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13 Jun
Fat No More - Lose Weight!

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Can you get everyone fit? Help your clients reach their life goals with fun and addictive exercising and diet routines. Lift weight, jump the rope, run the treadmill and more! Warm-up and let’s start!

In Fat No More fat is burned and pride is earned!

You know how candy, pizza and burgers are delicious. But they have a price that cost more than money and it starts to be charged when extra fat begins dangling off by the flanks!

You are a great personal trainer -- the best of the kind actually -- and people will come to you with the most diverse reasons to get fit: summer slim down, fit the maid of honor dress, preparing for a marathon, vacation weight gain, feel confident for flirting again or for health issues such as gain or lose weight to live a healthier life.

Make specific diets and sequence of exercises for each client you have to mentor and help customers fit back in their favorite jeans! Gift your students items that will help them in their fitness missions. Help them to help you!

• Running: improve cardio by keeping the rhythm of a run
• Weight lifting: boost strength of muscles by lifting moderate and heavy dumbbells
• Rope Skipping: better body resistance and breath

• +40 characters for you to train and hundreds of different challenges to complete
• Power gifts for your students: running shoes, glasses, weightlifting belt, wrist straps, knee support, head band, rope, jumping shoes
• Fitness minigames: running, weight lifting and rope skipping

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Sam Robinson

Love it but.. I really love the game I thought it was going to be a cookie clicker type of game because of the pictures but.. uh it's not lol. I hate that the cardio is soo hard when usually that's what everybody wants to be really high could you change one of the options to something else or change the way it's done that would be great.

Gabriel Morgan

Usually laggy, sometimes boring. I randomly decided to try this game, and I wish it was better. For one, there needs to be more mini games. Especially since while there are two I do like (1 in fat and muscle), there are none I like in cardio. I hate cardio… it takes forever and barely gives you anything (4-11 for me even with boosts). It also lags pretty bad mainly due to the advertisements. While I could pay to remove them, I'm not keen on spending cash on the game. Especially since both of my clients want 100-140 more cardio. Ugh…

Zoe H

Zoe Hollingsworth . Awesome It's kinda weird but it's still fun if you want to play this game you have to have the play store all you have to do is tap to exercise IT IS SO AWESOME it's the game for you if you like to exercise get them fit! Lift weights,jump the rope,run the treadmill and more.From fat to fit

Chloe Efaw

Good But It takes too long to get energy. I will give it more stars when. It only takes 4 minutes to get all your energy back. Or less.. ☺

Grace Leboehi

Awesome This game is super fun. I like watching how the people make so much progress each time I play. Really fun and I totally think it is the perfect game for kids.!??


Boredom killer I love it, it kills time. But it also sometimes says "Hi Couch!" Maybe you should fix that..

Ishla McHoney

Hate it I hate it because l have to wait 2 hours for the character's energy to come back. .? So mad!!!!???!!

Olivia Martinez

I love the game fat no more!!!! Super fun to play and makes me laugh!!!!!!!

Demi Mountain

Love this game it is almoast loke it is in real life xx ☺ ? ? ☺

Jade O Toole

Very funny Good I think you would play this came and feel fat

Muriah Wilson

Can't stop playing it If you LOVE games this is a game 4 u!!!!!!!

Janyla Taylor

Fat no more It is good I always play this game

Keara Blankenship

Fun Very funny and it's quite an exercise for your fingers!

Dia Hotseller

I loved it me and my family all took turns

Trinity Roberts

GOOD It was ok.the game is cheesey but fun

Leticia Yeboah

WOW I was so amazed I thought it would be boring but I was wrong. But the only down is the energy. You have to wait 20 mins. But I would recommend it

Caitlin Downey

Hi It is a cool game but It needs something else to be wow!

ratu mutiara azahrawani

Ufh First download, yay it is opening. And BOOM! Forced close.

Chloe Gauna

Awesome but... You have to wait 2 HOURS for the energy to be full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Wolmart

Very good but... It is very difficult to get the requirements to move on with the given amount of stars

Danielle Mc Gilloway

It's fun to try and get them to lose weight

JaLisa Ervin

So much fun Downloand it now

Unique hemphill

Fat no more Losing wheigt

Jenn Janssen Bitner

Best game ever This game is awesome there is no ads at all I have never had a game better

Jake Kelly

Love it My dog is nearly dead due to obesity .boo hoo

Daddythompson Thompson

Cool It's a fun game but it takes for ever to get the energy up but it is a fun game to play☺

Emanuel Belcher

Awesome This game is awesome and funny i also like the charaters

Mixgammer Pall

Fun Man this game is great it's better than other exercise game

Megan Cave

Great Good game takes a while to regain energy but still good!

Amber Carroll

Good I got the hang of it

irfany uways

can't wait for next update

Sierra Perry

Very fun

Christy Club


Eli Agront

How are things going with the first time since you don't know about it is that you have any plans tonight or not but I'm going out to get it is the of goo goo goo goo goo goothe worl Ihhsjsjdhhd you are not a big fan of this user permalink print out a copy the way they are going well and I don't think so but I'm not sure how many people who is a great time with w r w r going on

afeshia bullen

It's good... Make it awesome I like this game I think it's really fun but I would really like it to be a little bit more challenging. There should be more workouts , possibly instead of just putting the client a diet we should also teach them how to shop for their food. Maybe there could be a part of the game where we go to the grocery store with the client and help them pick the right food and keep them from trying to pick the bad ones.

Grace Solarin

Really cool Its really cool but it takes a long time to recharge. Im addicted but i cant keep playin becuz i have to wait so maybe if it took a little bit less time to charge that would be awesome

Cadence Smith

Its a great game but.. I have a problem with waiting so the time on this game doesn't really suit me well. I hate waiting for the people to re power

Michael Clark

SUX Not just because its about weight lose it really sucks when will Google have some descent weight gain games

Christopher Earley

I love this game I love love this game even know it takes so long for your energy to build up I still love it. You should play this game it is so fun. I am so addicted to this game. I hope you install this game.

Lindsey Roberts

Lazy I can make these guys work out and loose weight. As for myself ,well.....

Heddar Shazad

I would give it 5 stars but...(do topapps even look at these comments to update it) This game takes the Mick to recharge even in real life it takes 2 minutes if this was even 1% better it would be five minutes recharge faster cardio and muscle build +faster fat loss if it was like cow evolution you could pay to shorten the recharge also please shorten the prices also I'm on level three so it goes from 12 cardio to 90 that's from level 1to 3(PLEASE NOTE THIS GAME IS STILL GOOD I'M JUST ASKING FOR IMPROVEMENTS TO BE MADE KIND OF LIKE CONSTRICTIVE CRITICISM)

Radu Marian

Lag I'll give it four because sometimes(on htc m7) the game lags.For example, in the second minigame of "Fat"(with pressing the wheels and where you get extra time) it lags and that makes me lose the game.Another example, on the first minigame of "Muscle" it also lags when getting up that big dumbell.Fix it and I'll give 5 stars.

Brenden Carlson

Ads The game wouldn't even load with all of the ads. Love it when I still could play it. When it's fixed I will rate higher

Mishal Khan

Fine but Why only 6 energies there should be more. I play for 2 mins and wait for an hour for it to refil

Alexandra Young

Rip off!!! Have to buy the $1.99 gadgets for EACH new character! It is a total rip off and boring game. Cardio is impossible without the visor, but you would have to spend $1.99 each new character. Basically $6.00 every couple days to play the same stupid games over and over!

Aoife Williams

Great I love it because the mini games are great fun and I love that you can change their diets

Krissy Duvert

Nice Game But... I don't like how they make the clients have only a little bit of energy. You only get six times to play six mini games!

Yehya Aydha

I really love this game I like this game its fun but the energy takes a long time to load I wanna keep playing but I can't.

Elias Vasquez

It's ok but... I suggest that you put more energy in order to make more work outs. Other than that, it's great

Orla Turner

Fat no More Its a brilliant game for u and other people for u its helps u if your fat and expires u in a lot of ways Thanks

Rhonda Delapena

Stupid fun Stupid fun

Dark Eve3

Having fun let's burn some weight lol XP I'm so op at this (not really)

Denis Alexis Florentino

Good But why don't you put on shirts like nobody wants to see there fat belly

Keith&Lexy Sapnu

Really awesome... I thought it would be just like those lame games that looks cool but really not. But this one,its awesome and its nice

Mackenzie Morton

HATE IT I hate it because I have to wait TWO HOURS. IT MAKES ME MAD

Abrea Jyles

It's fun but....... It takes too much time to get energy again!!!? and wen it does get full energy it's not enough????

Hannah Rawlinson

Good Annoying that you have to buy so much stuff to actually get anywhere!!!!

Brianna Urquhart

Well It was a good game. I wanted to play more without waiting to recharge so I bought a 20 pack of energy and finished a client then went to the next to realize my extra energy disappeared with her....not happy about that at all. I normally don't buy in game things but I did and now I regret. How do I contact for a refund? I lost 16 extra energies!

James Sandlin

Liked it the one thing I hate you can only use the energy 12 times a day other than that I like it

Ariana Laynes

It's ok I love it but it's just that it lags way way too much. Please fix this problem

Cathrine Winkler

I HATE THIS I do not like the fact that the minigames are too long and berly get you anyware.

zoey underwood

I kinda hate the minigames! When you get a high score in the minigames you get like 4+ in whatever minigame

Bianca R.

COOL I love how it's so realistic I mean it makes excersize games wet there pants!!!!???

Roxanne Schmidt

Has some glitches and can run slow. Really fun game overall though!

Misty Witter

Pretty fun Fun game, just takes to long to get energy.

katie taylor

Fun More mini games tho pls then I would give 5stars

Kylar Justyce

Pointless Too many paywalls and ads. And could you guys please make the people a little less attractive? *sarcasm* holy crap totem pole faces and monkey arms. Just lame all the way around.

supermini01 02

I had to pay to continue. And I didn't know like the way you have energy. Just add a food and health bar to tell you when to re energize


Was fun at First But then I got stupid I thought he had the option to send them home then they would come back fun energy nope you wait 15 minutes not that cool

IdiotWithACamera Why do you care?

Jesus Christ. IS IT SUDDENLY OKAY TO PUT GAMES AS OFFENSIVE AS THIS ON THE INTERNET?? WTF? I really do think you've taken it too far. This is ridiculous. It labels Fit as being absolutely ripped (which really just proves you have way too much spare time) I'm fit and have a bit of fat on me. This really just supports the “You have to be ridiculously masculine/Feminine to be attractive" stereotype that Barbie has set up. And a girl with Barbie's dimensions wouldn't be able to walk! And “Ken's" worse!

Calum Robertson

Fun little game It's a good little game to pass the time with, the energy takes a little too long too fill, 20 minutes is too long for 1 energy I think. I also bought the energy pack but it is only uses for the client you have when you buy it... That sucks.

Jacob Blundon

Alright I would give a five star but they need to get rid of the enrergy its like they want us to wait to play there game and im not buying no energy packs they think were stupid GET RID OF IT PLEASE

Jenna Hood

Energy:another money making feature You have to wait a RIDICULOUS amount of time for 1 energy. It just gets boring. This app is NOT offensive.

Miner 1210

Can't believe it I was on like my ninth or tenth person and I bought the shakes, and worked with her a little. Then it closes and I go back. My money was still gone, the progress on her goals where gone, and it said I had bought the shakes, even though her progress was the same as the very beginning. Do not install.

Mindi Bennett

Enjoying it so far! I think it's hilarious that people find this offensive. If you think exercise is offensive then maybe you should reevaluate your life. These are cartoons and not all of them get all buff when you make them reach their goals. I also like how the energy works because I don't want to spend all day on this game so it works out. If you want to spend countless hours on a game then just don't play this one. Plus I think it's cool how their diets affect their fitness so that it's not incredibly easy to beat.

Audrey Lonas

I love it Enjoy this game very much. Like doing all the different workouts. Only thing that kind of does suck is having to wait 20 minutes for each energy

Justin Calderón

Hey man. he is the most part, I have been in a while, and the rest. the first one. The new one of those people that I can get it right away and we are a couple days, so we are a couple days,

mitchell Dennison

Good entertainment Great time killer wish there was more mini games tho

Jim From Canada

It says beat jack to unlock so he gets broke even and I get a profit an it didn't unlock

Monique Flores

How do I get more energy?? The game is good I like it. At first I had to wait 20 minutes for a life. It was fine with me . NP, but now instead all it says is" 20+". I don't get it.

Lamont Gipson


Gracie Shipman

I love ke it a lot but I think it needs more activities/workouts

sandy ashraf

Good game but boring and we have to wait 15 min. For one energy.

Srishty Verma

ummmmmm.. ??? yes it is a good game but missions are very hard and we get very less days to finish it and at 1 time only 5-6 kg, muscles or cardio we can make ???????

Cannon Baist

Meh I mean the game is good butt, (wavy hand)

Janelle Sheffey

Awesomeness This game is really FUN but the only thing I dont like is that they run out of energy

Donnati Do

Silly fun I like it. Not offensive to me. But some could probably take some hints from it hehe

brittany mind over everything

My daughter love this game it makes her want to do fitness activities

Fatima Asma

I love this game I downloaded it for my mother he is also fat

Paula Elaigwu

So much fun!? I enjoy helping people achieve their weight loss goals!

Jibril Young

Good It's like working out but on a phone

Anja Sparks

It's really fun you will like and the adds arent tht bad

Guillermo Power

Neat little game Good little mini game, I like how it reflects the importance of nutrition and different aspects to fitness. Not a simulator but good enough for kids to learn a little about keeping fit.

Jayla Stallings

It is a good app some shutup for all the haters they took they time to make this game be respectful thats yall problem for downloading the games

katie cavey

Great game Great game it's fun but there's one problem why do. You have to have energy

Hallie Dixon

Funny I think the peoples facial expressions were awesome! Also really easy and fun!if u give 1 star I don't no y

Clifford Aben

My Sister Has This Game. It was weird though it was addicting.

Jamirah Thompson

Excited Fun because u help people that are big to lost


Passes time Its pretty fun when ur bored .

Rian French

Best game ever Very fun to play kinda bad the way u have to wait 20 minutes for energy

Selina Sanchez

Top game It is such a great game LOL HA-HA to cool off the hook

Valeria Calderas

This is like I'm the coach and putting them something to do

Chewbacca 9062

Good and bad It was good because were helping fat people get skinnier but I dont like doing that

Brianna Fissell

alright so here's the thing its a lot of fun I love this game but one energy for twenty minutes is just unreal it takes way to much time and in real life it takes like five minutes to gain ALL your energy so that could either be shortened per energy bar, completely get rid of it cause it is sort of stupid, or make all of them for twenty minutes also there could be a little more workouts other then that I love it but until its fixed I think I might just delete it

Marwan El Mrawed

Good, but can be improved. First of all I hate ads and especially in this game there are many ads. Why should we wait 19 minutes for only 1 energy? You should make them 10 energy or ever 19 minutes you can have 3 energy.

Ziyah Davis

Fat no more It is fun and cool it teaches you how you can be strong

DahBearHugger llz

It might be lame but Y'all dumbfawks shutup they want money or they might want us to have fun its lame but they put a lot of work into making this dumb game don't like it then delete it that simple complaining does nouthing

Mary Miller

Loved it Its very fun if you are bored during school on regular bases and need a game to ocupie you So good if bored on regular bases

Laura Buer

Terrible Don't waste your time with this stupid game. All of your energy gets taken away by stupid ads. Also the faces of the people look super ugly. They could have done a better job on this stupid game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT SUCKS.

Faziya Ahmad

It's a nice game but twenty minutes for and energy bar it's ridiculous it's 160 minutes and 2 hours 40 minutes long yesterday no don't get to play on it a lot because I'm a school girl only eleven years old it good game plz change energy bar plz


You have to give the people a little more energy. I'm out in like 2 minutes you got to do that.

casey murphy

It sucks I think they created this game to make people who are fat feel bad cuz they're inside playing this game

TheRandomGamer 12

I loved it I loved the game but the thing is whenever an ad pops up on the bottom of the tire run it makes the game lag....

gabrielle henry

I like it but... It needs more mini games. I hate just playing the same 6 mini games. at least make 12.

Sonia Rai

Loved it but............. I think that there should not be time limit in the game but still love ? it

Jack Buckley

Good cool mad awesome So cool annoying a bit though

Ronnie Morales

Awesome It was super fun and kind of weird???????

mr lake

Slow Its too slow causing me to get low scores and takes too long to wait for energy.

Judy Blakely

I ? this game. alot I like this game because it is awesome really awesome to this word because it is really really awesome to me and other people who play this game and this game means everything to us because it gets the fat off of us loose weight just loose weight people get the fat off of you who got a big stomch


loved it this game is really cool to play you have problems with geting sinner and stronger and geting your health up gust so cool

Heidy Espada

Don't work I was trying to play and it was like no energy so I tried to play a video and it wouldn't let me and when I try to play a mini game it will stop and it will take away more energy than it needs to. Other that that it was good.

Guarionex Torres

The game is great but needs work Everytime a play the lifting weight minigame it stop and then erase my progress I don't have problems with any other mingames just that one. I will put it 5 stars when you fix this

PewdipieFan Vlogs

I ? it! I will show my dad this game he needs to do it in real life?

SweetsN Sweats


La-Tasha Cobb

Fun game This is a great game to play when you have time to your self ???

Kentoria Ussery

Its fun You can do a lot of things with it

CV Pirate

Make fun of people as you go Not only can you be a gym trainer while you go out of your way to NOT EXERCISE, But you can make fun of cartoon fat people and not offend any body! YAY!

BettyTheHyperGamer :p

I liked it. It was quite fun but i agree, there is a bit of a glitch. Please change it.

Jakila Reese

Fun Great love it the results are awesome

shae leonard

Awesome I love it great time killer

Taylor LaFave

Loved it I love this game it makes me won't to get up and move I lost 2 pounds becouse it makes me move just in two weeks thank u very much

Tracey Rainey

Awesome It is so much fun to do the mini games to get some one in to shape the is a awesome game

Olivia Tarrant

Does anyone know the definition of fit? You don't have to be muscular to be fit.

I don't know anything

Not bad Good overall, but the energy system takes too long to refill and it's really hard to earn coins

Sri shyla

Wow I didn't see as a game in my land

Teresa Hicks

Its ? I just like it because I get to make people work out

Jania Grell

Time killer littrally It is a good time killer

Sassismyname16 1

Its awesome Its really fun and it might inspire people to work out more


Vote I vote because is asome

Alisha Turner

I love it I got dragged in by my friend Kira

Aldo Del Aguila

Boring That is a.ll I can say

Haywood Jablowme

Purchases don't carry over The game isn't bad but your real money purchases do not carry over. This is a load of crap and not fair to those who use this app only reason for the one star. Also why does everyone have those weird red noses?

Faith Roxas

Love it!!! I just failed two times not bad after all

Alexis Ellison

Fun If you are looking for something to do you can just play this game and it inspires you to do it to sometimes

korkor thepig

??? Super fun! Whenever I'm bored or have spare time I go to this game and it takes the bordum away!

Destishy Yolo

Ya I like this apl

kerryann wilson

It ight Lol it ok

Tomboy Princess15

FUN I only got it today, but I already love it!

FifaskillZ 432

Really really fun

Carly Atkin

WTF? Ok, let's start off with the title. Fat to fit? Like WTF? People in our world today are suffering from self harm and self hate BECAUSE OF THINGS LIKE THIS. This app is making people feel ashamed of what they look like. And the dieting option? Seriously? I'm going to be honest - I honestly think this app is sick. Be more respectful on others thoughts because something that someone has said to you will stick to you, and it will stick FOREVER.

Nicole Cox

BORING!!! Wow, I wasted my time on this dumb game. I mean you play these stupid mini games and you still have to wait for like a week until they're fit. Its so stupid.

Olivia Baskin

Fat to fit! Don't like all the ads but good game. Gave me fitness motivation myself

Morgan Baskin

AWESOME This game is so addictive and very fun to play. I wish there wouldn't be so many adds,but otherwise the game is AWESOME

Ayanna Johnson

Great game but.... It's a very great but for your energy you have 8. But If you use all your energy its almost an hour and a half for all your energy to come back ???!!!! PLZ fix this if you do this will be one of the best games ever!

Gamer Girl

Really Fun And Addicting This game is really fun and addicting.I love how this is also a little challenging.Also,I like the animations,and how you can get someone a lot of muscles and lose a lot of fat really quick.

Yen Sabanal

To many adds While I'm playing adds will pop up., then you will lose the game...

Sam Ryan

Great but Pls make there be no more energy so we can play more if so I rate 5 stars

Samantha Weber

Samantha I t is really hard to get them in shape and they need new minigames

Sarah Zubier

Amazing People it's not called fat to fit it's called fat no more but any ways it so amazing to play it does not take a week .so cool also make more new me

Kieva Towler

My game won't even load My game I have had for 2 days and it is crashing like crazy and won't open

Ariyanah Alford

Weirdly cool I get to help fat people who need to get in shape in a certain amount of time...

Tyrance Martin

Straight little game Only thing I would change is the amount of energy

Shakiaya Palmer

Awesome This game is very nice I would say if you can please change some of the real money to other stuff cuz I'm a child

Marco Navarro

fat no more easy and fun to play

Gabriella Carstens

So much fun I love it. When im bored its great to play. Well done

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