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7 Nov
Fantasy Rivals

Posted by Boostr in Card | Nov. 7, 2014 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 48.0 MB

FANTASY RIVALS is a multiplayer game mixing strategy, speed, bluff and collection.

A long time ago, in a world far far away, 6 rivals factions fought for thousands years… Today, this epic conflict becomes an awesome game.

After over 2 billions games played on their first videogame, the Urban Rivals team now brings you their new multiplatform game! Pick 8 Heroes to engage in fast paced battles and move up in the rankings. Thumb through the world map and carry out missions to win Gold, Gems, experience and Jewels. Complete your collection playing it or buying Heroes in the market. Using the Gems earned in game, level up your Heroes and make them even stronger.

Master all our exciting GAME MODES:

Training – Practice your skills with the AI and evolve your Heroes as you wish

Classic – Prepare your Heroes and fight other players in friendly matches

Leagues – Become the #1 Fantasy Rivals player fighting through ranked matches and try to access the prestigious Master League

Whats new

    INTERFACE: Minor bug fixes

Boostr part of our Card and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 7, 2014. Google play rating is 77.1977. Current verison is V1.15.00. Actual size 48.0 MB.

Download fantasy-rivals.apk 48.0 MB


Jadway Cao

PVP is empty. I was just beginning with the game but all other players I fight with on PVP are high-level players with gold or higher ranking. I also have to wait quite a time before finding a match.

Daikenkini Posso

Doesn't work on Android 5.0 lollipop Make sure to get it working and I make sure to update this review to 5 stars because that's what this game deserves when it's actually WORKING!

Milos Rodic

Cool You should add guild feature, killing epic bosses... etc and i wonder why is you still on BETA???

Mike Bissonnette

Deception First, this game crashes a lot on HTC One. Secondly, to the people who wonders why this game is still on his beta phase, I think it's 'cause it isn't near to be as good as UR. The faction system to succeed the clan system doesn't worth anything. Now, we can't choose our favorite faction 'cause the bonus differ a lot in the same faction. Also, the way to level up cards is only here to make us spend more money on this game. Last but not least, having Fantasy Rivals succeed UR is a step in the wrong direction.

Dave Hurst

Developers Not Fixing Lollipop Issues This game was quite fun. After the last lollipop update for mobiles the game gives a stage3d error. The devs do nothing for weeks and blame adobe and google for incompatibility with adobe air yet i have 3 other air games that work perfectly fine.

Jared Kelsey

Does not work on my Nexus 5 with Android 5 Lollipop Installed but gets an error message on screen and will not launch. Cannot play this game on Android 5. Please fix!

Dominick Cuellar

Doesn't work. Not sure what happened but the game stopped working on my phone, can't even get to the menu, shame, I was really enjoying it.

Veng Vue

don't work on lollipop The game doesn't work for lollipop

Ally McIvor

GREAT Best thing since Urban Rivals, well done! A more balanced game with great cards and wonderful game play!

Lu Tin

Bug I can't open the app, error at the beginning ! "context 3d not available "

Michael Brown

Fun game Tutorial is lacking but the game is fun!

Cringle Lions

It is fun but 1 thing Everytime i load in it says a erroe then freezes the app

Othmane Touti

Doesn't work One star for the moment because there is an error message every time I open the app.

Eric Engstrom

Hard to get into Many challenges require you to play online against other players. There are very few low level players active, so you often end up against high level players, who you have little chance of beating. Unless you spend real money to buy the best cards.

Robert Meadows

Was great game After my phone updated this is the only game that started erroring saying it does not work on my device please fix this and I will rate 5* its a great game but just isn't working

Justis Nutt

Awesome strategy game!

Michael Green

Fails to start on Nexus 7 2013 running android 5.0.

Hans Remo

Fantastic I have this game on my computer and mostly I really like it and in my tab great game

Afiq Azman

Impress This games are awesome, hope make more heroes..

Jessie Diebert

Broken Doesn't work with Android 5.1

Preza Brother

Why can't I buy jewels with in app purchases Fix it and 5 stars

Travis Newkirk

Fantastic. I just wish the melee pvp used the same two card system as the league pvp. A great game regardless.

Topher Muise

Addicted Love this game :)

Josh Martin

Sux Just keeps freezing in tutorial. Urban Rivals was ok but wanted a fantasy game. Guess Ill look else where

Clay Baker

Actual Strategy I have played many games that claim to have strategy. This is one of the few games that actually does. Each game is pretty short, there's no need to grind, and there's is no need to pay money.


Need net connection Poor setup requires net connection. Hoped to install and try whiles traveling. Instead needs connection just to load app. Bad programming.

Anthony Nicolson

Good but Now every time I try to get on it says network error and freezes

David Weldon

Little Things Mean a Lot Reward progress blocked unless I win 4 games against other players, but they match level 9 against level 25, only win from someone who disconnected. Also feels like another game where endless paying money for better in game cards is only way to really progress. Could be a great game but things like this completely ruin it. So disappointing so many games with potential take this annoying route.

John Jara

Great game Cards are not being displayed properly. I was use to the slow rendering at times, but now they are permanetly blurry.

Noel Bunsato

This game is a joke! Every now and then the game crashes and the ranking in the league is useless, I can't evem increase my rank... fix this!!

Yasser Abdel Bari Siddiqui

I would give it 5 star but the game keeps freezing plz help

Klen Glengk

Great Best game but keep freezing

Amir Shakya

Sucks I hate it does not install in my phone

Jonathon Frith

Almost there One of my favorite games on my phone, a must try, games crashes if fixed 5* :-)

Sage Star

Would give it 7 stars

Yangpao Thao

Gamer Pretty good concept but cards not optimized for mobile, blurry on galaxy s4 mini will rate 5 after graphic update Thanks for the update works fine and looks great, card art is beautiful thanks dev team

Mark W

Good potential Like the gameplay - very similar to Urban Rivals, seems more bluff-focused. However, the app is a data-hog. I can use UR for an hour, constant fights or market browsing, maybe 3mb/hr tops. Barely doing anything in this app, I'm going 20+mb/hr. Fix the data usage, I'll rate higher. Also, card images sometimes blur before fully loading, I speculate all data is kept server side. Could save data by including card data in the app itself.

Shaun Stewart

Has potential, but needs a lot of work. Fun game but lacks polish. Playing gets boring pretty quickly because it doesn't feel like you gain anything from winning battles. Most wins net about 5 gold, and the best cards can cost upwards of 20k. To earn gold, you must complete quests, but you usually don't need to actually win games to complete the quests, which gives the game a very grind-fest feel. If rewards were increased, I would feel more motivation to play and win matches.

Zac W

Crashing This games good, but when ever I try to make a new deck, it crashes. Please fix would love to play more of this game.

Vitaly Tsvetkoff

Update for Android 5 please!

Anton Orlov

Sucks Crashing every game lsunch. Even did not pass tutorial

Panagiotis Veranoudis

How am supposed to win? How am I supposed to win when I'm below 20 level and I'm only playing league with 50? + why I have to play against all the no lifers that have bought their f**** decks.. Idiots

Nathaniel Smith

Android 5.0 error Game still doesn't work on android 5.0. Dowloaded and it never worked. Deleting but game does look fun.

Rowan Ellis

I can't play, game won't start up I just get an error message that says Context3D not available possible reasons wring render mode or missing device support. What do I do?

Frank Dudley

Sooo frustrating! Why are low level players matched against people with overpowered Epic 5* cards??? You only get 5 gold for a win and cards on the market can cost 1 million, SERIOUSLY? Each card pack costs SO MUCH real money! It's a bad joke, frankly. The company is so greedy and money-hungry. The game is about bluffing and strategy? No, the real bluff is that there is an actual game under all this pay-to-win nonsense! BYE

Anna Brown

Horribly pay-to-win. New players like me have no chance. I'm always matched against higher level people and their cards are so OP! No strategy involved so it's lame like watching a bot play. Glad I didn't stay for too long because it seems like the game is already dead. Forum is empty too. Zero players online. Negative vote x 10000

Bradley Zuckman

Played Urban Rivals since '08. Tried this game, but it's sooo bad! Hard to find matches becos no one plays... no updates forever...

Yellen Rippil

Is this game dead? Come to the forum and there's no new updates. Facebook and twitter are months old. In the game there are no new players so I am always matched up against higher league oldies and get thrashed. I don't know what the game devs are doing! This game is so hard to try even if you like strategy. The best cards are the most expensive so it's very pay-to-win. I look at the card packs and WOW! $5 bucks for a handful of cards... omg, I see that and I want to cry. Deleted instantly

Susan Oberjak

Do you want to know how greedy this company is? The best card packs can cost up to 9 EURO for SIX CARDS! Would you pay that much? That's what the game expects you to do to be competitive. Free players have no chance! Don't expect your horrible starter deck to compete with super Epics becoz you will lose many many games! I think this game is dead becoz no one is online anyway so you won't play against other low level players, but those no-lifer pay-to-win players... Sad and pathetic game.

Tyron Phan

Starting out seems out, but once you get matched with real players, it's clear that you don't stand a chance unless you pay to play. I was bronze matched against diamond league! WTF!

Gz3000 F

Horible I played a lot before and now it's just boring they put me against level 50 players,the pay to evolve the card is horrible and this game turned into a play to win!!!

Jhavir Ghola

No strategy at all! Who has best card wins, so much PAY-TO-WIN! Disappointing game...

David Perez

Does not work on my galaxy s6 :(

Jared Westfall

I really like this game, I have been playing urban rivals for a long time and it is nice to get a clean start on a new game.

Peter Young

Great f2p Fun, you can pay get stuff but everything is achievable in game too. You WILL play against higher lvl players but if you focus on one color deck you can quickly get a good setup for building others

Zachary Brown

Matchmaking The matchmaking system is awful. Terrible pay to win game. I just started out at level three and the game matched me against someone level 40! Are you serious?! I like challenges but pitting a new player against someone who has put that much time and money into this game is ridiculous.

László Takaró

if you take your time and dont give up, its a real strategy game and its f2p its only need time and focus.

Nikita Vinokurov

Better than Urban Rivals better arts,gameplay, ambience... a little bit hars to start up but then you catch up and the game is worth it Edit; cant enter, keeps on loading screen with music going

harry mada

Hello? No one playing this game? Empty, empty, empty. Wait 5 mins for a match... zzzz

monisha black

don't like this game. no help for newbies!!! Urgh

yifftree lee

Very hard to play as new. Bully by high level people!

Jason Caldwell

Doesn't boot Can't even get it to load the loading screen. Content not available.

Nash Ng

No updates for months. Game is pay to win. You get 5 gold per win when the best cards cost 900k. What a joke!

Julian Leach

5.02 Surely cant be that difficult to sort this game to work on Lollipop. Just plain crappy service as its a really smart game. Clearly not intersted in fixing retrospective issues to help improve fanbase and population! Pull this sh1t together if you want any chance of tilting the balance in favour of this game surviving with more that 100's of players worldwide. How many people aren't playing because of this issue? As many as are playing? At least! Shame, real shame.

Vodka Queen

Liked it alot Since ive updated my phone to lollipop 5.0 unable to play please update game to make it compatible will change to 5?

Hans Remo

Fantastic I have this game on my computer and mostly I really like it and in my tab great game but please fix this problem! Don't let us fight with high level players. When we are newbies

Karthik Kodali

Doesn't work On s5 it's not working

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