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10 Mar
FLuffee Flies

Posted by StatSheep in Adventure | March 10, 2014 | 59 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

While taking a break from recording videos, FLuffee found a portal which teleported him to an unknown planet. Thankfully, he found a jetpack which he was able to use without any training. Help FLuffee fly while avoiding various obstacles.

StatSheep part of our Adventure and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 10, 2014. Google play rating is 87.6634. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 11.0 MB.

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Joshua Dekoker

This game is not what I expexted I know it just flappin around but its not like any other flappy bird remix and il'l tell you how. #1 it's made by one of my favorite YouTuber so that's.....yeah. #2 just the way you play is fascinating so I don't have a #3 but I'm pretty sure you can make one better than mine.

Ian Dietrich

Insane This game is really difficult and frustrating. But It's a load of fun trying to best your high scores.

Alexis Wenrich

Fluffee you be my homie for life dog! Love you! Your the best! I love your videos! Best news reviews ever!

Josh Messinger

Bugs out with TouchWiz The game is fine. It plays smoothly and is about the same difficulty as Flappy Bird, all things considered. It's nothing to be worried about. The problem comes afterward, when I'm done playing. After some random amount of time (it's varied every time for me), my phone will reset itself multiple times, displaying all of the startup animations with considerable lag. Once it's done with its fit, I'll unlock it and find a popup that says "TouchWiz has stopped". Running this game on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Billy Vance

Had to uninstall It was crashing my phone. Decently good game, although I think the clocks are pointless. It ruins the momentum. You literally have to be on exact point to make it through the obstacles, so that steady momentum would be highly appreciated. Flappy Bird wasnt even that hard, I got 125 on it. Lol


Good simple annoyingly challengingly. Good but wish it went side ways. Keep em coming. Go fluffee!

Nathan Hunter

FluffeTalks Rocks Honestly its just like other Flappy Bird games which have been going around a lot lately and the only reason I downloaded it is because FluffeTalks is one of my Favorite Youtubers

Lisa Marie

Well than.... Not bad I'm enjoying it but it's not as good as I expected. Fluffee I am a huge fan and always have been. I just think this is a bit below you. High score: 21 Final thoughts... All and all pretty good game ;)

Adnan .E. Hodzic

Games sucks All you did is copied flappy Birds you suck like every other person an imposter you can't think of nothing yourself I feel dumb for wasting my time downloading this for 2 seconds

Joshua Mercado

Horrible GAME Rated it 5 I took it back game is so bad runs slow graphics are god awful and a copy of flappy bird

Rhonda Washington

Love this game and fluffee! Mixed combination of flappy bird and fluffeetalks what else do I need in life than this.

juan jimenez

Fluffee been a fan/subscriber since the beginning Fluffee u probably the funniest person I know and by the way this game is the best

Joanna P.

Pretty great It's like flappy bird but nicer looking and still frustrating as all hell. But it's too fast for my slow gaming skills lol.

Kendall Tweedy

I love this game! My small complaint is that it is a little difficult to get from lower openings to higher ones. Even though it is a Flappy Bird remake, you did a great job making the game, Fluffee! Current high score is 55

Angela Banda

Makes me anxious :P It's like play. Retry. Play. Retry. Play. Retry. Play. Retry. Grunt and shake fist at my phone. Regain composure. Play. Retry. Play. Retry And so on :P but i love it cuz FLuffee haha

Dyllan Murphy-macgrath

Awesome game FLuffee!!!! FLuffee thanks for finaly maken a game, never stop doin what u do man, just keep climbin up man :)

Nicole Rodriguez

Fustrating but amazing The graphics are incredible and its a really fun game but if you sucked at flappy birds youll suck at this.

Jon Heidar

It's ok Fluffee your videos are great but this game is literally flappy bird, the game is really not original and not really that fun

A Google User

Good Great game but its alittle fast paced if you dont tap immediately youll die but other than that its a good game.

eerriicc h

Jetpack joyride copycat Game is ok i would stick doing vids though:) my high is 18..

Kane Turnbull

Brilliant Excellent game, easy to play and not frustrating at all, it's very fun and I enjoy it alot

Dayton Laird

SIMPLY mazun Chinese people love it. I have nothing to back this up, I just know.

Almighty Bubblez

Fluffee! Hey I love your video's and all but the game go's really fast for my liking but still like it keep up the good work with the vids you slack a lot on them


Yaaaay fluffee finally a game well its not as sick and twisted as ur vids but its fun none the less

Jade Yoemans

Highest score I'm at 14 !(: hah but this game is hard. Fun but hard lol

Squeak Von Mousenmire

Good but... I wish there was tilt control for speed, as it stands it's just another flappy birds clone :(

Cynthia Lopez

Meow ..... Just like flappy birds. I dont like it but I support him so I'll keep playing.

Francisco Camacho

Fun but frustrating High score is 5 so far lmao

Felipe Romero

Sweet Fluffee but I discoverd a bug dude if you fly all the way to the top you get stuck I only discoverd it by screwing around in the beginning just tap fast until you reach the top then let go and you'll see

Della Martin

666 iluminatia confirmed Fluffytalks is a amazing you youtuber always like his vids

Pedro Thevenard

Lag Bro the advertisement makes the game lag all the time, and I play in a freaking galaxy S4, there's no way that is the phone fault, fix that and I would review as 5 starts.

Donnie Young

Awesome! Such a fun game, a little difficult, but super awesome game

Verice Benson

I suck at this game This game hard my highest score is 2 :( but it cool game none the less cuz fluffe.

Matthew Honour

Excellent game My highest is 13 its so haard to get past 14!

Cristian Alamo

Best game ever made!!!! Fudgen fantastic I cant stop playing it (: its fun and draws my attention to getting a better score den everyone i'm going recommend this to everybody that I know (:

chris gano

Good game Fun game. Would be 5 stars but I found it somewhat hard to play bc it was so fast. But hey I could just suck at the


Faster Flappy Bird. Love you Fluffee, but the game is crap XD

richard wright

Fluffee talks FTW i am a big fan of Fluffee on YouTube so yeah i downloaded this. Honestly dont care if it is a flappy bird clone it has Fluffee

A Google User

Good Great game but its alittle fast paced if you dont tap immediately youll die but other than that its a good game.


Awesome If its made by fluffe I'll download I have your back fluffe I'll tell my friends

andrew james Mailloux

For simplicity Not something u wanna do while driving..... Lol jkin good job dude

Jose Rivera

Not FLuffee's Game You guys don't seem to understand that this game isn't made or even sponsored by FLuffee, he didn't make it and probably won't ever make a game. This is a Fan-made game, who is probably getting money from the ads you see in-game. Had to download the game to write a review. The game is okay. Flappy Bird is probably the easiest game to make since there's so many versions.

Srh Batman

Makes the cut Hey Fluffee great game. Although I'm not a fan of the Flappy bird games, I am an avid game player and I have to admit your game mechanics are very good. My High score is 18 so far but I can't stop playing it. Good job

Cody Brown

Whyy I love fluffee have for a long time so he gets too stars out of love thats the only reason he gets 2... I was excpecting more... the game doesnt have to be big n crazy but really a clone.... dissapointed in my favorite youtuber... really sadly dissapointed

Cam Scot

Wtf ads? This game is great, don't get me wrong, its just the ad placement is horrible! The ad is right over where I need to tap at and half the time when I play it I keep hitting the ad. So maybe make it smaller, put it on top, I don't really care. Just make it so that the ad doesnt get in the way. Everything else is perfect! Good job making this! :D

Gary Collins

FLuffee getting addicted Just what I needed, another game to get addicted too. Nice work guys!

Luke Steidle

Fun game The tone when you fly through the check points can get some what annoying, but that is good because it makes you stop and take a break. Good job fluffee

Seth Dickson

Infuriating It's so infuriating. I love it!

Luin Haden

Nice game... I suck at these games! Why so hard? High score is 3! Lol

Kyle Felix

Hay, what's up Its the same concept as flappy bird but with original graphics, better sound effects and actually has a power up that slows the speed.

Eternal Astraea

Its alright Better than flappy bird but I wish you would have done youe own game not just some rip of flappybird but ill proably still be playing it either which way

Alex C

Holy cow Slow it down.

Joshua Soel

I love fluffee I hate people without common sense

rene fragoso

Fluffy is awesome Like it because fluffy is in it?, but I hate flappy bird tipe games?

Antony Joseph

Great game! Awesome game and very challenging too! I like the slowing down time feature.

Sal P

Fluffee is great The game is alright. Kinda repetitive

Jordan Strobel

Good Love your YouTube videos dude but this just to fast lol record is 10 so hard wish you didn't drop so fast haha

Eddie Ferreira

AMAZING even though I haven't played it yet I already think it's amazing. WHY? Because F*CK you, THATS WHY. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!


This game sucks Stop sucking fluffees dick this gane is aweful

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