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8 Jun
Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D

Posted by AxesInMotion Racing in Racing | June 8, 2016 | 175 Comments

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Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D Simulator is the best car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine.
Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free!
Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed with police cars chasing you!
Don't let cops chase you or you will be arrested!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city!

Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!
Explore a detailed open world environment.
Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
Accurate physics.
Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
Several different cameras.

Whats new

    v3.12 UPDATES!
    Bug fixes and performance improvements!!!
    v3.9 UPDATES:
    All cars have street and police versions!
    Unlock them all!
    v3.8 UPDATES
    NEW MODE!!! BE THE POLICE! Chase the offenders to arrest them! Turn the police lights on and start your engine!
    v3.7 UPDATES
    NEW: Paint your cars in the new workshop!!

AxesInMotion Racing part of our Racing and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 8, 2016. Google play rating is 81.6123. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Nick Hoskins

Relly need new cars Because from the newest update my mclaren keeps drifting when im driving straight. Plz fix do not get )=

XxCherry CakexX

It's okay but.. It's okay but if you have a few more cars and have a few more control's then I would give the game 5 star's!

Richard Higgins

Game This game is awesome for people who are looking to download games you should get this one

Derik Rodriguez

One car to choose only more car that you can ride and can you please put police cars that we can use

Jose Carrillo

Dude this game would be perfect, but.... it needs more cars

Paul Harrington

Nice new 650S McLaren I never knew there would be a change from the MP4-12C to the 650S. The 650S is better than the previous MP4-12C.

Omarion poole

Awsome but Put racing other cars and a stunt park

Brandon Johnson

Boss Love cop mode i beat it every time

chase bradley

Awesome Great job super awesome it is 1000000000 stares

Michael Bertram

Extreme car driving racing Really good game


The cops The cops are are always on your tail and very aggerisive new cars

Stephen Richards

Only one thing I hate their is only three locations

Hannah & Sam Crompton

No where to drive You can only a circle!

aaditya gupta

You can add night mode too ! Customers ould like that

Douglas Wasilevich

More cars More cars would b nice because it would b funner. And more land. Like an airport. A tank would b cool

Mahida Ali

Needs more cars and other moving cars on free mode

agus har

Fun update The car is very speed and the police is easy

Nyko Washington

Yeah they need off road and airport

YK Lai

Sweet game Nice game just need to add some off-roads and make a store in the game so we can buy some cars!

Nawaz Myram

I agree with nick hoskins when I am driving straight it change the direction and I need new cars and a large place to escape from the police

Adam G

Add the airport and the off road and the cars please

Jodilyn Kalalo

I love it I always playing this game

Kevin Castro

It's cool You het Chase by cops

Rod McKinley

Lol...junk Controls are garbage. This game sucks. Looks pretty, but it's poop.

Aurora Perez

Hay thid app is pretty good

Bradlee Shea


Elijah Lugo

Awesome man

Baddadan roy

Ok Its slow an need more angling


Airport Offroad

eyad hassan

Please make cars easy to get them as it is hard to get some money

Austin Kugan

You should make it were you can be the cop and chase a criminal

Niles Channel

Good ! Its very interesting and just !

Jesus C.

What? It change? But I still love it. Hey the McLaren spyder changed and it's 7 gear the previous one is 6 gear so this update make the McLaren spyder now faster than the previous one. Plus the police cars make funny moments like flying and jumping. This game also made me laugh only on police mode because like I say they fly and jump around.

Ayinde Mcneal

Epic I wish u could add actions like u could get out of your car and kill cops but I still love this gme

Shamoney _

good can you at least lower the police cars they're so fast that I can practically stay unarrested for about 15 seconds. they're zo fast that they even be flying over me or even land on top of me so I'm trapped. but overall its a good game

CrashClock3 Flamethrower1206

Great but...... Fix the ads problem. Reduce the amount of long video ads, it gets on my nerves. So plz fox it, thanks.

Nate Taylor

Good, but needs better graphics. It's cool how I can get wrecked, and change my colors and all, but why do I SLAM into a car and it keeps going without a scratch? The cops in police mode also don't get wrecked and I only get chased when I crash into them? The game needs just to get worked on.

Alex Lacson

It has sooooo many bugs but I liked it The police is soooooo laggy and has sooo many bugs i cant even touch the rear view mirror. I cant even stay unarrested for 1:00.fix it pls but I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCH THX x2.

G Abbas

LOVE it but I would like a new update for new cars and the airport please listen to my request..??? I love the game but me and my little brother would like a new update on new cars in the game including the police version and we would like the airport too because we both love going there and what I would like would like is for the roads to be wider so we can drift but I love it and suggest to anyone who doesn't play and is about to get almost the best game ever but clash of clans is better no offense..????? but still I LOVE it..

matrix fighter

Horrible Very laggy only one car and when I press the turn button it won't turn. My advice dont waste your time with this game its a waste of your data

ata khan

Good Good,not great Its a really fun game but the polices...something wrong with them

Andrew Puzyrev

please change I liked the previous one better, this one deleted the airport and off road. So I want you to return those, and please let me change cars like previous game.

Brandon Botwinick

Please respond Wish the airport was in this. Also the top supercars should be in this like the koenigsegg and the Bugatti like your other game. Also the cops are unrealistic- how the f can that crown Vic keep up with that Mclaren. Make it a little more realistic please

Angela Dickey

It's ok But please don't give ad pop ups. It's okay if you can't help it, but stop. PLEASE!!!!

Nicholas Kimball

First off listen Ok dushbags listen if you don't want anymore adds turn off your Wi-Fi and data it's that easy so stop complaining

Abhilash prince

Its real im dead in my dream I Played this game at night time aaaaaa I love it.

Taylor Schulz

Definitely a 5 star Im giving it a 4 because u can only 1 car u can drive

Bm S

Plz plz plz do this I want you to make a pursuit mode. If you do this I will give you the 4 stars left.

Dario Vasquez

Get back to me devs This game is great dont get me wrong but evry time thers an ad the game resets it self which is annoying any way you could just leave little ads on the screen which would be way better then itsa 5star

Farah Akram

Whata what Happened? I played that game I don't know why Is the car called McLaren 650s coupe it's post to be McLaren mp4 12-c I'm confused why did you add this car?

Youhanna Wahba

This game developer is realy good at making realy good games realy small only 27mb and they are also really smooth keek up the excellent work This is a really good game

daxter shadow

So cool! In the other game i was pretending to be a cop with the other a.i cars but now i have to run!!

Salwan Naoum

Good game I dont like the fact that you can not cange the car

Michael Flores

So awesome It's so exciting and smashing?.and who ever doesn't like this game f¿#k them

Kieran Megyesi

Best game ever but I like the multiplayer driving simulator racing more

Leandro Denecker

This game is awesome ,but i think you should add more cars

Ghebrealif Asefa

Horrible game it doesn't even let me be a police officer fix it or everyone should uninstall it.But put airport and of roads to make it better and stop the ads it gets on my nerves and don't make the police officers go realllllllllllllllly fast and let us have garage so we can switch cars.Put cars on the air so we can jump of ramps and get it.

kallarys ensentya

Its ok but... The cops are unrealistic how the hell can the crown Vic keep up with the McLaren

Jonathan C

It's okay Well I like it but when I'm on police mode there's no cars but police cars and that's boring because it would be more fun and challenging if there were traffic

Bharat Shinde


melanie cerna

Disappointed I liked how it used to have 3 locations the city, airport, and off road that's what made the game awesome because most games only have one location

landry williams

My son love your game because of the cops he want to be a cop

Charles Mosley

It's a good game... For all who has this game, jump on a roof, jump on a roof, it stops and you win..

Dan Wilson

Make multiplayer I think it eould be awesome if you added multiplayer!

Anda Anda

Nice game like gta no 1 game Game is like play every time no 1 game

Adam Seeley

Cool game but I can cheat and buy all the cars at once all you have to do is. have the money for the first one

Hassan Murad

I like how asked me to rate before I even got to play the game. I gave it 5 star anyway because of the other game called extreme driving 3d

Simon Mirano

It's OK Performance tweek for the SUV is much appreciated. The police cars would be better if it were the BMW. Only the BMW handles well for the police cars. Another thing, the physics is too un-realistic in terms of the police cars flying around and when the car goes airborne.

AaRaV MoHilL

Good but can be great .... Love it but the cars do not give great performance only BMW does..which is bad ...more cars should be added and the chase time should be increased....thanks

Steven Yamamoto

Add more maps and take off ads because they just pop out in the middle of the game fix and I'll give it a 5 star

Zach Vigil

Awesome, but... Needs all of the stuff that's in Extreme Car Driving Simulator. I will rate 5 stars when that update comes out. Also my game will sometimes crash, or ads will not work properly.

Abelardo Molina

They should and multiplayer and a name and make your name and you can play vs other people like you write the other players name and the other player gets a email in the game and they put accept and you can get chased by the cops and who gets more money by escaping and put more cars like muscle car mustang Lamborghini

Ericka Marzo

Too many ADS! There are so many Ads poping up in the Game. They are BAD. What if a little kid plays this Game , he or she will see Ads that have Blood, People who are Dead, Shooting, Animals Dead and Zombies!Some of the Ads are good, but Most of the Ads are BAD. Most of all they pop up in the Middle of the Game. PLEASE STOP THE AD VIOLENCE!!!! Thank you!

Arukstein Surs

Improvements Just include evening and night time too, and make an easy, medium and hard version of each mode. For escape in easy mode police cars are slow, medium they are fast and in hard you can breakdown. In chase its basically the same. The thief gets faster and you can also break down. Also include new biomes and improve the collisions on the car because you can see the ground if you hit it too much. Include smashed headlights as well. There is also a bug where the police cars start flying when they go up ramps.

Crystal Klitzka

Ok It is okay it has too many ads and I want to do more than just be chased by the police or freemode

Narith Sin

Online mode May you please put a online mode so that we can add friends and play with them and also let the driver get out of the car. One more thing may you add other places like schools,houses,theaters,guns,ammunition,igloos,planes to fly,missions,and clubs

Lance Mcdonald

Graphics!! Amazing graphics for a free game, although the crash-graphics could be better placed and perhaps you could see under the bonnet when the front is smashed?

Mario Maiolo

Police Chase Needs more cars like that Mclaren MP4 12C and the Mclaren 350s and add lots more places and even put multiplayer so you can chase your friends and you can win $100 or $1000 dollars

Ben Sawa

Fun, but not realistic Really fun game, but has issues with realism. The speed is not at all accurate and it says you accelerate from 0-100 in not even a second.

Anthony Guzman

Good game or bad game? Good game but add more doesn't mean put four cars the only car I LIKE is the Dodge Charger HellCat. add back the airport, off road not just the city not enough space waste of time id rate this 3 stars meanings its ok and update the game.cops. the cops are ok exept when you drift or do something your not supposed to they wont do any thing only when you hit them.good or bad game? Is it a waste of time?:-( .add more AxisInMotion and google play!!!!!!

Samantha Mounts

Stink This game stinks so bad every time I start to drive ads have to pop up it won't stop making me crash when the green thing pop up I just hate this game it is striped . don't down load this game stink stink stink stink stink stink stink stink stink.

Iram Aftab

I love cars! It is so good i love it who ever made this game i will thank him.I loved the pursuit. What a good game! Everyone should install this game! BMW is my favourite car, and I love cars and to drive it! I love this game very much! Even I can unlock a car and a police car at a same time! Thank you who ever made this game. It's like extreme car driving simoulator! I love every mode and I hate the free mode because it has no cars. Every people should love this game the most goodest game ever made! I love to drive!

Daniel Ondrusek

A.w.e.s.o.m.e its awesome awesome totally Really good but can you make the freezing and ads gone

Gitu Taneja



Need improvements Needs more game areas,and need help when catch crime.

Chris Lobo

worst worst game this is a bad and wrst game becuse it dont have good cars it is a copy of extreme car driving and actually that is better mustang agera lemborgini it and this game nothing please people dont waste your mb or wifi in this hell game it should have multiplayer also but nothing nothing nothinggggggggggg

Laish Mohamed

GREAT POTENTIAL!!! First thing i loved is the part that hundreds of cops come after you, making it look like an epic chase. Next thing is the part that you get to chase other criminals. But you have GOT to add more cars and the only car that is used by the thief in chase mode is a BMW so i hope u can fix and add these stuff??????

Muhammad Fariz Ismail

Smooth game But there is a little thing. Speed O meter doesn't so right. I hope dev fix that but still 5 stars. Thx and one more thing, buy money with real cash. Got me?

Christian Rowe

Good This game is good but it has some bad graphics and it needs to have more modes. And it needs to have more cars and more ways too get cash

Rebeca Paradis

Awesome Great app!!! Loved the new police mode! I do wish it still had off road and the airport but still a fantastic app.

Charles Mosley

It's a good game. Please take them ads off that almost caused me to delete it a number of times

lucky 76

best the police chase is the best its like your in fast and furious 7

Stanley Harvey

I would give it five stars if I would give it 5 stars if it had all of the places on the normal one . it has a airport for starters

Humais Prince

Amazing I love this game this game is very good but please add multiplayer please and also add some fastest cars and specailly include more areas like airpot and off road like extrem driving simulator

Fuchsia Foxx

Craptacular dont bother This game sure has alot of popup ads for unrelated junk for a game that wants to make a name for itself and its own. Every few minutes even during gameplay. It screwed me over more than enough times

Liz Lawlan

Great, but... Whenever I'm doing police escape, when an ad comes on I'm caught by the time it's done.

Mason Rogers

Cool It cool but just one thing can u try 2 make the graphics better.

erin Gardiner

Its amazing But how do you unlock the other cars because I don't know how to get coins

Fargin Neim

Plz put 2015 dodge charger srt and the police dodge charger 2015 on extrem car driving simulator game and make its top speed 220 and put the rest of the 3 cop cars on extrem car driving simulator. Plz make the police suv slower and Lamborghini higher. I'll rate 5 stars if u do that.

Gavreel Dave Solmarin

Money!!!! The Porsche Cayenne is fast approaching to the theif and please add more cars like Mustang,Koenigsegg ,and more cars

Ryan Weir

Is good but Can u plz put multiplayer on there and new cars plz ill give it a 5stars

Luke Smith

Its a really good game But please fix the performance of the cars because the porche goes 456 km/h

Alex Morales

Extem car driving Its good but it needs more cars and more places like a air port or the mountains

Jack Chen

Awesome! Cool game with many modes. Plz add more vehicles and maybe modes. Also plz add more decals

Kam Wheeler

Turning Radius When you are chasing the computer when you are the cop it makes sudden turns but you can't make sudden turns. They need to fix this.

Eric Menasaka

Sucks Horrible. No point of playing. No add one at all. No cars. And the opponent always turns like 90 degrees when we can barely turn. Fix all this I'll give t stars. Oh and add airport and off roading.

Mont West Black

Exelent! Finally they have made a car game with realistic damage simulation! When you hit a wall, your car deforms. SO FUN BECAUSE IT'S REALISTIC! THANK YOU DEVS! PS, if I were you I would put in the description that it has realistic damage simulation. I have been waiting for this, thanks for the first and only game I know of with realistic damage simulation. Hey I've coined a new term. You guys spread it out, the new thing, "realistic damage simulation"

Kyle Landes

Its fun but there really isn't much room to roam around I've had a game with the same basic area but had much more room I understand there is some what of a limit to what people can do on a certain budget but come on now it would be so much Fun if there was more areas to explore or have a car chase. Also the biggest downfall is how far the police follow you its like there is a few safe zones and it makes it too easy.

Arfath Islam

Not really up to standards The description of the game states that it is the 'most realistic driving simulator' however, the driving is really fake. Gear 2, I'm already on 112MPH. I'm feeling that I have to keep turning left and right because one small touch over steers the car causing it to drift. Lastly, when I'm the police, it's only me against a really good driver- but when I'm escaping, there's like 5 police cars after me! Nonetheless, the game is okay...


Dear Axesinmotion, You should add a highway map please! That's would make this game way better you should also add more cars such as a tesla or a Ferrari maybe a mclaren plz

Shakhenba Waikhom

Awesome game but thief is too fast The game is awesome and all but the thing is that the thief is so fast on the 2nd chase I do plz fix and also too many ads I wonder why there is such thing as ads!!! ?

azrel batman

Good but chase mode is unrealistic I love the escape mode but in chase mode that AI makes 90 degree in turns into alleys and since my car isnt like that I end up crashing trying to follow them. Fix this and it will be 5 stars

jason southern

The other thing I can get a chance to win a prize for the first time in the UK and Ireland and Wales, Scotland and the England

Rajesh Chavan

The cars and codition of it Its awsome when you drift you survive from the police car or chace the theif and its amzing. And when I bought this game I was like whoh!! this game is awsome.

Diego Santiago

Extreme Racer I love police mode! I love chase and escape mode! I love chase mode better because it gives you 300 C. more than escape. Chase: 500 C., Escape: 200 C.

Marvelous the most wanted

Ads again! Ads under 15 secs? This sucks? why would you even put ads in? Its so stupid! But the game is good. Remove ads to get 5 stars

Seargent Cookies

WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME IS REALLY AMZING THIW GAME IS AMAZING DIFFERENT MODES NEW CARS DIFFERENT COLORS ITS SO COOL AND DIFFERENT AREAS My only PROBLEM :) is that i wish we could play multiplayer or blutooth or connect to same wifi so this way ppl can play with eachother and can we have new maps pls with ways to add friends so u can play with them faraway please.Just A Thought that i would like to come to reality please .I LOVE THIS GAME. OH ONE MORE THING FOR THE PPL THAT HATE THIS GAME FOR ADS JUST PUT IT ON AIRPLANE MODE

Frederick Kurniawan

Hard To Control The Sterring Control Is Extremely Too Slippery. Please Add Control Sensitivy Or Fix That All Controllers Especially Accelerometer Control! Because It's Too Slippery, I Gave You Star (Score: F+++) And I'm Uninstalled It. Sorry Buddy.

Jesus Dominguez

Awesome and Cool Is fkn cool and u could be any car u want and is fun to escape from polices and chasing the thief????

Dimuthu Yapa

Best racing game ever love every single bit of gameplay its a master piece U must try this out guys its awesome thank u for creating this one of the best games I've played in my life

Mario Maiolo

Police Chase Needs more cars like that Mclaren MP4 12C and the Mclaren 350s and add lots more places and even put multiplayer so you can chase your friends and you can win $100 or $1000 dollars

Kelly Broadbent

Great Game Good graphics and wonderful game play. Also very realistic, but still fun to play.

Nadeem Ahmad Rabbani

???? It is a good game but I can not find a way to get money and buy cars. Please fix this bug and I might give it 4 stars. If any of you guys know how to please tell me.

King Poe-lish

Need a whole heep a work Needs citizens, other motorist, races, garages,animals, career mode. And too many goddamn apps.

Anthony Medrano

This is a cool game it does not have ads just when you buy you a car pant So awesome

Kameron Mercer

Need work Would b nice if we had the airport and offroad no ads too

Zak Hebert

Great game Police mode is really fun. But add more cars!!!

Stephen Rome

Rates The only way you can get a chance to look forward to hearing from you in the future please reply to this message is intended for the use of the individual named above the rest of the day

Jennifer Rodriguez

Too Many Adds Why? Because when ever you go to police mode, and you want to pause the game, it gives you an add. I love it and all but there is too many adds. Please change this because people downloaded this app to play it and have fun, not to see adds. Thanks if you do change it☺.

gaurav barotia

The game is very nice but the ads can easily arrest & irritate you.

Oscar Cardenas

I hated the game it is so boring and when I'm a cop and I get a thief it's only me and when I crash a cop a lot of cops come to me

Ayden Seipp

Sucks Make it so you can run from the police because they go 10 times faster than you so you can't go away

Lorenzo Andres

So much dollars and i dont know how to get it. It has so many dollars i want to get dollars but i dont know how to get it

Earl of Sprout

It's OK I have played axesinmotion games slot but this one kinda disappointed me? but love ur other games peace out

Tara Chadwick

Needs work You need to make things that you can put on the car like a shovel thing so when police crash into you they will go flying into the distance

Helal Elyasie

Chase is too difficult Please make the chase mode a bit easier it's too hard, it always looks like the thief is still going straight then he turns at the last second, it's too hard fix or I won't play this game ever again

Juan Rodriguez

So cool It is so but so many ads and it makes you lose

Shane Dixon

Great I love to crash, but I just dont like all the ads

Elijah Eickholdt

Omg its so good This game is so fun that when I play it I can never get bored

Brett Engels

Awesome With the same city map as some of the other games, I already knew all the tips and tricks to this game, and with the police case mode you get a sense of excitement in every round

Mason Comer

Good game do not listen to the idiot who thought it was boring great game

BOSS 21》

ADS In the middle of the game when you're running from cops an ad pops up and then after the ad it says you're arrested. PLZ FIX.

jonathan morgan

Faster car Car needs too go faster

Robles Fils aime

All around amazing booyah Do they should put more cars in it and have a home so din win he dune he go get money for escapeing the police like 300 c aouther then that the game is amazing love it and they should put more placeds for the car can drive and seart hide outs

Maven Usengbuwa

Best game ever so I played it for an hour

Ginny Gray

Yes It's the best game ever on phone's.

Jude Kiprono

Cool It is so fun

Zack Beardsley

Get rid of the f. king ads. Good game, but I keep getting arrested after ads. Fix this or you're losing a player.

Dawn Larson

Fuun When you are not a cop there is a hiding place right by the cop

Fouzia Khan

Funfun funnnnn The best game ever

Trevion W

Awsome Graphics are cool

Neveen Elmekkawi

I like it so much but I don't like the sound of the cars.

aflal cool

Super I like escape mode only in police mode....

allen wong

I like the game but where the off road and the airport

Amy Twedt

Extreme Racing It's awesome!

Rudrapratap Nayak

Best game i ever seen Try it you"all love it

Francisco Sevillena

Dudes I think you guys should add reinforcements in police mode "CHASE"

Anthony Hernandez

This app is awesome thank you Guys if you are reading this the reason their is adds is cause the games free if you want no adds then you'll have too pay for the game so plz stop saying NO MORE ADDS its ANNOYING and this game is really cool I have always loved the games you guys make so keep up the good work

Give us more places to go Its good but we need more places to go or it just gets boring ok just sort this out oh i will say this for the other game i have what u have made so make them better ok thnks x?

Abdul Hameed

Very good Can you make large city and more cars !!! :-D if you do it will be very good you know I want this games so please add a large city,airport,offroad and add cars like lambo,benz,toyota more super cars :-) please i will wait for next update if I can rate unlimited stars I will hope you see .sorry I just delete because if you do the update like this i will download

Dewan Olivier

Cool but Only 4 cars and if I'm on the roof I'm arrested! Give me a laferrari and p1 koenigsegg and Bugatti and lamborghini+ the m3 is too powerful, not a problem though but it isn't the real top speed.

Oshan Weliwita

Bare bones content Lack of contact to entertain. Only four types of cars. Please add more and I'll rate it higher. Plus, there are too many ads

Dipanjan Das

The steering wheel... It's a good game... Quite fluid driving, however the sterling wheel does not rotate freely. It should rotate past 720°

Walter Harris

Great time passer I killed my battery playing this. The cop cars are ruthless once they catch you


Confused Is it supposed to glitch to where I get 4500 cash and it says I can buy the charger (blue car) and I can buy the Lamborghini (yellow car) too? And it cost no money for the Lamborghini?

Rick Grimes

Fun If you extend the map with the airport and off road and also make day and night then I will give it five stars

Subhajit Gorai

Worst game....... I suggest you don't download it..... Otherwise --+---- i don't know

George vang

It is a awsome game but Took many ads and u get too many dents in my car please fix it

Justin Wacasey

Hated it How in the Sam hill are you suppose to evade the cops when every 5 seconds adds pop in the middle of trying to drive !!!

Presley Follett

Worst game in the history of games This game is absolutely awful. I don't recommend EVER installing it.


AAA+ Axes in motion is the best non second at all ur products . The best in all aspects in gameing . Pleas keep on providing the best , thank u ???

Ashleigh Narian

Too many problems Glitches all the time. Can't even play

Matthew Millis

Good game... Too many ads though. Too expensive to buy too.

Diego Perez

AWESOME This game would be even better if you made it so you could play online and if you could upgrade your cars and if you put more cars.

Omar Gillespie

Good Game If only there was other cars in the chases i would give 5 and ads

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