Download Fleetmatics WORK Android 4.0+ apk 3.10.1 free for Android smartphone

8 Sep
Fleetmatics WORK Android 4.0+

Posted by FleetMatics Ltd. in Business | Sept. 8, 2016 | 80 Comments

Apk file size: 5.7 MB

Fleetmatics WORK Mobile is field service management in the palm of your hand. A key component of the complete Fleetmatics WORK solution, this app provides your employees with the tools to increase service, satisfaction and overall productivity when they are in the field.
• Instantly see new work assigned and job details.
• Track your time, including travel and job start and finish.
• Fill out forms on a mobile device. No more lost paperwork.
• Capture and store customer’s signatures at job completion
• Create quotes and invoices instantly in the field.
• Give your drivers real-time directions to the next job from Maps.
• Get status updates from field workers at a job. Spot issues before they happen.
• Inventory management lets you see stock levels in the office and the vehicle.
Please Note: You must be a Fleetmatics WORK customer to use this app. 
Not a Fleetmatics WORK customer yet? Contact us to find out more. 
US: 877 376 6622, Australia: 1800 835 117, 
New Zealand: 04 831 8850, UK: 0203 519 2245.

Whats new

    Bug fixes.

FleetMatics Ltd. part of our Business and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 54.2029. Current verison is 3.10.1. Actual size 5.7 MB.

Download fleetmatics-work-android-4-0.apk 5.7 MB


Sam Small

From a field works pov Good idea but is sooo slow its a joke. Worst app on my Phone and I am forced to use it. Super clunky, you have to refresh jobs all the time because they disappear. Not to mention uploading photos you have to wait for each photo to upload before uploading next one, if coverage isn't the best this takes forever. And you can't pick existing photos from gallery on kitkat on brand new note 3. If you type out notes and bump another tab or forget to press save they are gone there is no no confirmation to move on.

erick kivi

Horrible!!!! The single worst app I've ever used!!!!!

Mitch Schueller

You ruined it. When I first got the app for work I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and canned beer, but since the last update I will receive notifications that I got sent a work order, when I open the app, nothing. This has happened everyday for the past 3 days.... so what's the point of our company using this? To anyone that's thinking about getting this for your company, DON'T! Not until they fix the bugs that they created in the last few updates.

Alex Flockhart

Buggy, almost useless Forced to use app for work, often stalls while loading. I need to type everything out separately in other programs so I don't lose my notes. Support says not many of their customers use the completion notes (the only way to input details about a job). Definitely counterproductive.

Kerry Phillips

Terrible Worst app. Takes forever to load even on great mobiles, continuous bugs, spend 20 minutes writing a report only to have it bug out and delete job details

Farid Mussa

Well built app Work great on android devices! Lags a little bit but other than that, all functions work great! Great customer service as well.

Sepcon Wastewater

Utter rubbish This app is useless.

Mark Beamish

So slow Needs a very fast phone

wayne stokes

Poor app Never works and I have to log onto a pc which means it's pointless having the app in my phone. Tried for support but no help there !!!

Joshua Samuels

Good program Fleetmatics is one of the best programs on the market for field service management. It does still need a bit of work but for the most part it gets the job done. The program itself is not flawless and it does have a few issues that are not too annoying but you will find work arounds to those issues. Some of the previous reviews are correct but I don't think the program itself deserves 1 star. Over all it is a good product. Support is responsive if you need assistance.

Linda Colley

Service manager Poor slow jams unstable with Google calendar

Chris Collins

Pics Why does the app have to have all my pics in its files. I have alot of pics in my phone and now that you changed it it will not allow me to get thru the hundreds of photos to get to the pics I need to upload. The fact that folders I have hidden in my phone are in there to, crap its constantly kicking me off. You need to go back to the old way when getting to the pictures I need were so much easier. If i didnt need this app for work i would have deleted it by now. Its horrible now. I cant give it no stars!

Tim Rix

slow app not designed for android This app is super slow (as is the website) with nearly every action you take our field engineers hate using it and we have taken to taking pictures of bits of paper (we were trying to go paperless and have everything digitised and searchable) because it is so much quick than filling out the questions on the device. The app doesnt seem to be designed for android the back button doent go back it quits the ap making any android user have to retrain their mussle memory on this app. The ideas are good the visual design is ok its just the performance and the workflow are terrible.

Andrew Creveling

ac slower than death!!!! forced to use this every day with android products... soooooooo......slowwwwwww.... if there was a star with a negative next to it id choose that.. my day now has an extra hour n a half added to it filling tickets out and waiting for this site to load. and making it more annoying when you save notes or make a change it brings you back to the main ticket/job page and you have to log back to the job and wait again... and the textxs are annoying. everytime you get a job, a txt, and a email blow your phone or tablet up. actually both if you havem... it is truly a technicians technology paperless nightmare. id take paper tickets over this any day. lot faster.. - *****

John Smith

Slow Needs at least a high spec device.

Steve W

This app is working fast A few minor issues, but so far it's faster more stable and easier to use than all other major FMS systems. Glad to switch from GeoFlop (GeoOp)

S Palex

Too slow. With each update it gets slower and slower. Any of my used other working programs were not so slow... always freezes on refresh action. Have to close it and open again. Frustrating.

sheryl tulp

TOO SLOW, WONT SAVE NEW APPTS. Having trouble today setting and saving job appointments, done each three times, then ring head office to do on their computer, also ticking off required questions before commencing job takes forever to register tick then you dont know if it ticked or not cos you are still waiting and u cant start job till questions are all answered.... As previous person said worst app ever.....Doesnt help work flow at all...

David Watson

Needs work. Needs calendar view and admin mode so that I can see schedule and job info for all workers while I'm in the field.

Manny DG

Always refreshing When I click into what active jobs I have it would just refresh and do nothing. I would have to wait 10 minutes. Wtf???? I am force to use this app for work please fix.

gaurav singh

Awesome app User friendly...we can track our fieldworker work completely

Jit Gamot

Awesome update Awesome update, I really like it

Django Z

Good I quite like it.. Previously im using geoop.. But it can pause the time eg; lunch or breaktime

Mario Mustac

Excellent software Was the best thing for my business. Improved productivity and saved me thousands in forgotten jobs and uninvoiced work - Budget Pool Care

Anita Gisch

Great way to get organised Reduces paperwork and helps keep field workers orgsnised and up to date.

Ray Paz

Version 2.0 Looking awesome so far, please check equipment not being displayed on Android.

Lokesh Patel

Very nice This works amazingly fast on my samsung device,nice and user friendly layout. Good work!

A Google User

Great app Great app and very easy to use

Derrick Rose

Won't Stay Logged in, Very Slow I want to like this app but it's extremely slow. Unable to use the back button which is a small thing but annoying. Everytime I switch between apps it logs me out and requires me to log in again which wastes so much time. After the latest update I now have to select a vehichle which takes even LONGER to log in 30-40 times a day. If you have a weak signal it has a hard time determining if you need to be in offline mode so half the time it sits there in a black screen and won't let you do anything.

Sage Quin

Getting worse! I can now no longer see our contacts list in the app and it also doesn't save my login details. I have to enter them in every time I open the app. And most frustrating is that the software still doesn't acknowledge the Android back button, the application always uses that as an exit command! Not happy!

Rex Redden

Hopeless very slow and am totally sick of the pop ups that say "great work" after every click.

Kaushal Hajari

This works really nice , wonderful app

Lokesh Patel

Nice Nice app esay to work.

Brian Martin

Hard to use on a mobile connection. Loading pictures extremely slow even on 4g

Andy Penney

Good n bad The idea and concept is good but forever restarting and re installing my app due to lagging and bugs.. Just reinstalled it for the 456744653 time due to not loading trying to login.. Probably wastes 30 Min of every day using it.. Please fix it!!

Paul Skidmore

Way to slow and unresponsive Thought this app was cool and useful in the beginning when out company started using it but it is so slow it wastes time. Also we get notifications when we don't want them and don't get them when we need them. Its annoying.

Nicholas Cress

Freezes sometimes, but works pretty good!

Marvin Rivera

Unable to sign in Unable to sing in on mobile,username and password both work when logging in from a PC.Please fix as my job requires to use this app daily.Im using a Galaxy S6,did not have any problems when I was using a Nexus 6

Brooke Fabera

Can't sign in It tells me the username isn't correct yet I log on the computer with no problems! Please help!!!

Sam Small

From a field works pov Good idea but is sooo slow its a joke. Worst app on my Phone and I am forced to use it. Super clunky, you have to refresh jobs all the time because they disappear. Not to mention uploading photos you have to wait for each photo to upload before uploading next one, if coverage isn't the best this takes forever. And you can't pick existing photos from gallery on brand new s6edge+. If you type out notes and bump another tab or forget to press save they are gone there is no no confirmation to move on.

Northeast Property

Horrible usability 11/28/2015- Updates do nothing to correct major usability issues. It's like this app is a bad port from another platform. It literally (still) takes 10 seconds to open to the login screen. Lg camera tabs capture unusable image, in-app actions do nothing for 3+ seconds making you question if app is frozen. App is frustrating for field techs to use and support is unable to help. I have no interest in either company, but check out RazorSync which has a better performi

Sean Coate

Still needs work Very unstable while looking in the library for pictures to upload, and my back button needs to act as a "cancel" button and not a quit button.

Colin Haley

Absolute nightmare. Lot of work to be done to improve the app. But big question, where to start???? Kept informing about the area it struggles, but no help. Product enhancement department looks doing nothing, after several months.

Oleg Pochaev

Slow and buggy

Jaime Faint

Slow, unreliable, unresponsive most of the time, fails to save signatures/descriptions/etc often, PDF viewer is pretty awful. Extremely poorly made. As a tech I have to use this on an almost daily basis, and it's extremely frustrating being stuck onsite for what can sometimes be over an hour longer than I need to be due to how unreliable this app is. Seriously needs to be rebuilt from the ground up rather than shoving it though a C++ to Java converter, which is what I assume has been used given how it works fine on Apple devices, but is dreadful on Android.

Johnny D Webster

WARNING CONTRACT DANGERS - we signed on for this after a great sales presentation and where stitched into a 12 month contact which we where not told of. At the time of our first training session we saw that that the software would not do what they lead us to believe it could do. When we tried to cancel with them at the time of training and within 3 days of the original signing - they refused to let us go. would During the first training session a few days after signing we discovered that this product could not do many simple tasks that we needed, yet this was missed in the sales presentation. (we now think that this and a number of other issues could have been deliberately avoided by the sales staff) At the time of the training session we stopped the trainer many times to ask about numerous issues and failings of the software - these are just a couple. - why check list a could not be made as a compulsory item for the task - why the user interface couldn't be customized - why the travel times could not be captured separately and geo time stamped. - why the app would hang long periods of time when saving data in an area of low mobile reception. your welcome to contact me

John Foy

Crappie and slow

John Cox

Nearly unusable. Worst app I have ever used. Horrible design, slow and redundant.

Edmond Chan

Ok but slow and buggy Generally works but has delays when doing anything, keyboard hides buttons and occasionally after you have entered text it doesn't save it which is incredibly frustrating especially if you have entered a whole job description.

Gerry Cullen

Every update makes it worse Committed to this with 6 fieldworkers, but every update breaks it more. You can add custom fields but cant use them in reports, whats the point? Support is rubbish, latest update caused financial losses because parts werent being saved to jobs. Its cheap to use but as it dosent work properly you waste more money doing work arounds.

Brad Alexander

Too slow The app is too slow, and very confusing to complete. When I select complete job it will freeze up.

Mark Daniels

Very slow Very slow to load even on 4G and 100mbit fibre WiFi connections, latest update hides job description adding steps for field techs to read job description which takes more valuable time


Update made this terrible app worse! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PROGRAM FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!! I cant add notes. The app closes itself constantly. It messes with your texting so you constantly fighting with it. You have to select a link just to see youre scope of work and the designer isnt good they made the app design hard to read.

Tim Burdett

Does not work on Galaxy Note 4 Travel start does not work thus I can't start jobs. Please update asap

Isaac Junod

New update is disgraceful!! how incompetent are app people. doesn't even function and the new layout to add completed notes and find job description is a task on its own!!!

Gerry Finney

Slooooooowww Can't even log in on my work phone. New update is supposedly sleeker but adds extra steps to see job details and even what the job is. Forced to use this garbage app for work but loathe it with every fiber of my body.

Stephen Metcalfe

Still not fixed !!!

John Peppard

Getting worse with each update, support don't even get back to you when you have issues seriously considering switching to another company

Brad S

Slow and useless Plenty of better useable alternative companies.

Keith McCloud

Doesn't like going offline. Freezes when it comes back online. I have to quit the app, then go and force stop the app, reopen it to get it to work. Been using it for a year and only just started doing it. I am looking for an alternative.

Ronny Lopez

Time Zone Problem On S7 with MM, no way to correct my time zone. App is always 8 hours ahead and i have to manually change it whenever starting or stopping tasks.

Martin Haldimann

Great recording of data and history. Once i got used to it ,and understand how it works it's hard to imagine how I did without it. Well done team.

Mad River Plumbing

This app sucks on ice No excuse for below par UI

Brad Robbins

Waste of time Been using over a year. Ready to quit my job weekly over the countless problems this app has!

Vicki Newton

Horrible app This is a horrible app. Can't sign on to see my work schedule, which I really need. I always have to delete it and download it two or three times, to get it to work. This is not fair to me. I'm not able to see my work schedule, and it is taking too much time messing with it.

Dennis Warwick

So bad! How has this app been this bad for this long? My company paid a lot of money to use this software and it's only cost us more in time due to the constant support issues with this completely unreliable app! At this point we've looking elsewhere.

Sam Small

From a field works pov Useless app ALWAYS has been especially on android. Heaps of functions done even work, app is slow, pages never load. Wastes heaps of time just trying to use it

Jef Cress

Jef This dann thing HAS to be uninstalled each and every time I have to us it, and my emplyer requires my using it, posses me off several times a day.

Perez Asante

Do not use Worst field app ever. This app could potentially destroy your business.

Brenten Sandry

If I could give this app less than 1 star I would.

jesse finn

fair. Can you make it to where I can turn the screen sideways?

Chris Chritian

Horrible app Same deal freezes way too much or closes when I take a pic or try to load a pic

Sean Coate

Constantly need to Re-login Why does my account keep getting "locked". None of the Apple users have this problem, just me. And my back button needs to act as a "cancel" button and not a quit button.

Sam Small

From a field works pov Useless app ALWAYS has been especially on android. Heaps of functions dont even work, app is slow, pages never load. Wastes heaps of time just trying to use it

Ivo Makarenko

Getting better The app is getting better with every update. It's a bit slow sometimes but mostly works fine.

Phil Abucay

Slow The app is incredibly slow to load information. Most of the time when going back to my job listings or opening up the app again to view the current job, it does not load at all. I have to hit back on my phone, have the app prompt me about whether or not I want to quit the app, select no, and then it'll load the job info. Sometimes even then some info, like phone numbers for contacts, just flat out disappear and I have to either restart my phone or force close the app in Android settings. Horrible.

Mad River Plumbing

This app sucks on ice No excuse for below par UI UPDATE: Still sucks.


Keep on buffering and it won't sync your completion notes with your calendar

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