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31 Aug
Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Posted by AxesInMotion Racing in Racing | Aug. 31, 2016 | 262 Comments

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the best car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine
Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free!
Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city!

NEW: Mini game checkpoint mode.
NEW: Drive with traffic !!!!!
Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!
Explore a detailed open world environment.
Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
Accurate physics.
Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
Several different cameras.

Whats new

    Day-Night mode!!
    New dynamic light system!!
    Improved speed feeling!!
    Tons of bugs fixes!!
    NEW UPDATE 4.09!!!
    New crash special effects and improved damage system!
    Improved lightning system!
    New irrestible offers!
    NEW UPDATE 4.08!!!
    NEW enhanced offroad environment!!
    Bugs fixes and performance improvements!!
    NEW UPDATE v4.07
    Destroy all the boxes!
    New car pack!!
    NEW UPDATE!! v4.06.1
    Speed cameras events!!!

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Marielys Serrano

Loved it!!!!!!!

Diego Garcia

Too many video ads The gameplay is great but can you update the graphics and physics. And make it so there are no annoying banner ads at the bottom and just pop up ads. No video ads pop ups though. Thanks. I will be helping you. Haha

Ben Lim

Amazing This game is pretty fun and have nice graphics. But it would be a lot more cooler with new maps, more classic cars, and a better tuning shop.

Brian Confused

5 Stars and A Recommendation Realistic... More Cars and interiors! Include those in the other games like the m3 and 911 gt3rs... New Areas!

JoEllen Campbell

LOVE THE GRAPHICS... two suggestions 1. new camera angle 2. new / additions to maps

Sean Gormally

Really good overall game Very addicting

Abdurrahman Lgamawi

Extreme love of this game I liked it because it has cool cars such as: a bugatti,a Ferrari,a mclaren and a lamborghini Reventon

Adam G

Can you add better graphics please Add multiplayer and nitro and to upgrade your car and decals add a Dukes of hazard car the general Lee 1969 dodge charger the blue super car tilts to the side please fix

Regina Jacobs

Adds Ya'll shoud totally get but it has to many adds. JUST SAYIN'

Caleb Pope

The Stig This is a great game. Could use better way to steer

Noah Oravec

Aweosme This app is so awesome I could right an hundred page book about this awesome game. if you love cars and racing them I highly highly recommend this game. it's also fun just to explore the city and the horse around in the airport and the off road terrain. I love this app so so so so so so much. the only downfall is that the work shop you can only change the paint color of your car that you are driving i would like it if you could add deca make the cars so so much cooler . All in all I love this game

Vinodh Nagarajan

Ok The game is pretty fun but to get cars you have to drive super long distances. For example to get the Bugatti you have to drive 250 miles. I can only drive 5 miles until I get bored. Please make the world more diverse and fun

David Laurelli

AWESOME This game makes me feel like I am a car and I can brake into the airport and drive around and free roam the city. I can go to paint my car green,red,blue, white,black,pink,purple, and silver. I will rate this game five stars!

dylan kelly

I think this game would be better if u could play with other people on it and also u should add a track to this

Carter Terpening

Meh Good game but has a lot of ads please fix that

Eric Herschberger

Its a great game but graphics and physics need to be enhanced a bit. Would be awesome if car customization Was possible, such as bodykits and spoilers maybe even engine upgrades. It would enhance the players experience and make the game more addicting.

Nikita Leonovets

Customize rims? Would be awesome if we could change rims

Ranger Family

Begatiant Great game, not interested in cars, but now a lover. Can't wait for the next update after 4.2.

Banana Loser

Great its just like driving around in GTA. fun, but too many ads. it tells you when they are going to pop up but they pop up way to often

Adam Adcox

Awesome game Best game ever very addictive

Olivia Vasquez

Fun Its altogether a very good game. Although it may have some adds, me and my sister still play all the time.

Michael Green

Mikey I'm just..... It a good game


Cool I love the new updates

eitan ramos

Things to add Please add night time, weather selection like lightning, etc. If you do I will give you 5 stars.

DJ Jesse James

Ads ads ads ads ads. That's all this game is. Advertisements.

Cash Casteel

I like it But if you can add a multiplayer mode and make the graphics as good as they are in the pictures above, I will be impressed.

Trevor Domaika

Too many adds I love the game but way to many adds I don't mind them but could you at least tone it down

Antonio Chavez

Yall should add that we could costumize our cars with rims, spoilers and stuff.

Zachary Taylor

lOVED it Best simulation game on the market! Nice job

Mark Nikulin

Too many adds, tho

Hayden Brown

Hayden brown I love this game

William Long

Needs more...... Stunt areas

Hunter Cote

Although ads pop up A LOT it's still fantastic. I love it.

Tel263Plays - Minecraft Videos on Summer!

Likey but hangy It hanged 2X already pls fix that

Robert Snyder

Awesome Definitely not a bad game

Dravyn Jowers

Its OK...but I would give it 5 stars if you could AT LEAST CHANGE THE WHEELS!! THE WHEELS ARE SO UGLY

Сергей Ломов

Класс Please add multiplayer

Jay Smith

a good game ruined so many full screen and un-escapable ads, each one you have to watch a 30 second video. I never complain about ads normally but in this game, pausing the game brings a 30 second ad, every minute there's a 30 second ad and every option in the main menu brings an ad

David Saenz

I like the game but Has way too many ads that are forced and use too much internet. I know ads are necessary for free play but dang. Going to uninstall cause of the forced ads.

Rhett Brady

IT'S GREAT BUT... It's great but the only thing that isn't great is that is all the ads it's really annoying and it says ad in 3-2-1 then ad and the only way u don't have ads is to turn off the wifi so can u fix it so their's less ads

Patricia Lee

Awesome game but needs to have more things Pls add weather conditions like raining, heavy storm.And add front and rear wiper switch .Finally, add Mpv cars like Alphard, Dodge Caravan. If u do that , I'll giv u 5 stars . Thanks For d nice game

Me Hahaha

I LOVE IT, But... I love this game all its 3-D graphics but just make it a little less lag and less ads. If you fix the lag and ads I will give it 5 stars.

Joe Shealy

Awesome..... But... Great and fun game but WAYYY to many adds i mean seriously.. Please take all the adds off and to take them off they are more than 3 dollers please cut of some of the adds..

Emmanuel Twilley

It's OK I liked it but can you do one thing for me please put multiplayer that why it won't get so boring and we will play race car and have fun please do it

dquanis robertson

I think u should make it to where we can fly the airplanes, also where we can ad things to our cars like rims, tinted windows

William Spencer

Dude. I love games like this. But the greatest thing that could happen is free mode multiplayer. It would be like gta and you could do so much cool stuff. DO IT. JUST DO IT


READ THIS There's loads of glitches in the game but thats what makes it fun. Check out my YouTube video on all the ways to get out of the map!!! In trial #1 I'm rank 137 in the world?

Colin Beleskey

Good but Should be able to put spoilers, vinyls, rims and have a car wash so the cars can get dirty! And a blue tooth chat room. P.s. Please add the Honda NSX

Adam Harith Syaf Zulkifli

I like it 'Give This App some cookie I like this game alot downlaod this app now! And also pls update with spoiler mode like it can move but any way thx

Jack Mantell

Well for you to improve you could put the car prices drop a bit and every time I play after awhile it cuts out as steer and drive at the same time so improve making the run better and smoother and also price and oh yh the inside cam make the speedo and that make like real real and weather condition aswell make them change and maybe customise the car a bit aswell

Allen Zuniga

Good but... There's way too many ads in short amounts of time. If that were fixed and it had more stages I would give it 5 stars. Other than that good game

Gonzalo Hernandez

Great but Everytime i enter the shop it stops the app from running and kicks me out fix please

Dylan Totty

OK games!! Something I do not get is that you can drive through street lamps made of concrete but not trees? It's abnoqutious fix it and 5* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ✴✴✴✴✴

Mark Matthews

The update messed up my unlocked cars. I dont know if the update is finished or not but you should add an update where cop cars come after you. Kind of like free mode. Besides the update,i love this game. AMAZING JOB!!! ?

Dinesh D

Please If you guys want me to rate 5 star them don't glitch

Anthony Burger

amazing really good ... but ....... its really amazing driving around but thats all you can do .So make a thing that you can group up with a online friend and drive like a multiplayer or add other racers in the game that you can type messages and communicate or race around the airport with,also please add a workshop where we can put spoilers and rims on our cars and please add more fast cars and new ones like the bmw I 8 or porches please do for the next update ... and thanksfor the new cars !!!!

Chloe Johnson

Love it's fun Hope this is helpful but It's fun it's entertaining I love it. It's very fun to hit other cars in traffic mode and I love how u can do sick flips and have unlock others cars very funnnn I only just can't find the last car of the ten but otherwise I have got all nine of them

Jack Duno

Garbage Based on how hot the game makes my CPU run, the crash physics and 3D graphics quality should be so high that it gives Rigs of Rods a run for its money. However, the vehicle models simply look like they've been drafted up in sketchup by someone without any fingers. The sound quality is horrible, and most of the cars have the exact same tinny, cheap engine sound. If you run over a downed sign, the wheels will react and run over the sign properly, but the car doesn't make attempt tp adjust. GLITCHY DONT BOTHER

Alec Borelli

Its fine just needs more inprovements There is a lot of glitches and the way you see your driving I think they should make that more high in the air there is very fast storms but I want them to add things like raining you can have wind shield wipers and if some cars could go faster and the other vehicles should go faster that I'm riding in back of cause then I have to cut them off just make the other cars on the road go faster but anyways this is an awesome and fun game to play!!!

Ethan Dixon

Cool. I usually don't like car simulators, but but this is cool.

Gideon townsend

ADS!! This was a great game and would get 5 stars IF there were no ads and when I update it the update actually did anything to change the game

Nicole Bloom

Do NOT download! You get to play the game for about 10 seconds and then you get a add for 30 seconds so you don't even get to play the game. It is always asking you to buy stuff for the cars and it is just so annoying. I do NOT recommend this.

Michael Hegarty

Crap Trials are impossible, some car collectables are impossible to get and the amount of ads were horrific. The worst game I have ever played. It costs €3 to remove ads?! Are you serious? Other games that have ads only make it €0.99 or €0.49 but they don't have many ads in the first place. I would give it 0 stars if I could.

Dustin Smith

Add more noises fore different cares like with the gt500 would have a deep engine and a driver would be awesome please but very good game love it and recommend it you guys did a good job making this

Zoey Lea A

Very addicting love the game This game is one of the best just u could add 1 thing there should be the police that chase u that would be even better but the game rocks

Bobby Joe

So bad its fun. The glitches are entertaining. Not an app is keep for a week but entertaining nonetheless. I managed to fall through the ground

Brandon Putteet

Fix it Make it the way it used to be now its challenging and i want to just have fun. Its stupid the way you have to buy certain cars with the money when you used to just be able to unlock them by driving a certain distance. You all added way to many collectables that are stupid. Bring back the original.

Madison Small

So cool! I like this app because if you don't have anything to do through the day, you can have fun playing this game!

Gracie Price

A good game messed up I love the game but I hate the ads popping up when I am in the middle of doing something it messes me up ! !!!

Elijah Duong-Tran

Hah I just like destroying stuff It's pretty fun

spenser vance

Pretty good but could be better Needs more roads and challenges.

Nickolas Hopley

Add multiplayer Add multilayer and make the world bigger because it can get boring by our self then I'll be happy and add cops and planes make it like a real city and have the planes moving but it is a good game I enjoy

Dave Raymond

Cool Features, but the Steering Is Harsh!!! This game has some really cool features for driving! But the steering is just SO SENSITIVE AND TOUCHY, that if you use "Tilt Steering" and you can't keep it dead at on, true center, without moving it even a micromillimeter (never happen!), then your experience will be one of constant "L-R-L-R"! And I mean hard turns, like you spun the wheel all the way back & forth, trying to straighten the car! If this were fixed, 5 Star game! It would be a steal for the price! Until then, it's money down the drain!

Breckin Koehler

Fun cool good Cool game keep up the good work love it

Rez Rahman

Insane amount of adverts I understand the need of having adverts specially in free games to make revenue but u cannot play 30 seconds of this game and an advert pops up which u cannot skip. Very annoying. Uninstalling.

saima baloch

Good and cool My brother likes different types of car games so i always download car game for him so iam inspiring from these games and looking for best n best games so just like itttttttt.

Daniel Gonzalez

Its OK. The game would be a lot more fun if the planes were moving. Also if we could drive into the plane and there were countries. Like get into the plane and fly to Japan. It would also be better of if u crashed through something that it stays broken

Zach Sheeler

Lags a lot If this game did not lag as much a lot more people would play it.

Robert Tindall

Couple flaws overall fun The trucks rims are blank on the outside on the passenger side. Like the drivers side wheels are on both sides.


I love it but... There is a very simple way to complete the stunts which is the ? button. When you press it while driving the car simply jumps in the air. But when you press it multiple times very fast the car will be able to fly on a building very easily. Also the traffic mode cars don't get damaged please fix that. It would be real fun to destroy other vehicles.

Jersi Call

Love it!!!!! This is the most amazing game I have ever played. People if you have never played this game before you have no idea what your missing. But be aware this will teach every one who does not know how to drive. #I'm 9 years old☺☺☺☺☺

Shraveen Kbr

Best game for boredom. Cool game, but the only problem is my LG G3 gets heated up. Rest all is fine. I also love the new update.

Rigzon Hakaj

Extreme Car Driving Simulator It's the best game. You can drive a car and you can paint it with your favorite color. There you can learn to drive and more. When you play this game it will be like a adventure for you. But I have a question can the game developers make the game playing with multi-player you now! with bluetooth. However it's the best game and I love it!

Aysha Yasin

Fantastic game! We can change the car's colour from workshop .There is an airport inside the city we can also go off road. We can say the best game ever!But can you please make the city and the airport more bigger and build cafe,resturant and a supermarket and make some people living in the city and make the planes fly and make a beach in the city and boats floating in the water this will make the city look big and pretty.

Shawn H

Can u make it so we can go to other places like San Francisco or las Vegas??? If u do I will rate u with 5 stars!!!!

Orwah Rehmat Zaynah

Amazingly Perfect This game was amazing with the new update and I was so addicted to this game when I first played it. AMAZING ! I also like the multiplayer one too, but this is better. I love the OFF ROAD!

Joanne Cox

Awesome game but just 1 more thing To change your car colour I think u should add that u could make your own patten on your car sample: A black and white striped car I think your should add that but THIS GAME IS AWESOME!! ✔✔✔♥☺?????


Nice GAME but just one thing what must be added in the game is multiplayer But still this is a nice game i loved it

visa kali

I love it Pls add back mirror in the game, and make the city more bigger. Make multiplayer in the game. Add nitrous in the cars too. Make it like we can design the car as we want.

Alvin Vang

Alright I wish you could do more stuff and not just ride the car or at least more places to go

David Widdowson

It's ok Wish that you could sync between devices as I paid for ad free on my phone, but still have ads on my tablet. Also lose rewards etc moving from one device to the other

Duncan Waugh

Are you kidding me! Many things to like about this game but interrupting a game in progress to play a 30 second ad is unforgivable. Uninstalled

Josh Granville

The BEST GEME EVER but Too many ads please get rid of them it would make it even better and sometimes I get stuck in tight lanes sidewords and can't get out please set spawn points around the game. Rest of the game is awesome!

Verneeta Kotak

Asome Its like its real real driving like a practice on driving so when you are older than you might be good for driving but the only thing is ADS silly ads keep apeeing

Abby Wilson

The adds I like this game I get to drive I'm not very good at it buy th adds pop up right when you about to like jump on to a roof it stops witch makes you crash into a wall

Allen Mirzoev

Fun Love it! I always pretend with my friends that they are in the car too.. "Oops sorry. Sorry I crashed into a brick wall. Ouch.. " 5 stars. GET THIS GAME!

Ryan Govea

Purchases Don't Restore I purchased the ad free option, which did restore, however when I purchased the "Styled Car Pack"for $4.99 It did not, and I am extremely disappointed.

Lawrence Yang

Too many ads Every time I'm driving for a minute then the ads show up I really hate ads but still a good game


Cars and graphics The game is really good the graphics could improve and maybe add more cars and racing and the steering physics

Brandon Manson

Awsome This game is cool awesome and good

Abbas Ahmed

Good but It has tooo much ads and hey off the Wifi or internet so then there are no ads

Bikki Ghale

Great but Cars needs interior improvement like real. then i give u 5 star

brian krenelka

Awesomeness I love Extreme Car Driving,(❤) it is one of the best games I have on my phone, however I think it is time for a up grade. I think that there should be a few upgrades, that is if you are turning we should have turning signals, police cars,and people get out of the car. That is my review!!! Ps, and be able to go inside the apartments and houses!!!! I also agree with everyone that there should be NO ADVERTISING

travis Hawkins

Great game But it would be better if you could play with friends on a lan server like mode hosted by one of the devices

Danielle Coleman

Love it You can play it as much as you want and you don't have to do missions or set tasks you can just drive anywhere

Smita Pataskar

It's awesome Love it. The car crashes look soooo wicked and awesome. The game also has many free missions which makes it even cooler. Every person who loves racing should play this game. My small piece of advice that's all, no offence boys and girls. ???

Asmar Reslan

Fukin app I think it is good for babies and the thing that make me laugh is that i want to pay money to remove ads!!! Hahahahahahahaha... so i will tell u that you should pay money to us to play this game hahaha lol

Jace Norman

I really love it it's Great and I'll give it 4 stars This is very nice and cool to play also I'll give it 4 stars

Zachary Knoellinger

Good game very very laggy When im trying to steer it goes left if i wanna go right or just spins out

Smitch Butcher

Unrealistic Bad car damage bad graphics bad physics but I like the new off road map

James Mcdonnell

Lovely game This game is good but you get bored and then you like it again

Karl Percius

Not bad at all. Just sme handling issues

Kadence Gooch

I love this game I can't wait to play again because it is awesome you can control the car it is like so awesome I just want up I just wanna lay my head on the wall and say oh yeah

Anthony Guzman

Liked it but add more better any way wish it was a good game four star wish there was a day changes like morning to night

Cody Rieckert

Pretty good Needs better sound quality and it needs to have a sound adjuster for the engine so you can't hear anything. But the ads are what holds me back from even three staring this because every 2 to 5 minutes there is and ad.

Dwight Snead

Loved it I can go to the airport and the city and off road but it needs more stuff

Josh Gleason

Needs more biomes It's a fun high speed game, but they really need to add more biomes. It can get boring with only 3 biomes after a while... Plz have a lot of people comment about getting new area biomes, so we can get the game developers attention so they can do something about it plz...

Joshua Jackson

If I could I will give it a million stars Its funny if you get to a point where you can't reach it just press the restart button a whole bunch of times until you reach it its fun

danny1_LMNTRIX King

LOVELY Cool game. ABSOLUTELY like it. Will make it 5 stars if you can please make another map for Parkour, a multiplayer mode and to release more fast cars and to get rid of the glitches. And to make the city bigger and to add more ramps

Nathan P.

Great, but... This game is a great game for people who like to drive, but don't want to spend money in gas. While the controls are only on the screen ( I haven't tried using a Bluetooth remote, however, it MAY work.) The game play is still OK. Its not very complex, with a few cars, that you have to unlock by doing either: 1: getting enough miles. 2: driving the miles and collecting collectibles. There are more options, but I'm running out of space.YOU CAN TURN OFF ADS BY TURNING ON AIRPLANE MODE. YOU WONT RECEIVE CALLS.

Ryan Jeuch

Best car dun ever (I am serious) It's fun. You better download it. But I am just wondering if they could add a water splash effect.

Tok lam Chua

Best car simulator ever!!! Dude,this is such an awesome car simulating game! The graphics, the cars,the challenges. It's just amazing. But what I don't like about it is that some cars you have to save your game bucks.

K Newall

Great game but..... The advertisements appear at the most annoying times....would be nice to be able to change the colour of the cars but other than are amazing :)

charlie-anne evans

... It's a good game but to improve they need to have alot lot less adverts and pop ups

Sam Hale

It aight Its a good game to be honest, there are a few thing about it that are pretty shabby tho like if you use the car flip over button you can actually fly or teleport thru object above you, it's also pretty glitchy and the map is pretty daum bad I kept getting stuck everywhere other then that it's a great game

Cassidy Graham

Love I love the way like if u get me kilometers then u can get a car or a car has unlocked and yes there are too many ads but other than that it's awesome

Girish Shivadeker

Wonderful!!! It's best! I had given it 5 stars but now editing and giving 3 stars because controls are not good

Ali Melani

Good games I love this game because this lady a little and I love this game and see our channel and the name is splendid MANDMS

Cameron Chramosta

STUPID!!! Terrible, bad game. Tooooooooo many ads and the car challenges are to hard. Don't waste your time on this idiotic game. It's the grossest game you could ever download. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Xminer 124

Adds and places to play There are too many adds in the game. When I go to change my steering there's a add. NO MORE ADDS PLEASE. The game is better to play when your without Internet because there's less lag

Arline Pronualter

Boring I like how it warns you that an ad is coming but there are way to many and I hate how it glitches all the time and how you cannot fly a plane

David Olmstead

Love OMG I FRIKKIN' LOVE THIS GAME!!! This has great graphics, great vehicle damage(visual effects on vehicle when damaged), and all together it's just a great game.

Emanuel Viveiros

Loved it Can you please add more vehicles like trucks hummers sports cars monster trucks and a really really tall monster truck called big foot 5 and add motorcycles and tanks humvees suv's and stuff like that

Noura Ghanam

R.O.N.Y A.B.G Its a very very very nice game and I open all the cars but there are a problem because all the cars has the same sound.can you fix this problem please ????? And please can you make another maps like new streats and etc.

Dmitri Aletkine

Was amusing for a few minutes Until the ad interrupted gameplay. Unlock progression also doesn't make sense, unlocking trucks and sport cars completely at random.

logan dunlap

Loved it But you really need to removed the ads and speed the game up cuz when I go to play after awhile its very very slow

Reece Ellis

Cool game Good driving mechanics, VERY REALISTIC car damage, I'm actually surprised about this game. One thing I hate is the ads! Please for the sake of the great game, get rid of the ads. Other than that, awesome job!

IBAHAN Technologies0

Why do you all keep complaining? I know theres a metric crapton of advertisements, but there is a button that allows you to rid of them for the low price of $2.00. Thanks for reading. Ta ta!

Link Fan

Too many ads The game itself is fun but the ads are annoying if you can take away the ads I'll give this game ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 stars

Lagan Lewis

Love it I never get a free of it I mean those people who don't like it they are really crazy PS not calling people randomly crazy. But this is an awesome game

Luke dog Ultimatem

Needs more environments It's good but I want a little more like a beach and a jungle or something also add a multiplayer mode thnx

Gusbustin Kresent

It is a good game but every time you pick a new car it comes to the place it was before then you'll have to drive back to where you were

Zack Synnestvedt

Too many ads! This is a fun simulator but the graphics aren't very good and there are WAY too many ads. If the ads were lessened I would change to a 5.

Rene Ricot

I loved the cars in the game but I wish that you could customize the rims and a secondary color for your car and upgrade the top speed, aceleration, tires, and add a turbo system or nos in each cars and also the realistic first person or cockpit in each every cars and customize the cars also to add trees, fences, AI off road cars in off road map and add AI planes in airport and AI people in city, airport, and off road and also add bridges, stop lights, also your own place and also add multiplayer mode and two new maps desert, and coast of port. And also add motorcycles. Please. And also add mini mansions.

Alden Caunt

IMPROVEMENTS You should make crashes more like how they are in GTA, and add more cars.(I can skip the ads without paying $2.00)

Brennan Jomes

? You forgot the bug fixes. Unfortunately extreme car driving stimulator has stopped.srsly? That'll be changed,or i will say the game is boring.wont let me on the app.

garrett morgan-oreilly

Awesome I loved this game and most games or updates that are new usually aren't compatible with my tablet but this game was and I was so happy that it was and if I could change something about this game it would be that there aren't a lot of things to do with money so maybe add some more things to do with money and maybe add missions but other than that I loved this game and it well deserves 5 stars.

Tai Love

My phone don't have that many ads my phone work good this game is so fun my sister even love it it is fun and cool love it

Abigail Blue

Car problems. This game use to be super fun. The cars were easy to control and they were really fast. Now, when driving, the car swerves uncontrollably and when going over 100 mph it's barely moving! The car is very hard to turn to the left or right because it doesn't turn sharp enough. I've never had any problems with this app, but lately it gone down hill. Please create a new update to fix all the bugs! Me and my siblings really do love Extreme Car Driving!

David Wright

Game-good. Ads-bad For the most part I really enjoyed the game. It reminded me of need for speed a little aswell as gta ( this is a compliment). You could cut back on the ad use though.

Liezl Demillo

FIX THE GAMES NOW Its a good game but in trial 1 I was stuck in The balance part ( turn left at big jump land on yellow box) and the Ads are everywhere please take of the Ads RIGHT NOW!!!

Sebastian Wolstencroft

Boring and Unrealistic Ridiculously boring game and I'm sure I'm going to get the response from the devs about how I should try the other games they have and spend $1.99 to remove the huge amount of ads that render this unplayable. At this point I'm just driving in circles trying to unlock new cars that don't even drive like they would in real life... it's a simulator! If you have a car that looks like one in real life it better drive like that one. Also if I paid to remove ads remove the ad trying to get me to buy more!

Kyle Glispie

Fun, if you turn off wifi first I really enjoy playing this game and plan to further in the future, but there is way to many adds and if you turn off your wifi before playing, you should enjoy the game a lot.

lightning war

This app could be a gold mine People people if u do a couple things this would be the best app on the market for free(before the list no stupid adds ,just stop I'm not paying money) ,first number one ,uno MAKE IT ONLINE have people join a server and drive around with them that's all and be able to chat and invite people/friends. (its not that hard) .second make the currency more available , people are not going to pay 20$ to get a stupid car so just give money for doing more things like setting record or daily achievements ( not hard )

raul navidad

The best game in the world A y never play this game before until a y download it then a y start to get a lot of cars and all the cars in this game are the best ever seen in the world is the best and I ave a lot of money a lot like 100000 so a give you five Stars a y loved it nice game broo best game ever in my life lo e it

John Cena channel

Nooooooob game Do not try to install and if you're installing your phone will KA-BOOM of errors

Ryan Kelly

Ad city Will play adds. Alot of them. But the game has improved greatly over time!

Muhumad Yahya

Good Game Need improvements. It is a good game but I get bore while just driving and driving first of all there should be day and night second of all it should have a man and we can have multi player mode where we can play online with others like GTA 5 it will be best game if these things added up..


Great in Potential Certain aspects of this game are superb. The graphics are nice and there are a great selection of really cool cars. I like that the world is open to be explored and that you discover new challenges along the way. Initially this is fun but becomes predictable after a while. There's no AI to compete against, no multiplayer option and no objectives other than to acquire new cars. It's a great game in potential but feels incomplete. Some new updates such as opponents or police chases could really improve it.

Carlo Carrejo

Best game ever The skin was so great it's like you're really driving there's so many roads traffic mode checkpoint mode hand free mode but I love it because whenever you're on the road and you don't have any Wi-Fi you don't have any ads and I just started yesterday and the graphics are so well it's like real life driving but I love going off road yesterday it was so I was like really rough but today they took out on you new update and it was really great it made it late the best

Andrew Stevens

Was good, last update made it bad. Just about everything added in the last update made the game worse. The shadows are very unrealistic and cause a light grey car to turn black while it's in the shadow. The graphics got substantially worse; it appears antialiasing was completely disabled making it very blocky. The "new crash effects" just added terribly unrealistic glass shattering sounds and graphics. Even if you scrape the underside of the car it makes glass shattering sounds. The new crash effects are so bad it was better off without them


Good Updates This game is pretty cool. It needs better sound effects, graphics, and a bigger map. I'm bored with the airport, the city, and the offroad maps. Could you add unique engine sounds for each car? That would make this game more realistic and fun. Um...I might be saying too much...but could you also add new missions like drifting missions and racing missions? Thanks!

jens bradburn

Cool game? Awesome cars I wish you could get out your car and like have money to go to shops and have a house and a job plz add in update.


I like it But its needs some upgrades and maybe some new levels make it look more realistic and change the the signs theyre backwards add some more areas and street lights and cars!! XD. Make less adds!!

Cal Overholtzer

Some Improvement I had this game for a long time and I played it when I was bored. If it was better then I will play more often and there's just a few ideas this game should improve on. This game should have more action like if you do something wrong the cops will go after or something. Have more missions to play because I easily finished all the little missions without unlocking many cars. Expand the map with new features so your not in one place or the other. This game isn't bad but just needs improvement.

Neil Whitmore

To many adds This game has so many adds I can barley do anything and they always pop up in the worst time and at lest let us skip them!

Camdog01 gaming

Neeđs more cars and bioms It would be nice to fly a plane and go to more places like the dessert or the artic and drive boats on water plz add

b kahlon

thankyou have happy to helping me out with a 3rd party in 50th anniversary. it thankyou. the first time I had the chance of winning the best way of the best of luck to all of the best way to go yuri time to do it for you to be in the morning of the best t the best way to go back to me that you 20th century and a lot more than just one of those things are looking for the first one to two years ago and have been a lot more than just one of those who want


I wish there were people in the town crossing the streets and everywhere Add people everywhere the game and people in the cars driving with there family's or just two people in a car or one person in a car and I wish you could park anywhere and get out of the car and walk your avatar to shop and to go home and to move

Benji Lovell

Boring adds I found a way to stop the adds,all you got to do is keep on driving and don't stop then it will not show up.

Kevin Yeoh

Unrealistic speeds. 300kmh feels like 80 kmh. More ads than NYC billboards. Brake reverses vehicle (wtf).

Jibin Jiju Abraham

Really good game...but can improve more. It would be awesome if the other cars in traffic mode try to hit us when we hit them

Pogy Bear

Update Needs another update this time put the planes to take of when our cars are in it and put more cars and new maps and starters has $5000 dollars so they could buy cars/make more planes and helicopters put different stunting area and also put nos tank and upgrade the nos tank graphic and when we put cars to paint also put body kits and spoilers/put real gas station and a stunt park please!!!!!!!

albert traje

Its not working on huawei Y336 no cars visible and anything. I tried any of your apps and I found out its all not working. Please read this message and reply ASAP.

Ben Blessing

Good game Nice, fun.and cool

Jake Murphy

No texture's I have no textures for the cars there all just black and also the off road area has no texture

Alix Marie

Good game I paid for the full version and its great and I love it....but it should be where the planes and the cops all move around or fly out and all ....then this game will be amazing

Ryan M. Cho

Great but lots of glitches Theres so many glitches in this game i found out and there's one ive never seen on youtube ever. The glitch is when you go to the tunnel for the airport and go halfway in the tunnel and spam the reset button most of the time you will go flying up in the air and if you do it well you can fly up until the buildings despawn. I should really be paid for finding these glitches but you should try to fix them. Also i figured out a way to go to the trees near the airport enterance place. My favorite game though!

Camden Larkin

Battery, adds, jumps Even though my review says five stars there are still a few things that I didn't like about it. Like BATTETY USAGE!! When ever I would. come over to my cousins house at 100% battery it would be at about 76% for about 35 minutes of game play. Another thing is graphics, the are OK but when the car gets damaged that looks pretty rad. And adds!! Too many, even if you hit pause adds will come up (mostly for moble stike.) I really liked the jumps in the city terrain parn, the city park, the airport, and off-road.

Anthony Latchman

Very Very cool Only one thing make the offers which you have to buy cars less money reason being is because we done make that much money to but it and plus majority of the people who has this game don't have a credit card to buy money and plus improve the crash graphics more like gta

Laura Hughes

Good but feel cheated Nice app decided buy special offer which consisted of car, credits and no ads good bundle for price then find its just package unlocked not the car which needs credits to buy,

Lovee Jain

Graphics is excellent but... Pls Provide more jump tracks challenges and increase the size of city and there is only one test car pls add more test car in the game because i m getting bored of it.

Laura Nugroho

Kinda Ok Is Da Best Well its not best but I like it can you update again please

Yssa N.

Not happy Pls take this opportunity to improve ur app.. this sucks! Full of ad that i cant can't even play.. it's annoying.. this is indeed perfect except those ads popping up. Was forced to uninstall :(

Wilberth Espiritusanto

Found the solution to the problem I found the solution to our problem if your getting to many ads and it's lagging all you need to do is put your phone in airplane mode it will make your phone have no service until you press the button again. Love it

David Mertz

Addictive The game is very fun but all the people complaining about the ads its because its a free game so they need some way to make money just be glad you got this amazing game for free

Jessica Rainey

Best Car simulator EVER!!!!! You can choose from 3 diffrent cantrols,lots of places to go and an airport?!!!You can go off road too OMG BEST CAR GAME EVER 5 stars!

Satyanarain Singhal

Its the best game ever!!! Nice game although the ads are a problem but the airplane mode fixes it so..... love it

Brianna Pinson

Good It's good just it glitches to much and there is to many adds can u help the game so it's more fun and can you make a person come out of the car and walk

Elijah Ottino

Great game, but INSANE amount of ads. (Most I've ever seen) They're video ads, too. Every 5 minutes you get one. (Avoid this by turning off your wifi and data) Cars could use more variation: faster, better. Why do we start with the fastest car? What's the point of unlocking cars if they're all worse than the one I already have?! Minimal glitches and good-sized map with satisfying amount of jumps and roofs to drive on. Worth the download if you turn off your wifi and data to avoid the ads.

Arham Zia

Doesn't work on my QMobile Noir When I opened the game it doesn't show anything when I was downloading this was very excited because this was my first simulation game this game suck and is the worse creation ever!!!????????

Colby Raines

New modes and customizations. (Please read) I think a new mode should be incorporated into it like: races; cars you've unlocked can go head to head in a race across the map. Cop mode; in this mode cops can try to pull you over and take you out. If you get caught, then that car becomes locked for a few minutes. I think these game modes would be really good to add in. Also, body kits, spoilers, and seat color should be added in.

Matthew Kaibetoney

Its OK Not really cool... Ad more stunts and a shop with stuff like rims and and wheelpaint! And cool spoilers!!!!! It sucks... Make better version!!!!!!!

Mr. Hollow Nuke

I gave you 1 STAR to grab your ATTENTION I am about to give you a Million dollars Idea - Though your game is awesome and flawless, but it becomes boring after some time , and there is also no use of the cars we unlock, SO HERE IS THE IDEA - You should add an option of playing with friends in the same world by connecting with local LAN Or WIfi connection. ... Trust me , Your game will SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE ??????.

Mr. Party Time

So many miles just to get digital sports cars? Why do I gotta do extra miles to get the sports cars when I've already got the collectables? Why? Do you think it's reasonable to make someone play your game forever? I'm already getting bored of it and I've had it for 3 weeks. AND WHERES THE MULTIPLAYER?! You brag by putting the ultimate cars in the pictures and it takes 3 days just to get 1, scratch that, a entire week to get 1. Only 1.

Mazzy Gaming

Still amazing Next update you should add sparks or flames when the car gears up like in gta five

Paris Robertson

Love it I love it becuse it has all types of cars. Its really cool having to drive any car any time I want to. I hope other people love or like it to be a use its really cool and fantastic. My brother wanted me to download it and I did. First I thaut that it would be boring. Now it is super cool than ever that's my mom's picture tho I'm rlly 9 years old and my brother loves this game.

Lim Tze Fei

Nice but I love the game..its have nice graphic,nice car and nice place to play...the game will be lag when i switch the game to have a traffic car a lot at the road..i hate it when its lag...i also hate when i switch it to no traffic car with no lag but its very boring...i wish u fix it and add many cars and add more fun place ok...thank you

Cosmico 129

Brilliant! Just Brilliant! It's driving me crazy it's so good! See what I did there? The quality is the best I've ever seen. The damage system is very realistic. I love the fact you can change the view of the car. It makes me feel like I'm in the car doing insane stunts. You can change the steering too. The only bad things about this are, when you reverse the view changes but takes a while to go back to normal, and when you get stuck, and respawn, it goes in the same place and I can't get out. It's a good game overall though!

Angel Marines

Interuptions Does it have to have every stupid little dumb ad like dam were not gonna buy no stupid product that doesn't even work fix it cuz rite now im not happy with it

patti dockery

What is wrong with everything The game is messed up by what I mean by is that the game has problems 1. You've messed up the cars 2. Crashing is annoying sound effects glass breaking 3. Too many advertisements like inappropriate ads for like iFunny and mobile strike 4. Why did you change the off-road and 5. There are lips in the road that will make your car spin out.

official thug

To many ads to many ads maps too small it would be better if you had different map and differernt areas and I wish upon a shoting star you can customize your car more

John Sewnal

Bug and glitch In the city around the airport sign,the Ferrari keeps getting damage and flipping. Also I don't think it's suppose to do wheelies

rajesh makwana

Bad Really foolish. Bad format & not so good direction. Car view good but performance is bad.direction not good. Its round and round.

Karen Dos reis

Lol I freaking out about the game but game maker should be the best you if you don't download you are gonna make a mistake

Susan Quails

Hate ads I love driving games and this one of the best ones I ever play but really fix the ads please I beg you

Joseph Johnson Jr.

I lov this game I know this might just sound petty but I think the graphics are better than a ps2 graphics No descriptions because it blew my mind

Devin Raditya

Great game, but.. It's a gr8 game know what I'm saying? But it's get bored if play it for long time, add some decals for the cars and.. maybe mission you know? And what is the money for? For pay the no ads? Maybe you can add the manual cars than auto, all i can say is don't make the fans get bored and wait that's it..

wahid khan

good Please try this game it's so cool you can drive free actual it's oredy like that please try this game this lamborghini aventedor game is cool you can unlock cars for free in this game please try this game it cool!

Paranormal Life

Good but too many ads A very good game and I get that they have to make money somehow but ads are like every 2 seconds, a tip for ads turn off Wi-Fi then that won't interfere

Jayden Diez

Cool game I never play it before but I stated today it awsome

Cory Simeon

Pleasee Listen!!!! This game would be much better if you had real stop signs that are big and red and green lights for the cars.Also the traffic mode the cars need to be realistic and they need to know how to drive faster.We would like to have planes flying and more states to go to.We would what more places to go and work and get out the cars.For the jobs you should have police,Towing trucks and have missions on the job this game will be much better in my opinion.

Aydan Foesyth

It is the best car simulation game that have seen (so far) and I would recommend it to most people but I would like to more places to drive in and able to see the damage on the other cars in traffic mode plus more special effects so surprise me

Logan Wilson

This game is stupid???? It has adds pop up every minute and if you are in traffic mode there are two lanes and the cars are smack in the middle they ask you to rate them every five minutes so I rated them with one star your welcome extreme car driving ??

Ethan MacLean

Great but with one flaw This game has great graphics, sound, control, etc. But it just has way too many ads!!!!


Boring Tons of ads and i mean those 30 seconds video ads that you cant skip . Game play and controls suck , deleted it in less than 5 mins

Pradeep Ganguly

Need more work to do It is a very good game however there is some more improvements which can be made. Please add some features like racing and multiplayer.

Alyssa Resico

Super tricks Super how I can be able go get on two wheels and how I can drift and not flip when I'm on two wheels.


Too Many Ads Its okay. There are too many ads and it freezes up a bit sometimes. Other then that , its a great game and fun to play.

Eli Danielson

Its pretty fun the only reason it has adds Is because that's how they make money but I think its really fun???

Gareth Ekin

5 stars It took long to download but it's a good game but ads very annoying thanks for making the game but please fix it like if you agree

Kayla Townley

Ads And Cars So many ads and you have to pay to remove them and the fact the cars are in place that u cant get to. My 3 year old love this game if you make the cars easier to get to would be cool.

Nicolas Lamb

Please take note of this! I am a game critic and I think this game has a lot of potential. But you should make it easier to get those good cars (not driving it becomes really boring) and the city is kinda small. The speedometer on the cars aren't realistic. Some awesome cars missing( Porsche's, Dodge viper , and many others). More car customisation. Add multiplayer!!! Please fix these thing it would be so much better. Still great game. Edit: you should make your game more like beamNG, I think that would be good.

Superpower300 & Superboy300

More Vehicles! And Maps It needs namebrand cars or more recently made cars, add a semi truck, a 2016 camaro, army vehicles, a tank, a helicopter, a plane ( for the airport only), trailblazer SUV, buggys (Volts Wagon), golf carts, vans, RV's, boats, jets. Also for traddic mode make the cars look like the ones in the game but less detailed. Add other maps because the original one is getting boring. I also love the new update but I dont like how when you drive fast it zooms out maybe make it so you can turn it on or off.

Kian Laing

This game is going downhill The older versions were better the cars like the bow X5 at the back it looks like an Audi Q5 the mustang looks like a stock car at the back but I do really like the daytime night time,lights,better graphics and I wish that in your next update you can upgrade your cars and paint your rims

Melissa Day

Great app! A Must have Great app. Awesome fun on the off road scene and airport, but please add supercar traffic, traffic damage, and cruise control. Also if possible please add a McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. Add these and I'll give 5 stars.(actually I'd give 6 stars, but that's not possible. )

Haiden Cow face

Ads?? There are way to many ads it's so hard to play when an ad pops up every 5 seconds so for that reason i gave this a one star and 2.50 to get rid of them is way to much. But rather then that it's an OK game. Get rid of ads and I'll make sure that it's 5 stars

Tyler Allman

Pretty good But not that good without a hack with unlimited money so u guys want unlimited money just get lucky patcher and do every thingnit says after that click on the game in lucky patcher and and open a file or if you still dont know how than go to my you tube channel and i will show u

Tes Lim

Listen to me Guys who say they wanted to fly a plane dont you see the word car driving simulator and a way to remove ads when is AD IN..3,2,1 pause while it is in 3,2,1,also to activate night mode just wait while driving

Jake Lyon

Great! I love it. At first, the ads were horrid, but the quality of the game was good enough where I thought it'd be useful to get the no ads option, and I did, and then it unleashes the full capability of the game. I love it. One suggestion though, money is very hard to earn. Perhaps more challenges?

marais moller

Controls Needs some fine tuning; it kinda snaps, and loses control too easily, you know? The steering wheel could also be an analog type controller. E-brake is too harsh. How's about a slider controller? Would work! Good game

Brianna Stephens

Good game,but If u r a person who hates adds then quit playing games u idiots! The only way u r not going to get adds is if u buy the suck it up and deal with the apps.

bombermanking 2004

There are some flaws but I like it... One flaw is when you repeatedly hit the reset button you float upwards and fall right back down. I do like the game it's a great time killer, i played it so much I started with $0 then later I got $5500, and I bought a pack with the best car and now I'm at $450. It would be great if you have a huge map with more cars i dont know cars names but a golf cart,maybe even a motorcycle,go cart,a monster truck,and for a challenge add a three wheeled vehicle. Thx for reading my ratings.?

Emin Carpentier

Really good game but... The game is really good, and I love the concept and modes and different terrains but... impossible to play because the accelerator button bugs so much with the new update! It will do as if I wasn't pressing on the button, when I really am, please fix that.

Awesome Love it my brother agrees with me. He is adductied he wantd to play it 24×7 its halarious watching him. It is thebest game ever. U should add people and police cars to make life like

Jennifer McCarrel

Awesome A great car game. It's awesome how it instantly fixes your car. Just one problem... can you make there be less adds? Also it would be cool to have a police mode??

sneha Gawade

My cousin sister played it and she told it is a very nice game. She is 11 years old.i think all have to install it .I am real saying true yu just install , it and see how the game Is.i am telling yu real yu just install

Harsh Prateek

Doesn't wok at all When I opened it I thought it will be good but its the worst app I have ever seen. It don't show cars,options or anything which is essential to play and when I click on drive it don't start. In garage it there is no car with which I can play. Please do something of this game.

Lionel Noronha

Good game but That Ford mustang GT front part looks like a Mercedes you have ruined the front part and please install indicator lights hazard lights and reverse gear lights.Also make upgrades for speed handling and acceleration.ThankYou

Too Much Ads The video ads are unbearable. I'm fine with 15 secs, but 30?! C'mon. I want to throw my phone whenever I see a 30 second ad.

mudit budhiraja

Game is good.. too many ads The game is great.. i actually was loving the gameplay when suddenly timer starts that an ad is about to run. That jst takes the fun away. No matter what u do u will have to watch an ad.

Emily Pena

I LOVE THIS GAME IT IS SO FUN This is the best game ever you think your driving in real life and you get to follow the cars and even crash the cars and they don't get in trouble and that is fun when you don't get in trouble sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oops so cool

More maps please like the beach.. even if you have to drive 100 km that could be great!♧ but 100km through the city please i ask you please iv beenlaying this game since it came out plzzz

Carl Langdon

Really good I would say this deserves the 5 * because it's a really tired interesting game and realistic! Just that there is a bit many adds but that's not a big thing

Carlos Villanueva

Great This game is just da best but please add a feature which u can get out of your car and fide the airplanes at the airport. But otherwise I love it!! But please add nitro

Chris Duplouy

Add please Multiplayer, people, police, let you get out of the car and walk around and get into other vehicles. Until then three stars.

Caleb Nwaobia

Awesome Like the app I really do. I like how in free mode get to drive into the airport or off-road and smash the crap out of any car. Very very cool.

Too many ads It would be better if there were nitrous and some new muscle cars you could customize your cars like decals height body kits and such plus performance parts and then I'd rate 5 lastly there should be a police mode and racing mode

GREAT GAME It's a great game but needs more maps and I have a glitch every time I press the exelerater it goes like two km fix it guys!!!#disapointed

Mona deepti Banga

Data lost My data is lost.And it even needs more maps and my car just stay in air, it should be on the soil. Even with a slow speed and low slope Mt car just fly.when I first downloaded the game it asked me every day to log in through Google play,and when I logged in. After some time I was bored by it so I uninstalled the game.And now when I want my data back it doesn't even shows the option.

Mo omar

Lost progress but good I lost all my cars and stuff but overall it is a good game, I have just got the Bugatti Veyron. Also, can you add some more updates please like a new map or more cars and if you want, can you please add different stats like Acceleration, Turning, Braking and other stats. Also if you want, add the ability to colour different parts of a car like the wheels and different parts of a car and add chrome. Talking about parts of a car, add the ability to change styles of the wheels please!

Joshua klein

Alright... I would give a 4 or 5 but the cars are too taking too long for me to acquire an there are too many ads but other than that vest game for Android so far

Best Game Ever!! I love it. Those wonderful cars with a choice of changing colours. Options like photo mode are also excellent. I have unlocked almost every car. Traffic mode,Free mode and checkpoint modes are also great. Even I like the streets, airport and everything. I would thank the person who has maken this game.

// Cake For Days Boy\\

A little laggey If you could add a graphics option that went low enough the the car isn't round anymore that would be nice and please remove the flashing button.


Good but a catch The graphics are good but the lighting isn't as good as the first screenshot also the map is quite small so it does get boring after a while, plz axis add another area

Ganesh Kumar

Pathetic I didn't even open the game the first time, it says Rate Us and Ads, Ads, Ads, just ads. The car won't load either and then I see Remove ads and money for it. I didn't even test the game. I think this is outrageous.

Lyra The Marill Lover

Great Driving Game! This game is an open world driving game. It's addictive, and the devs do great updates. It's also challenging to collect all cars, and more. Please, developpers, continue to do great works, and hopefully, you guys will be able to add a ton of more cars in the future! =)

Natore Valles

No horns It sounds better off with a horn.. And night mode ride..all the cars engine sound were the same.. what the heck !!! can u fix it guys.. gotta love if u make it more real..thank u..and pls.. let us know what this cars name dude.. they're all mysteriously unknown dude.. anyway nice 3d animation.. love u doin it guys.. thank u...

Lane Beaumier

Like the game, want more vehicles Please please please add more cars. C7 Corvette, Jaguar F-Type, Ferrari 488 GTB, 6th gen Camaro, Cadillac ATS-V/CTS-V, Aston Martin DB10, Porsches, McLarens, Merc AMG GT, classic Chevys, Alfa Romeo 4C etc. Adding more cars would definitely make it better.


Ehh Way to many ads and map is to small, how come only the computer controlled cars can go through every thing but we always crash?

Jazzy Gilbert


Vincent Ibarra III

Cool game but This game is cool but it sucks that u cant customize your own car and that u cant get out your car. What type of car do you guys like? Mines is a Ferrari.?

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