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27 May
First Strike 1.3

Posted by Feinheit kreativ studio GmbH in Strategy | May 27, 2016 | 203 Comments

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First Strike 1.3: Nuclear War, but it's Fun

The Top 10 Strategy Game in over 50 countries.


**** - "A thought provoking and fast-paced strategy game" - pocketgamer
**** - "A gorgeous game with a message, that doesn’t forget that it’s a game" - 148apps
****½ - "An awesome game suited for casual and professional nukers alike" - appszoom
**** - "For my money, there is no better-looking game on the App Store" - pockettactics
****½ - "One of the best releases of the year" - whatsoniphone

*Finalist "Best International Game" - Ludicious Festival 2014*
*Finalist "Best Upcoming Game" - International Mobile Game Awards 2014*
*Winner "Mobile of the Day" - FWA Awards*
*Winner "Game of the Year" - BOSA Awards*
*Finalist "Best Swiss Game" - SGDA Awards*


Escalation is a downward spiral.

A nuclear armageddon is no one’s dream scenario. So choose your steps carefully, it’s a small path between war and peace. FIRST STRIKE is a great strategy simulation featuring snappy gameplay and an intuitive interface that makes dropping the big one as easy as ABC. But be sure to take the right measures to guarantee your people’s safety.

Pick one of the big nuclear players – from known Superpowers to an upstart hellraiser like North Korea – and plan your strategy wisely: Limited but clever options let you as the leader of your superpower steer your nation’s fate: Expand to other countries, build bombs or debuild in order to restructure your arsenal. Or use research to widen your options, such as: Ability to act quicker and build bigger bombs, better recon on your enemies actions, automated self-defense-sequences and many more.

Whether you’re a bloodthirsty warmonger or a tree-hugging hippie – it’s time to put your cards on the table. A quick and fun game with beautiful graphics, FIRST STRIKE shows you how little it takes to heat things up. With the tip of your finger you can control the destiny of the precious and vulnerable rock floating through space, the rock we call mothership Earth.


** Compatability: Devices with normal, large or xLarge screen sizes

Whats new

    With help from our amazing players we hopefully managed to fix the problems many of you are experiencing on Android. Thank you very much <3
    If the game still is not running on your device, please send us an e-mail, since we were not able to reproduce the bugs some of you had with 1.3.11

Feinheit kreativ studio GmbH part of our Strategy and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 27, 2016. Google play rating is 86.4314. Current verison is 1.3.12. Actual size 48.0 MB.

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Steve Rushton

Desperately needs an autosave Good visuals (apart from the cartoon-ish looking missiles), gameplay is fun, but without an autosave its pretty pointless.

Jonathan Hartshorn

Please please please... I would totally have given this title five stars but for one thing (and is kind of a big one...). This game needs an auto save feature. I can't tell you how aggravating it is to work up to be the dominant power in the world, then you get a call.. Back to the beginning with you. But, that's it... Everything else about this game is awesome.

T. Dworakowski

Absolutely worst tutorial ever I have no idea what the buttons in game are or do and tutorial explains basically nothing. Not worth the money and effort.

Ryan Wheeler

Autosave Absolutely needs an autosave feature. Is almost pointless without it

Matt R.

Much better with lollipop fix! Would like a save feature.

roy hymes

Best nuclear annihilation game I've found so far on android Four star until multiplayer or autosave is added

SpazAlicious Gaming

It 's a great game and worth the $4 spent. A great strategy game with just the right bit of morbid. Kinda like portal! EDIT: Needs an autosave feature. It doesn't need this but multiplayer would be nice. If it does get implemented then have local and external.

Nick Price

Sumarines Submarines would be awesome i think. You could have nuclear subs in the middle of the ocean and pop out of the water when ready to fire.

Yves Schär

too easy I lobe this game but it's too easy! I never lost a game to this day!

Alvin Miles

Fantastic One of the best games for android would recommend it to any one!

Brandon Christian

Love it Just wish there was multiplayer

Jason Marshall

You can't save progress What's the point in playing if you can't save your progress? God forbid you've played for 30 min and are really into it just to have something important come up and you can't continue playing so you lose all progress.

Ruben Contreras

Why isn't this game mainstream? This game is amazing I would recommend to everyone but its just not mainstream but its extremely good. I hate that good games don't have more downloads! Maybe if there was a free version with slight ads or maybe online and ranking system. This game has potential

Gergely Brautigam

Needs save function As previously stated if you get interrupted long enough for Android to free up the game you're screwed and just lost every progress. That's just mean.

Devon Mullane

Deceptively simple It's easy to find this game to be simple, and for the most part it is, but it can be quite entertaining with more nations and harder starting points. I don't say I'm "addicted", because I'm not, but unlike the landfill of mobile garbage I don't bother with, this game fits the strengths of the touchscreen platform and is a memorable, well constructed game.

Yury Baranov

Almost here great game, very fun and engaging to play!!! However, there are some drawbacks: 1) some important repetitive actions - like building missiles and defending - are not automated. When you have 15 contries, clicking "build cruise - build ICBM - defend" for 10 minutes in a row is neither challenging nor fun, it should be automated 2) superweapons are highly different in quality. Tsar rocket is far superior to everything else, as it allows you to wipe out the AI real quick. Stealth bomber, On the other hand, is

Pumitorn Siriachakul

Should improve UI City border line should be clearly visible(after nuked). This is impact directy to gameplay since it is very difficult to select the desire city. There is nothing to do with strategy if you cannot see which city you are selecting and it's completely annoying. Overall is great, don't let this small flaw ruin the game. Please consider it

eddy jones

Great stress relief What better way to blow up the world and not have to feel bad about later ;) it's really a great game and it shows you what a no win scenario the real thing would be

Victor Figueroa

Great but.... It has a few annoying flaws which if fixed would make the game 5 stars. #1. Plz include option to disable annoying pop ups everytime a city is destroyed. I only want notification of incoming missiles. #2. When you tap defend, it shoots any enemy missle nearby EVEN if its not heading towards you. So if theres a nuke heading for u and a nearby nuke heading for someone else and you tap defend, it will sometimes get the wrong nuke. #3 the ADS should allow states to defend each other in case one state is busy.

Stephan Reid

So addictive and time consuming, great way to get through work!

Andrew -_-

An Impressive Game Simply put, this game is very fun. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is fairly substantial. My biggest issue with it was the lack of adjustments for the enemy ai. Once you learn how to beat the ai (hint: a cruise missile in every territory), the game becomes a cakewalk. It's fun to completely annihilate your foes, but after a while you start to get bored. A new game mode and difficulty settings would make the game that much better. As it is right now, First Strike will provide you with hours of fun!

Brad P

Incredibly amazing The game has great graphics and easy controls. The world is very accurate geographically, with defined country boundaries, giving it the ability to be monuvered rather easily. It features interesting technologies that can be upgraded for better performance. In addition it features accurate portrayals of the power of the super weapons. The TSI rocket with it destructive power and the sheath bomber with its amazing "Stealth" (duh). The new cobalt rocket and dome are effective. In over all the game's awesome

AireOsiris Gaming

Earth destroying happiness This game I picked up out of boredom and I've loved it since. I can not stop playing this game. The controls are simple, and a little finicky at times, but I easily looked past it due to the immersive gameplay and quick (but lengthy at times) movement. Kudos developers, please keep the updates rolling out

Eric Fayne

Game save I love the game but I think it would be better if you could save it just in case you need to exit out & do something else

Stephen S

I've had this since it came out I really love this game, but I cannot bring myself to play it due to not being able to save which is crucial since none of the playthroughs I've done were quick, I hope saving will be implemented one day as I would really like to get through a whole game and add that last deserving 5th star.

Gatis G

Not okay anymore. The sensivity of the globe spin is out of control. It's way too sensitive on galaxy note 4. Little touch will cause super quick spin.

Ryan Sonnenberg

Extraordinarily fun! this game is enormously entertaining. I love everything about the way it looks, the way it plays, and the excitement I get conducting thermonuclear war. I'm reminded of Defcon, and I love it for all the same reasons. Multiplayer would be absolutely amazing and I think I would play it with my friends for freaking ever. You should make it happen.

Gustavo Archila

What a great game! This is by far THE best game that I've played on the android platform. If the developer is reading this, would you please add a "save game option?" Thank you!

Delon Williams

Interesting Concept If only it had more than just fixed missile bases, maybe a nuclear sub, or a mobile launch platform?

Jan-willem De Bleser

Fun, but issues Enjoyable game. No obvious way to copy saved state to a new phone, however, and developer is unresponsive.

Jeff Chappell

Great game Somewhat crippled by its lack of a save feature. Games can take easily over an hour, that's a long time to tie up your phone

Rashad Campbell

Multi-Player This game would be really fun if there were a direct wireless multiplayer (bluetooth or wifi).

Dr. Mintchoclatemuffin

JUST BUY IT. This is probbably the best game i have ever purchased 100% replayability, different story every time, no in app purchases. A callback to the days of cartridge based gaming, quick. Simple. Fun. Just like your mum. &lt;3

benjamin ziebell

Sick! I LOVET IT!!! Lol, great game, By the way, Next update could you add a Missile Jammer? That would be sick, Like I said, Great game , Best recommendation!

Dylan van der westhuizen

Using s5 Love it no lag or bugs so addactive but would give five if i could save progress

nigel greenhill

Game crack As addictive as the first game of red alert I played. They could make a little bit more challenging though...

Tim Baler

Sad Just bought it and it won't do anything past the pick a super weapon it will crash and I can't get a refund so plz fix or something

Will Ellis

Needs save functionality The game is playable and fun but is totally ruined by it's lack of a save option. Mobile games should be easy to pick up, play, put down and play again. Unless you aren't interrupted for 30+ minutes each time you play it becomes frustrating very quickly that you have to restart all over again.

Anthony Zaplaski

Nice but can't save progress In the next update you shoul make a save progress in the menu so we can save it if we have to do something else or something idk

Aleksandr Pakhomov

Stuck up When i am try select super weapon in menu the game is hung on and that all !!!

Антон Авилкин

Nice game but... when I unlocked Kazakhstan there was a notice that I will receive gift weapon . What is that gift weapon? I didn't received anything after registration . Sorry for bad English

Alexander Korol

Russian translation is very bad.

Ivan Betsko

2 things I love this game but it needs autosaves and the ability to use the 2 special power things at the same time not just 1 thx i will then give it 5 stars

Casey Zavala

Absolutely Astonishing This game so ridiculously fun, providing the perfect blend of beautiful graphics, and easy-to-use interfaces, as well as really, really fun gameplay. But, this game is in desperate need of a saving feature, whether it be automatic, or manual. If you get really into a game, and have to go off to do something, that's it, kiss your game goodbye. When (or if) that feature gets added, everyone will be so much happier with this game.

parker jeon

Best strategy game I've played in android ever. This game is best strategy game I've played in android ever. I would like to give this game five star but it doesn't have save feature which can be annoying.

Krystopher Roberts

Best game ever Other that not being able to get world peace amazing game. Get world peace to work and it will be best game ever. Keep up the good work.

Josh Saenz

MAKE MORE WEAPONS! Game is awesome. Ill play either way but deff need more.. weapons. Like SUPER WEAPONS

Lv Sims

It's ok Besides not having autosave, I don't like the fact that when you are manually defending your nations, the missiles have a tendency to strike missiles that are not a threat to you

Jon Mac

Does not work I have an HTC One m8 and the game does not work every time I try to open it I see nothing and the game closes it looks super cool and I would love to try it if it worked

Gordon Adolphson

One of the best mobile games There is room for improvement of course. But as it is, it the most underrated game on the app store. A really unique concept I can't recognize from any other game. Keep improving!

Charl de Klerk

No autosave I would give 5 stars, but can't and won't recommend it until it has an autosave. I'm only playing the game on easy and won't commit to playing harder games until I can save my progress. It also needs a better tutorial

Tucker Patterson

The first of its kind This game is the first RTS game that is not turn based that I found on mobile. It is an excellent game with grass graphics and takes a lot of strategic expertise. It could use an autosave a little better tourturial.

Jose Jimenez

Difficulty The game was rather short in my perspective. But not only that, difficulties should be able to change regardless of what "country" you start with.

James davies-jones

Would you like to play a game ? War Games for android enough said

derekston james

Great game. Love playing it. But i would give it 5 stars if the game was harder. Fair enough there are the secret awards and stuff, but the game can be a bit simple and easy to win

Chris Borak

No way to save Useless to me until you can save a game.

Ozzy Amodeo

Amazing game! This game made me jump out of my seat during the course of the game.

javier soto

Need more Auto save and also more weapons to play with maybe even multiplier games!

Rogerio Martins

Auto save needed Great game but needs auto save.

Joe Marrone

Great full game. Nothing else to buy, fun gameplay, lots of replay value.

Pedro Emílio Machado de Brito

Needs auto save Will rate 5 stars when auto save is implemented.

Clinton B. Jones IV

liked it But should you have a president and washington dc and somevway to invade countrys without nukes that might sound like defcon but yah

Jang Tak

Asus zenfone 2 I couldn't play this game with my new smartphone, Asus Zenfone 2, always freezing when choosing weapon

Ferdy Tambunan

Awesome! Very Nice Game, but a major issue here is no option to save this game.

FilmCow Fan

Genocide Of the human race. It's beautiful.

Daneyal R

Good game play and great animation.

Derek Herrera

Great game but... Needs autosave, more enemies and more research options. Also the game is too easy.

Deven Boyd

MINDBLOWING I love this game no complaints.But I do wish it had multiplayer.

Tao Tao

Great game except for some bug i annihilated all other countries but wasnt able to finish the game. please do a fix asap

Christopher Thomas

Love the destruction of the world in this game Bomb the World!!!

Junior Contreras

Update I really love this game but needs more updates like both superweapo s at the same time and more super weapons more bombs like different and more enemy's also interactive game play thankyou


A superb game This game really did surprise me. I was expecting a good time waster but this is really something else. It is really fun and challenging with certain countries. If I had one complaint it would be that sometimes it's too easy. I lost my first game and never lost again, and I'm at 72% completion.

Ilija Melentijevic

Great game with a silly flaw There is no autosave so if you say get a call during play all is lost. Bit silly for a game with long play sessions, hope this gets improved. Still earns 5 stars.

D Combs

Dope At first didnt get tbe concept but now i cant get off what would be even better it to play against live opponents

Rito Rocha

Amazing game Just some ideas for future update(s), Autosave, as the below reviews state this is just one of those games that gets dragged out over a long period and the gamer at some point needs to stop or else lose progress. Also have a futuristic version? Maybe something on the moon or mars or idk something fresh? Also make Antarctica available please? Something else that would be cool is make more then one super weapon available to us rather then just one and how about some orbital satellite strike superweapons

Kimani Coye

I ? nuclear war! This game is by far the best mobile nuclear war simulator EVER! Not only are the game mechanics great, but the enire ? has an aesthetic appeal that keeps you going back for more. I recommend this game to anyone(especially those that loves strategyhistory and/ or nuclear war games, lile Defcon)

Jonah Renfrow

A bit much at first. Good game, not my favorite though: not yet worth the money; however; when you start the game is hard to get into because I've gone into wars that have lasted 2 hours, not okay. Well not that it's not okay, it's just that there is no pause and save or autosave so you have to attentively play or pretty much forfeit with only part of the battle saved and added to your progress. Great concept, needs work though. Maybe make it harder for enemies to expand? Gets repetitively boring after a couple of days though.

Devon Mullane

Deceptively simple It's easy to think this game is simple because for the most part it is, but it gets quite entertaining with more nations and harder starting points. I don't say I'm "addicted", because I'm not, but unlike the landfill of mobile garbage I don't bother with, this game fits the strengths of a touchscreen platform to create a memorable, well constructed game.

Published Relic

Nuclear warfare? Ever wanted to wage nuclear war with the rest of the world? No, well too bad this is the game for you! On a serious note tho it is a fun strategy game to keep you busy when you're bored, but be warned the rounds can last awhile. With many super weapons and nations to play as it will not get boring for awhile, and I believe it's still being developed so there could be more to come. A note to devs I think a multiplayer would be fun addition imagine waging nuclear war with friends.

Mael Radec

Amazing! I love it. Very well balanced and good gameplay. Only things missing is options to turn down/off the music and sound and also multiplayer. Other than that this game is extremely entertaining and nice.

Landon Circo

Visually appealing This game looks great and plays great! However at times it can be hard to distinguish your own sites from your enemy sites. In addition to that there is one form of game mode. I wish there were more

Trent Burdick

Needs save feature Good game with one flaw. Without save capabilities its nearly worthless to take on longer games only to loose it to a phone call.

Brett H.

First Strike - A true 'blast!' I have been an RTS fan for many years, and have longed for a game like this on mobile ever since I got my hands on a mobile device. One cannot express in words the sheer joy of building a massive nuclear arsenal, then sending your least favorite national entities (for me, those were China, North Korea, and Iran) back to the stone age. I find this game is extremely fun, especially against six or more opponents; it is especially rewarding having won a game of that said scale as a small nation such as Israel. This game has depth, but not so much so as to not bog you down in details during your evening commute - a very good attribute for a mobile strategy game. Finally, this game can be both a quick skirmish, or a long, all-out war - as long as you so choose; just keep in mind that there is no save feature (which stands to reason, most games are under ten minutes anyway). Be you on a lunch break, or on your way to a peace negotiation, this game is sure to help you pass the time.

Greg Gherardi

Brilliant This game quenches my nuclear holocaust thirst like no other. Now I can live out the excitement the cold war promised by unleashing a pitiless onslaught of nuclear hellfire at the slightest provocation.

George Kellaway

Worth it At first I was confused on what to do but the second I understood it, bam, instant thermonuclear goodness. Good game to waste time each session can last a while like 10 - 40 mins depending on how you play.

Tae W Chung

Very good Even though it's not exactly DEFCON, it is still very much above avaverage for a mobile game. Strategy is basic but decent enough, and the A.Is seem competent enough for a decent challenge. Furthermore the graphics are good and the game runs fine with no troubles. However there is one glaring issue. WE. CANNOT. SAVE. THE GAME WE ARE PLAYING. If we close the app, the match we were playing must be restarted. Fix this please

Mishka Tvorzky

Could use a good tutorial... Very decent, but a few suggestions; Aside from the globe, how about a graph of which countries are allied, hostile & neutral to whichever other countries so so we know who & who not to launch against. Add spies & sabateours to sneak in & wipe out their stockpile. If I'm directing the missiles, I want to know what's happening down below. How many troops, vehicles & civilian casualties per hit? What are the world leaders saying? ALSO, Five stars if you update the year to 2016 at the beginning of the intro :)

Orr Paradise

Enjoyable, with severe design flaws Overall the game has much potential, however the devs must implement at least one of the following: SAVING or additional (shorter) game modes. In fact, in my first (and longest) play through I annihilated all my enemies and even conquered every nation, but the game still did not end (and no victory was recorded).

Dylan McMillian

Best By far the best mobile strategy game I've ever played! It's worth a lot more than its price!

Steve Atterson

Cool game ? A lot of fun, but I must echo the suggestion of many others. A save feature needs to be implemented.

Andreas Geranios

A really fun game I really like this game it's fun intense and exciting the only thing that could make this better is multiplayer then i'll give it a 5

samual buffington

Great game I would love to see a multi-player mode also an alliance ability. Update... I agree, needs a save method, also I'm disappointed at the lack of communication here, tons of post and no responses at all. Also none from email contacts BIG PROBLEM

Charles Harris

Love it Very fun, but if you add the ability for you country to be part of an alliance that would create an even more realistic feel, Also if you add the ability to use both superweapons, Also adding more cities and making the difficulty a little bit easier, and also a better understanding of the gameplay!?!? Thanks

Sid Lopez

NEEDS AUTOSAVE!! It's a very cool concept and a fun game, but it's incredibly frustrating that you have to play an entire game for it to save or if you close out of the app you have to start all over. Will give 5 stars once fixed.

Louis B

Love it! Keep it up! I never write reviews but i love this game! I still would want some improvement in the nations. For example if u select a nation while playing you should see its stats and be able to declare war or a peace pact and have alies. also i would love to see cuntries! Im belgian so id love to be able to play as belgium or any other cuntry and conquer the world! Keep it up its a great game!!! :)

Xieneus Jong-Il

A well-crafted hybrid of Missile Command and DEFCON for mobile devices, all it is missing is an auto save function.

Felazor Withers

Love it The gameplay is simple to grasp but difficult to perfect which makes it addicting. The graphics are superb considering it is a mobile game. Only problem for me is that the world peace ending can only happen once. I want to be able to get the ending multiple times.

Tassilo Horn

Really fun game but as many others already mentioned, some auto-save feature is needed.

Andrew Mwa

Amazing Game. I love this game so much. A very good real time strategy game. I would definitely recommended this game, it's totally worth the price.

Jamie Maidan

Great game but really needs a save function! Also some different weapons or country specific super weapons would be great.

Ivan Betsko

I love it This is a very addictive and fun game! Im wondering when the next update will come out, like adding new stuff etc,if it will be coming out. Anyway get this game like right now.

Steve Konves

Opening titles need a fix. Otherwise, it's a fantastic update! The "Even in 2014..." should be updated yearly, so long as this game gets the support it truly deserves. It sends a message that all people should not take lightly. We are on the brink of war.

shadowking X

DONT UPDATE Bring back the world texture. The new one sucks and makes it hard to move around in general. I don't know if this was on purpose or what but I can't see anything. It's a giant glowing purple ball now :(

Edvin Grabar

An innovative and fun game has been turned into a less attractive one through ridiculous "updates", adding bizarre superweapons and extreme difficulty levels instead of real and interesting content. Please, if you don't want to properly develop this game, just leave it alone.

Alex Nobile

Very fun and a great time killer only gripe I have is hardcore mode is extremely unplayable to the point of annoyance the enemy basically has unlimited missiles to throw at you and there's not enough time to defend your self but other than that great game

Steve Marsh

Issue Screen is over sized Samsung Tab S2 8 inch.

Alec Scallo

Refund please I expected a realistic ww3 sim, and I got space lazers, can I have my $3 back. Not to mention the controls were extremely bad.

Kevin Hunt

Wow Awesome, fast paced RTS fun. Plenty to unlock, great atmospheric based music. No IAPs! Can't praise this game enough. This game soooooo needs multiplayer. Don't let that put you off though, you need this game if you love RTS.

Aidan Nicholson

Good I love it. It only needs one thing, multiplayer because other than that it is fine. Could you tell me exactly what the cobalt bomb does? When I use it nothing bad happens to however I used it on. OTHER PLAYERS- Turn off replay it makes the game run much smoother.

Adriaan Slingerland

Crashes/freezes while choosing weapons on Asus Zenpad S 8.

Arm Chanathip

High replay value Older version have better performance than this one. It stutter like hell pls fix.

John Heaberlin

Love v1.3 Great game! Easy to learn and fun.

casualgamer 2001

AT LAST It's an update. I have been waiting for ever for an update

Matt O

Time Consuming. Just the best game out there.

Cheong Jia Sheng

Good update but where's the save option?

Cheshire Ablu Ben Ukelele

My only suggestion is a save option and maybe nuclear subs.

wesley chiou

Fun, but odd access requirements Game is excellent, but why does it need access to my microphone and camera?

Rocky Reyburn

May this only ever be a game.

Joseph De Morgan

Great Game A great game, lovely graphics, nice music. Worth every penny. Just love it.

eddy jones

Something went wrong I was playing this on my Galaxy S7 edge and it played fine then I tried playing it today and its all screwd up totally unplayable please fix I don't know if you did another update this month or what but its totally useless now you can't get past the start screen because you cant see the options to start the game

Juwarto Chua

Simple, Clear, Serious. First Strike can chew up a lot of time. It can be easy, and can also be extremely challenging on Hardcore Mode. It lacks a save, which I don't mind personally. Perfect to play while waiting for 30 Mins to 1 hour. Worth its price.

matt clauss

Amazing! This game is really awesome!!!! The interface is so interesting and intuitive that I feel like I actually rule the nukes. the strategy need for this game is so much and I love it so much! The only thing I don't like is that you can't save once you begin other than that it's great I can't wait for more updates. After playing this game for almost two years I haven't stopped loving every second of it. Latest update broke the game, GUI is broken

Oscar Lenehan

Lagging hell I was fine with the ridiculous superpowers. I was fine with the dumb hard hardcore mode. But the last update reduced the frame rate the about 2 per second. Please fix this or it will be a terrible game. A shame as a good game otherwise.

Andre Luis Vieira

Lagggggy After this update the game is running very very laggy, unplayable even in a high end set. Please fix it! Love the game though

Krystopher Roberts

Best game ever Other that not being able to get world peace amazing game. Get world peace to work and it will be best game ever. Keep up the good work.

Diogo Lopes

Awesome Game but some glitches on NVIDIA Shield tablet This game is awesome. Dind't play it for a while now and installed it on my new K1. Some glitches and artifacts show up when zooming or launching missiles for instante.

Google Engineer

Fun. But... Gets too hard to see border lines for countries after multiple vicinity detonations. Yes you can temporarily show them, but that does no good. Ownership should always be known. AI enemy always knows, but not us mere mortals. Also, is there really allies in this game? Determining which AI is actually is an alley is near impossible. This should be important to know since the newest update of this game made it near impossible to beat on hardcore mode. Excellent adding new super weapons!

Joshua Ferguson

1.3.1 Game is now broken. Please fix the lag, does your team even test these updates before they release them?


Going to delete my post are u! I made a complaint on how this update makes it run even slower and keeps crashing, and none of the state's circles open in time to stop a incoming object, I requested an older version download so I can enjoy the game I bought, but all this company does is delete my complaints!

Alex Nobile

Very fun but the frame rate is terrible now after this update never had any problems with the game until now.

Callum Welsford

Won't work On my hudl 2, when I try to select a country I can only select the bottom two powers and then the play button won't work. please fix.

Jamie Ogilvie

Buggy Was really amazing and I would've given it five stars but recently very buggy

DJ TecTraDane

Shall. We. Play. A. Game? Awesome game!! Still a few things that could be improved, but excellent strategy and good graphics! Never before thought of playing Risk with Nukes, but it's great!!


Apple "Splash screen should now display correctly on all IPads" lol what? This is the Android store

Patrick Dennis

Love the game but lag and FPS are horrible This is an absolutely fantastic game, love to play it, but since the update, the FPS has made it unplayable. Fix and it's certainly five stars.

Dan Watson

Looked good. But can't get past the start screen

Jaime Hall

Garbage after update Worked great, now it's glitchy after update. Unplayable.

Daniel Molyneaux

Can't play Can't seem to play it on my Galaxy S7 Edge US Version. It just shows me the Earth and my unlock percentage.


Options This game is absolutley spectacular dont gwt me wrong but its getting boring considering i just got it and havent played it at all. The options are THERE but we cant see them please fix this thanks.

Langston Brown

Very Laggy The game is super laggy! It's makes playing the game not fun! Please come up with a solution!

GreyForce One

10 days later and still no fix. The update makes the game unplayable. LG G5 Android 6.0.1. Devs please fix this. This game is so much fun.

Weston Hawkins

Something is very wrong I love this game and look foward to updates but the most recent update made the entire game unplayable for me. The screen was distorted, text disappeared, and random colors would flash all over the screen. I'm playing on a Samsung galaxy note 4 and haven't had any problems before hand. Please fix as soon as possible

William Frausto

Fix the update! After the update the game runs really poorly please fix.

Zachary Carter

Wtf This was my favorite game and now I can't play it at all on my gs7 edge. Fix it please

luke groben

Samsung note 3 Love the game, but recent update has made laggy.


Crash Still Crash at super weapon choice. Impossible to launch a game

Don Dawson

Update fail Screen now goes crazy on my note 4

Blake Fabrizius

I can't even play the game

Zane George

Awesome Great game love playing it

Cheshire Ablu Ben Ukelele

My only suggestion is a save option and maybe nuclear subs. Runs very slowly after new update

Jeff Ellington

Broken Stopped working after last update.LG 5

Mark Lee

Doesn't work on Xperia Z5 GUI not showig properly and am unable to select any menu item as it does not display. Have to randomly tap to get a response. Unplayable.

David Burn

Need a fix Problem fixed with new uptdate!

Joaquin Gutierrez

Lagging! What happened it's awful now, I un installed it then re installed and now I have to start all over again, and still lagging.

Kyle K

Please fix Used to really like the game but now it is laggy as hell due to the new update, please fix.

Jameson Sidarta

Last update ruins everything, no menu display on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro... Why??? I paid so i could play...

Ethan Gabis

Best strategy game I ever played Worth the money


Excellent Strategy. After the fix for S7 edge came out, I was able to play the game. And I gotta say, its a very unique game in its strategy. The one thing I dislike is how long some of the games take, but other than that, its a truly great game.

parker jeon

This game is best strategy game I've played in android ever. I would like to give this game five star but it doesn't have save feature which can be annoying.

Alex Nobile

Very fun the patch works and the bug is gone it's nice to see a game developer who puts their customers and their players first rather than trying to making a profit.

Chevy Purdie

Multi-player Please add multi player :) Honestly this is the best mobile game I have ever played

adrian simental

I got a serious BUG first of all, GREAT GAME! I love it but I have a problem, when my receive a notification sound the game looses sound completely on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, or if I go back to it withing time. Please address this as I have to quit the game to get the sound back! Nobody wants to play a game without sound! And if I had a SAVE feature then maybe I could of avoided such problem of starting from the beginning!!! So yeah my 2 rating star is justified.

Asher Finendale

Game Fixed Thanks for fixing it! The last version was very laggy and I'm happy to be able to play this one-of-a-kind game.

Joaquin Gutierrez

Awesome game. Thanks for fixing the lagging problem, good to know you guys care about us the customers great job.

Ben D'Attilio

Very fun and somewhat realistic This game is fun for hours on end. My only wish is more bombs more countries and maybe ground units.

Greyson Jones

Back to the best game on Android! You fixed it thanks so much! Works wonderfully now!

eddy jones

Running Great All better good job guy's that's one of the great things about this game is the customer support

Mike Zedicher

Used to like it Can't play now. The dimensions are all screwed. Doesn't fit on the screen right.

Ethan Saldanha

Fantastic gameplay, good visuals, and great customer support

Cole Smith

Amazing great game, new patch fixed bugs

Damien Gaze

Excellent Hangs on select superweapon screen with Nokia n1 [fixed now] Excellent!

Cheshire Ablu Ben Ukelele

My only suggestion is a save option and maybe nuclear subs.

Kevin Stone

Amazing There is no game like it, love it.

Jameson Sidarta

Update: its working again... thanks dev team...

Zachary Carter

Literally the best game I've spent countless hours playing this game and it never gets old. It has a solid message and excellent game play mechanics. Buy this right now

Nothing Wrong

Love it I very much enjoy the game! The only things I have to say is that I hope there will be a multiplayer option, and I also hope that there will be an option to select several nations at once.


Love this game I've always been looking for a game like this but now here it is BEST GAME EVER good work who ever made this

Eric Kim

Laggy Ever since the last update, game runs so slow and laggy. Please fix this.

Mason Ruff

Loved it Only problem is you can't save

Quin Schuurman

Love it Great strategy game that really makes you think, could you add some more super weapons though?

Logan Harris

Yes a New Update Love this game

Colby Palmer

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for fixing the lag problem. I can play it now.

D4RKS33R 115

Great game Reminds me of planetary anihalation

Steven Yang

Still no save function???

Jo's Pro

5 stars Thanks for fixing it :)

Vindicator 117

Awesome.but.... Look, this is my second favorite mobile game, but its recently began to lag ALL THE TIME! Even in the home menu it doesnt run correctly! The lag never stops no matter what I do, and it sucks. Fix it and i promise ill rate 5/5. Plus, heres a few ideas for the game: 1.Argentina 2. Split some areas up, like make that part of russia up by alaska Into two zones and cut Kazakhstan into two pieces. Plus, if u add Argentina then split them up too. 3. Uprade the cobalt so its actually useful. 5.DEFCON mode!

Matt O

Urgent. There's a game breaking bug that just ruins the game! Right when i start the game all the UI goes to crap and basically the whole game gets screwed! You guys need to fix this! (Galaxy Note 4)

Casey Zavala

Absolutely Astonishing This game so ridiculously fun, providing the perfect blend of beautiful graphics, and easy-to-use interfaces, as well as really, really fun gameplay. But, this game is in desperate need of a saving feature, whether it be automatic, or manual. If you get really into a game, and have to go off to do something, that's it, kiss your game goodbye. When (or if) that feature gets added, everyone will be so much happier with this game.

Dan. W.

Well made game but VERY tedious endgame. Its got a great interface and is pretty fun but I really dislike how tedious the endgame is. The balance is slanted in favor of defense and so games will drag on for 30 minutes in a stalemate until I get get bored and quit.

Ivan Gonzalez

Its okay I love the gameplay and concept of the game . but everytime i exit out I have to restart the entire thing. And the sound stops working after a while. If those two issues can get resolved this becomes a 5-Star Rating:)

line down

SOOOOO COOOOL!!! I love this game! From the game play to the sound track it is amazing! The only bug in have found is that the sound cuts out when I get a notification. Please could you make us able to sign into our google+ accounts and for there to be different levels of air please!!!

Vindicator 117

Great the patch worked! Needs new content, though. India is glitched and doesnt start with it's efficiency. Plz fix it, or even better, edit it like this: India starts with one efficiency, and china gets 3 efficiency, and gets one recon.


Love it but...... I like it but it gets boring after a while and updates don't come out often

Jason Wolf

OMG!!! ? Awesome as hell game, bought it and loved it!!! As addicting as plague inc. You guys should link up it would make a big difference in strategy gaming!!!

Christopher Frade

Awsome...but Awsome game best one i have ever played but their aren't a lot of countries toe choose from so it would be nice if you could include some author countries

Stanislav Sokorac

Buttons and text cut off Resolution/dimensions are off on tab S2, the text is cut off on both sides - I'll update the rating if it's fixed and I get to play it.

shadowking X

Sweet Bug fixed with purple world. Game is great just that it seems a lot harder to win

Luca M.

Swizerland @ its best!!! This game is like the country Small, efficient, looks beautifull, longlasting, rich... And have I mentioned Fun?

Greg Pedersen

Overall a good game. As stated in many of the reviews, a save feature is needed and hopefully in an update. The capability to form alliances between nations, perhaps as an option, would also be a plus. The graphics are absolutely stunning.

justin cheese

I love it with all my gaming heart I love the concept of the game, and the graphics but it'd easy to win with any country and I wish there was a multilayer mode. I gave you my money plz update ???

Tyler Entz

Bomb diggity It's fun but, bombing AI isnt like bombing friends

Алексей Миронов

Waste of time Horrible UI. Did somebody said "strategy"?

Aaron Jefferies

Good game I love this game, just wish there were nuclear bombers, and defense/attack sattelites

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