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3 Oct
Fallen London

Posted by Failbetter Games in Role Playing | Oct. 3, 2016 | 40 Comments

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"Thirty years ago, London was stolen by bats. Now, Hell is close and immortality is cheap, but the screaming has largely stopped…"

Welcome to a dark and hilarious Victorian-Gothic underworld, where every choice has a consequence from the style of your hat to the price of your soul. Fallen London, acclaimed literary RPG and winner of The Escapist's Best Browser Game award, has come to Android!

For those who love to read and for those who love to play, Fallen London offers you a unique narrative which evolves with every choice you make. Define your destiny through the stories you embark on and the character you cultivate.

There's a whole world of opportunity waiting for you beyond the iron bars of New Newgate Prison. Who will you be?

**Please note: the first-time load-up of this app will take longer than subsequent load-ups. Please be patient! :)**


- Literary RPG with over 1.5 million delicious words
- Befriend, beguile or antagonise hundreds of characters from diplomats and devils to Clay Men, Rubbery Men and the elusive Masters
- Increase a vast array of character qualities, shaping your character as you go
- Choose from a miscellany of avatars and gender options
- Hundreds of items, outfits and pets available in the Bazaar
- Forge your own path through a dark Victorian city and beyond!


- "A beautifully moody and lusciously written faux-Victorian game" (The Guardian)
- "The bestest best words in all of gaming" (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
- "Superlative… every bit as vividly drawn as the worlds built by Rockstar in Red Dead Redemption, or Irrational in BioShock, or Supergiant in Bastion" (Tom Chick)
- "...a masterpiece in story-telling from the creators of Sunless Sea... a perfectly realized world that puts other fantastic worlds to shame" (TouchArcade)
- "Intriguing and addictive... The world of Fallen London is a joy to explore, a weird and wonderful playground" (The Escapist)


- Subscribe to become an Exceptional Friend of the Bazaar!
- Grants access to the House of Chimes, free immediate access to monthly Exceptional Stories, double action points and an increased Opportunity Deck
- Privacy policy at, terms of use at

Whats new

    - renaming items without an item to rename crash now fixed
    - attempting to play social acts without any eligible contacts crash now fixed
    - device notifications issue resolved

Failbetter Games part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Oct. 3, 2016. Google play rating is 74.5692. Current verison is 1.4.1383. Actual size 42.0 MB.

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Seppuku Sock

Fantastic The only complaint I have is that it can take a while to load, that aside the content is amazing. The lore is pretty deep and the characters are interesting. I feel like even my own character is interesting! The game takes moments to develop your character further. One of the best games I have ever played. Please update it and improve it. If anyone wants to invite me to dinner my name is Karl Heinrich

Fleurdeliz Valencia

Love the game but it has its issues I love how the choices are interesting and/or witty, the storyline is written to perfection, and how you don't have to pay to advance in the game. works 75% of the time. The other 25%, I would have the app open then it would auto close after a while. And when it does work, sometimes it takes a few to a couple minutes to actually take you to where you were or it would log me out and would have to log back in. Game is great! I love it and won't uninstall but it does require some patience.

Jonathan El-Bizri

Loading is broken. Stick to the web version I'm loath to give a one star review to a game I've spent so much time with in its web incarnation, but I've been wrestling with this for two weeks, and only gotten it to actually start 2-3 times, trying with two different devices. From what I have seen, it doesn't add much to the web version, and even taking individual actions is slightly slower. I would stick with the web version until this app is actually finished. Edit: checked again, latest version, same problems. As an app developer, I'm mystified.

Raven Madigan

Fantastic! I found this only because of an email from Failbetter games. I am a fan of Sunless Sea, and was super excited to hear that they had a text based game getting an android app. I occasionally get a long load time, but I've also noticed that it gets longer the more i play. But then sometimes it just boots right up... So it's a wash i suppose.

Colin Crossland

Excellent browser game, terrible app Let's get this out of the way; the contents of the game are excellent. The app, however, is just beyond broken. Loading times every time you click a button make you wonder is their server is using a couple 56k modems, app crashes like a drunken teen-ager texting on the highway, and it's about as responsive as a coma patient. Just play online at your desk.

Jarrad Smith

Patience Delicious Friend Mesmerising. The few hiccups this game has (loading getting stuck sometimes), do little to take from this game. A choose your own adventure with a twist. Failing a task isn't bad because you still gain something. In fact sometimes it is preferable. A must for text based game fans.

Kyla Marino

Fun story, won't load The story is fun and witty, but the game takes forever to load. In fact, all this week the game has not been able to load passed the loading screen. I cancelled my subscription due to the failed loading screen.

Kyla Jennings

I really do love this game, but..... I have been unable to start it, because at the beginning everything has been shifted to the top and i am unable to press the continue button.

Sam Shackelford

Could be a great game I had high hopes, but the game just isn't very good. It's really difficult to know exactly what you are supposed to do because there are way too many different stats. The load times are absurd for a text based game. But the worst thing is that the majority of the time when I load the game it doesn't get past the Failbetter logo, no matter how long I wait. Deleted.

Pumin Legrottaglie

I'm glad this finally came out on Android. This game has lovely writing, a nice setting and now awesome music. I would recommend this game to everyone who love text based choose-your-own-adventure games. Because this one is one of the best out there.

Rasmus Häggblom

Great game but broken People seem to be complaning about loading times which is something I am fine with. It is good. I've played a lot of Sunless Sea and I love the setting.

William Labes

Fixed! I absolutely love Fallen London and have been an exceptional friend whenever I can afford it. However this app is absolutely terrible. It's buggy, takes forever to load, if it even loads at all. Lately this app crashes as soon as I start it. I'm going to uninstall it and continue using the web page. Update: This last update fixed all the issues and I'm using the App again. Thanks FBG.

Richie Heimbrock

The game is fine, the app is abysmal. It's a text based game, yet it takes longer than any other game. The syncing is also a dud. You take actions only to have the game sync randomly and wipe out any progress. I have now lost a days worth of browser activity after the mobile app synced immediately upon opening and wiped out everything I had done.

Ross Frenette

Lots of potential, but needs immediate servicing. The app often fails to sync up with the game servers, and reverts to an older successful save, meaning that any of the gameplay choices and outcomes made after the last save are lost. I have lost countless hours worth of actions used and decisions/outcomes made due to this problem, sometimes losing forty actions in a row, several times over. It happens whether connected via WiFi or LTE cellular data. If these problems were fixed, this app would deserve five stars, but unfortunately, not as it is right now.

Tim Cline

Fixed. Very fun Edit. I fixed the crashing problem by uninstalling it then installing it again.

David Sadler

Too slow to load Fun game, but bugs in starting up and loading make it all but unplayable.

trevor ford

Fine browser game. Terrible app Waited 10 minutes for it to load. Didn't load.

dylan thomas

Game AWESOME! App... Bad Doesn't work good idea would like an easy app to help manage and play the game on the go.

Maïlys A.

Help, no images! I'm so sad, I'd love to try this game, but the images don't show up on the "choose the image that best etc" screen at the beginning! And the updates don't change that either =(

Scott Weaver

Entertaining A bit confusing at first. I had to just play around with it for a day. Once I grasped the basics it became enjoyable.

Angel Suarez

Really? I just installed this app and guess what? I have been stuck in the loading page for like the whole time? I cant access the game.

Mata Ncur

Checking for content updates The game hangs on checking for updates screen and never goes further

brandon son

Having trouble Anyone else having trouble logging in today?

Haekal Pratista

Images won't load Any suggestion on this issue?

Lili !

Wants to be something it isn't... Whatever potential this game COULD have had, it simply isn't even worth 1 star.

April Jones

Won't even get past the loading screen.

Mikko Aittala

Near 5/5 I love the design and the content is the same good old Fallen London, but using it feels a bit sluggish. It always takes a couple secs to load a page. Which by itself doesn't sound that bad, but when you're clicking through a lot of pages it starts to take its toll. But that's really the only reason why I didn't give it a 5/5. Otherwise it's great.

Donovan Magnetta

Good game, has Its bugs. But that's okay Loving the story. Only thing I'm not liking is the occasionally bug where I literally have to start my 20 actions over again. I like how you have to build your character in order to do things. I definitely needed this kind of game!

dana mikulski

i do enjoy fallen london a lot, but theres a lot of bugs with the app, the loading times are really long, and sometimes the app doesnt even turn on properly (its only been the reversed letter f for 5 or so minutes). the game also drains your battery life very quickly.

Kailey Haworth

Love this game but... I really enjoyed tis game, but the further I've gotten in the game, the longer it's taken to load. At first I could just restart my phone and I could get it to open. Now it won't open at all and that's really disappointing because like I said, I love this game. If they could fix it I would give it 5 stars

A.G. Palmer

The best browser game there ever was. The depth of story here is amazing, and it's free! You should really be checking this out already. The app version is a little unstable and very ugly - it shamelessly uses iOS design standards - but it's perfectly usable, and worth ignoring for the best experience you can have on your phone.

Brad Lamparski

Fun, intuitive, still issues. Works great when it works. Constantly stalls upon sync and fails to sync. Causing me to have to repeat everything I did when I last played. I've left the game up with screen on when it was trying to sync for 35 minutes once, it never finished. Had to kill the app.

Tamlan Dipper

If Lovecraft hadn't been a racist mommy's boy Very original-feeling narrative heavy game. Horrifying, familiar, opulent. Like swimming in a golden ball pit filled with your friends eyeballs.

Lisa Mackay

Lovely game, terrible app You know what? I've decided I actually like all the syncing errors because it means I can get multiple attempts at a storylet. Sometimes it works in your favour, sometimes it doesn't. It's a roll of the dice!

Robert Jones

Force closes Was a big fan of Echo Bazaar, but I'll never know if this is comparable as it just force closes whenever you try to sign up for a new account. Was looking forward to having a mobile version of this but I guess it'll have to wait.

Bryn Joslin

Great game, bugged app I played Fallen London ages ago and really enjoyed it. I saw the app and downloaded it straight. Played it until my energy ran out but then when I went back to it it refused to open. If you can get this app working then I'll be all over it.

Aprile Ebdon

Love to play, hate to turn it on My main issue is that there's a 50/50 chance upon startup that my game gets reverted to a previous save, followed by even worse odds that the screen will then load the actual game. It's usually a long wait with a nice grey screen. So basically, in those moments I want to kill a bit of time, I should only play this if I plan to frustrate myself, which is a big shame, 'cause it's a great game otherwise.

Brett Hancox

Great game marred by weak app The game is, and continues to be, great. If you can play it in a browser, it's still the better experience currently. However, if the inconsistent syncing and general slowness can be ironed out, the app will be its equal.

Ofir Popowski

Crash on launch If I was reviewing the content only, I'd give it 5 stars, as this is the most bizzare, twisted, and intriguing world I have ever had the pleasure of experiemcing. Sadly, this app crashes on launch. I hope this gets fixed soon, my commute is boring without it.

Or Avrahamy

Awesome game But why did you start censoring words like damned and stuff? It really hurts the experience

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