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26 Jun
Fantage Comet

Posted by Fantage in Casual | June 26, 2014 | 83 Comments

Apk file size: 48.0 MB

Fantage Comet is a whole new world that is part of the Fantage universe!
- Explore new areas!
- Chat with your buddies!
- Play Fashion Show!
- Collect exclusive new items!

Registered Fantage users can simply log in and begin enjoying Fantage Comet right now! If you are new to Fantage and Fantage Comet, you can easily register right here for FREE!

Whats new

    Fantage Comet has released a new game, "I LOVE SCHOOL, WORDZ!"
    "I LOVE SCHOOL, WORDZ" is a simple, easy and fun word game!
    You'll have fun playing it with your friends and parents!
    Find and click letters to form the word.
    Use all three power-up items for higher score!
    Enjoy this FANTASTIC words game, "I LOVE SCHOOL, WORDZ!"

Fantage part of our Casual and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 26, 2014. Google play rating is 55.4618. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 48.0 MB.

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Kayla R

Bad I love fantage on the computer and I downloaded this. I really do not like it because there are only 2 areas to explore, the fashion show does not work, every time you try to type in your username the typing messes up, and there is barely any clothes and hair you can buy. You guys NEEED to update this now or just stop doing it.

Susanm Martinez

It works?? I know u guy get loijkjhhkh that but I dont just undowiwed it dowled agin it works for realhere a a member accc user: meerkat pass:cars12 I will alway make her a member here a mem boy account. User:godlove pass:godislove or godisluv123 I write alot of stuff hereb a antnor girl members account user: inah459. Pass:rajan12. I hope u luv it drry if banned or pass chage becsause I ownd these accc ih I forgot heren members boy members acccc user:spike pass:ihate there have fun like I say sorry if pass chage

Isabella Vasquez

Horriable Its too much loading and it keeps repeating my login can u please fix it?!!!?!? Or else I won't get on any more and tell my friends to not get on!!!!:cccccc

Rebecca Starnes

Could be better It's good but it should let you get to regular,it takes doesn't tell you that when you download it,that and when I lost in it goes ststisticstickstickc etc. Which not a big deal,just delete the unneed letters but how am I supposed to chat??? Apparently other people make it work but why waste the time

Maliyah Smith

It alright but..... You need to actually let us explore more places. Or at least get more clothing options for nons. The fashion show game doesn't even work. Plus, when I type in my user name it pops up like this sssskaiskaiwwwuvswuvsu, when my username is skaiwuvsu.

Jaden Skai Price

Comet fantage This crap is so hard to type it keeps freezing and every time I try to do a dress up it does the wrong thing this better not be a hit one day or I will run you down:-* can your app let me text all this, answer: NO

Kimi Ho

Sometimes... Sometimes when ever I try to go to fashion show I have to wait like forever until the list loads and when ever I host one only 4 people come . WHY!!!!!

Alia Jordan


Bananas 4 YOU!

Won't Stop Loading When I type in my user name, it pops up like ppppuuuuppppppppyyyy98982323 (puppy9823) but after that the whole thing should pop up at the end so I just deleted the extra letters before it then I typed in my password fine but after that it wouldn't stop loading and I waited ten minutes but it wouldn't stop!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS LOADING PROBLEM

Megan Turtle

Crashes and has a typing problem. I really love fantage but I can't use the game I open it and sometimes it works but most times it doesn't. And when it does work I type yo and when I press backspace it goes yooyoyooyo and I can't stop it. Please fix and I will give you 5 stars.

Josephine O

Typing problem When I type, it will come out like mmmaaa.And when I backspace, More letters appear, so can you please fix the app.

Pinky Shukla

Can't even login. I have premium membership and when I try to press a letter like h then sometimes two h will show up like hh and if I backspace it more h will come up

Tessa Burrell

OK I guess This game is pretty good but I wish there were more things to do like in normal Fantage on the computer. Sometimes it gets really boring and I just want to throw my tablet on the floor.

Frank Persichini

How will I know I don't even know what it is like! It loads so slow and once I have a chance to get on it the login won't load! AGAIN! I would like an update and I bet other people would like one too! Once this happens I will be happy to try to play again. Fix this please! Not trying to sound mean but, all these people are telling you want they think all about the this game and asking for you to fix this or updated that but YOU don't do anything. I was reading and I found out you haven't updated this game since June 2014

MinerDiamond_ Star


Alexa Garcia

Worst app ever Can't they ever fix this app?it works so badly.and plus,its to much loads to much.UINSTALLING... when will they ever just make this app better.if it was fixed,I would use it like right away.also,when your typing, it rights all sloppy. and when you make a mistake,and when you backspace it,it just makes more slops and I feel like punching the screen really bad.and again.......BORING!

meghan lam

This is terrible It doesn't let me type my username properly and it keeps on repeating the letters over and over and when I deleted the letters it just added more letters this is so annoying I'll rate 5 stars if you fix it and add more places for now I'll uninstall this app.?

Erica Ugbo

Boring and useless I like fantage and fantage comet, but its so boring! Its like your not even trying! Add new hair styles and clothes AND boards at least every month! Make things interesting! What if there was an event where someone or something magical went missing and you needed to solve a puzzle and travel places and find clues for fantage! Fantage comet is useless you can't do anything but get stars and five pieces of clothing, that's pretty sad you guys need to unlock more stuff and fix all these lags! And BRING BACK TREASURE HUNTERS!!!

Maddie Bear

Never Downloading Again I can't even log in! I have been playing Fantage for 3 or 4 years and never have I ever played a game as glitch filled as this made by Fantage. All of your other games are perfect except for this one. I am very unsatisfied. If you could fix the glitches in an update then I would be happy to redownload it. (Glitches:crashes every five minutes, if I mess up on my username and try to fix it, it repeats the name over and over again when backspacing then crashes, freezing, and loading.)

Priscila Rivera

The game has a few problems It's a great game and all, but when I type the letters keep repeating and it gets annoying. It would also be great if you could add more stuff to do.

Bushra Jomaa

Half good Could be better but still good but takes to much time loading for logging in but still a good actually very very amazing game whoever is having trouble with it should get better Internet should get more places more games more clothes other things are good also one more thing get more clothes for nonmember rest is amazing u guys should get it just like the normal fantage. AMAZING!!

Raihana Patel

Terrible! Every time I try typing my username (popular416) it keeps on repeating letters that I didn't want like popppulopp or wteva and when I erase it, it just adds more letters plz fix!

Li Caishuang

Can't play fashion show and can't type properly.teacher in i love school words game show trends of violence. Should have more games and places go explore

Cassandra Dentcan

It wont load and messes up each time i type in mai username Fix this soon please, then i will give 4 maybe 5 stars

Sara Lu

Good But Hard to Chat... Eh... it's just that chatting can be difficult... For example: I type "hi". It comes out like: "hhi". Also, it lags a lot and loads forever. (Not really forever, forever, but like long enough to almost be forever).

Alyssa Ozburn

Wow. Just wow. I have been playing Fantage for 5 years (since March 13th, 2010) and this is the first time I have been legitimately disappointed by Fantage. Why Fantage. Why. Why did you do this to me. There's only two areas to explore, barely any items to buy, and the trouble you have to go through just to type your username is complete and utter BS. Fantage, either provide more clothing options, make more places to explore, fix the username entry, or just ditch this crap app altogether.

Reagan Busch

HATE ITTTT It takes AGES to load and my user name is amykiss833 and it comes out like aaammmyyykkkiiisss888333 AND I HATEEEEE IT SOOOOO MUCH

Itachi Uchiha

Sucks i hate this Every time i type my user name it always glitchs like update this whole thing it's annoying get this updated and fix the bugs and errors -_-

fantage tzipporah145

Its good Plz fix the part when I type my username it comes out like this ttzziipppoorraahh145 . and for the fashion shows, can u fix it were we can join one plz

Fantage Pure25

If the user comes out like adhdjhf install touch pal free emoji keynotes and no more problems... But it won't let me go to the le shop pet town and stuff when I click it

Rae Hill

Wont work!!! This app won't let me type my username it came out like jjjtttskkkkf and when I back space more appear!!! Fix plz I LOVEE LOVE LOVE FANTAGE!!!!!!

Kenny Sonic

Worst game ever I can't even type my fantage name and when I go back it does not work. Don't use tablet use CPU

Arriana Elliott

Nextbook 8 I can't log in. My username is stylishpickle. I try to type in the first letters, but it won't let me! It comes out sssstyyysss. When I erase, it puts more letters in the log in box. I try again with the same results. Please help I LOVE Fantage!

Zena Hassan

Don't get it You can not correctly type takes lots of time to open something in game loaded like CRAZY?I hate I like the real fantage better I'm a member in fantage SO GO AHEAD AND PLAY the real fantage not this fake one??? lol sorry for doing that but everthing I said is true??

kaylah freeman

Cool!! Hey, everyone who is having the same problem as me,read this !! First go to Google. Type in your user name. Copy it. Go back to vantage comet & paste! Your pass word shouldn't do the same, but if it does, repeat the steps above but instead with your password. When it comes up there should be a speaker symbol. Use that to say what you want!! Hope I helped.(: PS. DON'T BE MAD IF YOU CAN'T GET IT! JUST A GAME.... IT'S NOT LIFE OR DEATH! GOSH!

Sabrina Carpenter

Bad Please update it you can barely even get clothes or hair and you have to wait to long for the fashion show to load and you can only visit 2 places so what's the point in even making this game.Fantage on the computer is better!

Muhlisa Juraboeva

Are u kidding? Seriously it keeps repeating my username several, no a lot of times. Same thing for my password. Also, let us explore more places,give us new places to shop, AND STOP MAKING IT GLITCH OUT!! >:(

SeeLeeMee Fantage

ALITTLE HORRIBLE I was so exited that I found out there was fantage on my tablet in the playstore but when I try to log in this is what it looks like eemmilyyssttaarrzz seriously?!?!! You need to fix that and the fashion show I really love ? but it doesn't even load!! Please fix this game and I will rate 5 stars thankyou ????????????

Pia Sioux

INFINITY LOADING It takes a very looooooong time to load when I log in. I just installed it now! How disappointing.

Priscielle Aboa-Bradwell

Hate it I love playing fantage on my computer but this just doesn't load. Ive tried downloading it about 5 times but it doesnt work. So disappointing. Also, I got this really lame character I don't want to use. You can have it. User:karen99100 pass:momomo990

Anisha Ng

cannot log in i tryed to log in but it won't load, also when i was typing my user in it kept repeating the same thing i had just tuped over and over again. please fix this

Shawntai AJ MagicalAJRocksz

What the? When I was 7 I got this game and I deleted it because every time I logged it would go crazy and put in the word twice with no space shaessshae like that and I downloaded it again and it did the same thing fix it!!!!!

michael hicks

Log in sux I can't login my user is pompanomike I get is popopopopopmpopopoo more and more sux fix and rate 5


Lots of bugs They really should make the user names when you log in i cant put a backspace and when i type a word it goes like this: miniminimini they should really really fix that

Rebecca Starnes

Could be better It's good but it should let you get to regular,it takes doesn't tell you that when you download it,that and when I lost in it goes ststisticstickstickc etc. Which not a big deal,just delete the unneed letters but how am I supposed to chat??? Apparently other people make it work but why waste the time. (BTW use the puffin app to play regular Fantage)

Ilyne Ordonez

Disliked it I love Fantage on the computer,so I thought I would download this app. Whenever I type my username or try to talk to someone it will mess up it is annoying. Also I dislike it because there is only 2 areas to explore. Plus there are only 2 games to play,when I tried to host the fashion show game it will only have 4 people when it should have 10 people.

Alix Lewis

Worst game ever I love fantage I love the graphics and the way you play but this was the worst game I ever played actually I couldn't even play because every time I wanted to it would go back to the app store?can it get surgically removed fix please??im begging you it stinks bad???????????????

Joserine Toh

Its fun but couldnt really play the fashion show because when i host one theres no people and i cant join one either as the screen kept showing 'loading', hope there can be more games and shops like maybe update it with more new stuff and also for the game to be more similar to the online version like have more places to go to ^_^

Daniel Vargas

THE WORST APP EVER IN HISTORY! Please update this game to not repeat the letters every time we put in a letter in the username ile and the loading screen so that way we can rate it 4-5 stars when you updated it!!!!

Rodneh Davis

Terrible Absolutely positively one of the worst games ever. And that is for multiple reasons. First the typing system, what the heck. Everytime attempt to log in, let's just say my name is Coolguy. The system will say. Coolglooycoolgool. Also what is wrong with the frame rate? Looks like something out of a movie. My eyes can't seem to even follow my avatar properly!I am so disappointed overall, a waste of space and time.

Shireena Toulson

WOW its epic! NOT I can't even login! I just put Kit and like 1mil kits come up and when I press delete it adds more! I don't know why I'm even giving it a star! It doesn't deserve a star anyway. The laptop version is MUCH better. Atleast we can log onto the actual fantage. You need to fix this before a mob of angry players make an app about how bad it is. In short words: the typing messes up and it sucks.

Trycia Fofana

Not good at all 1 - I try to tap my username but the letter repeat themselves at least 3 times 2 - the loading takes forever. 3- when I tap something in my inventory the wrong thing shows up. FIX THIS OR I UNINSTALL, GOT IT?

Meggie Do

There aren't many places, games, and clothes.. It usually works perfectly fine for me, but sometimes it quits on me and goes back to homepage, but I can still access it.If you had more items you could buy, I'd enjoy it a bit more so I kinda have a goal to look foward to.Also, I kinda hate the fact that you dont have full-keyboard access, because sometimes Im trying to put in punctuation and numbers, but a cant.Please work on this app a bit more >_< I dont have much access to my computer so I mostly use the app version.Btw, my username is Nyamomouse ;P

Charlotte Dykes

I hate it it won't let me go to the computer world aka other world! and noone will talk to me:-( don't get this game please don't and on the fish world there is only 2 places! and they need more cloths options DONT GET THIS GAME PLS DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-( my text is red my screen goes black please fix!!!! pps pls please I'm begging you if you fix this I will erase this note and make a five star note fix please I would give it 0 stars if I could fix this fracken game pretty please it dosnt let me talk!!!!! and I can't leave the world every one is frozen

Tasin Zahir

To:players The trick to play is to type your whole username and at the end of all those letters will be your whole username you can delete all the other letters behind your whole username who said thank you I say yw to:fantage the game is fun but when I click fashion show it doesnt work it keeps on loading plese fix

lily emma

Sucked When I got on all it did was double or triple the words when logging in so my username turned out sorta like this cause the screed up tiping ccandyccandyccrazycrazy33 even with chat on kit sucked dont take advice from me unless u have a samsung tablet SUCKED

Fantage elsaannafrozen04

? It's OK but you really need to add more places to let us explore. And can you please add more items to the store. And one more thing, can you PLEASE fix the glitch where you write something but it won't type it right it just duplicates everything. ?

Muhammad Kamal

Quite Bad It was rubbish it takes u a long time to write ur username because u cant type it ? and the next i installed it i logged in but its taking sooo long to load i love fantage on the computer so i thought i try this i read the comments but i thought it cant be that bad but i agree with the commenters ? fix this PLEASE

Kit Kat

It won't let me log in everyone time I put in a word it times it by 2 then I try to backspace it just doubles it more last year I did this and I thought they fixed it so I installed it again to find out you guys were to lazy to fix it so I'm no longer gonna play vantage and I really love this game pls fix I would rate it so much :)

Jennataye George

Not right Ahh back to the old mallory679 until it was said error. Plz fix it I will give u a 5 if u fix it

Skylar Davis

It isn't fun at all! I love fantage. But it always goes like u type in too fast it types the letter like this I say I love fantage it types, III lloooovve ffaannntaaggee like that. And the fashion show doesn't even work. Plz fix glitch add more games and more places that it fat island and u can only go to 2 places. Fix or I will uninstall. But I LOVE fantage plz plz PLZ fix for me

iiMysteriousMyth [Silent User]

I miss this game! But.. I love the web game and this game. Even tho my laptop is returned to the real owner, I can still play it. BUT... This game is a bit buggy. When I was gonna log in.. My username doubles up itself when I only typed once. Please fix? I miss Fantage. And speed up loading screen? Fix for total 5 stars.

Westbrook 0

Don't waste time downloading this! Every time I try to log in it says error try again. Like seriously you guys have the worst customer service ever. You never reply to emails, you never update your apps, and you never pay attention to what your users want.

Abigail Blue

Wow, I was really looking forward to this. Fantage is one of my favorite multiplayer games, and I enjoy it on my laptop. Unfortunately it doesn't work on a tablet. I was typing my username and it kept on putting "abababyyyyyyizmmeedd" or something crazy like that. so I count even log in. I bet it would be a really good app of it was updated. But until then, I give it 1 star.

kawaii rose

ALITTLE HORRIBLE I was so exited that I found out there was fantage on my tablet in the playstore but when I try to log in this is what it looks like eemmilyyssttaarrzz seriously?!?!! You need to fix that and the fashion show I really love ? but it doesn't even load!! Please fix this game and I will rate 5 stars thankyou ????????????

Gahee Kim

Fix it I can only play I love school, not the fashion show,and whenever I host a fashion show only four people were able to join not 5 so I cant play, and whenever I try to enter a fashion show theres it keeps loading, I waited 10 minutes and it just froze my tablet! and I cant type anything!! Also I need to copy and paste my username so it will log in. FIX THESE PROBLEMS FANTAGE!!! but I do love the idea that you can play it on you tablet, not on your pc

Kay Bae

Well Its not the best, it sometimes crashes, that one chic at the bottom is over reacting when your like using childish threats towards the creaters they arent gonna fix it. I think the app isnt that bad. I agree with the clothing for non members. And the app just sometimes crashes. It would be fine of u could fix it

Heba Alshehmany

I had the same keyboard problom but when i changed my keyboard dessign i had no probloms. But i bought the pink sandles and wasted 400 stars! And i never got those shoses!! AND i cant join ANY fashion shows! Not one! When i host one only 4 people come! Plz just let me join a fashion show plz!!!!?

Maylynne Smith

IF U HAV KEYBOARD PROBLEMS READ THIS! Hi I love this app if you have a problem with the keyboard u should download Touchpal-free emoji keyboard. That's Wat I did and now I have no more problems ?

Nishad Rahman

It's useless. When I type my username, it appears like ememememilye7mily7emily7emily374 (emily74374) and it takes a long time for the game to load. Please fix this I really love love love Fantage!!!??

Natalie yay

It's perfect Finally they make a app. People who dont like it should like it. I always wondered what is in that fish world. BTW the ppl who want to install it on a phone cant.Only you can install it on a tablet (not windows).

xrollingarmadillox _x

Black Screen! When I enter the app, the screen is completely blank and black like it won't load. Can somebody please help? I'm dying to play on my tablet!

janine Ballares

bad I had to go to GOOGLE and copy and paste my name and pass. Could you guys make a game exactly like Fantage but on phone? Pls?

Sandy Yousef


Oparebea Hull

Never got to try it! I went on the app and it was loading for 3 days!!! Now I know why everyone hates it. I really wanted to play it because I play fantage on computer, and I'm only 10 and a half. If I could play it, I'd give this a good review, but for now, I shall delete this app. ???????????


Terrible. The words I type always mess up, and I can't even get into my account. It loads forever. I'll give it 5 stars when you fix it.

Jacquie Christian

HORRIBLE!!!! When you try to login, when you enter your username (example: jacquie03) it shows up like this... Jwjcjshjsgfkjgsksjacjiechriskitgsjfgdkfhrudbjekdhvujtiiajacquijdjdjrjsu.fifudhijhjheifjihfidfhjhjchhfwvihkkjhhsbhbvjz (and goes on indefinitely using the letters of your username) so therefore you can't even log in. Would most DEFINITELY give below 0 stars for this.

twentyøne pacøs

Wooahh This app won't even let me log in?? Random letters start popping up and repeats. Fix please! Really would love to play on tablet.

Niemah H

HORRIBLE I would give it zero stars but I can't, it's so trashy. The keyboard doesn't work, I even tried downloading another keyboard and it did the same. You can't log in. This is worth nothing. Horrible app. Don't download this crap. Seriously. But the computer site is better I gotta admit. Just don't get the app.

Christina Snowflake

Doesn't Work at all I have a laptop but its getting fixed so I'm stuck on my stupid tablet with no cool games like Fantage & Poptripica. But when I enter app it exits. Fix this and I will rate 5 stars and I promise I'll share this app with a lot of ppl

Kimberly Obenauer

Terrible I downloaded it and it kept repeating the letters in my username and I couldn't log into the app. I definitely won't be telling my friends to download the app if it isn't fixed.

Dalya Benyamen

I would give it zero stars if I can When I write may it comes out as mmaayy please fix it then I will redownload it can you please fix it

meghan lam

This is terrible It doesn't let me type my username properly and it keeps on repeating the letters over and over and when I deleted the letters it just added more letters this is so annoying I'll rate 5 stars if you fix it and add more places for now I'll uninstall this app.?

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