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9 Jun
Five Tries At Love Dating Sim

Posted by JCSoft Inc. in Simulation | June 9, 2016 | 162 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

Can you find love in five nights? Play and find out in this dating sim!

You have nothing to do for five nights. Do you choose to interact with the residents in the rooms, or do you just want to sweep the halls for money? It's up to you! Find your favorite animatronics! Talk to them or give them gifts to build up their love for you. You have five tries and five nights, to find the love of your life.

From the creators of Animatronic Jumpscare Factory, Five Nights of Love is a new, addicting original dating simulator where you can date your favorite animatronic characters!

3 NEW characters and 4 NEW endings!
NEW LEADERBOARDS: See how well your animatronic dating skills stack up against everyone else!
Optimized performance and new UI to improve gameplay experience
More secrets to find!

13 Different Characters
16 Different Endings, 16 different routes!
World Leaderboard to see how your love skills compare against the rest of the world!
Secrets and Surprises waiting to be unlocked!
Infinite amount of possibilities
Endless Fun!

Note: Look forward to future updates with more characters, more endings, and even more pickup lines!

Whats new

    ***HUGE UPDATE***
    3 NEW characters and 4 NEW endings!
    NEW LEADERBOARDS: See how well your animatronic dating skills stack up against everyone else!
    IMPROVED performance and new UI to improve gameplay experience
    MORE secrets to find!

JCSoft Inc. part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 9, 2016. Google play rating is 83.4375. Current verison is 4.0.0. Actual size 22.0 MB.

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A Jones

The ugly truth This game is so cool, its really fun too the best endings are balloon boys and springtraps, I just wish u added more characters like bonnie or the marionett

Skyler Reed

The ugly truth I couldn't trust spring trap at first but when I tried him ? he's like "no you to lame I'm gonna kill you now" but you should add all the animatronics maybe even the nightmare animatronics but it was awesome

Aliyah Page

The Ugly Truth I got killed by Springtrap. What I get for wanting that adorable monster rabbit so badly. XD still had fun.

ShyAnne Klinger

Freddy!!!!! Wow I can't believe this I love this game great job my favorite fnaf character is purpleguy but my second is freddy and he kept on starting to like me yay I love him so much :) <3

Ethan A

All endings Together forever. I love balloons. The ugly truth. I love Freddy. Pay day.I'll give it 5 stars if you add Chica

Hannah Whipple

Springy trap Spring trap is sooooooooooooooo cute but wen I cept talking to him he had red eyes and said it was me and I knew he kept saying that I knew he was just keeping up his sooooooooooooooo cute act up but this game is cute I also like freddy and why would freddy eat pizza in da corner stupid freddy but at the menu foxy is dressed up in a tuxedo that's cuter then spring trap I gotta say but why does b.b have a troll face and wen u say no to a balloon he kills u this game is tlly WTF I gotta say but games cool

Greta Pettie

The Ugly Truth, I Love Balloons, I Love Freddy, Together Forever I LOVE IT! 1. UGLY TRUTH) SpringTrap tried to act like a cute bunny animatronic but will kill you if gets 100%. 2 I LOVE BALLONS!) Saying "no" to Balloon Boy can cause you to get confused, scared or raged and Balloon Boy in-game kills you. But... BB can give you Items, Money&Energy. 3. I ♡ Freddy) Freddy did not love you as usual but... hitting 100 will change his relationship with you. The Creator Used Freddy's Jumpscare Factory for Freddy's Love with you. Final. Foxy kills you in-game when hitting 100.

Bella Remy

The ugly truth, the marriage, the kissing,pay day,balloons I had got all 5 endings first foxy, then Freddy then springtrap then balloon boy springtrap ending scared me a bit. Foxy ending was sweet cuz he's my real boyfriend. Freddy ending was cute.balloon boy ending was crappy. And the Pay Day ending was so boring all I did was sweep up on all 5 nights and then ended up all alone. MY GOD WHY DID I END UP ALL ALONE?!?!?!?!?!

Arielle Williams

fnaf fav characters My fav character was balloon boy until he scared me REALLY bad but now the purple guy is my fav

Vixen Fox

Springtapz truth (ugly truth) Omg I trusted him. He killed meh why springtap whyyyy!!!! :'( springtrap is my favorite character from fnaf that's why I'm sad.

Multan Titan

The ugly truth Man it was so funny lol and mostly balloon boy his face and buy the balloons plz thrust me and omg spring trap is scary

Bristol Stoehr

YAY!!! I love Freddy!!!! Also I love balloons..........stupid bb.......I'm sorry bb......but it true........dont kill me......

Shots Fired

A must have Would have been better with moar animatronics I've gotten all the endings and well when spring trap turned on me and his eyes turned red I almost pooped my pants. Not very good with sudden changes XD

Alina Tellez

I love this game so much just could you and some more animatronics like the puppet master, Chica also Bonnie.

Idella Montague

It was a good game. My only requests are that you add Bonnie, Chica, and Fredbear/Golden Freddy, and make a sequel with the Toys and the Puppet.

Aniya Hafey

O my gosh! Love this game!my favorite is foxy he is kinda creepy but cool! Love this game!one thing you should add is ALL of the animatronics!

Katelynn Vinson

Super funny Couldn't stop laughing at foxys cheesey pick up lines

Chloe Stots

Haha This game is fun and funny. When I didn't want a balloon he killed me bruh lol

shadz254 daughter of shadamy

Omg you heard me! I love this game!! Its funny that BB is like that and you press no?? beware the balloon... ? always... press yes.. Anyways. Make more!!

Meri Lanthier

Freddy <3 This simulation was great! Freddy had the most sweetest ending. Add more animatronics! :)

Jigoku Hinote

GOT THEM A ALL. I played till I got all endings. I love love love foxy. I would love to keep him as a pet

maddy752 aj

Bonnie needed I think you should add bonnie and golden Freddy and more sweet endings like foxies

Anyssa Pena

Together forever, I love you Freddy and the ugly truth This is a awesome game! I also got all the endings and enjoyed all of it

Kodie Chacon

Great But just don't make foxy tear my eyeballs okay! Cause if my 5 year old brother played it he would probly hate me

Lillian White

Say yes bb's balloons He has a creepy jumpscare and love this game add Bonnie and chica

Grace Lambert

The UglyTruth Beset game in history for fan made FNAF games! When I first saw Springtrap cuteness, I knew something was up.... "And now I Kill You" Hahaha! Awesome game..... Purple Guy.P.S please add more animatronics like for sure bonnie and Chica and with BB besides having just giving you balloons you also have the choice too flirt with him! Well, I guess BB's "no" is good enough!

DJ eevee

Good Springtrap is soo kawaii, Foxy is good lookin too. One thi g thou... u guys should add bonnie or mangle( before mangle was broken) probably the toy animatronics too!

Skelly girl

Reminds me of anime! I love that Freddy is a tsundere. He's mean to you and ends up in love with you. Spring trap is a yandere. He's so kawaii and when he thinks you don't like him, he kills you.

Sandi Stewy

Money Pay day but please add all the animatronics including purple guy and nightmare foxy freddy bonnie and chica

Cookie Cat

Kawaii!! I liked the Freddy and Foxy ending, but Spring trap was a bit surprising. Balloon Boy when you say No, goes murder on you and I think its funny XD

Riley Kenney

Great game but plz more characters!!!! I love the game but I think u guys should add Bonnie and golden Freddy.

Jessica Cortes

Best game ever I love balloons. Together forever. The ugly truth. Pay day. I love Freddy

Connor Moran

Needs work It needs more animatronics I think but its still good

Jolin Jimenez

It. Was. The. Best . Game. Ever. LOVE IT I really couldn't trust spring trap in the beginning. Spring trap, go die in a fire

Katie Hampton

cool! I got together forever I love balloons and pay day. BB is ugly spingtrap is so cute!

Yenoka Szabo

Suprising It is actually kind of fun but I wish there was bonnie, golden freddy, chica and the puppet.

Paige Sullivan

Together forever. I loved it needs more characters like bonnie and chica. Ps balloon boy is really funny when I said no to a balloon kids dont say no to bb. I guess me and foxy was made for each other.

Dion Lopez

Freddy's mean in this game In night 4 i gave freddy a bandit and he hates it. Don't listen to freddy.

Kelly Hodges

Okay i played througn it a couple times as soon as i unlocked ??? Mode and i saw the new clown foxy i immediatly thought no, just no and i didnt even bother doing anything else i just closed the game and uninstalled it

Ashlyn Stansell

Together forever It's definitely fun, but I've not even had it for 24 hours and I've already unlocked all the endings. Even "I love gifts", in 1.0, 2.0, and clown mode. If they added some new stuff that would help. Btw, you can buy clown mode from gift boy.

B'eLana Rowe

Its good Its good an all but the fackt that if you exit the app it wont save an you can't save an I was on my last night and I accidentally clicked the home button and it did not save it really made me mad because I had 1of the ppl to 94% an I needed 1more but I didn't get to this made me sad mad an just plain upset so I want them yo add that in so it saves your progression.

led dealer

Pinkie really cool. But I don't understand why she is nice friendly at first then mean creepy dead-ish but still adorable.

Mikhala Holsted

I r8 8/8 m8 The graphics of this game are so realistic, I felt like I was actually in the game. Also, the dialogue between player and animatronics was so captivating and interesting. I was actually so into this game that I left my toast sandwich in the dishwasher for too long! I recommend this game to anyone who has extra time, has no relationship expertise whatsoever, and who has no life. Over all... I R8 8/8 M8 BECAUSE IT WAS SO GR8.

Josh Henderson

Ahh, the ugly truth All these people are just huge Debbie downers about the game. If you didn't download it for a parodie game, then why DID you download it?

Makenna Gikas

Every ending I love teddy. together forever. The ugly truth. Pay day. Forever together. I love bunny. Bon appetit. I love gifts. Of the hook. I have gotten every ending because this game is awsome

Cadence Padgett

Teddy I love teddy the most cuz mangle eats you, chica stares at you evil like she's some crazy person, bonnie well he is not mean but kinda is, pinkie pretends she cute, foxy is nice but at the end he kills you, but teddy is kinda mean but at the end he's nice to you and he kisses you

Jackie Said

BEST GAME I love this game its clever its cool and its awesome i gave it a five stars who ever made the game good job

Rea Hopper

Scary Say NO to gift boy I dare you GB is da ? also in ??? mode if u give pinkie a flower at da end its weird

tommy tube

Im a fn Im a super big fan of five nights at freddy's I just love it I hate haters like the one that said boring

Lovely One

Thanks for more fnaf characters!But... Awesome and thank you for this game!???? "I LOVE BUNNY!" "TOGETHER FOREVER!" "BON APPETITE!" "I LOVE TEDDY!" "THE UGLY TRUTH!" and "OFF THE HOOK!" Please make secret mode scary because clowns... they suck! ????

Elaine Edwards

I love thosrs guys but I hate I hate pinkie shes an evil lil twit SHE TRIED TO KILL me!! Chomoer same pibkie is a brat I love bunny chica teddy and Roxie that's it I agree with some of yous plz make pinkie without bad ending make them all good ending or else I HaTe pinkie forever!! BTW pinkie is spring trap she has the same ears and she killed kids like spribgtrap

Jackie Lloyd

Five nights at Freddy's love I'm always getting Freddy fazbear's love each time he is adorable but sweep the floors give them gifts go to balloon boy and have fun and enjoy.!!!

Alicia Alvarez

More Updates please!!!!!! I really love this game(I hate gift boy)You done a really great job,keep up the good work..... P.S (I think)chompers said I look yummy which made me feel weird.Also I said no to gift boy,which then gave me a ANGRY look so I go scared, BUT PLEASE UPDATE!And please make (Mangle) more cuddly at first then keep the jumpscare,but keep her quotes!

Bayley Galfano

BONNIE LOVES ME!!!!! Bonnie loves me. Apparently I would not stop bothering him and he started to like me over time. And he finally admitted to me he likes me! He screamed really loud, I LOVE BAYLEY!!! lol!!!? I love the game it is based off of the game Freddy's Jumpscare Factory! Five ?????s!!! Great game!!!

Female Swiftpaw

Haha bunny loves me He was saying "I LOVE FEMALE SWIFTPAW!!" Then blushing. So cute to spice up your love lives. XD

bella diaz

Got all endings except the ??? Ones Good I love it! Bonnie said this for my name "I LOVE ISABELLOXY!" And Chica really creeped me out, Mangle ate me *I may have some issues but she needs reprogramming* I quit the ??? Mode because clowns creep me out. *Maybe add some new OCs to it to add a cool reaction, maybe add anyone's mlp Fnaf oc to the game...I made mines.

Joleigh Nelson

Its cute and adorbs #1:foxy=cheesy flirts,tries to get u to fall in love with him,and when at the end when u get married he kills u,name Roxie. #2:Freddy=tells how he struggles,tries to hide feelings,name is teddy,at end he kisses u. #3:spingtrap=acts all innocent,name is pinkie,at end he confesses and then kills u. #4:balloonboy=gives u gifts,if u accept he tells u stuff,name giftboy, if u decline he kills u. #5:bonnie=says mean stuff,name is bunny,hides feelings,and at end she confesses her feelings for u. #6:chica=name chick,ant end she wants u to stay foreves. #7:mangle=she thinks ur delicious,she keeps looking at u weird,her name is chomped,at end she kills u. Its not scary at all bye my name is maggie.

Jason McDowell

Together forever i Love teddy the ugly truth i Love bunny forever Together Bon appetite i Love gifts I Love It TWD Chica is scary after 10o and stars at you Mangle eats your face Pinky Kills you foxy loves you and married you and kill you teddy loves you and kisses you Bonnie bes maen then says i Love You gift boy says that l love gifts and kills you I love Bonnie

Jake Anderson

The ugly truth I love Bonnie I love freddy bon appite off the hook I love gifts together forever Is that all?

Karen Santos

Nice game My younger cousin love bunny when he said " I love Julia " at the end of the game that's when my cousin scream in delight and she said " he said he loves me! " and scream again but anyway good game for people who has a crush on the animatronics in five nights at Freddy... = )

Derpy Piplup

Bon appetite! Together forever x2! I love Bonnie! I love Freddy! I got almost every one of all I need is Springtrap...(edit: Bon appetite! Together forever x2! I love Bonnie! I love Freddy! The ugly truth! Secret Springtrap route: Off the hook!)

Micah Fobb

I Love Teddy Off The Hook,Together Forever,I Love Gifts, I Love Bunny,Bon appetite,And I Love Teddy.

Vanessa Roman

LOVE IT!?gets boring? At ferst I thought u where trying to get them to love u tell foxy got me the bunny soo cute!???WHY PINKY WHY I??-?i sooo knew the tuff bunny was a lovey bunny but eny way GET IT!I beat it but I also maryed foxy it will get boring

Depressed Amy Rose

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLSSS CHANGE IT BACK TO FOXY AND THE OTHER ANIMATRONICS!! NOT SOME DUMB FAN CHARACTERS!! I WOULD RATE IT FIVE STARS THEN! :( ??????? pls take my word and change them back....I do not like this update. This was the app I first had on phone (my new one) and I fell in love with it. But now, I absolutely HATE it. The fan characters...ooh! I HATE them

Brianna Collum

I love teddy!! Teddy is da best I just got the game and already got everything and saw all of the endings

Donatus Loisang

It's good but can I got all the endings in 20 mins, can you add fnaf 3 and 4,all characters? And I just realized I typed everything in my title

Brandy Hoffman

Love it but 1 problem... I fu***ing want the locked mode/clown mode!unlock it right now cause idk now how to unlock it stupid bb dont give the unlock ballon...............................................................

maria Dornagon

You guys ruined it! This game is Awesome but the people who made it ruined it because of the last update plus i have a few ideas for it how about adding more animatronics like more toys and stuff and adding more modes and the finaly is to change it and make it back to normal thanx!

Harold Harris

Endings I got I love Gifts. I love Teddy. Off the hook. Together Forever. I love Bunny! Forever Together. Pay Day. The ugly truth.

Jaden Hollifield

I Love Bonnie I got all endings and the chica and mangle ending scared me cuz mangle jumpscares you and chica looks weird

Bonnie The Cyat Bunny™

DO MONTH THEMES Do a Christmas theme :3 THE GAME IS JUST, OMFG. GIVE IT A GRAMMY. PLZ. ITS JUST. *dying of laughter*

Brianna Raymond

Cute I love it and it is not what I can get the chick and pinkey are cute and so far as I have ever seen. ???????????????? I LOVE IT NEED MORE!!!

Brooklynn Akurangi

Its alright I nearly got every animatronic to love me, and i really wanna figure out how to unlock the last game

Cassie Davis

OMFG I love Bunny more then any of the others. Hope new update is coming soon. Rlly wanna play new stuff for this. ?

Ali M

Bon Appetite! It's a fun game and I hope there will be more characters soon, but how do get the secret level one?

Nightmare Gaming

Never press no when balloon boy said do you want a balloon plz don't lol!?? Don't do it!also I just gave a flower to pinkie and hes like your off the hook lol

Olivia Risko

This was creamy! Love it I like they love us and not try to kill us! Love it!


Meh I remember seeing this as a great game, nno w yoh have taken back most of the fnaf-ness. Did they copyright strike you or something? BRING BACK THE FNAF!

Jonathan Moore

Omg Its da best but whatever u do don't say 2 gift boy r hell kill u by turning into balloon boy!!!!!!!!!

Angela Karshner

Endings below SPOILER ALERT Freddy makes out with you. Pink? Bonnie? Pink Bonnie gets all creepy... But if u give him a flower it's fine. Foxy... Marries you and then kills you? Bonnie is, well, normal... Chica... Keeps you hostage for the rest of your life? And mangle... Abruptly jumpscares you and eats you. Nice! I guess! Anyway I thought it was a great game and it was fun to find out the endings. Pink Bonnie: I KILLED CHILDREN Me: OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP. Pink Bonnie: But since you gave me this flower You're off the hook! Me: THANK GAWD JESUS LORD

Katrinette Sexton

Fun It fun BUT in the original you get killed by Pinkie or Spingtrap and Foxy the pirate. Then in the new generation you get killed by Chica, Mangle, and you get killed if you say no to a balloon or gift.

Vamp Howl

Perfect! Lack of ads, glitches and everything bad! I got together forever, I love teddy, off the hook and I love bunny! Not to mention, Bon appetite and whatever Chica's ending had! One thing I do wish is that you can customize yourself and have a selected chat so you can talk to them. But besides that, it's amazing! Keep up the good work JCSoft! ;3

Samuel Lybbert

Off the hook The secret ending was definitely the best of them all. To get it you have to do the pinky path but give them a flower to end it. Best game 10/10

dino marshmelow

Love itt This is a good game I've seen some youtubers play this on computer and I've wanted to play it but my computer is broken but since I found this on the play store I'm super happy!???

Donna Davidson

Cute Every ending is so cute especially bunny, I like how bunny yells out, I love Donna!! Why does Roxie kill me, if he likes me?

Hannah The Llama

Awesome Great app, but omg I shut down my phone when pinkie went all creepy, she was adorable and I got sooo scared.

Ana Meeuwes

I made it Little bit creepy and funny how I just played another 5 nights in love and it was u fall in love with ever one but if u make it to the end u get killed with foxy


It's fun! So far I've gotten"Pay Day"," Off the hook", "Together Forever","Forever Together","I love Bunny" "Bob Appetit","I love gifts", and "I love Teddy". I love this game but Crap, secret mode made me laugh so frickin hard! >.<

Jason McDowell

Together forever i Love teddy the ugly truth i Love bunny forever Together Bon appetite i Love gifts I Love It TWD Chica is scary after 10o and stars at you Mangle eats your face Pinky Kills you foxy loves you and married you and kill you teddy loves you and kisses you Bonnie bes maen then says i Love You gift boy says that l love gifts and kills you I love Bonnie and theres a secret ending whith Pinky give her a flower and your off the hook ps. Pinky is acshaly springtrap

chantel brookes

Roxie i love uuuuuu Roxie is the bestbhe is sooooooooo romantic this is the best do more like it (ROXIE U R MY SENPAI NO ONE LOVES U LIKE I DOOOO)this is best

Flip Cyde

AWESOME! PINK SPRINGTRAP IS SO CUTE! I think the ??? version makes Purple Guy (a.k.a pink springy) less scary! :3 P.S, Chomper (a.k.a mangle) is really crazy about eating you....OMG! But mangle is still my favorite character, along with springtrap and foxy! X3

Sienna Hendricks

It's OK buut... My character has already fallen in " love " with all the animatronics, now this is kind of boring.


ITS SO GOOD LOVE IT HAHAHA GET IT LOVE Its awesome just a good game pinky and Roxie fell in love with me Roxie married me weird right. pinky just got mad then all mean but i gave here a flower :)

Dark Night

I love it! It is really great, fantastic that you got the original characters back, not to mention new ones! It is absolutely wonderful and fun to play, and I look forward to seeing more updates in the future! P.s maybe give their original names back? And is shadow a boy or a girl?

maria killyourself

Its a cute game but... The game was too short like it last maybe 30 minutes and that's with seeing all the different endings and unlocking the secret but I loved the characters because they made them hard to find the bad guy or the good guy and so far though it was a really cute game oh and I LOVED the yandre characters! But for the yandre characters I felt like you need to kinda make it more tensey and freaky like.

Madison Self

Phantom Teddy Honestly Phantom Teddy's ending was pretty sad. It was so sweet though! I'm not going to spoil it (like some people before me) but prepare for a MINOR dose of feels.

Golden Freddy Girl

Five Nights of Love Dating Sim I love this game it's awesome and I'm a fan of fnaf which is awesome!looove it!???

angela piotrowski

Very good! I wanted to play after i saw Mairusu play it, it was Worth It.

Catherine Parker

Grate game I kept getting the shadow bonnie ending # forever bound by love

Shielah Powell

UM... I pressed the "NO" butten! U Know when the gift boy says "Care for a gift?" I pressed "NO" Instead of "YES" and he killed me!

tanny Nanna

Yay I really like the new update! Omg! Mime surprised me the most. I did not expect a jumpscare out of him. I also like Teddy he has the nicest ending in the game.

Cortney Allen-jones

Handsome BB Omigosh I'm so scared, why is it always Bb that scares me!

Kethry Miller

Memories I remember when this game first came out. It has since then had many upgrades and I can never see a single flaw. This game is for laughs and it's pretty cute. I definitely recommend you try it out :)

Thatoneunpopularartist Nisa

Forever bound in marriage :-| A rude awakening remembered love I love gifts!.

Steven Wilson

Love spring trap Give him a flower he dose not kill you


Off the hook My favorite characters are spring trap and foxy

Jenna Gaudette

Don't say no to the gift boy ?(!o~o!) Don't date the mime either

Ivy S.S.

WTF mime??!!!?!?!?!?!? Mime WTF there's a jumpscare?!?!?!?! BTW he is so scary like I'm only 9 but the game is so much fun :) I support you 5 stars

Maria Marples

OMG I loved the second game and this game sounds awesome but plzzzzzzz make them longer. Then its 5 Star rating from me. :3 <3

fnafcreepypasta girl2005

"A rude awakening"??? The phantom puppet ending was so funny and cool at the same time????????????????

Roxy Tunes

Awesome I absolutely LOVE this game, I tried all of the endings and I think Teddy and Bunny was my favourite ;)

Tylisa Jackson

Cool Together forever in this game chica looked a little cute

Anime 101

Its so cute!!!! When I first played it I thought it was boring but now I think its so cute,fun and a great time killer

Im Im Im

More of this pls I wish that there is a security guard version

Marion Nl

Omg This game is so fun but scary when u have a character

Sapphire Crystal Heart the Wolf

Maybe add a little more differences!? Is it ok if you can choose your gender and whatever gender you choose the characters would rather be a male or a female so the art would look more feminine or masculine. Also can you try and add more endings to get and can you add achievements or goals to do if you are hooked to Google play.

william dill

BON APITIT Chomper scared the heck out of me!

Anna Rolfe

I love the ending The gift boy ending is pretty spooky

Courtney Brown

Off the Hook! I got the secret springtrap ending

Christina Meyer

Love Um...foxy sometimes said you,ll look nice in a weting dress!?

Andrea Hinds

Awesome!! ? I love this game please make more versions of this.

Kaleigh Caldwell

I love bunny!? He is so cute! And he loves me! Yay! Sweet cute bonnie!??

jack vongkoth

Awesome No glitch in the game

Callie Lps™

Gr8 I'd loved to make this! ??

Steven Calvert

Great game just needs more characters

anth scor

Yeah go baby I got Toy chica as my love so I love her she loves me

Mangle The Pirate Fox

SOOO CUTE Roxie is nice BUT Spring is so cute


I love this game "Together forever" and "I love gifts" 'nuff said.

Emily Lessmiller

Best Romance Game EVER I loved how you did the characters so well, the loneliness of golden freddy, the hunger of mangle, the soullessness of marrionette, and the charming foxy. My favorite characterhad to be golden freddy. He seemed so much li,e a boy I once knew. He had amnesia, so he couldnt remember anything, but I helped him remember, just like I did with golden freddy. Please, make the charaters more interactable. I actually want to choose what to say and do with the poor animatronics. Although this isnt my favorite in the entire world, its definitely my favorite romance AND fnaf game.

Dessialis Cruz

Together Forever!/ Ilove bunny! I got Foxy!! I got him cuz he was bein all " Lovey Dovey " with me and he KILLED me when we got married! P.S. DONT SAY NO TO GIFT BOY's GIFTS Oh and i got bonnie! I know that he was trying to b nice to me but in mean words!! Awesome and Cute ending!

Florin Cazacu

Forever bound in Marriage... After Spring broke my heart, I discovered the secret to winning and seduced all the characters, except Mangle and Puppet, who killed me. At the end, I remained bound in marriage with Shadow! 5 stars!

Brooklyn Garza

Heh you must try it you will injoy if you are like me My mate was Roxie and he was everything I pictured my kind of romantic and that is Scarry creepy a little silly serious not fomilior of happy wares black a lot white make-up and black make up as an goth woman or man dark and last but not least dramatic

Lilly Sain

OMG IT WAS AWESOME! I got this once when I was younger and I was like this horrible! Then later I decided to try again and I love it! I've gotten every outcome! Even "I love gifts" and "pay day"! You should also try jumpscare academy and jumpscare factory. Oh. One more thing, how do you unlock secret? AND you all who hate this game are the stupidest people on the planet!! Ok sorry, it's just that you have to be crazy not to love this game!!

Nikki Key

Got the best ending with springtrap I got the off the hook ending don't tell anyone but how to get it is if you give him a flower before he is like 2 to 3 almost full of love so that is that is 98 or 97

katie habel

I LOVE GIFTS! BLAAAA In all seriousness tho, this game is GREAT. Awesome humor, good mechanics, and... GIFT BOY IS TERRIFYING. I SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER. MY MOM IS LOOKIN AT ME WEIRD NOW. AAAAHAAAAG.

QUTIE♡ YASS OK,WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I DOWNLAD THIS GAME THAN I GOT BORED UP WITH THAN I TRY TO DOWNLAD IT AGAIN AND YASS NEW!! but.. can u make your gender like u know .. uhh like change a skin and use some of the colour pls oh btw I can't wait for you to make the secret ok

Rosaline Waffeltaco


Samantha Euceda Viverito

great thus far But 16 endings? I got 1 Freddy 2 springtraps 1 foxy 1 Bonnie 1 chica 1 mangle 1 phantom Freddy 1 mime 1 shadow 1 alone 2 gift boys =13 what are the rest if the unlocked mode counts as the same endings as its normal counter parts ?

eevee pokemon

Ok this creepy and fun at the same time but gift boy is creepy so I didn't now about gift boy soo pushed no then I'm like WHAT THE!!!?? Freaking out I said I'm gonna have nightmares from gift boy

Sidney Snider

I LOVE BUNNY! I think that's what it says.... I got Bonnie. He was trying to act all TOUGH and SCARY but in the end, he just cracked and gave in. He loves me! I will NEVER forget this moment!

Aleah Toni Cuento

For five stars. I unlocked ??? Bb I saw wearing a mask I said no then he said no???no more mask weird★★★★☆ ♥♥♥♥♥ but I still ♥ dis game da proof and I did not die a single time energy bro ;) bb put ur mask back on ur gonna look like a tomato in a potato and im forever married with gift boy I got handsome bb or gb ending but im warnin u I also married mimi it was almost imposible I just gave all my stuff it said *mimi looked away he does not want to kill you*

Procolo Culver

I WIN!!! TO GET ??? MODE JUST BUY THE GOLD KEY FROM GIFT BOY (or if you want Balloon Boy) and U will die laughing! It's basically original game only they all look completely messed up! I also got all 15 ends! AND URGENT NOTICE DONT SAY NO TO BALLOON BOY IF U DONT WANT 2 DIE CUZ HE FLIPS OUT AND KILLS U...I LEARNED THAT THE HARD WAY!!! (-:

Makayla Rogers

HILARIOUS Mostly every ending I get I die besides phantom Teddy's I thought springs was funny when he was like red eyes but instead of killing me he... Said 'since you gave me a flower your off the hook! For now..' And I was like OMG XD XD XD

Violet ?

MANGLE SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH!! This game is awesome I love the jumpscares there cool and cute,funny,and its kid friendly I have to say it gets a 10++++++ on my bord

The Gaming Foxes

0-0 have a fear of fnaf now 0-0 i prefer bb then chick he full out kills me then i die slowly same with shadow...change to a demon i did foxy is f***ed up dont get me started on freddy MANGLE IS SO HUNGRY???? I LEARNED THE HARD WAY

yanderp166 animal jam

this game is good but creepy Guys don't say no to the guy who gives gifts because he is ballon boy and don't get 100% love cause ur gonna die

un know

Together forever the ugly truth and I<3 bunny Rude awaking Remerded love Bon appetite Together forever in bound marrige and then the saying no to the box boy

Its quite scary Its fun to talk with the others. Buts when I choose Springtrap,Chic a and Mime.. Its really (kinda) scary. And it also makes my cousin really frightened.

Kimberly Salinas

LOVE IT It's so cute and creepy for some reason shadow bonnie married me and Chica wanted me to stay FOR EVER but the only reason it flitted with Chica is because Chica is my favorite and I like shadow bonnie but not like that ok.Oh!!! and bonnie os so cute !!! ♡☆♡☆♡☆

andrea page

NOOOO!!! I had got foxy to marry me but... HE KILLED ME! HE'S MY FAVORITE!!!!! WHO EVER MADE THIS GAME IS A CRAPY BUTT!!!!!!! I HATE THIS GAME! HASHTAG: WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!! GONNA DELETE THIS GAME NOW!!!! So please give my letter a THUBS UP if you agree with me!!!

Monique Sorrells

A little scary In the phantoms thing the black one killed me and the new version the girl chomps ate me but I still love this game :-)

Albert Smith

Bonnie is cute I love bonnie he is so cute and he just cracked but shadowbonnie killed me when we got married even springtrap*springtrap says I killed children and now I'm gonna kill you springtrap kills me**shadow bonnie says lets be together FOREVER shadow bonnie kills me* but bonnie is nice and cute

Toy Chica

Cute and scary at the same time Some of the jump-scares are cute and some of them are scary. Like Freddy and Bonnie's ones are cute and spring-trap and Foxy have almost like Jen scary ones.

Izyan Sahira Rosman

WARNING DONT FLIRT MIME OR SPRING A LOT I like this game so fun but dont flirt with mime or spring a lot they are evil and you think spring is cute but he is evil at the end

Kelly Gibson

It's surprisingly decent. The art style takes a while to adjust to, but when you do, just try to ignore the fact that it's base on FNaF, and it's actually pretty decent. It's weird, silly, and actually kinda cute.

Jazzer The Wolf

OFF THE HOOK omg for a sec i thought springtrap was gunna kill me but he said since i gave him a flower im off the hook for now XD

Jaden Sandven

Loved it!!! I played all the levels and all the Animatronics and it was so fun! My favorite was the Bonnie one! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to do it again!

Light parts

ALL ENDINGS (PLUS ??? MODE) It's a great game and a great dating sim all the character have unique and quirky endings and personality my favorite was Roxie and the extra mode made me laugh for about a full hour

Mildred Dutton

Gamer chad music! Gamer Chad's music is in this if shadow falls in love with you the gamer chad music will play he is the best YouTuber also I love this game if you added more to it it would probably be the most popular game in the world!?

Ruby Perkins

PLEASE HURRY Please hurry and make an update to where u can say what you wanna say to the animatronics.I cant wait for the next update!!!!!!!!!(SAY WHAT YA'LL WANNA SAY AND LET THE WORDS FALL OUT)

Miranda Rose

Adorable I really enjoyed it although, I should of listened to myself and not play it at night xD ~Rude Awakening~ How could you betray me this way? I WAS LOST IN HIS EYES.


Scared me to much When chick and mime get 100% it scares me foxy was fine and they are all I did no more of that for me almost cried pretty much I'm 10!

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