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24 Aug
Flashlight Widget

Posted by David Medenjak in Tools | Aug. 24, 2016 | 137 Comments

Apk file size: 24.0 KB

Small and stable lightweight Flashlight Widget using your cameras flash.
One press toggles the LED flash.
No additional permissions. No ads.
A simple flashlight widget with less than 30kb.
The source code is published under MIT License

Use your cameras flash to enlighten the dark. The widget is to be placed on your homescreen and the flash can be activated with a press of a button.

This flashlight comes as a WIDGET. There is no app launcher.

* Camera - Needed to access the flash
* control flashlight
* Wake Lock - Keep the light running when you turn the screen off

Whats new

    Finally updated the app to remove the delay on newer android versions!
    Also did some overdue refactoring.
    Thanks for your support :)

David Medenjak part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 24, 2016. Google play rating is 88.4531. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 24.0 KB.

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mindy getchell

If you run a samsung device, you can use the 'assistive light' widget which is identical to this app. no permissions, just a switch. if you dont have a samsung, use this badboy as its AWESOME and opensource. no permissions necessary which is what a flashlight app/widget should be.

Horatio Smallcock-Frost

The best flashlight app. Just a widget that sits there minding its own business and acts like a real world switch. Push on, push off. It works and is completely stable,in my experience.

Matthew Armitage

Perfect Exactly what you need from a flashlight app. A simple on-off button, it's amazing how so many developers have managed to mess this up by adding other crap in there like a flashing light option or making the light up in different colours, no one wants that crap. Another thing this app got right was the permissions, all you need to make a flash light app is access to the camera and that's all this app asks for so thank you for keeping it simple. Best flashlight app on the market.

Alla Bazenova

Awesome!!! Wow, this is just perfect!!! Extremely lightweight, no stupid additional features, doesn't even open anything, it's a widget, just a button on your screen!!! AWESOME!!! A very big thank you to the developer!!! :D

Christine Cillo

Great! Small widget. Turns on. Turns off. That's all. That's enough! You don't have to open an application before the light is turned on. NO ADDS!! Thank YOU!

John Batingan

All you need Well so far so good. Its a plain ol' widget. Only 5 star app I've rated

David Michael

Bionic no brainer! This was the fifth flashlight app that I tried to install and use on my Motorola Droid Bionic, and it's the only one that works. I love it for its single action on/off widget :-)

Paul Deschamps

Great Since assistive light widget that came with Samsung doesn't work with Apex launcher this filled the gap.

Anye Li

Exactly what you should want Press a button to turn the light on and off. No ads or other nonsense. Why would anyone want anything else?


Just turns on and off like it's supposed to. Best I've found doesn't waste your time.

Michael Brust

Simple, ad free, spy free! Exactly what I needed, no need to open app and see a bunch of ads . Thank you!

Moiz Islam

Not available on lock screen I really like the idea of the widget but it's icon is small for my Xperia Z and it's not available on the lock screen.

Giovanni Ciampa

Small, simple, works... Nothing else to say - exactly what I was looking for

K Jones

Simply perfect! Finally! A one touch on/off button for the flashlight! This developer gets it! Thank you!

lorenz leynes

Deym! It is better than my stock torch widget Galaxy note 2 user here. The light becomes brighter when I'm using this widget instead of the stock.

devx fred

No ads thanks for that. Small size.does job.perfect.i wish there would be a icon like 'pure flashlight widget'app know the torch icon instead of turn off button.

Blake Lyne

Works Great Works when I lock my screen. Turns on and off instantly like it should.

AgiZ Szabo

Nice, but not working on Sony xperia L It turns on the light,but never turns off.

Jason Bowen

It just works I love apps that are small, clean, simple, and just do what they're supposed to do. It just sits there, turns on the LED, and turns it off. Bonus that it's free.

Alex Kelly

Small file Widget only. Best app ever. You need this now ★

Sweety Winner

I I don't know why this won't work yes whenever I turn it on it would say something meaning it won't work then I guessed the flash wouldn't be on and I tried so hard but the flash wouldn't turn on

Josh Portuondo

simple. Click on. Click off. No ads. Doesnt obnoxiously "open" like an app- Simple One Click and its ON Stays on as widget, so you can still use other apps while it's running.

Karl Tulcey

I love this widget's perfect....the ones I have tried use to have to Leave the screen on


Tried many, this is the best It's as simple as can be. Small widget that you touch once to turn on/off. 5/5

Satbir Singh

Perfect flashlight We need only one click to turn on and off the flashlight

Connor Millar

Awesome! Great widget. Only improvement would be if the brightness could be adjusted on the actual widget like by rotating it one way or the other.

Seaf Reas

Well.... ...many people don't even know what a widget is and how it's suppose to be used. You guys are absolutely not worthy of an android user...Anyway, great app!


24KB apk and 76KB installed. Great torch widget!

Uzziel Pena

No ads!!! Dose exactly what It says. Its great

Lee Alexander

Simple one button light One button wigit that is the same size as a app icon

Rodney T. Petrelli

FANTASMO! Love this flashlight app! Just installed it & can't wait to see all it can do. Wait a's just a flashlight. I LOVE IT! THANK YOU! ;-)

Danielle Henderson

Perfect. Just what I was looking for - a small widget icon that looked simple and clean.

Shah Rishabh

Perfect No ads. Minimum size. No unnecessary permissions. Easy to use. :-)

Ray Moya

PERFECT! Perfection. Thank you so much!

Gowtham murari

Ok But Some thing wrong in this only 3min it's showing the light

Jeremy Schultz

Simple flashlight There is no opening an app and swiping a switch. As quick and simple as operating a regular flashlight.

Jeffrey Jenkins

Does what it says. I'm running it on a HTC one m8 and lollipop. Icon is a universal power button so not terribly descriptive but it reacts to touch instantly and works flawlessly.

Armando Epifani

Clean look No ads or annoying pop ups

Brian Perkins

Great Works perfect on my droid Maxx. no unnecessary permissions needed. thank you.

Justin Lund

Take pics without permission??? Could someone please explain to me why this 'flashlight' needs to be able to take pics and video with my camera without any confirmation from me??? That is very seriously disturbing. I will be deleting it and choosing another, less duplicitous, surreptitious, snooping flashlight app.


A most simple flashlight widget! Touch it once, the light is on. Touch it twice, the light is off. Just like the Samsung's "Assistive Light". No watching ads, going through menus or logging in to Facebook just to turn the freaking light on. 40 kilobytes total. The only thing I would suggest is changing the icon to something like a light instead of the ambiguous "power on/off" symbol.

Niranjan Keot

Not so nice Flashlight shuts off automatically. Please fix it.

Cory J. Shiverdecker

Simple perfection. Exactly what you need to quickly access the camera light without all kinds of ridiculous add-ons. One widget with one simple but useful task.

Raul Padro

Works awesome!!! ......I've installed about a dozen flashlight apps, only to uninstall them because of ads/useless add-ons or those ridiculously long lists of permissions some require (...access to my location, contacts list AND read all my SMS's?!?.....seriously? !?!). This gets the job done, AND has no ads AND ZERO permissions required! Cudos to the devs!!! A+++ Rating!

Original Radman

Simple and perfect My factory flashlight widget runs at low power, with this flashlight widget it runs at high power without rooting. This gives me long battery life with the factory widget and high intensity lighting when I need it! Thanks!

Tatti Stinnette

Thank you. Who knew a simple 1x1 widget for the flashlight would be something I had to search out. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Carlos Salameh

Great app!! That's what I was looking gor thanks :), btw how can we donate ?

Steven Rogers

Exactly what I wanted I have a Samsung galaxy note 4, so I have a flashlight widget built-in. However, the Samsung widget is huge and has text below it, so it doesn't fit with my theme. This widget is tiny with no text below the button. Starts out red and turns blue when you activate it. Fits my theme perfectly!

MJ Moran

I don't want to say I hated it, it sounds like a good app. But... It does not work on my Blu phone. I searched everywhere in my phone and there is no widget to be found. The only place I found it was in my app manager. Unfortunately I cannot use it.

leo mcgruder

Its great Does exactly what it's supposed to do. What else can I ask for!!

Palm Palm

Great app!! Just a simple flash light.No permission No ADs!!! It just a flash light should be.

Bill Fox

So simple. No ads or menus. Much brighter than the default app

Surendra Tomar

Best app at this time Simple,Small,Stable and Superb app. It gives what is required instead of ads and other unwanted stuffs.

Romain Knezevic

releived that efficient simple elegant and adfree apps such as this one still exist. thanks

JT Poole

Turns Off when phone moves I liked this little widget, but I've noticed that when the phone moves, the flash goes off and I have to press the widget twice to get it back on. When this fixed I'll give it 5 stars.

Nat Vali

Small and Simple - it's all I wanted At around 30 kb this couldn't even make a dent in your storage space. I'm glad they didn't load it up with a whole app interface and features I don't need (like strobe light). It's a widget on/off button and that's it! Thanks.

Rod Air

Small and works I get suspicious when a file is too big. What else am I installing that I don't want. I like that this is a widget as well so I can run it without it taking over.

AniMei Tenshi

Perfect flashlight app It takes up very little space, works simply and perfectly and doesn't have any ads. It doesn't get any better than this.

Dahl Todd

A hidden gem. This app works just as it should with no hassle or nagging ads. I highly recommend this 3rd party flashlight because it feels like it's built in to your android OS. JUST PERFECT!

Tim Fowler

Perfect Fast, small, simple and completely free/ad free. It doesn't get any better than that. Don't change a thing.

Jon Pheasant

Spot on Simple and responsive. The power icon isn't to my liking, I'd find a bulb or torch more intuitive. Apart from that, it's all good.

Khyree Holmes

Just what I wanted A flashlight widget... not a app with all the features I do not utilize (strobe, screenlight, etc)

Louis Hooper

What in THE F&$! (No stars!) Downloaded, no icon or way to open it. Hot garbage, uninstalling!

x saturn

Perfect. I love this no nonsense app. I uninstalled my other light app it needed permission for deleting and reading SD card, screen lock, network access, modify system settings, location GPS, phone status and ID....never trust apps with more permissions than they need!

J.J. daCool

Awesome simple fashlight widget. This is just a simple widget button. Button turns on or off the camera LED flash flashlight. Works very good and quick, I like it. One thing, it needs a label or title on the widget button, just to know what widget it is. Tested on LGMS345 10f, 5.1.1 , not rooted yet, mpcs.

Alex Disibio

What a flashlight should be Even smaller than privacy flashlight. Tiny, no unnecessary permissions, just a widget, just what I wanted. Even open source! Only downside is no way to donate. Also not a fan of red as the default widget color, should be something more neutral.

David Bermudez

It used to be good but then it started to get funky. My light would turn off automatically 2 to 5 second after turning it on. It really got annoying to the point in which I uninstalled it. Sorry, fix the bug and I might try it again?.

Boran Katunarić

Simply great Easy to use and good looking. Had troubles after install, restart was needed. Really satisfied.

Chesney Mccord

Unstable sometimes First good app low memory usage only right is 2 camera so that's cool but after a little while it starts turning off by itself I'm not sure if its a lollipop thing or whatnot but its an o.k. app

Martin Vana

Exactly what I was hoping for Does what one expects without any added BS. I just regret I didn't find this one first and wasted time installing (and uninstalling) apps which were annoying and often scary huge code size for the job. Thanks!

Daniel Hollenback

Huh this is strange. I have both the stock flashlight widget and this one. This one is noticeably brighter than the stock widget. Why? How? Edit: It is possible on the galaxy s5 haha check it out! Use the stock widget next to your widget. Very strange.

Karen Gordon

AWESOME!! SIMPLE & EASY! IT'S PERFECT! I LOVE IT!!! Simple on & off. No app page opening up with all sorts of complicated settings. Perfect!!

Junaid A Tagala

Super light and super amazing. Loved the damn lil thing. 23kb widget. Works perfectly fine. A load of thanks to the developer.

Mark Hadman

Too slow! I want the speed of the widget that came bundled with my S3 mini.

Gam1ng Gor1lla

Great app but I got one complaint I love the app. It works great on my smartphone. But.. The only thing I can complain about is the delay. It has a little delay before it turns on. But I really don't think it is a big problem. I would also like it if you could make the icon a little bit bigger. These are just some bit picks at the app but besides that I love the app. It works, it is simple, easy to use, and just plane awesome.

Syed Qambar Ali Bukhari

Unexpectedly turns off... It unexpectedly turns out that is a big drawback of these flashlight apps.Please fix it otherwise it is almost good but not trustable because of its unexpectibility...........

Nick Fugleberg

Simple and useful The only widget worth using. No app attached, just a great widget.

Brad Lieffring

Led flashlight Usees displaycamera light as a flashlight. Simple widget. On and off. For longer life lighting with less light and battery drain, use a white display flashlight app

Martin Sloth

Small + simple = Awesome If I wanted a fancy app that allows you to control colour, brightness and strope effects, I'd probably search "Fancy strope light app" or some such. This is just a simple widget that doesn't open up a program nor forces you to make alot of decisions, when all you want is something to brighten up the dark attic or lets you see what's under the couch NOW. To hell with practically every other flashlight apps on the market. Less is more, and this is the lesserest app I've encountered. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.

Scott Jenkins

Simple. Clean. Perfect. Huge props to the dev. No creepy permissions, no ridiculous ads. If you want bells and whistles, this is not your flashlight. If you want a non-intrusive widget with instant on light, download this now. Thank you!

Jeff Stienstra

Perfect! This is a super clean, no ADs, simple widget that performs perfectly. No in-app purchases, no bs. DOWNLOAD IT!

Brian Higgs

Great flashlight widget! Excellent, stable, functional, simple. I wish people would refrain from commenting unless they truly understood what they were talking about. I know it wastes a lot of my time when I have to read through the comments to see if there were valid complaints to be concerned about before I install an app.

Lenin Diaz

Excellent My only suggestion is to create different size icons but besides that it's perfect... For all of the idiots out there.. This is a widget not a program so yeah there is no shortcut to it

Christina Ramos

*I had to re-rate because it crashes a lot and I'm left in the dark.* I don't usually give 5 stars This flashlight is perfect! No ads. No strobe light. Best of all, it stays on when I black out my screen.

Romello Facey

Great app So quick n easy just one touch away for some good flash light

Nara P

Can you make it a little bigger? It's on my s6 edge plus and the icon look tiny compare to traditional icon. Other than that, works perfectly.

David Nanney

Turns off after a few seconds Maybe I'm stupid but the light shuts off after a few seconds. This is a five star widget otherwise. Love how instantaneous the light works and it doesn't shut off if i open another app. Love it.

adam mac

Love it! Exactly what I was looking for! Perfect little WIDGET with no high memory consuming app crap, no special permissions (except camera -understandably), no ads, and no fancy strobe effect. Just a simple 1×1 on/off button. Thank you.. thank you.. thank you!


Just a widget No special features, no app to open and close, just a simple button to place where you want to turn the light on and off. THANK YOU!

Brad Wohlenberg

Just what I wanted Works great on my S7Edge running 6.0.1. I like that the widget button is small, about 25% of the size of a 1x1 icon. I don't know if that's a feature or a bug, but I like it that way, makes it easy to find and reduces home page clutter.

Kayleen Hodge

Off on Keeps turning itself off after 30 seconds of being on. I have to push power button twice to get to come back on. It used to stay on until I turned it off. What happened?

Annemarie Redmond

Note on installing widgets Just wanted to let others who might be technically challenged like me know, this doesn't automatically show up on your home screen. You need to find a blank spot, hold it until the screen for rearranging comes up then click widgets and swipe through til you see the flashlight widget then click and drag it to where you want it. Really happy with this now that it's showing up!

Sayed Ismseel Alqurashi

Where is it?! After downloading this application and installing it on my Lenovo Vibe Shot smartphone I cannot find its icon - even with the other widgets! However, I've just found out that my smartphone came with a built-in Flashlight. It can be accessed from the Quick Settings menu (sliding from top of screen).

Kyle Reynolds

It's exactly what I was looking for! I was frustrated with other top rated flashlight apps that could easily be turned off to promote a product while I'm trying to see in the dark. This app works perfectly! No ads :-)

Rebecca White

BEST WIDGENT this is amazing. it downloaded in less then two minutes. all it is is a widgent not an app so no annoying adds or download time or opening time. IF YOU NEED AN FLASHLIGHT GET THIS!! (I have an LG Tribute 5)

In The Red Room

Stop searching, download this. It's perfect. Sooo many flashlight apps. Why, you ask? Mostly, because there are sooo many people that want your personal info. So they add silly functions that slow down the app, flashy descriptions & say "BRIGHTEST" to get you to download. We're supposed to believed you can magically make this led bulb brighter than it is? Pfft. No, just no. This app has everything you want, nothing you don't. Simple, clean, dependable, quick turn on, pro looking widget, no superfluous functions, no ads, NO UNNECESSARY PERMISSIONS!!

Tavis Maves

Perfect Can not say how awesome this widget is! I did see a couple of negative reviews where they didn't find the widget in their widget menu had same issue I then rebooted phone & all fine so if you have an older phone like mine you may need to do this, preferably before crapping on a great widget

Justin White

It's not working now? This app for the flashlight was fantastic. Loved the widget. But now it lags in response to point where I can push the widget button in a patter and 30seconds later the light turns in and off in that pattern. It's a new phone so, don't blame the device. Sony C5 Premium. Fixing it will get 5 stars back.

Works Great! Definitely try this flashlight widget if you're looking for one. I did, and I never regretted it. Just one thing, when I turn the flashlight on using the widget, and then swipe down to see the notifications, and tap to turn flash off, the widget stays coloured as if I never turned the flashlight off. Not sure if you can fix this, not even sure if it's just me... But it's not a problem, I just tap the widget and it turns correct colour for being off. ?

Bill Kennedy

Love everything but the widget I don't particularly care if the widget is small or large but making it centered in relation to icons would be nice. If it's just a 1 x 1 widget why not have it align with app icons? It looks goofy being lower than the app icons it sits next to.

Anthony Jackman

Was great The delay is fixed, don't really care about the icon size though would prefer the old one. However, the flashlight is so weak now that it uses the "torch" setting instead of the camera flash. Rather disappointed, might have to get a new one.

Andrew Grant

Was perfect before 2 issues with the update, the icon is too big, and a notification pops up every time I use the light saying flash is not available (only happens when camera flash is off) Overall still great app.

aaron francis

Doesn't show up Installed this widget and it shows up in my application list under settings but it doesn't appear on my home screens or in my menu. Is this fixable? Until then 1 star

Zack Palmer

WAS good I've been using this forever. I've had it on multiple phones and loved it. For the first time ever, I see an update. I read what's new and against all better judgement on my part, I update it. Now the button that goes on my home screen is about 3 times bigger than it used to be and looks awful. It is bigger than every other icon there. Sure, the half second delay is gone but now the widget is too. Thanks.

James Hamilton

Low profile This is by far the best flashlight widget out there. I've had it for a while now and have seen a few updates. The developer definitely check the reviews and fixes problems. I edited this after a update that fix all my complaints.

Lenore Marlow

Why? What did you do to the widget? Now it's huge. At least give me a choice. The small on was perfect. Now I have this huge red button. Bad news. I hate it. Can you put it back?

Gary Scott

Simple yet brilliant!! I love this... it's small and works really well plus the recent update has gotten rid of the slight delay (which wasn't too painfull anyway) so it now turns on the instant you press the button.

Aqib Ahmad Chaudhry

Doesn't work anymore For the first few days or so that I got it, it worked great. But after a while it just stopped working for some reason and I couldn't turn it off.

Jessica Berry

Changed the size of the widget The older size was small and great, very not in the way. This new bigger sized widget is too big and annoying. Probably going to download a different widget now.

Andrew Davis

Finally. Edited to once again say that I'm still fully satisfied. It's tiny and functional. Exactly what I want. No stupid fluff like compasses, color pickers, ads, etc. I am very minimalist w my apps. Also, as an end user, thank you for explaining device permissions.

Travis Taube

Free but now it's too big I have used this widget for a long time, but I'm not a fan of the huge icon now. It would be nice to have an option for large or small icons for the widget.

Manda A

Love this flashlight Simple and works. No more lag with latest update. Bigger widget doesn't bother me, but still slightly off centre... I'll deal cos it's otherwise great!

heartz hap

Happy got back the old icon...Would be great if you could switch colours of widget. Both colours make the colours change like a stop light, please make it optional to go back to the circle logo icon

Avelina Osborne

I think it's sorry my phone does not come with a flash light Blessed me, this flashlight widget not only is convenient but very helpful. As many times as I needed a flashlight this app always been there. It's very helpful to me and I would recommend this app to anyone totally worth the space.

Osaka Jay

Change Icon is too big...previous one is good and also feel good to eyes...update again and make it small and try other icon please....i just read other comments...why u dont just make everyone to choose their own icon?small,big,horrible etc...i like black one...behind all this..its ur app ur decision??

Christopher Ralph

Too big Was the right size, which us why I picked this one in the 1st place. Not liking the size anymore.

Brian Bergin

Excellent but... Does exactly what's advertised; however, it still has delay on LG G3 with Marshmallow.


Simple and always improving Absolutely love this app, appears as a simple widget, easy and fast toggle, actually brighter than my stock Note5 light 100%

tuntun orange

The most wonderful app i ever seen. Free app. This it a widget It is a 5 star app. Ease simple fantastic. It is the best of the best. Try it. I'm looking for long time and i finally find it. I like it

Andrew R

Bad update. PLEASE undo the update you just did! New larger button is horrible!

Ian Leow

Fantastic Exactly what I needed, an icon on my home screen to turn on the light. No fuss, no "useful feature", and best of all no ads. No idea why some people are complaining.

Willis Hill

Really comes in handy Much easier than trying to find and scroll for the tiny OEM flash light button when you need a light quick this widget is there, so yes as simple as people may think this widget is it has proved very useful, thank you...

Samuel Zech

Before the update, the light was way more brighter than my stock flashlight on galaxy S5. But now it's the same. Please fix the brightness, it's okay with the icon. Thanks.

Jack Wilson

Not only have you not removed the delay but it now Freeze's so it will say it's off but it stays on for five minute's

Bojan Biketa

Delay still present Even after update, there is delay of 0.5 second, I don't mind a bit larger button

Metta Trautman

It's great All I needed. It's simple no ads just a flashlight. Press the button and it's on. I'd recommend it to everyone. If you want something simple that works this is it. Thank you for this

Damian Colwill

Well I prefer the new size of the widget... It sits on my home screen ready for easy use to turn on my phone's flash. Works perfectly on Android Marshmallow. Thanks Dev!

John Heeg

Best flashlight No ads, no seizing up the phone, small download, no app to open -instant on/off

Damian Katsov

Bigger widget Easier to "touch". Its not that beautiful but. Size does matter lol.

Kevan B

Fantastic app. Ad free and easy to access. Just stick the widget on your homepage and you've got light the second you click it.


opened playstore just to give 5 star :D With the delay gone and a better home screen button, this widget got perfect!

Brent Francis

great simple and quick On off button. Stupid simple like a light should be

Adil Tejani

Best LED flashlight ever..... Super light and ⚡ fast. I've Been using it 3 years now. Am Liking the bigger widget size with the last update

Reddy Bhagyaraj K

New update doesn't work It always says "unfortunately flashlight stopped working"

Bryan Faust

Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. I love the one touch on/off feature without having to actually open an app.

Gregory Williams

Hooray for fixes! For the Galaxy S7 - thank you for fixing this widget! It was a very small icon and it shut off only after a few seconds, but not anymore!

Stephanus Salomo

great!!! i never found simply gadget like this app. but about the icon, after update is getting bigger. i like tiny icon just like before update.

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