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23 Nov
Five Hundred

Posted by A R C Rowe in Card | Nov. 23, 2015 | 46 Comments

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500 is a popular bid and trick taking card game originating from the USA played by four players in teams of two, with partners sitting opposite each other. It is especially popular in Australia and New Zealand. The game is called 500 because the objective of the game is to be the first team to reach 500 points.

Player bid on how many tricks they can take based upon the hand dealt to them and the highest bid gets the chance to win the hand and the points.

In this version you have a computer partner playing against two computer opponents. The characteristics of your partner can be configured to suit your style of play. Your partner can be an aggressive bidder, moderate or conservative, as your desire.

Other options include

- NEW!!! Ability to REVIEW the previous hand, kitty and bids made
- Ability to tailor the playing of Misere
- Ability to tailor the rules according to local preferences
- Large Card display for smaller screens
- Ability to control game speed
- Ability to turn on/off game sounds
- Option to play 3 or 5 card kitty

Here are some tips on playing the game...

- Don't forget that when there is a trump suit, the highest trump is the joker , followed by the jack of the trump suit (right bower), the other jack of the same colour (left bower), then Ace, King, Queen, 10, 9, etc. down to 5 or 4.Therefore, if say, hearts are trumps, then the jack of diamonds in considered to be a heart for that hand. If diamonds are trumps, the jack of hearts becomes a diamond, conversely. This does not apply for a No Trumps or Misere Bid, naturally.

- The minimum number of tricks that can be bid is six. If you bid say "six hearts", you are saying that with your partner's help, you will try to win at least six tricks with hearts as trumps. How many hearts say would you need to feel confident of making a six hearts bid? There are plenty of thoughts about the bidding process available online, and you need to take the strength of your offsuit into account, ie. do you have many aces?, but as a general guide, perhaps 4 hearts would be a good start.

- If you win the bid, you get to pick up kitty, and need to discard any 3 (or 5) cards from the 13 available to you. As a guide, it is often a good idea to try to rid yourself of an offsuit of which you have no high cards, so that if that suit is led by the opposition during the hand, you are in a position to trump them if required.

- During play, if you are trying to make a bid, it is often a good idea to try to extract trumps from the opposition early in the hand, so that when it comes to playing your offsuit later, they are not in a position to trump your aces. But if you are trying to stop a bid being made, it is also a good idea to not lead trumps back to the opposition if you can help it, try to keep the precious trumps for trumping offsuit.

- When you can't follow the suit that was led, are you aren't looking to trump, you are said to be discarding. You should try to discard a low card from your strongest offsuit first, and your partner will pick up on this and believe that this suit is perhaps the best to lead to you later.

For many more tips on all things 500, a good website to visit is

To play 500 online against other people, try...

If you have any issues, please email
[email protected]
and an update may be supplied.

Note to Samsung users who can't seem to access any menus, that these can be accessed by long pressing the bottom right "recent apps" button on the device.

Whats new

    Version 3.02 fixes a problem where sometimes the total number of wins and losses can be unexpectedly reset to 0.
    Version 3.01 fixes a problem displaying buttons on the Review dialog for Android 5 (Lollipop) devices.
    Version 3.00
    NEW!!! A much requested feature, REVIEW functionality at the end of a hand now allows you to review the previous hand played, the previous kitty and the bids made.

A R C Rowe part of our Card and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Nov. 23, 2015. Google play rating is 80.8849. Current verison is 3.02. Actual size 3.4 MB.

Download five-hundred.apk 3.4 MB


John Ryerson

The Best 500 App. Out There Hands Down!!! This app is by far the best when it comes to the game 500. I don't know why people don't give it a higher rating or why it doesn't have a higher rating, but it indeed is the only app out there with so many different options. It is the only app which has options for Misere. It allows you to call Misere at any time if you choose, or you can choose the option that will not allow you to call Misere if somebody makes a 7 book bid. Also has the option to bid even if you pass the first time.

keith stevens

The partner often loses for you. Cheats in mosair

Jesse Ude

Okay game but buggy The computer often sluffs and than later plays that suit.

Mark Sellin

The computer should deal a little more evenly. We pay for this app. I cannot adjust anything, no settings. Have not won a game. Crap.

Josh T

Best 500 app at the moment Decent game mechanics, regular updates, better than anything else at the moment.

Jeanne Hoeft

Great app operator I had problems with the app, the operator worked with me until fixed. He just sent an update. The best!

Carole Jenkins

Love it especially now misere has been fixed. Great for teaching new comers to the game - just wish there was a 3 hand cut throat version to make it perfect :-D

Julien Bergeron

Great but... The game is great, the partners are very intelligent but if you're gonna make a "very fast" playing mode, make it fast! I shouldn't wait 3 seconds between hands in the fastest mode. Would give 5 stars if it were fixed.

Cal Wright

It was fun, but not any more! Reduced from 5 stars to 2. After last update it was great, but maybe it realized I was having too much fun. Now it's rare to have anything but junk in your hand, just like before the update. Just plain depressing.

A Google User

Its good but... I really enjoy playing but the computer sabotages your hand so often. Can't configure the mode. Should have from beginner medium to advanced.

Ken Stapley

five hundred played this game for 50 years. partner plays so foolish it takes pleaure of game totaly away. other aspects totally wrong.

Matt Palastro

Pretty good. The ai players won't lead their final trump ever. Even if it is the highest remaining or it is just to get the lead back to the bidding player. Annoying. Please fix.

Yanil Zezima

5 stars hands down Don't normally pay for games, especially since there are a manifold of card games that are free to download, but this is amazing. Played on a friends phone first. Found it had great AI and a clean and crisp interface. 5 stars, keep it up guys!

joel spencer

Great fun. VERY addictive.Very popular in Iceland I hear.

Daniel McCrea

Great 500 game, few glitches The game is enjoyable to play but after a while there are some glitches that will annoy the hell out of you. If you have joker can be played as first or last of suit in no trumps set, that rule doesn't seem to be enforced for the computer only when you play. Also regularly when calling tricks it will show that people have passed only when you go to make a call will say that is not higher than current bid when it appears as though no call has been made. Good game but when playing regularly can be frustrating

A Google User

Fun but Repetitive This is great fun for about 2hrs until you find the same strength hands, same bidding styles, & same outcomes repeat over & over & over... like being stuck in a time warp. At this stage your brain is in a trance because you know if you keep playing you'll win again, & you can't stop until you do.

Graham Maxwell

Best five hundred game. Love everything about it. Well done. Just gets better.

mitch carew

Great game Love the updated graphics, makes it much easier to read on my Nexus 5 with the small cards. Game is as advertised and the AI plays as expected. My only suggestion would be multiplayer, though I understand this is easier said than done heh.

Christopher Middleton

AI OK. Has problems switching to other apps then back during play animation. Minor UI issues on small screen. I enjoy playing it.

Geoff Faggotter

Great How do you access game options on samsung galaxy

glenn walters

Great The way it should be played...

Jordan Bates

I like it. Great game. Like the options for rules. Miserie (nello) bid is great. Better graphics would be nice though.

Thomas Krzyzanowski

Very good. A Few glitches. Opposition can reneg on an open mizaire call. Partner doesn't play low when ive called 6 no trumps and they have won the bid. You can playing a diamond on the jack of diamonds led as a heart when holding hearts.

Ron Behrendt

Fun and realistic. Cards are difficult to read. The large card display option doed not help as the graphics are covered by the adjacent card. Needs an undo option when discarding.

Gary Coles

Load of fun Works well and great AI. If only all real partners played this well. Developer responsive to suggestions to continue to improve game play. Best 500 on android or apple

Joel Brittain

Good, but not great Partner still overbids, wish it had option of 5 card kitty. I also wish option to only play hands where bid of 7 tricks or greater is made. Overall though very good.

Paul Hutton

The best five hundred game Great AI - Keep up the good work!

Andy Leonard

Great 500 app A great little app which allows the use of the rules I'm used to, but allows for some flexibility as well. Partner ai isn't too bad either. There aren't many good 500 apps out there, this one is a welcome addition. Dev is very responsive with bugs and updates.

Ralph Gailis

Nice app I love 500 but never have enough partners so this is very welcome

James Kent

Clever Best AI going around. Love it. Thanks very much.

Jackson Walkear

Best 500 app for Android so far AI is generally pretty fair. ..most of the time

Jerry Holman

Terrible... Computer partner is a dope.. you get less than 25 pc of biddable hands.. it isnt randomised deck at all... not even close.. no options menu .. no live play over net.. its pathetic.. worst dollar Ive spent since I bought chocolate jelly beans and they turned out to be rabbit droppings.

Eric Roth

Joker and bid issues Opponents play the joker on NT bids while still having cards of the played suit in their hand. According to every rule set, this is illegal. When playing inkle bids, the computer will inkle a suit without a bower. This makes it impossible to know how strong of a 6 bid it is. I've seen the AI bid 6 on a 4,5,6,7. With that said, the AI is still superior to the other 500 games on the market.

Timothy Stoney

ui could be better How do you declare joker when playing misere?

Kevin Jennissen

Almost there The customizable rules put this 500 app above all others (no other app allows you to play as close to traditional American rules), but it needs the option to allow everyone to only bid once per hand regardless of what else has been bid. The partner AI does some really stupid things sometimes, too, such as losing a trick by leading the King of trump, and then displaying later that they had the bower necessary to prevent that. The app just needs a few more updates!

Ashley Burian

Great game. Best 500 game on android

Yeshua Richards

Loved it If you want real players, try 500 multiplayer by the same great creator as this creation.

Mike Simpson

Great AI, UI could be better. AIs much better than other apps out there. No way to get the menu bar back after hiding it. A bit slow and the buttons, card images look bad

Wolfgang Pelz

One small bug. The games won/lost table keeps resetting to zero

tammy fox

Not great, too slow. No icon on my desktop.

Christopher Middleton

Fun and keeps being improved.

Adam Goddard

500 feedback. Best Card game ever !!! . Excellent programing. Great IA. Love the new winning screen display.

A Google User

Its good but... I really enjoy playing but the computer sabotages your hand so often. Can't configure the mode. Should have from beginner medium to advanced.

A Google User

Fun but Repetitive This is great fun for about 2hrs until you find the same strength hands, same bidding styles, & same outcomes repeat over & over & over... like being stuck in a time warp. At this stage your brain is in a trance because you know if you keep playing you'll win again, & you can't stop until you do.

Vicki Crowley

When Joker led... Love the app but hate when i lead my joker as first card my opponent leads a bower even though they had a lower card. I would get banished from my family if we did this playing cards!

Jim Andrist

Good overall Very realistic 95% of the time. Occasionally partner bids irrationally, e.g. 7 Diamonds w only one diamond in hand.

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