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28 Oct
Fart sound

Posted by AMDROID in Casual | Oct. 28, 2016 | 160 Comments

Apk file size: 3.4 MB

This application is perfect to spend a good time with friends. It is designed to entertain children and adolescents experience different and fun making fart sounds, will be capable of sounding fart jokes from his cell and create hilarious situations.

Using "Joke: Sounds fart" is quite simple: select an option from the main menu and follow instructions with audio and real images, which can simulate a fart of someone close.

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Whats new

    Fart v23
    - Add Fart Remote
    - Repair bug
    - Update SDK Facebook
    Fart v21
    -Repair Bug sound
    -Improved sound
    -Chat Online Free
    Fart v20
    Api using youtube
    Channel AmdroidPlay shows gameplay
    New Game Archery Master
    Fart v17
    New Apps AMdroid
    Fart v16
    - Repair Bugs
    - Chat Online
    - Improved sound
    - New Sound
    - New features (with timer Fart, Fart for social networks)
    - Available in all languages.
    - Tools Fart
    - Add facebook and Twitter

AMDROID part of our Casual and have average installs from 50000000 to 100000000. Last Update Oct. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 75.0555. Current verison is Fart. Actual size 3.4 MB.

Download fart-sound.apk 3.4 MB


Aubreighallyhaiven Henson

I love it!!!!! My little sister farts all the time so if I download the app, then i will make a sound and blaim it on her!!!!!!!!?

Aakarshan Shadakshari

Awesome It's so funny download this app

Jon Aviles

Not cool There's a gr by thing on chats and it has bad people with weird names and I'm 9 years old and it was nasty

Roshan Sawanni

Its a comady Its a funny

Lakeshia Lawerlot

So GuD fOr PrAnKiN love it When mii cuZ plaYed da faRt mii grandMa thOrt he waz reaLly fartin

Makyia Mabon

Its cool... When i went over my aunts' house i pressed it and they all thought i farted and i didint but the the reason u gus should download it is because it really gets people weired out and its pretty funny so u should really get it is so funny

Tatyana Austin

I like it but... Its hase a few and when your phone screen turns off it stops. Fix this and i will give you 5*s.

Patrice James

Awesome!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) It makes you laugh out loud and its very fun to play with when you trying to pull a prank on someone love it

Nikita Kelly

SO STUPID BAD WORDS nobody download it its SO SO SO SO SO STUPID! THEY dont even sound like farting and u can text on it to but the people make it so stupid when they text they say"who wants to date im single and sexy". And im like eww and they have weird names too! They have names like big boobs, pretty girl, sexy girl, handsome boy and saying there famous like taylor swift but i just say okay and then people asks all about u like were do u live and how old are u THEY EVEN ASK U FOR YOUR PHONE NUMBER!!!so i rate this I star

Russ Miller

Fart Sound I wish I was in high school because when I had .fun like this I didn't feel foolish, or stupid. But despite my years of respectable behavior I haven't forgot the simple and gross humor that's a corner piece to the folks not quite adult, or never grew up. If you appreciate a good zero intelligence, tastless, juvenile gag you found a state of the art twenty first century high tech means to use as many options as your application gives you to keep you busy a long time. A few other sounds gets five stars.☆☆☆☆

Madeline Myers

Love it !!????? I love it bc when im at school i use it and blame it on my bff And then she smacks me byt its amazing

Marissa Fernandez

This app is stupid I have no idea who made this, but that person needs to be slaped. It is just weird. Its even childish for me, and I'm 11! What would you even use this for? I mean it could be fun if it sounded like real fart but it's just a waste of time. Take my word for it, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS STUPID APP!!!!

Shannon Day

I hated it I hate this app ive tried to pull a prank on someone with it and they all knew it was me on my phone because it didnt sound like a fart and what the hell are the keys supposed to do I mean this is so so so stupid and the prank thing wasnt only once it was like 100 times and my advice is DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!! And for the people who like it you are extremely stupid and idiotic

Harold Sarmiento

Stuped This app is so stupid who ever created this, was drunk. Do not download, is a waste of time. The farts do not even sound like a real one. I HATE THIS APP! I even get angry when I think about it. And don't listen to who ever said it's good.

Chelsea parker

Take away I love this app cuz i can annoy my big sister so if i dont listen she will take it away so i just do it still xD

Lawrence Gallardo

Awsome cool If yu loveb fart try this

Chantelle Burton

Its kool It needs a little help with it when I try to do something on it. It don't work

Shamarri Hunt

Fake and stupidity I hate it's a waste of time

Hamoudeh Halan

Mohammad halabi harba Iloved it i put the fart bomb at 15 seconds down my friend and when they where finished (seconds) they all got out of the class.

Payton Maclean

So funny I get 2 trick my friends, teachers and family very easily. This game is sooo amazig!!:)♡

Owen Kreh

THIS IS AWESOME now I can joke to my friends about this app so they think I Farted but I didn't fart

Alkongob Alkondos

Funny What a nice app, l've had such good laugh... Sweet app really.

Januel Panganiban

So Amazing I just saw this game and download it,when the download was finished... I saw the fart piano and then when i played it, it scared my parents XD i just love this...Thnx for making this app. : )

Sunita Harrylal

I WILL NEVER PLAY THIS AGAIN everytime I press the bottons it kepps saying you have no connection and this is no longer available so plz fix and I will give 5*s

joseph olson

Its so funny I tried to make my dad do it and he laughed his head offf

Jayvinna Mahoney

The chat room DELETE IT PLEASE The chat room is full of 19-8 year olds kids saying thing that grown-up would say and the 8yrs are talking about girlfriend and boyfriends.

Evelyn Coyote

Cool This game is fun i love its amazing

Destiny Stout

HILARIOUS I LOVE this app its soooooooo funny! People say girls don't like fart noises or fart jokes, but that's so not true because I'm a girl and I think they are HILARIOUS!!!!!! EVERYONE such get this app! ENJOY!!

Basma Angwi

Fart app It was not very good but I will give 5 stars. Please make it better.

Deanna Russell

Doesn't work Tried several times, to no avail. Kids are disappointed, as am I!!!

Sean Scrivens

Great fun Good for trolling my people

Tanya Thorn

Much better Its cool and stuff and other thing is cooler

Alysyn Hernandez

So unmature PLEASE READ!!!! I mean I thought the chat thing was part of the app but no it was just some of these s.e.x addicts tryin to find these people to "hang" with and "talk" to I mean (A)get a life(B) dont be a perv,and (C) grow up I mean this was suppose to be a fun game but I'm sorry that they ruined it for u,this game was really fun but seriously get a life poeple. But it was really fun but some people that have this are really yound I mean im only 12y.o fix this please!!!!!! :'(:-(

Rubyclark08 Clark

I loved it because... 1 . It's hilarious. 2. I talk with my friends.

Cesar Cerrato

Fart Sound It's hilarious

Kelly Dore O Sullivan

Great Every time my dad or mam sit down I do it

Natalie La Rose

Good App! Everything is very good!)

gaming master pro

Cool You can do and make up so many cool things with this app and new features from timing farts and sifferent kindrs of farts great prank app highly recommend it 5 star

Ella B

Ghu Thanks for all of you who don't want you are a few weeks ago by email or call our friendly staff on your marks the UK and Ireland and Wales with company number is the best of all the best of the King of course the best way is to be honest I am a bit of a new job and a bit. It has been scanned for the first .

L Calligy

For immature audience's around the world This app is hilarious. Cracks me up everyday/ all day.. deserves 5 star rating.

kristian kroflin

Semantic compendium of farts Explains the meaning and context of farts. Please add an etymology of farts - then you'll get 5 stars. A fart is more than just art.

Nelson Lauzin

SO FREAKIN FUNNY! please love this game because it's so funny and when I first tried it my brother went like what the heck!

Reina Portillo

Ugh don't try it My Samsung started to smell like dog duke and os making alot wet fart randomly on my phone when I am not even use it.

Amaya Peterson

Stupid All of them r the same noises beside the piano but still stupid nobody is gonna believe it they sound nothing like real farts I'm uninstalling ?

Leanne Gillard

Awesome Cool love it made my dad think that I did it I'll. Made me laughter

Joanne Wilcox

I'M GOING TO TRICK PEOPLE I'm going to take my tablet to the table and say it was Aaron it is going to be awsome.

samantha augustin

5 stars Lol, i also trick people at the dinner table that it was someone not me lol

keira jones

Hilarious I pranked my bff taylor and when she heard it she said someone farted

jay reid

Awesome I scared my dog and cousin its funny when I talk to my friends and it seems like i farted

James K

J man This game is so funny and will I like because you can trick other people by thinking that you farted or other people farted

Trey Houk

COOL This one is not that bad for a fart

Rachel Ulchak

BEST app EVER The BEST app EVER invented!!!! Played it on my mom and sister like 3 times in a row and we laughed so hard for 10 minutes... they still don't know...

Pamela Lawson Lawson

Hilarious! Wow someone must have really had lots of time on their hands lol! ?

Aman1234 Tariq

Fart sound Its very cool because it fart sounds

Nyah Vaughan

Ummm There were no instructions for most things and you had to figure everything out for yourself.

Omar Herrera

I love this app it maid me go out of breath.

thisismadison Leal

Omg the best OK I think that this game could have a little more farting activities but on the other hand I love this app and you might to ... they even have a chat room let me tell you this fart game is nothing like any other fart game's the best

Selena Almanza

Cool I do this at.night to freak my bros

Gagandeep Bari

Crap..! Asking to Shake but doesn't do anything.

Nadine Simms Hindley

Exquisite I absolutely loved it but just one more thing, add more options

Shubhank Rohila

Very coOl Its nyc... But a problem of low sound.... I cant prank to my friends because low sound can't heard to anyone...

moayad habes

Hated it The fart is so fake! Please do not buy this game! When tried ,no surprise everyone said its fake

Faith Alberti

HA HA HA When I did ot to my mom and my dad they started having a who farted fight. I LOVE IT HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Lauretta Morrison

Trick It's really funny to play a trick on people

Loleyum Ifoaupito

It SUCKS!!!!! It keeps existing me out

Finesha Mccombs

Awsome I can prank someone with this

Susana Reis

it's ok it's funny because you can laugh your friends!!!

Jamie Marlow

Jamie paige It's a great app if you are trying to make sure someone else who might be a problem with the same as a whole range from the UK and Europe and North West England and Scotland and Northern Ireland and Wales with company number 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 and I am not going anywhere near future for the next few months and then I will be in the UK and Ireland destinations only a few days ago by the way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the

Emilee Haynes

I love it!! I think it is perfect for pranks! I tricked my dad and my sister. And since it has a mode where if you shake it, it will fart, I am gonna put it on that then put in my pocket and run laps at school...perfect p.e prank!

Simone Franks

So Funny I simply loved it. I'm 11 and when I played it my mom kept on looking at me like I was crazy. Hahaha this app is great for jokes!

kaur daljeet

Hmmm..... It is a great app and all but the farts dont sound like real farts. Even i have a hard time believing that those farts actually came from u know where. I reckon they were just released from the mouth. Also i dont get why the chat button is there. One thing i like is the fart piano. It is the best thing ever! And could u please change the video for the app. I mean its a cartoon person. It would be a lot more effective if it were a real person. If u update, i would be more than happy to give it five stars.

Leeny Devil™

Retarded You've got children using the chat talking about sex and many things kids shouldn't be doing and the app is pretty dull, but you may be able to make something successful with the fart piano. XD

Darla Crites

Worst game ever It won't let me chat it's a terrible game it won't even let me get on the farts in every time I try to chat it just shuts me down so this is a terrible game I wouldn't suggest getting it but I hope this is useful to you remember don't get this app if I could I would give it a zero star and if I could I would redo the whole entire app.

Andrew Flowers

It's OK... yeet it's stupid It's OK it won't let me in the chat it says domain has expired can you fix that and also the fart is ok there not that funny anymore it sounds fake I think most people would know it'd fake????????????? so stupid

The Youtuber

Ha It's great, try it, but there's no loud and proud fart. You guys should add a option to add your own farts.

Smaraki Pattnaik

Deleted it It can't really be used as a prank because the sounds aren't that realistic ..but I had it for a few months due to the chat room in it buy now it isn't there anymore I am deleting it

Collin Kunsman

Super Hilarious It's so funny, I think everybody should enjoy this app!

jimbono gaming

wont work it wont let me chat bad app i would. give a five if i can chat

Liam Bamforth

SO GOOD I pranked my mom She looked at me like I'm stupid

Shannon Downes

Farts I like how the fart gas comes out his bum. 100% legit! EDIT: SUCKS BALLS


No SOS fart If you need a fart app for those moments when you need to call for help look somewhere else. It's a good all around fart app for fun but is lacking the SOS fart which is indispensable in today's world. Hope developers will listen make an improvement but for now it's 4 stars, until this feature is added.

Kayla Massie

OK The game is ok but the farts are not realistic but other than it alright.?

Princess K

So cool Luv this game I can totally trick my friends wit this app

Kavya Shah

Lol,lol,lol=laughing on loudly I use it to do masti with my brother while making fart sounds

gr8 darklord

Stupid, but hilarious Great for pranks. I can leave the bomb in a room with my friends and walk out. Then, 10 seconds later, pppppzzztttppp

gary kitson

It's got me in hysterics & I haven't nobbled anyone yet. Gonna have loadsa laughs with this one!

trizia anne aringo

ASOME!!!!! I like the farts but I don't like the auto fart...

Stacy Dubois

Fart app It's an okay app its just not really a funny app but I love the chat in....

Daren Armstrong

Aswome Funny and fun to use! I tricked 10 people and they said stop farting then laughing! Could use more options though. Still awesome!!!!!?

elizabeth Edwin

Hilarious Very funny, am gonna annoy people with this, lol

Dominic Luna

Awsome The thing is cool like to prank my sisters

Kurukii Käsekuchen

Bad app My boyfriend did not believe that I farted. Unrealistic Fart Noise

Divy Dujari

Good app Great app and can be used for playing pranks on people and i cannot understand the auto fart thing...and my friend Darla Crites this app is not a game

Sweet Pea

Good I love it so much because I trick my mom and she said u are nasty and I did it to my friends

Charlie Jarvis

Just keep popping I had to pop because I ate too many bakebeans.

Fritz Alcala

Fart sound I love it this realy funny ok ok ok ok i dont like it because i really like it

Jess Gabriel

I LOVE FARTS I am going to prank people so bad in this app

Ronnie Ferguson

Cool kid Awwwwsome noise

Jorden Copeland Soria

Love this game Great game very funny u can prank ppl and also theirs a chatting section i dont really care for but the rest is just GREAT AND AWESOME!!!!!!!

Luigi Tolosa

I love it a little bit.. Because this app is not too great.. Corny..

Melinda Cox

Love it! love it! love it! This its awesome love the fart jokes!!!

Joe Kennedy

Terrible I don't mind ads but come on. All the farts sound the same. Piano mode just changing the tone. Stupid app integration. Not even worth free


Really funny, but doesn't sound real. Love it though! For free, can't be beat

Mila Pegge

Its funny but.... I love but when o try and go on the chats it takes forever to down load and the farts don't sound like farts

Caine Riskus

Funny It's super funny and it's a good way to get back at people.

michelle ricketts

Fart game So cool I love this game

zabid mahmud

Soo funny It makes different types of fart mother and father thinks that I am farting.

Ayesha Masood

This game is awsome This game is really nice love this. I will try to do this thing

Rassel Indra W

sound variations This is funny but not too funny.still need to add another voice to be more variety and more funny sounds

B.Anantha Narayanan

Awesome I will always use this app whenever I am sad. It makes me happy

Dee Wilson

Fart Awesome I pretend I farted then everybody said ew I laughed and show my phone they laughed so hard GET THIS APP ITS AWESOME GET IT

Daniel Quinones

PLEASE READ!! ¡!!!!!!!!!!;!;!;!!!!! This game and is kind of boring. There needs to be a upgrade where they sound more like real farts. That would make this game a little bit more better. I used this on my brother and he could tell it was a app

Nourissa Mansa

Its so funny I fake my co worker in the middle of work.. and everybody is lookin at me like.. what the hell is that???

Marko Bimbiloski

So funny Fart is so funny

Fun I like the Chatting part.

Ashlyn Polson

Funny All u have to do is stand by someone and play it and then watch the person and move away so the think that is them. LOL HAHAHAHAHA the best. U have to download this app u will kill your self with laugh.


Perfect for uncles My nephews and nieces are always dying when I load up this app. A lot of fun if looking for random laughing fits. Next update how about getting more really clappy wet ones, the kind that make you itch when it dries, bahahahaha


Fart sound is rubbish Not even close to real fart sound. Also after trying only 2 sounds I got intrusive video ad... Useless app

Andrew Flowers

It's OK... yeet it's stupid It's OK it won't let me in the chat it says domain has expired can you fix that and also the fart is ok there not that funny anymore it sounds fake I think most people would know it'd fake????????????? so stupid

Jeannette Seigfried

61 and still love it! Laughter is good medicine! The cart piano plays Chopsticks, Doe a Deer, etc & there's a great variety of types...confused to married to sleepy...lots more!

Shabba Ukelele

For serious pranksters I can't tell you how many times I pranked with this app :-D

guiseppina mammone

Farting app Ahah OMG this app is hilarious and the farting sounds are so fun to use. I get to annoy everyone with this espically my brother XD Whoever came with app was a genius

SiriusJ S

Wow This has got to be the stupidest most mind-numbing app ever. I LOVE IT HAHAHA

Snap Star General

Shart I tried to record a fart on my phone for you guys, but sharted on my phone. Great app but i couldn't figure out how to add custom farts.

Aariona Smith

Crazy Cool It makes the funniest farting sounds I'll laugh my butt off all day with this app All Day just this wat u hear HaaaaaaaaHaaaa

Michelle Morton

It's OK People don't even talk about farts in the chat rooms! All they do is get girlfriends and boyfriends and cuss so if you like all that stuff then this is the place to be.

lps shadow gaming plus

Funny yet boring Its so good until that 20 minutes passes so 3 stars it ok

Mo Siddique

Waste of time Don't get this app you'll be angry with yourself

Gbbeh Eajtmrvgga

This is very funny a good job What is my description first off from the auto 4 maybe do an auto car I want to make it a fart cannon

Robert Palmer

Fart app The fart bomb is good for frightening my dog. The mini piano can also be used as an.aid for some great compositions

Daren Armstrong

Aswome Funny and fun to use! I tricked 10 people and they said stop farting then laughing! Could use more options though. Still awesome!!!!!?

LPS fan

Why...... Why is there a chat room on a fart game? Don't take it off! I have 2 bars of internet and it works just fine!!

Absolutly Nobody

Funny farts OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UV GOT TO LOVE THIS APP it's awesome for far off fart pranks. Example: start fart bomb put phone in pocket they think you farted or whoever you stuck it next to.

Dev Spenc

Immature, but fun This app is for big brothers. Little sisters think the farts are real

Tarnie Spaul

Hate it Can you delete the app because it is annoying I thought it would be funny. but its NOT! :(

wei woo shim

Kinda USELESS This app is pretty not used becos fart jokes are kinda out

Lilah Brown

Crack up Although they dont suit there names its really cool I really recommend this game

Fart Machine Man this app is amazing pranked people a lot of times

A Google User

Funny app This is the best app have ever seen

Loved it Very good for insulting your friends

Hahhahaha,very funny what a nice app

Manik Thakur

Good vry funny

Lucy Gibbs

Very funny There is a lot of sounds to chose from, And best of all a fart piano! The only thing that I don't like , is that the fart is sometimes the same sound:)

Very good Loved the farting sounds it was awesome and the sounds where great and you can prank people and I think that that's just farted very funny I wish that everyone else thought it was funny

XxOmqItZ JayxX

Funny I used the fart bomb, turned my volume up all the way, and stuck my butt at her face and boom. fart bomb.

kevin esona

It Wont Stop Farting When my phone Shakes my classmate will laugh!!

Andrew Blackburn

Funny as hell! Loved it. Had most of my roommates cracking up

Naman Gulati

Very nice and funy But I don't know how to operate fart car

Noemi Simaki

Best fart ever Sounds like someone we know in team meetings!

Bethzy Sanchez

Love this app Its awesome because I get to use it in the toilet and pretend I'm having diherea

Amber Dahlsten

Friends I only got it for the chat! And I have made a lot of friends that I can talk to and all that stuff!

David Boler Jr

I like the chat I like the chat cuz u can talk to people

Areen Murad

Its nerds to be relistac a bit more itbnever wont work for my pranks Its needs more sounsds

Thomas Mills

Good Fart piano is cool and I do the deepest one to my annoying sister and she wants to kill me when I do it on her

Brenda Gaskill

Totaly sucks It doesn't have any sound and takes for ever to load!???

Nayli Amani

Funny I prank my family and friends with this awsome app

Jayla Torres

I hated it I hated it cause it's boring it is not even funny

Kayla Stephenson

Funny I will prank my bro

Why does a fart sound I don't like it?

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