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5 Apr
Flash's Bounty

Posted by S-Crypto Ltd. in Strategy | April 5, 2016 | 145 Comments

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Mix of Strategy and RPG. Global realtime world exploration with realtime local battles.

features of full version:

- unlimited rogue-like mode with 100.000 random maps and dungeons.
- hero skills
- magic spells
- artifacts
- 20 battle unit types
- 5 maps in story mode.
- quests

Whats new

    Fixed bug with dungeons in unlimited mode
    Unlimited mode permanently unlocked
    Added scrolls of ressurection

S-Crypto Ltd. part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 5, 2016. Google play rating is 89.8163. Current verison is v1.1.5. Actual size 20.0 MB.

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Enigmato Maximillian

I just finished it. At the end it said "unlimited mode unlocked" but then it took me to the title screen and the "continue" option was removed and i wasnt interested in starting a new game to see what unlimited mode is, but i do think its cool that it offers more to do after you finish the game. i thought it was a fun game. its a little more challenging because you cannot simply grind for level ups, because there is a set amount of enemy encounters. so you must choose wisely what you do with your money and level up upgrades.

Jim Cid

Absolutely addicted!!! Very engaging system easily understood. Warning: major time eater! Advice: load up on ranged squads. Unlimited mode is a bit buggy, if you notice problems with the map its best to start a new game.

Ian Jones

It is awesome, but..... There are a few problems with the game. In unlimited mode you cannot buy pikemen or human archers. After you start getting further into maps (maps 9-10 for me) the amount of creature habitats only produce a couple different units and make it impossible to progress (i.e.-i could only recruit dragons and archmages for two entire maps). I would like if there was an option to choose different hero types and to have some sort of castle production, shops and/or upgrades in defeated castles.

David Harrison

Shame.... Enjoyed this game but once I reached "The End" to unlock unlimited mode it froze and on restart was back to the beginning as if I had never played at all.

James Meadows

Very Well Done Remake of a Classic This is essentially a remake of King's Bounty, which was one of my favorite games as as a teen. I've only played it in story line, so don't know much about the infinite mode. But the graphics, game play, and pretty much every aspect are just like the old King's bounty (with a little Heroes of M&M influence in the leveling system. If you love the old King's Bounty, you will enjoy this game. Highly recommend.

Justin Pope

Onest Fun. Just like the title, it's Kings Bounty !!! Simplified and streamlined with realtime battles, is one great exploration RPG. ADs are not at all distracting (apear only briefly after battle). I love the huge maps ! Highly recommended. Better than "Heroes: A grail quest" or "Braveland"

Buby Boo

Yay! PLS read! I wish you could do the number 2 , And make the map larger and friendly KINGDOM , so Players can recruit different powerful army from each kingdom , and pls make there's many types of army in number 2 ! :)

David Bensinger

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Love it! Talk about starting after lunch and looking up to see that it's dinner.....

Neal Carothers

Great but stuck On map 4 of unlimited mode, I entered an underground cave and I can't move. My character is stuck near the top of the screen and won't move in any direction. Please fix for 5 stars.

Titus Leong

Old school game Its kings bounty hahas. Reminds me of the one l used to play on pc years ago.

John Wadsworth

Brilliant Says it all, and it's free. Could really do with a save game feature though

Jacob Adams

Perfect I have no complaints other than it could be a little longer. This Game is the right balance of fun and challenging. I searched for weeks for a game worth playing and this is it.

Angel Dimitrov

Salary bug Doesn't give me any salary. Started the game twice and I was stuck twice because had no money and no there were no creatures to beat or chests to open. I receive no salary and this lead to dead end. Please fix this

Spike Blackangelwings

Would like a longer story. Also a save for each story and unlimited. Keep up the good work.

Khalid Beiruti

Great but need some fixing I loved the game but if your trying to make a copy of king bounty you'll need to fix some things like troops skills and cant find many camps like demons and ghosts and I should be able to make my own troops from castles that I conger and pls fix goblins are stronger then human archers

yogi sugiawan

Simple yet excellent game. It reminds me on King's Bounty game, but with its autocombat feature this one is better

Guillaume clement

Like Might and Magic Not turn based , treasure and loot everywhere. Very addictive :-)

Raul Krieger

wicked good! love this lil mix of zelda and tactics ogre. great game!

Jonathan Hainer

Awesome mini rpg Took me about 3 days to finish the story mode but then i unlocked Unlimited mode.. im on stage 12.. its getting really hard.. well worth downloading

Iam Andy

Good old king bounty game A very nice and simple old school game. Definitely a nice game to have.

Pedro Santos

It's good but I got stuck. I'm stuck because I died while on a boat and then there's was no boat to get off the first island and didn't have 500 gold to buy one..

Roger Finch

Good but could be better Fun game but seemed a bit short. With a bit more polish I could see myself buying this type of game. I recommend if you're looking to pass an afternoon.

Mike Rende

Kings bounty for android! Really cool remake of kings bounty from the sega genesis. Not the same unit control as the old game but it works very well and is extremely enjoyable.

Scott Laudermilk

Please fix So you spend all the time leveling up map to map in unlimited just to get stuck in a dungeon and lose all that time and effort !!!!!!! Very upsetting.

Suraj Wicked

Great Love it still playing this game to kill some time

Adam Everett

Awesome app Reminds me of the old heroes of might and magic

Belinda Villaruz

Nice game Nice strategy feel like doing doing strategy in a war


Really fun! I'm a fan of the orig game King's Bounty and this is alike enough and new enough to be a great game.

Tony Russell

AWESOME Very similar to the old king bounty ....... works perfectly.....nice of all its free with no ads........loved it

Kevin Kwee

Maybe should have skip turn function for units as my barbarians keep charging and dying needlessly

Jeffrey Creswell

King's Bounty-ish Pretty awesome, though the auto combat lessens the fun

paul hey

Heroes of magic, springs to mind. But I used to love that game as well. Has you thinking, really enjoyable

ricky utama

Awesome Best king's bounty on android!!

Eric Nobles

This is touch screen Kings Bounty Mostly knocked off from the classic Sega Genesis and PC game Kings Bounty which was on my top 3 for Sega Genesis all time favorites, love it...

Niki Tan

Nostalgia Reminiscent of the old pc game heroes of might and magic! Awesome! Updates please!

steven keley

Great. Cant wait for more Needs more maps. Free mode is buggy have been stopped many times by a blocked dungeon ladder or trapped in battle so i have to restart

Jimmy Ford

Flashes Bounty Very cool one quibble is battles are automatic

Tuong Vo

Simple.not a pay to win like most games these day

Adam Jordan

Good stuff So so much fun. Salary totally doesn't work though... Haha, still fun

Peter John

Great game Enjoying playing this gem of a game. Still playing and now on unlimited. Can the developers add more campaign type maps Like the first to make it more interesting than unlimited. Why not charge a small amount for each campaign. I would buy them if challenging.

Andri Wardhana

Love it Remind me of Heroes M&M, the devs should make an expansion pack. Some suggestions: players can fastforward the battle, fix salary bug

Jim Cid

Absolutely addicted!!! New update added coolness! Very engaging system easily understood. Warning: major time eater! Advice: load up on ranged squads. Unlimited mode is a bit buggy, if you notice problems with the map its best to start a new game.

Eduard Proskuryakov

Good remake of original Kings Bounty While at first I was quite confused why it has realtime battles, this game started to grow on me. After losing at first castle because I couldn't prevent the peasants from strolling up to ghosts I literally had to restart. But it turned out better this time because i got lucky in mages guild. Rage and Teleport helped me win the first castle, and after that I've seen even more of the game. Overall its a good spin on KB1, nice time killer for train trips. Pretty fun finding good creature-spell combos.


Not the best game I played but hey! It's a pretty addictive boredom killer.

Jesse Osborne

Awesome game, but… I love this game would give five stars, but since I updated it every time I go under ground I immediately go back up

Ian Harper

How are you supposed to open the gates in barbaria??

Bernard Rublico

Wow i like it like heroes of might and magic 3

Dany Marcoux

Finished it in one day waiting at the airport Nice game! It reminds me of a simpler Heroes of Might and Magic. I like the art style and the story mode is good.

Wilma Gayle Johnson

Good job guys Good game, I play it a lot.

Michael Lulev

Very good game :-)

Damien Loecher

Complete Kings Bounty Rip Almost sprite for sprite and the premise itself was ripped entirely from an early Genesis title...might not want EA seeing this

Harold Jeff Espineda

Great simple game! Please allow save backup. I love this game! Mechanics are simple but I like the strategy involved. Please add cloud save and multiple save files but keep the game playable offline. I would hate to start unlimited mode all over again when I switch phones. Can you also increase cap on troop camps? It is hard to fill troops when leadership stat is high. Thanks! :)

Tracker Jack

Loved it Story mode was shorter than expected, but after getting used to the game I enjoyed it. Would love to see more, as it does get old eventually. More troop types and spells, and maybe something to mix up the combat. Possibly hero units and boss units, or something. I do really appreciate that you can recruit every enemy type for your own army. Haven't played much of unlimited mode, but would love to see different characters to choose from (via unlocking through the campaign). Multiple save files plz.


Play it for story. Story is short but good, endless has a scaling problem. Overall a decent game. Would love to see them expand on the story side of things.

Brandon Bryant

Awesome to a point! I've played and beat the game. It was great then unlimited mode... it was super fun for a while but when I could hold 75 dragons and 1500 archers and when I come upon a level 50 dungen and find there are only 22 dragons and 80 archers to recruit I was a little upset. The recruits need to size with the level... when your expected to kill 5k ghost and 3k arch Mage and get no resupply it takes the fun out of it

Nice D

Awesome game blend of some rpg n strategy Great remake. Simple Realtime, Freedom to roam. U get to recruit different types of troops. Conquer castle. Only thing castle gives is increase your leadership. Will be greater if castles can give u some difernt troops or some additional things. Towns with some additional functions will be great. To win easily is that most times whatever chests u find distribute to yr leadership 1st so tat u have more troops n can win easily.

Richard Hall

Great fun Best near perfect port of Kings bounty. Love it

Craig Ragas

Bounty is best The best free game I have found so far. I cannot find a fault in this remake of a classic. While near impossible to find a free, no ad full game, this game is a true find.

Koskani Espinosa

Great game Sucks that it ended so soon, but im glad this was made into a port. I remember playing this game a few months back on my pc. If theres a sequel i would pay for a longer deeper storyline. I just really like the mechanics lol

Michael Thomas

Seemed like a good game. As soon as I came up to my first castle to attack, I realised I'd need to be about twenty levels higher to stand a chance, and there's nowhere else for me to go, lol, lol, and lol

Rhys Mannering

Mixed bag Lame parts include being unable to zoom the map. No real help or detailed stats. Salary is confusing it seems to hurt not help. A.I. often makes my pikeman stand still and archer wander around. Lost battles where i had 40 archers who never attacked cos they thought they were melee. Map usually has you in wrong place.

dustin lake

Lots of fun I enjoyed this game alot lots of characters to fight with I highly recommend it please make a second one please!

James Knoesen

Badly balanced You'll win every battle in unlimited mode with little or no losses. Then you'll finally get to the point where the battles are challenging, not boring, where you face thousands of enemies in each battle. Then you'll go to replenish your troops from your good management of gold and leadership only to find that you can hire a mere 38 of 400 troops you can lead as this is all there is available. You can't backtrack to previous lands and so you watch as your army dwindles to nothing thereby losing the game :-/

David Harvill

Great game Kinda reminds me of Hero's of Might and Magic 3. it's a great game and we'll worth the download.

Asif Shaikh

Where to find map I have finished west liberon map but now don't have any way further or out no other option

jimmy hendrix

Great Good gameplay....while on boat got off next to a ruined building and could not get back on boat was stuck had to start new game.

mark baldwin

Love this game Kings bounty was good but this is awesome.. i love the concept of this and its been soo long waiting for some one to remake the awesomeness thank you soo much.... next you should do a version for ps4 .. u could go so much bigger n better keeping the same formulas

Adil Fikri

Please improve it! It's very cool! I have been looking a game like this for long time, but I rally hope there is an improvement. Please add more item, spell, and character from many races like "age of heroes". If you can do that, it will be perfect!

Walter Piper

True to form So much like the original, maybe even a little better

Te Moon Chong

Great game I like dis game becoz its fun to play and no ads or in game purchase annoy me......

Andrey Selivanov

Awesome Very interesting game good dirty

Levente Szasz

Would rate higher if I could Props to the devs, they made an amazing remake of the old King's Bounty. It's worth playing, you rarely find a game that will offer this much fun through hours of gameplay and all for free. Thank you, keep up the good work!

Lindsay Stoffregen

this is ab amazing game I love almost everything about it more the only complaint is have is that the maps are super tiny and basically completely useless

Petar Petrov

Very nice game. Only the story mode is shorter than I expected.

Victor Koehne Ramalho

A great rpg Simple, fun, creative and addictive.

waseem sabjee

Enjoyable Reminds me a lot of the old Kings bounty on sega...With some unique twists. Well done.

Suthan Thanga

Not Fun Good Game but resupply need to be better and maps are too hard to see

Juan Acosta

I just love everything a bout this game non stop a venture

Ian Burnett

Nice Very much like the old mega drive kings bounty - it would be nice for a little more control in battles, who to target and which path to follow, but all in all a great time eater

joel getz

Kings bounty snes? If anyone remembers. It's kings bounty clone except for looking for a bounty location from all the clues u try to get to the next level. Very fun. Do.t buy iap everything u want to do can be done for free

James Knowlton

Awesome remake with some upgrades, can't wait to see more!

Anthony DiBattista

Great remake Only problem is glitches dungeon on world 3

Made Arya Sugana Kharismawan

Its so hard Why land 11 and above its so hard, and impossible? Btw so far is good.

Ulti Matum

Enjoyed the game Played on Samsung note 3. The map inside is very small and doesn't seem to fit properly. So I can't tell exactly where I was in the black margin even after I have the complete map. Keep up your good work.

Robert Marklein

Fun but... It's fun...but you can' t control your troops once combat starts. This has been an issue with some battles. Also the controls are kind of difficult to use at times.

maxime girard

Great game Fun and easy to play. Has a lot of good strategy and rpg qualities. It is missing a way to make money. It would be great if we could kill monsters more than once


What the Hell? I will admit I was having a LOT of fun but! When you are sieging a castle, and you kill all enemies apart from the high health ones (demons etc) and your ranged troops march in a line to MELEE the enemy while your 200 goblins and 100 Elves sit behind and wait their turn to get smacked around, it's inevitable you will lose hence why losing all your troops fleeing is unfair. After doing a difficult fight losing most of your troops and replenishing them by going around the previous maps is so tedious.

Ricardo Carrillo

Surprisingly good game I just got done with the first area and personally I love the simplistic strategy this game has, I was a bit reluctant to play at first since I don't really like strategy games, but this is a game that's easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Corey Williams

Fun game. A little surprise. A turn based adventure that even my 5y.o. Daughter plays.

Nathan Henley

Real time remake of Kings Bounty. Nuff said.

Renaldas Kerpe

Great game, but has bugs Map shows my location incorrectly and possibly other locations too. Another huge flaw with map is that it is too tiny and no zoom ability.


One of the best. 5 stars, guys. Thanks.

Aaron Bonner

Lots of fun.

Nelson Ramos

Nice keep u busy to kill time

michael rodarte

Wow Everything I loved about kings bounty. And very few things left in here I did not love. If this game were a creature it'd be that guy from underworld. Half new and half old but better than both... Lol

Erik Ratajczyk

Very good little adaption of Kings Bounty Very fun and addicting version of the classic Kings Bounty. It's pretty much a direct port except there is some added functionality such as the ability to cast spells during battle and a leveling system for your champion that has an impact on battle tactics. Missing is the feature from Kings Bounty whereby the possibility of your armies going berserk and rebelling against you. This means you can mix powerful unit types with no concern about chemistry. Overall great game even if a great deal less challenging

Memfisto Theone

Nice, simple version of King's Bounty Really enjoyed the game, even though it was a bit short. The unlimited mode is great, but it gets repetitive quite soon since the leveling up slows down and no new units come up. Always dragons and arch mages, which are hard to replenish as other users mentioned. I know it's hard to keep unlimited mode fun forever, but there could possibly be some minor tweaks to make it last a bit longer. Otherwise a great mobile game

Daryl Tarrant

Simple, fun but short Really enjoyed this game. Simple controls, battle, and quests. Just mindless adventure. However a little to short, wish there were other games like this.

Rick Allsopp

Pretty good homm type game So if ur looking for a game close to heroes of might and magic.. this is almost exactly like it... its as enjoyable as homm games tho the only thing i found annoying id the movement control fix that and ill give 5 stars... the game is simple and feels unpolished but could be fixed with updates? Hope u guys keep focusing on this game.

Ben HatXFT

It's like a fun, cheesy, fast-paced Heroes of Might and Magic style game.

Paul Taylor

Great tribute to Kings Bounty So far so good. Great game. Balanced gameplay, easy progression. After all these years still hate those demons.

Bian Lin

Very nice game This is a great game. Things to improve. Needs better ways for gold farming and creature recruitment in story mode. Defend mode for units. Map need different icon/color for different things like underground entrances/enemies/boat/castles. Buying a boat should allow water traveling from anywhere. It is super tedious in the current form. Everything else is perfect.

Daniel Scott

Was great untill... Was great untill you get to map 10+ and start fighting demons every 3-4 fights. The demons will take your 40 powerful dragons and "half" them... And good luck trying to find another cave to recruit more. Meanwhile getting "halfed" again and again while looking for it.... Blah

David Kelley

WASTE OF TIME! DON'T PLAY! You get killed, it restarts you with nothing gained, all your army wiped out, no way of gaining money after everything is killed, oh and if you die on the boss near the sword (ghost) they don't reset oh no, you get left with whatever you didn't kill before so if the ghost is already mutiplying say up to 80 he just keeps going, doesn't reset so if you can't beat him guess what after you die he just gets harder. Waste of time and a waste of a game! The only thing safer is the fact you can't give zero stars

Georgi Panayotov

Totally loved. Heroes of might and Magic / kings bounty mix. Just need a tooltip info on spells maybe?

Jack T. Yang

Ok game Needs a way to farm for gold. Not quite sure how to raise a large enough army to siege the first castle

Stephen Dreikorn

Great game, a couple of tweaks needed Was going to give it a five, but for a couple of reasons it's a 4. Actually more like 4.5. The game is a great nostalgic version of King's Bounty I used to play on Sega genesis. The tweaks are: 1. There should be a log or something to remind you of your quests. 2. Movement is clunky and makes it hard to outrun enemies. 3. There needs to be a way to choose who your archers attack, especially when fighting ghosts. 4. Make map bigger. Map is shrunk to the point of almost un-helpfulness

mark radhe

Decent if kinda repetitive. Not bad, haven't played unlimited yet. Story seems a bit confining.

Jared Eglinski

Heroes of Might and Magic. Lots of potential, great controls, needs more depth, needs control of units like the original game. Auto battles are the bane of strategy games.

George Legault

Old school made new. Loved this game then, love it now

zygimantas jurgelis

Need more to it Finished story mode. That was good. But when I started playing through lvl maps, thats were this game suffers. I'm on lvl 8 map. Got beaten few times on that map. There is absolutely no way I could recover from that. Have around 300k gold, but there is no mercs to recruit. So I have to wait till those camps respawn. And so far found only 2 camps on the map. So thats pretty much game over.

Ernest Capraro

Enjoyable, but limited to linear play. Haven't encountered any bugs, gameplay is simple and smooth. Just a bit disappointed that you have little freedom of action.

Vojin Lazarevic

Nice game not so comics heroes of might is similar

Steel Racer

Must have! Brilliant adaptation!!! Fans of classic Kings Bounty rejoice!!

Vanh Vanh

Another game like this please!! So much funnn!!!! Please make game like this :3

Kenneth Hotop

Awesome game! Exactly what I am looking for!


Reminds me of old school Heroes of Might & Magic

lance low

Retro remake of Kings bounty Love it, plays offline provides ton of fun.

João Ladeira

Awesome! Love it! Really good !

Darko Sunajko

Nice game Maybe needs some more work, but its good idea and realisation.

Dan McCrow

This is a clone of an old heroes of might an magic game for the ps2. That being said, the game was amazing an i love this game for being on my phone :)


Fun and easy minimalistic enough to the point it is strategic but not overwhelming, great game

James Watson

Great Really addicting

simon FD

Very good game

Scott Lawson

Love this game!

clifford c

It's fun Great to pass the time on a toilet

Yarik D

Just like the KB2

Martin Page

For every HoMM lover! Played a lot and finished it in two days. There is stuff to improve. Map is almost unless since it doest resize to screen size and wrong location shoeing. Monsters and hero is good and well balanced. Bought a catapult but it was never there to use. Addictive game play good story.

Phil O'Donnell

Enjoyable Needs a few more story lines. Unlimited gets a little repetitive. Also the magic book artefact is meant to give you 3 additional spells but can't figure out how to use it. Otherwise decent time killer

Samantha Boeckman

Could be better Story line version is good, could be more. Larger or more maps. Monster ratio was good. Like the use of time verses steps from original. Could use more spell options. Next update could have other class hero. Unlimited did not like that I could no go back to previous lands. And had a problem with dungeons lining up correctly went down one okay, second one okay, back to first and stairs lined up in wall and would not let me enter. If I could have gone back to previous lands would have over looked small stuff. This game is worth an update. The original is great, I still play it, with just the story option. Yours could be better then the original.

J Kr

A few bugs The game is great, I completed a story, but stacked on map 7, the next level map is on another side of a river and I can't get there in any way. Bad random. Also if ghosts leave your army, you can replay the battle and they are back with you for next 5 battles, and you can repeat that forever.. muhahaha!!


An enjoyable HoMM spin-off Unlimited mode gets a little repetitive after a while but very fun nonetheless. I haven't noticed any bugs in random map generator. Unlimited mode gets a little imbalanced after map 10, but still playable enough. Would totally purchase expansions/extra content was any available.

Schmandy Blanderburger

Lots of fun, but some bugs remain. I experienced a bug in unlimited mode where the info that i got a new map got stuck, so basically i could skip any number of lands i wanted ;)

Artyom Laletin

Like Heroes of Might and Magic Great fun little game. Sometimes setbacks are difficult to come back from.

Kevin Green

Cute, Funny, Clever! Explore lands with your army of mythical creatures.. Find the unicorn sword.. Save the princess! This game offers a lot of fun and replayability, for FREE!

Maria Maraki

Awesome! A nice little story and an even better game to go with it. Simple but perfect! I like that you can continue in unlimited mode but I would not mind another story or two... like you could continue the second story from where the first ended OR.... *Warning spoiler ahead* revive the knight for example at an isolated location and continue his adventure.

Jennifer Thomas

Cute and very enjoyable I played this game the whole way through and really enjoyed the entire thing. I might even play it again at some point. 5 stars

Alexander Savoie

Almost perfect I would give 5 stars if you could select a race for your army, like homm, but other than that, this game is awesome.

Ben Capili

Great game. Short campaign though It's like might and magic without the turn based shenanigans. Quick combat, decent art and feel and overall fun.

peter musial

Mini homm, love it What u see is what you get. Runs great. Been playing for a few days, no bugs, simplistic but nice for homm fans

Andreas Demetriou

Bugs and bugs Full of bugs. Too bad it could be a nice little game

Rayhan Rafin

Great It may be seem a little childish but really it's a good game.

W Barker

Meh... Good concept, but seems lacking. What is the point of playing?

Ryuu Kun

nice bug with eternal ghosts :) English is not perfect but playable

Pablo Farias

Flash bounty Fun game to play , easy to learn to play and can spend hours playing.

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