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14 Sep

Posted by Teebik Games in Role Playing | Sept. 14, 2016 | 204 Comments

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A powerful kingdom, ruled by 3 mighty races, is battling against an overwhelming darkness. Heroes, you are needed! Join the war and show us your true powers and bring peace back to this world!

FallenSouls is an exciting and immersive MMORPG loaded with intense gameplay!

Travel the realm as a noble human, a bloodthirsty orc or one of the mighty undead.
Will you protect your allies as a resolute Warrior?

Or will you decimate leagues of enemies as a Ranger?
Will you control the very battle itself with the arcane powers of a Mage?

Climb to the heights of the PvP Arena, and to be the number one by defeating the strongest heroes your server has to offer!
Band together with friends and take on epic dungeons, defeat powerful bosses, and reap rewards and treasures beyond imagination.
Come and join the leagues of players giving their all to slay the monster who brought our world to the brink of destruction, the World Boss Leviathan!
Lend your great power to a friendly guild, and grow stronger with your new allies. Relax in the tavern, go toe-to-toe with exclusive guild bosses, and recruit guild mates to help defeat powerful enemies!
Equip yourself with armor and weapons of legend. Modify, upgrade, refine, and even bless your equipment to suit your particular style of play!
Recruit powerful mercenary monsters to assist you in fighting back the rising ride of evil.
Restore and upgrade your very own castle, and build an army to defend it!
Obliterate your foes and strategize with your allies with fast-paced turn-based combat.
It is a world of might, darkness, revenge and great treasure.

How will you play?

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If you have any problems about the game or problems with diamonds recharges, please contact customer service. Our email address is : [email protected]

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Angel Ferrer

Great! It's a great game but the whole achievements every 2 seconds is really annoying!

william luke

Fun Love the game so far. The only thing that is a little irritating is any time a player makes some kind of achievement it pops up on your screen. Practically the whole time you are playing you get notifications on what everyone else is doing. There may be a way to turn it off but I have not went looking for it. If that's the case, disregard my comment about that. Fun game though

xXIcyXx S.

So far so good There's a little lag here an there but its more then manageable, so far im enjoying the game quite a bit.

Alex Howard

Very fun game! My only complaint is being attacked by higher level players that you don't stand a chance against while doing gem runs. Otherwise, very entertaining game with what seems to be a good story also.

Drake Whalen

Fantastic. To be quite frank, this is the first mobile game that I have spent money on. Although it is not completely necessary to spend money. You can easily get through the game without doing so. There is an energy limit, but by simply taking a break and doing something else, you can come back to enjoy the game. However, there is always room for improvement. This game has potential, it is still new. If the right decisions are made, and the developers actually take advice into consideration, it will succeed.

Paris Burnett

Could use some work as far as teaching new players what's going on. Otherwise good game. Lots of free rewards

Dank Nugz

Great game Great game...gms are great at response to problems. Game play is wonderful and involves both pvp and pve....although energy is part of the game there is a ton to do without having to use your energy. Only problem is I spend way too much time on this game.....I love it

Gagliardi Jason

Great game It's very addictive the only main thing that irritates me is the other players achievements that pop up on top of the screen. Other then that, the game is fairly easy to learn and fun to play

Sal Mohamad

Sapphire mine sucks too much Should've divided the sapphire to different levels. Getting robbed by people 10-15 levels above me is very shitty. And that announcement for purple and orange sapphires frustrates me too. It's like your calling all the hyena for a grand big feast -.- Please be considerate to low level players.

Maty D

Best yet This is by far(along with blood war) the best game I've played on my phone. If there ever is a problem(which doesn't happen often) it is resolved quickly. Love it! Keep up the good works folks!! Although... I left a comment of the game...I have yet to see the special reward....also having issue merging my blood war character over...any help??...ok so o got my characters my fallen souls character is missing and I still don't have a reward for my rating or switching to fallensouls..

jason dubois

It's a good game at first. Leveling in the early stages goes really quick kids level 1 to level 30 in a matter of like 15 minutes after that the leveling really really slows down and then the Sapphire mines you got high level characters attacking low level characters when they've got orange and you have no way of protecting yourself when you're low level

Matthew Dowell

Its cool but need more stuff I only spend like 30 mins on it evry day cuz then i run out of stuff to do and energy is all gone should make more stuff ormake stuff less energy

Scott Higgins

Solid Only a couple hours in, but I'm enjoying it. Would like to see more customizability; every level 25 undead ranger is the same.

Edwin Del Valle

It's ok. Not too original but not so bad either. I wish you had more freedom.

James Thompson

Good Game Its a pretty good game so far. A few minor crashes like when I enter a team dungeon. Would be nice if sapphire area was divided based on character levels so that there was less getting thrashed by high level players when all you're trying to do is get the materials to up your equipment. Still haven't received my gift pack for this though...

itsLegacy onSC

Great game Even thought I've only played this game for a little bit I do have a professional gaming background in Starcraft2. So with that being said here are my pros and cons. Pros: graphics like amazing, gameplay doesn't get stale or boring quick, you can freely move your character around in a city. Cons: it does seem to get a little light once on a while and if you upgrade gear quickly it will lag horrible and possibly crash your game. Improvements: a quality tab to adjust the quality settings would-be Nice.

Alvaro Santos

The game is so good i like it i is easy to play is fun but is a bit of lag going on in the game

John Bryant

Great game. Just started playing the game and I have to say I really like it alot. Look me up in game, server 6 char name Astra.

Rob Oldridge

Great game. Must have. Enjoyable. Not easy to level. Sense of accomplishment.

Arius Wu

Good but.. Maybe this is the best mmorpg, but maybe this is the worst mmorpg itself. Lot of things to do, and lot of diamonds needed. It's okay to have a VIP system, but if without being VIP we can't do anything, what's the point of playing this game?

Adrianna Latham

Great game...but.... Overall great rpg for mobile... pros: engaging--lots to do!, being a VIP isn't a must to enjoy game and progress and cons: game guide is super basic wish their was a more complete guide for when you are farther along in the game more info on guilds for example, or on character attributes and what is governed by what to be able to choose character upgrades smartly... or rage takes for ever to regenerate but i can't find what makes it increase to focus on increasing that

James Cooling

Amazing game Brilliant to get lost in for hours, enjoyed!

Shane McIntyre

Haven't played long But overall through what I've seen so far it loos like a great game.

Caleb Smith

Great game don't have to pay to get stronger Great to play bit laggy when comes to upgrading besides that awesome game to get into

Alex Popov

Awesome, pay to win though It plays great except for the steep leveling. The developer reels you in by giving levels 1-25 within an hour and from there it goes downhill. At level 34-35 it will take a whole day just to level. Also made an ingame purchase and didnt recieve my items which was slightly annoying considering its the only way to level quicker. So im stuck anyway

John O'Neill

Game was good but now it's annoying you don't get login rewards anymore so unless your willing to pay lots of hard cash you can't upgrade your party which makes the game so hard you won't get very far at level 40,please bring back the login rewards.

Nazmi Avenged

Love it Good game. Nice stories, nice graphic, easy to play. Well.done

Bradley Davis

Very good game thus far Haven't had many problems, easy to play, doesn't take up too much time to get anything done so it's good for someone who likes MMO's but doesn't have the time to commit to larger games

spider ma603

Nice game wish you could purchase chest in game with gems also didn't get the stuff I payed for sad times

Jalen Ferigo-smith

Great game Started off slow but now im hooked

Ryan Smith

Not too shabby Game plays well with many avenues to gain honor and coins (other than paying for it), hope these remain viable as the game progresses

Inti Cruz

Wow Best game I have ever play, might have some bugs and issues sometimes but gms here are really nice and fix problems quickly

Karey Bittner

Not bad I didnt see an option to make multiple characters unless you make another account which kinda sucks but its an overall good game

Kati Ribinson

wow This is a busy game with slot to do. Weather its passing time or your a serious gamer I think this is o e to enjoy

matt kramer

Great game The only downside I can even speak of is on my phone the hud is little over sized not to badly not even enough to give this game less then 5 stars

Gil Lachance

Good game. Would love to see some personalization of characters though. Kinda lame that everyone looks the same

Andy Wardle

Fun Game This game is a lot of fun. It's easy to lose track of time once you get involved in missions, or just upgrading your equipment. I would recommend this game.

Tyler Bell

great game love the game its fun. this is ny second review but still no gift pack? im us server 7 Aerial.

Michael Betties

Samsung Galaxy S6 Seems like a great game so far, but cannot tap and drag to get past the formation screen on Samsung Galaxy S6

walid awad

Really great, although The game is amazing overall, in fact I've become addicted to it which is how I noticed how incredibly hard it is to get basic items over time, it's great that the game always provides rewards like the daily login gifts but eventually the gifts and rewards can't help us keep up with the request the items in the game require to obtain. Wish something could be done about that tho.

Dmitriy Dmitriev

Very good game! Bravo! Very interesting!

Olga Berkut

Блин IN fight time, when mercenaries using skills, fight with player or plundering time, when fighting with Leviatan kicking from the game.i cant finish fight in arena or with any players. Fix it please. my device is Wexler Tab 7iD. In new patch is become more then before, the trouble with kick. How i can take schreenshot if i dont know which time i'll be kicked from the game? The problem is still have. Batterfly storm, and same skills can close game and i will restart

Gwen Dickson

So far good I'll revise in a week or two, but so far its not bad. Tiny bit laggy on cell phones in midbattle, but the game play is smooth and easy to learn.

william luke

Fun Love the game so far. The only thing that is a little irritating is any time a player makes some kind of achievement it pops up on your screen. Practically the whole time you are playing you get notifications on what everyone else is doing. There may be a way to turn it off but I have not went looking for it. If that's the case, disregard my comment about that. Fun game though!!!

chris tedesco

The game is very cool but annoying as it goes on. Each "quest" consists of 1 easy battle then hours of scrambling and spending money and waiting for energy just so you can go to the next b.s. "quest". Also, you're supposed to get 8888 diamonds on your first recharge which costs real money but that's more bull too, paid for it but didn't get it, just a ploy to get you to come out of pocket. I contacted support too but of course no response.

Jacques Hubbard

Well done Awesome thanks so much for your help but sometimes the game doesn't read and you have to relaunch the game other than that well done

Tommy Brown

For art lovers I hate to say it but this game is just to dull.leveling up after every quest can extremely boring.The art work is good,but that's about it.

Jenny Mann

U cant get past one spot It says tag and drag. To add a person to ur group. I try that but it didnt let me. I did nothing. How can i get pass this point i try e-mail u but it says ok or too fast try again later. And i did try later still nothing. Plase fix this problem.

Owen Mahoney

It's pretty good so far It starts of easy, buy once you reach level 20 something, it starts to slow down because you need to rush previous battles in order to level up

Anderson Horler

Pretty good I like it, battles could lag a lot less on my phone but other than thats its great. Haven't had to force quit or anything ^~^

Jessy Gilliland

It's a good The only bad thing is that after the bloodwars merge prices have been rising significantly, and compensations have been a lot less rewarding. The new mercenary looks great but considering the previous merc it went up $200 or 20,000 diamonds, and it's becoming less enjoyable. If the cost of the mercs where lower, and if you guys would add new free mercs this would be great. Same standard mercs get boring after so long. When would you guys add more free mercenaries?

Loki Fellrath

Good but needs a bit of work Very fun and interesting game :) however, it could use a little work on the energy system. Its been comes increasingly difficult to play around lvl 30 due to lack of exp gain and energy :/ hoping for an energy revamp in the future :) because this game is hella bitchin' :)

Brian Ho

So far so good... Good graphics.. Easy game play.. Just a bit laggy sometimes.. But overall not bad

KodyLynn Gravely

FallenSouls I enjoy playing this game. However, I'm not a big fan of taking turns to attack. I also don't like how any random level player may attack you while transporting gems. I think it should be to where people closer to your level may attack, but if they're much higher, then it should be restricted. Also, the achievements across the screen are annoying as could be. Other than that, I like it. Keep up the good work.

Nathan Patrick

Perfection!!!! Absolutely love this game and the people ive met. Never played a better game on any device. Excellent job teebik!!!

Divonte Wolfe

Great game Awesome game and very fun to play. Was hooked from day one. Don't push you to spend all the time. Laggy at time but overall it's still a great game

Skyler Campbell

The bold truth This game can be a little bit choppy at times but it has it's rewards. Stick to the game and it'll pay off in the long run, You'll see. However, being a newbie to the game, I have "fresh eyes", It reminds me a lot of League Of Angels, Not trying to rustle any feathers, believe me, I'm not that kind of guy. Having not researched this game further, I do not know if the creators are from the same company. However you look at it, it's a game, a good one at that, and if you don't like it, just uninstall it...

Tara Macleod

Could be much better. For being a rpg i would expect the ability to find the people u need to talk too not just be automatically taken there. There is far to much going on within the screen and takes away from playing. I.e. every players name and that super annoying bar that is constantly flashy about someones achievements... highly unnecessary. Hopefully it gets better with playing so i can give a better rating. Maybe look to the game final fable for some ideas because that game its very good

Isaiah Terry

Great but.. Everything works fine but when I was in a team battle the game just stopped and was frozen for five minutes. I was forced to exit the battle. It only happened once so that is why Im giving five stars. Other than that tiny slip up this is truly an amazing game!

Aaron Kirel

Awesome Best game I've played in a while and lots to do. The o my problem is the lag mid battle, other than that it's great

neva entiempo

So far i love the game. Just started, but cant put it down. Addicted to the game. Loving the action

anse bovi

Nice Game I think it will be cool if we could use mercenary skills than auto use and game is lagging

Nick Pastornick

Great, surprisingly. The only thing I would suggest is that gear changes your character cosmetically, and a more open - world feel to it.

Amber C

Fun, but needs a couple things: First of all it needs a guide, to answer some of the questions that arise while playing. Also would be cool to customize your character, or at least give the option of being a male or female of whatever race you choose. Lastly in the guild, the ranks should mean something.. like give you bonuses or something.

Anthony Dacquisto

Good Game is fun however later levels have exponential xp increases making the leveling process long and somewhat boring. OVERALL good game with room for improvement.

Angelica Pineiro

Like it so far Graphics are good. Still a little iffy on the controls but nothing wrong with the game that i can tell yet

Daniel Hogg

Awesome game play So far I love this game... rapid character advancement great battle scenes,it's an awesome game I'm addicted.

Baillie Nelson

It sounds very interesting but it keeps asking me to select a server when there is one already selected. So I haven't even gotten to try the game yet.

Daniel Roderig IV

Loving this! This game is really enjoyable to play during my free time! I had a few minor issues, but nothing that made the game not worth playing. Would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for something to play when they are bored.

Haddou Omar

This game is so good for a smartphone-game! I cant believe how good it is. Even tho at some point you just have to repeat the same thing as yesterday and tomorrow. It becomes boring between lvl's but then you get to the next lvl amd get to exoerience new things

Matthew Mitchell

A good game All around good game that is worth spending time playing, although you can spend money to purchase in game items it's not a necessity the game developers are quite generous in giving free items away. Only grips are, it's it takes a while to level up, and Merc. Progression can be really slow and gathering the materials to level up gear can be tedious. With that said they are just minor issues and don't take away from the over all experience of the game.


Great so far I'm on day three of playing and it's been a lot of fun. Good community on server 13. My only issue is that credit card warriors are so OP it's not funny, and any character made after the server's "7 day celebration" is going to be underpowered for a long while due to missing out on the two free mercs. Otherwise, great game.

Cuban Druid

Nice time killer. Really like it just a couple of things need to be added. Add an option to refresh your opponents in battle arena. The 4 options you get now do t change until you actually beat some1. Also add more bounties. Raise the drop rate of copper and iron keys. Too many chest not enough keys and at 6 diamonds a pop its expensive. Should be a faster way for energy other than spending diamonds also. Thx for the game

Hailey Stevason

Love it but... Have not been able to play nightmare mode on my main character since the game started. Keeps crashing the game. Plays fine on other characters. Sent several messages. .waiting for replies back...

Sabrina Miller

Crash and glitches I enjoy the game but I'm always either crashing or glitching all day. Once in a while I get stuck on the map and can't do anything to help. And it gets ppl upset when I end up doing that and its out of my hands. There r WAY to many bugs in the game.

Ahmed Muslaim

Amazing But Game is Great but some problem skill bugged at arena I mean bugged a lot but good game

mike griggs

Not bad just lazy..... Great graphics I just miss the old days where u played games instead of auto pilot

Dinh Tang

Great game. Worst support team you'll ever deal with. The concept of this game is great, fair and balanced. The game itself is filled with bugs. Issue is, these bugs are addressed to the support team but no actions are addressed. The way they run their support team is appalling, in fact, the way they manage their game is appalling. They don't give any prior notice when they perform server maintenances and the worst thing about it is, they don't tell us WHY and WHAT they've changed. All they do is add extra bugs into the game. Teebik, fix your management.

Ded Wynde

Lame. Has nice art work. Otherwise its more something you watch than play. Occasionally tap a button (often repeatedly before it responds) but otherwise almost entirely automated, even battles-you get skills to use but theyre pretty worthless. If there was more PLAY or tactics involved in battles it would be alright but as is, its worthless.

jace mok

FS This is actually a really fun game, though the leveling up is more or less boring everything else is fun. I also wish there was mini games or something we can just do that doesn't have a limit. But isn't just about fighting. Also I think as a guild there should be more options for customizing it and a way to make your guild truly unique that DOESN'T make you have to pay for it. Or if not a tab for captains and above that make it feel more like we are leaders. Making it so we lead. Not just manage.

Nathan Earles

Haven't been able to log in for the last week Haven't been able to connect to server for the last week and support team haven't been helpful. Disappointing as it's a fun game.

Luke Moore

Bit buggy The game itself is great does get have a few bugs but support is fixing them an does compensate players an there is no pay to win though u get some great stuff if u decide to invest

James Kenneth

Sppfftt...was more than 4 stars was. Now Tebikk has it and they're really doing a good job messing it up to put emphasis on spending money. It's a trap.

Lee Avveduti

Only reason i Downloaded this game was so I could say how sad I am that you couldn't make your own trailer. Because what I saw was the trailer for the new movie gods of Egypt mixed with a little bit of gameplay from your game. (DO NOT READ THIS AS A REVIEW I AM JUST COMPLAINING ABOUT THE TRAILER FOR THIS GAME)

Robert Gelei

The merging of servers The fact that every server have its own evolution and economy and the difference of battle rating it is sometimes huge make the game to be uncompetitive for players and the fact that in my server all the players opose to merge but the developers dont listen our opinion makes me to review my rating on this game not to mention that im considering on quiting it ... tho ive spent money????

Joshua Sillero

Suggestion Gift Pack So awesome game, very addictive?.... Good Graphics....Game System... BUT need to spend some cash to rule... More Power guys..... IGN:OmgWtfBbbQQQ server: 68 us east

Nathan Patrick

Perfection!!!! Absolutely love this game and the people ive met. Never played a better game on any device. Excellent job teebik!!! Server 3 US east W4rmong3r

Tom Taylor

Fallen souls This game has good graphics but it is horrible to play super bad lagging issues, can't log in half the time, and it constantly freezes up and lags to the point of being super annoying.

Deni Muharam

good game - bad custumer sevice it been while i havent play this kind of game. its good game. US-66 East idgame nice i suddenly cannot connect to server i dont know is maintenance or what and they not posting announment on facebook or anyware. like There no respond at all. like they not care at all thank u

Stephanie Barber

Great Game! Sever: 11- Europe. Game Name: Miyako. I've been playing for a few hours now.. Totally hooked right off the bat. So much to do, never unrealistic goals. So far so good!! Keep it up. Will alter my review if my opinion changes ?

Jason Rachal

Fallenstars I really enjoy it, brings back thoughts of the original final fantasy . Can become the same old same old after awhile but been entertaining so far.

William Voit

TEEBIK cares more about money than players or the game The biggest money grab ever, all the events require major money drops to be able to get anything (usually around $400-$600 to accomplish the event. they give the appearance that it can be done for free but it is impossble).. there support is nearly non-existant and they make promises that go unfulfilled. With terrible compensation. And if you tell me to direct this to customer service many have and were just blown off (you don't listen at all).

Brandon Gressler

Good game. It's a great game. Little o. The pricy side but good all the same. If they treated player that spent money better that would be awesome

Jessica Mullins

Love this game very addictive and it is very fun to play. Still feel this way but am having problems logging in now, the game wont load up for me or my fiancé.

Jason Vankirk

Pretty good game Enjoy playing the game. Problem is not enough personal time to lvl up

Jenna Macht

Great game, but trouble with purchases I've had a lot of fun killing time, that would've otherwise been boring, playing this game. People are friendly and the game itself is incredibly interactive. Even if you think there's nothing to do, there's something to do. My biggest problem is that the game crashes 100% of the time when trying to recharge diamonds which has made it so I have to contact customer service and wait a few days on every purchase. There is no compensation for this extended waiting period either and there should be.

Ryan Williams

Wow For a game I downloaded on accident, I have found it very entertaining!!!! Is what I used to think now there are too many bugs. It lags and freeze during the boss battles and now it won't even launch.

Garrett Baumgardner

Great OT33 server- US east 67 I think this game is really fun and addictive but a lot of people that are on top have spent around $500+ on other servers and it is unfair but overall it is a fun game to try.

Bob Youruncle

Greed Game going backwards got to buy diamonds to get ahead. And what you buy don't go far unless you invest 1000$ into game

Michael Crockford

Good game Not bad - reminds me of shattered galaxy - has a good storyline and graphics are not bad - entertaining!

Scott Sainsbury

Not good anymore Game started out great now its so glitchy and laggy it's not worth playing anymore. In addition, the devs are super greedy and money hungry...this game started out with great promise but the devs have flushed that down the toilet. Poor form.

Aiyanna Hill

Fun, easy to play It's your fairly standard busy work android rpg. Decent graphics, easy to manage, fun time waster type game. Shad0Bar0n3s

Jeremy Raines

Fantastic! Already booked on this Game, seems like it does a little freeze before loading and I'm not sure if the equipment is suppose to visually appear on my character and I have no physical facial features but the game is Fantastic regardless of these minor flaws! Server:67-US East, In-game Name: Rainjer

Kevin Druiddrako

Not so Awesome game Devs are very greedy. Everything is diamond based. For example it would cost hundreds of dollars to get one merc to King status and even more for Demi God. They have weekly events that they give you a bonus for spending $688.00 a week. Are you kidding me this game has gone to hell. And oh yeah everything they add like glory wars and team challenges gets bugged with very little compensation considering the thousands they want you to spend on this game. I enjoy the people I play with but the devs are greedy.

Michelle LaMore

Kinda fun but..... Gameplay is ok. I dont like that its mostly the computer fighting for you. Energy goes way to quickly and your only able to buy energy twice. 1st time at 100 diamonds and 2nd round at 220 diamonds which is absolutely wayyyyyyyy to expensive. Gold coins are easy to get but this is yet ANOTHER PAY TO PLAY game so download at your risk. Really sick of these pay to play games. Designers care more about how much money is generated versus actual game play. In all honesty i will most likely be deleting this game off my tablet.

Justin None

Awesome Great game can't wait to see things like new mercs, different weapons to pick from at will, and maybe a bit easier way to get things for upgrading. Well done [player name] Legion91

Justin Brownrigg

Fallen souls: return of leviathan. Very elaborate game. Various ways to improve without necessarily spending money. Cool graphics. Wish one was able to move through campaign easier.

Edward Baird

Viper of rebellllion guild This is a GREAT game and you don't have to spend money to be competitive, as with all games it helps tremendously it you do but it's not a must. Give it a spin and find out for yourself. Happy gaming to all!!!!

Eric Phister

Not bad Recently the game has experienced a lot of lag especially on s63. The game needs more fashion like items so you can customize your character more, such as another equipment slot and you purchase these garments that are permanent additions to your inventory. Whether or not these would give you stats would be up to the devs. What I don't like is how long it takes to get through the acts more so how slow the energy replenishment rate is and how slow it is to level up. This game is also incredibly pay to win.

craig sykes

Was a very good game This is a good game don't get me wrong but they are getting very greedy for your money started off good and now u need to spend a lot of money to get any were near a chance it's there 1st year anniversary and rewards they give are bad and it still wants u to spend I mean come on the money they have made and we get nothing back in return and a lot of players are starting to leave now costing too much to play

Kesia Bellamy

Okay It's okay, would be great if I could actually get the gold I earn at the Tavern. It says I've collected it but it doesn't give it to me.

Brandy Burrus

It's good so far. Just started playing it this morning but will let u know as time goes by. Thanks

Ryan Hammond

Love it It's very much like League of Angels by GT ARCADE I'm a huge fan. Vrael US east server 67

Urich Williams

Good game but... The gameplay is great and customer service took care of my issue quickly. The only complaint is the game keeps closing randomly on my tablet. Maybe u guys can check out a patch???? Then I'll 5 star this bad boy. It keeps sending me to the load screen. US SERVER 67 name Lazarus


i have played similar games like these before n this is the most user friendly i should say, server 55 us east

Tammy Richards

Enjoy playing the game wish there was more quest and Sapphire time. Server 67-US EAST NAME: Celine

Damien Porter

Great Game I play as Hera on Server 65 - US East. This game is very additive and well worth downloading.

William Simmons

Great game I love this game, I am constantly figuring out ways to get my character stronger and my merc's to match each other. I also love the graphics and the game play. I'd have people get this game. This game is also very great and helping strategies.

Curtis Spratley

Pretty good game Very addicting and a fun way to pass the time. U.S. 57 east server. Name: creature.

Nicholas Hall

Good game Awesome game good graphics be alot better if more free stuff was offered but other than that great game

Goh Cheekang

So far so good No major issue, started couple of day, till longer play will adjust star review accordingly

Chauntee Aiken

Where are my diamonds??? I purchased a diamond pack last night, first recharge, actually... still hasn't been credited to my account. I've emailed and messaged on Facebook. Never have I ever had to wait more than five minutes for in game currency to be credited to an account. This is the first time and my first purchase from your company. I've already provided my information 4 times already. I ordered on May 4th... it's now the 6th. Situation is still the same.

Gabe Bryant

Good But Great game, but when I stuck my finger in a bee hive the game froze, I have tried deleting and reinstalling but every time it passes the house it doesn't work bob.

Assassin Tucker

Open SERVER 72 Please open SERVER 72 to much drama non English people and ext please open it today get more likes 5 stars and more please open as soon as possible please before the 7 day is up on SERVER 71


Love it I love the game so much im addicted. When my friend forst told me about the game i was supersticious that it would be boring but it is so fun and im glad he told me about the game

Karma Kollector

Pretty good game, excited it works well on my phone. Sometimes i have problems accepting quests, but it works after trying a few times. For the most part it has smooth gameplay and great graphics. Server 71 US East name: Phteven

Jesse Wood

Good but definitely has some performance issues. Downloaded one day ago and so far enjoy the game play. There are some lag issues as well as the game crashing on occasion. Crashes everytime I enter a team dungeon. Also made a purchase for the first time recharge event and have yet to see anything I've paid for. Server 69 US East ID TheSGT.

Shane King

Great game The best game ever, very time consuming. Energy needs to be a little easier to keep/obtain

Preston Buckley

Minor suggestion My name is InfernoTwo, and the only things that I would fix is providing a world map icon to jump to regions we have already been to for training purposes. It would be nice to be able to manually select which warriors/mercenaries attack opponents during fights. Have a random attack system is awful. That is the worst part about the game. Give the player control over the fight if they want to opt out of auto fight.

Courtney Qureshi

Awesome but a few glitches Love this game. It's addictive and great game play. Honestly one of my favorite rpg games out there I Just wish team challenge didn't glitch so badly and when in glory war the game freezes and I'm forced to exit. I don't receive the medals I should have and sometimes when buying in on diamonds it doesn't always come, but still, not a bad time consumer. I play on server 58US east Miasmahex

Benjamin Gaitan

Greedy game Once a great game but changed when teebik bought it. Download clash for dawn it's full of content and alot cheaper devs give huge compensation for smallest reason. I only wish I had started playing (clash for dawn) alot sooner. I've spent 3k $ into falling souls and no where near being strong devs hate u if u don't invest 20k plus and there is many players who have spent that and more if ur not willing to spend alot of money be prepared to get bullied in game or join a strong guild that's what I did

Razvan Marian

Love the game I love this game , i can't stop playing. Is the best game iv played in the last 10 years. Server 68-US East. In game, name Razz

Kalen Hanson

Merging servers that don't want to merge makes people quit. Doing maintenance during the free events makes people quit. Doing maintenance 3 times a day makes people quit. Constant lagging makes people quit. This game started great then you get into it and everything is about spending money. If I didn't make the friends I did in the beginning I would have quit. Sv 46 us east shaks5150

Erin Pil

Entertaining I enjoy not having to walk around and get lost. The game is good to play for time wasting and a good story

Mz Maau

Decent mobile mmo The game story is a bit cheesy, but the players and most of the mechanics are great. I'm not a fan of the strictness of the energy limitations, but as I level up, I'm starting to understand why they're the way they are. I'd like more help text available though, it's a bit painful when you're first starting out unless you are mentored by those with more experience. For the devs: the game has been crashing a lot the past couple days for many of us, and it sticks around in memory long after you exit every time. I'm uncertain how feasible it is, but it would be nice if you could trim up some of the memory leaks. The world boss and sapphire war events have been particularly laggy, understandably, so something else to keep in mind. Per request: Server 68-US East, Maauthulhu

Sam Phillips

Addictive Unlike most RPG phone games, I find this game to be extremely interactive. The rewards given for maintenance and quests are more than sufficient and if you do choose to purchase items in game, they are reasonably priced. You do not need to purchase much to advance though, which is really nice compared to games where the only advancement is through your wallet. It's got a great story line, good graphics and is fun to play.

russ hall

Fun game. A fun game to play. A little bit slow to start because you have to earn points to hire your party one at a time. Very fun and entertaining to advance yourself and your companions making them stronger and more powerful. Join with other players to learn more and open more options. An addicting and well thought out RPG. Choose your Race and Class and have fun.

Larry Chambers

If you love solid RPG'S then this is a MUST play app! I've played a lot of rpg's and even though this particular rpg is an app, don't let that fool you. This rpg goes deeper into character development than 98% of all rpg's that I've played. This auto battle system is blessing when you need to farm for levels, gold or misc. items. Events are a big plus and the ability to have your own guild or join someone else's is fantastic! Another bonus is that the developers stay on top of the game with new events, celebrations, and updates. My in game name is Mirage.

Beast Ozuna

Big idea I love this game and would love it if you guys could put a new mercunary in it and put hydra in it a greek mythic creature and would love it if you can have an a event were it just test your own character skills called test your strenght us E server.24 name is ShadowWolf plz hav my idea

Time Warped

Ok, I've written on here and didn't receive the free diamonds, just got kicked out of game lost energy, diamond and coins. It seems this game gets worse by the day.

Greg O

Like it but This game is awesome til you teach level 30. It gives you plenty to do til level 30 then you can only log in and play for a few minutes a day due to insufficient items to continue play forcing you to only continue by purchasing item packages. Really like the game but nothing recharges over time. Was expecting to have a few playing hours today like I did yesterday when I started but nope. For this I am uninstalling.

william walker

Im quite enjoying i can stop playing it Its actually really fun and really addictive but wish things did cost so much real money$$$ Sarver 74 us east in game name kyra

maxim ringa

Server 74-US East ,character name:toxicbatman Reminds me of the old ones on the pc gg 10/10 IGN

wayne s

Fallen Souls Such a fun and addictive game. It has multiple layers of development to always keep you entertained and wanting to fight your way to the top. When you get in there look me up :-) I'm Zephyr on server 72 US East

tony fister

Eh This game is not what it claims on the ads. It has nothing to do with fallen super heros. Graphics are shotty at best. Game play is annoying. Would not recommend this to anyone

Angell 4life

Love it Really good game play with lots of things to do. Keeps me coming back daily..keep up the good work :) s59-US East... Exotica p.s thank you for adding the Global Arena season :) Im having a blast with that :p lol

Cam D

Fantastic game I was way to critical on my last review and feel I need to revise.... There may be some repetitive play but as you advance it starts to feel just right. I totally appreciate the level of attention shown by the developers to create fun new ways to participate in the game solo and co-op. Creating new exciting events often. Thank you for the support, dedicated gamer...74-US East , Camagraphy

Hector Tirado

Extremely unbalanced/ Not worth the time It's not only unbalanced but it is also unfair. New players get trampled by higher level players in a way that makes you want to quit. It's a pay to win so you feel like you need to pay to have fun, or to simply keep up with everyone else. Once you reach level 38 the game becomes unfair as you can't protect your castle and lose hundreds of thousands of honor that you've been saving up. Attacking back doesn't help either since you only get 2800 honor from attacking while losing 13000 honor from one attack.

Daniel Rebello

Tons of fun Great game. Many different quest's. Awesome graphics. Many guilds to choose from or start your own. So much to offer n more. Server 73-US East. Gamer tag, Virgo70 . Edit as global arena always freezes and i loose progress whitch in turn i dont get full rewards. Only able to actually finish onece. Please fix and maybe a gift for the heartache. :-) Edit Back to 5 stars excellent game. A little uneven battles at times but exceptable. Keep up the great work. Server 73-US East Virgo70.

Ev D

***READ BEFORE YOU INSTALL*** ***UPDATE*** The developers of this game clearly have NO RESPECT for user's privacy! They intentionally reactivate notifications whenever you restart your phone...and you get constant interruptions throughout the day. This is a DESPICABLE practice, and I'm tired of this bullshit! ***ATTENTION DEVELOPERS*** STOP HARASSING YOUR SUPPORTERS!!! YOU'RE PISSING ME OF!!! When you fix this nonsense, I will, again, be happy to comment on the game quality itself!

Shawn Caffry

Diamond issue/ Customer service issue The items I received definitely not worth 8888 diamonds I would have preferred the actual diamonds instead.

John Zurkan

Good game Small things that could be fixed. Would also be nice if getting the best mercs didn't cost $100s of dollers

chris morrow

Didn't play it. Click bait (probably illegal) marvel character Facebook ad deserved 1star review. Edit: 2 weeks later same ad still running. Is superman in this game? Spiderman and venom? Probably not? Marvel and DC should sue your asses off. Edit: now it's Kratos from God of War. What a joke this dev is.

Josh Miller

Good game I bought a recharge pack it told me limited time 1st recharge get 8888 gems and I did not receive if I don't get these gems I will no longer be spending money for this game

mathew allcock

Great game A mixture between league of angels and wartune i like this game for its auto modes and the fact its easy to get grasp off. Ign Gorgon300 server us 73 east

Travis Meadows

I absolutely love the game it's the perfect u grade to this type of game. You do play it when you want and don't really want to stop. Hi I'm Travis from 75-US EAST. I absolutely encourage every one to try this game for themselves. It's awesome

david storer

Great game on the go for when you need to pass the time. Don't have to spend cash to enjoy it. I'm character Defiled

Renz Lajot

Love the game but will you please fix the bugs.thank you. From SoulReaper S54-56 US East

Cody Logan

72-US East, Ghostly I Am loving it!! It's the people that make the game even better


Server: 74-US East. Name: Neinheart. It has nice visuals and a simple gameplay, but it is quite fun and keeps you entertained to a certain extent.

Justen Anderson

Mixed reviews The game is fun, but when you write in because of a problem you may get lucky weeks later if the development team gets back to you.

Daniel Vasile

Not what I was expecting I took it because I saw some nice "picture" of it. Apparently is not like that at all

Ryan Sansom

Great game Intake name: Infinit3. Server 75. Addicted to this game

chris grimm

Great game. Very addicting and a great way to pass the time. U.S. 73 East in game name is Grimm

Mario Gomez

Server 76 US EAST, my name is ZORZA I love this game its amazing but the conversation window changes itself to "world chat" and that is annoying. Another part of the game i want to change is the possibility of talk (conversation window) meanwhile you are dead in events, when you are alive shouldnt have much time to write. I'll give you 5 stars after this annoying things are fixed, thank you.

Charles Perry

My is brokenarrow on server 71 East The following is my take on this game it has been a long time since I have played a game with the intense action and great gameplay of this game plus the new merge really look great it just looks almost impossible to get them though. I just wish that it was easier to get diamonds and other items

Carlos Perez

Very good!!!! It is awe...some great graphics and gameplay,great story but just one thing add more ways to level up but all in all great...look me up ...server 75 us

Jesse Giesbrecht

Not too bad A good time waster. No thinking involved because it fights for you. Just pick the attack and that's about it. Good leveling system. User name: Blephette server:US 75 East.

Todd Trahan

Fallensouls It OK just started I bet it get better the more I play

Jon Moor

Fallen Souls Server 20. Mainhighrisk. Love the game so far. Really enjoying it!

Ronnie Aliscad

Server 76 US-east Char name Orpain Really cool game

Modern Gamer

Awesome This game is fun and addicting I highly recommend playing this if you want to have a good time on a game. Server: 74-Us east name: Devitalized

brandon sanders

I love this game, BUT!!!!!!! I really do love this game, but I have been having problems with freezing, Stopping, server connection issues, and more for some time now. I have sent multiple emails and reports on this issue with little or no response from the creators, I would really love to get thus issue resolved and go back to a 5 star rating. Maybe some compensation for all the troubles I've had.

Al Nazirul Mubin

Way lot better than Eternal Fury. No character description for different race different class as I presume they had different kind of skill, improve it. Good job dev ???

Jose Montalvo

They took my money I purchase in-game credit the game glitch taking my credit they told me they do not have a way to refund me and sorry. 100.00 spent on game for a sorry from developers. ..

jon monville

Fun game! Lots of fun! Easy to spend money, but absolutely worth playing. Good mechanics and fun to play. -- Grimm78

Josh Harper

Great game but 1 huge flaw Love the game the only thing i hate is the global arena is alot of fun until the game matches you with people 10 levels higher than you then you can quite literally do nothing but die which really sucks and needs to be fixed. Its been quite a while with no change to global arenas match making it is no fun to be matched in matches where the only thing you can do is die so i quit most of my global arenas unless i getted matched with like level people i shouldnt be facing level 59 when im only 50

Whatever, Its just a name

Global arena is really fun but no longer let's me in. I wait 5 min every time and it never fails to not let me in now. I have only got in twice. Its annoying waiting 5 min to not get in anymore. The game is awesome, I will give 4 stars for that. I hope to atleast get a reply telling me if I might be doing something wrong. I will surely bump this back up to 5 stars after. It is very much a 5 star game.

Sean Vickers


David D

Slow app The latest update made to the game client makes the game really slow! Love the game but it runs horrible now!

Chichi Briseno

This game is amazingly fun. The graphics are awesome, and the gameplay is easy and smooth. Lucian83 server 28 US East

John Wayne KainRose

Kainrose Great game highly addicted. Gets slow after level 32 though. Still fun. Kainrose member of 7deadlysins

Mike Watson

I see things haven't changed with their customer service. Still a joke

Andy Small

Bugs everywhere There have been some bugs and server crashes but overall the customer service has been great

stephan rogers

Fun game ShadoWeaver us-94 east

Victoria Vines

Completely Addicted! Character name is xXmachaXx and my server ID is 80- US East I absolutely ♡ this game! I haven't had any problems with the server or logging out & back in. I like how you can have up to 3 characters under 1 account if you choose to. The graphics are great & smooth. Also, I like how the level up process, upgrading equipment, etc is set up, it's reasonable not too easy & not extremely impossible either. I haven't played many games of this sort but since fallensouls I am completely addicted! I've tried a few more games & this is still the best in my opinion. 5 stars!

Time Warped

One of the worst game ever If you want to play a game that kick you off,has plenty of lag,and the developers only care is about your money then this is the game for you. I've reached out to developers about issues along with other players and all they say we will look into it. Don't waste your time with this game. I've lost items in inventory and BR and nothing been done to correct this, so if you don't mind any of these things then this is the game for you.

Jesse Sargent

Money, money money. This game is very flawed, lots of bugs, and it is designed to force you to spend money. The only way you will compete is by spending hundreds, and I do mean HUNDREDS of dollars. People from poorer countries, you will be wasting your time. The main point of the game is to compete with other players, so be prepared to drop a thousand dollars. If you want to advance you MUST. Why? Because other ppl do. EDIT: there are no visible chat rules, just, dont break them. UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF, so be ready to be bullied

James Mastri

Company does not care about botters / exploiters Have sent several messages with screen shot evidence of people blatantly cheating. Company does nothing, they want money and don't care if people ruin the play experience. Response: I have and customer service warned one, and has done nothing about the other. You continue to reward cheaters, but that's to be expected out of a company that just wants money doesn't care about players.

Kangga Hendra

Bad connection Wtf is going on dude? I keep disconnected from the server. Since u open the gw last day.. Suckss.. Please fix this, there's nothing wrong with my phone either my data transmission.

Whatever, Its just a name

Global arena is really fun but no longer let's me in. I wait 5 min every time and it never fails to not let me in now. I have only got in twice. Its annoying waiting 5 min to not get in anymore. The game is awesome, I will give 4 stars for that. I hope to atleast get a reply telling me if I might be doing something wrong. I will surely bump this back up to 5 stars after. It is very much a 5 star game.

Haley Estok

Global arena The past 5 times the arena opened I would push join in and wait for it to match me to a game but as soon as the timer counted down it just says in battle and I have 100 diamonds that I used and can't get back to get the double metals and stuff that is now stuck on there. I've tried checking and unchecking the box for only my server or doing cross server battles this needs fixed its absolutely ridiculous

Chauntee Aiken

Once again, no diamonds I recently purchased a first time recharge, still have not received what I paid for. I tried earlier this year, the same thing happened. I waited for days for a response from support. Five days passed and I got a refund. Emails and messages have been sent with my in game info and Google play receipt attached. Still, nothing. I purchased them Tuesday, it is now Friday. I still do not have my 2000 diamonds I ordered, yet money was deducted from my account within seconds. Fix this. Thanks.

Matthew Fox

Great game with great graphics. Fun too play and don't have to spend a lot or don't have to spend anything to have fun and get some decent rewards. They still need to open guild wars. :( If your new, then enjoy months of fun!!!

Janet Oz

A great game with lots of variety. The devs really thought thru things, like instead of grinding to level, you can auto fight, which is faster. There are many ways to get stronger and many ways to earn the resources needed. The server seems friendly overall. One event it's the server vs the boss. Other events are guild vs guild and others are player vs player. Jezebel us69

James Monroe

Cool game/not so good tech support This is a pretty cool game just wish it would reload necessary stuff quicker. I have been unable to play the game for about 5 days now. It keeps saying disconnected from network. I have sent it trouble tickets with no success. I even Uninstaller it and regulations installed, no success. I am soon. To delete the game for good if I can't get any answers.

Ben Valdez

Iiars You guys show superman and other super heroes and those arent even on here i am uninstalling it faster than i installed your game sucks and so do you. Use your own characters silly fools

Jimmy Chung

Pay to win bullshit If i could rate this 0 stars i would. Even at high levels... You can not compete with people that spend money

Joseph Liberto

Customer service I have not been able to log into my account all day and I have given them all the info they need and no one helps to fix the problem. Good game but they need new management and customer sevice to keep players and money Coming in. A lot of players have hacked the gAmerican and no one does anything when you tell them

Arturas Mitokas

Another cash dump Game itself is great, lots of stuff, upgrade options etc. BUT ! From some point - after reaching certain level (~50) its impossible to advance further. Unless you spend hundreds $ on game. If not even 5 lvl lower cash player can easily wipe you with no efforts. This game is screwed by cash greedy devs. Another major problem is global arena - matchmaking system is epic bullsh!t. Its matching by lvl and while being lvl 52 eith 260k br im ALWAYS matched against players with 400-900k br! Stupidest thing ever!

Jacob Gagnon

One Complaint I just wish the team dungeons were a little more difficult. Still the best game on the market

That Couple

Great beginning.. Great game.. plenty of potential. Only, when you reach a certain level, you just keep doing the same thing over and over, goal left is to strengthen hero and be better than everyone else's. Hope you add other activities. Also, why is the energy collected not showing in the inventory? Please sort that out.

Marvin Delaine Jr

False Advertisement The Ad I seen said this game has evil versions of popular comic book characters such as the hulk, wolverine, and Deadpool. The only reason I downloaded this mind you, but not even a hint of that. So deleting it as of tomorrow.

Josh Webster

Awesome game Only thing I didn't get my 8888 diamonds after buying the first charge up my name is webbie server 74-US

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