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17 Sep
Forest: Stay focused

Posted by in Productivity | Sept. 17, 2016 | 270 Comments

Apk file size: 8.4 MB

Have you ever been addicted to your phone and just cannot put it down? Forest provides an interesting solution to beat your phone addiction. You can plant a seed in Forest. In the next 30 minutes, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation and leave this app to check Facebook or play a game, your tree will wither away. With this interesting mechanism, the sense of achievement and responsibility will drive our users to stay away from their phone with no pain.


• A self-motivated and interesting way to help you beat phone addiction
• Stay focused and get more things done
• Share your forest and compete with friends
• Track your history in a simple and pleasant way
• Earn reward and unlock more tree species
• Customize your whitelist : Leaving Forest and using apps in whitelist won’t kill your tree.

We also provide browser extensions. Find out more on!

*Sound Design : Shi Kuang Lee
*Some icons appearing in the app were made by Freepik from and are licensed under CC BY 3.0

Whats new

    • Some bugs fixed part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 84.4919. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 8.4 MB.

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Kris Hibbert

This app was great, 5 star worthy (other than the you "fail" to stay focused this time, instead of failed), and then suddenly began to crash regularly, unfairly killing my trees.

Danielle Larocque

Useful but... I was excited to hear you guys were adding more tree types. But I was hoping they would be more realistic like Birch and Maple to go along with the pine tree. I live in rural Canada and that speaks to me more than the whimsical trees you guys have created. Otherwise great app and it works amazingly well.

Mohammed Ayman

Amazing ! I was going to give it four stars but after the update I can't give you less than 5 :D Great ; I have only one doubt about that I can't set it to time less than 30 min !

Nataly Welch

Good app, could improve. It's a really great app but I just wish that the forest didn't reset every day. A forest that lasted a week or month or something would make this app near perfect! The only other suggestion I would make would be if it could be backed up. If it could be Gmail or something so the same forest could be on several devices would be great.

Cas Ket

More Trees please!! One of the best stop phnubbing apps. I only gave 3 stars tho because after you collect the 3 types of trees offered there isn't much motivation to keep going. More trees that cost more seeds would be better. Maybe 3 more that cost 1000. A few more that cost 2000. It gives you something to work for. Plus being able to see monthly progress, like a large forest vs. Small daily forests.

keshav bantu

perfect thanks for implementing my suggestion......hopeing to see more ......gr8 work u guys :-)

Theresa Chan

This is probably one of the best productivity apps I've ever used: simple, but very effective at what it does! I'd love to see a sort of network implementation eventually, so that we can share our forests with fellow app users. There's really no motivation like seeing other people work hard!

Zoltan Gero

Almost awesome I really like the idea of your app. I don't use it however because te timer is not adjustable. Since last uodate I can add more then 30mins - but how to set it for 15-20mins only? It's closer to my pomodoro and my personal preference. Please make it possible to set the time 100% flexible and I'll use it. thanks

Grace Ng

More pls Please have more varieties! Would be great if there are animals and insects too!

purple guy 97

Nice I feel bad every time the cute tree dies but can you add a feature where you can scroll though your music play list with out it dying

Kaitlin Wong

No house :( I love this app for revising but I recently unlocked the treehouse and when I grew it, it was just a tree with a round foliage instead of spiky like the default tree, with no house!

Kabir Saxena

One of the most innovative apps ever! I love the idea, love the design, and it really does help me focus.

Nynke de Graaf

I have been using this app for a couple of days now and I really like it, it's helpful! Also I like the newest features :)

Salman Khan

Life saver Really useful. Has helped me stay focused during these exams and track my working. An improvement could be if you were able to pre set times when it would turn on, forcing you to work

Simon Smith

Great app, but sometimes it tells me that I have grown a tree, I press the notification and then... it kills the tree. VERY annoying bug.

China Villalta

I use this for when I'm doing homework all the time! Works perfectly. But may I ask for the option to put it on for longer times, and a greater variety of trees please? Also if we put it on for 120min and another so opens at the last 10 mins, do all the trees die? Or just the one that hasn't grown fully yet?

Kristina Marie Myhan

Wish I could use this app with the pomodoro technique! I was excited to find out that I could edit the time I was working by five minute increments, but super disappointed to find out that this didn't include the ability to set a 25 minute time. I use the pomodoro technique to study and I like to use my phone in my five minute breaks at the end of a pomodoro, sadly, this means that I can't grow any trees!

Hailey Smith

Amazing Nothing - and I mean nothing - has ever kept me away from my phone and kept me focused. Fantastic app.

ChenLing Chang

My forest can only block facebook It can not block internet or other apps.

Kierat Kaur

Love it can you please put it on windows

Anna Moore

Love this little app!!! This really provides motivation for getting things done. Thanks so much!!!

Wendaline Ow

Not bad.. but... Will be good if it automatically starts the next tree...

Saurav Haldar

Awesome concept! Can be improved performance wise.

ashish shinde

Awesome app!!

Auliya Adli Ramadhan

Good app, can you make the pc vertion of this app? I think it will be a good step for those who are addicted to pc. Keep improving. Thnx

Kirstin K

Suggestion You encouraged me to get this app on another device, but I really wish my forests would link through my account. Instead, I have to start again on this device.

Tamara Panchevska

Inovative, creative and fun This is such a wonderful and inovative app. I use it constanly. The only problem I have is that sometimes it crashes for no apparent reason.

Nikita Jose

This amazing app has started to hang so much now... I even tried Uninstalling and reinstalling :(. Please fix this ASAP.

Joselyn Lamas

Really love this app. Helps me stay focused so much. I would love to have an overall forest to show all the "trees" that have been planted.

Elicia C

I really like this app! it really gets me to focus on my task at hand, like studying, or paying attention to lectures, and keeps me off apps that distract me. It would be even better if we are given another option; to end early, besides giving up. This is for when we finish our task earlier than expected. ??

βяιαη Ke

Way to go! Probably the best app to stop me from phubbing the screen :) But I wish that there's an "Extend Time (Max 25min)" function while the tree is growing, otherwise I have to reset the duration to 30min and it will sometimes be too long...

Lillian Egloff

Good, but.. This app is really helpful for focusing, but I wish there was just one forest you earn trees for rather than just an individual one for each day! That way I could actually feel like I'm earning something cool that will last instead of starting over every day.

Jason Morgan

Amazing idea - but room for improvement to get 5* 1) make it possible to backup the data ie to phone memory, email or Dropbox etc. 2)when you unlock an item, eg I unlocked the tree house, fix the bug that prevents the tree house from ever growing.

Ilone Hadinata

I love it so much! It help me concentate, and I can make a lot of work done! Amaz!

Ryan Yu

Whitelist The app is great, but it apps don't stay on the whitelist.

Vladimir Kirichenko

Found a bug Btw add the view of all grown trees. Upd. Bug: if you click the tree to change it and "plant" button at the same time, you can plant the locked trees :)

Molly John

Perfect A way to keep me off tumblr, cause GCSEs themselves are apparently not a big enough motivator... I can't let the trees die!!!

Adikeshav S

Must have app An awesome app with a simple concept..A must have app.. A flaw I noticed is I am not able to modify the whitelist. Even though I select some applications, it is not getting saved.. Other than that, got no other issues.. Update: As promised by the developers, the next update fixed the issue with whitelist.

Nikhil Lele

Great App and great update But there is this one issue I noticed. I had set the tree to grow and midway I received a WhatsApp call. I did not pick it up but my tree died. Please look into this issue.

Kathleen Wilcox

Works smoothly now! Love it! There were some kinks at first, but someone on the app team was very helpful through email. With the latest update everything is working perfectly.

Dima Sokolov

Please add an ability to set the break time between the planting sessions, like in Pomodoro

Игорь Хоружий

Thank you Thank you for this good app, it's really help to me!!!

Alexey Mileev

Cool app Please, guys, integrate pomodoro timer (like Tom) in your app.

Токо Аозаки

Very cute! Awww, you did it! New trees so cute, coins system motivate much more, thank you! I hope, there will be more of them in the future, but now you already merit five stars from me. Thanks for so beautif and useful app) I am really need it.

Natalia Doskach

GOOD, BUT... good, but if you add pomodoro at this app, this app become awesome

Алексей Моров

Great idea And cool app. Looks very cute and nice. And which is most important it all works:) Waiting fot russian localization and of course new features. Thanks and good luck! Also, desktop version will be very usefull but not sure I know how to realize it onPC))

Grace Li

Grace Question: I recently unlocked the flower tree but I don't see a time setting where I can grow it. How can I grow the flower tree? The app also sometimes tells me congrats but doesn't actually add tokens, which is a bit frustrating. However, absolutely love the app! Super helpful! Just wondering about these two things.

Caroline Stone

I love collecting trees on this app! It's great! I think the whitelist function is great, so I can still pick up vital calls, or use my to do list and lecture notes whilst still being deterred from facebook. Collecting the trees really is a good motivation for me. Like other users, I would also love the option for a "weekly forest" so I can see more of a cumulative effect, and more tree styles or colours availible to earn too.

Luke Brannigan

Isn't working Moto g. Worked the first time, now my tree dies even though I haven't touched my phone. Fix and 5 stars

Max Thompson

Great app. Suggestion for monthly forest. Really useful app and is getting me through exams! Looking forward to more things to unlock. For longer term forests how about a monthly forest linked to the total hours worked each day. For each 4 hours worked a day would get an additional progressively nicer tree in the the monthly forest, to a max of 3 a day. Ex. Work total 8 hours, get 2 trees in monthly forest, one nicer than the other. Encourages to keep working (ex. I will keep working after dinner). Maybe seasonal trees for each monthly forest?

mounir karim

The app is great only one problem thats It doesn't calculate the extra time I spent on study or focusing ex If I set it to 30 min and was focused for like 50 min its just give rewards and say that I focused 30 min ! Hope you fix this and I have a suggestion if you add top rank of daily best focused users and how many hours and tree they grown , it will be a motivation to stay the longest time focused , thanks

Andrea Bodnar

Great idea but... Loved the idea, helps me focus on work (also a good idea for stopping bad habit of checking the phone while at red lights) but one thing I'm very disappointed in is that my trees die if I get notifications from other apps. It's really not fair and with so many options on the whitelist I'm not sure what does what to even know if I'm even able to override that. I would understand if I put it on extreme mode (don't even bother checking the time people it will die) but normal mode?

Frahd Hfz

Helps a lot but... Very innovative idea of trees and seeing the forest grow upon the day, would although be perfect if the forest could last at least a weak and maybe add a diagram showing progress throughout the month. There's just a little problem with the trees : I unlocked the one with flowers but everytime I plant it, no flowers show up. Was that on purpose? If so, that's too bad... Great overall

Dasun k

Needs more features Though I understand it needs to be simplistic to not be distracting... I do believe it needs more statistic based features. E.g a bar chart or scatter plot where I can see my progress of study through the year to see if I have improved. Never the less forest has changed the way I study for the better thank you sooooooo much.

Rafael Centeno

Great app and a suggestion I love this app, it gets me off reddit and other time wasters. A nice update would be the addition of shrubs and smaller plant life for smaller time intervals

Tony Russell

Good concept, but doesn't really provide motivation because you can't build upon your work. You get a new empty forest each day. It would feel *MUCH* more rewarding if you had one big forest that you built upon each day and could keep growing into something really nice and then see your progress as weeks go by. Having my work reset every day just feels like a waste of time and makes me not want to bother turning this app on.

Christian Koch

Great idea but fairly unreliable I think the idea of the app is great but I encounter quite often the problem that sessions are simply not registered correctly. Just now I finished a 30 min session and the program even congratulated me on finishing it but afterwards did not account for it in the weekly statistic which is quite annoying. If that was fixed I would probably use the app all the time. It would be great if something like categories could be introduced (let's call it differently colored trees)

Ron Togunov

Love it, but here are suggestions: As many people have suggested, I would love to see weekly, monthly, and yearly forests. This is a necessity. Second, since we work on so many different types of things, I would love if you could have 'projects' (a user could have one for reading, another for writing). This could be manifested as different types of things to grow (eg. Trees, mountains, rivers, animals).

Claire Deng

A clean, interesting interface I enjoy this app very much. It is rewarding to use, and using trees and forests is creative. One suggestion might be to put a widget of some sort on the lock screen so we can know the remaining time is without having to unlock.

Varun Kaustubh

Amazing app! Helps me take time off my phone while I study....and the whitelist is just perfect...this is a great app. Highly recommended

Melissa Jenkins

I fell in love with this on my Windows Phone, but it was nowhere near as developed as it is here. I love how you can save up for other trees! I haven't used the whitelist option yet but I'm sure I will. I really love having this app. It's SO easy to use your phone way too much. Especially when you should be paying attention to your family. Great self-control app with a fun little reward. :-)

Elizabeth Briggs

Extremely useful app The app has enabled me to get a ton more work done, just in time for my exams! Would love to see each day accumulate in to weekly/monthly forests and it doesn't always respond when I reopen the app to check how much time's left, but otherwise I love the simplicity.

Don Louis

Great idea Great idea, but it doesn't work because my trees won't die no matter what I do. Sounds like a stupid complaint, but the motivation for me not to get distracted on my phone isn't there without this feature. I use a moto G

Muresan Alexandru

Awesome app It's a very useful app but i has some issue.. it sould have already checjed some of the things on the whitelist.. I didn't check anything and i said 'your tree is dead because of Android System' this is one of the things that should be pre-checked.. But all in all is a great app and I absolutely love it

Vladimir Kirichenko

Found a bug Still did not fix the bug with not unlocked trees :) When the "plant" button flies down you can choose any tree you want :)

David Mikalova

Broken This stopped working for some reason. I get my tree and afterwards it doesn't show anything in my forest. Also disappointed that your forest only seems to be on a daily basis. Since I only do one thing a day with this I never actually get a forest. Also the ads turn a beautiful app into an ugly billboard.

zhao alex

Alex Good app. I've unlocked all of the trees! It would be great if you can add more expensive trees!

Matthew Shields

Cant connect to Facebook Good for helping productivity but I cant connect to Facebook to see my friends leaderboard

Aaron Ahlquist

Whitelisted an app;"tree" died anyway If I literally can't leave this app, how can I use other productivity apps? Come on.

Lucas Ocampo

Innovative idea Fun idea to help visualize how much the effort you have put in pays off, and how the time you waste is also shown to you. I wish there was a way to overide the killing of the tree, I had a Co worker ask me for a file in my phone and I had to kill my tree just to send the file, even though I remained on task. Thank you!

Orion Dollma

It helps measure progres but keeps crashing sometimes when i turn the cell on and causes problems I dont understand how such a basic app is so defective . It just needs to measure time , since I have whitelisted everything . still making my screen go black for minutes

David Dick

Great app, would be 5 stars but my total time can be a bit buggy when changing trees or changing the duration of the timer. And sometimes trees fail to appear in the forest - this morning I did 30mins with the pine tree, then 1 hour with the nest one. when the counter for the 1 hour was done the tree never appeared and the total time stayed at 30 mins ? using a Sony Z3. Otherwise a brilliant little app ☺


Suggestion Love this app but i wish it would like me change my music without the tree dying..

John Dizon

"Unfortunately, Accessibility has stopped." error The app doesn't kill the tree if I unlock and use my phone. I tried enabling Advanced Detection but then it would give out an error "Unfortunately, Accessibility has stopped." I would get the same error if I go to Settings>Accessibility on my smartphone. If I uninstall Forest, and I go to Accessibility, I can go into it just fine. Please help. This app is great and can help me bigtime! LG G2 on Android 4.4.2

Antonio Bello

Love it. Give us a monthly forest. It's great, but the reason I gave it four stars is because it doesn't notify me when my tree has grown. A monthly forest would be awesome. Even a yearly one would be cool. Or a river might be cool too. Like a 90min focus is worth a river. I'd pay for an yearly forest and river feature.

Tracy Lee

Useful app!!! It helps me to concentrate on my study and I aced my exams!?

Abhishek Kushwaha

Great App with no problems I downloaded this App like 2 weeks ago. The interface is good and it fulfills the purpose, but only if you're determined to leave your phone and focus on your work. The limitation that I feel this App has is that the costly trees does not give more coins than the primary Pine. So, I don't see a need to buy any other tree, but you can not spend your seeds on anything else, so eventually, you will have to buy. P.S. Thanks guys for fixing the vibration problem with the new update. Really appreciate it.

theophina 8

Nice but could be improved It would be better if you could build upon the same field instead of having to start a empty field every day. In that way you could actually build up a forest and it could be quite motivating seeing all of the work you've done over the past. This simple change for me would be so good can be quite demotivating seeing an empty field every day. So quite like the Focus now version for iOS where you can see all of your tomatoes in one place. Good idea with the different trees would love to have more options.

Piyush Mamidwar

Effective This app doesn't restrict u from using your phone like other apps do, it makes u feel that u are restricted from using your phone

Ahad Memon

App with great potential I've been using this app for a while and it has helped me eminently. However, I do believe that there are some loopholes which need to be fixed. First, it sometimes doesn't detect you using other apps which is one of primary functions of the app. Secondly, I managed to get all the trees in no time. Would appreciate of the developer would care to add more of em :)

Gina Bunga Nayenggita

must new updates ; plant becomes ugly when published something now every mobile phone has been advanced, a lot of buttons that can come out, but the plant is still growing. should be made if we publish something, the plant shape is ugly and not nice. I write this just comment here and forest applications are still running. but certainly still grow it, right? then the plant is supposed to be ugly when we publish something

shana j

Forces you to be productive Just what a procrastinator needs. I do wish that there were more trees to choose from though.


Not starting since last update. Please see to it. I gave 1 star so you can quickly check my issue. My phone is note 3 neo N750

Fathihah Chan

Very very very very very useful Very useful for such a playful gamer like me. Feel encouraged to study more and of course feel that your studies rewarding , watching those trees you've sown grow on your own forest. Brilliant idea, I'd say. Suggestion: I would like to have more variation of the trees to be bought and I would suggest varies the price depends on the rarity of the species of the plant.

Siboney M Y

Love this App! It keeps me away from using my phone and makes me focus more on my work.

Ahmed Almzaly

Life. Changer. App. If you don't have enough motivation to do must-done work, Download this app immediately. You have at least the goal of planting a tree and not letting it die, YOU won't, trust me. Pretty funny and firm at the same time. WORK DONE. No more phone interruption. I have to admit I liked those nice lines that it shows every time I reach out for phone. Paid for premium version for more features. Expecting more ;)

Leo Pesenti

It's helping me studying! You can name your trees and set the "theme". Download it now!

Sheikh Sazid Ahmed

Helped me a lot! Got it at a right time.It is helping me a lot for preparing myself fpr the upcoming final exam

Alexandria Snider

Helpful This app is really useful and neat! It really helps me stay on task without wasting my time. The only thing I wish you could do is let a tree grow even more after you've grown it a little bit. For example when you set it to grow for 30 minutes than you complete it. It would be nice if you could go back later and have another 30 minutes so the tree would look like it would if it had been for 60 minutes!

Ceri Ananda purbaya

Nice App This app make me focus while i'm studying >.<

Jeffrey V. Holt

Cure phone addiction Cure your phone addiction with an app... on your phone. It does help though, love this thing!

Yair Ronen

Very helpful Helps me very much please make more helping apps

Keven Tang

Crashing? Worked perfectly fine few days, now it just keeps crashing. Fix!

Ande P

Great concept Im so annoyed with having a dead tree today... The concept is so simple and effective.

Swapnil Aggarwal

Nice app BUT! It is having limit up to 120 mins only. I wished if it had more higher limit. I will definitely give 5 stars if the problem is fixed. I will also tell about it to my friends if u clear the problem.

Leona Tates

i love it, but keeps adding chrome and youtube to my whitelist.

Hardik Singh

The tree dies when notification are recived though I have switched on the advanced detection. Pls fix (moto g3)

Anana S

Just wish the forest wouldn't restart every day. If it was more like the forest builds up for a week then I could see progress and feel motivated to grow it more. One day feels like my reward of having a pretty forest gets wiped away too easily.

Gilda Faith Law

Really helps I can concentrate better and my phone is no longer a distraction

sreerag vp

Great Great thought, great does what it says . Thanks for a great app

Tiffany Chan

Cute app but... I really like this idea! Wish it could happen in real life, planting a real tree. But I unlocked a few trees but I can't seem to plant them. Help!

Hanna Lemeneva

where'd my coins go??? I love this app and it's really helpful but after the update I lost all my coins!!! I didn't spend them, I was saving up for a new tree species but now I've lost them all and I'm really confused and annoyed by that. help??

Tanmay Pai

No use! The tree isn't dying even if the apps that haven't been blacklisted are being used.

Vishwanath Joshi

Fix the issue If I minimize the app and open any app from bar launcher, my tree will be growing. Whereas if I minimize the app and open any app from home screen my tree will die. So fix this issue to increase the rating.

E. C. S. Young

Effective It proves how distracting my phone was while I was trying to study and work. I started off by setting short time intervals to focus and ignore anything else that came up. Got far more done in 10 minutes than I did before in an hour. Impressive.

Shruti Parlikar

I love the app but I really wish the trees weren't so expensive.

Cesar Bennett

Good app I like trees and limited phone use!

Gemma Holgado

Great app Very helpful and it teaches me discipline.

Jim Barr

Helps alot Simple but very effective, helps with phone addiction.

Ronald Myers

Effective It is a fun app that really helps me focus. Although i do think there should be a way to see all your forests put together. Like the daily one but also a weekly or monthly opption where it puts them all together.

Ellie Rose Winchester

Suggestion This app is truly amazing, but it is somehow frustrating that I must introduce a certain period of time. I am a student and I can't know how much it's gonna take me to do my homework or study a chapter, so a feature that allows you to grow a tree withouth a countdown would be amazing.

Lee Hin

App whitelist gets reset every time I use it. It's annoying having to set the whitelist again evey time I use

Kai Xin

Awesome I love this app! But why is it that my forest only shows the number of trees grown per day? :( cant we see the overall total trees?

Elizabeth King

Love it The app really helps me focus and keep track of how well I'm doing which is another great motivator when you can see your "garden" of trees.

Laura Leland

Great way to keep me off my devices I love that this syncs across platforms (allows me to collect coins across ipad and Android phone for time spent being tech free)

Orhan Kemal

Why did you removed clear history function

Erick Flack

Strangely effective For some reason I just can't bring myself to use my phone while I have a tree growing. This app definitely won't work for everybody, but its really worth a shot!

Kate Thomas

My favorite app Ironic, since it keeps me from using other apps.

Zak Bermudez

Recommendation Make one where if you leave the app a cute puppy gets brutally killed. I would be more caring toward the puppy than a tree so i think the app would be more effective.

Nicole Lara

Good app, but last update cleared all my data It is a good app to use as a pomodoro clock. I really loved it until the update which basically erased all my progress. Although I am using it still, it is so dissapointing.

Corey Dusel

Buggy I love the app, it's a great concept, but very buggy. For example, my tree will be killed just by opening up the timer notification and directing me into Forest? If you have a tree growing, the app will actually kill the tree if you try to open it. I even added "Forest" to the white list and it still didn't work. Pretty much made the app useless.

Jane Crunchy

Please make it a lock screen! I really hope it can add a function of seeing my trees growing from my lock screen, I love this app.

Suhaas Ramesh

Flashing notification icon FIXED ? I really loved using the app however the flashing notification icon is kinda annoying. I even turned notification off but it still shows up... Kindly fix and I'll rate 5 ? UPDATE:I'm really happy that the forest team took up my issue seriously and were quick to fix the problem... Now I'm experiencing no problem at all... And as per my end of the bargain here's your 5 ?

Karuna Name

Please fix this bug! I put some apps as white listed, but then when I press the home button on my phone to get to those apps, then my tree dies because of an Unknown app! Forest sounds so useful but please fix this bug. :(

Rachel Caley

Wonderful idea, but has bugs This really motivates me to stay off my phone. It's designed very well and is easy to use. However, it does have some bugs. I whitelisted several apps, my e-mail being one. However, when I went to my home screen my tree died. Also, when I hit the notification for my e-mail my tree died. I once unlocked my phone to see how much longer my tree needed to grow. It went straight to the Forest app, and my tree still died. I think this bug might be fixed if we had the option to blacklist apps instead.

Elisa Leiva

Cool I liked the app. It would be nice if you could see the times you were focused in regular time instead of military time. My first tree which was sort of a test(it was for ten minutes), died without me even touching my phone. Just in case you want to check that out.

Colin Singleton

Good, incentive driven app. I like this app a lot, it really drives me to not use my phone. I do notice that my trees are not getting their features, like flowers or lemons. It's been that way since the last update. I think a possible future feature would be to be able to see a forest made up of an entire week or month, like a forest calendar.

Ben Alderfer

Good idea but buggy I like the idea but my tree keeps instantly dying from the system ui which is in my whitelist. The app itself even killed the tree a couple times

Dua Hashmi

Loved it but... It's an amazing app. I highly recommend getting it if you are a phone addict or just want to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone. Please be aware that if you plant a tree and it dies, you will not be able to get rid of the dead trees in the forest for that day unless you reinstall the app. Overall it is a brilliant app.

Eden Haronian

White list doesn't work! My tree dies everytime I use a app that is marked in the white list

Divyanshu Sheth

Doesn't work Good concept but tree doesn't ever die on usage of other apps

multiverse x

Awesome but you should add more trees and stuff like birds and lakes and all

Anthony Macuk

I grudgingly admit that I need this app At the risk of defeating the purpose of the app, I only wish the app was larger scale. I want to be able to grow far more visually interesting and customizable forests. Otherwise it's like "oh no your tree died!" and I'm like "yeah but what's my incentive to care?"

luke hess

Advanced detection kills trees I enjoy this app very much and I use it on my htc one m8 but sometimes the trees would die due to the settings, after using the advance detection I found the trees would die immediately upon starting the time! I do not what the problem is but if it is fixed I will change this review to a 5 star.

Z Chan Azzam

Trees Keep Randomly Dying :'( I set up my white list apps. But today for some reason I've lost all my trees to "unknown app" after opening an app that was on the white list.

Guido Romeo

Development team is very helpful but trees often die for no reason

Adika Nashiat

Useful It's really useful because it just stops you to become addicted to your phone and you are being emotionally blackmailed

Erik Reierson

Older version was great New version kills every tree because the forest app is running......the app is currently unusable

Katie Bush

Cute app It's a really cute app and I really want to use it more often. However, I opened an app that was on the whitelist and it said my tree was dead. Also I would open the whitelist and some apps would be listed multiple times and others that I had added to the list wouldn't be checked. Fix the issue and it'll be 5 stars for sure.

Alessandra De La Pava

A Sylvan Treasure A simple idea, a personalized touch, and a user friendly interface is everything needed to get back on track and stay there. I couldn't ask more from an app.

Jazmin Thomas

Nice app, helpful but... Sometimes my alarm goes off and makes it turn off. Also, you should make a bigger reward for other times. Like some animals come into your forest if you have been away for a while. Overall, its a nice app.


keeps crashing keeps crashing on my phone. restated phone and now wont even start.

Gaurav Jaiswal

Good concept, but bad app Too many malfunctions. Trees die due to white list apps too. And, why the hell is it not letting the phone on silent mode?

Vivyan W

Could be more useful Would trigger my use more if it had an alarm function. Aesthetically it's nice.

Empire Thug Life

Great The app is already amazing and helpful as it is,but I think it would be cooler of you can see all your trees in one forest because as in right now you can only see it day by day which gets pretty boring really fast

Electro House

Using xiaomi rmn2, app won't kill tree when open another app

Danielle Jones

It made me stay off my phone, and allows me to break my work up into achievable chunks. I highly recommend this app!

Marc Tran

Unfortunately useless "Your tree died because of Forest"... Essentially my tree died by simply turning on my phone and looking at the timer

Nahid tahery

It says my tree died because of Forest!

Tracey Forward

This app has helped me improve my concentration and I have noticed that I have been studying for longer periods without the impulse to check my phone. It would be great if there were more things to be rewarded with apart from trees like a flower bed or maybe a chicken hatching from an egg :)

Abigail Thalia Mallows

Small trees There is an error - all of my trees look like 30minute trees, even the 2hour trees. Please fix this! Besides this, I love the app!

Suraj Harsha

This really works Good way to stay focus on my studies.It's simple but it works.

Sony Wijaya

Helpful This app is really helpful for me. Please make this kind of app for desktop

Seth M

Amazing idea that really helps

Piyush Keshri

please use this it works...

Wikus Herbst

Bugs!!! I love this app, but my tree dies and I didnt do anything, I have an app called CM Locker, and every time I want to see if my tree grew, it says that CM Locker killed my tree. I did put it on the whitelist and even checked the advanced options to fix the problem, but nope. Fix this bug and I'll love this app forever plus 5 stars please!

Ashwatha Bala Selva Sathish

Extremely effective!! I've used this app for the past few months and it's excellent for improving my (almost non-existent) time management skills and stopping my endless procrastination. The graphics are really adorable too! Love it! :D

Greg Weir

Bug makes it unusable Fantastic app. However on my phone, whenever my tree is finished growing the app takes my phone off silent. This is no problem at home, but when I'm in the library studying it's really not ideal. If this could be fixed I would give it 5 stars.

Andres Alfaro

If you already planted a tree, because you remained focused X amount of time, you should NOT need to open your phone GET DISTRACTED and then click on "Plant" button again. It should do it on a loop, if then whats the case of trying to maintain focus? I like to know how many times of X amount of time i was able to stay off the phone. And that should be reflected on the continues amount of trees planted. If i could do so, i'll definitely buy the app. AutoPlant should be an option.

Iva Ivković

Great app! I love this app, it helps me to focus during studying and it's also fun to count the trees you've collected during the day. Recommend! :)

Maryam F.Ahmed

Bought the paid version and now it constantly crashes and kills my tree for absolutely no reason Absolutely loved this app and used it religiously for my revision. I then decided please to purchase the upgraded version- biggest mistake! The app constantly crashes, my trees wither for absolutely no reason and although I have ensured that the adequate boxes are checked in my app whitelist, the problem is still there. Very disappointed that I paid for something that is as awful as this. Please fix this issue!

Cassie Elder

Fix the whitelist I work from home, crafting things and selling mainly online. The app is a cute representation of my work time, and I really want to like it, but you REALLY need to fix the whitelist -- it just outright doesn't work. I need to be able to manage my business, use my calculator, and write down and reference my notes for my patterns and customized work without the app screeching at me and giving me a dead tree. Until then its usefulness is pretty limited.


It really works! purchased pro! once I plant a tree, I can really keep myself away from smartphone. I use tasker to bring the app to front every half an hour, to make it easier to start planting. My suggestion: 1. Forest should do the tasker action -- to bring itself to front automatically as preset; 2. a bigger button for PLANT, 3. more seductive effect of pushing PLANT, sound, animation; 4. more types of tree to purchase

Vasishta Dukkipati

Need better whitelist integration The plant dies every time I get a call even though all the call related apps are whitelisted

Jeff Jaquett

Nice and simple. Cute. Hits the core achievement gatherer addiction.

Delaney Raymond

LOVE Soo simple but you've got to give it a try. I'm motivated to study and as a result, I grow cute little trees. I put my phone on airplane mode as well so I don't get tempted to open notifications!!!

Janet Ellzey

Cute lil productuvity app. Cute little app so you can set a timer and if you dont screw with your phone it wont die... but what if i need my calculator on my phone? Cant use it...


Wish it would catch up to iOS No doubt worth 5 stars if only the two apps were the same - where is the bigger forest? And the real trees to plant? There is no option for that...:(

Chun Wei Lim

Great App! <3 Really love this app, would be pretty cool if you actually tie in environmental cause with this too! For example, everytime someone plants a tree, they can choose to donate some money to actually plant a tree. There can be also settings to off this notification for those who are not so keen with the green cause haha

Joey Liu

Great app, trees still die when I receive notification even with advance detection enabled. Please get this fixed. I'm running forest on a Samsung galaxy s5. This has been pretty annoying because I can't really use this app without all my trees dying.

Bruce Wayne

Too many bugs Tree dies when i open app manager, play store, chrome etc while i only have 2 apps blacklisted. This is really annoying.


The whitelist doesn't work... no matter what I do, my tree dies.

Berker Aytaç

Effective but there are problems Whitelist doesnt work for system applications. When I am studying, I need to use them because of some reasons

Ibraheem Islam

Paying for a version that continually crashes Prior to having bought the paid version of the app, I was experiencing no problems with app functionality. And so it occured to me that I should buy the paid version and since then the app crashes whenever I go on the settings menu and after I edit the information about my trees. I have recieved no extra working functions for the paid version and ultimately have paid for an app that has degraded the functionality of the app and not unlocked any new features that are opperational. By far the worst 72 pence that I have spent.

Irene Z.

Helped me to focus for my thesis Great experience helped me a lot! Thank you!

Steven Lee

It doesn't work well!!! When I leave the app, the tree is still growing!!!

Pritam Bhatt

App is very good The warning text fonts needs to be little bigger.

Evaleen Tan

bugs I have whitelisted system UI and enabled advanced detection but my trees still die because of system UI?? plus I can't even clear history because I don't have any coins to clear history with. pls fix ur bugs asap lmao thx

Athena Rozario

Amazing I don't have phone addiction, but I am on my phone a lot, and this helped

JoliJimi Trex

Wouldn't even answer calls for this I suggest More creative forest management options. Like relocating of trees. More temptation resisting motivational messages.

Claire Everard

this is really good for encouraging me to revise, and helps me stay focused which has always been my problem. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT TY ??

panos lycoudis

fix whitelist and you get 5 stars. Very good app apart from that

Debora Chung

Ok but I keep getting a message that unfortunately Forest has stopped. Please fix it.

Nate the grate

Yay! I have a life now! This app is amazing.

Eric Ternus

Love it. Should be able to see the entire forest built over a lifetime though instead of just daily

James Raftery

Ermm... When I try to open it says Unfortunately Forest Has Stopped'?

Jack Irons

helpful app but... Although I have put settings in the whitelist, my tree still died when I changed the battery mode in system settings. The bug has been around since I updated to CM13. Better if this can be fixed.

yk p

Add personal daytime calibration please Thanks for additional trees, new trees are motivating. İt gets you a really enjoyable motivation. Also i would like you to add a settings on day start-finish times, for example i study 4pm-4am, it splits my daily forest. It is a bummer.


Keeps withering I turned on that whitelist setting for different phone apps and played around with the whitelist apps I have selected but my plant keeps withering from apps that's I'm not using, plus I turn off vibration and it still does if I have notification on

Deepak Gowtham

My tree is getting killed bug I really like this app. But I get notification you tree is getting killed by forest. Tree gets killed because of same forest app

Ishleen Bami

Too many bugs. Does not show notifications, the tree dies when I open apps which are in the white list. Please fix it

Mei Qian Tan

great but... forest motivates me and helps me to focus! but I unlocked all my trees and I hope new trees can be added monthy so that I can continue to be motivated!!! thank you forest! I noticed a bug recently, even when I whitelist an app (chrome), my tree still dies when I open it up and im not sure why!! please fix this! :-(


Excellent Very simple concept and really easy to use. Love the interface, really encourages me to study to my full potential when i set my timer. Also very rewarding to have a plant at the end of it.

Sushane Sharma

It Won't Work I don't know but for some reason it won't start on my phone.Please fix this as I have heard great reviews about the app.

Eira Brisbourne

Great!!! I'm kinda addicted to my phone but this really helped me concentrate on revising! Definitely recommend it!

Can Gokce

Nice and useful, but not ground breaking.. This app may be useful for people who are really addicted to their phones, but for the others, it's just another useful app for enforcing yourself to put down the phone for a period of time..

simeon welby

Nice idea but doesn't work! I'm growing the tree right now and multitasking to leave this review.. The tree is growing just fine. I can browse websites in chrome, open and close apps. And I've set up advanced detection and enabled accessibility... This renders the app completely pointless. The tree dies if I click the back button and then confirm I'd like to kill it, but that's more clicks than the app switching route. It also died when I tried to use WhatsApp... But not Facebook etc.

Nana O.

One forest pls? The app is nice and I like how it shows the transition where the tree grows. And the different words the trees say to you while growing. But I think it'd be nice to have one definite forest not one forest a day, since it's not like I'm gon use it 20 times a day, so seeing like only a tree or two in ur forest feels kind of lame.

Eunsang Yun

use this app to fight off your phone addiction this is the app Ive been waiting for. highly recomended for those who spend so much time on your phone!!

Harshita B

Great Idea It's a great idea but has it's own set of loopholes. I can still access by phone by pressing the home button and the tree continues to grow.

Hubert Soroczyński

Works Probably the most useful app for a person like me. I can never properly focus when my phone is on. Forest helps me stay focused better than anything else.

leo rao

Is great, but I have a suggestion This app is great, but it would be 5 stars if there was a forest for all-time, instead of a separate one everyday.

Erin Buttrum

Notification Continue to get notifications while app is supposed to stop them

Abhishek Rajeshirke

Doesn't work. After a while I can access my phone and tree keeps growing.

Daniel Parvanov

Best idea ever Absolutely loved the idea, recommend the application 100%!

Rendy Candra

Creative!!! Simple and beautiful design. Forest is changing the way how a timer could be. But it would be better if user can sign up account for free


Nice thought...But stupid app We can minimise this app and multitask whatever the f*ck we want.

Emanuele Corvino

Perfect It's a useful app that help you focus during study sessions, I got better grades thanks this app

Happyfeetr rawfds

detection working since latest update Detection is working - if you stick to the whitelist! You just have to go through all your apps. Points to improve: 1. Add this app to whitelist once your tree died (by accident) 2. do a pause from start 3. add setting daily goal (could be fertilizer/how green your garden is?)

Anna Deg

Notifications from apps keep killing trees Random notifications from non-whitelisted apps kill my trees. I have no control over the other apps giving me notifications, so I end up putting them on the whitelist so my trees aren't killed, but then what's the point of the app? Its USING the apps that is supposed to cause my tree to die and not the notifications. I didn't have any trouble with this before, but its frustrating that this keeps happening. Please fix.

Ninetailed Fox Naruto

My Hero, my savior! Has anyone ever told you to divide your time (for games and work) wisely? Well, they can suck it! This app helped me to combine games with study. For weeks have I done the same routine - plant, work, and repeat. I truly recommend you, yes YOU, to try out this wonderful, once in a lifetime opportunity, innovative app. Who knows? Maybe it'll even help you to lose weight!

Yvonne van Vlerken

Very helpful Looking at my little forest at the end of the day makes the time I managed to study a lot more visual and gives a sense of accomplishment. Would be great to have some possibilities for pomodoro (giving breaks, so I can plant a tall tree instead of multiple small ones)

Bryan Santos

Mmm Maybe one could add a feature that allows only one other app to be used. This way I would be able to study on apps such as duolingo while I plant my tree.

Ibraheem Ahmed

New update restores app The paid content now works and I have been granted access to my setting menu again and I can also delete my trees. So thanks, I guess. This app is now functional again. It needs more tree types though. GIVE US MORE TREES!!! Now can we have more trees- Pretty please?? New trees??

Test Mikkoser

Tree not dead when click on home button of phone Great concept but Why is it that the tree is still alive if I click on home button? Ican go back to the tree again. it does not work.

Yo Yo

Tree Won't Die I open apps that I've disabled, yet the tree is still growing. Yes, I checked "advanced detection" and yes, I also turned on Forest's Accessibility in the Settings. It seems like I have to actually "do" something to make the tree die. For instance, just OPENING and SCROLLING through Twitter or Instagram has no effect on the tree, but if I CLICK on something, like a profile or a heart or whatever, the tree dies.

Pritam Paul

Not working on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 While turned on, when I lock the screen and then unlock, the tree dies without me doing anything. It says because of SystemUI. I then checked systemUI in Whitelist, but the problem still persists. Please take care of this bug. This is a very useful app on my other devices.

herry yusri

Back Button All you can do is hit your button and you can browse your phone as normal.Please fix this.Otherwise I give it 5 star

Lydia Riggs

Has a major flaw It's great until you discover that all you have to do is hit the home button and continue browsing on your phone as normal and it won't affect your tree.....

Anul Kanti

MAJOR BUG I planted a tree, and browsed on various social media for an hour. And when I go back, the tree is still growing. Please fix it so that the tree withers even if we press the home button to minimize the app and wander off.

Kevin Cha

It's nice I like the idea of using a visual like a tree to help motivate you to not go on your phone. It be cool if they added more to it tho

Matthew Curtis

Surely this could work better I don't understand why I need to go onto my phone and set the timer to fight my 'addiction'. Why can't it monitor when the screen is on, and slow down the 'growth'. Say, 1 tree an hour, if the screen is on for 30 minutes, the tree will be half the size than one which is fully grown... You can blow that up from daily, to weekly, to monthly, to yearly and it would be more 'practical'. Just seems to miss the point for me...

Wanda Suárez

The apps crashes This app was pretty awesome and helped me stay focused. But since this update, I can't even open the app. It tells me it's stopped working :( I want to grow trees again. Please, fix this as soon as possible. I really need it to stop phubbing.

Jenica Mehta

Excellent!! Amazing and perfect app!!! Just wish that there would be a pause for say 30 secs or a min.. It's annoying if u get a super important family call.. And ur tree withers... That's it....

Вадим Калиновский

Fine but crashy It's a nice app idea. Still after adding some premium features it became laggy and started crashing from time to time. Looking forward to fixing this.

Nathan Miller

Helps curb phone addiction I love this app, and it really helps me stay focused. I hope to see more various types of trees/themes in future updates. Ie. Holiday themes, fantasy theme with dragons and what not in trees, various fruit trees. Etc..

Yashika Nathani

I love this application Totally cuteeeeeee ? love it. Can you please add more cute trees and more stuff to buy using the points we earn. Like changing the land to grassy or snowy ☃ or beachy something like that. I totally feel like earning more points n then getting new trees ??????

Mobinul Haque

make cloud storage free syncing should be available for free.make new trees and more features.

Sushant Patil

Helps me improve my productivity ! I like planting trees here :)

Seren Rix

Great I was addicted to my phone until I found this game. It is satisfying when you get a fully grown tree, after doing something productive to grow it. Great job on the game.

astrid lumber

this app helps to focus on my studies haha... thank u so much for developing this awesome app

Siddharth Nayak

Great App although I'd love it even more if rather than only focusing on a task,it would also focus on maintaining habits

Eduardo Imanuel

Good app Designed for people who addicted to smartphone

Dorothy Nathalie Gatmaitan

Works Helps mr do other things.

Shradha VPK

Something wrong? It's a great concept but I can still access other apps with no consequences (my tree doesn't die and timer keeps going on like I never left the app). Not sure if this is what it is supposed to do but knowing I could leave whenever I wanted and not lose my tree distracted me even more. Not sure if I'll keep it.

Jonathan Fear

Edit: I found the lemons and how to kill trees This app is fantastic. Its helped me a lot. It's like a pomodoro timer with a nice reward system. I figured how to get lemons: the longer your focus time is, the more advanced the tree. Also on my Moto G turning the advanced detection makes tree killing appropriately sensitive.

Jennifer Palermo

New user It really worked! I was amazed at how the concept of not letting my tree die really motivated me to get up and do stuff i was avoiding because I was bored without my phone. It would be awesome if you could develop a widget for the Android users so I could see my forest growth right there on my screen to motivate me to keep working!

Aavya Srivastava

It's amazing i would highly recommend this app But the only one feature i was hoping to get would be of pausing the timer while i study since when someone calls me or knocks at my door, i get distracted. It would be really helpful if I get this feature otherwise it's an amazing app and really motivates me to study.

Sainah Benz Alonzo

Helps me focus Hi, I'm a person with ADD and this makes focusing fun and keeps me away from getting distracted with social media. I wish there were more tree designs though. I'd love to get more variety and use my coins for other trees. Or generally stuff that can look beautiful in my forest. Great job guys. Keep it up!

Judit Sebares

Really helped my whith my exams! Love it! I used to keep distracted all the time, and getting nothing done.after hours staring at the same papers. Thanks to this app I have passed my exams and studied all the time I needed without getting distracted. One of the best apps for students.

Cortney Lewis

Excellent Keeping Distractions at Bay I use Forest on my phone and on Chrome and have been loving it. It's a great and motivating way to keep distractions at a minimum so I can be productive. I use it for work, studying, bedtime, and when I'm out with family so I can be more present in the moment and not glued to my phone. Fantastic and definitely recommend!

Varun Adishankar

Very good app, however one major bug has still not been resolved after multiple updates. I use this app in a silent area, so my phone is always set to "do-not disturb" mode and after the timer of a tree runs down, the do-not disturb somehow gets deactivated and the phone is no longer in silent mode. This is very annoying and can cause problems if the phone rings afterwards. I hope this bug can be fixed, until then my rating will be 3/5 stars.

Maximilian Y.

Great idea, but why it don't actually block you using the phone, at all? When I am starting the counter i can just press home and use other apps like as always. Pretty much defeating the whole purpose of using this app it seems.

Camilo Contreras

The Chrome browser extension should be integrated with my phone. For example, if I start to plant a tree in Chrome, I should see the progress of the tree in my phone and vice versa. I paid for the full version expecting to have this feature to be available, but nope, it does not exist yet :(


Very useful! Make it better! Pretty please add more trees, and continue to fix the performance because it runs a bit slow, but great app overall

Lizzie West

Good, but... This is a great app, but needs a pause button. I can't stop the timer for a few minutes without killing my tree, which is a problem

Max Turner

Best study helper Really great app, which helps keep one off their phone. Very useful if you struggle to stay off your phone for periods of time.

Dennis Pascua

Feature Needs a non productive timer that's t minutes of to have breaks.

Mary Basco

I loved it but... Could someone please tell me how to use the seeds? I tried my hardest to get the sakura tree seeds but I don't know how to use them...

It generally works well and does keep me off my phone; however recently it goes into regular sound mode when used rather than switching my phone into silent mode causing me to have to do that manually. Other than that it does what it's supposed to though.

Seran Thirugnanam

Stopped working on Android N I'm a paying user however the app keeps force closing as soon as I launch it on my Nexus 6p running Android N.


Doesn't always work Sometimes, when I open up apps when I'm not supposed to, my tree doesn't die

sreekhar pentamsetty

App crashing App is crashing horribly since my last update. I event sent the bug report.

William Esther

I like this app a lot !!! I wished i knew about this app sooner. It works well for me when i am studying...

madhura sawatkar

Awesome app U should definitely get it to stay focused.

Titus Kiptoo

Great app Keeps one focused on what they are doing. Keep up the good work

Ankit Agrawal

Nice app should add a custom timer instead of fixed two hours

Mei Qian Tan

new trees please!!

Djamila Nicole

App ruins phone settings This app was great until it updated. Then it destroyed all of my settings and now I have to reconfigure everything. Plus the tree withers if I even get so much as an incoming text message--I don't even look at it but it dies. Please fix this!

Sanya Mishra

Cute and effective Since the most recent update, it crashes a lot and I often have to restart the app. It also freezes my phone. Switch it back to before the update and I'll give 5 stars. But, it is still very cute and calming, and it DOES help!


Good but getting old Please add new ways to use coins because I've long hit the maximum allowable amount. Using the app to log my hours studied feels less rewarding and motivating since there are no new trees to buy. Maybe add more purchasable tree styles, or even purchasable forest backgrounds (ex. A Japanese themed forest for the Sakura tree, a wintry forest for the pine trees)

Nina French

There is some good, but... I have had this app for 2-3 weeks at this point, and at first it was going great! I was able to put my phone down and focus on the task at hand. However, a couple days ago the app started acting up. It would crash, and if I even got a notification for an app, my tree would wither. This app was great but now I'm moving away from it as a productivity tool.

R. Qin

Needs improvement A really nice concept but the timer stops when there's a notification received. As recommended, I turned on advanced detection to solve this problem. But it happened again; I didn't even touch the notification but my trees died anyway.

Sheila Marie

Something went wrong in the last update! I loved the app, I upgraded it about a month ago and everything was fine but in yesterday's update something went wrong and now whenever I unlock my phone it automatically kills it. My friend has also been having problems with it since the update.

Kayla Mueller

Notification error After the last update, my trees wither any time I clear a notification from one of the non-white listed apps. I shouldn't be penalized for swiping a notification away on the lock screen.

Jesse Tantoco

In addition to the functional disparity between the iOS and Android versions, the latest update made this app completely unusable on my Oneplus 3 because it lags too much. If I go to a white listed app like messaging, the app would refuse to load anymore.

Kimberly B

Only productive app I really love the concept of growing a tree to be productive just found out I could unlock different types of trees!!! This is about to be even more awesome. Able to keep my focus and even if I I'm at the minimum amount of time I still feel accomplished

Kenya Quijada

Focused like lol It gets you on task and helps you think green. It is a combo and it is amazing. Give this a five star because this is like I don't have descriptive words for this. It is just awesome and can get you good grades by thinking green and focused. I recommend you guys get this.

2 mch Sweg

Great, but crashes I just bought a Nexus 5x, this app used to work wonders for me and my friends, but now, on my new phone, it simply crashes every time i plant a tree, and I can't reopen it. Please fix.

Paula Shin

I love this app!It really helped me! Devs keep on fixing and constantly improving on the app. Worth any all in app purchases (which are very cheap btw). JUST MISSING A WIDGET! </3

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