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18 Apr
US Fatal Pit Bull Attacks

Posted by in Medical | April 18, 2016 | 49 Comments

Apk file size: 2.1 MB is a national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. Our US Fatal Pit Bull Attack app helps on-the-go users keep up with the most recent U.S. pit bull fatality and dog bite fatality statistics.

-View all U.S. deaths by pit bulls
-View U.S. child deaths by pit bulls
-View the latest dog bite fatality statistics
-View state pit bull fatality maps
-View the latest blog post from is owned and operated by Our corporate website,, contains a wide collection of data to help policymakers and citizens learn about dangerous dogs. Our research focuses on pit bull type dogs. Due to selective breeding practices that emphasize aggression and tenacity, this class of dogs negatively impacts communities the most. Our website hosts important dog bite studies, U.S. dog bite fatalities and other key bibliographies. In the Legislating Dogs portion of our site, we offer examples of breed-specific laws (state-by-state) and documentation of the constitutionality of these laws. The Victim Realities section provides a glance into the unforgettable stories victims leave behind and much more.

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Whats new

    -Added child fatalities list
    -More selection choices
    -Updates from part of our Medical and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update April 18, 2016. Google play rating is 31.25. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 2.1 MB.

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Victoria Gautney

I only rate this a 1 because there is no 0! This woman us a fraud. She had a personal incident with 1 pit bull now she's on a crusade to attack all pit bulls. She uses fabricated information and bogus reports. She is however proving that the real monsters are humans! Pit bulls are loyal and loving dogs. I'm on my 3rd pitty and all have been smart, loyal and loving babies. Now to get this piece of garbage app off my tab!

A Google User

Pathetic... Sad to see how the stupidity and anger of a few can propagate lies and misconceptions. Do some research and acknowledge the facts. Then consider presenting that information in a manner that CAN be benificial, and not just fan the flames of todays "targeted breed". Chow, rottweiler, doberman, all at one time were in the cross hairs. Punish the deed, not the breed..

A Google User

Really an app for this blah ! I for one am a proud owner of a pitbull. Hes my bestfriend we walk togher play catch go fishing . Hes a very good dog that loves children and adults and other animals! I am sorry that pittbulls attacked these people but as the site told us how much higher the population of pittbulls are hmmmmm could it be thats why they make up such a big % of attacks is because there are so many ? I am a 35 year old man with 3 daughters and 1 son whom grew up with these beasts .. Pretty lame stab here !!!! I LOVE MY PITT

Jon Quist

Sickening Lies Don't believe the lies this kind of scaremongering tends to spread. Pit Bulls aren't dangerous by nature. They are dangerous because of the disgusting PEOPLE who train them. If those disgusting PEOPLE chose to use Cocker Spaniels in their abuse of animals would u tell people Spaniels are naturally dangerous? Animals should never be vilified, they only do what they need to do to protect themselves. This app should be banned. It was created by ignorant hateful people.

A Google User

The people who made this are IDIOTS!! The creators of this app are stupid, ignorant, and uneducated assholes who think they know what they are talking about and know absolutely nothing about dogs. Any dog can attack somebody at any point in time if it is raised to be aggressive. If pitbulls are raised to be good dogs, they will be good dogs, that's all there is to it. They are extremely loyal, loving, and affectionate animals. And you are just straight out STUPID!

A Google User

Factless propaganda. This "group" is little more than a single woman. This woman was bitten by a Pit Bull several years ago. Details of the bite change to be more dramatic as her money making website of canine hate grows in popularity with those ignorant of facts incapable of their own research. This woman seeks to eradicate entire breeds of loving pets all for profit under a guise of safety. The daft who listen to her call us "nutters" and stereotype us without cause. If nutter means informed owner; I'm happy to be one.

A Google User

Stupid People amaze me! You say pit are bad I say own one. your ignorance to the breed is what keeps hate alive. Your the one doing the bullying their laws against hate crimes for people. My opinion is your doing the same you stupid bully. Pit Bull owner/lover 4 life i'am PIT BULL BREED IS THE BEST

A Google User

Bigotry I find it humorous that someone said that the pit bull owners don't know the truth. I own one. So I do believe that I know more about the breed than you do. Please come visit our home. People always mistake my pit for a boxer because he's, to their surprise, "too sweet to be a pit bull." Anyone who looks at him thinks the term "vicious" is hilarious. He's a gentle giant of a lap dog who never meets a stranger. That is because all he's ever known in his life is love. Blame the owners, not the breed.

Courtney Chelsea

Colleen Lynn is an idiot The founder of this website, Collen Lynn is on a hate mission that is not different from any kind of rascism. Would this be acceptable if it were an app about Dangerous Black Men.... i think NOT. There is no difference what so ever and supporters of Lynns BS propaganda should be ashamed!

A Google User

So stupid. Get educated about real dog bite statistics instead of believing this mumbo jumbo. 80% of 'pit bull' bites aren't even done by actual pit bulls. Mistaken identity at best. Owner/ Breeder/ Show Handler of these beautiful babies for going on 10 years. Pit Bull Bites: 0, Chow Bites: 2, Australian Shepherd Bites:1, Shih Tzu Bites: 20+... Use my personal experience for your dumb statistics.

A Google User

This is dumb as H3ll. The creators of this app are sorrry ignorant F@#*$.do your history.i mean seriously these dogs helped protect our homeland in the war are protectors of our own homes and families and families and u have more of a chance getting bit by a chuihaha!your the reason society downs the poor dogs.if your like me its downing someones family.i wish u could do something about slander on them!Your scared of a pitbull?Do u have any idea how many child molesters/predators are in your neighborhood? Do something USEFUL!!!!

Jessica Venable

Wtf The only reason I downloaded this app was to tell you what a moronic stupid b**** you are. As is painfully clear nobody believe the s*** that comes out of your mouth. You are a sad bigot stupid little lonely woman. Find a worthy cause. stop making up statistics and lies to suit yourself

Kendal Satterfield

Soooo RIDICULOUS! I am a pit bull owner she is about 6 yrs old & we rescued her as a 12 wk old. She has never growled at anything, or bitten anything except for opossums that were trying to eat her food & that killed our chickens. She does not even bother our chickens. The dogs next door attacked her and she never even growled or bit them back. She is great around kids & You can pet her while she eats. My nephew has pits he hog hunts with & never has problems. It's all in how you raise any dog. Stop giving them a bad rep.

cristina prudhomme

Really? You have GOT to be joking!!!! Look lady I am sorry you had one bad experience with one pitty with a crappy owner but come on! My american pit bull is my service dog, he can tell me when I'm about to have a seizure! He has saved me many times from seriously hurting myself. It's people like you with FALSE information that could get my sweet beautiful wonderful saviour taken from me. GET A CLUE!!!

Firdhouse Hassan

False information Some of the victims on the apps are fake...and the name of the app states pitbull but other breeds are included in the list.whoever made this app hates pitbull and wants them to all to be dead. Its apps like this that misinformed the general public and make pitbulls look bad.

Nicholas Erickson

Cults be gone Pitt Bulls kill the proof is clear and these so called great owners fight any attempt to make sure Pitts are chipped and insured. If there such great dogs why would you mind?

A Google User

Horrible! You clearly do not know what you are talking about. We have a pit, and she would never bite anybody unless she was defending my husband. She has even taken bites from other dogs. You should be embarrassed of how ignorant you are on the subject. I just saw a sticker that says-- For every 1 pit bull who bit someone, there are 10 million who didn't. So stop bullying my breed!

A Google User

Stupid If youre going to make an app like this, make it about ALL dog breeds! Pit bulls are no different than any other dogs, they are simply a muscular breed and sadly some bad people take advantage of that and make them aggressive through neglect and mistreatment for fights. That is the only aggression a pit will have.

A Google User

Idiotic Openly categorized all those breeds as "pit bulls" is ignorant and shameful. This is a witch hunt conducted by a clearly ignorant K9 bigot.

A Google User

Descrimination Who every created this site clearly never owned a pit bull. How about pointing fingers at the owners instead of these wonderful, loving, loyal canines. I love pit bulls just downloaded so I could wright a review. U suck n should n ashamed.

A Google User

Very useful This app is quite useful and informative. The bad reviews by the pit bull jihadists are hilarious, but completely without merit.

A Google User

Ugh. Do some research before spouting useless drivel. Owners make dogs mean. They're not born that way. BSL is wrong & so are you.

A Google User

Pitifully Whoever writes the sitistic must not be to educated. Must be just a Pit bull hater. Racism/breedism is wrong.

A Google User

Excellent App Well written and useful application. It is very sad that the pit bull propagandists rate it a 1 simply because they do not like the truth behind it.

A Google User


A Google User

Weak The pit bull this the pit bull that. Move on people I have a pit bull named Kane hes as nice as can be to adults man or women great with children great with other animals. My girlfriend has a lahsa apso that Kane plays with her dog bites him and has drawn blood multiple times he will just let out a little cry and sit on her dog. What a deadly animal i should proably havd him put to sleep he might crush him. O wait better yet i think i will keep him and start an app on doing aeay with the lhasa opso breed.

Bre [email protected]

I <3 Pitbulls u people have a lot of nerve saying that pitbulls are mean and evil killing machines they are dogs and all dogs are the same they are sweet kind and amazing animals and this is coming from some 1 who volunteers to save lives of innocent animals if any animal is agressive the person to blame is the owner not the dog-animal lover

A Google User

Pit bulls are the best breed!!! Everyone that ever got bit by a pit bull should be embarrased. The dog obviously sensed your cowardness and treated you like a wild weaker animal! Every animal should know whos in charge even if your not the owner. Good thing it was just a little pit bull. !!!!

Brianna Jackson

Wtf My 3 American Pit Bull Terriers has given me a reason to live. They give the best kisses and cuddles when I'm sad and the only time they get aggressive is when someone crosses the line towards myself or my boyfriend. Have you ever stopped and thought that maybe the real problem is the two legged idiot on the other end of the leash? STOP BULLYING MY BREED.

Jesse Stewart

Racists This app is totally racist. If you really want an app about dog attacks it should be "fatal dog attacks" not pit bull. My pit is the nicest dog ever, she has even been attacked twice by black labs and she just cowered down both times and we had to pull the lab off her. But I guess it's freedom of speech so if you want to be like that have fun hanging out with the kkk.

Crystal Blount Gray

Idiot Your app is stupid and your information is biased and incorrect. Before you quote "statistics" get your facts straight and be able to back up what you say and be able to provide proof and verification of your information. Most verifiable records show these precious dogs do not have the highest bite history, the problem is they are more reported and hyped up by media and uneducated idiots.

A Google User

Stupid not ignorant Being ignorant means you do something wrong without knowledge. Stupidity is doing something wrong knowing that you wrong. The people that created this app are stupid. It is sad that these people are allowed to put this kind of fear into people that do not know how loving this breed of dog is. We have 2family members that are pitbulls. And they are wonderful. If you are looking to download this app. Do the world a favor. Don't. Talk to a responsible pitbull owner and get the truth. Time to uninstall this

A Google User

Boo! October is pitbull AWARENESS month, if you ignorant people actually read any info on for bites 95% of bites/attacks reported to be pitbull dont even involve pitbulls. Pitbulls are usually blamed and commonly mistaken for mutt/mix breed attacks. Statistics say you have a greater chance of being killed by a falling coconut then to be a pitbull. This app is a example of ignorance and a poor representation against a very misunderstood breed of dog. I hope it gets pulled odd the market.

A Google User

It's a joke, right? This app is nothing but a joke. Claiming "73%" of attacks on humans were done by pit bulls and rots, yet unable to site where these stats came from?!? Come on...seriouly? This app and its "parent site" have got to be jokes, right?

Jeff Robbins

Crap I've owned bulldogs my whole life. Its the owner not the breed. Thug mentality is part of the problem. You have to worry more about my cat than my 100 pound pitbull.

Pauly Covel

DICSCRIMINATION! No stars from me. Id have to say that your ignorance is sickening. Pit bull bites? Targeting one breed is down right bullshit! Its not the dog, its the owner. ANY DOG can be agressive or fatal if YOU, the human trains the dog that way. As a pitbull owner of over 25 years and a breeder, im offended!

Michelle Moorhead

Worthless Most useless piece of crap app in whole play store! Obviously biased and full of false "facts".

Charn Payne

Are you kidding me? I own a beautiful red nose pit, she is my baby! She is amazing with other people & my 3 year old daughter! She is the most well behaved dog I have ever owned. This app is disgusting! You might as well be downloading a "white pride" app or some other racist crap, it's basically the same thing!

Star Marie

Hater!!! LONG LIVE THE APBT!!! Would u please stop making apps, and get up and go look for a job or something because u have waaaay too much time on your hands to be able to sit and create an application in hopes of finding more illiterate people and all out losers like u who have nothing better to do than feed an already media hyped frenzy!! I have 2 male apbts (pitbulls) and its people like u that make me realize just how much the breed needs help from people like myself and propably 99% of people that rate the app, to save the breed!

A Google User

pitbulls are misunderstood whoever developed this has no clue about pitbulls. ive owned any pitbull and currently have two and ive never came across a real american pitbull terrier that was vicious pitbulls have been the #2ppl friendly dogs for years now 2nd to the golden retriever. most "pit bull" type dogs that attack people arent bred correctly to the american pitbull terrier standardsmake sure you know what kind of dog your dealing with before you call it a pitbull cause the chances are high that it isnt a true american pitbull terrier

Laura Bradley

Why?? I cant beleive the ppl who rate five stars?pitbulls are nice! Dont blame the breed, blame the deed!!

Stephen Elliott

The facts at your finger tips. As a victim of a pit bull attack, I am concerned about the increasing number of attacks, and I find this app an easy way to stay on top of the "numbers".

Lew Heifner

Useful Keep this app handy to see where dangerous dogs are harbored

James Duncan

Glad to see this app. My pit bull attack was May 30, 2013. Police came; the whole works. The zombie dog walker was completely surprised. So I studied up on pit bulls and their history. I don't think most pit bull owners understand the dangers - nor care about them.

scary Mayberry

The truth! Love it in the app!

chasta craddock

Why are they so scared of the truth? This app lists facts. The pit bull mafia seem to hate that. If Beagles suddenly start killing dozens of kids a year then the pit heads would love that being reported. No one cares how "sweet" your rednosedstaffiebullywigglebutt is, it doesn't change the facts.

Laura Bradley

Why?? I cant beleive the ppl who rate five stars?pitbulls are nice! Dont blame the breed, blame the deed!!

T. M.

Biased, hateful joke of an app All I can say is LOL at such an ignorant app. Anyone with even a slight education in data analysis knows this is all hateful opinions of a woman who couldn't even keep her story straight in police reports who has no education from anywhere but ART SCHOOL.

Amanda Lepper

Bullshit. I own 4 APBT, and two who passed. RIP Ace& Domino. I work with a pit bull rescue in my area, I am a major foster. I house multiple of their dogs. Pit bulls are a veeery dominant breed, with the right training, socialization, and a pack leader they are the absolute best dogs! I am 17, an I am the alpha male. I on a regular bases have 7+ full grown (altered) pit bulls in my yard playing, having the time of their life's. My sisters gsd has attacked a few of my pit bulls, she is separated. Who's really at fault

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