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25 Aug
Final Sky

Posted by Aeria Games in Action | Aug. 25, 2015 | 63 Comments

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"Final Sky is an action RPG that makes full use of the touchscreen. Its epic story aside, the game is best loved for its battle system..”

"A nice battle system and a good story? Sign me up!"

Final Sky – A new Anime RPG with a rich dramatic storyline, featuring more than 100 different characters, each telling a different story. In dire need of a hero to save the world, they are searching for you. Are you ready to start the adventure of a lifetime?


Explore your team's skills and combine them to create chain combos. The better your combos, the more damage you deal.


Find out more about the world of the Anime-RPG and get to know many different characters that will become your allies and join the squad.


Fight against other players with your team from all over the world and prove that your strategy is the best.


Use special medals to improve your character and enhance your skills.


Form an unbeatable team that will complement each other and win the battles in the Arcade arena. Choose between the character's unique skills and weapons - ranging from close combat to healing.

Immerse yourself in the awesome story line of the Anime game Final Sky. Be the hero that is needed to save the world. Enhance your characters and explore their new abilities. Combine them to find the perfect strategy against monsters or other players. Show your friends that you are the best of all.

The next-generation mobile game Final Sky is waiting for you. Besides a combat-based battle system, a long and rich storyline awaits you. What are you waiting for? Download Final Sky now and play for free.

Recommended devices:
Google Nexus 4/5/6/7/9, HTC One X/X+, Samsung Galaxy Note3/SII/S3/S3Mini/S4/S4Mini/S5/S5Mini/S6/Tab210.1/Tab3, Sony Xperia Z/Z1/Z2/Z3

We cannot offer support or compensation related to use of this app on non-recommended devices.

Whats new

    - Fix for UI issues
    - Improvements in game performance

Aeria Games part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 25, 2015. Google play rating is 80.1639. Current verison is 1.2.1. Actual size 46.0 MB.

Download final-sky.apk 46.0 MB


Prabhjeet Singh Arora

Primary bug occuring with me atleast Wats the use of gettin an s rank finish and then gettin 1.5x multiplier and then getting only 1x exp

Code Chii

My review This is my pros and cons for the game. PROS: nostalgic game because it is very similar to valkyrie profile lenneth, good character animation, ace animations are great, the music is fitting for every scene, and there is no lag at all............ now for the CONS: after battle rewards are not cost efficient to the stamina that they cost specially the unit exp which is too low that u can even lvl a 2* hero within 1 run, file downloading for everytime u do something can pretty much struck a nerve, too u friendly for free users as i stated the exp is too low to level your heroes u cant use them on the arena where u can get gems, rare summon is too expensive when compare to other games, i remember all my past game that the lowest in-app purchase can buy u 1 rare/premium summon but in here the lowest can only let u be able to restore your stamina or retry a dungeon, daily quests rewards even doing it for 5 days will not give u enough gem to use a rare summon. I do love the game thats why can give this review so dont think that i hate it just that it has too many CONs

Marissa Santiago

AWSOME LOVE THE GAME I MY HEART but can you help me get a 4star of 5 or summoning stones in my gift box? Tnx alot! Also my name in the game I Darksoul3 TNX

William Scavenger 2

I love it but.... I am sorry to post this here but my Final Sky Is having problem mine is stuck on Port Reeza i already cleared the quest but there is no story and i can't click menu i have tried deleted the data and reinstall the game but it's still the same Please Fix this Immediately

vineeta gautam

Tune It's starting tune is like a lulaby

Angela Katherine

Great game! Enjoying this game so much

Aniket Tyagi

Ok so.... The game is pretty good. It's like an improved version of chain chronicles in battle style....otherwise it's pretty much the same. The graphics are good story is somewhat interesting and the battle play is amazing. Since it's just the beta can't complain really (and don't even want to) but all in all this game will definitely be an editor's choice if you keep going down this path. From me it's 9/10

Ayan Chatterjee

This is a good game. But getting a 4 star player is almost impossible

Naresh Variya

Doesn't load Controls do not work, game keeps on loading

Mohamed Ibrahim

Nice game fun and easy

Sharma Anuj

Sharma anuj I loved this game

sreedhar naik

Good game Interesting and fun

Sandeep Bisht

Final sky amezing game... Nice game good one...loved it,

Jatin Bhardwaj

Speed The speed of this game is awarsome

Jayanta Rakshit

Final sky I am Tista, Jayanta's daughter. I loved this mobile game and I hope it would also be liked by all.

Sachin Jain

Bad experience Only loading and display.

Abhay Singh

Review by Abhi Good one

Tauseef Shaikh

Like it You suppose to be like

Pankaj Chandel

Battle Very good game better than call of duty

Vvb Rai

Good one

Dimitri Michael

Awesome skill based gameplay

kapil chaudhary

Not to good

yash Marria

Not working It just hangs on intro I don't understand why I have a note 3 "5.0" and it's capable of playing many HD games so why not this one ? Please help I'm pretty sure this game looks fun

Steven Turano

Fun game, bad experience The game is fun and exciting. The combos are fun to create and with so many different characters that can be easily accessed, you never feel bored. Unfortunately, the game gets stuck on loading screens often. This is too much to keep playing. Fix the problem and I'd be happy to change my rating to 5.

Kyana Walker

Really love this game so far but.... I really like this game so far the graphics are amazing I love the storyline the characters I even Enjoy the music. My issues are the stamina runs out way to quick. I could be playing for less then 10min then I'm out. I usally just get off and wait a few hours. Yes I could purchase stamina but I think 100 summoning stones is way to much. Another issues is its nearly impossible to get a good chunk of gold! Maybe I'm playing wrong or somthing but I literally never have gold. And enhancing you're units and materiel cost a ton load of gold expecially when you continuesly fail at upgrading you're material. I have about 40k of EHN points but cant do nothing with it because the lqck of gold. Still 5 staring cause I love this game. XD. -Long review

Captain Oblivious

It has a few issues After playing this game for a while there are some pretty glaring flaws. The first of which is the interface is a mess, so many menus and submenus it becomes incredibly hard to navigate. Next up is the stamina system, even after dumping all my stamina into clearing the story dungeons, I have yet to reach any point in which the story becomes gripping, which is disappointing considering how well this game is written. In order to refill your stamina you must wait a while, or refill your stamina using crystals. Considering 500 crystals gets you a new 3 star or higher unit, 100 crystals refilling your stamina this early in the game is pitiful; what you get for what you payed is severely disappointing. Next up is the gold system, which you dont get a lot of. I'm a few hours into the game and I'm already having issues with gold and my biggest fear is that it stays that way. Hopefully the devs can take a step back to fix some of these issues, because honestly the premise, writing, and combat are all really well thought out. Thanks for reading.

Levin HL

Amazing game.... I love this game animation, it has cool battle animations, awesome storyline, nice battle music... only thing I don't like is that it sometimes crash and theres no exit button. Other than that, this game is worth playing, I guarantee you won't get bored, if you like what I mentioned before. (Can't enter game, it crashes immediately) PLZ FIX

michael s

Just a few bugs This game have great potential. I might just be getting hooked already. Devs are great at responding. Figured out how to use materia. For the most part its great. Other then that theres just a few little bugs but this game have just came out so, i believe it will get much better. And imo items for stamina would be a lot better, but i could live with out it.

Luiz Ocampo

Love this game! I love this game! I love the graphics and the characters' special moves are so wicked! I love the storylines too :) I'm just wondering when will the next storyline be available? Im so excited on what will happen next ^_^

Jonathan Xiong

Has potential This game truly offers an epic story with high quality art and interesting gameplay. So far it has been a good experience. Unfortunetly, its very slow on my Galaxy S3 and I get irritated and impatient... I wish this issue could be fixed so that the game will be able to run smoothly on my phone. However, I will continue to play Final Sky.

Alina Miau

I love this game, it's so awesome! I have so much fun in it and the graphics are so cool and cute!

John Caboboy

Loving the game so far. The art work and animation is very nostalgic and I love that. My only problem is that the game always hangs and then crashes and I'm forced to close the app then reopen it just to continue playing. I'm using a Galaxy s4 and I've seen others having similar problems too. Hoping this is fixed sometime soon so we can enjoy the game without interruption.

Mark Schatz

Does not load I start the game up and all it does is stay is stay on the loading screen forever. Got in once and the next time it went to load it got stuck again.

Lite Prince

Login Problem I just downloaded the game, opened it and there's an existing account already. I haven't even created an account. What's this?

Jeremiah day

Force close It keeps force closing when I try to play it plz fix it looks like a good game.

Daris Benton

Worth the wait Easily my new favorite mobile RPG. I love the artwork and battle effects, and the combo system is just amazing. The game isn't perfect yet, and It still has some bugs that need to be fixed, but this is a must download! The game runs smooth on my LgG3.

Michael Bickley

Combat reminds me of Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean. Randomly collected characters surprisingly have story missions. Good luck getting to play them though. You run out of stamina very quickly. I am uninstalling because I can't play as mucha as I want to. Stamin ruins every game.

Darren Racy Dumaran

Stuck on loading screen and after a while it crashes I have a samsung s5 and when I click skip in the intro I get stuck in the loading screen and the game crashes after that.

Kang An Wong

Like the art, the game play. Story wise it's typical. Dislike the experience you gain in battle is almost non existent. The only real way to level your units is to use enh which needs tonne of gold and gold are hard to come by.

prashanna pun magar

Loading screen The game gets stuck on loading screen ... I dont know why .. I am using galaxy note 2 and it is not rooted ...

Dion Lie

Its great but... Where's the 2nd chapter?? e.e I just finished chapter one but, there's no Next quest, e.e And wow, a 4 star+ guarantee for 3k summonstones e.e we can summon 6 times in normal rare summon, .3. I got a 4 star after you guys updated this new 4 star event, thanks :3

Triet Pham

Finally...hmm... Awesome - however ...please fix Lara's eyes...the proportions are disturibing ...also I sometimes get stuck in battle result screen...there is also the ui having just purple boxes and game looks broken...

Zeek kidd

Awsome game s5 user Good game but please add regular attacks seeing special moves over n over makes them meh and cant open my menu

Kresna Lukmarda

Really really great game but.. Honestly, Final Sky is a very very cool game, the characters are cool, the story is great, and the animation is gorgeous ! But really, its very hard to leveling up my units. Clearing a quest just give 15 exp for my units , I already play this game for a week but all of my units are no more than level 20. if you can fix this , 5 stars is yours .

marine maiden

Slow and disrupt my other application call Why would you need mic permission? The game doesn't require voice control. I noticed the game messed up my mic and voice call volume for Line app. Please remove the mic control if it's not necessary.

Eric Koh

If only there were a reset button Wish i could reset my game

Austin James

Holds up to Cross Summoner Wish the stamania system was more flexible and rare summons had higher chances for 4 and 5 stars, but it holds up well so far.

Dante Sparda

Good but It keeps freezing please fix this bug I want to enjoy the game but it freezes too much on my lg optimus also it takes to long to load. it usually stops commencing a battle and the beginning of the story. Either than that I look forward to playing this amazing game without interruptions thank you and fix for a five star please

Vincent Moore

Bugs Great to begin with but it kicks me out, if fixed would gladly give it more stars

Aldrin Dennis Dela Pena

Good gameplay, working fine with my device. Just takes time to load content hope it reduce next update. I give 5* you deserved it.

Nils Ty.

Amazing story and awesome battles

Abegale Howell

Why is it not opening?!?! It looks so interesting, but i cant open. Its always stuck on this black screen. Please fix this if you can.

Crimson Injustice

Crashes The game forces closes every 1 to 3 minutes during the story. Can you please fix that. And thank you.

Lonnie Redmond

Omg love it Please keep updating this game it has so much potential and I already love this game don't give up on this game please it's so amazing

Sudhi N

Cool game but no exit option??? Just dowloaded this game recently. Graphics n gameplay are cool specially the Ace attacks. Got a question though....isnt there an option to exit from the game? coz i gotta forcefully close it everytime i want to do so.

Zcherzo Z.

Helpful to Aeria I'd like to say that you/team have done a beautiful job in making this game. I'd like to help by making suggestions or a possible future game. Would you/the team be appreciated by my advice and opinion? I would also like to know where I can send my suggestions and ideas too. Thank you ~

Michael Nguyen

i froze and have to close and reopen a lot during beginning dialogue,please fix these and ill be glad to give you guys 5 stars. this game is a totally new concept compared to all the games I've played in the past on my phone, the art and animations details are amazingly done. i can see how much work and love you guys put in to your work keep it up. Oh and I've gotta say i love the home screen music its just so pleasant.Also i'm using a Galaxy S4 to play this.

Renato Duarte

Has potential Really fun combat system... Really annoying that every page needs to load. Makes everything take forever to load!


Crashed Crash every time I try to play Samsung galaxy s6 fix it

Amy Jones

It's a great game. But It's very complex for me. There is much to it and I feel stupid. My guys alway get beat up in the fights. I don't level up very well so I think I might uninstall and try an easy game.

Nándor Szili

1301 ERROR Fix this shit it says connection error occurred I have PERFECT SIGNAL and if I try to retry it says again! FIXITFIXITFIXITFIXITFIXITFIXIT!!!!!!

Jonas Hartmann

Exciting combos Got hooked up on this one trying to achieve the highest combos possible. 100 here I come! Great gameplay, nice events and good graphics

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