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5 Nov

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FibroMapp is the most comprehensive pain management app for Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and Chronic Pain currently on the market.

As Fibromyalgia is unique to each person, so is FibroMapp! It can be completely personalised to your needs and requirements and takes into account that there are over 100 different conditions and symptoms within FM.

FibroMapp has been designed BY people with Fibromyalgia FOR people with Fibromyalgia.

FibroMapp has been designed for ease of use. Use as much or as little of it as you need to help you gain more control and understanding of what is potentially causing you pain and other symptoms.

Your Information is compiled to create easy to read CHARTS AND GRAPHS that can be downloaded and printed FOR FREE, unlike some other health apps currently available.

Excellent back-up documentation for:

-Personal understanding

It is a combination of 8 apps in 1 to help you track:

-PAIN SEVERITY, LOCATION OF PAIN, TYPE OF PAIN - personalised to your needs

-Activities that have helped relieve or cause pain

-SLEEP AND SLEEP DEBT - simply tap the screen to start recording when you are awake/going to sleep

-FLARE-UP BUTTON -for when you quickly want to record a flare and its severity

-MEDS TRACKER - personalise your meds, dosage and even set an alarm to ensure you aren't over or under medicating





-Follow up section to review what has helped and what has made symptoms worse

All of which you personalise to your needs so that you are only filling in the areas that pertain specifically to you.

FibroMapp helps you to gain more control by giving you the tools to easily track what is possibly causing pain, fatigue, sleep issues, mood and flare-ups and much more.

Whats new

    Version 1.2.3 - 05 November 2013
    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed Journal PDF bug
    Version 1.2.2
    - Improved 'My Daily Records' > Summary > Charts text visibility for X/Hdpi devices

Bodymap Apps part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Nov. 5, 2013. Google play rating is 82.973. Current verison is 1.2.3. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download fibromapp.apk 2.9 MB


Amy Swanson

Review update, don't get this. Fm sufferer, love that i can add or change all the categories, symptoms etc. 2 complaints. 1 change time format to 12hr. 2 auto backup schedule is needed desperately. It would be a disaster to lose all my charting. Uninstalling app. You have to manually save your records. Try to add a back up into the app, no, will not install. Done. The app is cr_app

Justie Ollerton

This has become my favorite pain tracking app You might want to consider changing the name... I don't have fibromyalgia but it is a really comprehensive tool that I can adapt to meet my specific symptoms and documentation needs. The one thing it doesn't have that I really would like is that tool to mark your pain on the person shaped drawing (can't remember what it's called right now.. I will come back and edit this when I remember). The tool for medication tracking is the absolute best I've found as well! Thank you for developing such a useful tool!

Gypsy Morgan

Best thing for chronic pain and depression. I was having a really hard time finding an app that would track both pain AND depression. This one not only tracks both but also keeps track of the meds you're taking and allows you to keep a journal.

John Taylor

Good for keeping records but... I have been using this for about 3 monyhs and overall it is good for keeping records. However there are a few glitches : - if I enter a sleep start time after 2259 it thinks it's the next day - on entering a sleep start time of 2250 on 31 Dec 2013 it says that I can't enter a time in the future. It's 1 Jan 2014 today! I think the clock programming is not functioning properly. Apart from that it does pretty much what it says.

Shelah Dow

I like it, but... I've used it for some time now. I love how customizable it is abd the reports are great. However, recently the sleep portion no longer works. If you enter a sleep record it flashes very fast with "there has been a problem saving" and it's easy to miss the message. It won't save automatically and it won't save manually. Usually I would uninstall and reinstall, but I'm not sure how it saves the data for the app.

Jaymi Raad

Great in some ways, frustrating in others Overall, I like this app. I stopped using it for awhile but have decided to start using it again b/c there isn't anything better out there. Issues: 1)there is no way to create a report of the meds I've taken, which means I can't compare if certain meds have helped. 2)the sleep timer isn't reliable and I've stopped using it. It often tells me it won't record the data because I used it too soon after starting to sleep. I think it is recording auto processes in my phone. 3)pls add a space to record food intake

Sally Lai

The best app yet for accurate measurements for a diverse range of symptoms. Wonderful app. Easy to use and measures a large range of variables. Brilliant charts for medical professionals to see the details of your experience in a language they understand and are familiar with. Would be good if there was the ability to add own personalised categories to the lists in "how I'm feeling" logs as I often experience teeth pain/hypersensitivity and would like to track the frequency of that too.

Susan Haines

Great pain tracking app I love all the features and ability to customize. I always add the weather conditions in my notes for the day because my symptoms are strongly impacted. I would love to see that added in to the app as part of the daily tracking.

Cheryl Kahler

Fibromapp I printed the pdf out and have it to my Dr. She was totally amazed and wrote down the name of the app for some of her other clients. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I would like to be able to set a weekly dosage on one of my meds.

Linda Henderson

Simple to use and appears flexible enough for my needs, but is a little buggy. "Unfortunately, fibromapp has stopped" appears consistently on entering med doses and sporadically throughout the app. Have reported the error within the app and by email 3 days ago. Awaiting a reply.

Rakhel Adamson

Good but not great Difficult to read medication history. Have to go out of recording new record to add different symptoms, relief, aids... Graphs hard to read. Only got app last week so may improve with more data input but will have to wait and see. Bought with gift card, would not have spent own money.

Rachel Tonks

Excellent This app allows me to have a life that I didn't before, I now never forget to take my tablets and it tracks my sleep or lack of it I recommend this app very highly

Laura Crosland

Yes i love this :) Ive been using this app for about a year now its fab never crashes has never let me down i have cfs/me and other things but this app is great for a pain/mood/fatigue diary so thank you keep up the good work

Stephenie Cianfrani

Love it! Very user friendly interface. Love all the options. Looking forward to the added option of being able to track food/drink.

Diane Kacmarcik

Thank God for this! I will make a conscious effort to do this everyday. I've been struggling with this invisible illness since 10-1-91....maybe this will help me and the Dr's get a better understanding! I've tried EVERYTHING!

Rebecca Walden

Alright Used this for over a year. Great app. It's a lot to go through when you're not feeling too well.

Caroline Massaro

Great app. Couple questions Love the app and customizability. Is there a way to include a duration part? Like to keep a record active before archiving it so I can tap finish when the pain of what I'm tracking goes away? Alternatively add a category that I can go back and edit it after though that's a little less ideal. Otherwise its great!

Donna Kremm

Sleep pdf Good app helps track all. Sleep PDF does not show wake and sleep times just hrs slept and number of times woken. Would help for Dr to have thatinfo in report. also tracking is for night before it shows, ex 11/10 shows hrs slept for 11/9. Would def give 5 star if these areas were fixed.

Lara Weinheimer

Good but doesn't work quite right I have a Motorola Photon 4G. The app works well except that none of the drop downs work. They all show up blank. Once this is fixed, i will give it 5 stars.

Jennifer Womble

Restore from backup doesn't work My backup is located in the downloads folder but the restore from backup isn't working

sharna jenkins

Needs food diary Food and routine are a major part of fibro and my recovery be nice to have a food diary

maria catala

Didn't copy data to other devices I originally rated this app with 2 stars becuz you can't carry your info to other using a login..and they haven't solved that one yet. But I would love to give then 4stars becuz the support I received by them was awesome! I wasn't able to create journal pdfs. It took a couple updates to get it fixed. And It was! They took the time to keep me in the loop s to what they are doing..they didn't leave me hanging or just dissatisfied. They took care of the issue in a professional manner. Good job!

Andrea Zibelman

Really comprehensive app, but... unless I'm missing it, I don't see where in the app I can see how many doses TOTAL of a medication in a specific time frame? Is it there? If not, where or how do I view it &, if the feature isn't available PLEASE update to have it. Its GR8 seeing how some relief measures help but, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT 2 be able to see a record of HOW MANY pain med DOSES one's taken in a given period of time. Having an overall picture of that INFO would HELP! PLEASE add it, would be otherwise PERFECT, TY!

Lisa Welch

Too tired to even use it. I'm usually too sore or too tired to bother with filing out the dailies. This is the 1st time I've touched or since I first purchased it.

Karen Grosser

very cool... love that I can do this from my phone and can email it!!

Ellen Bronson

Great app Helps me track my pain, and lets me send the pdf files to my dr.

Paula Graffin

Great Nice to have an online format to record your journey

Cathy Evans

I have MS This App is amazing for anyone with an Autoimmune conditions it takes control of all your medical needs recording of meds and journal it is Fab...

claire firth

Brilliant exactly what I needed

susan waliczek

Just what I was looking for! What a great app! Now I can keep track of everything in one place instead of 3 different apps! Thank you for creating this app!

Susie Ford

Alarms Problems Galaxy s4 Alarms continue after turned off, alarms go off that I havent set! Need to open the app to stop it. Also, this can't help anyone with advanced Fibro as you can't remember to use the thing do no useful data is colkected. Deleting.

Kat Wanless

Very helpful, easy to use app. There are just two things I would add to make it a perfect 5. When entering a record for any particular time stamp, it would be nice if the "activities/what were you doing" field in "pain" only had to be answered once-I can have pain in many places simultaneously at any given moment, but can really only be doing one thing when I felt it. The other thing I'd like to see is a general overall "how I'm feeling" both at waking and again at bedtime-just a 1-5 scale. Thank you 8*)

Angela Stevenson

Great App very helpful Great App and very helpful have only been using a day and it's a great way to record how I'm feeling throughout the day and for keeping track of my meds as this was a problem with the brain fog and either not taking them or taking twice. Only reason I've not given 5 stars is that for me still couple of things which I'd do differently.

Misty Fowler

Love it! This is going to be great for me to finally track things, and be able to describe how I've done to my doc. As a software developer, I have ideas for things that I think would work better, perhaps to make tracking go a little faster. The biggest thing I would change is a button to go back, when entering in a new record of pain, activity, etc. I didn't think to use the phone's back button at first, and so I'm sure nontech types wouldn't know at all. So far, I'm thrilled at the depth of the data collected.

Autumn Miller

If you have Fibromyalgia, get this app!!! I got this about 2 weeks ago, and its so amazingly helpful for tracking sleep patterns, meds, and pain or flares, also you can send or show it to your Dr. and use it to figure out your triggers. This is the best fibromyalgia app out there, period! It is worth every penny & it's so much easier than trying to do it on paper, I always have my phone with me. You can also set alarms for meds. I don't know how I lived without this before! Get it!

Colin Bruce

The FibroMapp app is SUPERB! I have not only been able to control my medications, but track which ones are working and which ones aren’t. The journal is a wonderful tool as is the flare-up button. I have been able to track my patterns, see what activities are causing me pain and sleep issues, and because of this can control my lifestyle much better. The reports are brilliant, and my doctor was so impressed with it, he is now recommending the app to not only his fibro and CFS patients, but patients with chronic pain.

E. J. Collins

ME/CFS/FMS/P.O.T.S I think this is a very comprehensive tool, that can be invaluable to people who have a hard time rating day to day pain & keeping a journal. Thanks to the developers of this app!

Monique bbchanel

Must have Thank you for this app. It is nicely detailed so that nothing is missed. My Rheumatologist is going to love the reports from this app...

Laura Gibson

Awesome I love this app. It is so helpful to keep track of everything.

Lisa Welch

Too tired to even use it. I'm usually too sore or too tired to bother with filing out the dailies. This is the 1st time I've touched or since I first purchased it. Edit***the developer can suck it for his reply. Try having fibromyalgia for just 1 day, you asshat!

Angela Stevenson

Great App very helpful Review update. 26/9/15. The sleep recording element is a royal pain in the butt, constantly fails to record and have to end up logging manually, despite me having the settings correct. Latest attempt last night pressing record attempt at 23.24 and stopped at 03.23 it's saying that it's not recorded as within my wake up settings!!! They are set for within 30 mins so fail to see how it doesn't recognise 4 hours as being over 30 mins. One of the crucial sides of Fibro to have accurate records failure.

Jill Carleton

Awesome app What an incredibly useful app!. Tracking symptoms etc is made that it is customizable. Am sharing it with all my fibro friends :)

Lisa Ritter

I love this app! I only gave it 4 stars for one reason, I would like to be able to have it on my computer as well as my tablet so I can easier add notes to the information. I also need to USE it as the worse I get I get such headaches I forget to use it or what has worked for me in the past for pain management. Getting in the habit will help me more. Is there a way to have this on your computer too? My husband really liked it as well, might be a good way for him to see how I was doing and if I am doing poorly remind me of what could help.

Kimberly Hornby

Cool detailed app I like this. It would be perfect if you included working on computer/keyboarding as an activity and aggravating factor. It is something people often spend hours doing especially if the use one for work or a hobby. It often puts a strain on neck, shoulders, hands and eyes.

Wendy Bunting

The sleep record does not work!! The I Am Going To Sleep Now button does not actually record the times you go to sleep and wake up into the log. I have to add each one manually. And that doesnt work properly either!! I forgot one day, so added the previous nights sleep manually. I clicked on the date i missed, changed the date on the little scroller bit - just like you do to set the times - but the record DID NOT GO INTO THE RIGHT DATE. It went into the current days record!! This has happened a lot since. Its rubbish!!

Kimberly Myer

This is what I've been looking for! I've been writing everything down since I was diagnosed in April. When I don't feel good I tend to not be concerned about writing things down - that's an important time to be doing so! This app has SO much info that it covers everything and then some. Plus, you can customize it. It's easy to use and it's much better than writing things down. This is a must have app for Fibromyalgia patients or anyone with chronic pain!!!

D. Harley

Thank God for this! Re-installed today 10-15-15.

Jolinda Stephens

Good very helpful. The app makes it really easy to record and track key information. I'm looking forward to sharing it with with my docs. Problem: the sleep records are incorrect. Maybe it's because I take long naps. When I try to manually fix it, it gets worse. Would also like direct access to other symptoms.

Ashleigh Curtis

Sleep tracking issues The sleep tracking is all kinds of messed up. For example, it says I've slept 12 hours today and not only is it 9am, I haven't logged anything for today. This is very frustrating.

Teeners Broom Broom

The best app I've found.... BUT it would be so much better if there was an energy level slider where the fatigue, mood sliders are. Otherwise, I've literally tried every pain app out there and this is by far the best!!

charlotte jenks

Memory for fibro fog This app is awesome. My Dr loves it cause dont have to rely on my terrible memory. It was especially telling on the sleep graph. My only suggestion: it woukd be nice to have the abilty to show when I have to be off a med for a break, but will go back on it after 'med vaction' instead of deleting and having to put it back in. Otherwise its excellent its really my medical team get a grip on whats happening day to day. Ur app has helped improve my quaity of thank u so much!

Madat Bud

Good idea, needs some work I'm fairly new to this app. So far I found one bug. When I edit the time I took my meds, after every entry, the app crashes. And a suggestion, speaking of every entry, I have several meds on my list and it truly is a pain to have to enter the time (and sometimes date if I forgot a dose) for each med.

Jenny Watts

A must have This app has it all if you have CFS/ME and I can't live without it now that I have it. All my meds are in there and alarms for when I need them, I can keep a journal of my pain and flares ... there is nothing this app can't do let's put it that way. No it doesn't do my laundry or dishes but hey ho ? You will always know where you are with your pain and it's an amazing tool to show your GP! If you have CFS/ME, I would highly recommend FibroMapp!

Rebecca Hoover

Wish there was part of the app that you could say what the weather was like, because weather really affects me.

Heidi Carnage

Really good I really like this app, it is exactly what I was looking for, it's so customisable! The reason I have only given it 4 stars is when you save it to one drive then open it most of the information can't be processed so it can't be viewed once it is saved there. Other than that it is fantastic

Kristen Clark

Helps me keep track I like being able to show something to my document my pain and symptoms so he knows how my medication is working.

Naomi Mara Keener

A bit disappointed I often get my sleep in more than one cycle during a 24 hour period and the program does not seem to be able to handle is.

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