recent update, the app crashes.......a lot!

Tom Wainwright

Great show guys

jesse douglas

Some issues It likes to just randomly stop playing and sometimes says it's still playing but no sound. Have to restart the app.

Bryan Loesch

Love the show hate the app When ever I get a notification it stops the stream then tries to restart. However it start and stop trying to stream rapidly and eat up all my phone resources. If your phone is unlocked you have to pull the batter or use a button Restart as your touch screen won't respond. Tmobile note 4

Jesus Vasquez

IN THE FACE Greatest show ever thanks for the app can't wait to see you guys in albany

Jason Guimond

Airkast is horrible Love free beer and hot wings. I have tried airkast for several different radio stations over a few YEARS, always on a top of the line android, and every time it freezes and is always running in the background unless I force stop in the application manager. Don't download any airkast s***

James Derck

App is junk Using just about any other app at the same time will cause it to force close. Frequently hear moments of pauses and sped up audio that makes it nearly unusable.

Dan Vredeveld

Needs work App randomly stops playing, even when I'm not moving.

Mikael Morancy

Freezes Whenever there is another sound notification this application freezes & disconnects. Every. Single. Time.

Jeffrey Tilton

Terrible Had to uninstall, cause a lot of problems on my droid turbo.

Eric King

Lags and stops all the time for no reason crap

Ted Allen

Consistency issues When the app works right, it's great - great quality and no buffering issues. But many times the stream will cut out for seemingly no reason. Notification, stream stops. Switch apps, stream stops. Sometimes in my pocket doing nothing, stream stops, open app back up and there's an ad - as if it's on a built-in timer. Galaxy S4 Lollipop 5.0.1

Kyle Gaffner

Does not work The app started great, but with updates, it has gotten worse. Struggles to start live audio (but the ads work just fine), and will not stay connected to the audio. Why do I have to restart when I disconnect from my home Bluetooth? It has also started to lock my entire phone up trying to start the audio and I have to restart my phone. If I had an older phone I would understand a little, but a new Galaxy 6 is inexcusable! Love you guys and the show, hate the app. Moving over to TuneIn Radio streaming.

Matthew Morris

App cuts out for no reason. This review is on 3 android and 1apple. The app just stops and closes and recently the last hour of the show does not come through on the repeat. Please fix because I love the show

Brandon Allen

Love the show but this app worse than Steve's trivia skills Seriously though, I have the app on two different phones and it is pretty terrible on both of them. I am no app developer but several of the issues seem to be driven by the ad formats.

Timothy DeShano

Needs improvements Using this app Is like having a tooth ache and the only place who can help is going to kick you in the balls multiple times before its end.

Mike Mokris

NO VIP ACCESS TO ANY SHOWS 5 stars for the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show but the app is awful. It looks like people just rate the app based on the show without using it. As a VIP I would use the app to listen to podcasted shows and clips, but those features don't work. It crashes every time I use it. There are much better ways to listen to the show

Gabe House

Great show, bad app Locks my phone up after a random amount of time. This is decreasing my smiles per hour!

Ryan Patrick

Pathetic For a simple streaming app, this one is horribly developed. Reminds me of the old ameture apk's built back when the first Droid was popular! Get someone to fix the bugs that cause the app to freeze your phone up when there's any notification for anything!

Richard Kitten

Freezes phone Love you guys and loved the app when I had an iPhone but now that I have a galaxy every time I get a notification the app freezes my whole phone.

Robert Roy

Useless If you're a vip don't even bother. I downloaded this so I could listen to past shows and still have the ability to do other things on my phone and it won't load any past shows only the most recent show plays.

James Huey

fbhw rocks listening since before 05, app makes it possible to be a loyal fan even in AZ.

Acacia Freeman

The stream consistently just stops for no reason and while on wifi. It's not my connection it's the app streaming and at times it will refuse to even start back up again just unable to connect. This app sucks. Also the commercial ads are so much louder than the radio stream I'm constantly having to adjust my sound at every commercial break, annoying!

Anthony Bone

T-Bone I love free beer & hot wings in the morning helps me get through morning

Jordan Sherfey

Many issues Love the show, but the app has many issues. Very rarely works on first launch. It always said live audio unavailable at this time please try again later. Cuts out randomly. Uses a lot of battery.

D Torres

Uninstalling til I see better reviews This app started out great. Now all I get is errors telling me it can't connect to the Internet. Doesn't matter if I'm on wifi or data. Uninstalling til fixed.

Meghan Landry

App is great when it works... It usually connects fine (usually), but if I receive a phone call or pause the app for any length of time, it freezes my phone for about 5 minutes and when it finally lets me back in, I have to close the app entirely, pull it back up, and wait for the commercial to finish before I can resume. It's very frustrating when it happens. VIP areas don't work, either. If the issues get fixed I'd give it 5 stars! (Galaxy S6)

Jeremy Krzykwa

love the show... But battery is ducked bone dry Love the show but the battery life is diminished quickly when this app is on.

Scott Hughes

Too many ads. Buggy also. This is the only way for me to listen to the show or I wouldn't use it. Way too many ads and stream randomly stops for no reason.

Casey Davis

Update problem After recent update, the audio feed no longer works. Please, fix this.

Scott Johnson

Streaming is awful Your mobile site and this app are horrible. The mobile site takes 30 mins or more to load, and every time I'm listening on the app and I get a notification, my phone freezes. I have a Note 5 with 30mbps internet, so it's not an equipment issue

Bob Kamphuis

Love the show....buggy app With my galaxy s5, it takes multiple attempts to exit app when hitting exit app button. Audio doesn't start back up when switching from one BT device to another. Also, audio doesn't start nack up after a phone call. 5 stars if these were fixed.

Keri Duda

Cuts out too much App cuts out for no reason and if I get a text or an email while it's on my whole phone freezes up. I thought it was just my phone as I had a really old smart phone, but I have a brand new phone and it still does it. It's a shame because I love the show and don't have a local station to listen to it on. It's almost better to stream from the site and have no other capabilities.

Julie B

App? More like crapp. Constantly crashes and freezes my phone. Good show, poor app.

Micah Buckwalter

Love the show but not the app. Constant disconnects. Locks up my phone completely sometimes. If it weren't for top notch show content I would uninstall this immediately.

Eddie Harrington

Needs a ton of work A for effort but too many ads, constantly disconnects for no reason and don't send a text because it will disconnect then also. UPDATE - Too bad I can't give it 0 stars.

Kari Holt

Love fbhw but app breaks my phone I absolutely love fbhw and this app used to be fantastic but since the update it won't play anymore and crashes my galaxy s6 to the point where it needs to be restarted. Every time. Please please please fix this because I am not the only person having this issue and I would LOVE to use this app again.

Patrick Pat

Crashes constantly Is it possible to make this app go even 5 minutes without stopping and crashing for no reason whatsoever ?? Dont waste your time installing the garbage app.

Mitchel Herlein

Crashes App constantly crashes and causes my phone to freeze up. Running on a Galaxy s6 so this shouldn't happen

Dylan Golden

Great show, sketchy app Gets stuck, mutes for no reason.

Justin Kremposky

OK but really ask for Root? Why does this app ask SuperSU for root access no way does this app need root.

Edwin Twedt-Coulter

Quick fix It's a grate app. Though it had trouble playing this morning it is now fixed. They even Gave a warning on air. Thanks guys

Troy Dugan

Shuts off App randomly shuts off, restarts. Fix this.

David A

Great but.... This is the worst app I have ever downloaded. The only reason I use it is because there are no commercials when they replay the show afterwards.

Kirk Hall

I love fbhw been a fan for 5yrs.this app is awsome


Update is terrible I can't get the app to work properly on my phone and tablet since the update.

Erich Thomas

Ehhhh I gave this app a 1 star rating because Eric Zane is no longer apart of the show. Honestly I can't even listen anymore.

Jeff Nelson

Locks up phone Have Galaxy Note 5 and phone locks up when using app. Hard to power down phone and restart.

doug rogers

Terrible app. please fix

John Lusk

These guys are funny and funny looking

Ryan Patrick

Pathetic For a simple streaming app, this one is horribly developed. Reminds me of the old ameture apk's built back when the first Droid was popular! Get someone to fix the bugs that cause the app to freeze your phone up when there's any notification for anything! Update! I dropped it down to one start because that annoying squelch (that happens after the feed stops to buffer in low service areas and then has to catch back up to live audio) seems to be louder now. Thanks for the short term hearing loss.

Timothy DeShano

Needs improvements Contains many ads that cause issues with streaming and slow down phones. Disconnects frequently. Make a VIP app and ill buy that.

Gregory DeJean

Fix it It keeps dropping, within one hour it dropped 4 times... Fix it.. Haven't had an update in a long time

Andrew Norgaard

One glitch Listening when receiving messages causes the app to glitch out, had to restart my phone a few times. But i love the show.

Bdubs Rocks

Very Good Works great no issues don't like how it appears on the top of your screen though in the notifications

Michael Crane

Seriously Buggy... I love the show but this app is terrible. If I have it playing games and ANYTHING goes on with my phone (notification, text & email, phone call, plugging it into a charger) the app not only freezes, it locks my phone and I can't do anything other than a hard reset.

Isaac Trelstad

Great show, garbage app. I moved out of the listening area and thought I lucked out when I found this app. Boy was I mistaken. Half the time the app doesn't even play the show, it just buffers and then stops or just pretends it's playing but has no audio. Also don't you dare get a phone call or notification while listening to this app. Your phone will freeze up and you'll have to force a re-start to get your phone to work. Like I said in the title: Great show, terrible app.

Patrick Pat

Crashes constantly Is it possible to make this app go even 5 minutes without stopping and crashing for no reason whatsoever ?? Dont waste your time installing the garbage app. This is hands down the worst app ever designed. Great show - less than worthless app...

Stacie Love

Needs tweaking Cuts off randomly. Plays blaring loud commercials very well , actual audio is much much lower. Wait and wait for live show , plays two minutes and stops. It just doesnt stream very well. Radio doesn't work in car , love listening while driving to work , but this ap drives me crazy. :/ -Android LG

sum yungguy

Meh Used to be good. Like others have said, if I get ANY kind of notification while listening the app and my phone both freeze. The only solution I've come up with is to put my phone on "Do Not Disturb" and then there's no issue....but then i have to constantly check my phone for emails, messages, etc. The other issue I've encountered (like today for example) is having the same segment repeat for several hours. Wtf?! This is the only way i have time to listen to the show. Please fix!!!!

Tyler Rettig

The show is great. The app sucks. Easy to use. But it just stops. Even at home when connected to wifi. Thought it was a buffering issue at first. It will just stop. Even if i don't touch my phone, let alone dare open up another app.

Gregory DeJean

Fix it Time for a new update...dropped signal 4 times in 2 hours and the only way to fix it is to restart the phone

Jodie Adams

I love this app...when it works. The only problem with it is if I have it running and anything else happens on my phone it locks everything up. Doesn't matter if it's a text, phone call, or notification I inevitably have to restart my phone. Fix this and I would absolutely give it five stars.

Alison Spaulding

Crashed I have never been able to run this app on any phone. Disappointing because as a VIP I love the show. Listen online now.

Mr Flickypoo

Long time listener FBHW show is great to begin with, being able to listen whenever and wherever makes it even better!

Keith Kunkel

Lags Skips a lot! I love the show and work nights so I rely on this app to hear the show! please fix!!!!

Jeffrey Meyer

Most of the time the app works fantastic, but the stream has been known to randomly cut out and be unable to connect again unless you shut it down from the app (task manager shut down confuses it it seems) and restart it before it will continue streaming. Any other noise coming from your phone that is not from this app seems to freeze up the stream. Also when it crashes, it crashes hard, usually locking up the app, and sometimes my entire phone, until I reset my phone.

Erich Marks

Locks up every notification I see multiple complaints about this. Come on guys, you have a great show and going to let a app bug ruin it? I (and many others I'm sure) have stopped listening to the show because this garbage app is how I get it being out of market now since Springfield IL dumped. Sure I could stream it through another app but what the hell, it's the Free Beer and Hot wings show app!! Smart business people care about every customer concern...

Ted Allen

Consistency issues When the app works right, it's great - great quality and no buffering issues. But many times the stream will cut out for seemingly no reason. Notification, stream stops. Switch apps, stream stops. Lately, when I lose the connection, the app bricks my phone. It forces my lock screen back up, and uses enough memory that my fingers aren't registered?? Galaxy S4 Lollipop 5.0.1

Kyle Boetsma

It crashes Didn't use to now it crashes all the time also when you close it it automatically restarts also has a problem of playing 2 episodes at once

Dirty Jersey

Does not work anymore I have the lg v10 and out of nowhere the app says "cannot connect to internet". But everything else works on my phone

Brandon Glascott

Buggy Sometimes don't work and force closes

James W

App constantly "can't connect to live audio" or just stops playing. But I love fbhw so I deal with it. The app definitely needs to be worked on though

Dan TheMan

Show is great, app sucks. This app craps out around 10 times a day each time I try to listen to the show. Additionally, I have to mute my notifications, otherwise it interrupts the audio and takes 5-10 seconds to reconnect every time, or won't reconnect at all until I do it manually. Beyond annoying! Please fix the app. It's really buggy.

josh ashurst

Show 5 stars, app 1 star. I love the show, but i have to delete then redownload the app every day for it to work. Sometimes you get dead air, sometimes you get multiple shows playing at the same time.

Ali Mathews

Show is great. The app is not. Runs in background even when you tell it to close. Drains battery. Buggy for sure. I am a VIP member. I want the ability to have arrows to skip forward or back when listening to the recordings. Especially since the app crashes so much but you can't. The scroll bar is so tiny and hard to use. Likely going to cancel membership next month due to these issues.

Xai Xiong

Just terrible Worst streaming app I've ever used. I love the show but this app is terrible. Can't get through an hour of the show without this app closing itself out or crashing my Note Edge. Extremely frustrating to have to deal with these issues when trying to listen and keep up LIVE. Need better and smarter people to make this app better.

Chase Wachtel

Show is great but the app is awful. I love the show, but this app needs improvement. We need pause/play on notification bar. And to be able to swipe close it from the notification area.

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