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15 Feb

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Apk file size: 67.0 KB

Screen based flashlight with finger swipe brightness adjustment, and camera LED flash control (requires camera permission).

* Camera LED Flash Option
* Gesture Based Brightness Control
* Keeps Screen On
* Full Color Pallet Options

Whats new

    Update 2.0.4:
    * Marshmallow Fix
    * Moto X (2014) 100% Brightness Fix
    Update 2.0.3:
    * Better Camera Flash Detection
    * Nexus 7 Compatibility
    Update 2.0.2:
    * Fixed Back Button Not Returning You To Home
    Update 2.0.1:
    * Option To Lock Screen Brightness
    Update 2.0:
    * Uses LED Camera Flash
    * New User Interface And Gestures
    * Full Color Pallet For Screen Light
    * Only One Permission: Camera part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Feb. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 87.169. Current verison is 2.0.4. Actual size 67.0 KB.

Download flashlight-39.apk 67.0 KB


A Google User

Absolutely crap What is wrong with this stupid application? My screen, colour and camera flashlight did not work at all. Redownloaded 22 times and still nothing. Dont install this stupid crap. I am not JOKING. REDOWNLOADED 22 TIMES!!!!! MINUS 22 STARS XD

Renan Augusto

Best flashlight by far First I like that its called Flashlight and easy to find it in the App drawer. I also like that it's the smallest flashlight program on the App Store only being about 64 kilobytes. I also like that it only needs camera permission, I don't understand why all the other ones need other permissions. The only thing I can suggest and really wish is that you could make it so it would default turn on to the camera flash or have an option for that the settings. I did learn workaround but there should be a setting

Samuel Coleman

What more do you want? It lights up the screen to a varying degree of brightness through an intuitive interface. It turns the camera flash on and off. And importantly, it doesn't feel the need to query my network status, pillage my contact information, or know where in the world I am in order to do so.

Alex Eaton

No Scary Permissions Why do other apps need full network access or to know your location? This doesn't which is perfect.

End User

Excellent! Works great with Android v4.1.2, lots of features, no ads, and most importantly no tracking or asking for access to ridiculous permissions that are absolutely unwarranted.

David Neal

Great with no permissions This is a great little app, that is nice and easy to use and works perfectly fine. The best thing about this app compared to others is that it doesn't require lots of permissions to bits of your phone it doesn't need access to.

Ahmet Erhan ARIK

Lightweight, simple, great... Application is very small sized, not requiring lots of permissions, not causing lag. Its not perfect but a great must have tool. Since it's hard to find such a well performance having non shady app, it's worth 5 stars.

J. Alex

Lightweight and fast, asks only "camera" permission (unlike numerous analogs which, just for giving you a some light, require reading of your contacts and call history, full network access and ten(s) other permissions). It's very good. Doesn't have "prefer light source (LED/Display)" setting, "light on start" on/off setting as well as on/off button itself. It's very bad.

Peter Collett

The most intuitively easy to adjust. Fine tune the light level with a simple swipe. Great for checking on sleeping children and other ninja activities. Like it

Tuomas Starck

Brilliant app. I needed a flashlight quickly, but to my disappointment Play Store only seemed to offer multi megabyte monster apps to light my Android phone. It was then that I found this brilliant little app. Only 67 kB! Installation was instant! And the best thing is, this app has all the features you can reasonably expect from a flashlight app -- light!

Floyd Taylor

No ads, no unnecessary permissions Lightweight (67k) ap to use your phone as a flashlight. You can also use the phone' s screen as a light with any color & brightness you choose. I have occasionally used a red screen to avoid completely destroying my night vision. Remembers last setting so I leave it in camera LED mode to use as a flashlight. Turns on when you open it, off when you close it or close phone with power button. Doesn't have access to anything but camera so it can't share your info like all of the other flashlight aps.

Patience Kleine

Feeling safe with light & no sketchy app permissions Someone in military intelligence once told me "there is no such thing as a free app. Someone may offer a free product, it will cost you your security (privacy)". Check the flashlight permissions people! OTHERS will ask to read/modify contact lists, call history and require an internet connection to report the data! This flashlight is HONEST!!!!

Anna McCullough

Simple app, uses minimal space, could use a simple toggle in the settings. I like: 1. Simple permissions. Needs nothing but to interact with the camera. A definite plus here. 2. Quite bright, in both its screen and LED views. More than enough to see where on earth I dropped my keys. 3. Easy to adjust brightness in screen mode. Can adjust color of light if preferred, but I don't have a use for that - white light is the brightest and when I need a flashlight I need it BRIGHT. 4. NO ADS that I could find - LOVELY! 5. Can be moved to an SD card, thereby not taking up much of your phone's memory. Another definite plus. 6. FREE. DId I say it? FREE. What I wish: A toggle that would lock either the LED or the screen to come on at app start - while it's easy enough to switch presently, it adds two more touches that I find irritating. I like the ability to use either, but I wish the option to stay with ONE or the OTHER (I personally prefer the LED flash option) was offered. I don't particularly like the screen light being the default. Works perfectly on a ZTE Z665C, running Jellybean (Android 4.1); if the developer would add a toggle to the settings menu I'd give this five stars. As it is, I'm giving four; if that toggle is added, I'll change to 5.

SideShow Bob

Simple flashlight that works. I looked through about 20 other flashlight apps before I found one that worked on my Nexus 5 and didn't request full network, storage, or other ridiculous access.

A Google User

Best one yet! I've tried a lot of flashlight apps and this one is always my favorite! Easy to use, resizeable screen light, and great widget!! Perfect!!!

anon ymous

Does what it says and does it well. Brightest led on my htc m7 unlike some. No ads, no dodgy permissions.

A Google User

Flashlight at BEST LED flashlight & Screen light, with all required controls, wrapped in lightweight ad free app. Thumps up for the developer.

M Smith

Minimal permissions & no ads! This is the only flashlight app I know of that has minimal permissions. This is the best and I have tried almost 30 of them.

A Google User

Magnum opus Superb app.truth telling by the developer...Don't need to install other kind of memory consuming apps.

Bill Beschman

Works as advertised, but... this is not what I need. I'm looking for an app that allows me to adjust the brightness of the camera flash, not just the screen. I have heard Android does not support that feature in this current KitKat version 4.4.4. on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

John Doe

Does just what it should be doing This is the first flashlight out of 15 apps I checked that does not require almost full access to my device/Internet connection (for a flashlight!). It just does what it should be doing. 5+

Josh Riel

Would love to love it. If it wasn't automatically set to the weird screen light, instead of the normal flash this would be the only flashlight anyone would possibly want. However it IS automatically set to the weird screen thing, therefore when I need a flashlight I have to stand there double tapping my screen in the hopes that it responds at some point. Really needed the flashlight tonight fast, it failed utterly... too bad, really.

Joe D'Angelo

GREAT APP !!! Very nice. Can use either the screen or the flash. Very small app can fit on older phones without eating up memory. Less than 70KB. Adjustable display brightness and screen color is a big plus. It needs no permissions. WTF do all the others need with all the phone resources anyway? It's only a flashlight. Also like the Rooster app that this person wrote. Best of all, its free, and add free! Thanks!!!

Jason Rodriguez

Great flashlight app! Only takes less than 100kB of space. Nice led flashlight plus great use of screen as a light source. The screen lighting (and color) is variable, which is useful when you are checking on the kids and don't want to wake them.

Neil Labadie

Cool n simple design no ads free Should be able to adjust led brightness level. Shame it's only set to brightest setting. I'd give five stars and $$$ if I could adjust the led flash brightness.

niknah viewpad

Best flashlight app Tried lots of flashlight apps. This is my favorite. Have it on all my devices. It's small. Can't believe other apps need 1mb just to turn the light on.

Willa Jabir

Simple & works App does exactly what it says and does NOT harvest your info like some of the other flashlight apps. Look at some of the other popular flashlight apps that use over a MB. This one is 67k. What do you think they are doing?

Milovan Krivokapić

That's it Simple, does what it says without any additional (stupid) features which require tons of permissions.

Sheri Kalisz

Decent,yet..... Why would U need access to my camera? Still most flashlight apps require permission of much more so for that I'll give it 4 stars

A Google User

Works on Nexus 5 Searched awhile to find a Nexus 5 compatible flash light that used the LED and didn't have unnecessary permissions, this one does exactly that.

Anne Knight

Flashlight I've tried several flashlight apps and this is by far my favorite. Straightforward, easily adjustable, and opens with a screen light instead of glaringly bright LED light. LED turns on easily when needed

A Google User

Finally! A non-creepy flashlight app! Works great and doesn't track your location or need more permissions than necessary. Whew!

Michael Kuntzman

Great app Simple but effective. One small problem though, when using the screen light to illuminate something, any accidental touch on the screen immediately changes the brightness. Please add a button to lock/unlock the brightness and/or use touch-and-hold to change brightness. Also, if there's any way to set the camera LED brightness, that would be awesome!

Daniel Wickert

No-nonsense Flashlight-App Works as described. Doesn't use more rights than necessary.

James Valente

Best Flashlight App - No Special Permissions Required This is the best flashlight app available. Particularly important, this app does not require any special permissions -- just the ability to turn on the flash of the camera. There are 2 flashlight modes. Double-tap screen to turn on the camera flash for a nice bright flashlight. Or, if you want a more subtle flashlight, you can just use the phone screen itself. Pinch and zoom to increase/decrease the size of the white circle, which adjusts how much light the screen produces.

Peter Johansen

The best Android flashlight Best flashlight app: tiny (<100 kb), no unnecessary permissions, no intrusive ads. Perfect.

Erez Cohen

Lovely and useful Lovely app. Easy switch between screen and Led. No redundant permissions required. LG G2

A. Al-Bassam

Smallest memory footprint flashlight I could find on the market. ~67 K on my phone (Huawei G700). And, it does the job (as a flashlight that is). Great - 5 twinkly ones, with a smile - Thanks.

Marcin Głowacki

Excellent Simple, usefull, good ux. Minimal permissions. Very good app.

Chris Manson

No permissions required I had to go through about 10 of the top flashlight apps to find this one which is the first to not require network permissions... Use your common sense people, if a flashlight needs network permissions it is clearly doing more than just lighting

Vladimir Rogach

The best No annoying ads, nice controls and features

Denis Janowicz

¤) It be simple & with good style.

Andrey Svechnikov

Not good enough Switches off upon phone blocking. And lots of useless functions.

Пользователь Google

Back button! Make back button EXIT instead of switching to screen light.

Amy Elizabeth Long

Best flashlight app available! Doesn't need all those permissions to work, and is a small file, since it has no spyware attached to it like the others.

Anna Artisensi

Finally! A non-creepy flashlight app! Works great and doesn't track your location or need more permissions than necessary. Whew!

A Google User

Really good app, easy to use! Loves double tap to turn on camera's flash. Only thing missing is long press volume up to turn on flashlight.

Sam Goodale

Great app Very easy-to-use. No weird permissions outside of what is needed for function. Simple with a very small amount memory needed. Has worked great for me.

A Google User

Awesome No useless permissions. Perfect!

A Google User

Works on Nexus 5 Searched awhile to find a Nexus 5 compatible flash light that used the LED and didn't have unnecessary permissions, this one does exactly that.

Rachel Ricci

Used to be perfect Now the adjustable part doesn't work. The pinch zooming doesn't work. And it no longer over-rides the LED on lower battery percents. Too bad...

A Google User

Near perfect! I tell everyone about this app!9 Works great on galaxy nexus ICS! Bright LED and nice screen light with color choice. I love apps without ads and crazy permissions, nice job! 5 stars if updated to have a strobe light and Morse code setting for the LED, but that's just my idea of the perfect flashlight app.

Ben Chrissanto

BRILLIANT APP effective and efficient with NO MORE PERMISSION

Becky B

Pretty Great The only negative thing about this app is that the flashlight closes if you leave the screen. Other than that, perfect.

Peter Shenkin

Doesn't work on my LG G3 running Lollipop. I get the white circle that expands and contracts with gestures, but the LED on the back of the camera does not turn on.

Nick Balazs

Installed on my new phone and it doesn't work Camera flash led won't turn on for my droid maxx 2.

Dean Koehler

Unable to use camera flash on LG G5 Says it doesn't have permission to use the camera flash and the camera has nowhere to allow it. Stuck.

A Google User

I get a "No camera permission" error when trying to turn on the LED. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini / Android 6.0.1

a jaan

done very well

Kristýna Kopšová

Switching between the flashlight and display is why I'm here. I use the display light for reading at night (yes, I still do read what's written on paper and does not glow itself), adjusting the brightness just not to wake up my sweetheart. The camera flashlight is useful too of course. And at last but not least, no ridiculous permissions. At all! Just like that! So it is possible, I see.

J.J. daCool

Worked on previous phones. It was my favorite flashlight app. This doesnt work on some 4.4.0 and up android devices. Screen light will work, double tap LED flashlight might not work. (Other tested flashlight apps do work.) Tested on LGMS345 10f, 5.1.1 , not rooted yet, mpcs, and tested on LG MS395 10g, 4.4.2 , unrooted, mpcs. (Worked on lg ms395 only when rooted)

Dominic Burdick

Capable and easy to use, no unnecessary permissions Use either the camera flash or the smartphone screen. With the screen option you can set color and brightness. Does not need a host of permissions like some other highly rated apps. Worked great on my Samsung S5. Good job.

A Google User

Reading is Fundamental Those complaining about the app accessing the camera are simply dumb. Did they even read the update description? The app now supports LED flash. I lose hope in humanity everyday bc of these MORONS.

Judy C.

Finally. This is a simple, clean little app that does all you want it to do perfectly -- without all the nonsense. Plus, someone finally explained why a flashlight needs to take control of my cameras. Duh. To give ME control of the LED associated with it. Direct, purposeful thinking. That's what I want in my programmers. These guys are for me. Great job. Thanks.

Tegan Dowling

Works just fine NO PERMISSIONS other than camera, to make use of camera's led light. default is to fill the screen of your device with white color (you control how completely the screen is filled). Optional via double-tap is to use your camera's LED. You can also change the screen color. Simple. Works.

Adam Watters

Like it. Minimal permissions and extremely light weight. There is a slight lag in turning the LED on or off on my Nexus 5. I wish there was a setting to open the app directly into having the LED on, as that is all I use. Update: the lag is annoying

Daniel Brady

Works as it should. Using it on a nexus 5, I like it because it's quick and easy. You can double tap to activate the flash LED, and using the lock button on the phone or the home button turns it off. A good simple flashlight. Nice icon too.

Marc Heard

It works... You just have to be smart enough to use it. If you still bang bricks together above your head to try starting fires, this app isn't for you. If you can distinguish how MUCH brightness you need for a task (& know what distinguish means), this app is for you.

Alfonso Zamora

Simple Flashlight App! Only permission needed to install app is the use of the camera! Other flashlight apps need permissions for contacts and to connect to the Network for their annoying apps.

Jonathan Gawrych

Best This flashlight app is the best. No ads, no weird permissions, has a non-flash mode with easy to control brightness and can use the camera's flash. By far beats all the others

Paul N-H

Simply elegant! I tried a bunch until I found this one. No Ads! Doesn't sell your location or identity! Tiniest Flashlight I could find, doesn't hog megabytes of memory! I'm using v2.0.3. The one bad review is way out of date. It has a bit of delay on my old Gingerbread phone, but my new Moto X is quick as a flash!

Allen Craine

It works perfect. Previous poster is noob. Works FIRST time. Plus it only requires hardware tools access. Almost all other flashlight, apps require all tracKing and data and personal info! wtf for?? Screw that!!!!! This one works and won't track you. 5 stars.

A Google User

Perfect! Does exactly what it says, and does it perfectly. No unnecessary bells or whistles - AND NO ADS! - just a good flashlight that uses the screen or your camera flash. Plus it has a nice icon. :)

Paul Iwanaga

Permissions A+ I'll give it to them for only requiring one needed permission. However the LED part of the app does not work on my phone (Samsung Exhibit 2 using Gingerbread)

Doris Tomlin

Simple and perfect Does what it says. Compact size. No scary permissions. Only drawback: Hard to find in the Play Store because there are too many other flashlight apps!

Bren Worth

Works exactly as advertised! A flashlight app that doesn't need to know where I am. A rare breed of app to only use what services it needs and not sell my info to advertising

Phil Nishikawa

No camera permission error Worked great on my old phone and loved it. With my new HTC 10 running Marshmallow, I get a "No camera permission" error and can't use the LED. Is there a way to give permission? The screen light with the zoom works just fine though.

A Google User

Really good flashlight. Great at concerts.

Zsolt Szabo

No shenanigans, just works

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