Download Express Plus Centrelink apk 1.5.0 free for Android smartphone

11 Sep
Express Plus Centrelink

Posted by Australian Government Department of Human Services in Productivity | Sept. 11, 2016 | 246 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Express Plus Centrelink includes the Department of Human Services’ Express Plus Families, Job Seekers, Seniors and Students mobile apps into a single, easy to use app tailored to your particular circumstances.

The Express Plus Centrelink mobile app makes it even easier for you to do your Centrelink business online. You can view your Centrelink payment history, update personal information, view online letters and upload documents all on your mobile. No need to visit an office or wait on the phone!

Express Plus Centrelink includes all of the functions and tools you used on your previous app, along with a new design and additional features. You can:

· view and update your personal details, including study details

· view and update your family income estimate

· apply for an advance payment

· provide proof of birth

· track your online claims for Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance as they are processed

· view and save all your Centrelink appointments in your personal calendar and set reminders

· report your employment income

· report your Mutual Obligation Requirements

· if you are income managed or use a BasicsCard, you can manage your own money, see your available balances and view details about recent transactions on your BasicsCard.

The Push Notification service is another way for us to communicate with you. We can now send messages to your mobile about important things, such as reminders to update your details or report.

To use the app, you need to be registered for a Centrelink online account through myGov. You can use your online customer number and online account password to set up your four-digit PIN for the first time.

Logging into the app each time is simple—just enter your four-digit PIN. If you have already set up a PIN on your previous app, you can simply log in using the same PIN.

If you need help using the app, you can find the Express Plus Centrelink troubleshooting guide at

Whats new

    New support for claim progress tracking and uploading of supporting documents for student Youth Allowance or Austudy claims.

Australian Government Department of Human Services part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 63.5031. Current verison is 1.5.0. Actual size 16.0 MB.

Download express-plus-centrelink.apk 16.0 MB


Justin F

Could be so much better This must be the slowest app ever to load up. It feels like 10 years ago when everything took minutes to load. And just now I got a message that I have 6 days left in which to report - thats just wrong! I reported 6 days ago, and now not due to report for 8 days.

Art Skvira

Confusing file upload process The app refuses to let you upload files more than 5MB although this is not something you are told straight away - instead it lets you take all the photos of the documents, then tries to upload it and fails with no meaningful message, just saying "try again later". It'd be much more user-friendly if it actually told you what the limit was, better yet split the scans of documents into whichever portions of arbitrary size that Centrelink decided on and just upload the bloody thing.

Sylvia Zammit

It never holds the pin. I am constantly resetting it. I am lucky to get a day with a new pin. Its very frustrating. Also when upliading a document why cant we upload a pdf from our tablet and not take a pictire all the time. To time consuming.

Kim Hansen

So slow to load The new app takes forever to load, I gave up after waiting 5 mins. Fix this and my rate will change.


Fail. It's always broken. I just dont get how every other day this app is broken - cant log in. Freezes. Temporary "unavailable" etc. And it's not even that sophisticated. What's the point of trying to streamline your services if it doesn't even work. It would seem it's still much easier to just wait in line for hours at your branches than to wait days for a simple app to work. Where's my tax money going? Smh.

Andrew Nguyen

Too slow! I'll gladly take a boring and dull interface over a slow app any day of the week. Nice interface and lots of pretty animations but I'd rather not have to deal with the laggy experience.

John Blyth

STILL doesn't work on Nexus 4 or 9 (updated 28/04/15) Hasn't worked on Nexus devices since January 2014. Contacted Centrelink a number of times, but still no action!

Don Cameron

Useless This App is like the Goverment in this country. Totally fucked and doesn't work

Angus Gregurke

What happened to the old FUNCTIONING app. Why replace a working app with this broken trash. Can people stop trying to create the best looking app, and start making the best WORKING apps. Did I mention the time it takes to load ANY page?running a good phone and good connection, yet it feels like I'm in 1990

Aaron Jones

Annyoing to navigate, lots of wasted space, PIN never seems to be remembered and push notifications are never accurate, often telling me that I missed the reporting day despite it saying otherwise when o log it

Paul Parsons

Reporting Overdue I am getting notifications for reporting Overdue when I'm not.

Karen Hasthorpe

Unable to add study details Updated app 3/5/15 sent to a white screen when I tap ADD STUDY DETAILS. Sits there for at least 30 secs before I have to exit. Only way to exit is by pushing my home button as tapping back doesn't work either. Not very express if you ask me.

Samuel Janda

So buggy The app gives me notifications to report my income everyday but when I enter the app, it tells me I have no tasks available!

guido zorzenon

Design Not that functional - modern design!

lany baker

It's different! Faster but still long time waiting

Richard AFK

Repeated reporting errors The app routinely tells me I have to report or I'll have my payments stopped. However it doesn't tell me what I have to report and when the app is opened there are no tasks due. Buggy and frustrating.

Sarah Morris

Somewhat helpful It regularly tells me to report when I can't and tells me my report is overdue when it isn't.

Cathy Ruth

Always asking to report again. Galaxy S4 I report on the due dates and this app tells me I'm late or overdue 13 days. It does not seem to synchronise very well. Please fix. I'm fed up getting an alert saying I haven't reported. Otherwise it's ok. Thanks

Tom Robertson

Better after new update. This update has fixed the slowness for me. Still an ugly app but can deal with this rather than being on the phone.

Jules Dorman

The most confusing Centrelink app Ive ever had to download. When I report my sons earnings on the easy Jobseeker App this patheic Centrelink App sends reporting notifications example you have only 4 days left to report before your winter Benifit becomes obsolete!

Michelle V.H

Very slow app, takes for ages to acces things.

travis jasper

Nasty Dont like the fact that only one person can be logged in on it,

Mick Fleming

Ok but don't stuff your password or your locked out.

Brittney Mayes

It won't allow me to look at my online letters

Chris Cuddy

Still bugs Keeps giving me notifications that I need to report income when I am up to date. When I log in all is fine. Getting VERY annoying.

Rod McKean

Rod Works well but not on reporting days unless used very early

Kev Matt

Eh Loading your details... waits for 2 hours and its still "loading your details"

Adam Taal

WHY??? ????? Why did i download this?

Alfonso Castiglione

SAME PIN? Bananas. I cannot open the app because it says wrong pin. So I have to reset it again and again and again. Go to another device and you can't use the same pin. Have to create a new one. Come back on my first device and you can't use the same pin. That's rubbish.

Sarah Suine

Temporarily unavailable How long does temporary mean?!?! I haven't been able to log onto this app since downloading it. Unable to access anything I need.

Christy Lee Townsend

Nothing works. Absolute rubbish

suva2692 malo

But easy

Collin Organ

Glitching Its always freezing and glitching

Bite Me

It's ok but has problems App is texting me telling me I'm 13 days late and to report when I already reported 5 days ago get this fixed also photos taken via app come out blurry but fine when taken with my phone let me upload files saved on my phone 2. Says I have no appointments when I know I do FIX THIS PROBLEM !!!

Justin F

Pathetic - uninstalling My usual profession is a software developer so I hang my head in shame that they allow such a dismally poor product to be released. Such slow loading times belongs to technology from 20 years ago. And that it notifies me to lodge and 13 days overdue when I'm fully up-to-date is a fault that is truely appalling.

Karmin Piercy

experiencing difficulties i was hoping to upload my babies birth certs while in hostpital to complete my claim so it would be processed in a timely manner but both these apps have not allowed me to submit for over a week. great! i thought the idea of the app was to prevent people flooding the offices.

Marek Bak

Slow/buggy since update Since the UI was updated, every screen takes far too long to load, the app is hard to navigate and I often get random notifications that are simply incorrect (for example, being told less than a week after reporting and receiving payment that I am 13 days overdue to report. The next day, I got another notification reminding me that I have 6 days left to report). The old Students app looked a bit worse, but worked significantly better.

Anon User

Cannot win Apparently I was 13 days overdue to report my income, I had just reported 4 days prior, checked the website. Nothing wrong with my payments, App is faulty. Uninstalled it due to the convenience of an inconvenient app. UPDATE. Phone reporting failed, internet reporting failed both on computer and phone browser, forced to install to report. I am uninstalling straight away!!!

Nicolas Grange

Useless!!! I gave up after 10 minutes of trying to find where i could do a simple task of filling out a form which the paper version told me i could do much faster using this app. Well i think by now i would of completed the paper form already. I'd hate to think what a non tech savvy person would think of this app. A bit of free advice for the developers/designers; 1. Stop spending so much time trying to make it look fancy 2. Have a look at the feedback on the app store 3. Do a simple test of putting 2 non tech savvy people, who have never seen the app or the form (e.g. the Newborn Child Declaration) before, next to each other, one with the paper form and one with a smartphone/tablet and see who can complete the form the fastest without any assistance. If the paper one wins then you are doing something wrong. 4. Look up the "KISS principle".

Marty Owens

A true reflection of Centrelink! I've read the other comments and am frankly surprised to see so many people saying that the app is useless, as though it was somehow reasonable to expect anything different from Centrelink. Anyone using this app will have obviously had offline, real world dealings with them. Why on earth anybody would be deluded enough to think for one moment that the app would somehow be better than the actual train wreck of incompetence and beaureacratic bungling which Centrelink is, quite frankly, astounds me!

Sam Mouakkassa

Not that good The older version is more stable and user friendly. There was at least a home screen with all the functions such as an dedicated report earnings button. Why not inter grate add/change deduction feature as well as accessing all necessary claim forms that people could use on the app. Oh one last thing get moving for the all inclusive myGov app. Not a happy user sorry but do what is suggested and you will get a good rating. It saves people time, data and app space on the phone. Cheers

Sam Harwood

Can't upload documents!! Have tried countless times to try upload documents using camera through the app and still getting the same problem! It's ridiculous so please fix asap!!! UPDATE 07/06/15 Now I can no longer log in. What's the point in having an app that doesn't even work!!! Probably be faster waiting in line at centrelink rather than muck about with this

Amanda Cole

Takes over 15 mins to load This app takes over 15 mins to load after logging in, whereas the jobseekers app took 30 secs max.... Plus it's harder to find the information you are looking for... If I could give no stars I would.

Nicholas Sloane

Useless The most useless app out. Every single rating of this app is 1 star yet theres absolutely no initiative to fix it. User interface is terrible, slow and poorly informed


CAN'T UPLOAD! this app is rubbish. Trying to upload documents Doing what's right by you. Trying for last 3 days. Says "WHOOPS TRY AGAIN LATER". seriously!? I just dont get how every other day this app is broken - cant log in. Freezes. Temporary "unavailable" etc. And it's not even that sophisticated. What's the point of trying to streamline your services if it doesn't even work. It would seem it's still much easier to just wait in line for hours at your branches than to wait days for a simple app to work. Where's my tax money going? Smh.

Harris aka SirrAh

Fixed but, communication needed Couldn't log in for nearly 72hrs. That was frustrating as I couldn't tell if it were an issue with my phone, the net or the express app. Some communication letting us know it was being updated or temporarily down would have been appreciated rather then leaving us confused and frustrated.

kevin glover

Whats this?? I just loaded this app on a new phone and so far it hasnt recognized my password or the correct answers to my secret questions wtf???

Leah littlemiss76

Quick and easy to use For some odd reason it sending me notification to report income even after I have done it.

Bite Me

Won't load App worked fine until last update now it won't load all I get is that stupid awful loading screen with stupid pictures zooming in and out God that's the worst loading screen I've ever seen makes me feel sick !!! I've gone back to the really old Jobseekers app that still works fine


Useless Dont even bother getting this. Downloaded it so I could upload documents. App should just completely delete that function, it fails every single time! Absolutely useless.

Lauren King

I've just been told (by the app) that I am 13 days overdue in reporting and if I don't report today my benefits will be stopped. Nice one, since I reported not even a week ago

Rachael Higgins

looks flash!!!!.but.. still hasn't loaded. Half hour .... I guess its a rate it late app. . Since its new ..but the old way was simple.

William Hingston

Okay I would prefer an app that looks worse and works better/faster.

Casey Roff

Incredibly Poor just use the internet site I can understand. How is it that most times I use this app, it is under maintanance or 'unavailable'. Functionality is slow and cumbersome and has failed me more often than not. To the app's credit the 4 digit pin makes for an easy login. If only the app worked.

John Blyth

STILL doesn't work on Nexus 4 or 9 (updated 19/05/15) Hasn't worked on Nexus devices since January 2014. Contacted Centrelink a number of times, but still no action!

skye munro

Bloody crap Never once been able to log on keeps sending notifications but still can't get on it absolutely ridiculous... Fix it or what's the use of the bloody thing

Sharon Hobbs

express plus centrelink. might be better than one hour at centrelink but I am not sure. Slow, non intuitive, even nonsensical. no facility to record and prove uploads. doesn't advise only 5 mb upload. doesn't advise where to send uploads if you are a carer or partner of anyone at all. no useful communication offered. Some major improvements needed. why does it take 30 secs to process each action? I use a Galaxy S3 and it is the same on an S 4. Even Centrelink can do better than this.

Brian Anstee

The app keeps telling me I'm when 14 days overdue which is not the case.

Ian Cunningham

False notifications popping up With the resources at hand for the government you would hope something more refined and functional would be the result. Slow to load and most recently providing warnings that are wrong around reporting.

Elric Erekose

Garbage Coming from a background in computing and web development I'm seriously left questioning the selection criteria applied to your developers. You have a centrelink website which is NOT fully compatible with any one browser. Now we have this newer app build which constantly throws up erroneous notifications. NOT GOOD ENOUGH BY A LONG SHOT!

Dani Delchau Hobbs

Hmmm Confusing layout makes it hard to navigate and every fortnight I get warned that I haven't reported and my payments will be cancelled even though I have actually reported.

Claudio P

Pathetic The UI is clutsy and items' positions keep changing with no apparent rationale... FFS two menus in different places. But worse than that is the appalling communications. I've been using the old Seniors app and it no longer works... No warning message, no assistance. Similarly on the Web site. Except for a general message that changes are occurring and that SOON login will be through myGov. Well, it had already happened. All my previous login avenues were terminated forthwith. Fkn hopeless

Linda J

Overdue to report Constantly sending me notifications telling me I'm overdue to report. Though otherwise i have no huge issues

Jme Hura

Stupid Cant even start ... the loading takes too long and it just ends up back at start . Dont download !

Nicolas Sampson

Updated "Assets" and now I receive letter wanting more information (huh???). Date they required the update was date I had update figures....and they threaten to stop my pension if they don't get the info by a certain date !!!!!!!! This is totally insane, stupid, and I would say that the combined IQ of the IT mob who stuffed this up is around 12. As for the Quality Control of the programming, their total IQ would be -3 !!!! 70% of the time should be spent on TESTING the software and the balance on fine-tuning it before rolling it out. Mr Hockey, I cry for you.

Fee Williams

Won't load or open Keeps telling me I haven't reported a d I have uninstalling.

Ashleigh Grace

:( This app would be so good if I could actually log in..

Christine Venz

Bugs and glitches! So many contradictory messages regarding reporting. Confusing and frustrating in true Centrelink tradition.

michael thorssell

Good User interface is great. Reporting a bit hit and miss. I reported on the usual day report went through then days later I got a text to say I need to report.. just frustration.

Trevor Pye

My personal app Very good to check all my government links

Nicholas Blaxell

Refuses to load personal details. App starts and logs in but does not load and has zero functionality

traci agudah

Needs a lot of improvement You can't manage deductions on this app or access other information. It times out too much and is constantly unavailable.

Katrina Makiteiaa

I like this app, it is pretty handy for me but SERIOUSLY - FIX IT!!

calum fitton

Crap Won't work.When it does it tells/warns me I need to report when I don't. Won't load at all when I really need it . Very frustrating.

Molly Spunner

Fix the bugs!!! Every time i have to report now it doesnt work. I have to call to report. They want everything to go to computer. Well maybe their apps and website should work first. I dont have time to be messing around. Im a single mum!!

Alwyn Green

Easy to understand Easy to understand, iv had no problems with the app, has clear instructions on how to use it, i love how i dont have to go into an office and queue in line or wait on the phone, i can easily upload documents simply with this app. I can update my personal details including income estimate, report, apply for advances, make claims etc at any time of the day. Would gladly give 10/10 :-)

Allisha Pepe

Just downloaded Used it once and liking it thus far....see how it goes the next few times. Website is crap, always down. Hate calling and being on hold for 50+ minutes and new MyGov is just as bad! Hopefully this app does what its meant to do

Erin Gallagher

So, download an app but how do you actually get access to it?? Just as bad as mygov with the sms passwords that aren't accepted by the mygov website. Why can't you just post letters?

Anna P

Useless I downloaded this app because the old one told me it was being phased out and that I needed to download this one. For the last week it wouldn't let me report my income and now I have not been paid my youth allowance. This is a huge inconvenience and I think it is centrelink's fault for making me use this app. I am new to income reporting so I did not know to sidestep the app and do it on the computer. Please don't put apps out there until you have ironed out all the problems!! Very unhappy customer.

Michael Puetter

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! WARNING TO ANYONE WHO PLANS TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP DON'T IT WILL NOT LET YOU REPORT A HAMSTER ON SPEED COULD REPORT FOR YOU BETTER FFS! Still 3 versions later same issues of incorrect notifications and now I can't report coz APPARENTLY its not time to report! It says end reporting period 17th and it is the 17th WTF!? Useless app fix it already waaayyy over these issues its not hard...start with removing this stupid block that is broken aye? Don't put broken things in important apps!! FFS!!! >:(

Ned Hoy

Full of bugs and poor design choices Possibly the most poorly made app I've ever used. Takes ages to start, you have to watch each tile slowly appear; two giant photos of people that waste half the screen and push important actions (like reporting) into a menu at the bottom; as others have mentioned, it doesn't let you report income until after the reporting date and then it tells you that you are late. And more problems aplenty.

Ros byers

Bad Won't let me report, what now sit on the phone for 8 hrs, please don't update if it's going to ruin the app

Aly Panepinto

Always sends me notification that I'm over due to report when I'm not and Doesn't let me report when I'm due to. When you try to call and fix the problem I get a computer that wants to sign me up for the app. The whole system is dysfunctional and frustrating

Lynelle Moore

Centrelink Usually works, when working properly it is simple and saves using the phone . It only takes 2 or 3 minutes

Jenny Wolter

There was nothing wrong with the old app. In two years I never had a problem with it. Today I have been unable to report, keeps telling me to try again in 15 minutes. I have tried all day. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled only to be unable to lpg in at all! Have now been on hold to Centrelink for over an hour when the estimated wait time was 30 minutes and my 'self service' option has been revoked. WTF. I really need to get ready for work. Thanks for nothing.

Sharyn Morrison

Very handy and easy to use. This is a very good and useful app when it's not freezing or crashing. It has become easier to use since recent modifications and saves hours and hours of sitting on the phone to CentreLink. I like it very much.

Daniel Fitzgerald

Crash crash crash Can't do anything. Pressing of any button results in immediate crash of app. Pathetic. NEW UPDATE NOW CRASHES AT PIN ENTRY! Yep, can't even get in. How you made it even worse I have no idea. Hire a real developer, instead of the potato you currently have. = Another new update, forces you through the setup again, forces you to choose a new pin. Can't use the old one. PATHETIC.

Heidi Hardwood

GUI not as good as old version It seems to work okay but i liked the previous versions layout better; the main page was much easier to use

Russell Bailey

Unable to report It says i am overdue to report, but then tells me sorry i cant report? Please fix this bug

Steven Atkinson

Can't report Your last update said it fixed the reporting day problem but it is my day to report and it won't work please fix it

Steve C

Crash fixed!!! Login crash fixed by the looks, see how it handles on my Samsung S5 now after about 4 or 5 updates to fix whatever the login crash problem was?

Uschi Um

Surely the government can employ someone to fix this So, we had an update? Now it won't let me report at all. Uninstalling. Go home and try harder, Centrelink! It is slow, the reminder system does not work (sends reminders at the wrong time), the timesheet no longer works and the data in it cannot be accessed, modified or imported into the fortnightly report. This is abysmal!

Rhiannon Jones

Please fix thanks I am unable to report. I know i have to report today yet there is no way to report on the app when it wrongly shows 0 tasks

Alysha Ung

Express Plus is better If this app is to replace Express Plus in the near future, please add child care as an added feature to this current version.

Tonti Vergara

faster! better! looks like it's now compatible woth marshmallow and way, way faster!

Jessica Sim

Bring back the old app!!! I have had nothing but problems with this new app. Way too many improvements needed to put in one review...I absolutely detest using this app

Christine Jervies

Have been using this app for a while and found it fairly good. Not overly happy with the mygov addition, more passwords and security sms msgs to deal with. Hopefully it will all smooth itself out soon when mygov is the only app and you access everything through that.

Keisha Tangiia

Stupid Asf! They say you can do an online claim when in fact you can't! If you submit a claim there is no way you can see it. Hate this app. It always crashes as well

Paul D Troy

Working now.. But why do notifications keep saying I'm overdue?

ashlee kate

A way to book an appt on the app would be awesome and be able to apply for ccb and ccr online aswell.. please make the overall experience easier for working families as we dont have as much time to run around over and over again or spend hours on the phone each day

Barrie Dornan

No good New app is a joke can't report old app worked fine

Kirsty Cole

Can't report It is my reporting day, I have updated but am unable to report

Michael J.C

Great. Loads so much faster. Thank you ?

Jodi Stevens

Centrelink Was good to use at first now its crap it doesnt open and takes ages

Paul Parsons

Couldn't report on my report day I couldn't report on this app on my report day had to goto the website instead and i reported fine.

Vic c

Reporting Sick of getting notifications telling me i am 13 days overdue to report then when i go to do it i get a message saying i am not due to report yet !!! Very fustrating

Andrew Brice

Be like Just as incompetent as the staff that work there.

Marco Cirignano

Works now but Get rid of tiles and the two ppl.

Chloe Raymond

Cant report!! Since the update I havent been able to report, keep getting please wait 15 mins and try again message, ive been trying 3 days now. I gave up and called them. Now my payment will be late because of their f**k up.

Stefan Carton

Broken 50% of the time Sometimes it works, other times it'll crash, tell me I'm 12 days overdue on the day before reporting, and lag out for 2 minutes before it even allows me to tap anything. The original student app had better functionality than this!

Kayl Jeffery

Stupid app Downloaded this to change an appointment because the instructions to do it online were wrong. This stupid thing won't let me type in my password though as it only allows a certain amount of characters. Now been on phone for over an hour. If this stuff worked as it was supposed to this would actually be a good service.

Jamara Johnstone

You guys need to fix it fast as it won't let me update my address.. I've been trying all morning an I don't have any money to catch the train so please FIX IT FAST, maybe once you fix the stupid app people might start putting 4-5 stars

Stewart Mckinna

Sometimes it works, mostly it doesnt Not sure why it's so hard to get access but the mygov website has never worked for me so it's either a half working app or going in to a dhs center and waiting an hour for something takes about 1 minute to submit

Amr Mustafa

Logs you out, doesn't remind you for appointments This app has done nothing but let me down. It either reminds me I have an appointment to report a week early or doesn't at all. It logs me out half the time and thus are unable to report on time because of this. Useless app

Billy Xu

Can't find what I need. Where is the bell that use to be on the top right hand corner that showed us the current status of our claim/s? It's gone. Now I don't know what is the status of my claim. Please fix this problem ASAP!.

Anthony Hooper

Hard to use and full of bugs It's slow and every time it updates you have to re enter your data. It is also very complicated and quite restrictive in its operation. It really is a poor effort, and could be much more.

Tina Hill

Can't log in with my MyGov account. This is the only method I have to log in, as I can't get my CAN. The Centrelink website goes down frequently too so sometimes I can't report online. Absolutely ridiculous.

Taste 777

Can't report on my phone The reason i downloaded this paper was to do my reportings but the last few weeks it has not allowed me, please fix this problem

Matt Coleman

Works for my situation Does what I need, though the notice that I need to update to a new app doesn't make sense. Firstly, the download now button doesn't work. Then when I come to Google play the only Express Plus Families app is the same one I have installed? Huh? Samsung SGS5 (Telstra ver).

Jennifer Ballinger

Totally Useless. The old app was great. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Says report has been submitted, but not processed and I haven't been paid. Will have to spend hours on the phone. Grrr. Will only be using MyGov from now on. Not that that's ideal either!

Mark Beaconsfield

Won't let me report anymore. The app doesn't let me and the website is constantly down. So much for saving time. I either have to go in or call and wait for hours. Fix the app.

Jo Unthank

Umm? Downloaded app on phone, requires you to put in CAN plus p/word but NOT enough spaces for whole password! Dont see why we should go thru the trouble to shorten p/words when the app should accommodate for all!

Paul W

When it works, it's great. But, far too often, it doesn't work or has faults. For the last 4 weeks I've been unable to report my income. Before that, I'd report and it would spend the next two weeks telling my I need to report. Seeing as it doesn't work at all any more, I've only given it 1 star.

self slaughter

Slow Takes 5 days to get a letter. Australia post is quicker then that. Couldn't upload a screenshot of my bank details either despite what I was told over the phone you can only take photos not upload documents. Completely unintuitive and mixed up design varies section by section. Horrible mis-mash of an app that needs a major rethink/redesign. Not looking forward to trying to report on it.

Chris Vaschetty

Can't login with myGov account I can't login to any of the Express Plus apps with my myGov account but I can't get a password for my CAN because it is being phased out. WTFF???

John Palmer

My gov Sweet went through all the hoops and long winded way of setting it up as with all government products worked wonderfully for all of two occasions and then according to the app I didn't exist on the system even though I had changed nothing. Uninstall reinstall same crappola round and round we go. Is again working well but have only used it once since reinstall.

Renate Hookway

The seniors app is great ..this one does not allow me to report.

Tony Williams

Cant report? doesnt let me report on my report days then everytime i do report it ends up being overdue. fix ittttt

Anna Barber

Wont let me report on reporting day Wont let me report on my reporting day but then next day says I am overdue to report. Has been going on for weeks now. Please fix asap. So much for making it easier. Now im just super frustrated!!!!

Gemma Toohey

Faulty When i go to report my work hours, the little tick at the bottom doesn't work! So now i can't progress!! Please fix urgently!!

Caitlin Smith

Terrible app The old app was so much easier to use! This one was just terrible. I struggle so badly trying to report on it

Steve B

Mygov horror never ends. Ever since the change to Mygov I've had nothing but issues. Most recently I never get appointment reminders and when I find out about them I can't view them online! How the hell am I supposed to know I even have them, let alone have access to change the date?

Mr Something

Password input confusing It took me a long time to figure out that the application was not broken and that the registration screen just has a bug. When typing a password it only shows input for this first 8 characters and then any further input is not displayed. However in actual fact if your password is longer then 8 character then you just need to enter it and then submit the details. App is otherwise slow but ok.

Kirsty Bransdon

Hate this one While it's great to look up your details tge family app is so much easier to use and better to navigate. Told me I can add my child using this but I can see how to do that. Keep the separate app and get rid of this one

Natalie Grunik

Too many issues Its a good idea but all the glitches and problems signing on need to be fixed

Tracey Matenga

The app sucks Sucks atm, it use to be so good - i just have problems with everything now - advance payments that go right through to submitting and then says service is down and to try later - ive been trying for a few days so how much later do i need to wait? Trouble with updating my son's immunisation record - had to go online via mygov to do it, pending tasks taking upto a week+ to clear - and all this is only in the last 2-3 weeks. Apps are meant to make things easier to avoid going through the internet. This doesn't

Sara May

Doesn't have all my advances loans. It's not correct in showing what advance loan I have. It's showing I only have one, when I know I have at least two going.

Ben Raynes

Nice ideas, poor execution Plenty of great ideas such as timetable input and in-app reporting, but the constant bugs poor user interface makes for a poor experience. Not only that but on multiple occasions logging in to the app is entirely unavailable for no given reason. Poor.

Joyceline Zagoudis

Can't even get pass CAN n Password Screen Not sure how this app works. Thought it will b easier to download this than to go to centrelink to ask a simple question which will only take 5 sec. I accepted the terms n conditons and then it takes me to the CAN and Password screen. I input the details and now i am stuck on this screen. Really a waste of my time like every thing else with centrelink.

Danai Duma

Much needed improvement The app is OK but I can't view my personal details as it opts to take me to my payment list.

David Gunn

App slow The app is soooo slow, and is really badly optimised. Every page load takes a few seconds of waiting, it makes me hate using the app. Even with a good NBN Wi-Fi or full 4G, it's still super slow.

Geo Irz

EDIT: I've noticed heaps of fake reviews on this app lol, you really have to try that hard? Really poor service all 'round from the DHS recently, and now it seems to be happening frequently. I must stress that it's not the workers, it's the top end (please don't vote Libs this election or this stuff will only get worse!) I cannot login to my Centrelink account on the app, through the humanservices portal or mygov. There aren't any notices regarding maintenance or outages. If DHS employees had these many hoops and roundabouts to get paid there'd be a senate inquiry. Oh well, I do hope they fix it before payday. Alan Tudge sir, you suck!

Kim Thorogood

Missing data System didn't record my reporting details and delayed payment. History missing data from Jan 2016 onwards yet shows properly on old Jobseekers app. This update is not reliable.

Mukesh chaudahri

Issue in updating information There is some issue,When I'm trying to update my child Medicare number plz fix it.

Mary Gabrilaitis

One star Got the app to upload a file but that doesn't even work

Nathan Butler

Inteferes with signal My phone doesn't work with 3g so well it works best with H+ signal yet every time i try to chande my address this causes my phone to switch to 3g and nothing loads stop this app and normal signal returns

Brendan K

Unreliable It's because of this app my payments were cancelled. Like everything in the public service... it needs improving

Nicholas Price

Express plus a misnomer Often down due to tech issues, plus menus are confusing. No need to update from last layout. Good that can do fortnightly report and show health care card.

Breanna Maddern

You're Joking Right I was in my local Centelink office TODAY. By the time I went to the supermarket and came home my payments have magically changed to $0 in the space of an hour according to this app. A flawed app for our flawed system. Don't trust anything it says.

Minxy Q

Wish it was more reliable Seems to be "temporarily" down a lot and for days at a time.

Ignatz Max

Useless crap Typical government crap. Most of the time it crashes randomly. And that usually happens right in the middle of TRYING to get something done! No updates have fixed that problem. About as useless as flyscreens on a submarine.

catherine greaves

Perfect The app is useful in so many ways and cuts out waiting in line

corrinne manning

Disappointed Cant seem to report anymore keeps telling me to come back in 15 minutes

Mrj Christie

Security rated Medium Risk. Preferred the previous SEPARATE application for Seniors, which was rated as NO security risk. HTC One Max, Lollipop 5.0.2 & Sense 6.0.

Stephen Price

Why is it that the only time it's down is when you need to report the rest of the time perfect makes you wonder

Dylan Freeman

Could be a lot better Doesn't exactly follow the android application standards very well. Most of the time says service unavailable. Cannot take screenshots? Many issues with this app, needs an overhaul.

Harm None

Not sure what everyone is whinging about. It's a bit slow but otherwise works fine so far

Immanuel Din

Wrong answer. Trying to log in and have to answer questions and all is wrong because apparently my answer is not correct even though it is correct. Now my account is being lock for 12hrs

jenna matheson

Really wallet never works for me.. only reason i downloaded app...?

Jackson Cooper

Crashes with lastpass If you use lastpass the app just crashes when trying to login.

Graham Pescod

Yeah not bad Considering that this is a Government app, it appears to work ok. Though adding a reminders section for job provider appointments would be good.

Mitchell Campleman

Needs Android N Support Won't work. Once I set a pin it goes back to the start splash screen.

Rohan Amberkar

Service down Always shows service is down when logging in through app.

Caroline Bezzina

Unreliable It's great... when it works... which isn't very often.

Jayne Willis

How do you pass the sign in page. I type in customer number and pass word then nothing happens

Jim Smart

Crashed on first run. I'll wait for another update before trying again.

Tashya Tanuvasa

Waste of time downloading!! Why does it not work on my Samsung s5!!!!!

Linda Haire

Crap Keep the old families app so much easier to navigate than this app. Half the time I can't get on the other half it's really slow

Blackmagic jane

Slower and harder to navigate than families app The app is not as easy to navigate as the families app. It's also slower to respond. It's not as visually appealing. Why do they always have to change these things!

Trudee Live Love Laugh

Too many issues have to uninstall.

Tillie Linsdell

Never had a problem with this. The time sheet is super convenient too. Just fill my $ per hour and how many hours I did at the end of each day and the app works it all out every fortnight. Sometimes it is a bit laggy, but better then going into an office for sure.

biscuit abuse

Usual centrelink garbage. Because of the apps inability to upload documents reliably I was forced to choose between attending a workshop at my job agency and keep my payment, or seeing my psychiatrist and losing my payment. Guess how much it cost me to cancel my psych appointment the day before, $55. Doesn't sound like much but when you have $20 spare a fortnight it is a huge amount. Garbage.

Matthew James

Atrocious application It should support getting already saved PDFs for document uploading, but it forces you to use its clunky PDF creation utility. Document uploading also repeatedly failed, which was the only reason I tried downloading the app in the first place.

Daniel Attard

Problem Every time I report my fortnightly income it says that i haven't meet my approved activitie agreement and doesn't give me the option of saying yes or no. I have to ring instead and sort it out. The other app was much better for that. Please fix it.

daniel nagy

Dan Can't upload documents , keeps saying failed try again later, please fix

Lynna Huynh

And tried uninstall and reinstall and still nothing. And again i still cant get in. Like someone please sort this out. I cant log on to report. Even goin through mygov, still not working. So frustrating. Again the new update and nothing. It was working fine 3weeks ago. This is such a pain. Please fix it. Use to work fine. Until last update. It keeps saying unfortunately centrelink has stopped. Rang up. And they said nothing is wrong.

Bianca Dowley

Can't log in. Up until about 2 weeks ago the app worked fine. Then it started to crash every time I logged in. I completed the update, didn't fix the problem. I uninstalled and then reinstalled, still doesn't let me log in. I still have the old families app that works fine but I need the centrelink app to help me receive my paid parental leave payments without going to sit inside the centrelink building with a newborn and 2 old kids for 3 hours.

Ira Kurniawan

Poor apps Always got problem to login/sign in. At the end my account was locked and I have to ring centrelink which is will take forever for waiting on the line!

Donna Weeding

Non lodgement I've been trying to inform of non lodgement for myself etc for days now and it keeps showing error.. need to have this working please so I can inform centrelink. Thanku.

Maisy Daisy

Not as good as the old one I recently upgraded my phone so had to reinstall my aps. The old ap was so easy to report income but this one only gives you an option to fill in hours worked and income. I have 2 part time jobs so have to report them as separate amounts. I am back to reporting from my home computer :-(

matt sanders

More headache than help Cant upload documents at all, I called centrelink and was told to go to a service centre, went to service centre and I was told "the app works" which clearly it does not. Iv gotten litterly no help from anyone in centrelink, Email I sent was never replied to,pointless 2 hour phone call and got no help,going into a service centre was just as unhelpful

Peter Legge

Pin Every couple of months I have a change t pin number,because I Carnt login. Next time I will put complaints on Facebook page

Fred I

Needs to support PDF Mad that it doesn't support pdf uploads? I have to print things and take a photo, (that won't upload anyway). Apart from that pretty useless, old express plus app is better, I'll use that as long as I can.

Brendan Marshall

Unable to report Nothing happens when i start to report and option to report has dissappeared

Rosanna vanderhorst

Non logement Have had the non logement up for five days now and still can't use it why? And I can't even call to do it what the h... Is going on getting very frustrated and annoyed and this is ment to be easy and quicker

abraham malkog

Nothing new... Update was meant to be add the non lodgment for 2015-2016 but its not there and its the 3rd of july not impressed...will need to make a call anyway....

Rob Rickard

Galaxy s7 working great This new update has now allowed me to use this app correctly. Great job well done. Things are always better when they work.

Melissa Crash

Buggy update The app will not open on my S6 that has updated to marshmallow. This has been an issue since May. Please please please fix it!!!!

Sammy Vic

Doesnt work The app wont allow me to input numbers in my password so i cant register.

Stacey Rayner

Why is there no push notifications? Twice now my partner has reported before me and therefore i can't submit my income. Yes i get paid but i think that it affects income bank balance.?

Michelle Solomon

Update to advise non lodgement?? Updated to advise non lodgement and yet still nothing there to allow me to advise. Poor.

Alex Johnson

Fix the password problem Only let's you type 8 letters into the password section. My password is longer then that so I can't sign in. Sick of this stupid centerlink app bullcrap all the time

Jo Crease

No new update I have no new advise non lodgement on my app. Have even deleted and re downloaded. Not sure whats going on.

Fan S

Not able to upload proof of birth photo using samsung 7 edge. Called up online services and they said to go centrelink in person

Mel M

Centrefail The app decided to keep stating my partner needs to report his earnings when his former workplace has officially been shut for the past 3 months. Not to mention the 2hr phone calls to report every fortnight because the other site won't log either of us in!!

Angie Ti'a

Frustrated.! I'm unsure what the issue is - however I have a Samsung s6 edge. Downloaded the application and once I set up my credentials it states "unfortunately not working". I've tried to uninstall and install again and no success. I haven't been able to view anything via app. When I go online through my gov account it works fine

Neil Clarke

F__KED You removed the good working Job Seeker app and replaced it with this slow bloated piece of S--T, luckily I have the old apk backed up so F__K you Centrelink

Trish Roberts

Updates don't work Always slow anyway. But why do an update that people are relying on, which doesn't give people the outcome you told them they can have!


Pin I hate that i cant use the same combination everytime i have to reset the app or download on another device. Im running out of combinations


Still broken Can't report, buttons are non responsive when pressed.

Claire Denver

Can't find the non lodgement of tax return on the app even though it's meant to be available on express plus. Very frustrating.

Erin Kiernan

Can't upload documents Been trying to upload documents for days now, but it keeps saying document can't be uploaded, try again later. Please fix.

Kylie Reynolds

Works great depending on ur phone type. I have a Samsung s6......wont even open. When I downloaded and used on Samsaung galaxy perfectly...please update for ALL PHONES

jodeofoz jodeofoz

Constant errors Techs been working on this app for days now.. Cant load pages.. Needs to be fixed ASAP

Sarah Venomous

Incredibly easy I don't understand the complaints. I've had no drama at all using the app. If something isn't working on it, it has been only due to needing to update. Once updated it's working fine again. It couldn't be more simple.

Paolo Malnati

The old Express app had a simple modular interface, this one is cluttered like the new website (which mocks Metro apps). Should attempt to compress photos of documents before sending so as to not hit the upload limit (rent leases are several pages long)

Shelly Tee

Crashes every time I login App is basically useless now. It crashes when it has just about loaded my home page every time - s6 edge

Cristiane Magina

Stop working I never had any major problems with this app but since the last update every time I log out the app stops working. So I have to uninstall and install again the app every time I need to use it.

Seamus McKenzie.

Needs a Fix. The letter section of this app is not loading . Therefore, unable to access letters. Please fix .

Samantha Collard

Utter garbage It has not yet been able to go one minute without crashing. Unless of course I do nothing with the app. The developers should be entirely ashamed of themselves.

Heather Macdonald

keeps closing at the main page for over a month I get logged in to main page then it shuts down with a message saying centrelink cannot be opened, downloaded the update today and still has same problem as before.. please fix and test this app properly.. I use a Samsung galaxy 5 and is currently up to date with software packages..

Ray Whatman

Typical missinglink I suggest you try to copy what the banks do! NAB's App is very good!. This App has no multi device pin support or the ability to keep the same pin but migrate to new phone or if you wipe your device or after reinstall new set-up of App after a crash error ( nab does). This App has a convoluted and unintuitive design, buggy, fails to load, forgets my password regularly, crashes often, can't get information "please try again later" very poor.

Naomi Willcocks

Useless! Can't even begin to express how jacked off I am I'm, being forced to use this inferior useless piece of crap, opposed to 1 of the many tried & tested, soon to be defunct app's, such as "centrelink lite", which certainly isn't perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination, bland & basic sum "lite" up perfectly, that being said at least bland & basic worked 9×/10! Same can't be said however of this new & not even remotely "improved" effort, so far it's 0 for 6. Having to resort to other methods of reporting.

Ben Raynes

Nice ideas, poor execution The timesheet is now broken, with dates either jumbled or completely missing. Plenty of great ideas but the constant bugs and confusing user interface makes for a terrible experience. On most occasions logging in to the app is entirely unavailable for no given reason. Poor.

Rhea Giles

Single Worst App In The History of Ever My time sheet no longer shows me any tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The app no longer sends me reminders. It quits rapidly for no reason. And uploading documents is near impossible. Australian government really can't do anything right.

Blair Hunt

Horrible app For months now it makes like hell to report, days randomly disappear and then today they decide to come back but unable to be editted! Payments do not show up properly but the old app works fine

Christine Dewick

Loved the old seniors app as clear and concise. This one is rubbish. All flashy colours and show but no function or reliability. Font is way too small for my needs .. age and sight restricted. . Another example of improvement being worse than original. . The better the technology the worse the quality. .. rubbish. I can see why you discontinued the old one because many would have stayed with that rather than this "improved? ??" Version

katie jones

Get with the times How is it possible that Centrelink have an app this bad? Zero communication about important upcoming assessments and appointments. When a document uploaded from the app is rejected why can't a simple inboxed letter be sent to me? Should I go back to requesting old school snail mail letters? How can Centrelink not update information that's critical? Like letting me know about an appointment I need to attend? Or that a medical certificate is rejected and therefore I DO have tasks to complete rather than zero?

Warren Fitzy

Can not use the time sheet if you put in your shitf on the wrong day or fill in your roster before you work but then dont work you can not remove the input on your time sheet I had to change mine to working one minute at 0.01 an hours but dome how it wotked out my pay to be $161 for working one minute at 1c an hour :/ makes me wonder it ifs worked out the rest of my roster correctly as well :/

Bryce Higgins

App never works App never works. Opens. Crashes. Report. Not fixed. Making life harder not easier. Spent over 1hr on phone for something that technically should only take 4-5mins with the right app.

Justin B

Works but too cluttered It works but there is too much going on, on the home screen, needs to be simplified.

Tory Wood

Its ok could be better Annoying Window design is confusing, menus and options are all over the place

Cara Drew

Waste of time Used to be great. But when I got a temp job I discovered that I can't use the timesheet at all. Much easier to just log into myGov and be done with it.

Das_Bobster 7

Glitchy / hard to navigate / Inconsistent garbage. Has never worked properly and is hard to navigate when it does actually work.

dennis scott

Dennis Scott Terrible app I had to reload it and it keeps asking different questions that I have never used.It needs a simple pin number.

Nicole M

Doesnt work Cant get past main page. Sent off many system reports to show its closing no responses. Updated still isnt working!?

Alex Panschow

What a crock.. This app just does not, an app thats supposed to make things easy and reduce the amount of people haveing to visit centrelink offices, is absolute counterproductive. Just fix it .

adele peseta

Centre link app I have turned my WiFi back on and this stupid app has reset itself asking for my password when I had a 4 digit pin in place for ages now... I can't get back in cos I forgot my password frustrating...

Cheryl Tranter

Cant even submit non lodgement and lodgement of tax returns. How can a government keep giving us totally useless apps. As bad as the vaci-date app that also doesnt work. I shudder to think what our nations cyber protection is like.

Kirsty lee

Wont work I cant even use it. Not happy. Have reported it. Needs to be fixed

Mark Creighton

2 issues Can now log out. Other two issues I'll check later. Default date 4th of each month in history and task doesn't update after task is done. Getting there. Thanks.

Roxanne Mosen

please fix your app wish i didnt un install my families app that was good. this closes down before the app even opens. please fix it you need to do something about it

Marian Kerr

App not working My app keeps stopping cant use it at all. Visited centrelink 3 times for help

noel chapman

To many codes to remember then take u somewhere else anyway so. have to keep starting again Over it needs direct links 1 ref an secret question to our account

Melissa Fretwell

Ok Ok but EVERY TIME i log in recently i have to reset my god damn pin! Super annoying!

vincent goreil

Cant upload for claims Everytime i try to upload a document of proof on a claim it refreshes and says nothing there.

Seamus McKenzie.

Broken. AGAIN Cannot complete task section . Service not working . When are you going to fix this app.

Kiri Heke

Not enough tools. Cannot apply for advance and cannot report changes of circumstances on app.

Constant problems Always getting error messages and the app functions very poorly.

Monique Rump

Mediocre at best. Doesn't allow access to everything.

Marco Cirignano

Working perfectly Working good and is working fine on Android Nougat

Sevana Fernandes

But?.. It works great for me, easier and as well quicker..but it doesn't notify me when I need to report like it use to.

dominic piekaar

Doesn't work Old app worked

Dave Foster

Easy to use

Glenda Brear

Works well no problems at all

Pete Stone

Phone reporting was more reliable Vital parts of the app stop working. As I work casually some weeks I can't make ends meet so rent assistance helps. This week my reporting aspect doesn’t work which means my rent and some bills will be delayed effecting my good standing and ability to get a clean rental reference in the future. Centerlink doesn’t understand low income earners and why it's important for us for them to maintain a bug free app.

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