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19 Jul
Animatronic Jumpscare Factory

Posted by JCSoft Inc. in Simulation | July 19, 2016 | 172 Comments

Apk file size: 23.0 MB

Are you ready to be jump-scared? Create your own custom scary jumpscares to share with friends!

More than 1.6 MILLION downloads already!

Completely NEW intuitive UI!
MAJOR bug fixes, including fix for invisible character killing you in Shootout Showdown
NEW tutorials to help you build your favorite characters!
MORE secrets to find!

Animatronic Jumpscare Factory isn't your typical character creator. Aside from allowing you to make thousands of combinations of characters, you can even view the animated jumpscare of your creation and record your own custom screams. At the Minigame Lab, you can blast away enemies to survive the five hours of the night in Shootout Showdown, or hunt down Wanted animatronics in Quest Mode to unlock even more parts! The possibilities are endless! Get ready to create your own nightmares.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of barely surviving until morning in Shootout or scare your friends in Surprise Mode, Animatronic Jumpscare Factory has it all!

1000+ combinations
LOGIN BONUSES! Get a new FREE part every day you play the game and get a special NEW character at the end!
MINIGAMES available to play, including an addictive new SHOOTOUT survival game!
RECORD custom screams and sounds. Put your vocal skills to the test!
SURPRISE and scare your friends with a surprise mode
UNLOCK more parts using a fun quest mode!
RANDOMIZE your characters using a fun random button!
VIEW animated jumpscares
SHARE your creation with friends or save it to your image gallery!
CUSTOMIZE characters by giving them a name, gender, and custom scream!
PRO FEATURES, including Favorites and Jumps!
NEW LEVELS, and almost 50 new parts to unlock!

Note:Look forward to future updates with even more minigames, cool features, characters and parts available!

Note: Even if you purchased the level pack in a previous update, you will still gain access to all the new features!

Whats new

    Completely NEW intuitive UI!
    MAJOR bug fixes, including fix for invisible character killing you in Shootout Showdown
    NEW tutorials to help you build your favorite characters!
    MORE secrets to find!

JCSoft Inc. part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 19, 2016. Google play rating is 80.9685. Current verison is 4.0.1. Actual size 23.0 MB.

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Emily Walsh

I was making purple guy and then it automatically jumpscared Me!And it. Kept on saying u cannot go back. And I'm only ten!!! { ¶

Kenya Armstrong

I was making purple guy then it automatically jumps cared me!And it kept saying you can't go back. I'm only 10

Carlos Acosta

Needs the regular screams from fnaf 1 2 and 3 and also the animations just repeat it sucks and also the jumpscares need different animations not just friking animatronics giving u a lap dance i like what u did with purple man not just by saing you cant actuay if u keep pressing it and the screen turns really black dat means tap back super slow and on the last one u can hear freddy laughing dats so cool!

Leanna Matala

OMG!!!!! When I tried to make purple man I got jumpscared amatoclly! He poped out and when I tried to go back he said "you can't " and when I clicked back sevril times it got bigger and bigger! Looks like I'm staying up late tonight!

dave smith

Purple I was making purple guy and as soon as is finished him he jumped scar me and when I clicked go back he said "you can't" a the screen got darker and it's was so scary I didn't want to look at it

Mystycal Hyena

Purple phone guy I also was making him and he jump scared me! I clicked back it said... You can't... It freaked me out and I cept clicking on it. Before it returns, you hear a laugh like Freddy's. Then it goes back to Bonnie. Nice job!

Corey Randle

WHAT THE HECK!?! THIS GAME IS FREAKING DEMENTED!!!! When I was making purple guy all of a sudden a large character blue thing came out totally different then my character and i started pushing back and it wouldn't let me the thing kept getting bigger and the light was getting darker and darker and what made it creepier was the fact that it was LAUGHING AT ME!!!! ? I think I'm staying up late tonight!!!

Paul Benedict

Purple man When i try to make purple man he jumps out automaticaly so i said hmm why did purple man jump out and when i press go back he said you cant so thats wierd so i unstall it

Trina Barnes

Purple man's hitched out When I was making phone guy automatically a jump scare pope up I keep ed on prese in g the go back button and it said you can't I was like what the frick

Trenton Hartley

READ THIS It is ok but listen.when u make the purple guy it won't let you go back, but if u push again and again, it will get bigger. If u bother to keep trying , it will go away soon

Jantzen Austin

I YEETED THE TABLET OUT THE WINDOW When I saw people talk in bout purple dude I wanted to make him so I did.... That was a mistake

Joseph Vergara

So cool Easter egg I was making the purple guy he came out I clicked the go back button it said you can't I spammed it and I did stuff all over again however I went to the title screen and I saw him there laughing I click the create button it said you can't again is so weird but so cool!!!!!!

Vianka Rivera barajas

I liked it it's just.... I was ready to play I thought I was making bonnie but a purple guy came and jump scared me and I played the game again and a guy was behind toy bonnie so I freaked out

Nelson Wines-tshungi

Very funny. JRK! It's not the game. It's you! I tried making the purple dude and it auto jump scared me but when I pressed go back it kept saying " you can't " and got bigger. Creeped me out. You freakin' TROLL! Oh also a message to you and purple guy. Inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale IIIINNNNNHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL MY DONG ENRAGEMENT TROLL

Shelene Wiening

I made Chica, Freddy, Girl Freddy, Girl Toy Bonnie, And Purple Guy. When i made purple guy he jump scared me and i wasn't finished.I love this game i can create my own carecters. Oh and i made Girl Foxy.

Caitlin-may Egan

Cool as but... I also was creating purple dude then WOOSH he's there and every time I pressed go back the message you can't got bigger then it went back I was soooo freaked out :'(

Brandon Zavala

The reason why Purple guy scares you automatically because hes an easter egg like golden freddy and you cant escape is because just play fnaf 2 and find the easter egg games

Jake Caligan

Great job! The Purple Man Is Back! Great job I love it purple man scared me just one thing... make the real jumpscare sounds! Its really cool........ hmmmm... what else do you need! I made the golden Freddy jumpscare from fnaf 2... the games awesome

Lazar Petrovski

Fun The game is fun! But when i passed level 2 it took me to the character customization and i couldnt do nothing its like that the game was frozen but the fan was still moving and then i had to force stop the game.I dont know why that happend but please fix it!

diane tallack

so... it seems im not the only one with the purple man jump scare... it seems kind of wierd it is kind of troubling as well. well at least its a easter egg! does the same thing happen if you make a good foxy or freddy?ok this is the next day and this time my game crashed from purple guy!

Cam Cook

PURPLE GUY?! I was trying to make Purple Freddy AKA Shadow Freddy but then Purple Guy just jumpscared me I threw my phone xD but I didn't break

Aidan Wray

Great app This app was pretty good but there needs to be more variety (such as the mariontte or bb) apart from that it is really fun and creepy. I just wanna say to everyone who is complaining about not being able to go back after making the purple guy, it is meant to do that, its not a glitch, its a really creepy and very clever feature, dont you know the back story to fnaf?

Holly West

The purple guy rumor is true Lol it happens to me but I didnt mind I like fnaf and I named him purple idiot that probably y but I love the game but plz fix it

Julie Shaw

Where are the rest ? In the jumpscare creator half of the mouths and bodies aren't in the game and like the purple guy thing! ?

Jayla Andrews

Omg purple guy! XD This game is really good! When I made purple guy, he jumped scared me out of nowhere! XD The funny thing is that when I tried to click "go back" he was like YOU CAN'T. Funny game!


Omg When I made Vincent I freaking cried it said you can't go back and I meant to give him a tie ?

Crime0 Schilling

Rlly Great game and purple guy but why is everyone calling him phone guy, he isn't phone guy.

Dylan Brown

Wow that is so cool This is fun but when I made purple man I thought it was cool cuz purple man says you can't as in you can't escape you can't save them and you sand survive when you hit back it says you can't like you can't escape but just ceep hiring back you will go back don't worry

Michael Dade

I love it but guys i was building purple man but i was not done and then HE POPED UP ON ME I WAS GONNA JUMP HIM

Juan Pablo Flores

PURPLE GUY NEEDS TO DIE!!! Im making the purple guy and the game automatically made him and OUT OF NO WHERE PURPLE GUY JUMPSCARES And I pressed back but he said YOU CANT...... Y O U C A N T..... THEN I WANTED TO KILL THAT KILLER AND THEN IM DONE!!!! EVEN GOT THE SECRET ACHIEVEMENT

tigeress 39

you can't i know people have problems when they make purple guy .when you get jumpscared just keep on tapping back

Таир Айнакулов

Spooky!!! When I make purple guy it automaticly makes him and pops out, and when i try to press go back he says "you can't". I was so freaked. and after when i deleted it from recent apps and when i open this app, he appears behind the Toy Bonnie, and he loughs too. SOOO SCARY!

Cortney Allen-jones

Great I made Toy Bonnie because he's my favourite and I scared my friends with it I don't think they will ever forgive me lol

Tristan Barrett

I found the fix You just have to keep clicking and the words will get bigger and the screen will go black and then back!

Calista Quevedo

Its good Pretty fun its kinda cool that when you try to make purple man he jumpscares you and when you press back it says you cant but if you keep doing it ,it gets bigger and bigger and you can hear freddy laughing. In my opinion its fun.?

ShaShaSha AJ

Awesome... It's a really good idea, honestly. I'm surprised I've never seen something like this sooner but more free parts! It's a little frustrating trying to make it look a little natural when parts are different colors so something where you could change color would be nice. Also, when you share or save it, it would be nice to have it save as a video file so you can experience the jumpscare. Overall great!!!

Martha Nieto

Purple man is a a$$hole You would of gotten 5 stars but the purple man screwed you over

Aiden Gray

I made the purple guy it automatically jumpscared me and with a different jumpscare sound I tried to go back but it said you can't I think he said that because there's a glitch in five nights at Freddy's that the purple guy comes randomly out of the wall and says you can't

missy kern

Umm what's the point Dude what's the point the game is stupid. I don't get it the characters don't even look like themselves... maybe you should take like chicas beak from the game then I'll think about around 3 stars...Maybe. ..

Jocelyn Cura

All you do is make monsters In this game you make monsters/animatronics and you can surprise your friends in the surprise mode! There are two minigames too, but you will have to play it to find out what they are!!!

Kierstyn Scarbrough

Kinda scary when you play the minigame if you see the purple man if you shoot him once he said you can't then if you try making him when your making animaltronics he jumpscares you and keeps saying you can't you can't you can't you can't you can't and if you get out of the game before you touch go back 5 times you go back on the game and turn into toy Bonnie with the purple man behind you

Dwayne Collie

Great game But for some reason when I made purple guy I only had the head let and the app finished an when I press go back it said I can't caution :this app catches people off gurad

Amya McKinney

Amazing But pplz in te comments stop saying dat u only 10 thats bad behavior u should be ashamed of ur self no personal info!!! Now go tell yo MaMa wut u did and ur grounded! >:(

candycane0 BunnyGods

Its okay, got bored occasionally This game is like mixing the animaltronics together to make your 'own' jumpscare... It's not really you who made it, but anyways, I wanted to say I found this really boring and NO fun! I have given a 3. I hope you can improve it for others! (; I apologize if I sounded rude ↩ {sorry D:} I personally hate it, but you might like it, so download it if you wish! Works great, fit for any phone or tablet! ;D ?( ̄ω ̄;) Has a lot to it! One thing though, when on quest mode, how do you submit the character?

Casey Horr

I hate this Every time I make a custom anamotronic I get jumpscared by purple dude and it says go back but then says YOU CANT for 5 minutes. Then I went to the home screen but the music was still playing and like every hour on my tablet purple dude jumpscares me.

Tiffany Houston

It was good though They do have springtrap also every time I make the purple guy he always make this creepy noise and every time u push back it says you cant and u have to wait until the screen is black and it was kinda scary for the purple guy ?????? also more characters like mangle bb marionette and withered characters and old animatronics

Skyler Young

Cool Needs more parts please add more like ballon boy marionette spring trap new ones and like more seens and maby able to use character to make short animation but other than that is amazing good job keep it up oh and people it is because you must tap the screen in till it shrinks than it will go away its not a bug I did it lots of times. P S the jump scare was not scary you all over react to much. Cool update now you need balloon boy marionette phantoms and night mares so many characters great update. If I got a penny per creation I would be rich.

Aly Lopez-Harris

You losers I hated five nights in love and now this game is even worse because I can't create purple so you only get 1 star losers

Nathan McGowan

Great Great but needs more characters like withered anamatronics springtrab BB puppet/Marionette phantom animatronics pink man mike Jeremy golden Freddy shadow bonnie shadow Freddy and mangle plus more levels more background and more ways to level up like nights against your own characters and no ways to cheat(edit) still no BB JJ puppet phantoms pink guy withered non withered golden Freddy toy golden Freddy no shadows or sparky nightmares non withered spring trap pink guy or security guard (tell me if I missed anyone) also shooting game glitch some random invisible dude shows up and kills me :-( also 2•0 YAY great progress develepors love the update:-D :-D :-D :-D

Roselia Nunez

It was no fun It works really well on my phone :-). Otherwise the game is very boring and irrationality bumb

Rhiannon Ashworth

Omg Cool game and when I pressed randomised it had spring's face and ears,Bonnie cheeks and purple guy everything else I changed no cheeks,purple guys face and as soon as I pressed -> for no ears,straight in my face was his automatic jumpscare!!!! I didn't know he had an automatic jump scare!!!!!!otherwise great game! Had to delete it though...I know I'm a wimp!!!but please tell me if that happens with all of them!just got it again

James Porter

Freddy's jumpscare factory Awssome especially the fact that when you try to make purple guy he shows up and jumpscares you if you try to go back it will say you can't so keep pressing go back and eventually you'll be in the bot maker section and when purple guy jumpscares you he laughs instead of screaming

Riky Rivera

More characters and mini games Please add more characters like purple man or phantom animosities and do a mini game be of the three real games but instead of using freed we could use the ones we created and a customise night

Caleb Rodriguez

It was awesome Ive always wanted to make my own anamatronic with it's own jumpscare

dylan graves

Holy crap Omg I did the purple guy and he jumpscared me and I clicked go back and he said u cant creepy dude

Jayden Heath

I have to tell You do not want to create the purple guy he crashes your game you can't go back I had to reset my phone I couldn't go back to play other games.

christopher zacher

Awesome!!...... I thought it was awesome now that you added more animatronics but... Where are the phantoms, and withered animatronics? I mean, not to be annoying, but I'd love it if you added the phantoms, and stuff! But anyways, great app!

Ivy Sparks

Freddy's Jumpscare factory DON'T MAKE PURPLE GUY (blue guy)he scares the day light out of u and when u press go back its says you can't!!!!!

Calandra Crowley

Love the easter eggs, some things need fixing Not sure which I like more, Springtrap or Purple Guy. There should be more minigames in the future, as well as an option to save custom animatronics in the game, not just as pictures. EDIT: I feel like Springtrap spawns too frequently in the shooter minigame. EDIT #2: There's a glitch on the shooter game where Foxy (and possibly others) spawns in such a way that you can't shoot the head and you just have to die.

Zachary McKinney

AWESOME!!!!!! I like how when you make purple guy you hit go back and it says "YOU CANT" and in the mini game where you shoot the anamatronics heads I like where spring traps jumpscare is the same sound from the actual game

Alan Hamel

Great! When I try and make Purple Man it shows his jumpscare and makes me start on Toy Bonnie. ?

Hui Chan Li

It is good but getting bored It cool but It boring please add more cooler stuff

Jace Flaming

Quite epic The one problem I had is my favorite animatronic, springtrap, is not included in the game. At least I don't think so, it is possible and I just haven't unlocked it. (Edit, springtrap is in the game now so I'm happy.

Mina Jovanovic

Purple guy Just keep clicking the GO BACK and 'you cant' will keep getting bigger and bigger the you will be back to create

logan K Gregory

Favs and jumps How do you get the favs and jumps i have everything else in the game. Please tell me cause i really love this game please tell me and i will rate five other than that this games awsome

sebastianmottram butter1234

nice and scary...ish i realy love how you can bild purple guy and then you have to mash back to go back to bilding its so serpising

Chloe Stots

Yeah ok It kept laughing at me and made the purple guy and it wouldn't let me go back

The Awesome

No escape from FEAR. So I read the comments. Now, I know you should belive comments, but the purple man story seemed ridiculous! So I put down a purple everything- but right before I chose the left arm, I was trapped. If you press go back a lot of times, you go back, but the fears alone keep me from going back.

Anthony Tonkovic


Henry Blackburn

It's ok... It's ok because of... I don't know but when I tried to make the purple guy he jumpscared me and when I tried to go back but it just said you can't so I kept tapping it when the screen kept getting darker and the you can't kept getting bigger for every tap I did.

Apsa Swisher

Purple guy jumpscare So I got it and saw the purple guy lire thing in the comments. I tried it. And It's not that scary. And I'm only 11

Bry Dy

New mode I liked it but the two mini games need a bit of improvement the quest mode is quite boring and I liked the shootout but it was a bit too hard for me because of spring trap . I would've also liked a mode where you defend yourself against the animatronic you created by using a door, the map should be small and with few cameras plus try to be creative whither that one. If you don't agree to making it its OK I won't complain but at least improve the current mini games

Callum McPolin

Jumpscare Factory This is epic you nearly have all the animironics and everything 5 stars from me

Ashley Root

PURPLE GUY I was creating a Purple Guy/ Foxy but Purple Guy just popped up on the screen so I kept pressing go back and it WORKS!

Catty the cat

THIS IS AWESOME! This is one of my most favorite games on my tablet! Also can you please add the withered animatronics to make it even more fun? :)

Glenda Burg

Scared my daughger She was making purple man then he jumpscare her and it said YOU CANT I could not go back

Lexy M.

Eh... It's OK..... Everytime I try to make Purple Guy it brings him up but then it just says "You Can't " when I press "go back". And it only saves as a picture not a video so how are you gonna Share it and scare people??

Imannajwa Mama

while i was making purple guy and i clik the last part of him he just pop up and he was showing his teeth

Anthony Salcedo

Do more Do the puppet, old animatronics from fnaf 2, phantom animatronics from fnaf 3, toy Freddy, and after fnaf 4, the new styles of the animatronics. PLEASE! It will make the game 100% perfect. Also do balloon boy

Fiona And Freins

Keep The Random Appearing Parts Plz keep the parts that u can get randomly cuz I try to match them up they aren't there! And make sure all the part sets for the animatronic come at once not separately, Thx!

kaylee loveall

IT'S CREEPY I ABSOLUTELY HATE FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S! But I downloaded this out of curiosity and yeah, it's scary. Lives up to it's name.

Romflor Alcantara

I got freddy back When i reach level 3 i managed to rebuild freddy when i was in level 1 i made candy the cat from fnac you can get the normal parts by leveling up thats how i did it by the way if you want the old ones back and some parts are save and some are not okay

Phoenix Crafter

Bring back the ones you replaced! Ok you changed it. At first I thought you had everything, but you changed Freddy and some others! Bring them back and I'll rate five stars!

Jenny Tucker

Scared me THIS SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH DONT RANDOMIZE TOO MUCH YOULL HAVE A RANDOM JUMPSCARE oh and can you add golden Freddy or g Freddy that's my favorite character then I'll rate five stars :)

John Bradley Hanrahan

I miss Balloon boy and marrionette and pls add spring again Why couldn't you just add new stuff!! I miss marionette and Balloon boy, especially Balloon boy cause he's my favorite!!!!!!!also what happened to Freddy jumpscare factory make a different game with current stuff and turn this one back to normal or i will delete!!! Jess Jackman are you crazy?!? Also I the reason i rated it 1 star is obvious!!THAT'S IT!!!how bout I tell the creater something:I don't hate you, and I love five nights of love!!!

wesley mullins

Great I love making the purple guy (press back 21 to leave) i got the baby by randomizing too i love how on either the purple guy or the baby if you keep them there and re enter the game the animatronic is different on the title i can almost always beat shootout but the baby always gets me 5/5 add more please

Anika White

Way cool Fun and tons of options. One thing if you create purple guy,the game will...lets keep it a secret. Also, if you do the secret and go to the little square on your device that lets you swipe the square's, go to that and enter back into the game...figure it out yourself.

Alexander Wright

Whoa Weirdest thing happened when I was building my jumpscare, so I was cycling through the stuff, and suddenly something that looked like the PurpleGuy, so I tapped "Back" and the "You Can't" sign got bigger and bigger, creepiest addon ever!

Marcus Kristo Mendoza

i make a dog! i love this game i tought it has no dog parts cause i love dogs!!! so i love this game i give you 5 stars each #ilovedogs!

Yandere Chan

If you love this try this Play the game Five trials of love2 its from this company ..AND there is a story line leading up to these...DONT TRUST PURPLE BUNNY!!!!

Angie Thompson

I like it BUT Why do you half to destroy are animatranics I was making a purple guy robot with all white eyes then when I was doing the body and guess what happened it changed the eyes and it was nothing like I wanted I'll give it five stars If you take it out of the game

Samantha Ruiz

You ruined it. Great game till you scrapped some of the GOOD animatronics replacing them with ugly oc type. Except the man/lamb thing. Its hilarious

Cayleigh Mesloh

That really IS a jumpscare! There is random points in the game where it just...well, jumpscares you. The first time I logged on I got the Purple Guy. The next time I logged on I got the completly white one. The jumpscares are amazing. I love this game. It just randomly scares you! It's like other games I've gotten. It's an awesome game. I recommend that you get this game. Like, SERIOUSLY. It's great. Read this comment, and if you like jumpscares, get the game. Heck, now I'm scared to even play this game. It really is fun, though.

Alphys Dragonair

Great game until you added... That 'thing'... *shudders* Seriously though. This new auto jumpscares animatronic is TERRIFYING. It was great when it was the old version, but I don't want to get a chance of getting that creepy baby/lamb thing jumpscaring me. Sorry JCsoft.

Andrew Martin

Scared my sister! In the jumpscare factory not a single soul goes thru.And that soul is me. My sister had a knife and theantend meh with it.

Michelle Hurst

Love it! The only irritating thing is that when I use the purple anamatronic pieces then purple Guy will pop up! He doesn't go away unless you press the go back button lots of times. Love the game, but, purple guy gets in the way alot!

Austin Turbeville

Wow this game is awesome It has all kinds of gear and you have to play a shooting game for it or wanted and if you try to make the purple guy you're going to have a nasty surprise

Fabio Flores

Awsome It's really awsome, cool jumpscares,and Purple guy ALSO jumpscared me.And when I pressed the back button,it said you can't.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Kensley Prusinski

Amateur jumpscare creator Really fun how you can jump scare your own self to death like hell its so funny about come around here

Cyborgprofesermay samiasalim04 salim

YOU CAN MAKE THE PURPLE GUY I swear that I was making Vincent and has deleted my game saying you can't pressing escape 5 times and boom never do it

jimmy sherpa

Change back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap you guys suck!It was a good game at first,then you changed them!Negative 5 stars if I could!

Fistbump 772

Jumpscates When u make purple all purple no bow it automatically jump scares you and won't let u go back awesome huh

Black Trex

FINALLY!!! Thank you for putting all of parts back.I am sooo happy?.But can you please put Springtrap back as the jumpscare when you pressed randomize.Oh and where is purple guy's badge?

Lawnsby Shaun

Wow awesome I got purple guy and he almost got me i clicked go back and it said you can't i clicked it like 10 times

Amelia Jennings

I Played 5 Nights at Jump Scare University In the Jumpscare Factory, where nightmares and dreams come true. In the Jumpscare Factory, not a single soul gets through. (Rainbow Factory Parody) XD

ChrisGamerZ250 Bloopers And Gamplays

this is a question,HOW DO YOU OPEN IT D: also i love it,as in how do you open the game?

Golden Kitten

Cool game! It's a AMAZING game but can you please bring the Marionette back? But you don't have to unlock it. Plz thnx =)


Purple Guy Easter Egg I Was Trying To Make Bonnie And I Got Jumpscared By Purple Gut And when I hit Go Back It Said You Can't

Glen Stump III

Purple guy is scary Looks kind of like a cute game but the first time I made the purple guys scars me and when I exit and when I back in the purple guy was behind the animatronic that was scary

elijah griffis

Good but When I was trying to make purple man he jumpscared me when I was half way

Dani Doodlez

Can you add these: you should make a new mini game it would be like you take care of your animontronic and it can get hungry tired bored also im in level nine and i cant level up can you fix that and add diffrent types of jumpscares like jumping at you or whatever and new screams please add those what i said tham you get five stars :)

Olivia Middendorf

OMG amazing I absolutely love this game!? its Very addicting mainly from the mini games and unlocking new parts for ur animatronic!?and don't forget the jumpscares. What would be cool is if the creater made a mini game that u play ur animatronic and try to get to the night guard. I think u should play this game ( expecially fnaf fans).

Mathew Brown

Refund I bought all the parts before you changed them due to copyright, now I want my money back

Emma Msp

LOVE IT!! The only part I don't like is that marionette is gone I mean I just got the whole marionette outfit and then it updated :( please bring her back and I will rate 5 stars. Thank you for bringing her back :D

Evan B04

Cool i guess Its not really scary. Make it look more realistic and it will be more scary. Other than that it a really cool app ?

Mike Ball

Thank you! You finally fixed this game! Now I can enjoy this again

Toko Tutahione

I m toy rose the girl animtronic I love this im using my dads account

Cat Westbrook

Lol Purple guy and sheep/baby is so cool add more random jumpscars

the great toy reviews 123

AWESOME BUT!!!... The game is good but when I pressed the randomise button, a white thing surprised me! But awspesome game!

Alisa Simpson

Supes awsome and scary It's really awsome I got killed from this game it was cool so I give it five whole stars ★★★★★

kienna dead

Don't change I play this game 24 7 and found nothing wrong. Love the purple guy jumpscares!

William latham

Fun Because you get to record you own jump scare sounds and crate your own even play mini games!☺

jonathon wilson

New update is a ruiner It ruined my animontronic in my favorites fix this plz. Not trying to be mean it is an amazing game.

Avni Sharma

Wow omg!?!? So everything was okay then i decided to make purple guy and I put the head the body and then the left side then the other side and poof a jump scare my brother saw it and I kept taping go back but the screen said you can't so ya fix it up please please please please with wiped cream on top pleeeeeeeeeease thank you:( :l :)

Brisngr Dragon

Very cool in my opinion Although the first levels aren't that scary but knock yourself out. Also tried making purple guy but his eyes were probably wrong ones...but overall addictive and fun. I also agree with John We need spring trap. Maybe even the nightmare fuels and definitely mangle...!?I miss mangle?. :(

Dude Shad

This is fun. Whoever is mad about the creator replacing puppet,bb,springtrap,freddy,and phantom freddy,you can just go to max level.They have all the parts. Also,you can make a Golden Freddy. I want the creator to let you make fanmade animatronics (Onaf,fnac,insanity,Five nights at sonics,AND MORE!)

Bryan Donahue

Do not install I had it for 3 days 1st night I heard laughing in my room next night I just seen a thing go in front of my eyes and disappeared last night I felt something touch me so don't install for your safety

Ella Redd

Wow... So this is what happened to the graduates... Also, scared the sh*t outta my little sis, she got the Purple Man thing on her first try.

Fiona And Freins

Plz Bring Back Some Characters Plz bring back Springtrap! And if you have got rid of him entirely i still have his eyes

Katherine Kubish

I CAN PURPLE MAN!! #ryhme When I make the purple man he just jumpscares me and says "you can't". Btw, wesley mullins and alphys dragonair, that thing you call "the baby" is NOT a baby, It's a lamb

Tokyo Crossgard

Kinda boring not so scary. Not even interesting

Brandie West

Purple guy When I was making Bonnie purple guy came at of nowhere and I put go back but not said you can't it was getting bigger I was scared then I remembered on the shooting minigame he was there I shot him he said you can't was like oh yes I can then he disappeared

Joseph Webb

COOL I think its cool cause you can make a monster and get parts! I hate making purple guy! Stupid murderer



shaxer180 5

meh good BUT THE BB ok I make bb IT SCERED ME and the purple guy meh not so much

Jolly Rancher

Omg best and scariest game ever I tried creating purple guy but it says u can't and got darker it say u can't and when it readers get a add

Ralph Grimes

omg when I try'd to build purple guy it kinda look like purple guy and I got jumpscared it said you can't and got big and mixed up my purple guy???

Reyna Escutia

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? For some reason when I was making the marionette the next day they where turned into nonsense characters >:(

Carel Els

Great job guys Hey listen this game is of the hooks!! And I just love it and I like it of the hooks and there's one thing please make a mode where you are the anemitronice and that would be awesome so ya keep up the good work and if you add it I will absolutely never stop playing and please don't like make it like bonnie simulator where you only press cameras but good job!!

LOVE THIS GAME ALSO GOOD PRANKING GAME TOO ? I love this game as soon as I got it I built foxy and pressed go I got scared of my own animatronic hahahaha loved it, but it needs more like u have to do mini games to get more parts its hard, but that's a good thing it makes the game more interesting and less boring I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Tracy Mcphee

:'( I'm soo scared I made purple guy and as soon as it popped up on my screen I couldn't go back. So I closed the game then re-opened it. The figure was lurking behind the other anamatronic on the title screen. I am now sitting here with slightly wet trousers. I will sleep well tonight.

Charlies nan

I just don't like the purple guy After I tryed to make the purple guy I did it but he scared the****out of me he just pops up like he don't care I thought that you have to press the 'go' button on screen...I couldn't get to sleep but eventually went at 3am I'm never gonna try to make him again...

Playroom Films

Needs more... This is a good game, but it needs more parts. Also, make the jumpscares more scary. they just jump out at you and shake their head around. Please make an indication of the max level.

Nelson Gibeau

Do not do this! If you try to make purple guy you will get a horrifying Jumpscare!!!! I HATE THIS NEW UPDATE TO MAKING IT FUN TO SCARY

Piggy Aj

I know how to get out from purple guy!!!! Just keep pressing the back button and he'll disappear

Pinoy life

It scared me I loved it but when I made the animatronic and clicked go I literally screamed when the jumpscare happened but I love it though, its gonna be funny if you're friends played it


Aia Best prank seen in life for its good to scare babys like did to my baby brother with my mum ha ha ha?????????


Jumpscares!!! I jumped when i try to build purpleguy(jumpscare) and the one that look like a human i fell of my chair and ran (i had headphones loud).

I'd shouldn't done that I tried to build purple guy. After I did that I jumped because the jumpscare. I tried to go back but it kept saying" you can't".

Jake Lewis

Coolio I tricked my brother, I made him think it was broken but he tapped it and BAM

Fnaf jumpscar factory lol XD I don't know what to say i just i oh nvm XD

Twilight _lover

Not good It can be used for halloween but this game is horrible non scary? BOO??

noorleza tahir

Ok new update Did you now if you push the randomize rapitly like many time it will make a suprise and when can we get from the fnaf 4 animactronics

gledis cekirri

i hate the new update I want the orignals back like springtrap or phantom foxy

Lester Ledesma

Please make apps and PURPLE GUY KILED ME WHAT THE HECK I Didn't DO THAT I JUST BUILD !!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I can't win second wanted it's all correct???

Abiel Wilson

Love it Hey u guys u should try playing and look up last city it's a new game and it has no ads

spookay foxy

I love this game! I made it to 5am and it was crazy! I did not see springtrap yet! It was really hard! Good game! PEOPLE IT WAS REALLY HARD I PROMISE!!!!

Alexander Hotard

Really don't try it It makes a button went up press it it said u cant

Jordan Grey

Its ok I don't really get it make it more graphical

Jayden Richards

Purple Guy!? I tried to make Purple Guy and I SCREAMED!! I pressed 'GO BACK' but it kept saying 'YOU CANT......'

Reilly Pittman

Well, I'm not sleeping tonight. I made Purple guy's body completed, then It AUTO JUMPSCARED ME WITH PURPLE GUY and now he's stuck on my title screen with a creepy laugh... help me ;-;

Enemy Orange

Well I made Purple Guy, and it jumpscared me. Then I tried tapping go back, but it wouldn't let me.

Ethan Lopez

Awesome If you keep pressing the randomize button you will unlock everything without paying.

Markus Wells

It's Good, but everytime I try to type a Name, it crashes or freezes, please fix

evelyn baltazar

When I just me purple Man the game just crashed but the person who wants to buy this do not make purple man

Raymarc John M. Santome

i love this game because i jumpscare everybody and i just make chica,foxy,freddy

Matthew Letourneau

I like making my own jumpscares if you like the original fnafs then you'll like this!

Werewolves Rawesome

To be honest I didn't really like it,it was boring

Haley Slough

Dont really like it Its not that fun

alex Osborne

Bought every part what the heck it did.not give me my parts

Unknown ERROR

I'm scared My Brother scare me

Brooklyn Topham

Bad job I rather play five nights at freddys

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