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13 Jul
Fit or Fat

Posted by App Much in Arcade | July 13, 2016 | 139 Comments

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Get rid of the fat by jumping the rope, running on the treadmill, or doing hurdles in this addicting game!

Master timing and focus your skills in the fun game to help the girl lose weight.

Tap to jump over the rope and shake of those pounds in 'Fit or Fat'.

Can you get fit? Its time to find out!

*** Now with Career Mode ***
*** Unlock Achievements ***

App Much part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 13, 2016. Google play rating is 58.9. Current verison is 3.3. Actual size 29.0 MB.

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Liz Skellington

2 many ads Kept messing me up, no directions on How 2 play *blah*

Serina Lewis

Oh my gosh! This game is kind of offensive! I guess in some way, people find it amusing, but I just think its offending on way too many levels!

Libby Sykes

Good game Needs to work on treadmill. No instructions. When it is fixed I will give a five.

Layla B

its so fun .its feals like when you tap alot with your fingers it gives you an exercise for your fingers

Mila Novak

Trash The minigames are stupid and require tapping at precise moments, but I didnt understand when exactry. The graphics are poor, and overall design pretty trashy

Lasaiah Postell

This is a good game and it shows how we have to exercise and take care of ourselves.??

Ariel Sago

Amazing This game is so fun I just want to see her skinny that's all

Neveah Merritt

Fit or fat I like my name because I love this game because realizes it makes people realize how they don't want to sit around and be like this man or woman I want to get up and do stuff I don't want to go to the gym and look like the fattest one there so I will get up and do this or that like Ford r3 30 minutes because I don't want to be the fattest person in gym I'll want to be able to do this i

Da'Mya Thomas

Pretty offensive This game is pretty offensive. If it wasn't about fat people exercising and there wasn't noises when you jump,I would probably give it a 4.

Natiyah Mcbaine

this game seems very fun but everytime i click on it it cuts a right back off

britt philo

This game is ridiculous I have been playing for 3 days now and I'm still in the 390s. My hands got carpal tunnel from taking too much

Carmel Jonelle Zissou

Fit or Fat I can actually teach people not to bad

Diamond Coley

Omg This game is so fun my person is -4 pounds

Serah Warner

It inspired me to work out and lose a lot of Wight

Kim Jacobs

you should ba able to stop the game and she can loose the lbs

Ellie Ryan

Crap do not get It is a good for a few months and then it is very hard

Kumari Archana

Oh I want to give it 0 stars but please do not download this game. I don't want to give any description. BYE

Dominique Downey

Ok but.... It is cool but, it goes 3! 2! ad! 1!Start! It is soooooooo annoying so please fix and then i will give 5 stars

Paige Trueax

Stop It keeps start me at 400 when I was at 273

Cassandra Ortiz

To many ads It doesn't really seem challengeing

Salma Liban

The hurdles were really hard and there were too much ads

cody grigory

WAY TO EASY!!!! Just in a hour I went all the way to -1 lbs

Anaiya Jones

My girl is -16 pounds She is so skinny

Lesley Washburn

New games Maybe you can add more games

Bea Makonge

Fun I guess I liked it, my fingers get good exercise and yeah, some levels are harder than others

Kiarra Sharpe

It was o.k. I liked it but it just got on mynerves, it got hard

stephen payn

The Simpsons tapped out is cooler I don't like it the Simpsons tapped out is cooler

Tina Robinson

It is ok It have every thing it good for now

Manaal Nizar

Good game My person is -64 lbs

Netra Taylor

Sooooooooooooooo Cool I should rate this 100 mine is —9

Aniylha Summers

Terrible It is the worst game ever. It cheats you when your doing hurdles

Wynisha Mobley

Ok I liked the game until I realized their was nothing more to do. My girl is -300 lbs.. Shouldn't we get a new character or something??

Kattie Quinn

Cool I guesd I'm at -100 yet she's not a twig lol

Melanie Florez

Loved it I made it from 400 to 64

Annaleese Goulet

Suck When you have 0 pounds you do not get a ew character

Eliza Steinbronn

Stupid It is trash moi games stupid

Jimmarria Cummings

Fit or fat Very fun

Shyanna Jeffers

Omg You have to download it it's addictive

Nathan Curtis

It has inappropriate content in the ads

Keira Land

Good But It is a good game and that is what I wanna do in real life is train peeps... And the problem is she is to frekin she can not jump over the bar her butt gets stuck. ....

Abigail Brown

Fit or fat Despite all the negative comments about this game this game is actually pretty fun l loved it and u never have to stop playing although I wish you could choose your own person . and that's what I think of this game

Mali Cat

Boring, anticlimactic & just effing lame. My girl weighs -11 pounds and looks the same as she did at 120...that's pretty interesting...not. I just wasted my time, don't waste yours too. :(

Jenaya Vann

No point I liked the game,but it goes all the way down to the negitave numbers. No point what so ever.don't get the game.

Marissa Dauenhauer

Eh I don't like the treadmill game it's confusing. Also I don't like the fact that it goes into negative numbers. Also I think there should be set goals and healthy food instead of just exercising.

Samantha Masucci

Insulting I think it's kind of mean and when u lose pounds it doesn't seem to Chang what the person looks like.

Alyciya Sandoval

don't get it It doesn't even know tell you how to play the game in the beginning

Elizabeth Hudson

Would give 0 stars if possible I hate it when my girl is -23 lbs she looks the same as 150 lbs

Orwell House

This game is totally boring I hate this game anyone who wants to install this game please don't.

Rene Jaworski

Realy boring! I don't get the point of it :(

Victor Aderemi

Takes to long to get slim You have to wait til it is something hundred. it's good besides that

Aaliyah Mahone

Do not recommend All of these ads like Wat the hek

Kathleen Watters

Hate it The game is so not fun and it hurts my hand when I'm playing it

Elizabeth Wilson

The game is very entertaining. O:-)

Mollymoo Mollymoo

Fat or fit. Really got for people who like to tap

Alondra Hernandez

It is okay but to many ads and it bothers me. Also I need to tap it so many times its annoying ?????

samahnoor hussain

Fit the fat Go to the gym and get fit lol

Alaja Green

Okay There's Too Many apps because I am trying to do the fitness but too many apps but other wise it is okay. Right Now I have 273 LBS

farahana zamri

Bored game ever I think this is the boring game i've play . It make my hand hurt just to make the fat girl fit . Ahhh and I dont even get any reward after the fat girl getting fit . I hate this game . That one star is just for a sympathy . It don't deserve it .

liz rose

Really mad So I play this game for like 20 mins I hit weight 0 I still look fat! Oh yeah and theres a negative weight.... Still looks fat. Im at -16 right now #goals

Joe Nelless

Really bad So boring it's not like it's gonna do us any good it sertainly doesn't moativate you it just gets your thumbs fit

Emmalee's Channel / About me and my family

You will just keep going down and it unreal my girl is -250 and if this was real life she would be dead it sucks don't download unless you're a baby

Cheyanne Westfall

Blah Who ever created this your an idiot this game freezes and it stupid you are just dumb

Pamela Laprade

Its asome We got her down to -100 pounds we love it so much

Purple Unicorn Trin

-1Lbs ?? Somehow I got her to -1 ??? Awesome game BTW. Waaaaaay better than fit the fat

Helen Steele


xyan simmo

Not real I like it its better than doing real exercising

Ynique Fergus

Never download this game This GAME is worst game ever invented!!!!!O:-) O:-) O:-) :-\

Chris Nevins

Not easy It just sucks because you can't lose weight on character

Naayvea Edwards

Fat cuky girl She fat little girl fresh hefer

Aimee Hartigan

I think this game is awful i hate it it is boring and stupid i am realy disapointed?

Kaitlin Smith

Boring All it doe is make you fail and you tap a lot and you get nothing

Maya Reemtsen

OMG I made her weigh -3 LBS!

OrangeBlossom Robinson

Fit or fat Totally keeps you acupied

Averi Dewitt

Im at -7 pounds but im going to delete it It gets really boring after a while

Taniyah Burden

Taniyah I think this is a game that is talking about people weight so even if it's not you need to take this game off the enternet!!!!!!!????????

Karen Hill

Ug When I try to go back to main menus tpick other option app doesn't respond

Abdellatif Aithssain

It is fantastic Yoou should get it RIGHT NOW YOU will PLAY ON IT ALL DY LONG!!!!!!!!!!

ellie ford

Ummm I liked it a bit !

Summer Bridger

Brilliant game and addicting Loved it I can't spend a time not on this game ??

Grace Hamblin

Ok This game is okay

Rayne Haagensen

Pretty good I got to -2 pounds

Sarah Towery

I love this game

Phoebe Margetson

Bug problems get them fixed

Kyasia Jsckson

Rate Its something

Kelsey Bennett

Dumb Tooo many adds

cookingandmsgirl carlos

Ughh hate it horrible The name says it all

Aubry Decker

Horrible I just hate this game

Sofia Brock

Hate it Its like for the skipping how long does it take to become skinny?And also for the weights she weighed 185 pound and when I paused it came back as 400 pounds. I was so MAD at the game. Oh and also WAY to many ads

Pamela Laprade

Its asome We got her down to -100 pounds we love it so much

Cupcake Kitty

It's Really Good I love it it is so much fun and I'm childish and I like it.?

Anna Shorter

Rubbish U think its cool a first but it's not and u need to tap at least one hundred times to get even close to fit so trust me u do not want this game. Thank u?

Alaxandra Myagkova

I'm up to -15 srysly?!!

Diane callender

Ok Don't really get the point of it but it's ok

Amy Mulvihil

RUBBISH??? This game is the worse game ever(╯︵╰,)

Ellie Feucht

To much ads There was way to much ads and it was very very boring

Katie Allen

Can't do anything

Jessi Ann Kean

Boring and unrealistic! Same thing over and over again, not to mention that you can go down to a negative weight but your character still looks completely healthy. Not the best idea since I can easily see little kids playing this game (my son love to tap on my tablet) and it would give them a poor body image.

P Hettmann

I gusse It fun but don't go all the way to 1 pound if you want to see what she looks like because it will switch you back to 400 pounds oh and if you want to lose weight fast to the waights.

Alisa Dann

WOW I searched addicting games am I found this game and got it it is soo fun.

219 Sereena

Stupid It takes like 5 weeks just to get this peeson from fat to not fat and thats doing to much

Luqman Yusuf

Boring she is really fat I hate this game whoever likes it they r really weird

Laura Heredia

Not the best It is ok but when I did skipping it just stop

Jessica Yates

It's unrealistic and boring It's just the same thing over and over again it's a waste of time playing a stupid game like that

Sophie Wilson

Dumb Dumb game its boring and it lets you get into negative weight

Ashley Toler

Horrible the hurdles made no sense i didn't even want to give one star really really really really really bad

Linda Bentum

It's okk.... It's ok but all u have to do is tap

Trinidy Allenpeterson

WHAT I played this until I was at 100 lbs. And it just made me go back to 324 lbs.

Corissa Griffith

WORST GAME EVER All you do is tap!

Zgirl 007

Really bad This is rude to fat people and it's slow and to many ads and when you get skinny your to skinny

Mindy Pulliam

It easy but... Its easy if you just find a beat to each thing I found my own beat to the hurdles and now I'm best at them and I used to be best at weights but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because of all of the ads they come up every time I fail on one thing and am about to start it again.

Jazz and Sam Carranza

Its okay It okay but there ate too many adds and all you do is just skip run and 2 other stuff its kind of hard but maybe this game is for you but it is not for me

Ny and Jess

I like it.. Its a fun game especially how I see the amazing transform I just feel like that it shouldnt go back to the original pounds I feel like that progress should be saved and they should also give a before and after pic if you wanna see how well you did, other than that its fine p.s (I gave five stars cause I seen how poorly the reviews were so... but my original stars were 4 )

Kieona Harrison

WTF Its fun to see that she loses weight but this only happens when I do hurdles (The STUPID ads)

Mustafa kv

Hate this game I did not even get fit one time .I only downloaded it now already want to delete it

Kamauri Jelk

Hated it's boring I get her skinny then my fingers hurt then I stop run out of time and I press continue and she fat again

Kenya Smith

Hated it You cant do nothing

Jessie Ruby

this game sucks it doesn't even know when to stop losing Waite I got me person down to a NEGATIVE TWO no person ways under 0 pounds and if the do their dead

jamie terpenning

What the hell! It freezes after the first 2 jumps and then ads ads ads! Waste.

Ieaun Holbrook

It's easy I just got this game about 20 minutes ago and I've already lost 105 lbs easy

S Schulze

Not a good game just boring really boring and me pointer finger hurts.

Dyana Richards

This game is like a work out for me tho cause every time I pick one I have to use my thumb cause all my other finger hurting because I wasted all my energy on this game tho like ??????????????????

Alexa jean julien

I hate it 1st she is to fat she barly can do enything it so stupied

Andrew McCatty

Stupid The stupidest game ever created

AGbabies Fun Time

Gets Old It gets boring after a while

Monalisa Tovar TOVAR

LoL This game is great,if yo say it isn't then you suck

Sucks When you tap it doesnt work

Chloe Rose

I have had this game for nearly half an hour and have got her to -35 and you get no rewards and there are no instructions cant do the treadmill

Kianna Daniels

Really I got to 40lbs then they had me start all over

Sian Hobson

It doesn't even make her fit

Emmanuella Prempeh

Boring I hate it is hate it horobke

Paige Moloney

Too easy I was playing for 10 minutes and she already at -52lbs.

Manuel Bartios

There is no point in the game

Stefanie White

No instructions and boring

Maritza Garcia

Fit or fat It looks so realistic ?

Fit or fat

Leslie Salinas

Cool game This game is awesome get it

It's good It's addicting and fun ?

Veronica Mclaurin

Funny Was very fun

Anna Shorter

Rubbish U think its cool a first but it's not and u need to tap at least one hundred times to get even close to fit so trust me u do not want this game. Thank u?

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