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1 Jun

Posted by Dave Byrne in Entertainment | June 1, 2011 | 70 Comments

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Generates fractal images.

-Multitouch pinch-to-zoom
-Supports multiple equations
-Renders Mandelbrot and Julia Set fractals.
-Save fractals or set fractal image as wallpaper
-Multiple color schemes
-Escape-time, Triangle Inequality Average, Curvature estimation algorithms
-Uses NDK for improved performance

Whats new

    Dramatically improved performance for phones which support hardware acceleration for floating point math.

Dave Byrne part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 1, 2011. Google play rating is 82.3547. Current verison is 1.3.7. Actual size 70.0 KB.

Download fractoid.apk 70.0 KB


A Google User

Where have all my saves gone? Love this app! Much better than any of the other fractal apps out there. Only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that I can't find a single one of my saved pictures.

Jon moonbeamsyndicate


A Google User

Best on android This is the best fractal program on android I've ever used. It's simple, powerful, and also the fastest on the market!

A Google User

Favorite Eye Candy app Excellent! So much fun. My 1st fractal I made in 80s on Apple IIe took 2 days of calculations for simple 1 color Mandelbrot. With Fractoid I can make awesome multicolored fractals with the flick of a finger in a few seconds!!!

Paul Croasdale

Slowest rendering and navigation issues No menu overflow button, so phones with hardware nav buttons cannot access any settings. Extremely slow rendering on Note 4

A Google User

Save picture mode doesn't work on my Xperia Z1! Great application indeed, I am plaing with this alredy two years. Why it doesn't save pictres like before ? Before I had HTC Desire, and everything was working well. It is sad that I can't freeze and store my best findings. Still can't save my fractals ...

Mary C

neat app, but useless The app doesn't save images. It creates beautiful fractals, but what good is that if there's no way to save them? Overall it's really just a rather frustrating exercise in futility.

Riley Carruthers

Good quality, bad compatibility The fractals this renders are superb, but it fails to save our share images

Mark Novak

Amazing It's insane how you can unfold nature's secret for fun on a phone!

A Google User

Great stuff except for save functionality The best fractal app on Android, hands down. Would like to see more colour options, but extremely well executed otherwise. Update: There seems to be an issue with Save /share Functionality on new phones / latest version of Android? This is a real shame.

A Google User

Finally an app that does not spy on you. Shows me infinity, fast, on samsung G2

Nicholas Xayasith

Like it all, except no saves Very fast, many adjustable options, runs well on Note 3... lots to love here except for the fact that saving fractals does nothing, nor does share seem to work. Even the "make wallpaper" button gives me a wallpaper with a different zoom ratio than I was looking at originally. Only way I've found around these glaring ommissions is to take some screenshots with the phone, stitch up my own wallpaper with Photoshop then import back into device. Subtracting one star out of a possible five, for that.

Rhys Edwards

Cannot save or share This app is next to useless without the ability to save images, please fix!!! I would easily give 5 stars otherwise.

Giles Read

Best thing since Fractint A lovely way to explorer fractals, and I am pleased to see that the app takes full advantage of high screen resolutions. It looks magnificent on my Nexus 10 and the calculation times are pretty spiffy, too. Kudos to the writer for not requiring any special permissions for the app - an extra *gold* star for that.

Molly Elizabeth

Impressed! It took a while to get used to, but after experimenting with the features, it's making some beautiful images! I'd love to see more features, though, possibly the ability to zoom even further/higher resolution. But, taking up under 1MB, pretty good!

A Google User

the best but ... it would be better if i could create gradients and have controls on screen so i wouldn't have to do somuch tapping

Stephen Schunemann

FIX THE SAVES The app does not save fractals, and when I do set as wallpaper it sets the landscape fractal as my portrait wallpaper resulting in terrible resolution, please fix this app is insanely cool!

Nicholas Murphy

Fractoid Users if you want to save your fractol download a screenshot app then send it to your gallery then edit then enjoy or set as wallpaper or whatever

A Google User

Best! This app does exactly what it says it will, with tons of options available for tiny tweaks.

A Google User

I've always liked this app, and the recently improved floating point math makes it even better!

Roy Stillwell

Not working I can create great fractals, but when I try to save them nothing happens. Even tried sharing through email and no file was created to send. Running on an LG G3.

A Google User

Cool I do not understand fractals but the are really cool looking!

A Google User

Highly recommended Outstanding app, best fractal program on the Android platform to date. Needs more formulas, or the the ability to upload user submissions.

Gary Jones

Astonishing and fast Just spooky beauty, never crashes. Razr and Nexus 7. However, can't save or share results on Nexus. The black and white option is 3D, would be great to have same 3D with the winter sky.

A Google User

Color cycling fractint lives! Please implement color cycling feature from original fractint and this app will be perfect.

Nikomaru kara Hirado-shima

Sweet I love most everything about this app. It would be nice if it mathed faster, but I guess there's only so much one can squeeze out of these processors.

A Google User

Amazing One of the best apps for making your own incredible wallpapers easily. Also fun to play around with.

Gordon Alf Shumway

Very Nice Fractal Generator. I have used quite a few fractal generator applications and I have found this one to rank up near the top in terms of quality. I didn't find it as powerful as some others I have used but it produces top notch results and functions really well in my opinion. Many thanks to the developer for his generosity in offering this free of charge, I'm very grateful. The fractals save perfectly for me. I do hope that one day we can have a full color picker to utilize in the application please. HTC Rezound/ ICS 4.0.3.

Andrew Kiefer

Almost perfect. For some reason I cannot save, share, or create wallpaper on my galaxy s3. Other than that I love it.

A Google User

Very nice, but why does maxiters increase by 10 when you zoom in regardless of how far you zoomed each time, and never decrease when you zoom out?

Kevin Keough

No menu can't change settings Opens with the same beautiful fractal every time, but that's all it does. There's no menu.

A Google User

Tried all of them, this is the best! Please allow fullscreen option. Hide image details etc.. Also, invert color option.

A Google User

Best fractal generator and explorer I've found since fractint for DOS from the stone soup group

matthew bergeron

I have no problem saving pictures. They go to the camera folder. Running 2.3.6. Would like to see more colors.

Mike G

Beautiful pictures but no further development Makes very nice pictures which you can zoom to your heart's content, but since the last update was in 2011 I suppose the Dev is too busy or otherwise not able to adapt the app to newer Android versions. On my kit kat tablet I cannot access the controls. Pity!

A Google User

Nice but crashes Nice, on zooming into fractals, however, constantly crashes. SGS2

A Google User

Jkl This is the smoothest! Instant amusement zooming in and then spin Julia off any where you want

A Google User

Great for exploration. Beautiful app, and I simply find myself frightened by the vast world which one fan plunge into with this app. Beautifully terrifying.

A Google User

Absolutely astounding! Lots of options for a great number of magnificent fractals. Would only want option to remove captions.

Cal Bailes

Boring Requires more than basic knowledge of fractal generation, too much effort for what should be a fun app.

Fabrizio Benedetti

Just a small bug: The app sets the permission to change wallpaper but not to read/write files, so the "save image" command doesn't really work. Other than this, it's very good!

Michelle Sanford

Mad I spent over 3 hours making pictures and saving them. But when I looked through my photo album they were not there. I love this app but if this does not get fixed I will uninstall and forever give bad review about this to everyone I know.

robert jones

The best and no permissions 5 stars Thank you so much for this amazing app. I'm always a big fan when an app works so great and does not require intrusive permissions. Runs on every device I ever tried. Like 3 tablets and 6 phones. Tons of options. Love the saves for screen savers. Again thank you for all your hard work on this program. U da Man !

Kim Seiji

Works fine, but dont save pictures More than 1 year has passed and it was not updated! I want to save the pictures!

Will Sams

No saves = frustration None of the fractals will save to the device or share to others. The creation process is amazing and can generate beautiful images that, unfortunately, noone will ever be able to see. Without saving, the app is worthless. Fix this for 5 stars!


Lovely! To those complaining about not being able to save an image; just take a screenshot.

A Google User

20 years in the making I don't think the 10 year old me that first said wow to fractals back in the 80s could have guessed that he would one day own a phone that could make

A Google User

I am still sad... I sent an email to developer a year ago or more. Because save image doesn't work. He said he will fix it but he has not. I am still sad because this app is so good for fractal explore and I only wish to save my cool findings in hi-res. But I can not. I take a screenshot and crop it but it would be 100 times better to fix the save image function.

Gary Jones

Astonishing and fast No save image, no menu on newer devices so pointless. Was the best: Just spooky beauty, never crashes. Razr and Nexus 7. However, can't save or share results on Nexus. The black and white option is 3D, would be great to have same 3D with the winter sky.

Jon moonbeamsyndicate

Was the best. Until Android changes stopped it from saving ... so now it hangs around the Android Market looking lost, and waiting for someone to care about it enough to allow it to save files again. Apparently not me. Not that sort of dev. Anyway, if you don't need it to SAVE to anything except wallpaper, FINE. Obviously you can screenshot the wallpaper... Assuming you can get the status and nav bars out of the picture... Or crop them out after. (Sigh).

Ben Lewis

Won't save image Works really well other than not saving the image on my Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon). Did that just fine on my previous droidx. I have emailed author and haven't heard back. I do have really cool wallpaper as this app otherwise works great.

Arjuna S

Awesome application, except for one detail. I quite enjoy this application and all of its features. I only have one complaint- the application does not save the photos. I've looked in every folder and I am 100% certain it is not saving them. I've tried re-installing as well as rebooting my device(Note 2).


Brilliant! This app is very intuitive and easy to explore with. One handy feature is its iteration level auto-select. Another is relative coloring (it doesn't get terribly noisy). That and the simplicity of the control gestures means I rarely have to use the menu. Add a dozen equations, and the ability to set your own coloring modes and colors, and this mobile app sets expectations most PC applications have yet to meet.

Christina Duncan

Cannot save images This is a 5 star app but rating as a 3 due to the fact the images cannot be saved. There is the option, but it will not save. The 'use as wallpaper' works. Will gladly change rating if the save feature is fixed.

Jane Spaulding

Love the quality of the render but..... I am unable to svae images, apparently because I can find them nowhere on my tablet. I will change my review to 5 stars when this is fixed.

Marc Van Leur

Beautiful... But I think some more color schemes are needed. As for the saving problem, I've been able to get around that by taking screenshots and cropping out the top buttons and bottom info.

Sam Halls

Bugs and Missing Features If I save an image, nothing happens. And it doesn't say the zoom level. And maybe you can add deep zooming.


Junk What good is a graphic program whether fractal or image when it is impossible to find where the image is saved. This frustration is in many programs and renders them a useless waste of time.

Suraj Shetty

Very well Its really good. Although i get a problem saving the image or sharing the fractal via any medium...

A Google User

LG Optimus F6 can't save I have literally made 1000's of fractals and would be making more, but I too have lost my ability to save. Hence the 4 stars. This is so far ahead of any other android fractal program. The variety of equations, colors and algorithms are awesome and then add the ease of use. Fractoid dominates!

Walter Cook

Downgrading to 3 I truly love this app but recently it crashes more often than not. I have sent crash reports but get no feedback. I see there have been no updates for more than 2-years...Maybe it is just not supported any longer. Too Bad...There is a sad lack of quality apps out there.

Charles Swanson

Astonishing work Calculates spatial representations of an arbitrarily small area of the Mandelbrot set. Keep going deeper and deeper; it doesn't quit!

A Google User

fractoid one of the best fractal progs about, being able to select your own colours and colourcycling or lack off are my only niggles, its a beautiful piece of code, well done to the fella that created it!

Simeon A. Scott

fractint this is like androidified fractint. if they used fractint code, they should just say so, people know fractint. oh. took off one star, because can't save. (can wallpaper..)

Richard Treitel

Wish it could save On my Nexus 7 it can neither share nor save an image, though it can set wallpaper. Otherwise superb -- I have become very good at doing screen captures :-)

Jez Harrison

Just a shame you can't save. The only thing stopping me from rating this app much higher is learning that the 'save' functionality is broken.

Cindy Home

Great App I haven't been able to save images except by taking a screen shot and cropping later. This app does render well, and has many options to work with. I would definitely recommend it, as It will remain as part of my top 5 fractal generators.

OldeOne deESuhrim

Can't save images. It gives you the option, but doesn't save. Too bad. This was fun.

David Richfield

Great app, could be a bit cleverer about calculation I'm used to the fractint, which has a variety of calculation options like boundary tracing mode to avoid calculating the center spots (maximum iteration), and takes advantage of symmetry where possible, but this is still an excellent Android fractal app.

A Google User

Good exploration Nice use of the UI for navigating and exploring fractals. Needs a few more color schemes and really needs color cycling like fractint.

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