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15 Sep
Flappy Fish

Posted by One Minute Game in Arcade | Sept. 15, 2016 | 141 Comments

Apk file size: 3.0 MB

I'm a flappy fish in your android phone, My mission is to bring you happiness.
Control fish swimming in blue sea, practice game control get more experience.
Take pumpkin to save the fish live.
Swim through the water, make bubbles.

1. Use google play service leaderboard and achievement.
2. Easy to play: tap screen to make the fish swim.
3. Nice graphics.
4. Less permission: ACCESS_NETWORK.

Whats new

    1. Add mute button, you can turn music on or off;
    2. Update UI make game more vivid;
    3. Reduced size of the package, use less resources;

One Minute Game part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 77.4803. Current verison is 5.3. Actual size 3.0 MB.

Download flappy-fish-4.apk 3.0 MB


Abby McGuire

Awesome!!???? The poles are farther apart,so it's easier to get through them. It's so easy. I can get all the way to 31.


Question please answer When the fish crashes does it say a bad word?

Perla Lopez

Perla lopez pelayo I liked it because it has a fish

Rhiana Meyer

Adds are annoying. At first it was hard to control but now my high score is 73

Sadaf Ali

Ok t is so fun my high score is 1269

Nicholas Turini

Awesome Pretty good better than other flappy birds wanabees

Jenny Grow

FlappyFish It is fun and frustrating

Mi'ra Mikkel Muhamad Hidayat

My score is 87. I love this game!!!

D Russell

O.k. I guess There are to many ads, also the character needs to go faster

Zara Taylor

Too easy it so much better than floppy bird.

Wyatt Cibulka

Kinda hard Awsome

Ronnie Smith

Cool Its not that bad its fun

Dali Cordova

It is fun but why does that stupid fish have to take so long to get down

Jaela Jennings

Fix it please Can you please fix this cuz its too many ads and its not working can you please fix this????????????

Lauren Bayliss

Cool The pipes are farther apart and my highest score 77

Courtney Clarke

OMG Best game in the world

Dylon Urquiza

Awesome It was pretty cool???

Rigo Moreira

Love it This is a good game for my son

Amari Smith

Funny fish Slow and hard I like it because it was challenging

Lainey Baker

So fun I can get to 66 so easy

Brian Bb

AWSOME!:-) My high score is 70!!! Its easy!

Kristi Neubert

Funny Fish This game could get frustrating sometimes but it is a great game and my high score is 53!

Oisín Welsh

Love it Great... I loved flappy bird but I uninstalled it... then it was removed from the appstore. This is brilliant and easy to play... I love the extra pumpkin lives... just Too Many ADS

Alexandria Fecht

Love it Love it but very frustrating

R Miears

Funny fish Funny fish is the best game I have ever played in my life and my high score is 68

Melissa Robertson

This game is sometimes fustrating but I am still pretty good at it.

Karina Calimee

I give it a five star but only one problem after every game there is an ad but other than that its an amazing game!!!?????

Maria Guerrero

better than flappy bird but hate the ads A lot easier then flappy bird and better then flappy bird

Evan Berwick

My hi score is 41this is the best fish game I have ever pladed

Jason Becker

I'm not so bad I love this game my score is 40

Erin Berwick

I love this game my high score is 100 and something. It is so much better than flappy bird.

Riddhishma Domah

funny fish loved it.But very frustrating

Ciara O Mahony

I L-O-V-E this game I love this game!!! I like the way you can get pumpkins for an extra life my highest is 50 something????

Ericscool123 Martinez

So cool It's just like flappy bird

Marcus Henry

Awesome The only bad thing is the ads that's it its awesome

Romany Sheldon

Great This game is like flappy birds only much better in my case. My high score was 404 I doubt I would get that on flappy birds. It's much slower so easier to play great game overall u need to download it

Deena Moore

Pumpkins! I love this game! Especially how if you collect the pumpkins you don't die, but just take damage. The one question I have about the game is why are we collecting pumpkins in the ocean? Over its a great game!

loran Cole

Luv it!❤❤❤ I luv how it gives you a second chance when you collect the lil pumpkins.?

haley taylor

#luvin it Luv this game my sisters luv it is 2(: #luvin it

grant gautreau

Excellent but... I wish they'd take off the tubes otherwise an excellent game!!

Nadine Simms Hindley

EPIC I love it but I think that if they make it harder by adding bigger fish I mean its so easy I got all the way to 54 so in other words EEEPPPIIICCC

Ethan Almeida

Love it Best game ever. I like how it gives us a second chance

Susan Beam

Love it! It one of the best games I've ever played!! ????☺?

Terry Wren

It's o.k. I like it more than flappy bird

Gemma Foulds

So many f***** adds I like it but remove the adds

Patrick Taylor

Great Just that plss the fish jump to high

Natalia Lucero

Lives I like this game because it give u extra lives

Rachel Armstrong

Awsome Turned invisible when used pum kin

Jackson Boyd

Amazing! I would think its the most coolest game in the WHOLE app store!!!

Cory Frazier

Easy My highest score is 408


funny fish it is amazing it has big holes to go thru

Jereme Woods

Great Game This Game is very addictive and seriously easy My high score is 127

Keisha davis

Malaki The fish is so cute :))))))))))))) my high score was 35

Kyleah Jimenez

Love it I love it so much it just grater then mush of all my games

Maria Lopez

I love it and I love how is just like flappy bird but floppy does not swim

Mark Presson

Too hard who n drunk Can't press right buttons when drunk make ui bigger

Mary Proctor

It's ok, but there are TO MANY ADS!!! :( It's ok, but there are to many ads! The character is cute but I would rather play something that had less ads that popped up, and something that challenges the brain more. If you enjoy a game that has a simple style, I would highly recommend this game to you.

Brandy Thomas

Flappy fish That literally copied super Mario bros with the,pipes and It being underwater not cool people not cool I say create your own devertion because some people like would not buy or download anything people copy there ideas and turn them into your and make sure don't let people steal your idea!!!!!!!.

Kaelah Joseph

Its kind of weird Why would it need to my? personal contact information

Barbara Hull

Ash This is so awesome you don't even have can play all day long but don't get mad when you die

Greg Williams

I love it It is awsome see i dont get what people mean by they hate it its also better than flappy bird and easier I love it :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) : :-) :-) :-).


It's OK Not too bad. I've seen worse games out there. I'd recommend getting it. It's a fun way to pass time! Very challenging! However if you get mad easily don't get it. I'd recommend this game for ages 10+ as it is not quite a kids game yet. BTW my score is 783, 560 for floppy bird and for Flappy Bird 100. And does this game have the Mario ending? I got to 100 and never got it. And on my IPhone my high score is 39057,0079989. Too easy though. You should remove the pumpkin lives to make it harder.

Lakristia Boyd

This one is better that flappy poop is really bad for children espeshally the name cause they will start sayin it and they might say it to their teacher !!!

paulina perez

Rated okay It's annoying kuz it says rate mi later so I did oh yeah good game train this one as nd to flappy bird

Wally Yoiu

Flappy fish Amazing all over!!! Awsome =} best game ever downloaded!!!!!!!!!!!!=flappy fish. Who ever hates the game is a reatard

Josie Dewine

Cool try it it is probably not for all people BuT it is cool.

TJR Stephenson

Loved it LOVE IT ITS GOOD AND WTF IT IS FUNNY XD I put RUBBISH at first but i edited it because i played it again and drumroll........ it is... MEGA,UBER FUNNY XD. My high score is 105 and much much better than flappy bird, more like droppy bird i thinck most people shoud play this wonderful game a.k.a flappy fish.My high score on flappy bird is only 37 D: so anyway bye see ya and i wish there was EPIC CAUSE IT IS.

Lily Evans

LOVVÈ Thank you for making an easier version of flappy bird that does not make me break my ipad LOL

Travis Roy

Great? I love it. Its entertainment at its finest. And fwi you should quit complaining about the adds, its getting on my nerves.

Elijah Spenski

Its very fun Its like flappy bird but he's a fish and then I got 101 rods passed who ever is reading this you need to get this game

Marisabel Lerma

OK IG One u get the hang of it the game gets easy n I don't like the sound it makes when it dies or whatever u want to call it ????

Nye Mcdonnough

Good but i play lots of games like this. Super Mario bros flapy duck flapy bird all the same make somethink diffrent!!!!!! I will give u ????? if u make more diffrent games but i am giving u a 3 ??? for now

H Pep

Extremely fun I remember the original flappy bird I used to have it on one of my phones it was fun and this is just like it same frustrating and tedious ways


Best parodie ever! This version of flappy bird is the best one yet . The one up idea is perfect. Even though they got the sound from Mario, it still gives a fun way to play flappy bird and it gives it a new edge.

Cynthia Craig

Good Good game. The fish's jumps are very free flowing, which makes this a nice stress reliever, plus the lives is a nice perk, though I do wish that you could also purchase diff fish.

Savannah Rice

Love it It gives me so many lives and doesn't jump too high, just what I want.

Heather English

It's so fun and every time I play it I really want to beat my last score and I'm on my phone 24 7 because I'm always on flappy fish ?

Danielle Rogers

Too easy I wouldn't get it. It's not like the real flappy bird. It's way too easy and it gives you small warnings when you slightly touch the pipe.

Vellala Raghu Prasad

It's ok... The game is ok bu the fish keeps on disappearing. Please fix this so then I can give it more stars . btw, my high score is 1223


Its OK? I'm mean its not the most exciting game ever but its entertaining I liked it I didn't love it though its OK

Carleigh Lyle

I have been working on the phone number and I have a few weeks ago but it is not a problem at the end I have a few weeks ago but it is not intended to be a problem at least

Shammy Chandrabalan

Flappy fish The game is easy so I like it but I want to get more then 156

Myan Farquharson

Cute myan ♡☆♡☆♡☆ The first time I did this it was great and I hope you enjoy it good

Alyssa Rawlime

It's ok would not recommend the fish dosent go down fast enough to make it through some pipes

Bol Kwat

Flappy fish First I thought it would be bad but it might be better than flappy bird thay might be the same or flappy fish is better or flappy bird is better ??

Benjamin's Universe

Flap fish flap This game is the flappy bird brought back as flappy fish. Loving it. But I am really bad. ??? I love fish

Shannen Lightfoot

Cool It challenges me and keeps me entertained

Andreas Snethlage

TO MANY ADS : ( I hate it to many ads I can't even play this game change or I will delete it : (

József Fülöp

Its Ok Its a copy of flappy bird and when it asks me to rate it I say no and my screen just freeze for about a minute!

Rosalia Aleman

Stupid This game glitch and made me lose my coin that gives me live you guy are not cool.

Ethan Quinn

I almost had a rage The is cool but the fish go's up to high

Calum Sharp

Cool This is a good and cool game and good for kids to try and beet there hi scor

Kate Kula

So cool. I like it when the fish makes that weird sound when it dies. So funny.

Rochy Pantoja

I do not know why they made a new flapp bird like game

Rebecca Martin

It's really fun but I think that there should be levels and practice mode

Sharell Bunkers

It's just awful I hate it it just won't let me go through the things when I did not do anything wrong people please don't get it

Avery Garrett

People please Why do people say it's awful you hate it it's too hard well for too hard my high score is 1,038 it's just easy and it gets hard but people it's supposed to be challenging more than it is and I love it more than the universe people please it's great if your good at it and most people I know it is easy and fun if you are now looking at my review it is amazing and yeah you get it please though don't not get it if I'm bored this is what I do all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO AWESOME, GREAT, AMAZING YOU'LL LOVE IT

Sean Cole

Ug Wouldn't leave me alone till i did this also way to many ads

Tori Jess

So bad so many rate me and ads it so annoying and anyway after a while it gets boring would NOT recommend sorry!

Tara Conway

Amazing but Hard I love the game it's really good but I can't even get past 24 it's probably because I'm bad but overall I love the game install it NOW

Ruth Howell

To easy The holes are 2 big after 10 minutes I got past 100 point's

chocolatecolors 27

Flappy fish My score is 56 but It not Halloween but I think u should change it instead a pumpkin to a flower

Monserrat Soto

I loved it but… I love this game because it actually gives you more time to go through the poles things. The only thing I would add is like levels or worlds also, but overall it's great. I would also take the ads out.

Karen Charles

Too Easy The game is too easy but still great fun. I do agree that some of its content has been used in Super Mario Bros © for example when you collect the pumpkin that gives you extra lives, you hear that EXACT same noise you hear when you collect the green mushroom In Super Mario Bros © which also gives you extra lives. Other than that, good game!

Nikki Eatherington

Only one problem that I can find I really like this game and I find the character amazingly cute but there is one fault. TOO MANY ADVERTISEMENTS that pop up a lot. I hope that this can be sorted. I would rather pay for this without adds that play it with them. :-) :-) :-)

Lisa Reed

One Major Flaw, imo This version used to be my absolute favorite. Playing a while later, so much has changed but not for the better. Its smooth and crisp and I like the idea of the pumpkins. The moving obstacles are great for the challenging aspect, but the one thing that messes with all of it is the position of the fish itself on the screen. With the fish in the center, you take away the player's vision. This game comes to be a game of chance when you can't see the next set of pillars


It's OK Not too bad. I've seen worse games out there. I'd recommend getting it. It's a fun way to pass time! Very challenging! However if you get mad easily don't get it.

Eddie Mccarthy

Ofal This game is is so bad now know one woud never like to play it I bet.But I'm giving you a one star for trying

Germain Gonzalez

Loved it Really the closest thing to Flappy Bird but with a cool twist!

Christina Thomas

Challenging It is esay when you get the game then as your score get higher the tougher it gets

Shannon Archer

EPIC It's awsome and my type of game where you have to comserntrate and statigize ☆

alfietazavlogs 21

Alright But ads too many

Ryan Tait

Is a better version of flappy bird

Khalilah Horton-Spencer

Sooooooooo bad Hated it

Daisy Jones

Great app but glitches I love the app my children adore it.Its ever so fun and addictive but one day after work I went on it and as I was on 1298 and my kids were amazed suddenly the fish was invisible ever since that night it has done the same to every round of flappy fish.Its a great app and until this app is fixed I will give 5 stars and I will also be playing it regularly but plz sort this out thank you very much xx


Fun but... It needs a mute button because I try to listen to music while playing but the annoying ting sound is ruining it.

Della Ferguson

Awsome time killer This is much easier than the real flappy bird and pluse it is super fun to play when your bored, spare time, and when your on a long car ride it doesnt take internet to use it so u can play anywhere anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!

alodya christa natalie

Love it ????????????????? The name and the rest is fine for you and the rest is history of time to meet up with a good time for you to be able to do it in the past few weeks ago but I don't know how to use it

Danielle Smith

It's sucks It took 4 hours to download and install + it took me 700 times to get to 6+to many adds

Zoya Mahmood

Time killer It's just so good the first time I got it I couldn't really play it then the next minute my high score was 26 and it doesn't use Internet so you can take it with you anywhere you want!!!!

Gamer Girl

This is well better than flappy bird because it gives you lives and I think that people can control it better.I recommend this app

This game has way to many adds also hard to cotrol it i hated it This is the fake on worst game ever

Penny Board Tips And Tricks

Well it just is OK Ummm... just downloaded it but there is no way to even get past the second pipe because the previous jumping comes down too slow

Faith Meme

I just have no words Its not hard but some times it gets a lil bit boring cuz theres no levels or difficulties you can choose from

Danieto Murray

I don't like it it's not so good if you want to download it take the challenge

Matt Cassar

So Cool! This game has the exact same graphics as the original Flappy Bird and its super fun and addictive! It deserves more than five stars!

Great game This game was good but when you get an extra life they take it away with the slitest touch of the pillers

Katelyn Albert

Lol Just rating cuz it kept annoying me

Sam Orth

Cheap version of flappy bird All though flappy bird was bad to

Bailey Atkinson

Ok Good game but difficult P.S can you please make different types of fish ?

Loved Ive loved flappy bird but when it got removed i was looking for an app of this sense and it has filled the hole that was made by flappy birds removal

Peter McCann

Rate me later nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does that poor fish have to say rate me later? I absolutely love the game but its very addictive rate me later nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its sooo annoying! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!# get rid of it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#great game

keyboard Warrior

It's good but not great When you think about it, it's just a re-skin clone

Caelan Aucote

Ok It's great but you need to control your anger

Devon Delgado

Addicting Its so fun and addicting and challenging i could play this all day

Justin Alexander

Great game I love this game downloaded floppy bird first then seen this game as a suggestion, it's way better and very additive

Jago Family

Lit game Best if it would be a bit more challenging, my high score is like 2500 plz make a more challenging game

sam Bowering

Mario theif They stole Mario sounds

Dane Ross Quintano

Its perfect until It always want me to rate this. Thats not fair. BUT still, I liked it.

Sky Bear

Great It is awesome I am spending so much time on this at the moment I am trying to get a new high score

ForEver_ KitKat

Bad graphics It was bad

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